Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jon ordered to remove firearms from property

After photos surfaced of Jon practicing shooting a pistol on the property yesterday, the court ordered today Jon is not to have any firearms on the property.

Probably not the best idea to target practice with a deadly weapon just before your divorce is final. Add this to the list of dumb moves this father has made.

9 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

Was that quick or what? Why do I find it suspicious that one, Jon pulls out a gun and shoots at targets while the paps are there, and two, Kate gets a court order right away? The kids were not seen anywhere near him--were they at school? Anyway, here in PA, especially the rural and semi-rural areas, guns and shooting at targets is not a big deal. Some towns have ordinances banning the discharge of any firearm anywhere, but I doubt that's the case in Wernersville.
I don't like guns, and I don't think children should be around them, but Jon wasn't doing anything illegal. The media seem to want to paint Jon as some kind of madman. He may be dumb, but what he did is something many people in PA do, especially if they have a lot of land.

Lauren said...

I think this is just more proof that the paps are working with TLC's PR team and Kate's management team. Notice how they NEVER photograph her doing anything the least bit immoral. But when Jon steps a toe out of line he is hit and hit hard.

Why doesn't Jon's team advise him of these things? Why is it that the bloggers are noticing this stuff. I wish he would go on offense and tip off the paps to Kate's activities with Mr. Gray.

Jon's management team needs to lurk on the blogs and tabloid sites so they can get a feel for what Kate's team is doing to Jon's image. Wake up Jon and start playing hardball.

Anonymous said...

you 2 are a bunch of morons!!

kamilleon said...

I looked at the page of teh divorce filing and it says "former marital home". Does this mean Kate was awarded the home in the divorce?

Anonymous said...


As long as there are still legal issues or other controversies to discuss the blog will continue. We still have Jon's suit to discuss.

Anonymous said...

Dear administrator, I believe it's time to change the title of your blog. The current one just dosn't seem appropriate any more. ~ Administrator said...

Suggestions welcome!

Administrator said...

Suggestions welcome!

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