Monday, November 30, 2009

Little People, Big Problems???

Little People, Big World has always been one of TLC's best quality offerings on its lineup, despite not getting the same kind of blockbuster ratings or tabloid fodder as Jon and Kate. It's the story of a family of two little people parents raising one little person child and three normal sized children. Their story is inspiring, as well as entertaining. The entire family has some fascinating personalities.

Even though the premise of Little People is awfully similar to Jon and Kate, it has never gotten the kind of criticism the Gosselins have, and here's why. The children are much older than the Gosselin little ones, and better able to make decisions about whether they want to be filmed, whether it's good for them, and so on. The youngest is almost 13, while the oldest two are adults at 19. Adults who are quite capable of getting up and walking out whenever they want. While Kate has always maintained her children "want" to do the show, they are simply far too young to make a decision that important and be trusted to make one that is in their best interest (Kids that age WANT to eat chocolate ice cream all day too, but adults decide for them it's not in their best interest). Moreover, the Roloffs have a job other than the show. They run a working farm for profit, as well as do speaking engagements and write books about being a little person, develop products for little people, and run a charity organization for little people, all things they always did even before the show. The kids are not their income, they are not moochers off the kids. Rumors don't fly around about affairs, or stealing money, or firing nannies, or being nasty to fans. We're guessing because there are very few incidents like this. And finally, Little People is much less heavily produced and contrived. Most episodes occur at home, most filming appears to occur in the pumpkin season of summer and fall, with long breaks in between filming (it's obvious when a kid has grown two inches and had a voice change between seasons), and not much has changed since we first met this family. Amy still wears jeans and a t-shirt, they still do the jobs they always did, and the kids still go to the same school, have the same friends, and do the same activities. They have not fallen victim to the celebrity lifestyle, and it's clear they don't see themselves as part of that.

But this season it's painfully noticeable that TLC is playing up the "problems" mom Amy and dad Matt are having in their marriage. Almost every episode involves some kind of awkward interview with Amy and Matt about the lack of communication in their marriage, the passive aggressive behavior, the fights, the disagreements. The kids taking sides. At one point a split was even discussed as a possibility. Matt and Amy have always been honest about their relationship, but never this often or this dramatically.

Are the little people really headed for divorce? Doubtful. These two may not be on the same page, but that's why they love each other. They are a classic opposites attract relationship. They compliment each other and they've survived a TV show together. And they are doting parents, giving their children a real-time gift in tolerance that couldn't be accomplished in a classroom. We're guessing they're in it for the long haul. So why does TLC keep asking them all these personal questions about the status of their relationship? Ratings? Piggy back off Jon and Kate?

TLC, we liked the Little People a lot more before all these awkward conversations about their personal problems. We don't need to know all these details that would better be discussed behind closed doors, without cameras. Get back to basics with this family. The other garbage is what you did with Jon and Kate, and it nearly destroyed their family.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gosselins owe a $2600 water bill

Joy Township Authority has placed a lien on the Elizabethtown home that Jon and Kate Gosselin used to live in and still own. The Gosselins reportedly owe $2,691.75 on their water bill, not including fees and interest.

Seems that two mortgages is starting to catch up with this family. With the show cancelled and income not as steady, will we see foreclosure signs in the near future?

The Andrew Ave. house, which has been on the market for about six months, was way overpriced at $325,000 in a down market. But a recent price drop puts it at $299,999, a more realistic number. (Most other houses in the neighborhood are under $250,000.)

Fans reportedly drive by the home on a daily basis. Perhaps it's not a desirable place to live when you have no privacy and that's why it won't move. Much like the Full House house, whose owners did not know it was famous until after they bought it.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Kate and the kids spend Thanksgiving with bodyguard

Which is worse, Jon lying about spending Thanksgiving with his grandma and going snowboarding instead, or Kate having her bodyguard and rumored lover over for the holiday???


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hailey tweets that Jon is a liar--he is in Utah for Thanksgiving

On and off girlfriend Hailey apparently heard the news that Jon was telling people he was spending Thanksgiving with his grandmother. Hailey tweeted today, "LOL-U are in Utah snowboarding w/"friends"-lol-ur redic [ridiculous]."

These people can't even give it a rest on Thanksgiving. Appears Hailey is definitely the ex right now. Expect the flame wars/tweet wars to probably continue.

Happy Thanksgiving! Kids are with Kate today, Jon is with Grandma

Apparently Kate has the odd years. The kids will be with Kate on Thanksgiving this year, while Jon says he's spending the holiday with .... not Hailey, but Grandma!

Enjoy turkey and friends and family wherever you are today.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Gosselin kids are watching....

"The choices you are making, I will also make."

One of our favorite Youtube videos.

Lohan tape recording--pedophiles, money and more

In Pennsyvlania, all parties must consent before tape recording a conversation. However this conversation very likely occured in New York, where Jon has spent a good deal of time lately. In New York, as in most states, it is legal to tape record a phone conversation without the other party's consent, as long as the person taping it is also a party to the conversation. Similarly, federal law allows just one party to consent, but allows states to make state laws to restrict it further, as did Pennsylvania.

Kate's delusional expectations may have been end of marriage

We were struck last night by the way Kate characterized her thoughts about separating from Jon.

Kate said: "To clarify, maybe I wanted roles to change and for
people to step up and stress loads to shift. [But] I never wanted him absent from that driver's seat."

Clearly when Kate is saying "people," she is referring passive aggressively to Jon. It's evident from this statement that Kate felt that in her marriage 1. she wanted Jon to take a different role 2. she wanted Jon to step up 3. she felt she was bearing the bulk of the stress in the marriage.

However enough episodes of Jon and Kate were made (more than 100) to demonstrate that Kate's perception of Jon's contribution to the marriage is quite skewed. Jon was the stay at home dad while she got to live her dream and go on tour. Did she not want him to stay at home? Did she want him to go to work and she stay at home? That simply doesn't add up.

As for Jon stepping up, until the divorce he was the one on Mommy duty, and both of them admitted it, with video evidence to boot. Meals, baths, bedtime, school, and more. What more was she expecting from him? Jon was never the type of husband to work all day then come home and drink a beer in his recliner, barking at everyone to leave him alone. He was one of the most hands on fathers we've ever seen.

Finally, Kate believes that she has more stress than him. Firstly, stress isn't an outside force that you are defenseless to. Stress comes from within, and how much or little you feel is controlled by your own body. Nonetheless Kate obviously feels her stress is more important, she feels it more deeply. She wanted Jon to share the stress. But perhaps laid-back Jon was feeling stress, he simply didn't express it the way Kate does. And why does Kate want someone she loves to feel stress? Shouldn't the goal of marriage be to reduce stress?

While Kate is not pure evil, it's hard to argue she hasn't demonstrated a very selfish personality. Her perceptions of her life come first and she has often been unwilling to put herself in the shoes of the other person. Jon in turn was passive aggressive, bottling up all his emotions until he snapped and went on a rampage of sex and partying, which wasn't healthy either.

With Kate's misconceptions of her world and Jon's refusal to speak up, this marriage was doomed.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Final episode of Jon and Kate airs, and it's evident both these parents have a lot of learning to do

The final episode of Jon and Kate aired Nov. 23rd, with a mixture of separate interviews with mostly Kate and a little Jon, a few outings with the children, and some brief clips scattered throughout of cute moments from the past (the only redeeming quality).

Jon took the opportunity to say he had made mistakes and to describe how he felt when he first separated with Kate, like he was "free." Ouch. He said he gave up his 20's to having children, and he was trying to get back that time. But now, he claims, he's moving on from that.

Kate used most of her time to continue to berate and belittle Jon, while simultaneously assuring us that she does not berate and belittle the children's father. She accused Jon of making a lemonade stand with the kids for publicity, waxed over how much she worries about the kids being alone with him since he's "never" alone with them (even though on the show he's been shown in charge of them dozens of times over the years), criticized and belittled his relationships, and bemoaned the loss of the show as premature (a show which has been going on more than four years). Not to be outdone, TLC was careful to show footage of the children acting up when they were with Jon, Mady telling him she has more fun with Mommy, and in response Jon raising his voice at them and sending the twins to their rooms, clever editing to make it seem like the kids were being punished for missing Mommy.

Kate says she won't talk badly about Jon (even though she's been caught on camera doing so time and time again in front of the children), because the children love their father. Well, that's only part of it, Kate. Another big reason it is so damaging to disparage the children's father in front of them is because of the psychological effect it has on their little minds. Children their age are old enough to comprehend that half of them came from Mommy, and half from Daddy. Hence, lots of children, when they hear over and over how much Mommy can't stand Daddy and what a screw up he is, tend to internalize it and reflect it back on themselves. "Wait a minute," a child thinks. "If Daddy is so terrible, and I am half of Daddy, half of me must be terrible, too. Maybe Mommy thinks half of me is as big of a screw up as him. Maybe all of me is!" It goes so much more deeper than simply criticizing someone the children love, and we hope Kate will understand this sooner rather than later.

Worst of all was the implication that Jon took the show away because he does not want Kate and the children to have fun experiences, does not want Kate to be able to stay home, and wants them to never have money again. No opportunity was given to Jon to explain why he chose to turn off the cameras, and no one suggested that perhaps the filming and attention might not be in their best interest and that's why the cameras were shut off, while ironically hoards of paparazzi were shown lingering around the outings throughout the episode.

Kate said she mourns the loss of the show because 1. they can't travel anymore and have experiences 2. she got to stay home because of the show and be with the kids and 3. it was too soon to end. To this we say, 1. Kids don't want to travel, they just want to be with YOU wherever you are, 2. Kate was out of town more than she ever would have been in almost any other profession except a flight attendant, and her schedule made public proves it and 3. the sextuplets have spent their entire lives in front of the cameras, nothing was premature about this. If anything, it was long overdue.

Clearly, Kate has a lot of anger and resentment still boiling inside her, which is to be expected during a divorce. TLC could have served her best during this difficult time by stepping back and not giving her any interviews while she is going through it. Instead she was given a free platform to spread so much negativity about Jon and the divorce we can't imagine she won't regret it all in the near future, nor can we see this being all that helpful to her court case. Both Kate and Jon (Kate for her vile words, Jon for his immature actions) have a lot of learning to do when it comes to how damaging their words and actions are to their children. They both could benefit from an intensive child development class, as well as individual and conjoint counseling with their children. They both need to stay at home, put romance on hold, and focus on giving their kids normalcy.

We wish the children the best despite their parents. They have an uphill battle ahead of them. We can breathe a sigh of relief that at least they will no longer have to climb that mountain with all of us watching.

News of divorce being worked out prompts attorney to file for his fees

Jon's former attorney filed with the court to claim $43,000 in fees owed to him by Jon. Jon had previously agreed to pay him from the assets he gets out of the divorce.

This isn't that surprising or unusual to see a filing like this when news comes that the divorce is wrapping up. Routine stuff in a high-stakes divorce. His attorney wants to make sure he gets paid before Jon takes his money and runs. Had the divorce dragged out a lot longer he probably would have been slower to file this motion.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

As final episode airs, an open letter to the Gosselin children

We are so relieved to be able to say this: The final episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 airs Monday, November 23, 2009, on TLC.

Dear Mady, Cara, Alexis, Joel, Colin, Hannah, Leah and Aaden,

When your grandparents were just your age, a world phenomenon that was the Dionne Quintuplets was born. They weren't born in some remote, third world country, with little idea for basic human rights, education, normalcy and privacy. Indeed, they were born in Canada, just a few hours north of our border. North Americans flocked in droves to see their circus act.

But in the decades that followed, we began to realize the errors and mistakes that were made during their upbringing. The girls themselves became adults and were able to speak up and tell us where we went wrong. And as multiples became more and more popular in recent years, most parents realized how important it was to keep their little ones' lives as normal as possible, to not let what happened to the Dionnes happen to their multiples.

But in 2004, you came into the world, and something was different. For some reason, people forgot the Dionnes. Cameras were turned on, a circus act was reborn, and your lives were forever changed. We can't begin to pin down everyone who is responsible for what was done to you, which unfortunately, begins with your parents. But it also certainly includes a little cable network called TLC, a parent company called Discovery, and every person in your life who did not speak up about what was happening and help protect you. Sadly, those who did speak up were often cut out of your lives, and we hope as you grow older they will be permitted to be reintroduced to you.

But we want you to know that there were thousands who gathered on the Internet to speak up. There were thousands who said, "this is not right." We posted our outrage all over the Net. We e-mailed, called, and wrote to TLC. Some people even tried to communicate with your own parents, friends, and family. We have been trying to stop this for a long time, Gosselin children. We have tried to change things for you, to make this better for you. We are so sorry we couldn't have done more. We are so sorry this happened to you.

You are permanently the "Plus 8" and you must live with that. You can't change that, but you can change other things. Surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart. Surround yourself with people who want to give you a normal life, who value and respect you. Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are, and not for your 15 minutes of fame and what little money may be left from that. We hope those who wronged you will someday understand what they did and make amends to you, and that you are able to repair broken relationships and broken trust. We wish you all the best in your relationship with your parents, and we hope you will seek out professional help as needed to assist you in coping with what was done to you by those you trusted the most. Do not be ashamed to get help. Do not be afraid to say "no" to those who continue to seek to harm you. And know that there were people out here who have wanted all the best and more for you since the moment we met you, and who will also forever remember the atrocities that happened the first several years of your lives.

We'd like to say this will never happen again. Perhaps know that some good has come of this. You have provided another hard lesson in what happens when you exploit a child's privacy for a dollar. In 1998, the Dionnes settled with the Canadian government for $28 million. Sadly, however, no amount of money can allow you to reclaim a childhood lost.

We wish you wonderful lives, and we hope we never see you faces on our TV's ever again. You deserve so much better.

Those who Cared

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jon and Kate agree on divorce terms with arbitrator

In a surprising turn of events, Radar online is reporting that Jon and Kate have actually reached agreement on several of the issues pertaining to the divorce and that the arbitrator expects to be able to finalize everything by the end of the year. The terms of the divorce are confidential, but various sources are reporting the children will have primary residence with Kate. That just means they live with Kate more than 50% of the time, with Jon enjoying visitation.

Jon and Kate were described as icey toward each other, but willing to work things out.

Don't confuse the divorce with Jon and TLC's lawsuit. There is still a moratorium on filming the children that the divorce agreement cannot try to get around. Filming issues will have to be decided via the other breach of contract case first.

Contracts 101

Some people have asked, if the fee-sharing contract Jon had with Hailey and Michael Lohan wasn't signed, it wasn't a contract, right? Well, maybe.

Basic contract law says that contracts must have:

1. an offer--I tell you I will give you $100 if you paint my house
2. acceptance--"I accept!" the job to paint my house
3. consideration--something you are getting for the job...something has to change hands and people's positions have to change. You can't contract for many things because there is no consideration. In this case, the consideration is $100. In the case of the fee-sharing, consideration may be an issue as well.

Now we have a contract to paint my house!

As you can see, there is no requirement there be a signature on the dotted line. But, a signature on the dotted line is one way to show you accepted the offer. And with the fee-sharing agreement, we have absolutely no evidence Jon's "offer" to share his fees was ever "accepted" by anyone.

If there's no acceptance, there's no contract. If there's no contract, your lawsuit is sunk.

The fee sharing agreement Jon had .... and why it probably doesn't matter

This is NOT the smoking gun....

Here is the alleged fee sharing agreement that Jon allegedly made to share earnings with Hailey and Michael Lohan.

The internet is falling for TLC's spin that Jon's secret contract somehow proves their case or is incredibly damaging. To this we ask, how so?

The lawsuit between TLC and Jon can be broken down very simply. TLC is saying Jon had an exclusive deal with them and had no right to go out and make money elsewhere. Jon isn't saying he didn't do that....there is a ton of proof he's made money through other gigs, just check the tabloids over the past several months when he did stints in Vegas, was brokering deals with Ed Hardy, etc.....Instead, Jon is saying the TLC contract was never valid in the first place, and therefore, he could do what he wants. He has said quite clearly, he has a right to go out and make a living and TLC has no right to stop him. He never said he has sat around on his hands doing nothing and hasn't breached. He's saying yes I breached, but I breached something invalid, therefore, there is no breach.

Jon isn't saying he didn't violate the terms of the contract! He is saying the contract was a bad one, and is invalid. Do you see why this Hailey-Lohan contract doesn't matter? It's no more damaging than the photos of Jon making money in Vegas on a publicity gig.

Assuming this fee-sharing agreement is even a valid contract (we have no idea if the parties ever even agreed to this or if it was simply something drawn up as a proposal--crucial parts of it are not filled in, there are no signatures, dates, etc. At best this is a rough draft), TLC still has to get over the hurdle of whether their own contract with Jon was even valid. If TLC's contract with Jon is found to be invalid, which it might very well be for several reasons we've discussed at length before, Jon can't possibly be in violation of it. You can't violate an invalid contract.

At best, this document is simply another piece of information about what was going on in the giant puzzle that is the saga of Jon and Kate. On its face, it neither proves or disproves anything.

War of the roses

Jon brought flowers to his mandatory arbitration meeting with Kate today to try to work out the divorce. The meeting is likely to be nothing more than a meet and greet required by the court, with few of the many complicated divorce issues actually being resolved.

Friday, November 20, 2009

TLC says Kate will have her own show in 2010

TLC has confirmed they plan to have a new show staring Kate to air in the Spring of 2010. Kate Plus 8 has been officially scrapped.

As long as the kids aren't filmed, we don't care what Kate "14 1/2 minutes" Gosselin does with her time left in the spotlight.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Former nanny accuses Kate of drinking, beating the kids

A former nanny of Kate's has told Enquirer that Kate drank a bottle of wine at the end of a hard day, several days a week. She also says she witnessed Kate beating one of the children with a large plastic mixing spoon.

The nanny reportedly worked for Kate for six months, quitting in the summer of 2008.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jon's former assistant prepares to sue him for breach of contract

Seems the family may not be able to move on any time soon.

Kate Major, former reporter and girl toy, has hired an attorney for a possible breach of contract suit against Jon. This time the dispute is over a hand written contract for assistant work, with vague terms of payment ("a percentage of accounts for payments based on involvement" say...WHA???) and full of various conditions of confidentiality, including gag orders on their relationship.

Our favorite attorney, Abraham Lincoln, once said, "Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser - in fees, expenses, and waste of time."

Monday, November 16, 2009

TLC stoops to a new low and allows Kate to trash Jon on remaining episodes

While reasonable minds might disagree, we do not intend to be a Kate hate blog, and we want to make it clear that we are not coming down too hard on Kate for being hard on Jon. We don't approve of either of them saying anything negative of the other, but very few divorcing couples manage to make it through this experience without expressing some kind of frustration at the other.

We are quite angry, however, at TLC. For participating in this garbage. Jon and Kate's divorce is none of TLC's business and they have no right to take sides. But in previews of tonight's new episode, they've shown the complete scumbags that they are by providing an open forum for Kate to trash the children's father.
Like we said, during a divorce moms and dads say bad things about each other. It happens. You're upset, you're on edge, you're going through something terrible. But for TLC to allow Kate to have an open forum to tell millions how she feels about Jon, and then to preserve it on film for eternity, is just plain nasty, and certainly not in the children's best interest. If TLC thinks the children will never hear what Mommy said about Daddy, they're living in a fantasy world. The children may be sheltered, but they don't live in a bubble.

Among other things, Kate apparently accuses Jon of always being on his cell phone making personal calls when he's supposed to be spending time with the kids. Kate might want to take a hard look at her own habits. Because in just the few dozen paparazzi photos we quickly
browsed, we found Kate quite attached at the palm to her own hot pink iPhone. Another reason why it's not a good idea to run your mouth when there are millions of fact checkers out there.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thought for the evening....

Kate told Natalie Morales during her interview last week, "I'm awake in the middle of the night thinking, 'Am I making the best decisions?'"

Kate? If you're staying awake at night with that much anxiety about your choices, chances are you're not making good ones ....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jon attends Victorino wedding in Hawaii

Jon has returned to Hawaii, without Kate.

Jon arrived yesterday in Hawaii, looking tan and heavier (check out the double chin), to attend the wedding of Phillies slugger Shane Victorino. Victorino made a cameo in an episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 when Jon took the kids to a baseball game. Apparently the two became friends.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Summary of Jon's attorney's response to TLC

Court documents can be found here:

Some highlights, broken down as we see them. Basically the nutshell summary is TLC has to prove a number of things to get an injunction, and Jon asserts they have not proven the required elements:

1. Jon contends TLC is not entitled to an injunction because the contract is unenforceable as a matter of "public policy." Basically whenever an attorney uses the "public policy" argument it means it's generally unfair and against what we want to promote as a society. Here, they say it is against public policy because:
a. the children weren't paid
b. the children did not have permits
c. other actions that violated child labor laws

2. Jon contends the contract is "unconscionable," or basically grossly unfair and therefore unenforceable, because he and Kate were not represented by an attorney and the contract was one-sided in favor of TLC.

3. Jon asserts TLC's harm is not irreparable, or unable to be made right, because they can put a dollar amount on what Jon made post-show and can be appropriately compensated for the breach.

4. Granting of TLC's injunction will hurt Jon more than it would hurt TLC to deny their claim.

5. Jon's lawyers describe Jon's contract with TLC as "indentured servitude."

6. Jon asserts it is a contract for personal services and cannot be enforced by injunction

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jon countersues TLC for $5 million

As we asked a few days ago, "who will step up and counter-sue TLC?"

About time.

We are awaiting details of his suit.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Jon slammed for putting the kids on an ATV

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says it's really dangerous.

We also remember Kate going without a helmet on a moped and ATV.....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

TLC, have you no shame? Also look into the concept of attorney-client privilege

TLC, leave the father of the Gosselin children alone and let this family move on

Jon isn't the most ridiculous party in this divorce, nor is Kate. It's now TLC. If there was any doubt in anyone's mind that they don't care about the kids, this should confirm it.

TLC has deposed Jon's attorneys to try to elicit information for their breach of contract suit, as well as Jon's girlfriend/ex-girlfriend Hailey, and douche-pal Michael Lohen.

TLC has apparently never heard of the attorney-client privilege, which extends even AFTER you cease to represent a client, even after their death. It is, with few exceptions, forever, and with few exceptions, one of the most protected privileges in existence in the American legal system. The first thing any halfway decent attorney would do, and in fact is obligated to do by almost every state Bar and the Code of Ethics, is assert the attorney-client privilege and refuse to answer any questions that ask him or her to reveal confidential communications with Jon. A judge will then have to decide if it is in the interest of justice to require them to reveal information. No, you do not have to waive this, only in extreme criminal cases are you required to kiss and tell, such as disclosing information that you know someone is about to be killed (believe it or not, no law says a lawyer even has to disclose the location of a body if they are told).

While we certainly do not condone Jon's actions, it's simply not in the children's best interest for TLC to drag a messy lawsuit out against their father. Regardless of his behavior, he is still their father. They love him and it is incomprehensible to us TLC would drag a parent of those children through the mud, or anyone they love. What exactly are they seeking to accomplish? Justice? Against a nobody like Jon? Who cares! The only thing we can think of is money. But didn't they suck enough out of this family? They really need more?

This family made TLC more money than they could have ever dreamed of before. They brought more goodwill to a fledgling little cable network than their wildest imaginations. But this was not a drama or a comedy, it was a real family, and TLC was naive to think the gravy train would continue forever. Families evolve, circumstances change, and it was only a matter of time before someone stepped up and said "okay, cut. Enough." That someone happened to be Jon, and regardless of his motives, to get back at him for trying to get his own children, who are in his custody and control, away from the cameras, is really without any foresight and compassion. It does not matter how much in the wrong TLC believes Jon is. The bottom line is, to sue him is to sue the provider and protector of the children. To bring him down is to bring the children's father down. TLC refuses to realize or acknowledge how damaging this lawsuit is for the children. It directly affects them, because it is their father. If anyone has ever been involved in any kind of suit, without question the suit affects the entire family. Creates anxiety and tension for the entire family. The children are going through enough watching the parents they love split. Leave them in peace.

If anyone should be sued, it should be TLC. For contributing to the desecration and mutilation of eight innocent children's childhoods. Who will step up and counter-sue TLC? Unfortunately there are not a lot of laws in existence that would bring TLC to full justice for what they did to those kids. Not Earthly ones, anyway.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jon and Hailey reportedly split

Just a few days after Hailey accused Jon of being emotionally abusive (but she still loves him), reports have circulated the couple has split.

Then Jon confirmed publically to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach that the couple decided to "slow things down."

Nana Janet, 72, dies

Nana Janet, the faithful laundry-folder and babysitter who knew each of the sextuplets as individuals until she was mysteriously cut from the show, has died. She was 72.

Nana Janet was featured on several older episodes of Jon and Kate as the family helper, until she disappeared from the show never to be spoken of again, following to the black hole such staples as Aunt Jodi, Uncle Kevin, Beth, and others. Viewers have long speculated that the Gosselins did not want to pay anyone else on the show and that's why people kept disappearing, and Aunt Jodi at one point has cooroborated that rumor.

Nana Janet was also infamously poked fun of by Kate for riding a small pony at the children's third birthday party.

For those who insist Nana Janet moved to Tennessee, that is inaccurate. The episode featuring a helper who moved to Tennessee was identified as Miss Beverly.