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Discussion Thread: Kate Plus Date "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" 6/17/2019 AND Recap: Kate Plus Date "Crazy Little Thing Called Love": Rachel is not a 'date mom' she is a repugnant doofus

Hi everyone. Strangely, TLC decided to push this episode early to their online platforms as an "early premiere," so for the first time in my history of writing recaps, the recap is ready to go the moment the episode airs. It's just like we got an advanced screener copy! Heh. Enjoy.

I won't recap the show's recap of what happened last time, you can just read my recap here. The sum of it is Kate's matchmaker Rachel is pretty darn obtuse, and Kate rejected two potentially decent guys one because he had something called a personality and the other because he was an amazing guy who was like 5'7, maybe 5'8 on a good day. They don't play the Queen song this episode, oddly. Good because Queen was asking themselves "can we sue???"

Rachel starts off the episode with more dumb comments, this time talking about how she has to just cast the net wide because Kate can't articulate what she's looking for in a man. Rachel, she never did tell you what she wants because she's not really looking. It's so painful to watch Rachel continue to not get it.

I guess they're implying Kate will do two dates a week, and then regroup with Rachel to start up the next two the next week. It's unlikely this is how this was filmed, which would put it on a pretty lengthy five-week schedule, longer than some low-budget movies. It costs more money to film things in couple day spurts week after week. Usually you would film all at once or as much at once as possible, though perhaps with weekends off. They also probably filmed all of the North Carolina stuff at once and all of the New York City stuff at once and all of the PA stuff at once, to the extent possible. It makes no sense to be jetting off back and forth back and forth to all these places a dozen times as the show implies. So I'm not really sure I believe out of the gate this is "next week." It's more than likely just the next day or even out of order somewhere.

Kate says well this week her nerves are a bit better, and then proceeds to talk not about the men but being nervous about meeting Rachel last week. Why in the world was she nervous meeting Rachel? Is she supposed to be dating her? Well, I hope Kate quickly realized there's nothing to be nervous about meeting a blown bag, and that that was silly of her.

Rachel advises Kate to get out of her head and into her heart. That might be good advice if anyone actually knew what she meant by that. Self-help people who talk in mumbo-jumbo terms like that are generally just that, full of mumbo-jump crap. "Intentional" is one of my favorite stupid mumbo-jumbo buzzwords common among all the gurus these days. Do this intentionally, do that intentionally, be intentional, yada yada. Since almost everything I do except maybe pee a little when I laugh really hard is intentional, I haven't the foggiest clue what they mean by that and mostly find people who spew out stuff like "intentional" and "get out of your head" to be money-grabbing frauds.

Kate is interpreting all this as just don't "think" on a date. Um, so like, be a zombie? Normally I would say good heavens don't stop thinking all together, that could be scary, like what happens if you approach a crosswalk and aren't allowing yourself any thinking? But in Kate's case, she might be better off with taking the thinking out of this completely.

Can I put this questionable advice into simpler and hopefully better terms? I think what Kate needs to work on is being in the moment. In other words, advice from Realitytvkids, on a date try to stop yourself from running through a bunch of questions in your head, or fears, or what if's. Try to focus on one or two simple thoughts, like how can I get to know this man in front of me better right now, what can I say and do to help me do that? Don't worry if he's not for you, don't worry if you will be asked out on a second date, don't worry if he likes you too or if the date is going well for him or if you will marry. Consciously reassure yourself you will be able to think up and down about all those nagging questions later, once the date has ended and you've left.

When Rachel says "unknowwwwwn" I hear Syracuse. She went there, and I wonder if she's from the area. There's some upstate New York in this girl, whether born and raised or just a transplant!

Her first victim is up already, Jeremiah, from Jersey (Jersey!!), 39 and a retired police officer. Divorced of course. Police officer eh? This might work. Kate once said a police officer would be great for her kids.

Wait, he's a retired police officer. He's only 39, so what does he do now? Just not work? Let me guess, he's an actor and really only ever did the police thing maybe 6 months. Unless maybe the pension was so good it made sense to hang up the hat at 39, which is possible!

Jeremiah is looking for someone who can help him become a man. The what becoming what man? Jeremiah, you are 39 years old! There's not much more "becoming" left to go! Rachel is the worst matchmaker. He's all wrong for Kate. He says he'd like to help the woman do the same. Help Kate become a man? That could be an interesting relationship.

Huh, Jeremiah's shirt sure has a bunch of holes in it, which is a comment I can totally hear my grandmother saying if she were to watch this show, bless her departed soul.

Was the budget slashed on this show already between episode one and two? Because Kate pulls up to an escape room in a taxi this time. A taxi, baw! How mediocre! What happened to the limo, the champagne, the crowd of tourists wondering when the sidewalks will open up again? What, they couldn't even spring for an UberX? Pitiful.

Kate likes escape rooms because she's competitive to the death. Eh, another dating tip, try not to come across as psycho competitive, most people see that as a huge red flag. In general, first dates that involve a competition of some sort are not a good idea but if you must, try to just stay relaxed and don't be more concerned with winning than getting to know your date.

Jeremiah arrives at the escape room a bit out of breath and legitimately sweating. Kate noticed how tall Jeremiah was, but didn't notice his huge muscles that apparently production noticed, because he keeps talking about it out of the frame and questioning Kate on it. Maybe Jeremiah should be set up with him, he seems to appreciate him! Jeremiah thought Kate has pretty eyes. She does, they're a pretty color, sure. But still dead.

Sorry I'm late, Jeremiah says, but I was busy giving CPR to some guy in the coffee shop who collapsed. Kate says twice he's lying. At least later in the interview she seems to acknowledge that was kind of bitchy of her to just assume he's lying. Lol. The reason I don't think Jeremiah is lying is because it doesn't seem to bother him that Kate doesn't believe him. He's kind of like, whatever, I did what I did, I don't need you to validate me. A producer speaks up out of the frame and says this story is actually completely true. Sounds like the same voice who really was admiring the muscles earlier, hehe. After getting through the preliminaries accusing the date of lying to you within seconds of meeting him, at least Kate finally asks is the guy all right. Heh.
So can we hear more about how Jeremiah saved some guy with his mad CPR skillz? Sounds way more interesting than watching a date with Kate. Kate should be able to relate to this anyway, as she's been on life support for years.

The holey shirt is just really bad. It doesn't look fashionable, it looks like it needs a box full of moth balls to store it in.

The escape room they're going to do looks good, it's a "runaway train" and they put them in a car. They start opening drawers and reading numbers and trying to piece it together. They realize looking at various clues they have to hold hands to get to the next step, which Kate is happy to do because it will help them win the game.

Did Rachel just hop on a radio to give them a hint? I hear her voice in the train! That would have annoyed the shit out of me! They're doing really well in this room, and nobody was asking for hints, Rachel. Good Lord, she is the worst. I know I'm ridiculous, but I would not feel like I really completed this room if I did so with the help of even the tiniest of hints.

This honestly looks like a good escape room. I would do this one. Jeremiah tells Kate he loves her if this works as she tries to open a door with the provided glove. It works! He loves her! They solve the puzzle with 5 minutes to spare. That's pretty good.

Jeremiah couldn't really detect any sparks from Kate. She was really into the train, he remarks. What, did it have gravy on it?

After the escape room Rachel takes Kate to aerial yoga, which Kate pretty accurately describes as cirque du soleil. Wait, where's Jeremiah? I thought Kate was supposed to be dating him, not Rachel. What a weird interruption. And what's poor Jeremiah going to do while they do yoga? Maybe he could go check in on how that guy he gave CPR to is doing. Did anyone else notice that nobody said when Jeremiah arrived all sweaty, so hey, Jeremiah, do you need a minute or two to regroup and process that you just gave CPR to a half-dead man? Not Kate and not even dumb Rachel, who looked pretty nervous during all that that this might throw off her schedule to great fame and fortune.

The TLCgo app is playing a little nicer for me since I last used it, not cycling back to the beginning of the show every time I pause it, which was a giant pain when recapping because I need to pause the thing dozens of times. It still freezes at times, but not frequently.

"We're going to have fun!" Rachel says in a really bossy tone. I never expected to find Rachel even more annoying than Kate, but man alive, she grates. I can't stand when people tell grown adults how to feel or what to enjoy. We're not three and need to be told go try that slide Daddy will catch you you'll love it! Geez, let people decide for themselves! It wouldn't be a strange thing to not like swinging from some hammock doing yoga. Many people don't like hammocks, still more hate yoga. So you're combining two things together that many people hate even independent of each other. And some people who may love yoga may not like hammocks, and some people who are fine with hammocks might not like yoga. So that's a whole lot of people who legitimately wouldn't like this activity. This is turning into an LSAT problem. Anyway, I can't see myself liking this yoga thing in a million years, and for all Kate's faults, there is nothing wrong with her for not liking this either.

Mady says they're old enough to take care of themselves now so Kate can afford to break some legs during this exercise. I think Mady thinks everything she says is funny and clever. Helen Keller says something! And it was something to make fun of Kate. She laughs and says Kate would be one foot off the ground during this swinging yoga thing. Heh.

The millennial yoga instructor talks like she has a giant jawbreaker in her mouth. Weird.

They're mostly swinging stupidly in the stupid aerial fabrics and Kate's right again, which I hate, she was afraid to look stupid and her fears were realized, because they look just stupid.

Kate acknowledges she has a hard time following instructions. That's true, we've seen that. She doesn't listen, or questions the instructions, or listens but then does her own thing. That's the narcissism I think, thinking that you know better than someone who took the time to lay out instructions for you and probably knows far more about the subject than you ever will, and also probably is pretty knowledgable about your safety and what you should do and not do to remain safe. Also, just saying, a lot of people on the spectrum report that verbal instructions are very difficult for them, unless you give them the instructions one at a time and wait for them to fully complete one instruction before ever going on to the next instruction. I mean, if the shoe fits.

A producer asks Rachel if Kate was jealous the instructor was spending so much time with her. Rachel makes a so cute, so innocent, so funny face, teehee! You're so cute Rachel! Actually just kidding you're not cute at all you're repugnant.

Mady says Kate never relaxes. Yes, we're aware. The instructor finally gets Kate into a nice cocoon in the fabric and she softly swings and closes her eyes and seems to enjoy it. That's nice I guess, but I still prefer my tempur-pedic. No maneuvering or yoga required at all, you just plop onto it and you're done.

Rachel offers Kate some lame affirmations like she's going to relax now, and come out of her cocoon as a butterfly ready and able to try new things. Does Rachel think we are in kindergarten here? Sounds like something Miss Ryan said to us in my class when I was five. And I thought it was stupid even then. This is a grown ass woman, Rachel, who is swinging from a fabric hammock, she is not a cocoon and she is not a butterfly. Grow up.

Mady explains that if Kate wants to relax at home she'll make her bed or lay with the dogs, but she doesn't relax much because she's so busy. This is the second time in two episodes Mady has insisted Kate is busy. What is she so darn busy with? Nobody ever offers any specifics, and I guess the producer is too occupied with Jeremiah's muscles to probe any deeper into this lie.

Rachel surmises that because she got Kate to open up to this yoga activity, she hopes Kate can be open to a relationship. At least this dumb Rachel chick is finally starting to understand how closed off Kate is to human emotion and that this is the crux of most of her issues, but I really don't think one overpriced trendy yoga class is going to have any impact. Now a psychologist and some medication might.

I guess now Jeremiah and Kate will have dinner, and I still want to know what all he did with himself when he was so rudely ditched for the yoga class.

Something feels a little bit ick to me about Rachel now treating this date as if it's a chance for Kate to just "practice" dating, like flirting and opening up. Excuse me, but Jeremiah is a real person. Sure he's probably an actor, but from what I can tell, he's making a sincere effort to be open to Kate as a real possible dating prospect. Same for the two others guys before her, who really seemed game to give this a go for real. If you want to just "practice" dating, then have a true actor come in and help Kate role play, everyone knowing they're not really having a date. Don't do it on real people!

Kate pulls up in her mediocre taxi again, baw-haha. She's wearing a purple leopard print cocktail dress. Rachel calls her a hot mama.

It's kind of sad that Rachel's pep talk before the date consists of reminding Kate to ask questions, smile and enjoy herself. Well, Rachel's not wrong, Kate really does need help with the basics, like just be a normal person on a date for starters. Good grief.

Kate has come up with a nickname for Rachel, "date mom" because she is acting like a mom giving advice. That's an overtly kind name. My less than nice name for Rachel is "repugnant doofus."

Jeremiah meets Kate at dinner and genuinely seems to think she's stunning. Men really do think with their ... eyes .... don't they? I think those of us who have been following Kate for all these years and know what a nasty heart she has are so disenchanted with Kate we could never see her as beautiful again even if she were to morph into Ursula Andress.

Kate tells Rachel she can leave now and she'll call her if she needs her to open her juice box. Was that snark I detected form Kate? I kind of resent the fact that I'm cheering for Kate against dumb Rachel. There should be no scenario allowed where anyone roots for Kate, but here we are.

Jeremiah really seems blown away at how breathtaking Kate is. I mean, she looks pretty I guess, but good heavens you would think the guy just happened upon the Dolomites during a misty pink sunrise, dew clinging to his holey shirt. Calm down, buddy. Kate didn't like these compliments, they were excessive. Kate is right, it's excessive.

Jeremiah is pretty vague about working odd jobs in the city from time to time. He's totally an actor, why won't they just say it? He has five kids ages two to 18. With how many mothers, Jeremiah? I think that's a fair question. No way in hell Kate wants to take on a kid in diapers, and sure enough, she doesn't.

By the way it's no secret Cara is getting a lot of attention for being so quiet on her couch interviews with various speculation why, but in case you're worried if all the remarks about this bothers her, don't be. Cara says blankly that five kids is a lot of kids. She then looks at Mady with a giggle and says "You like my input on that one?" Heh. Mady chuckles and says she's really stepping it up here. They both smile and laugh. For whatever Cara's reasons for being a woman of little words, she's clearly comfortable with it, and takes any teasing even from her own sister in stride. And hey, Cara, if you happen to mosey on over here anytime, talking less and listening more is a virtue.

Rachel, why on God's green earth would you pick this guy for Kate? Nice doesn't cut it! (Okay I get that Rachel didn't really pick him and she's just an actor herself, but since the show is acting like she found these guys for Kate, I'm just rolling with it.)

The twins jump in to say NO KIDS. So, if the girls said no kids, and Kate doesn't really seem to want someone with kids either at least not young ones, how come her first three dates have kids? Are they trying to waste everyone's time, or does it just come naturally?

Mady has quite a convoluted explanation for not wanting kids, because she doesn't want an older kid to reach a milestone before she does. That sounds selfish and spoiled, I'm just saying. She wants her mom to find love but only on her strict and unreasonable terms. That is selfish and spoiled and if it were anyone other than Kate I would want that girl to shape up and stop making her mother's happiness for the rest of her life all about her.

Is Jeremiah straight from the pages of a romance novel? He loves that Kate has kids because if they blend their two big beautiful families together, they'll have one thing in common: Kate. Geez, I'd hate for that to be the one thing anyone has in common.

I think Kate is proud of the fact that the kids (allegedly) fight about who will take care of her when she is old. Jeremiah, who is normal, looks confused and says um, wouldn't that be where a partner comes in? Correct Jeremiah. While it's wonderful when kids are willing and able to help out an aging parent, one should not burden them at this age with the responsibility of thinking it all falls to them when a parent gets old. Kate should be reassuring her kids if they even say such things that they need not worry about her, she will figure things out, and she will be sure she is well taken care of as she ages so that the time they spend together can be mostly just nice family time and not solely focused on "taking care of her." Parentification. It's not cool, and Jeremiah to his credit spotted it right off.

Kate lets her guard down ever so slightly to talk about the incredible love she witnessed between her grandparents, and it's the reason she believes in love. Jeremiah had a similar experience with his grandparents. While I feel the same about my grandparents, this seems a little mean to her own parents to imply on camera the only real love she ever saw certainly wasn't her parents. Sheesh. She also loves to rewrite the narrative about Jon as if it was a hot mess from the start, when it actuality she has made it clear many times before the divorce she was deeply in love with Jon when they married and perhaps for years afterward. Just because she fell out of love with him years later doesn't erase what happened before, as much as she loves to use her little swiffer there.

The date ends with a kiss on the cheek Kate mercifully doesn't try to dodge, and Jeremiah over there is still swooning over Kate.

Kate, however, is stuck on the diapers. No way, no how, is basically her comment.

This almost makes me legitimately mad, because poor sweet Jeremiah here actually thinks he has a chance with Kate, and even though it was just one date, he seems so sensitive that it's probably going to hurt him at least a little when Kate never calls again. This is just wrong. Look, Kate doesn't want a guy with kids, as hypocritical as that is, that's her stance and she's entitled to it. Therefore, none of these dates of hers should have kids, Rachel. Or at most perhaps they could have one or two adult kids, that I think Kate would be okay with. You shouldn't conduct a social experiment like this on real people, it's not right. There's a reason when you go on a dating site that they ask you basic questions like your religion, do you want kids, your age parameters, etc., and then they ask you how important all of these parameters are to you. Because if it's a deal breaker for you, say so, and they won't set you up with someone not suitable to begin with and then everyone just ends up hurt.

Dense Rachel says she needs to figure out is this kids thing a deal breaker for Kate? She claims Kate goes back and forth. Oh my God, it's so blatantly obvious she doesn't want a guy with kids, Rachel, I don't care how much she vacillates, she doesn't want it. Wake up. The only remote possibility I can think of why Kate might be a little indecisive about this is she'll take five kids if you have like 5 million dollars to back it up. Then she could just hire a full time live in nanny for everyone and be done with it. But I still think she would prefer you just don't have kids in the first place.

And for her second date of the episode, Rosario, the Italian Aleksandr Petrovsky. That was one of Carrie Bradshaw's worst relationships. He beat her, and she left everyone who cared about her most to go live with him in Paris, but man alive, he could be so sexy.

Wait a second, what happened to Rachel trying to figure out if Kate wants to date a guy with kids? That dumb Rachel needs to finish her thought, especially ones so important!

They woosh down from New York to Rosario in what feels like a supersonic jet. He's 50, an opera singer, divorced of course! And super sexy! He has striking Caribbean blue eyes. Uh oh uh oh uh oh. He looks short. Shorter than Kate! Shit, he's done.

Rosario gives her a tour of some stage. They don't really explain where this is or what is going on, but it doesn't matter, because Rosario and his accent are just hot.

I do highly recommend everyone hear an opera singer in person at some point in your life, even if you think it's going to be boring. I saw Renee Fleming do a solo performance in Los Angeles with just her and a piano, and it was stunning. There is no sound system in the world that can do justice to the power and richness of her voice. Renee Fleming and I are many years apart in age but shared the same music teacher at one point, she when he was just starting out, and me a few years shy of his retirement. It was a special night to be in the presence of one of his most successful students.

I quickly found a lot about Rosario by googling, and he's a legit opera singer. But check this out, according to his own web site he resides in San Diegopeople. Oh yeah, this relationship could work. Eye roll. The internet also says he does the occasional acting job including reality shows. Heh, sounds like he's another guy doing a day job but really wants to be an actor. Yeesh.

Rosario takes her around the orchestra pit where she proceeds to tap on drums and things like a freaking eight-year-old. Rosario is chill about this when he has every right to tell her to not do that, but oh my god, I hope none of the musicians are watching because I'm sure they'd be having a meltdown.

Kate asks Rosario what operas he has done. Oh, does she know operas? Lol, her blank expression is actually a bit funny when he starts rattling off a bunch of Italian names most people wouldn't know. I mean, good for her asking questions, but it's silly to ask a question where you know you won't understand the answer. How about, what was your favorite opera you've done and what was it about?

You know I had an idea, if Rachel were a competent coach, this all might work so much better if there were a little earpiece in Kate's ear for Rachel to give her tips and instruction in real time as the date goes on. Regrouping with her afterward to say a few useless things that are probably too late to fix anyway doesn't seem to be helpful to Kate.

The girls crack up talking about how Kate can't sing. Is there something kind of strange about teens made to sit there and talk incessantly about their mother? I mean who at that age even pays attention to their mother?

Rosario touches Kate's back as her leads her to the stage and Kate seems fine with it. Rachel is creepily spying on all this and I feel like she's giving herself all the credit for Kate not recoiling when Rosario touches her, I can see it on her face. Touching makes people more comfortable and he does it because that's the Italian way, Rosario explains. Uh-oh, I don't think poor Rosario paid much attention to the MeToo movement. Eek!

Here's his instagram by the way. A whole lot of muscular selfies, not a whole lot of substance. But hey at least the guy seems to be living a reasonably full life. Lots of traveling and working, doesn't look like a whole lot of friends or significant others. Such can be life in the entertainment business.

Rosario starts singing a short version of O sole mio to her, and he's amazing. Love it. Kate to her credit seems to genuinely enjoy it. She's got a big smile on her face and is hanging on every note, clapping enthusiastically at the end. Good for her, I'm glad something broke through to her. O sole mio's lyrics are really nice, it's about a man who is admiring the beauty of nature but realizes it can't compare to the one he loves. She'll find a reason this guy is not suitable soon enough, I'm just patiently waiting for it.

Hey, there's Rachel up high spying from the Lincoln box. Gosh, I'd hate to see anything happen to her up there. Too much?
Cara does more talking than she ever has about how it would be so strange to her to be serenaded.

There's some weird editing in this episode. Rosario is rudely ditched just like Jeremiah was before, and suddenly Kate is with Cara and Mady on some random couch that doesn't look like home showing them the video of Rosario singing. The girls are not impressed because who would be impressed at their age with their mother's dating life? And all of a sudden Kate's back on the street dressed for dinner. What the heck was that little interlude and how did it fit right there?

Does Kate like this guy? There's something different about her answers this time when Rachel asks her boring questions about part one of the date. And how come she hasn't said anything about his very obvious short stature? That was such a big honking problem for her last time dating Todd, now it's a non-issue? She's certifiable.

Rachel says it's hard to help Kate because she's so guarded. No Rachel, it's hard to help Kate at all because you stink at your job and were too lazy to even do some preliminary research on this woman that would give you a little bit of context here.

They sit down to dinner and Rosario talks about how he had his own restaurant for years. Oh this guy seems like quite the do-er. That's what I call people who don't really talk about the things they want to do and instead just do them. This isn't going to work with someone more like Kate who mostly just is a talker, a person who rarely or never does the things they talk about. I just love an Italian accent, I think because it reminds me of growing up, when great aunts and uncles, their significant others, and even some cousins visiting would speak in broken English just like Rosario. When I hear the accent, I picture my Uncle Nino stirring a big pot of tomato sauce on the stove over New Year's, asking us kids to go sit down it was almost ready how many meatballs would we like? And Aunt Agnes would be putting out more plates and cutlery for the friends and family that just walked in, muttering this or that word in Italian as she worked. Thanks, Rosario for the nostalgia.

Rosario says he moved here to the USA a few years ago to San Diego. Kate doesn't say anything rational like San Diego? How the heck would this ever work? Also it wasn't a few years ago, it was ten years ago, 2009, according to his own web site. But it's okay because Rosario is a guy and they tend to overgeneralize like that, and he's really cute, so it's even more okay.

Rosario said he was visiting the USA for two weeks and then decided to just stay. Heh, how did he work that out? You usually can't just keep staying after your vacation is over, certainly not for ten years. That's called overextending your visa, lol. Maybe Kate could turn him in to her old friend Trump for ransom!

Kate bemoans that she and the kids have never been to Italy or even Europe, and you can see it in her eyes she still blames Jon for the trips getting cut off. And she's so damn stubborn she's still waiting for the show, or someone like Rosario, to pay for the trip. She won't go otherwise, I guarantee you.

I guess Rosario is another one that doesn't know who the F Kate is, because when she brings up the eight kids thing he's basically like, I'm sorry? Heh! And apparently Rosario doesn't understand the concept of multiples, because he can't work out how the kids' ages are just 14 and 18.

He follows Kate on instagram, by the way, but she can't be bothered to follow him back.

Oh, he doesn't have kids! He's looking better and better! Hey, shouldn't Kate say I gave birth to eight kids instead of I have eight kids? Because she really only "has" six kids right now.

If Kate doesn't want Rosario could I have him? He suggests they have a limoncello after dinner. I've been to Italy three times now because of my family's close roots there, and I'm headed back a fourth time next year, and the meals there are the most beautiful way to eat in the world in so many ways. But at the end of meals in many parts of Italy, they usually finish it off with a small glass of limoncello, which is like alcoholic lemonade. It's wonderfully refreshing and a great pallet cleanser. But it's not just for meals! One time we were on the last leg of a pretty long hike between two towns and around the corner who should appear but a farmer and his limoncello stand for one euro a glass. I never thought I would want a shot after a long hike, but that was the most delicious little glass of liquor I've ever had. The Italians are some of the most wonderful people in the world and if anyone ever gets a chance to date one, do it!

Rachel awkwardly swoops in at yet another bad time while they're sipping their lemoncellos and enjoying their conversation, and Kate deadpans, "do you know her?" Dang, Kate is really riding this woman, and stupid Rachel deserves every bit of it. Rachel claims they need to go because they're shutting down the place. Um, does Rachel own this restaurant? Why don't you let the people who work at the restaurant decide when to ask their customers politely to leave so they can shut down? There's other people still drinking full wine glasses in the background, butt out, Rachel!

"I don't want to interrupt," Rachel says. Well then why did you Rachel? Geez.

Yep here we go, Kate says yes he was interesting but there was no connection or attraction. Of course there wasn't, because she's in love with Steve and. doesn't. really. want. to. date. See ya, Rosario.

Rosario makes polite comments that he had fun, but I'm not getting the feeling at all he had any kind of connection with Kate either. This is good, because the three guys before her I think did feel a little something even if superficial, and they're going to be hurt when they never hear from her again.

Rosario goes off into the moonlight I guess to find his phone and friend Kate on instagram and never get a friend request back.

Haha, Kate makes fun of Rachel for saying "feeling all the feels." As she should!

Oh, man, if Kate and Rachel were friends before they won't be after Rachel sees this episode. Kate basically says she really wonders if Rachel is picking up on any of the clues Kate is leaving for her. Basically, Rachel sucks at her job is what she's saying. I concur!

Rachel says Kate needs to want to make out with someone. Ew, that's so uncouth, Rachel! And why must she anyhow? Has Rachel really been honest with herself and asked herself why are we trying to pair up Kate anyway? Kate doesn't want a boyfriend, clearly, and any boyfriend who thinks they want her won't soon enough. Just let her be her little asexual self and drink her wine in bed and wallow in her delusions of reality shows the rest of her life, what's it hurting? Except for the repugnant doofus's checkbook.

With the caveat that yes I understand this is all fake and just a money-grab Kate pushed for, I'm starting to realize there is something deeply, deeply sexist about this show. Here's Kate who actually doesn't want a man, if she's being honest with herself and others. Maybe it's because she already has Steve, maybe it's because she has Steve in her head and that's enough, or maybe it's because she's asexual. Who knows, who cares. Point is, she has made the choice she would like to do life solo, without a partner. Now sure there are times when she gets lonely, just like most people in relationships have times where they kind of would like a break from their partner if only for a day. But overall, she's content being alone.

So, if we are to believe in today's society women should be in control of their own destiny, who they are with, what gender they are with, how many kids they should have if any, what they would like to do for work, shouldn't that also include whether they are in a relationship at all? And if a modern woman makes a conscious decision to go solo, as some actually do albeit a minority, then aren't we as a society acting completely contrary to woman's lib by pushing against that with the idea they must pair up with a man?

Rachel is ramming men down Kate's throat when all the signs have shown Rachel she doesn't want it, which is deeply disrespectful of Kate's wishes as a woman for her life. (Again with the caveat, I understand  Kate seems to want to do this show and is asking for it). And that's what is so incredibly sexist about this show, the deep disrespect of a woman's obvious feelings about relationships, and the antiquated idea that Kate can't really be happy, or have someone to care for her, or not be lonely, without a suitable man.

A realer show would involve Rachel after four dates right now sitting down with Kate and saying level with me, let's talk about the fact that you don't want to date or want a man. And it's okay, Kate. That decision is fine. What's not fine is myself and others not acknowledging it or respecting it.

And if by chance Kate insists no no you're wrong I do want to be with someone, then they need to stop all this dating and send her to therapy so she can at least try to get herself in a mental state even close to being ready to being open to a partner.

Yes, I get it, that would end the show right now. Which I'm okay with.

Meanwhile, Kate says she would pick Rosario over Jeremiah (but really she would prefer neither, people). Likely that's only because Rosario is her best bet for a free trip to Europe, however remote. On the next Kate Plus Date, Rachel scrounges up a childless 40-something for Kate, and for her second date, a deaf mute, which I actually think would be perfect for Kate and Mady since they like to talk so much, they could have the whole floor with that guy. And the show doesn't say yet but we all know, neither guy will be suitable to Kate.