Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kate holed up in L.A. hotel rehearsing for Dancing With the Stars

Kate, who has been MIA for more than a week, is reportedly holed up at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, rehearsing like mad for her upcoming appearance on Dancing With the Stars. After reliving Kate's dance with Jon at their fake wedding below, we think Kate and her partner (Tony?) have a lot of work to do to smooth out those slouched shoulders and blank emotions.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Jon shovels snow, Kate still missing

Jon and the kids were spotted outside this afternoon clearing snow after all the storms.

We've noticed that Kate has been completely MIA for a week (last seen shopping at Old Navy last Friday). We've also noticed that Jon has been with the kids almost an entire week now. Has Jon agreed to be there for the kids while Kate does all the crap required for Dancing With the Stars? Good.

Source is reporting Kate is confirmed on Dancing With the Stars

Although the cast list will not be officially released until Monday, TV By the Numbers is reporting their source says Kate is confirmed.

You could hear a pin drop in Gosselin land this week. Kate hasn't been seen in a week, meanwhile Jon has been spotted throughout the week taking care of sick kids, shoveling snow and carrying out the garbage. Perhaps Kate was busy negotiating her Dancing contract behind closed doors this week.

Kate can never, ever say Jon is not with the kids enough again.

Tickets to DWTS tapings.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What happened to the official Gosselin web site?

What's going on at the family's official web site The site used to look like this:
But now it looks like this:
And, they've managed to have the Google cached pages taken down too, which is rumored to be hard to do. (Cached pages are sort of like a "snapshot" of a page at a certain time. If someone takes down a page, you can use cache to see how it looked before they took it down.)

Did they take it down to redecorate? To post Kate's book tour schedule? Revamping to promote the new show? Or maybe they didn't pay their web hosting bills.

Jon and Kate's web site infamously has begged for a variety of freebies over the years, then tried to resell the same freebies on the same site, and at one point, Jon brazenly posted a link to girlfriend Hailey's twitter account.

Jon takes Hannah to the doctor

Jon was spotted out with Hannah today, running her to the doctor and then the pharmacy. Feel better, Hannah.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jon picks the kids up from school

After visiting the kids Sunday, Jon was on bus stop duty Monday. Kids seem happy enough being with Daddy to us. At left, Alexis, and at right, Leah--both with big grins.

Jon's new haircut

Anything you can do I can do better. Not long after Kate changed her hair, Jon showed up yesterday for a visit with the kids with a new do himself. It's short in back and spikey on top, and looks like he might have gotten some dark color as well.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kate goes shopping by herself

Kate was spotted out alone Saturday shopping at Dick's, Old Navy, and Ann Taylor. We love her modest, comfy-looking outfit (sans heals), as well as the way she is throwing down cash at reasonably priced stores, especially Old Navy, which has some great deals right now. Was Jon with the kids on this day too? Could be, since he was spotted Sunday playing outside with them.

Jon shovels snow, takes out recycling, and plays with kids

Jon was spotted at the house today playing with the kids outside and doing some chores. Check out the cute little kid-sized shovel Joel has!
More photos:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kate, take note: Juicy-Juice is horrible for kids

For years one of the Gosselin's biggest sponsors has been that sweet treat "juice" Juicy-Juice. "Who wants juicy-juice?!!!" Kate has been heard shrieking throughout various episodes while the camera pans to the carton of juice for 15 plus seconds. Since Kate is so vocal about her concern for her family's nutrition, it's time to break down for her how healthy Juicy-Juice really is. Maybe she will reconsider continuing to accept this freebie. Special thanks to the FDA and the American Academy of Pediatrics for all the scary statistical data.

1. Juicy-Juice is full of sugar.
Juicy-juice claims they don't add sugar. But that doesn't mean there is no sugar. "Natural" sugar from the concentrate juices is still sugar. Most fruit juice, even without "added" sugar, is so sugar-laden as to be indistinguishable from soft drinks. And, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the various sugars in juice cause diarrhea as little tummies try to digest it. The AAP says juice has no nutritional advantage over regular fruit and in fact has many disadvantages. In addition, juice has been linked to cavities and dentists are advised to inquire about juice consumption when a young child has a bunch of baby tooth cavities. The AAP stops short of not recommending fruit juice, but they do say that it is better to eat a real piece of fruit. We suspect they won't go so far as to not recommend it because they know it's better than no fruit at all, and sadly some parents can't or won't provide their kids enough real fruit.

3. Juicy-Juice is from concentrate.

If you must give a child juice, most experts agree to stick with not-from-concentrate. What is juice that is "concentrated"? Well, get this: The fruit is first pulped or juiced. Then it is filtered through a screen removing any particles. Then, the juice is heated to above 96 degrees centigrade. When the juice boils, the water emanating from the juice is sucked out through a vacuum. This goes on and on until the juice is up to seven times stronger. Then, it's mixed with water and packaged in the bottle you buy as Juicy-Juice. Feel dizzy yet?

3. Juicy Juice has been in trouble with the FDA for misleading the consumer.

As recently as December 2009, Juicy Juice has been in hot water with the FDA. The FDA even sent them a warning letter advising them to stop mislabeling their products. Specifically, they have been labeling some products 100% juice when they were not (their Orange Tangerine and All Natural Juice Grape drinks) and misleading marketing of a special juice that allegedly helps with "brain development." You can't trust the nutritional information Juicy Juice provides.

Is Juicy-Juice gonna kill the kids? Of course not. But their parents should know getting their fruit servings from a fresh orange or apple or banana would be a lot better for them.

Engineer Kate loads up the van with Juicy-Juice

Guess not all their sponsors dropped them?

I wonder if she knows she's as boring as she said the conductor who gave her a free ride on the Hello, Dolly train was.

Blast from the past: Relive Kate and Jon insulting the engineer on the Starsburg Railroad on Youtube. Insults begin at about 6:50. Said Jon of the engineer: "They're four! Start the ride!" Added Kate: "'And this movie was filmed,' and we're like, 'we don't care!' I mean, if he had said 'Get on, kids,' and never said another world they would have been really happy."
Ungrateful grifters!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Open letter to Jon and Kate: Go back to your normal lives

When someone has an addiction, sometimes it is very hard to break through to them. They isolate themselves from those that care the most. They do not listen to those who want what is best from them. They do not want to hear the truth. Jon and Kate are addicted to fame and fortune. They need help. But for the record, it should be said:

Dear Jon and Kate:
1. TLC does not care about you
2. TLC really does not care about your kids
3. TLC has one motive, to make money off you, period. They made over $150 million off you so far. Do you have that much money in the bank in return?
4. When you are no use to TLC anymore, they will cut you loose and sue you. They have done it before. They have shown they are willing to sue you down to every last penny until your children have to eat dog food to survive. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
5. You are ruining your children's childhoods by making a deal with the Devil. You will pay for this over and over for many years to come, because your children will be insecure and maladjusted, won't be able to trust anyone, won't know what normal is, and may likely never have privacy ever again. Imagine being in their shoes just for one minute.
6. No amount of money, not one million or one billion, is worth what this has done to your family.

We all beg of you, do not put those kids on T.V. again. Ever.

BREAKING NEWS: TLC settles with Jon

The family remains in bondage to TLC and Kids could be filmed again.

Exactly as we predicted many months ago, TLC has settled their lawsuit with Jon. The only details we know is that Jon remains under contract with TLC, the rest are confidential. We also explained here why TLC wouldn't win this lawsuit, (and thus would have a strong incentive to settle and not take their chances in court). Unfortunately for Jon (and the kids), the time and expense and stress of a lawsuit finally caused him to cave. TLC dragged him along until he caved.

Incredibly disappointing, disheartening, and horrifying, we hear a source close to the situation says that the network "hopes they will soon be able to film the family again."

Jon and Kate, you are horrible parents who do not deserve these kids. We said it. TLC is, as always, a horrible network who never gave one flying fig about one member of this destroyed family.,,20344931,00.html

Update: As a litigator, I've settled 100's of cases instead of going to trial. Probably 90% of my cases end up as a settlement. But I'm not afraid to take a case to trial. And I always take a case to trial if I am confident my chances are good I'll win, or I have nothing to lose. The only reason I do not take a case I know to be rock solid to trial is because 1. my client doesn't want to go to trial, because it will be emotionally draining, hard on themselves and/or their family or 2. my client doesn't want to go to trial because it will take too long--they just want to settle and get out of there. A third reason you might not take a case to trial is because you can't afford it anymore.

Since its doubtful TLC cared if a trial was going to be emotionally draining (since when do they feel any kind of emotion?), or cared how long it took, and we know full well they can afford the cost of litigation, we are left with only one conclusion: For all their talk, they didn't think their case was a sure-fire win.

The bottom line is all good attorneys know that you usually settle your case if trial is a gamble. Ideally, both parties will think the trial is a gamble, and both will be motivated to settle rather than play the odds. But you do not settle strong cases. When you are the house knowing the house always wins, you play. How strong was your case really, TLC? We think, not all that fabulous.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snowball fight!

The kids relaxed over the long weekend and had some good old fashioned fun in all the snow.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jon takes girlfriend to Hawaii, and gets caught smoking

Jon was snapped smoking in Hawaii. After taking Morgan to Sundance last week, he showed up on the Pacific island yesterday with her. Jon has not been spotted publicly with the kids since January 16.

Update: Jon appears to be with his brother or another relative in Hawaii.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Jessica: A lesson in not exploiting your very famous child

In light of Kate's announcement of her new, very exploitative book, "Letters to My Kids," we take a look back at another famous child, Baby Jessica. Jessica McClure fell down a Texas well in 1987. The ensuing three-day rescue captured the world's attention and hearts. Jessica was pulled out alive, and the media attention she has gotten since has been rampant. Her story came in eighth place on stories that captured media interest over the past 20 years. She is still recognized. But Jessica made it through the firestorm and is a mom herself now living a happy and quiet life in Texas. How did her parents do it?

Turning down Media offers

Jessica's parents, Cissy and Chip McClure, were only 17 and 18 years old when the accident happened. But surprisingly, even these two teenagers knew how important it was to help Jessica have a normal childhood. Her young parents turned down countless media offers and other publicity offers, and passed on a lot of money. They made just one media deal, an exclusive deal with Ladies Home Journal, and provided just two "update" stories throughout the rest of Jessica's childhood, on the 10th and 15th anniversary of the accident. In other words, they saw to it the media left Jessica alone.

Seeing a child through a divorce

Jessica's parents ended up divorced when Jessica was still quite young, just like Jon and Kate. But they remained united in their protection of Jessica and their determination to give her a normal childhood. Divorced parents can still work together on a common goal. Her parents didn't even mention to her she was the baby in the well until Jessica saw her story dramatized on an episode of Rescue 911.

Protecting Jessica's money

Jessica received an estimated $1 million in donations after the ordeal. Her parents put the money into a trust fund, which she was able to access last year when she turned 25. The money that was hers was ready and waiting for her when she was mature and able to handle it, and was protected all those years from greedy parents, and others (and probably earned some good interest, too).

Kate claims in her new book that she wants to inspire other moms. But perhaps young Chip and Cissy McClure (pictured at left with Jessica in the hospital) are the real inspiration when it comes to raising a famous child.

For more about Jessica's story and how she's doing today, head to MSNBC:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kate on her new book website: "I want to inspire moms."

Kate's sickening, shameless new book exploiting the children even further has a new website taking pre-orders:

So this is why Kate has been relatively MIA and quiet the past several months. She wasn't with the kids, she was hard at work gathering private letters to share with the world.

From the back cover: Although the show has made her face recognizable, there's another part of Kate the viewers haven't seen---her heart. In I Just Want You to Know, Kate reveals a less familiar spiritual side. She is a grateful and faith-filled mother who only wants the best for her children and is willing to sacrifice to make that happen.

Actually, we've seen Kate's heart, and sadly we've found it to be cold, selfish and cruel. We've seen Kate's spiritual side, too, and it's fake, hypocritical, and shallow. Kate is not grateful, she is greedy. She doesn't want what's best for the children, she wants what's best for herself. And finally, a so-called "sacrifice" doesn't automatically mean that it must be good for the children.

Monday, February 8, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: New book from Kate due April 13

Kate further exploits kids in new book featuring "letters" to them
Is there an exploiters anonymous out there Kate can join? She really can't help herself in continuing to drag the divorce and her children's private affairs out in public. Kate's new book I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family will feature individual letters to each of her children--letters that should be kept private, Kate!

Further, Kate tells People, her kids were raised in an "unconventional" way. Wait, I thought cameras, crews, production and mansions were all normal. I thought the kids were just living their lives. Kate needs to decide which is it.

Kate has penned at least two other books (well, with a ghost writer), Multiple Blessings and Eight Little Faces. A third book was mysteriously scrapped after the divorce, although the book popped up abroad for sale.,,20342494,00.html

Where were the kids when Kate was clubbing in NYC?

Thanks to our readers for sleuthing this out, turns out pics circulating of the kids with the nanny "this weekend" turned out to be old. We're retracting those at this time, but we still ask....who was with the kids?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kate has spikes back in her hair!

Here are some more pics of Kate out with her "friends" in NYC. Check out the spikes on the top of Kate's hair. She can't let it go! She went to Butter, then Susan Sarandon's trendy ping-pong hot spot SPiN (ping-pong and hot spot in the same sentence, wow).

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kate has dinner at Butter in NYC

A reporter tries to ask her about filming the kids, but she ignores the flashbulbs as she rushes into a cab.

Why Jon shouldn't let his kids be filmed again

Rumors are running around Jon may let TLC film the kids again. While we remain highly suspicious of these rumors and highly suspect they may have been planted by TLC to see what the reaction is, nonetheless for purposes of this post we will assume the worst and assume Jon really is toying with this. And we plead with Jon not to allow his children to be filmed again. Among the many reasons why, here are just a few:

1. The children deserve a normal, private childhood. What has filming the first five years of their lives done from them? Name one thing. Their parents are divorced and hate each other, their mother's priorities are hair extensions, nails, and a TV career away from them, their father's priorities are 25-year-old bimbos and snowboarding trips, and they've been on a bunch of vacations they can't even remember. The paparazzi jump out at them at the bus stop and grocery store. They are still recovering and trying to get back to normal, please don't start all over again.

2. The children were never properly paid for their past work and we don't trust for a second they will be properly paid for any future work.

3. The children by all accounts had to work long hours and travel a lot for filming. They are older now and have more school activities, sports, music, friends and other commitments they should be focused on.

4. Their parents are hardly even speaking. Filming again and having to make all kinds of decisions again with TLC will probably cause more fighting, heartache and grief. Perhaps they will even have to drag each other back to court.

5. Filming again will only remind them of how things used to be--their old lives when their parents were together. Let them move on from that in peace.

6. Filming again will introduce another round of strangers in and out of their lives, which is without question unhealthy.

7. TLC will just screw them over again in the end. You honestly think they won't? They are a money-making business, not your friend.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Jon will let the kids film again???

Radaronline is reporting that Jon is negotiating with TLC to drop the lawsuit against him in exchange for filming the kids. Wait, I thought you said filming was bad for your kids, Jon? Shame, shame, shame on you.

And by the way, if this is just a rumor thrown out by TLC to see what the reaction is, shame, shame on you too.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kate invited back to The View

Despite a few awkward guest host spots on The View last year, Kate has been invited back once more. She will guest host (read: audition) on March 11.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is Kate's show dead in the water?

Baltimore Sun critic/blogger David Zurawik thinks her new show bombed with test groups and has been canned. We think so too. After Kate surfaced several months ago in a few tabloid shots filming tests of her new show, the only other places she has been spotted is the bus stop and running errands. Like we said all along, if TLC can't make money off her, they will drop her like it's hot, just like they did Jon. They are not her friend, they are in it for the business.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Off to get a manicure. Again.

Kate got her nails done today, no kids and no jacket, and the hair looking much better. Maybe she got the memo it was starting to look like she was wearing dried up broom bristles.

She's starting to remind us a bit of Amy Ryan.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Kate, the boys and her hair go shopping

A couple observations:

1. Kate's hair looks nasty. She has no idea how to care for this straw broom.

2. This looks like Whole Foods, an expensive organic grocery store.

3. Kate has disappeared for several days, we think she was off filming her new show.

4. Taking just the boys out is more damage control after smacking Collin in the mouth, pure and simple. The boys were clearly aware of the camera, holding hands and smiling at it.