Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Arbitration decision is in on divorce

TMZ is reporting that the Arbitrator has reached a decision on division of assets and other issues in the Jon and Kate divorce and submitted it to the Court. The decision remains confidential. If true, the judge need only sign off for the divorce to be finalized.

3 sediments (sic) from readers:

Lauren said...

According to Radaronline, Kate is "thrilled" with the divorce settlement.

To be "thrilled" about ending your marriage is just so cold and brutal to me. What about issuing a statement that says something like being glad that this is over so my kids and I can move on?

Kate was never mistreated or abused like Jon was. It is Jon who should be "thrilled."

What about the kids? Are they "thrilled" that their parent's marriage is over?

Anonymous said...

well of course Kate was thrilled with the settlement. She got the 'stuff', you know, the things like the McHouse (would you like me to biggie size that?), the $$$$$, oh yeah, and the kids (not the best part of the deal in her mind, they should actually get attention, but, she can and WILL designate a person to do the attention thing.

Unknown said...

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