Friday, March 30, 2012

Kate (and Steve) go to Vegas for opening of Brad Garrett's Comedy Club at MGM Grand

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Mac Duggal

Why did Kate kept such a fun event hush-hush? Is she embarrassed to be spending the children's money on her custodial time while she simultaneously complains about not even being able to afford to take them to the movies and waxes on about buying clothes too big for them and not having any coupons for milk? Kate? You've been outed!

Hi, Steve. We see you there in the background channeling Kevin Costner.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jon to publish book about 'life experiences'

Finally free of his TLC contract, Jon will be publishing a book which is due to release soon. Jon says it will discuss his "life experiences" and his "thoughts and feelings regrading everything."

And we've got an exclusive sneak peak at the cover art. Check it out!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kate's Cruise promises tea time

James Cameron went to the bottom of the ocean yesterday. And Cindy Cardella, super-cruiser and Kate's PR person for the cruise, went to the bottom of the barrel.

In addition to the (lame) activities Alice Travel promises cruise-goers with Kate, Cindy is now sending e-mails around promising anyone who signs up they will be able to be able "to sit, have a cup of tea and get to know her.  Kate would love to meet her fans." Oh, and, oopsie daisy, Cindy is forgetting to BCC her emails, exposing twenty-six potential clients' names and e-mail addresses to each other. Good one, Cindy. Just like last week when she tweeted a potential client's last name.

So, would tea time with Kate and fans be enough to draw you in?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Moochers U.S.A.

Kate's greed is representative of "a culture where handouts, bailouts, freebies and entitlements dominate"

Why take one free hat when you have have three?
Kate's latest (and still on-going) tweet war with Em Tanner, who was but one of many people who lavished the family with lots of free gifts, reminded us of just how many products and trips and other freebies the Gosselin family took over the years. Kate's entitlement and ungratefulness and shocking lack of shame may grate on our nerves, but a new book suggests that she is not alone.

Author Charles J. Sykes, who wrote A Nation of Moochers: America’s Addiction to Getting Something for Nothing is worried about what bailouts may do to our psyche and our future. When asked if he was worried about what this could do to kids, he said:

"Yes, I do. Other people take a slightly more optimistic view. They say the reality is that most Americans still have the belief of working hard and being rewarded for it, that we still have a middle class that wants to do the right thing, and that these folks don’t become somebody different even if we are in economically tough times. That’s true. But I also see a new class of dependency. How many generations does it take before the younger people look around and say, “Of course somebody else is going to pay for me. Of course there’s a bailout. If I screw up or don’t save any money, it doesn’t matter.” I say we’re living on borrowed time. We’ve drawn down the balance of our bedrock values. Once the stigma of being dependent is eliminated, more and more people want to be that way."

Monday, March 19, 2012

Em Tanner to Kate: I'm so sorry you 'lost your way,' I really am.

And another one bites the dust.
When Kate accused the gracious and talented designer of benefiting from a product featured on Jon and Kate Plus 8, Em Tanner struck back with this: "Just wanted to clarify that Kate recieved MY design for FREE as a gift. Unreal. You are a piece of work!"

Here's a brief summary of Kate's latest Twitter war as we understand it:

Back when Jon and Kate Plus 8 first started, a lovely designer from Tennessee named Em Tanner sent Kate loads of goodies from her collection, including numbered t-shirts for the kids, and a calendar that according to Em's tweets, she gave to Kate for free

Gosselins Go Dutch

Em Tanner named the calendar "Kate's calendar," and put it up for sale on her web site. Although other independent sites such as have pointed out that this calendar was seen on Jon and Kate Plus 8, nowhere in the description on Em's official site does she mention the name Gosselin, nor does she even mention it was featured on Jon and Kate Plus 8. The calendar itself is actually called "Kessler Family Calendar."

Yesterday out of nowhere, Kate tweeted that she "thinks" Em Tanner marketed the calendar without her consent, and that  it's "sad when people use your name for gain without permission!"

Kate responded that her name being used is "not legal" and the Em was "confronted" but she "ignored."

Em replied that that's "not how it went and we both know. Good luck to you." She later tweeted she's "actually not bitter at all. Just was floored I was being badmouthed so randomly."

At the end of it all, Kate admitted that she actually "started it" (the twitter war) and that she "didn't mean to cause a war."

Next time, Kate, maybe you should take your serious misappropriation accusations to the court of law, and not to Your Honorable Twitter. I hope you remember to bring your patent on the name "Kate" when you go!

Friday, March 16, 2012

No more Bööby-guard

A parody by Fifteen Minutes, Gosselin Style of Lessons Learned from the Gosselin Globe

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Horses, even those on reality t.v., have more protections than reality T.V. kids

Since 1940, the Motion Picture Association has required animal protection organizations on set. The Humane Association has written regulations for animal actors, including those on reality T.V.  
The USDA, PETA and Humane Society all conspire to protect horses from Kate.
This week, HBO's series Luck quickly shut down production after three horses diedPermanently shut down production. The American Humane Association is in the middle of an investigation of the incidents, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had been putting pressure on HBO to give it up since they first heard of the problems.

A look at the history of Hollywood productions and animal actors shows that one of the first regulations protecting animals dates all the way back to 1940 (a year after a horse died jumping off a cliff in the film Jesse James). 1940. That's one year after Gone With The Wind came out. Elizabeth Taylor, who was 14 when she starred in National Velvet in 1944, could expect her horse to get better protection than she did. The law, enacted by the Motion Picture Association, required all productions to invite the Humane Association on all sets filming animals, and consult with an authorized representation from the organization. 

Today, most states have very detailed animal cruelty statutes that apply to motion pictures and television, and the Human Association has their own rules published in a guide that is more than 120 pages long, and even includes three full pages about animals used on reality T.V.

Here are some of the reality T.V. provisions for animals (pages 31-33, if you are interested):

  • Production should assign one or more specific crew members with responsibility ONLY for the needs of the animal “contestants ” Who was specifically assigned to the needs of the Gosselin kids?   
  • If animals are to be transported to a location, there should be time allowed for acclimation to the new environment and rest time following travel, prior to the start of production. How much rest did the Gosselins gets after long flights? 
  •  Animals should never be left unattended or unsecured in a manner 
  • that would be unsafe or uncomfortable for the animals  Animals 
  • shall not be left in the care of any person who is inexperienced in the 
  • proper care of the animals. How experienced was the crew with kids when the Gosselins were left with them?
  • Camera angles and lighting should be done with a “stuffy” rather than 
  • the live animals. Who stood in for the kids when shots were being set up? 
Many states, including California, require a set teacher on set to monitor children (set teachers do far more than just teach--they are required to know the applicable child labor laws and in some states have the power to shut down production), however there is no such oversight for reality T.V. kids.

We've come so far in protecting animals. HBO shut down Luck just like that. Why can't we be as vigilant when it comes to protecting kids? Is it because they don't have a bulldog organization like PETA behind them? Yet.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lifetime swiffers controversial Dance Moms episode

The 'Topless Showgirls' episode, which scored the best ratings the show has ever had, was so exploitive it has all but disappeared from the airwaves
Mom Melissa Ziegler was shocked about the routine,
although she didn't forbid her kids to participate. 

Maybe networks are finally listening to casual viewers, child development experts and even celebrities (Katherine Heigl, no less!) about protecting reality T.V kids. When the public expressed outrage over an episode that featured the famous Dance Moms girls in risqué Showgirls costumes that bared so much skin even their pushy moms were mortified, Lifetime quietly did something about it. The episode did not re-air tonight as it normally would have just before the premiere of the new episode, is no longer available on the Lifetime web site (the latest full episode was always available for viewing online following the air date), it has been pulled from Hulu and other similar sources, and is difficult if not impossible to find on Youtube. Radaronline still has a clip of the routine, but we expect that to disappear soon as well.

Here's what prompted Lifetime to do something about the horrible mistake they made airing this episode:
Psychologist Rachel A. Sussman said: "Forcing a child to dress and perform in a provocative way can have wide spread negative effects. If you put a child into an adults-only situation (where they clearly don’t belong), they may be very confused about their developmental stage and their sexual identity. It can cause depression, anxiety and low self esteem. Furthermore, they may have trust issues. Also, they are receiving very poor parenting, which can set them up for a lifetime of negative attachment issues."
Actress Katherine Heigl said: "I kept thinking all these girls were missing is a pole! I was also horrified by the way their instructor spoke to them when she felt they weren’t up to snuff. It was demeaning, belittling, and downright unkind. My daughter was in the room at the time as was my mother and I kept looking over at my perfect, innocent and beautiful child wondering how can I protect her from what the world is becoming. It terrifies me, the amount of value we place on a woman’s looks, body, and ability to drop it like it’s hot on the dancefloor. It’s one thing to walk into a club and see twentysomethings embracing their sexuality and having some fun, but it’s another thing altogether watching seven-year-olds shake their booties, bellies, and nonexistent boobies on a stage in a room full of adults and be handed a trophy for it. What in the world are we telling them? That sexy is the prize and is the talent they have?"
Psychologist Dr. Nancy Irwin: “As a treatment professional of sex offenders, I can tell you that adults who are attracted to minors definitely seek out shows just like this to whet their appetites. They may attend the shows in-person, watch them on TV and seek out Facebook still photos and YouTube clips to pleasure themselves. The sexual body movements are more concerning than the costumes.” 
Journalist Daisy Dumas: "Lifetime's Dance Moms has hit new lows by asking its child contestants - the youngest of whom is just eight-years-old - to dress in nude bikinis and perform a burlesque routine on stage. The raunchy dance moves are usually the domain of striptease experts, the X-rated acts brimming with nudity, nipple tassels and sexually explicit poses."

Human behavior expert Patrick Wanis, PhD: “This condones, encourages and motivates adults to imagine little girls dancing naked for their pleasure. Of course it will arouse pedophiles and offer them a new legal avenue to engage in their lustful thoughts as they watch the little girls ‘nude’ on television.”

Monday, March 12, 2012


Jon's shackles contract with TLC expired at midnight, according to his reps. Presumably, Kate and the kids' contracts are up, too. Best wishes on their next chapters.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kate attends Red Cross gala in Philadelphia

Seems the Red Cross forgave Kate for this debacle last year.  Kate was spotted at the charity event ball at the Please Touch Museum on Saturday night.

At tickets ranging from $135 to $285 bucks a pop, the gala supports the Red Cross.

via Twitter

After the event, Kate got into a bonafide twitter war with a Philadelphia photographer who was there. Here is some of the embarrassing debacle:

iPhillyChitChat: I had a balls to the walls awesome time at #redball12 then Kate Goselin showed up and I got a shot that's gonna be seen around the world

iPhillyChitChat: That's why I got the shot I did, cause I didn't get her on red carpet or get the tweet that told me she was there. I will say she grouchy

iPhillyChitChat: she's really stunning, but still grouchy. I was sad. There's nicer ways to say things. so gorgeous but so angry

Kateplusmy8: hi! I'm reading your tweets & am upset u are lying about me! I spent about 20 sec with u & gave you a pic...why the hate?

Kateplusmy8: I'm sure @redcrossphilly &@dcschrader would not b happy ur spreading neg&lies abt me@ #redball12!Pur was 2help ppl in need!

iPhillyChitChat: I'm not hating on U. I'm just reporting what I saw, and what you did. Which part was lying? if you'd like 2write me directly @Kateplusmy8

Kateplusmy8: takes sick per2use a charityevent 2 spread hate/not good! 4record,all was + so ur lying if neg. Were u there 4fire victims?

skhanson12 @Kateplusmy8 If you didn't do anything wrong to photograph then he doesn't have anything. No worries

Kateplusmy8: @skhanson12 wrong? I gave him a pic! He clearly will make up lies...for his own was a charity event??! Why does he thinks it's ok? 

Kateplusmy8: @iPhillyChitChat @redcrossphilly u asked4a pic of me&bodyguard...NO! That ? summed u up!Gave u pic of me anyway.That's called graciousness

Kateplusmy8: @iPhillyChitChat good! Will look forward 2 ur truthful report. @redcrossphilly & guests know the truth so hoping ur reporting is accurate 2!

iPhillyChitChat: Thanks kate for giving away my story. geez @Kateplusmy8

Kateplusmy8: @iPhillyChitChat I'm always happy2report THE TRUTH be4 ppl like u get a chance2make up lies&report as fact! Hav a nice day! @RedCrossPhilly

iPhillyChitChat: Thank God I have photos, + you don't have 2rely on what I say. Have to run out now. See you at 9:30AM on @Good_Day_Philly + I'll put up link

Kateplusmy8 @iPhillyChitChat Trying 2make a name 4 urself..w/ lies! What's2prove,othr than promoting U? Glad2c u care abt fire victims! @redcrossphilly

iPhillyChitChat: Kate if that were true I would go back to NYC and shoot real celebrities @Kateplusmy8 Trying 2make a name 4 urself..w/ lies!

iPhillyChitChat: I think it's time for you to go tend to your kids, you're just giving me more to talk about on my TV segment & in column @Kateplusmy8

Kateplusmy8: @iPhillyChitChat U will report ur opinion&look desperate.I've sd all I wanted2say.I'm sad u took attn off home firevictims! @RedCrossPhilly

iPhillyChitChat: Actually @Kateplusmy8 more people will know about the @RedCrossPhilly from this entire unnecesary twitter storm you just created. TY #fb

iPhillyChitChat: My piece wld have been 30 seconds of her & rest on the party, but now that's changed

iPhillyChitChat: She's trying 2convince wakadoodles that follow her that she's not mean and is not sleeping w/married bodyguard

iPhillyChitChat: of course my story had nothing to do with either, but obviously it does now 

iPhillyChitChat: honestly, Kate is not that big of a star anymore to make a bundle, she's Paris Hilton now. A sex tape cld revive her career tho

iPhillyChitChat: Talking about smoke and fire, did you know there was one last nite at#RedCross12, and I have the hilarious pix of putting it ou[t]

iPhillyChitChat: My new slogan, dont bring up religion, politics or @Kateplusmy8 at a party if you want to avoid hysteria (my @ timeline is crazy) 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Twins to be made available to the fans on the cruise 'to spend quality time'

"We actually lived it all. It was very painful." Annette Dionne, 1993.

Seventy-seven years ago this May, the 20th century's most famous multiples were born in Canada.

Fans lined up at windows to ogle at five identical girls.

Visitors to Quintland, circa 1930's
The girls were put on display for the viewing public at set times.

Sixty years later, the surviving Dionne's were intricately a part of the making of a mini-series about their lives. The sisters initially opposed the project and insisted that this part of their life was a closed chapter and didn't affect them anymore. But then ....

"When we read the script, I found the story to be very sad," Annette said. "Then I realized that we actually lived it all. It was very painful."

The mini-series dramatizes the quick sacking of a nurse for "insubordination" after she questioned the exploitation of the girls. 

Canada made amends to the Dionne quintuplets by paying them a hefty settlement. What amends will Alice Travel make for their hand in exploiting Mady and Cara? 

From: Cindy Work <>

Date: Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 2:38 PM

To: [omitted]

Hi [omitted],

I will be in the office tomorrow at 9:30 Eastern time to 2:30. Give me a call and I would be happy to help you. This ship is amazing and you will get to spend quality time with Kate and the girls. We are so excited for this cruise. 1-800-388-7245.

Cindy Cardella

VP/ Sales Luxury Cruises & Tours

A Division of Alice Travel
277 Fairfield Rd, Suite 218
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Monday, March 5, 2012

'Dance Mom' Melissa calls Kate out: 'I am not a bad mom. You should understand reality T.V.!'

Amazing. Kate has even managed to tick off a fellow child exploiter

Melissa, Maddie (left) and Mackenzie

And now it's time for another "You did not just say that, Krieder" moment. Ah, the Dance Moms. Pennsylvania's newest child exploiters on the scene. And Kate's got an opinion. Yesterday she had the audacity to take issue with their show, tweeting this:

@Jxxxx um dance.. Yes. Um those horrible Dance moms? never ever ever! 

Turns out who should see this tweet but Melissa Ziegler, devoted mommy of dancers Mackenzie, and Maddie, who is usually at the top of the (fake) pyramid. Oh, and, oops! Melissa is from Kate's area and was a big fan who used to defend Kate. That is until Kate picked a fight. Today Melissa tweeted the following back to Kate: 

Dancemom1313 I heard you were bad mouthing our show "dance moms". I have always supported you and ur show! U should understand reality tv! I grew up in New Holland, PA so that's why I watched your show then I feel in love with your kids. I am not a bad Mom

Baw-ha-ha! Oh, we just love it when child exploiters fight amongst themselves. It's our turn to say you go, girl. You go, Melissa. Call this fool out.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Recap: That Twit Plus 8--Movie Night!

On this episode of That Twit Plus 8! 

*Cue upbeat music*

Man I missed this family! Kate decided that if mean awful Jon won't sign off on more exploitation of the kids, she'll just have to do it herself. And since she's too lazy to try to figure out Youtube, she'll just wrap herself naked in that Red Cross blanket and tweet the episodes, twit by twat, live right from her leather couch.

Season Premiere!

Tampon Talk! 
Kate's off to D.C. with her beard to appear on the only obscure Sirius radio program that would take her after her team sent out e-mails to about 700 other stations begging for a guest spot.

How are the twins doing? ask the unsuspecting interviewers, Molly and Christine. Well, funny you should ask, says Kate--not too well ever since puberty hit! You think buying tampons is expensive for one kid, try time eight!!! And don't even get me started on the panic that ensues when I walk into Victoria Secret with them without so much as a gift card to my name. Cute story, huh? Isn't Mr. Tampon just so cute? Just like my twins' personal lives is cute.

Interesting. So Kate, when did you lose your virginity? Molly and Christine for some God knows why reason want to know. Maybe to prove she is human, who knows. Couldn't they just pull her hair instead and see if she says ow? Anyway, oh heavens to Betsy no I couldn't tell you that, I don't answer personal questions about myself, Kate tells them. Heh.

More nonsense about how she can't be a nurse because a babysitter would cost too much, but she would be willing to work at McDonalds (Mmmm, she could really use a Big Mac right now to chase down all these lies), some impressive re-writing of history when it comes to Sarah Palin and Alaska, even though it's all documented on tape exactly what happened (i.e., she bitched from the minute she got off the plane, thanks Chuck!), and we're done! Normally I wouldn't believe a politician over even Kate, however, since there is actual video footage to back up exactly how Sarah Palin and her adorable dad Chuck said it went down, I'm gonna go with their side of the story and discard Kate's new version.

Gone are the days of a long weekend at Four Seasons and spas with Purse Boy. TLC cut her loose and it's back to the orphanage straight away tonight to serve solitary confinement with the kids. But no worries, Kate has a great idea to soften the blow. Park the kids in front of the T.V. while she enjoys a Twatter party!

This is a VIP event folks, and we're all invited. Honey, cancel those dinner plans, I cannot miss this.

Before we start, let me remind you that Kate has made sure to tell us all weekend long and many times before that her financial life is none of our damn business. Worry about your own bank accounts, k? Although almost all state legislatures have made it pretty clear a parents' (mis) management of their child star's money is the public's business, just don't think about that right now.

The night starts off innocent enough. Lots of high-fiving and Girl, you go, girl, you know it, girl! between Kate and her fans. Kate seems happy. Like a crack addict who just went on a run, exploiting her children gives her a big pick-me-up high.

And, action! The eight little money makers are lined up in a straight line on their marks, chins up, shoulders back, ready to watch A Dolphin Tale. Training for their future careers in black ops? Nope, they just don't want to make a mess of the ..... popcorn. Trying to figure out the logic of this one is like trying to watch a 3-D movie without glasses. It will hurt. Though it will probably take a black operation to ever see their money ever again, so maybe this isn't such a bad idea.

Speaking of 3-D! Did you know Kate has a 3-D T.V.?! And glasses at $100 bucks a pop too. Well, some of the kids get glasses. The girls I presume. The boys I guess have to just use their imaginations. Pretending is fun, boys, come on. Mommy does it all the time with Steve.

As EM says, Kate is financially bipolar. Is she poor, is she rich? Flip a coin. Tonight she is rich-poor, which is a hybrid of the two where you are rich when you want to make sure everyone knows you are better than everyone else, but poor when you don't want to pay for your better-than-everyone-else lifestyle but rather have the sheeple fund it for you via freebies. Kate gets into a pissing match with an unsuspecting fan over why she won't just take these kids to the real movies once in awhile. Her answer: They don't need the movies it's not a childhood requirement. Besides, they got international trips and a 3-D T.V., so STFU!

The unsuspecting fan is like, okay well, I was just saying it might be a nice experience for them, you don't need to get upset.

CUT! No, no, no, says Kate! There will be panic if we go out in public and tried to watch The Lorax together so at least the kids will know what everyone else is talking about at school! STFU, again!

Really, Kate. Panic.

I understand now why Kate's boobs keep inflating themselves. To make room for that ego of hers.

Kate and the fan fight for a few more hours. Later on, Kate is shocked and appalled about this new exploitive show out of Pittsburgh called Dance Moms. This is rather like watching Hitler criticize Stalin. Yes, I hear you on this. Go on, Kate. 

Oh, and Kate lets slip she watches The Voice, too. Incidentally, that's three entire viewing hours of primetime T.V. on just Monday and Tuesday. Seems in addition to having to do absolutely nothing all day long, she also has to do absolutely nothing all night long, too. Back to Hitler criticizing Stalin, maybe it might be better to team up? Just like she teamed up with Terri Irwin last year. Mussolini down under over there had great ideas about how to justify exploiting the crap out your children, such as, it helps them with their public speaking skills. Kate so wishes she had thought of that, Terri. You is so smart.

Not content to let the Duggars hog all the spotlight when it comes to making money off unborn fetuses, Kate wants her piece of this new inventive pie. It's time for a very special Twit Plus 8. Kids, go in the other room, you're not ready for this. You see, Kate had a blighted ovum during her pregnancy with the sextuplets. This blighted ovum named Emma Rose, or Hope, or whatever, tragically, was reabsorbed by Kate's body. If I were Emma Rose or Hope and I realized Kate was my mother?
Emma Rose or Emma Hope, take your pick
Yeah, I'd reabsorb myself back into her body too. RIP Emma Rose or Hope.

If this episode seemed a little disjointed to you, and well, boring, keep in mind that it was written, produced and directed all by That Twit with nothing but a little moral support from Pizza Boy.

Next time on That Twit Plus 8! Kate hasn't written it yet, but I can promise you this, it will be better than any 3-D movie you could ever afford.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Kate on Sirius radio with Christine and Molly's 'Broadminded' show

Shockingly, Kate talks about bra shopping for the twins and discussing the facts of growing up with them, but avoids personal questions about herself such as when she lost her virginity.

Hollywood Gossip

According to listeners (thanks!), among some other topics Kate is hitting from D.C.:

Kate loves tampon talk! Especially about her girls! 
But her virginity? Now that's too personal.
  • Kate said she doesn't let the kids get on the internet without her because there's so much information out there about Jon and she doesn't want them to see it
  • They only eat healthy, balanced meals. She teaches the kids which foods make your body grow up versus make your body grow out. 
  • The kids wanted to leave the Alaska camp ground and that if they had asked to stay she would have but they were wet and complaining so they left. The show didn't show that part. (No, Kate. That's not how it went down. Joel's exact quote was: "Actually, I do want to stay."
  • Her kids don't care if she discusses her kids
  • She can't work as a nurse because babysitter would cost more than she would make.