Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mady has the happy back in her step

Mady Gosselin is probably one of the most "controversial" of the plus eight. Lots of viewers think she's a stuck up brat, while others feel terribly sorry for her.

The change in Mady since filming stopped has been dramatic, and it's a real relief. Whether you thought her a brat, or just a normal child in a terrible situation, it is so wonderful to see her smiling cheerful face. Up until now, we were hard pressed to find a candid photograph of Mady smiling that is more recent than at least a few years ago. The past few years have really been a drain on her.

Look at the difference.

At left, Mady during filming:

And at right, Mady just a few days ago....

Let this be just the beginning of the pep in her step.

6 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

I always thought that some of Mady's "behavior" was due to filming. She seems like a smart, sensitive little girl.I hope she comes out of this craziness OK.

Debbie said...

All those children want is a little attention from their parents. Now with the filming over they can interact with mom and dad without a big microphone hanging over their head. It is a pleasure to see the joy on Mady's face as she is out and about with her Mom all to herself. While I have may have a negative opinion of Kate, to her Mady she she is her special Mommy!

Kodie said...


I couldn't agree with you more. At least Mady looks happy.

Debbie said...

Opps sorry for the bad wording on previous post. I guess I should be banned from typing before I have had my coffee!

Teresa said...

It's true! What a huge difference! I'm thrilled for her!

kamilleon said...

That doesn't look like a child devaststed by not having cameras in her face.... That looks like a normal, happy child.

It's about time!

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