Thursday, December 18, 2014

Serial: The best reality TV show... er, podcast, of the year

Reality has its place, and the genre is never better served than the true crime podcast by This American Life out of Chicago, which just wrapped up today. You can listen for free on your smartphone's free podcast app (just search for "Serial" and download the episodes), or listen for free online.

Did Adnan kill Hae? You decide over the course of 12 engrossing episodes.

Some questions to ponder:
  • How much can you remember about what you did six weeks ago, on November 6, 2014? 
  • Is Adnan a smooth talking sociopath who has charmed narrator Sarah Koenig or is he actually who he says?
  • What about that phone call to Adnan's then girlfriend the day of the murder?
  • Was the investigation botched? 
  • If Adnan didn't kill Hae, who did?