Monday, July 15, 2019

Discussion Thread: Kate Plus Date "Finale: The Champions" 7/15/2019 AND Recap: Kate Plus Date "Finale: The Champions": 'Birdbox' please kill this show

Last time on Kate Plus 8, the twins were pretty head over heels for Joey Bats, which, ew! Coming up, Rachel's baaaack, and uh-oh, she and Adam are going to compare notes. Rachel's got that look on her face all like, notes? We were supposed to be taking notes? Let me guess, Rachel was that chick in law school who was always like, hey, can I see your notes? I had to miss class today due to *insert lame reason*, can I copy your notes? Can I check my notes against yours? How about not, law school chick? How about you take your notes and I'll take my notes and I'll see you at the final exam?

I think I've made it clear which of these two matchmakers are any good, didn't half-ass it and instead did their job. They both want to be on T.V., but Adam is the only one here actually trying to earn his spot on the tube. Naturally I'm disappointed that Rachel, a former lawyer, was so terrible. Oh, well.

Kate is soooo changed since she started the process, blah blah. The editors make a really hard cut to her rambling about meeting some really nice guys, which tells me she carried on for quite awhile about how changed she is and it was boring and pointless to anything so it got cut. She's nothing if not predictable, and her "after such-and-such experience I'm a whole new Kate" thing is a dumb talking point she's been trying to sell for years now, and poorly.

Adam is a pretty cool guy, happily inviting Rachel to sit down with him and talk about the process. He lays out what we already know, that Rachel started the process and then he took over.

"Bless you," Rachel quips. Baw! I just snorted my coke.

Rachel says Kate was difficult because she would really resist attempts to help her, but Rachel excuses this immature and unacceptable behavior as "so many times she's gotten hurt." Rachel, STFU!!!

So wait a second, Kate has spent all six of these episodes pretty much insisting that Jon and maybe a college boyfriend are her only two relationships in her lifetime. She practically denies even knowing Jeff Prescott. So we've got a grand total of two relationships that in actuality failed because of her, the last one of which was over a whopping ten years ago, and that's scarred her permanently from ever finding love again? This is really not the reason Kate resists relationships at all, but Rachel is either too dense or too polite to dive any deeper than this cliche.

Adam, who has a much better grasp of the situation here, says he has been trying to understand what is the problem here. Although unfortunately Adam disappoints me in not really getting to the real problem (she's mentally ill, a narcissist, Adam!) I think he's right in trying to get Kate to just put aside this "thing," which I think Adam has been persuaded relates to some divorce from ages ago (it's not), and just relax and flirt on dates. That's as good advice as any I guess.

Inexplicably, Mady says it actually doesn't matter if they like Kate's new man or not because she'll only be seeing him on Thanksgiving and Christmas anyway. Heh. That's what I've been saying all along here. What is the point of the twins all up in her business about who she dates when they're about to go off to college and see Kate as little as possible.

It's so terribly awkward to watch Rachel have to sit down with Kate and Adam and get filled in on how things went with Adam. Kate suddenly tries to claim she actually wanted two matchmakers all along because she wanted a male and female perspective. Eh, no, that's not how that went down, how it went down was Rachel was fired. She re-writes history when she doesn't even need to, it's fascinating. I mean we all saw Rachel get her ass fired two episodes ago so what is she trying to do here?

Mady and Cara after having been through what they've been through know how important this decision is, Kate explains. BITCH! Also, it's a second date for God sakes. You're not deciding who to spend the rest of your life with. It's who you will spend the next three hours with. Good grief, the dramatics. Even Adam and Rachel say they need to take the pressure off Kate to find a forever man and just have her focus on having a good date. They're absolutely right, Kate is acting like a 21 year old Mormon who feels like a spinster and must get married now -clap RIGHT NOW -clap clap-. She can't even get through one date without things falling apart, I have no idea why she's talking about forever right now as if she is in any way capable of getting someone to marry her in the mental state she's in right now.

There's so much to say about all of Kate's dumb comments throughout these episodes there's just not much room to recap much else but I should mention the amateur low budget production here. They do a cutsey montage of "NYC" with sped up shots of the subway and people walking. I guess this is to establish we are in NYC. It's so college level and looks like they pulled shots from somebody else's shoot for some other show at TLC and spliced them into theirs.

We have one of those incredibly long conversations about what everyone acts like is a huge coincidence that Mady and Cara picked the same top two guys as Kate. The twins only met three guys, so it's not a big shock that they might pick the same two Kate wants. There's only three to pick from in the first place! And I like the long drawn out reveal Kate does of her top two to Adam and Rachel, leading off with she picked one top from each of them. Since Joey Bats was the only guy of Adam's the twins' met, Adam surely must know immediately she picked Joey. But Kate is acting like this is a big reveal when Adam already knows by process of elimination. It would be more interesting to watch this woman narrow down her order at Starbucks. Let's see, flat white or iced coffee? Or maybe I'll get a croissant!

So her top two are, no big surprise, Tax Shelter Jeff and Joey Bats. As far as I'm concerned, Tax Shelter Jeff is the only guy in this entire pool worth going out with again. While I liked Refined Jeff, he was a little bit too cagey for my tastes, asked certain questions that in my experience are red flags, and I was getting a strong vibe this was a phone-it-in favor to a friend and not a sincere attempt to get to know someone. Tax shelter Jeff was sincerely giving this a real go with Kate, cameras and all. As for Joey Bats, he acts all of 22 years old and his lifestyle, running a restaurant and spending the rest of his time in bars, is in no way compatible with Kate's, spending 18 hours a day in front of the T.V. in rural Pennsylvania with her wine. Great guy, but not right for Kate. It's a waste of time to go out with him again.

Mercifully for us all, Adam and Rachel say they're just going to watch these dates and not intervene. Thank God, because if I have to again watch Rachel prematurely shut down a date in a crowded restaurant with lies about the place closing down for the night time to go, I'm going to lose it. They are taking off the training wheels, they say. Yeah I've heard that one before, from my dad, and I ended up with a bloody nose and two skinned knees.

Kate actually takes a moment to look them both in the eyes and say thank you "again." Again? I didn't hear a thank you the first time. I heard a whole bunch of entitlement and no gratitude at all. She practically left Rachel standing on a busy street corner by herself in NYC when she fired her ass. But good for her pausing to say thank you at last. People in general do not get enough thank you's for the hard work they do and a whole lot of people have worked hard on Kate's behalf over the years and never gotten one.

We launch right into her second date with Joey, who apparently decided not to shower or shave this morning. He's not one of those guys that looks rugged and handsome with a five-clock shadow. Rather he looks like a grad student who just pulled an all nighter.

Proving he's more hipster than I originally bargained for, Joey leads Kate through some really sketch basements and fire escapes to a "speakeasy". I would feel embarrassed to be over 40 and at a speakeasy. Actually over 30. I'm just being honest. I don't understand the point of speakeasies in the first place. They were very trendy in L.A. about five years back, and to me it was just another place with a bunch of people lined up who aren't being let in. That is a waste of time and humiliating. Plus hiding your business when you don't really have to almost feels disrespectful to history. During prohibition completely appropriate bars and restaurants had to go underground and blood was shed in various ways over something as stupid as being able to sell and consume a simple drink. I don't know, it's not funny to me, it was a dark time in our history, with some estimates attributing 10,000 deaths to that one little decision about alcohol. And if ever someone wants to know why one's heart and good intentions never should be the basis of political decisions rather than facts, figures, sociology, psychology, logic and reason, prohibition was it. It's not okay 10,000 people were killed just because your intentions were good, that your heart was in the right place, that you were trying to do "what's right" without thinking about the unintended consequences of what just felt so "right." People should read more history when they spout off what they think is so morally right these days and consider factoring in facts, figures, sociology, psychology, logic and reason because unintended consequences are a thing.

Joey is one of those people who really wants to be and gets a lot of joy from immersing himself in something eclectic like this with their low ceilings and bad chandeliers and dowdy furniture and wine in coffee cups, and then finds himself shocked and confused when other people are like, the hell? Kate can't get past drinking wine out of coffee cups or the smell. Ew, it does look like it smells. Rachel says the smell was like they just cleaned up a murder scene. Ugh, I've smelled exactly that in various places before and it's terribly unappetizing. Like if you have to bleach your establishment from top to bottom before bringing out some jello, what exactly are you trying to wash away?

Joey mentions seeing quite some rowdy bar fights in this place, and note to men, women don't care about all the bar fights you've seen. I hate sharing the same views as Kate, but she said when Joey mentioned those bar fights she paused. Yeah, I'm pausing too. I'm not being judgmental about the bar thing because whatever, as long as you're not an alcoholic I don't care if you want to hang out at the bar all night every night. In Ireland bars are like community centers and people do go every night and they drink and they eat and mostly they socialize and even bring their kids; many American bars are like this too. And it's fine. I just don't see a person like Joey Bats compatible with someone who is not as into the bar scene or not at all into it. When I was doing the dating thing I made a point to be upfront about how little desire I had to spend a moment of time in bars, even cool speakeasies, as I had quickly learned it's really important to some people and that it's really best to find somebody on the same page about the bar thing. This is a big reason Kate should not waste a moment more of Joey's time because unless Joey is feeling like he's at the end of feeling like he wants to be in a bar all the time, they simply aren't compatible. This one reason is enough, but of course there are other reasons she's not right for Joey/Joey's not right for her that are obvious, like he's fun and has a personality and she's a waste of space.

Joey admits he's pretty not-OCD, go with the flow wing it kind of guy and uh-oh, I fear Kate will think this nice, chill guy to be too much like another nice, chill guy she used to be married to and inexplicably discarded. And then Kate makes a comment that made the rounds on this blog as one of the most outrageous out of her mouth, in that she dealt with a man having no plans in life before and she's done with that. Gaaa, she's such an asshole! Hey, Kate, just because someone disagrees with your plan to exploit your children on T.V. forever and ever doesn't mean they have "no plan." Not the same thing. And what on earth gives her the idea that Joey Bats might not have a plan in life just because he's laid back? For f sake, you don't develop your own successful restaurant from scratch that has locations in two different states without a life plan. The truth is, incompatible as they are, that doesn't mean Joey isn't a great guy for somebody, a real catch who is successful, kind, funny and personable, and she should recognize Joey as a great guy for somebody and stop being so damn judgmental of him just because he's not right for her.

This is one of the rare times I've ever heard Kate talk specifically about the children in a positive way. She mentions that Cara and Leah like to cook, and that Leah is really, really good and wants her own bakery. See, this is the shit she should put on instagram and tell her fans about. It's decently interesting and really not a violation of anyone's privacy. It shows the children are individuals, with interests, and interesting in their own right. She would find herself with far more likes, if that's what she's after. She wouldn't even have to pay for them.

Kate mentions baking her fuckety-billion sweet rolls as if Joey Bats cares at all about any of this and says something about she thought of Joey Bats. Adam and Rachel are deliriously happy over this revelation, like practically clapping like seals. Like, they're excited that Kate thought of another person? Truly, that is quite a milestone, folks, they're not wrong. Heh, Adam even says I've asked her if she's thought of any of her dates afterward and she's like ewww, nope! Lol.

And while we're on the subject of Kate being an asshole, would it kill her after two entire dates to ask Joey a little bit about himself and his restaurant? Like, what made you want to open a restaurant? How did you do it? What was the most difficult part? Tell me more about Portuguese cuisine and how proud you are to bring more of it to the U.S. What do you see for its future? I don't care if you don't want to sleep with the guy, but show him a little bit of appreciation for accomplishing something meaningful with his life. He actually deserves it.

Postmortem date, Rachel is thrilled that Kate had to sit close to Joey in the speakeasy and were "almost" touching. Sounds silly to be excited about almost touching, like Almanzo Wilder practically getting a hard on over driving Laura Ingalls to her teaching job every morning and almost touching. But this is Kate, and almost touching is more progress than recoiling in horror like she usually does.

Wait, this date is not over yet? It feels so long, and so boring, and so very preordained. Like we all know they're not gonna end up together so can we not?

Now they're going to sculpt blindfolded, which actually makes sense to me as you can really focus, but of course Kate has to make all her typical disgusted and appalled faces.

Adam and Rachel get all seal clap excited again when Joey Bats puts his arm around the back of Kate's chair. He hasn't even touched her for heaven sake, but I guess someone even coming into Kate's galaxy without getting a scoff is progress. It's like Birdbox, Joey says. Joey, it's not Birdbox because unfortunately when Kate cheats and peeks there are no monsters to make this show kill itself. Don't we wish this were Birdbox!

Somebody from production pours Joey Bats and Schmoopy here huge glasses of wine. I don't know why the editors felt it was so important we see that. They're zooming in on the wine glasses even. Get 'em good and drunk, it's better TV. Shortly thereafter Joey flat out says he kept requesting more and more wine to get Kate to loosen up. Well, that's one way to do it, but kind of an ick way.

I guess more wine makes Kate want to shove clay into Joey's face but that's about all it does.

Does anyone care what the twins think about the two of them touching? Didn't think so. Mady doesn't like touching other people or being touched by other people. Well, that might happen when your mother never holds and hugs you growing up.

They finally reveal the sculptures, and Kate's looks like the elephant man and Joey's looks like the Night King and Prince Charles got together. This is the only thing about the whole date that is mildly amusing to me.

The date finally ends and Joey sounds genuinely disappointed he couldn't really get intimate with Kate when they said goodbye, and Adam gives good advice that you shouldn't wait until the end of the date to suddenly make a move. It creates too much pressure and build up. And gets awkward, might I add. So this was part Joey's fault for really timing this all wrong and the rest is Kate's fault for being a stone cold block of ice toward a really nice guy who would just like to kiss her on the lips for all his trouble. Instead he has to settle for kissing both her cheeks like he's a Real Housewife. You know that stupid kissing they're always doing as if we live in Paris, when all they really want to do is slug the bitch in front of them for whatever latest interview they gave trashing them. Any advice or thoughts of any relevance from Rachel? Nope, didn't think so.

Kate, who is so clearly on the spectrum I would stake my life on it at this point, didn't notice Joey was going in for a kiss and didn't feel a single tad emotion resembling romantic feelings at all. Kate says she's "probably not opposed" to seeing Joey again. Probably not opposed?? Gentleman, and ladies, too, if anybody ever acts like they are probably not opposed to seeing you again, you need to put your foot down and YOU not see them again. You don't deserve somebody "not opposed." You deserve much, much better. You deserve somebody interested, excited, thrilled to get to know you, can't wait to find out what happens next. Forget Kate, she's a piece of trash.

I've always said Tax Shelter Jeff was too good for Kate but guess what Joey Bats, you've also joined the upper echelon here of TOO GOOD FOR KATE! Now move yourself along from this poor choice you made to get involved with a reality show and get somebody worthy of yourself, your talents, your kindness, and the way you've done something so meaningful with your life.

We launch immediately into Tax Shelter Jeff's date, in which he's invited Kate over to his nice condo for dinner in the most adorable little town in North Carolina called Davison. Geez, even this town is too good for Kate. Their public library looks straight out of The Waltons. It's so cute. Too bad Kate don't read. I always think dinner at his or her place for a second date is a great choice. It's best to figure out if they have a giant boil on their nose in a public setting, but it's also good to see their living quarters as early in the relationship as possible, because a lot of red flags can be discovered by how somebody lives at home. It's also a chance to have a more private conversation without waiters, or some obnoxious ex-lawyer like Rachel, interrupting you.

Well I've speculated Jeff could be just a gay actor because he's so perfect. Even his house is so freaking homey and inviting, with flowers on the windowsill and some historical document framed on the wall. But turns out he's not gay after all, as we here on the blog discovered via Facebook he now is very happy with a wonderful girlfriend who is 45 and has a set of twins. Suck it, Kate. I'm also pretty sure he's not an actor; I think this was a favor to a friend in production or a dare for charity or something.

Jeff immediately pulls out the wine, which is probably wise, and Kate's already mugging for the cameras with some stupid water into wine joke that makes no sense. She's literally swinging her whole body around to look at the cameras and make this "joke." It's incredible how obnoxious she is.

Jeff owns cookbooks? Be still my heart. Between that, his love of board games, and The Princess Bride being his favorite movie, that Facebook girlfriend of his is one lucky woman. Like straight out of a romance novel lucky. They're going to cook salmon, chickpea salad and roasted cauliflower, which as far as I'm concerned is the only way to cook cauliflower worth eating. Yum.

Proving how beyond-beyond socially awkward she is, Kate in the middle of them talking about wine and pouring wine suddenly blurts out, "You were so good with my girls!" Good Lord, Kate. Good Lord! I mean try to lead into something like that at least a little. It's like it was a line she knew she wanted to say, but didn't know how or when to bring it up so she just inserted it wherever. She's so painful to watch, and I almost....almost....feel bad for her.

Blech, Mady peddles that old party line about how the new changed Kate is much more relaxed and would be just fine with a guy like Jeff taking over her domain in the kitchen. What changed Mady? Explain. Otherwise I don't believe it and I think you're brainwashed and just regurgitating whatever Kate has told you, and at your age, it's sad to be such a mouthpiece for your own mother.

I have a hunch you're a good cook, Jeff says. Jeff, your hunch is wrong.

I have no idea what Kate means when she says Jeff's home was better than she expected but you can tell he's a bachelor. How so? He looks like he has every kind of pan and kitchen utensil, nice cutting boards, the house looks lived in and homey, there's nice artwork on the walls and it's clean and nicely decorated. And he cooks with kale. I couldn't tell you whether a bachelor lives here or a yogi or a family of four. I don't get this comment at all and I find it to be rather snide. 

Jeff is touchy feely and says pretty matter of fact that Kate really didn't return it. I'm glad he doesn't seem disappointed about this because he's too good for Kate to be upset.

Kate completely overreacts to their mutual love of cilantro. She's so awkward! Goodness, you'd think they just discovered they both have a mutual passion for 19th century Russian literature. I mean it's not that uncommon to really love cilantro. You like apples too? And you like to cook dinner and eat it? Oh my God me too! Oy.

Jeff mentions her chopping skills needs some work. Heh. I take pleasure in someone who wrote a cookbook being insulted by someone who clearly is so much better in the kitchen than she is, yet never wrote a cookbook or has a need to impress anybody with their cooking.

Are Rachel and Adam in Jeff's closet? So weird. Rachel remarks that Kate is into him. I don't know how she figures that but sure.

Kate throws salt in Jeff's face, and I guess the extent of her ability to flirt involves putting stuff in guy's faces, whether it's salt or clay.

While dinner is cooking, Jeff takes her down to his wine cellar. So cool! It's gorgeous, with lovely reclaimed wood. He built it himself. Of course he did. 

Oh, I'm dying here, I love Jeff so much. He schools Kate like a boss about how little she knows about wine, calling her alleged favorite wine Malbec from Argentina "boring." Bawww! I don't know anything about wine but I'll take Jeff's word for it that's a boring wine that people who don't know anything about wine like, and guess what else is boring, Jeff? KATE! It makes me so happy you're with somebody else now because you deserve some spice in your very nice life. Jeff prefers French red wine from Bordeaux and Clos de la Roche. I think that's what he's saying, and this is without the help of the closed captioned which apparently the Roku TLCgo app doesn't have. My French is terrible but I trust him that whatever that is, that's good wine.

"When you're single and don't have kids you can just build a wine cellar," Kate remarks on the couch. The hell? Why is she being such a grade A jerk? As if a wine cellar or something similar is something only people with nothing on their plates have time to putter around with aimlessly. I mean, Jeff has been running his own company and traveling the world, it's not like he has nothing going on, nor are people without kids by default not busy or don't understand what it means to be busy. Hey, Kate, lots of people with kids, or without kids, are very busy yet still carve out time to have full and interesting lives. Just because you haven't done so yourself doesn't mean you have to make nasty comments about other people who are accomplishing things of meaning with their limited time on this earth, kids or not. For the first time it occurs to me she is jealous and resentful of anyone who has a full and interesting life, Jeff and Jon included. It doesn't matter if you have kids or don't have kids, anyone who has managed to carve out a real life for themselves, she resents. I don't know why Kate has been unable to hone in on hobbies and interests of her own. I don't know why she has nothing going on. Perhaps she is simply incapable of finding and developing interests. I get the impression the vast majority of things bore her for some reason, which is abnormal and could be a red flag there's some true depression going on here. For the few things that capture her attention, like cooking and wine, the true work involved with fleshing out that interest into anything substantial, as Jeff has, is just too overwhelming and too much work for somebody so darn lazy. Thus, we're left with a 44-year-old woman with absolutely nothing going on but eight I mean six kids and some dogs. 

Jeff actually has very similar core interests to Kate in that he likes traveling, cooking, and wine. Except Jeff really made something of those interests and Kate did not. I'm getting a pretty keen sense that this very fact is dawning on Jeff on this date, and although he seemed quite interested in Kate on the first date, this second one is rapidly going downhill as he's realizing somebody like Kate just isn't for him. I'd feel sorry for him except we know he found a great girlfriend, so this is fine. It would only be depressing if he were still looking!

And another thing, she should have been not so lazy and developed her interests for her kids and stop blaming her kids for her sad boring life. It is good for children to see their parents' lives not completely revolving around the children. And oftentimes just by virtue of the fact that kids are so exposed to their parents' interests they develop a love for such things too as they get older. In my family that was camping and fishing. We all grew up with the adults going off on camping trips two or three times a summer up to the various beautiful lakes in Canada and when we got old enough we tagged along. It instilled in me a love of nature and the outdoors and camping, the pure unadulterated quiet of the wilderness, that has continued well into my own adulthood and that I fully intend to pass down to my own family, and dog

Rachel announces uselessly that there is some great chemistry on this date. Rachel just wants her own show, which we knew, but she proved it on her instagram account with this exchange: 

You have the best smile , personality ever, you need your own show❤️👏👏😬

@sandyfen aw thank you! From your lips to @tlc’s ears 😂

Rachel seems like the type to mix bleach and vinegar thinking she's just made the greatest super cleaning solution for her counters, pinterest worthy. 

They at last sit down to dinner and it looks delicious. They both like it. Mady and Cara announce that Kate has been making the chickpea and cauliflower thing repeatedly at home. They rudely say they don't like it and got so sick of it. Why are they being so rude?

Tell me more about your growing up years, Jeff says. Uh-oh, here we go. Kate essentially avoids the question with a real red flag of an answer "I don't know how to describe it." If anybody says to you they don't know how to describe their childhood, run.

Jeff naturally says he had a good childhood, had great parents, but did want to get out of his small town. Jeff, who continues to have a lot of things in common with Kate, is too good for Kate. I suspect that's what it was with Kate too. It's not that her parents or childhood were necessarily bad, she was just one of those yearning to see what else was out there beyond the little town. I went through that too, but most people are able to recognize the difference between having a great family but just wanting out to see what else is out there, versus wrongly equating a very natural and common desire to want out with something defective or not good enough about her childhood. I suspect Kate is the later, and it's really disrespectful to her family who, with the exception of maybe her father, did nothing wrong in the raising of her. Based on her own words I believe she felt she deserved more trips and more money to spend in her childhood, her family did nothing wrong in not being able to afford such luxuries, and instead of understanding that and accepting it, she resents it to this day. 

Why are you still single, Kate asks. Is it just me but I think this question is flipping rude. Why is he still single? Why are you still single, Kate? Geez! What are you supposed to say to that, I'm a great catch except for the fact that I pick my toenails in front of the T.V. every night and no woman can stand that? And I feel like he already adequately explained why he's single, because the nature of his job mostly abroad and all the traveling he did made relationships difficult (and likely unfair to the woman) but now that he has decided to recently relocate to North Carolina to be near his nephews, he is able to have a stable relationship now. That is a perfectly reasonable reason why a great guy like this is single, though he won't be for long. 

Jeff politely explains, not that this is anyone's business on a second date, that he didn't want to get married in his 20's, and in his 30's he was in a three-year relationship that ended in heartbreak and so hasn't met the right one since then. That really was none of your business, Kate, but whatever.

Kate just checked her phone. Ugh. Why is your phone even out?

Jeff corrals her to the couch, sitting close to her with his arm around her. He's about to kiss her, and I feel like someone is asking me to do a polar bear swim and I'm cringing and hugging myself. I am panicking as much as Kate. Jeff moves her hair from her eyes and she acts like she just got electrocuted. This is a bit sad to watch. This is the behavior of a rape victim for goodness sake. Get some therapy, Kate, because you're a mess. 

Kate abruptly ends the date and bolts toward the door, and Jeff asks to see her again and she says sure yes. We take forever to build up to it and then Jeff suddenly grabs her face and kisses her. Ew, ew, ew.  It looks like a vacuum cleaner grabbing up Kate Gosselin. I'm horrified. At least Kate doesn't pull away and even puts her doughy hands around him.

And now folks we're to the end of this hot mess of a show and guess what, it just ends! Kate says she has stayed in contact with one of the two finalist guys, but she doesn't feel we really need to know right now. Oh, come on! I have never in the history of T.V. seen someone trolling so shamelessly for a second season. Also, Kate, you tool, you don't need to tease and play games with viewers about who or if you ended up with somebody to get a second season. It's so unnecessary, obnoxious, and frankly disrespectful to the handful of viewers who stuck this one out. "So what else is out there?" Kate remarks. Not much, Schmoopy. Now drink your lame wine and peek out from your blindfold so this show can just die Birdbox style and the whole world would be better off.