Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Episode 2 Recap--Kart dances a "nightmare" Jive

Coming up tonight …. Everyone else on this show is really dedicated, wants to be here, and is busting ass. Meanwhile back in the keystone state the shopping Kart is whining and crying and Tony is … quitting??? Awesome, this night might not be so bad after all.

Liiiive! This is Dancing …. With the Stars! Buh-buh! Da-da-da-da-dadada…da-da-da-da-da. Repeat as necessary.

Tom Burgeron is talking really loud, and I can barely hear Brooke, until the sound guy quickly adjusts. Live TV. Let’s welcome the stars. And Kate.

Buzz and Ashley look really amazing, like something straight out of a dance hall in Chicago circa World War II. I love them. Tony’s costume looks like he decorated it with the remnants of a red piñata, and Kate’s fake hair looks like how she wished it had looked in 1991, if her parents had done right by her and given her everything her little heart desired. Even the spray tan can’t help here--Kate’s white as a sheet like she’s going to puke, as well she should. I think the exact moment when she realized she had absolutely no business being here probably came sometime about Tuesday afternoon last week. I mean think about how surreal this is. A nobody kid in Pennsylvania goes to a fertility doctor, gets at least six embryos implanted in her uterus, manages to grow the babies big enough to survive, and now she’s …. on Dancing With the Stars? How does that even happen?

Wow, Pam Andersen is doing a Marilyn Monroe thing and boy is she selling it. More on Pam and how awesome and talented she is later. The judges say if someone had been kicked out this week it would have been an upset. That’s interesting, wonder who it was. Not Kate or Buzz, then? Um, I don’t know, Chad?

Brenda is up at the beginning again. That doesn’t seem fair. Personally I think it’s a huge advantage to go first and get it over with. Others I suppose might want to know what everyone’s scores are first and then go at the end. Her hair is in pigtails just like her character Jenny on Little House on the Prairie. You remember she was on that show when she was like 12, right? Only by the time she joined the cast, the show had strayed so far from the original books poor Laura was getting dizzy in her grave. Basically Michael Landon adopted every orphan that side of the Mississippi (yeah, not in the books), and then his daughter Half-Pint adopted Brenda, who then tried to commit suicide in the pond (negative, not in the books either. Pie baking was though.). It must be watched to be believed. Anyway, very aggressive jive, the judges give her 20 out of 30.

Aiden and his partner really struggled emotionally this week. It got them down when he got the second to lowest score. When your score is even lower than Kart’s, you have a God given right to be depressed. But they get out there and their fox trot is better than their performance last week, smooth and restrained. Solid, says Carrie Anne. Ooo, John Stamos will be on tomorrow? I love Uncle Jesse. You got it, dude. Brooke asks some stupid questions of the dancers and finally the scores, 19 out of 30.

Evan’s hair makes him look like The Beatles. I think he’s a little too old for the shaggy haircut all the 14-year-old boys have these days. Now he looks like John Travolta. Their jive is great of course, very complicated and he’s really feeling the music. Honestly ice skating seems awfully similar to this kind of thing. I know they try to say how different it is because they have to turn the opposite way (oh my!) but let’s get real, he has a huge advantage. I just realized this is two hours. Help. Score is 24 out of 30.

I kind of like how self-deprecating Neicy Nash is, but the giant fake flower in her hair makes her lose all credibility. I think she’s trying to make it her trademark, but that’s not anything original or unique, and I hate bees so anything that might attract them to my face just seems hazardous to me. I guess a lot of people are pulling for her. If she loses the flower, and tries not to sound so scratchy when she talks, I’ll reconsider. On the dance floor instead of one giant flower, it’s lots of little flowers. Same difference. Neicy gets props for having great music, and I kind of dig that she ends up in some big black man’s lap at the end of the routine. If they really want ratings, maybe Kate could end up in Steve’s lap at the end of hers. Wow, her sister looks exactly like her. Two Neicys wandering around out there make me uncomfortable. Her fox trot is better than last week, she looks like a real dancer, good for her.

You know what? Carrie Anne is kind of obnoxious at times. She jokes that they did a lift. Um, no they didn’t, Crazy Anne. Plus you relaxed that rule a long, long time ago, so why are you bringing it up? Niecy talks back again, but this time it’s justified. Shut up, Carrie Anne. 21 out of 30.

Jake the Bachelor. I really love guys in plaid jackets if they can pull it off. He manages it. I underestimated this guy, his jive’s pretty advanced, and he’s right on beat. Why is Carrie Anne so obsessed with lifts? Seriously, shut the hell up. Nobody cares, you’re the only one to ever bring it up, it’s super nit-picky, there are 20 other things to nit-pick with this guy first and you’re going to dock a whole point for a lift? I think at some point in her childhood, somebody, maybe her mother, dropped Carrie Anne trying to do a lift. 20 out of 30. A 6 from Carrie Anne (booo says the audience, justifiably) and two 7’s.

Anyone out there still think networks like ABC or TLC care about Kate? Well, besides Kate I mean. Because even though Kate herself said how nervous waiting until the end to dance last time made her, they are making her wait again. Not to spoil it, but she ends up dead last to dance! They really do care about you, Kate, they are not using you at all to get good ratings and keep people watching the whole show, I see that now!

See how easy it was to fake the moon landing? There are Buzz and Ashley right there next to the lunar modular. How many moon/space double entendre can we squeeze into five minutes? How many stars are in the sky? They even dance to “Fly Me to the Moon.“ Ashley draws Buzz a map of the fox trot. Hey, that’s a really good idea for someone with a linear mind like an engineer would have. Their dance kind of looks like exactly what they did last week, with Ashley dancing and Buzz sort of just walking around. He is a crowd favorite though. Carrie Anne is a little bitch tonight. Does she even really need to criticize this poor guy? Even Len won’t do it. There is this super awkward conversation with Brooke about Buzz showing his wife some moves. Dancing moves, that is. Ew, okay, enough. 12 out of 30, oh Buzz.

Derek’s got a sort of a teenage Brad Pitt thing going on. Benjamin Button? He looks happy, I think he knows he has this competition in the bag already. The dancers get more money, too, when they advance, and it sucks to be Tony. Kate never thinks any of her bullshit affects anyone, but she should realize that because she’s probably going to get kicked off in the next few weeks if not sooner, Tony isn’t making as much money for him and his own spouse and children. Because of her vanity and her insistence on doing a show she had no business touching with a ten foot pole, Tony didn’t get to have a partner who had a fighting chance. Kate needs to realize, even though she never will, her choices have real consequences. Kate keeps mouthing “I love you” obnoxiously to the camera, like Carol Burnett used to always tug on her ear. I hope Steve got the message. The implication is obviously, she loves her kids. We get it, Kate, you’re a mom and you love your kids. We get it, we get it. Pam Andersen is a mom too, but she doesn’t have a need to rub that in every chance she gets. By the way, the kids weren’t dragged to the set like the rumors said, thank God. But wait until next week. At some point she’s gotta go all in.

You know it’s one thing to have danced at some point in your career, but Pussycat’s career is dancing. I don’t mind her, but something about this doesn’t ring very fair. She is light years ahead of all the other contestants, even Evan. She’s got kind of a dirty jive but it works. Amazing scores of 28 out of 30.

Erin and Maks fight a little in the rehearsal clips. Hey, Erin is dancing to Taylor Swift. Kate thinks she and Taylor are friends, ha. Wonder how long it will take Kate to estrange Taylor. The fox trot is a little simple, although I love her modest costume. Len scolds her for fighting with Maks, which I wish he would do to Kate. He tells her to shut up, get on with dancing, and trust her Pro. Sing it!!! 23 out of 30.

Woo-hoo, Pamela Andersen is up. She was hysterical last week when she said “check!” at the end of her dance--a clear dig at Kate. Not only is she beautiful, talented and sexy, but she’s smart, too. By the way, this whole ditzy, flighty blonde thing she is always doing is just a character--if there’s one thing I hope to accomplish in these recaps it’s that I want everyone to realize that. You’ve probably figured out, I live in Los Angeles. I’ve had my share of celebrity encounters, have even worked for a few, and are friends with a few people you may know. And sadly most of them, like Kate, are narcissistic bitches and assholes who will wipe their boots on you until they have no use for you and then toss you out with the recycling. When I encounter a celebrity who is actually a nice person too? I want them to get credit for it. This isn’t how Pam talks in real life, or acts. She’s normal and intelligent. Put her in a burgundy suit and she could pass for a museum curator, believe it or not. This past week we’ve been getting reports from the rumor mill about the stars on set. Kate is, shockingly, a spoiled little out-of-her-league brat. But Pam Andersen is “down to earth,” which is exactly the words I used to describe her in last week’s recap.

Like I’ve said before, I’ve had a lot of encounters with Pam because we lived down the street from each other for three years, and I nannied for friends of her sweet children, Dylan and Brandon. I thought I’d share some “Pam is awesome!” stories right here in the recaps, until Kate is finally voted off. I’ll start with the best one, since Kate could go pretty soon.

First of all, Pam Andersen is the most hands on mother I’ve ever seen in Hollywood, celeb and non-celeb alike. She is right there in the trenches with Dylan and Brandon, hair back in a ponytail, no makeup, sweatpants on, picking them up from school with a backpack in one hand and their science project in the other. Her children adore her, they can count on her, and the love and security that gives them, being dealt the difficult hand of being the child of not one but two very famous celebrities, is invaluable. (Speaking of Tommy Lee, he‘s very involved in their lives too, visiting frequently.)

One thing you have to understand about a lot of celebrities in this town, is that their children are paraded out for photo-ops now and again and the rest of the time hidden away where they won‘t bother anyone. The assistant and the nanny typically take care of all the finer details busy and famous parents can‘t be troubled with, and every once in awhile the actual parent will swoop in for a kiss or a photo, then swoop out. Not so for Pam Andersen. While other celeb moms of her status and frankly even lower use the nanny as the substitute parent, Pam wants to do everything that a nanny typically does.

So anyway, at the local elementary school, a hot spot for celeb children and their nannies, they had a fourth and fifth grade dance on a Friday. They asked parents to help chaperone, decorate, do the music, etc. Except for Pam, no one famous or “important” helped out, most just sent the nanny. I was one of those nannies sent. But Pam signed up for everything! She helped decorate, she chaperoned, and she even hired the DJ, a friend of hers who spun some really cool stuff for the kids. She was out there dancing, too. Can you imagine as a fifth grade boy Pam Anderson chaperoning your dance? Of course the kids loved it, and Brandon was regarded as the kid with the coolest mom ever. You could see how proud Brandon was of his mama and how much he loved getting all the credit for the dance being such a blast. And by the way, there were no paparazzi tipped off to document all this. The truth is, I wish I had gotten a job with Pam Andersen being Dylan and Brandon‘s nanny, and not the other family I ended up with. Problem is, Pam so rarely uses a nanny I would never be needed. Her kids go to public school, if I didn’t mention that. And we all know she can afford the Gosselin’s private prep school if she wanted to. But I don’t know, maybe she wants her kids to be around normal kids in this town, have a normal life. Maybe she gets that privileges …. don‘t necessarily mean happiness. That’s Pam in a nutshell. More stories to come next week, if Kate makes it that far.

Pam’s Marilyn Monroe impression is remarkable. She could do this full time. Sometimes I wonder where she might be if she went a different direction with her career, like less Baywatch and more Meryl Streep. But I guess the problem is her whole persona is based on this bimbo character, again which she is nothing like reality. I almost kind of wonder if she has some insecurity with her talents and even looks. The way she runs through men she’s way too good for is a clue. Ha, Tom says a busload of Kennedys just pulled up.

Len says this is titivating. Hey, it’s in the dictionary. Pam is still in character. Everything she does is Marilyn. She’s so cool. 22 out of 30. Brooke asks, “Will we see all the sides of Pamela this season?” See, Pam is so quick and funny--she quips, “I think everyone’s seen all the sides of Pamela!”

Chad Ochocinco. Cheryl smacks Chad in practice, just like the way Kate used to batter around Jon! Are these guys, um, a thing? Jon and Kate taught me that if you hit someone, that someone is probably your lover and the father of your children. Their fox trot is tentative. I like the song “100 Years,” but it always tries so hard to make me nostalgic for 15. Braces, glasses, zits, and a nerdy boyfriend who was shorter than me and turned out to be gay? Not nostalgic, but good try! 16 out of 30, harsh!

Two hours later, it’s finally Kate’s turn. I’m ready to see Tony quit, let’s go! They show footage from at least three different dance studios, not just the basement of the McMansion. I simply don’t believe all their rehearsing happens in PA. The basement has a lot of expensive exercise equipment in the background, more toys for the parents bought with the kids’ money.

Tony says teaching Kate is hard because nothing is coming natural to her, this is all like a foreign language. And also, Tony, because she’s a self-absorbed, selfish, narcissist bitch with zero talent and one magical uterus. I’m guessing this interview was done before he quit. He really got a tough assignment here, I feel for him.

Kate bitches and moans a bunch of nonsensical stuff like “How can I do this?”, “I don’t feel like I’m doing it,” and “waa, waa, waa.” These are things a mother in natural labor and going through transition says, not someone given the opportunity of a lifetime. She even stomps her foot, pouts and bemoans, “We don’t have enough time! I’m stressed!” She reminds me of Mady when Mady was six and being exploited so Kate could someday get to this spot right here.

Tony‘s getting ticked. He kind of looks like an Eastern European version of Jon. Throw him in an Ed Hardy t-shirt and don’t shave for a few days and he’s there. I’d like to put him on the TLC couch with her, just to see it. Kate married him to have half-Eastern European babies because she thinks they’re little and have cute accents. Tony and Kate Plus 8, it still rhymes.

Kate says something nonsensical again about him asking questions, and now Tony’s really pissed, he says he’s trying to tell her how to do the dance so she doesn‘t have the same question a million times. Fair point. Kate says that doesn’t tell me everything I need to know. Okay, also fair point. So shut the hell up and listen and he will.

Tony finally joins the party and realizes that Kate is doing to him what she has done to everyone in her life: Informed them that they’re wrong, she’s right, and if you don’t do it her way, there’s hell to pay. If you own a teddy bear, hide it. Now. Please oh please Tony, be a man and stand up to this complete…and….utter….narcissistic….bullshit! “You’re telling me how to teach you how to dance?” Tony says in disbelief.

Believe it, Tony. Yes, she is telling you how to teach her how to dance. Still not getting it, he says, “That’s what I do for a living!” Tony seems so shocked Kate would behave like this, I’m guessing he also thought that Ricky Martin coming out was breaking news.

Kate tries to tell us that she is not undermining him as a teacher. But she is. You can say you aren’t, but you are. I too can say that milk is green, but it’s white. Kate is often in denial about how she makes others feel, we’ve seen this song and dance before. Or she just skips a step and tells us how other people feel, like how she always tells us how happy the kids are. Thanks, I can tell when the kids are happy myself, like when I saw their faces when Jon picked them up from the bus stop yesterday. Kate says she is qualified to know how it is she wants something to be shown to her. Umm, what? If you’ve never done the jive before, how can you possibly know the best way to learn the jive? Or any dance? “Show me so I can get it!” Kate says tearfully. Kate, he is showing you. You just don’t like the way he is showing you.

It’s true, Tony has never won Dancing With the Stars. But he’s taken third place twice, fourth place once, and brought two post-menopausal partners all the way to sixth place. He knows what he’s doing. As Len told Erin, who by the way didn‘t even deserve this: Shut up, get on with dancing, and trust your partner.

Tony says he has never been questioned as a teacher. Wellll, that’s not exactly true, Tony. Other celeb dancers have questioned his methods, but they have also said, wisely, he must know what he’s doing so I’m just going to go with it. They accepted that he’s taken third place twice, fourth place once, and brought two post-menopausal partners all the way to sixth place. It’s astounding the laundry list of narcissistic divas Tony has been partnered with, all of whom Kate has just made seem totally normal and down to earth. Even Kathy Ireland and her cheapo fugly furniture seem like something I want to decorate my living room with now.

Oh my God I love Tony. He is valiantly trying to put the bitch in her place. She tries to do one of those half-ass “apologies” that make it seem like she’s not responsible whatsoever, like, I’m sorry YOU got hurt. Tony mutters, “So it’s my fault this whole thing?”

“You’re not hearing what I’m saying,” Kate says, ignoring his question. Because in case you didn’t get the memo, this entire fight is all about Kate. As is Dancing with the Stars, the children, the divorce, the media attention, and so on.

“I’ve heard you all day,” Tony retorts. Oh … my … God this is getting so good. This makes me wonder, could anyone on this planet other than Jon have put up with her for that long? Tony only lasted four weeks here! When there used to be a board on TWOP, some folks used to call him St. Jon. But you see, St. Jon he kinda is. He has earned his wings. Jon haters around the world are suddenly realizing they‘ve been Konned--by Kart, TLC, and the whole lot of them.

“I’m done today,” Kate says. For the record, The Shopping Kart quit first. They make it seem like Tony quit on her, but really Kate said she quit, and then Tony said fine I quit, too.

Then she says, Please don’t make arguments where there’s none. What the fuck? Kate is arguing with him! She started this whole thing! So, like, if Kate says she wants something a different way and you try to protest, you made an argument where there’s none? But if Tony has a different opinion about something, she’s justified in disputing him. I can’t even follow her circular logic anymore, this is worse than the LSAT.

Tony rips off his microphone and says “I quit,” and literally jogs out of the room. Run, Tony, faster! Run far away, to Park City, or Vegas, anywhere but with Kart!

Kate is crying, and, “To be continued…” my screen says. Until when? I wanna know what happens! For a moment there I thought this was going over to tomorrow night. Oh, good, we just have to wait for a quick commercial.

We’re back. Oh, no, the producers won’t let Tony actually quit. Darn. Teams have quit before actually, believe it or not. Tony’s partner Sara Evans withdrew during the middle of the competition because she was going through a divorce. Tony gives some rehearsed speech the producers quickly scrambled together about how he had a weak moment. No, no, no, Tony, you fell for the classic Kate-trap! You are now blaming yourself, not her! You did EXACTLY what she wanted! This kind of thing just encourages her. Then he goes back. Thank you for not quitting, Kate tells him. A lot of people have quit on me in my life. I wait for Tony to remove his cowboy hat and tearfully quiver, “I wish I knew how to quit you, Kart!” Whoops, wrong movie.

Now, see, if you didn’t know Kate that well, like maybe this is the first time you’ve really seen her in action, you might fall for that pathetic and manipulative “Everyone has quit on me” comment. But don’t, and I’ll tell you why! People in Kart’s life don’t quit on Kart. Kart DRIVES THEM AWAY. She has estranged all the children’s closest relatives and friends. She goes through nannies like the kids go through organic fluffernutter. You wouldn’t know it the way she tells it, but she filed for divorce first, not Jon. Yes, check the archives of Radaronline, the Shopping Kart is the Petitioner and Jon is the DEFENDANT! She actively drove him away by treating him like a doormat. She’s amassed more enemies than Bernie Madoff. Kate has always wanted us to believe that all those people are wrong, every single one of them, and she’s right. Uh-huh. I’ll always remember what my old boss on my nanny job said to me once about a mutual “friend” of ours. “When one child is estranged from their mother, you don’t think about it. But when two are estranged, you start looking at the mother.” So true.

On a side note, I’m going to make a prediction. Someday, probably soon, TLC will have no more use for her and will dump her. And Kate will turn on them too. She will not speak to them, she will badmouth them in the press, lawsuits may go around, and they will go from friend to enemy faster than you can call the Paps out for a trip to the nail salon. They will be just one more entity on the list of people who have “quit” on Kate.

This is Kate’s story. She is responsible for being alone. I’m not counting the man she pays to be by her side while his wife waits back in Maryland. Everyone else on this show has fathers, mothers, sisters, spouses, kids, friends, etc., to pan to in the audience. Kate has nobody. No one. And it’s not because she lives in PA. We have airplanes now.

“This whole situation was just a miscommunication,” Kate says. Read, it was not Kate’s fault, it was Tony’s, for simply not understanding her.

This fight was so classic Kate I couldn’t have scripted it better. If you want to know how she is, that’s it right there.

Finally, The Jive! It starts out mildly okay, then progresses to Kate sort of bouncing gently up and down on her two tree trunks. If she’s anything like that in bed, no wonder she couldn’t get pregnant on her own. She is missing a ton of steps and Tony actually has to mouth the moves to her as they go. How much does she weigh, maybe 135? Tony is dragging her around the floor like she’s a linebacker. Kate can’t even smile she’s so petrified she’ll forget a step. Her teeth are sort of clenched and her face is rigid. She totally bombs, again.

Bruno, our new national hero and future spokesperson for Target, says Kart needs acting lessons and that her routine was a nightmare. A nightmare! And that she’s a Stepford wife. Tell us more, Bruno! But Tom moves along. Darn. Oh, Bruno also said something weird and awkward about dancing with Elton John in the south of France. As long as he meant that to be an insult to Kart, fine.

The only positive thing Carrie Anne can say is, well, Kart, you made it through the routine and are still standing on the other side! Haha! Carrie Anne is still going on and on about lifts. I want to punch her in the face. Look at, Tony can barely push the shopping Kart down the frozen food section let alone worry about a little lift. But it’s totally awesome when Crazy Anne says she can’t give bonus points for effort, in direct response to Kate’s statement to the press that they should. No special treatment for you, Kart! Ha-ha, you’re not in Reading anymore, this is L.A.! Len says she needs to get over her nerves and go for it.

See, Kate wasted a lot of time trying to tell Tony how to do his job and as a result their dance was atrocious. It’s her own fault. She wasted a lot of time belittling and berating Jon, too, and as a result there wasn’t enough time to work on their marriage. Incidentally, Kate says a dance partnership is like marriage. If that’s what marriage looks like, no thanks. Tony will say later in the press Um, excuse me, a dance partnership is nothing like a marriage, which implies equal partnership. I’m the boss, you’re the student, STFU. Gooooo Tonnny!

Honest to God, if you watch this show, Tony is NEVER like this. He hardly ever says anything. He is no hot-head like maybe Maks is. And he is always incredibly sweet and loving to his partners. Kate, you’ve pushed even TONY over the edge, congratulations.

Kate looks resigned to really sucking and Tony actually covers his eyes, ha. Straight 5’s, which is generous. Kate says they’re not quitters. Well, Tony quit, so ….

Initially, I wanted Kate gone. Now I‘m kind of thinking, you know what, she wanted it, so let‘s give it to her. She wanted to play with the big boys and girls, she wanted to be famous, force her to suffer through this and vote her all the way to the end. You want it, Kate, you GOT IT!

Do what you like. I don’t vote on these kinds of things though. I never have, even though I’ve personally known two people now who have danced on this show. I didn’t even vote for them. I think you’d have to get my own mother on this show before I’d be motivated enough to pick up the phone.

Results show coming up tomorrow …..

And here we are time for the Results show. I won’t recap these things in much detail unless something really interesting happens. Let’s just get on with it:

Len feels sorry for Kate. Do NOT feel sorry for her. I’m prepared to give you a thesis as to why, any time. They exploit Haiti almost as much as they are exploiting Kate. Buzz is safe, our voting strategy worked maybe a little too well. It’s bulllll shiiittt that Pam and Brenda are in the bottom two and not Kate! I think maybe Pam’s fan base is mostly men who maybe aren‘t tuning in or are too cool to vote even if they enjoy watching her. I feel bad for her, she so deserves to be here and Dylan and Brandon at least need to see her dance once. It saddens me her true beautiful personality isn’t coming through all that clearly. With Brenda, I think a lot of her fan base is 28 years old now and busy with careers and fiancés and aren’t watching either. Brenda gets voted off. It’s not fair. I protest! She did this for her dad, because her dad is still in her life and they love each other, and now she’s gone. Boo-hiss. Kate survives another week.

Jon picks up kids, goes grocery shopping

While Kart is busy bombing on Dancing With the Stars, Jon picked up eight happy faces from school. Then he went grocery shopping, which we never see him do. Is this a subtle dig at Bruno's shopping kart comments? We like it, Jon!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Episode 2 Discussion Thread -- Kate and Tony dance The Jive

Can Kate jive with those clown feet? Will she parade the kids out for votes? And how long will Tony cover/lie for her on Twitter? Discuss it all here!

Watch Tony dance the Jive with some past (talented) partners:

Melissa Rycroft
Susan Lucci
Marissa Jaret Winokur
Jane Seymour
Stacy Kiebler

Update: Kate blogs about Dancing, and wants the Judges to give her higher scores for effort, not ability!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kate and entourage head back to LA

Steve's wife signals her approval of all this by waving goodbye to the lovebirds. Gina, you wouldn't be responding to this post we wrote just last week, would you? Wow, this PR photo-op wasn't calculated AT ALL.....Not falling for it!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Kate heads to the nail salon


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Former child reality star Kelly Osbourne defends Kate

Kelly Osbourne, whom by the way we absolutely love, has gone on record defending Kate. And it just goes to show that Kate's PR team has really done a good job perpetuating the lie that Kate is raising eight children by herself. Because Kelly actually thinks Kate is the only one who is responsible for them. Said Kelly, "Yeah, it's going to be hard because she has eight kids, but at the same time, people really need to give her a break. She has eight kids to feed, remember that."

Kelly? We don't blame you for being misinformed, but just so you know, Jon is employed by TLC just like Kate is. He is under their contract, and pays child support, probably right out of those TLC paychecks. $10,000 in child support--a month. Kate has hinted and implied he isn't paying support, but she has never come out and said it unequivocally, because she can't, because it's not true, she would be lying, and thus she would be slandering him, and he would sue her. Once again we ask Kate, prove us wrong. We're waiting.

Kelly also probably doesn't know about all the money Kate has made prior to this point. She certainly wasn't doing the show, book tours, speaking engagements, and other appearances for free. If your eight kids are truly starving, what happened to all that money, Kate??? You mean you've blown it all already? Where are your savings from all this to be set for life? Why aren't you set for life after all of that? Whenever Kate says she has to do this because she has eight kids to raise, no one has the guts to ask her what happened to ALL THE MONEY SHE MADE OVER THE PAST FIVE YEARS. Well, we ask. We ask loud and clear. Kate, what did you do with your children's money?

On another note, Kelly was just sixteen, a minor, when the wildly successful reality show The Osbournes about her own family was filming. Sixteen isn't six, but she was still a child. But Kelly's mom saw to it that each family member was paid--separately. A reported $5 million each for the season. In constrast, TLC admitted they never paid the Gosselin children one....little....dime. And Sharon has been very vocal about all of the negative things that came about from the show. She once told Barbara Walters that the show “changed us all so much.” Unlike Kate, she also said that if she had to do it over again, she wouldn't do the show again. And she said the cameras are "invasive right now and we have no privacy."

Although MTV was game to continue the show and it was still getting great ratings, it was Sharon and her family who said no more, enough, that's it, and the show ended prematurely.


Bruno stands behind "shopping cart" comments

Bruno, who was so harsh on Kate during his critique that Tom Burgeron said he needed tact, is standing behind what he said. Bruno called Kate's routine "terrible" and said it looked like Tony was pushing a shopping cart around.

Yesterday at a Ralph Lauren party in L.A., he had this to say: "Kate wasn't very good -- she can't perform....It was true! It wasn't harsh! She was like a shopping cart. Sometimes people need to be shaken up a bit to keep it up. It's the truth, it's what I feel, it's just being honest. If you want love, go to your mother. This is Dancing with the Stars, and you know what you're going to get. It's a competition and there are people who are working very, very hard. And to get there, you have to say, 'OK, I didn't perform, I was stiff, I was like a shopping cart.' They have to come back and show it."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kate is still in L.A., not with the kids

Not all that surprisingly, Kate didn't go home to the kids after her performance on Monday. In fact, she admitted she didn't even take a moment to call them yesterday.

A full day after her first dance routine Billy Bush spotted her still lingering around L.A., not back in PA like she promised everyone, still talking about herself and her crappy performance.

Tony finally tweeted late this evening they're headed back to PA.

Kate full of excuses about her poor performance on Dancing

A hundred episodes of bad memories are coming back now that Kate is back on camera. Everyone will recall on Jon and Kate Plus 8, Kate could never, ever own up to anything she did wrong, was incapable of apologizing for anything, and had excuses and explanations for everything. So it's no surprise that in typical Kate fashion, Kate cannot simply say, I stunk last night. Instead, we've got a whole host of excuses as to why her Viennese Waltz was so terrible, including:

  • "I blanked out"

  • "It was literally that my mind went on vacation and I was like, 'Come back, I need you!'"

  • "My body and my brain were at war"

  • "It [was] like a whirlwind."

For Tony's part, he says he's deaf in one ear from all of Kate's shrieking.

Prior to the horrible performance, Kate was caught on the set with Steve always a few steps behind. By the way, the Dancing set has its own security, so why does Steve need to be with her?



Kate hoards up freebies on the set

As Billy Joel says, "She'll take what you give her as long as it's free." I don't think Kate expects to be on the cast long the way she stockpiled freebies yesterday in the Dancing With the Stars Gifting suite. Like a mother bear with style storing up for the winter, she grabbed two pairs of boots:

And an oversized handbag.

Kate has all the self-awareness of a slug.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Recap: DWTS Season Premiere--3/22/10 "Tony and his Target Shopping Cart Dance the Viennese"

Kate's score: 16 out of 30

And the moment has finally arrived. This show has only been on for five years? Why does it feel like soooo much longer? And when will actual writers be back on the job and reality crap be over with? Sigh. We get a quick recap of the last five years, with everything but Marie Osmond falling in a Mormon heap to the floor forgettable. That faint was so wild, it was out of nowhere. That season was wild, too. And cursed. Not only did that crazy faint happen, but two guest performers--Gloria Estefan and Jennifer Lopez, had to cancel for family emergencies, and Jane Seymour got food poisoning so bad she had to go to the hospital and miss a show, and then missed another one when her mom died. That season was moderately tolerable. I don’t have the same hopes this time around.

There have been 104 celebrities on this show? I didn’t even know there were 104 celebs period out there, much less 104 desperate enough to be on this show. Must be the economy. They’re all working moms and dads.

Credits role. Everyone looks really sexy. Kate does this weird leg lift thing to Tony like she’s about to mark her territory. Kind of like how she marked Jon? This show is so darn campy I can barely stand it.

By the way, I’m really glad Shannon Dougherty didn't really tan much. She is beautiful because her pale skin contrasts with her dark hair and blue eyes. She may be batshit crazy, but she’s beautiful.

Buzz is absolutely adorable in red, like your favorite great uncle at a Bar Mitzvah. I love him already. For all the talk of Pam Anderson, Neicy Nash's boobs actually need more reeling in than any Baywatch babe I‘ve ever seen. But for some reason with African-American women, big boobs are more accepted and not really talked about--it may be politically incorrect but it’s true. They call Kate a “reality star” as she comes down the steps with Tony with giant teeth bigger than any smile she‘s ever made around the kids. I wondered what they would call her. IVF addict? Professional grifter? TLC’s whore? I bet Kate wanted them to call her “working mom,” since this is for the kids.

First up, another football player I don’t know. Chad. Sure, okay! He’s your cliché professional sports star with a giant diamond earring in his right ear, indiscernible tattoos/scribbles down his arms, and dressed all in black designer sweats. They dance the cha-cha-cha. To Jimmy Castor. I’m serious. Hey, this guy’s not bad for no experience. He’s sort of got a bell bottom, Michael Jackson thing going on. The judges actually think he’s got a lot of potential, but he only gets 18 out of 30 points.

Commercials, and we’re back. Ah, Brenda from Beverly Hills 90210. She and her twin brother Brandon were fish out of water in Beverly Hills after they moved from Minnesota. That episode where her mom finds her pregnancy test in the garbage because she's a recycling nut and goes through everything? Every teenage girl in America was talking about that episode the next morning in homeroom. Dylan, The Peach Pit, I could go on and on. It’s undisputed that that show officially jumped the shark when Brenda left. It’s one of those TV facts.

Brenda … sorry, I mean Shannen, even says she’s best known for her 90210 role, which is totally awesome that she embraces that even though she‘s actually done quite a bit of legitimate acting since. Kate should embrace the fact that her kids made her famous. Or her magical uterus. Whichever. I also like that Brenda (is it okay I call her that?) calls herself an actor, not an actress. It’s not the 50’s anymore, you go girl! She is itching herself wildly on the arms … um, facetiously, I think. I told you she’s crazy. Her dad had a stroke and wanted her to do the show. Aw. Wait, what? She’s not estranged from her father? I find that so hard to believe. But she even has pictures to prove it. Probably Photoshopped.

Brenda and Mark Ballas, the only performer with balls enough to tell the truth about what happened when he met Kate, dance the Viennese Waltz. Brenda is shorter and chunkier than I remembered. She’s not all that flowy, but she is really enjoying herself. The choreography was pretty ambitious, and Bruno agrees with me. Wait, is that her dad AND her mom in the audience? You mean she’s not estranged for her mom either? I need a moment. While I’m trying to process that a daughter would actually still want her parents in her life supporting each other even well into her 30’s, the judges give Brenda 18 out of 30 points.

Commercials, and we’re back with Erin Andrews. I actually watch a fair amount of sports for a chick, and I still have no idea who she is. I guess the semi-hot blonde sportscasters they always stick down on the field (while all the men sportscasters get to be up in the box smoking cigars and congratulating themselves on being masters of the universe) all look the same to me. You could have grabbed my neighbor‘s daughter, told me this is Jen Snow and she’s a sportscaster who's gonna do a little dance, and I wouldn’t know the difference.

Can I just put this out there? Erin is not hot. At all! Maybe sports casting is a real job Kate could actually do. Haha, Erin says she asked for Tony. Don’t you know, Erin, Kate always gets what she wants?

They dance the cha-cha-cha to Tik Tok by Ke$ha. For those of Buzz's generation, it's cool now to use a dollar sign in place of an S, such as in Ke$ha, or Multiple Ble$$ings. Tik Tok is a song with an actual plot, which I find very refreshing. It speaks of attending a party one night, coming home half-drunk, and waking up the next morning surrounded by beautiful women. Erin’s rather stiff, I expected better since she’s had some dance team experience in college. Straight 7’s and she gets 21 out of 30.

It’s The Bachelor, Jake. He is incredibly hot. I hate that reality stars are considered celebrities. I refuse to watch The Bachelor, I have enough rejection in my own dating life, I don’t need to watch other women get their hearts broken, too, repeatedly. They dance the Viennese Waltz to Kiss From a Rose, which is clever. He’s pretty bad, it’s obvious she’s leading him. But he keeps a smile on his pretty face. Bruno actually thinks the opposite, that he was leading too much. The judges give him a fairly decent score of 20 out of 30.

Everything about Neicy Nash is like nails on a chalkboard to me, from her scratchy voice to her high-pitched screams to the giant fake flower she always wears in her fake hair. I’m sure she’s a perfectly nice person but my ears hurt.

Finally an actual SONG, Rescue Me. Excellent choice. Neicy has a lot of fun with this, lots of spins and kisses to the judges. Not only does she have a giant fake gold flower in her weave, but she also feels the need to attach one to her costume, too. Like if the flower on her weave falls off, she can reach down and attach the spare? She is ridiculous. Why is she crying? I hate when people cry on this show. Len calls her routine uneventful. And flat. Like Kate’s stomach after her free tummy tuck. The audience boos like they actually care. Surprisingly, Neicy tries to talk back. Bad, bad idea. Talking back never gets you votes. It just makes you look defensive, insecure, stubborn, narcissistic, and unable to take constructive criticism. I expect a lot of talking back from Kate. 18 out of 30. Neicy dedicates her performance to big girls everywhere. I wonder if Kate will dedicate hers to working moms everywhere.

Olympian Evan Lysachek is up next, and he’s good looking, talented, and dedicated. Olympians traditionally do very well on this show and I’ve picked him to win. His Viennese Waltz is just beautiful, perfect turns, he looks like he’s on ice skates. I agree with Len, he could use more chemistry with his partner. Maybe they should go to a Taylor Swift concert together. He gets the highest score yet, 23 out of 30.

Buzz is up, yea! Kate’s over-stimulated ovaries can’t hold a candle to this astronaut’s brilliance and accomplishments. Oh, God, he’s so cute! He’s wearing his NASA jacket around the house and calls his partner a “cute babe.” Their cha-cha-cha is really simple, like they’re worried about his hip or something. I keep picturing him at a Bar Mitzvah, or on a cruise ship. This guy is eighty years old, good for him to even try something like this. Too bad there wasn’t Dancing With the Stars in 1965. But no reality programming in the 60's. Back in the olden days they had things called TV shows with scripts and actors and all kinds of crazy nonsense like that. It’s like the judges want to give him higher scores, but just can’t. Buzz has a real purpose for doing this, to inspire kids about space. Oh, thought he was just a working grandpa. He gets a dismal score, 14 out of 30. Aw, Buzz.

Up next, that Pussycat Dolls chick. Hey, look, her partner Derek Hough has gotten his first facial hairs. Seriously, this guy has always looked twelve years old. They dance the Viennese Waltz, and it’s absolutely amazing. Beautiful lines, good chemistry (which is hard to do with Derek--he has such a baby face anyone who has ever danced with him looks like his mother), complicated choreography, what a treat. I’ll expect a lot from this cat this season. It’s really going to be between her and Evan, hang up your dancing shoes and go home to your eight kids, Kate! 25 out of 30.

Soap star Aiden Turner. No idea. No clue. They really are saving Kate for the end aren’t they? DWTS is using her just like TLC! This guy’s good looking, I guess. An uncomplicated cha-cha-cha to Hungry Like the Wolf. His facial expressions are sultry. His costume looks like a sexy plumber. The judges were kinda freaked out by this, as was I. Horrible scores, 15 out of 30.

I just checked my Tivo to see how much more of this torture I have to take. This episode is two and a half hours long?? I can’t do this.

Finally, it’s Kate! Thank you, thank you! “I’m Kate Gosselin, I’m best known as a mom who just happens to be on TV.”

Pause button! Let me stop you right there, Kate. You didn’t just happen to be on TV like I happened to pour myself a bowl of Cheerios this morning. You actively, aggressively, relentlessly pursued a career in TV using the fact that you “happened“ (yeah right) to give birth to six babies at once as your leverage. And when it was crystal clear this TV career was profoundly and perhaps even permanently emotionally damaging said precious innocent young children, you continued to play out your divorce and everything else private about their lives on TV, including but not limited to signing on with DWTS. Just making sure we’re clear, no “happening” here! Take some responsibilty for where you are for once. There, rant over.

Thankfully, they use some old footage from Jon and Kate Plus 8 of the kids, instead of filming them recently. They better not film one second of those kids during this. They've had enough. Kate wants to prove her kids wrong and show them she can dance. Yeah, prove your kids wrong, that’s healthy, Kate! Her eyes get creepy scary as she says this. Eh!

Well, I see Kate has really grown and matured since we’ve last heard from her. Not! The dancing practices consists of Kate sighing, rolling her eyes, crying, asking what has she done, and overall being a big unappreciative baby. Tony questions whether she even wants to be here. Good for him, call her on this whiny attention-seeking shit. Ha, I called it! Kate dedicates her dance to the mothers!

They dance an oddly slow, short Viennese Waltz to Billy Joel’s “She’s Always a Woman.” Do you guys know this song? I’m fond of the part that goes, “And she'll take what you give her as long as it's free,” which incidentally, the band cuts out. Ha!

Kate’s inexperience is painfully, horribly obvious. Poor Tony, he’s never won and he’s not gonna win this season. She’s choppy, short, ungraceful, everything you would expect and more.

Photo courtesy of http://jonandkateplus8snark.blogspot.com/

Len calls her nervous and oh, my, Kate’s smile disappears faster than a teddy bear with gum in its fur. What is going on with her crazy mascara-coated wonky eye? It’s wandering everywhere but where it should be. It’s worse than Brenda’s. I keep waiting for fire to shoot out it, or lightning bolts, or something scary like that. She is gonna turn on us Betty Broderick style at any moment, wait for it.

Bruno says it looks like Tony is pushing around a shopping cart. A Target shopping cart I hope. The audience boos. “She has to learn!” Bruno insists. Oh, Bruno, there’s a lot this woman has to learn, you don‘t know the half of it. I love the part when Carrie Ann basically says she has absolutely no talent in any area she can think of, unlike EVERYBODY ELSE who has been on this show who had some kind of talent in SOMETHING. Kate for some reason smiles, thinking this is a compliment. Okay, sure! Carrie Ann then calls her sweetly vulnerable and honest. I can think of a lot of words to describe Kate before I would pick vulnerable and honest. Vulnerable and honest are probably number 524 on the list, followed by kind and nice and works for a living.

They make us wait for a commercial before giving us the results. I’m guessing three sixes. Ohhh, worse than I thought, one six from Carrie Ann and two fives. 16 out of 30. Surprisingly though there’s scores out there lower than that.

Kate is actually pretty gracious about that sad score, just saying she’s honored to be here. Kate says her kids can rest easy tonight. Her kids were stressed out about this? Gee, wonder who made them feel that way. There really isn’t much competition here other than Pussycat and Evan, is there?

Finally, last, Pamela Anderson, whom I really like. I’ve had several encounters with her through mutual friends--her boys attend the same school as friends of mine. You wouldn’t think so, but my experience with her, in short, is that she is incredibly kind, gracious, and down to earth. In fact, I’ve never even seen her with makeup on--other than when I see her on TV. And she is almost always with her kids. Notice she went makeup free, unlike Kate and most other contestants, for her rehearsals. See? Like I said, down to earth.

Her cha-cha-cha is fast, complicated, and sexy. Her purple costume was sexy but restrained. The judges thought she was sexy too. That dance really exhausted Pam, she’s out of breath. I don't think she's a smoker that I've ever seen. They give her a decent score of 21 out of 30.

Oh God, this drawn out campy mess is finally over. Kate’s performance was worse than I expected for someone as driven as her. I don’t think we’ll see her for more than a few more weeks. I certainly will sleep better tonight!

No results show this week. I want to kick someone off. Kate survives another week.

TLC admits they are using the Gosselins

On the morning of Kate's first appearance on Dancing With the Stars, a TLC spokesperson has admitted that they are using the family for their own gain. Hey, at least they are honest. Kate should take note, TLC only wants you because it benefits them, and they've admitted it!

Said Laurie Goldberg, "It's just in TLC's best interest to keep that whole Kate Gosselin fire burning."

What about the best interest of the kids? The family? Oh, right, they only care about how much money can be milked out before tossing everyone, Kate included, to the curb. Goldberg also admitted that Kate's reputation is so damaged, that Dancing With the Stars can't hurt: "It doesn't really matter how well Kate does on [‘Dancing'] because that's not what's going to damage her image — her image has been so altered anyway."

TLC, just curious, how do you sleep at night?


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dancing With the Stars Season Premiere--3/22/10

11 new stars and their Pro Dancer partners perform the Cha Cha or Viennese Waltz in their first night of competition.

All comments as to the first episode should be confined to this thread, and the upcoming recap thread. Thanks!

Update 12:30 p.m. PST, Kate and Tony backstage:

Update 6 p.m. PST: Kate and Tony caught rehearsing on the set. Heard Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman" playing in the background. Looks like that's their first song. Irony much? The lyrics say: "And she'll take what you give her as long as it's free. Yeah she steals like a thief"

Update 3/23/10: The season premiere pulled in a record 24 million viewers, the best numbers for ABC in this time slot in 10 years. Which proves Americans just can't turn away from a good train wreck.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hours before taking off for L.A., Kate takes kids, Tony, and Steve to Taylor Swift concert

Kate, the girls, Tony and Steve went to the Taylor Swift concert last night (Friday) in Philadelphia. Looks like Steve and Tony have become buddies. Check out all the pics: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2010/03/20/kate-gosselin-taylor-swift-concert-with-the-girls/

Tony posted the view from their seats on his Twitter account:

Wonder if Kate knows about Taylor Swift's hysterical impression of her on Saturday Night Live last year. "The hardest thing about being a mom is having patience. Because sometimes the paparazzi say they're going to be someplace at 10, and they don't show up until 11." Watch the video! http://www.usmagazine.com/celebritynews/news/taylor-swift-mocks-kate-gosselin-2009911

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Money saving tips for Kate

Since Kate keeps telling us she "needs" Dancing With the Stars to support the kids and can't do it on a nurse's salary (even though hundreds of middle class American families have eight kids or more, and somehow manage), we thought we'd share a few tips with her to help a nursing salary go further.

  • Downsize. Sell and move. You live in a million-dollar mansion. The mortgage and operating costs alone are going to always be an uphill battle.
  • Stop changing your hair every six weeks. Stop getting tans and manicures.
  • Stop traveling so much. Airfare and hotels and eating out add up.
  • Let Steve go. You don't need a bodyguard. And get rid of four of your five nannies. Better yet, get rid of them all and involve your relatives and friends again, such as Beth and Aunt Jodi, to help babysit.
  • Pull the kids out of private school. They don't need it, especially at this age.
  • Don't buy organic food. There's no conclusive evidence it's really that much better. Grow a vegetable garden in the yard. It's organic, and a fun activity with the kids.
  • Save your money. What happened to the money from the 100+ episodes you made? Where is it? Is it in your hair, nails and tan? There is absolutely no reason you should not be set for life after all the reality TV you made.

We're not buying it, Kate. For the record, we're not buying it.

Kate plays outside with the kids. And the nanny.

Kate and the nanny spotted playing outside with the kids today. Tony tweeted this afternoon: "Great day with Kate today :-)".

Dancer Mark Ballas calls Kate standoffish

Finally, a name to the source. Mark Ballas, whose partner is Shannon Dougherty, had this to say about meeting Kate:

"She's pretty, you know, standoffish, which is kind of weird. I don't really know her, but when I met her she wasn't kind of like, 'hello' or anything. I say 'hey,' and she was like 'oh hey.' I was like, 'Okay!'"

We call this more poor social skills than "diva" behavior. Kate doesn't know how to talk to people. But it comes across like she's a diva or better-than. Social skills are helpful in Hollywood. Or anywhere.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kate on The View


Kate on The View refused to answer Joy when she asked her point blank, But doesn't Jon pay child support? She also denied reports she is a diva on the set. More here: http://www.ivillage.com/kate-gosselin-back-view/1-d-124581

And earlier, The View sent a car bright and early to Kate's hotel to pick her up for The View. Tony tweeted last night that Kate had a great day of practice.

Parenting expert calls filming the kids a crime

Even though the show has been over for awhile, it's always good to remember how bad those kids had it when it was filming, so that the public never gets complacent about this kind of thing again. Especially with rumors the kids might be back on screen now that Jon has settled with TLC, this issue is all the more important right now.

Jennifer Jones, a Parenting expert who holds a Ph.D. from Columbia in education and has worked with thousands of families over the years, has this to say about filming the Gosselins:

  • "It goes beyond exploitation. I can't believe that as a society we've signed off on it as long as we have." Putting children under the TV spotlight is a crime.
  • From birth to age five (exactly the time period the sextuplets were filmed) is a crucial time when children learn about family relationships and leadership. Putting small children in front of a camera day after day as they try to live normal lives prevents them from developing the proper relationship with their parents and creating their own identity.

  • Multiples actually have it worse when they're put on camera, since they're already vying hard for parental attention.

  • Having a TV show in the family home creates an unstable environment.

  • When parents are busy with the show, children look for attention from the crew, which is an unhealthy attachment. (Remember Kate bemoaning to us how much the kids missed the crew?)

Thank you, Dr. Jones, for not falling for the spin.


Dancing With the Stars costumer on Kate's wardrobe

Randall Christensen, the costumer for Dancing With the Stars, says of Kate: "The look we will be going for is very glamorous and sophisticated, but more discreet. We are also talking about someone who isn't exactly your typical mother of eight. She's in good shape. It's going to be easy to make her look good."


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kate and Tony rehearse

Kate and Steve arrive in New York

On the eve of her appearance on The View, Kate and bodyguard Steve arrived in the Big Apple. Is that a DWTS playbook in Kate's mega-purse? Radaronline says this is the first time we've seen Steve in awhile. More incorrect information. Good thing we have this blog to keep track of what's really going on with picture-proof. Steve was spotted with Kate at a minimum:

Kate and Tony go tanning Monday night

I suppose this is for the kids, too. Kate, who just wants her family to be "healthy" should know about the dangers of tanning, including skin cancer, skin burns, premature skin aging and eye damage.

Earlier, Kate played with the kids outside.


Prove Jon isn't paying child support, Kate

A lot of completely baseless reports have surfaced this week that either Jon isn't paying child support, or was never even ordered child support at all. And it started when Kate told People that she couldn't count on Jon for support.

All reports coming out of the confidential divorce last December indicated Jon was paying Kate more than $10,000 in support a month. Kate reportedly did not ask for alimony.

If Jon doesn't have a child support order and Kate feels she needs it, it is Kate's responsibility to go down to Berks County child support division and file. If there is an order, no one has provided any kind of credible evidence he's not paying. And you can bet Kate would let us know unequivacly if he weren't. Instead she's just been dropping vague hints.

Prove he's not paying child support, Kate. Prove it. Come out and say he's not if he isn't. We're waiting.

False reports that someone is not paying child support are libel and slander and Jon could sue for damages.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tony swings by in his Porsche, brings coffee

Tony brought over coffee Sunday afternoon to rehearsals with Kate. Maybe the sweet Porsche rental he's driving around is compensation?


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Correcting report that Jon wasn't with the kids .... HE WAS

The San Francisco Examiner, a daily newspaper more than a century old, reported the following yesterday in this article by "journalist" Kitty Raymond http://www.sfexaminer.com/entertainment/Scoop-Kate-Gosselins-kids-depressed-without-mom-87625787.html#ixzz0iDJVRCgv

"While Kate was away from Feb. 21 to March 6, leaving her twins and sextuplets with nannies (not ex-hubby Jon) the little ones “were asking, ‘When is mommy coming home?’”

It is sloppy, lazy journalism like this that perpetuates the lies Kate continues to tell. Jon was indeed with the kids for at least eight of those fourteen days, and here is the proof on our blog:

Sunday, February 21: Jon seen playing outside with the kids and taking out the garbage.
Monday, February 22: Jon picks up the kids from school.
Tuesday, February 23: Jon takes sick Hannah to the pharmacy.
Friday, February 26: Jon shovels snow at the house with the kids.
Monday, March 1: Jon throws snowballs out front with the kids.

Examiner? You just got schooled.

Contact the managing editor of the Examiner to report their error at jpimentel@sfexaminer.com.

Tony has some apple pie tea after rehearsing with Kate

Tony is just full of interesting tweets today!

After a hard rehearsal with Kate on Sunday night, he tweeted that he enjoyed some "apple pie" tea from Dr. Tea's, a West Hollywood-based herbal tea company.


Kate back to PA to rehearse

At about 10 a.m. PST this morning, Kate's dance partner Tony tweeted: "On my way to PA."

It's safe to say Kate has headed home after five days away from the kids to meet up with Tony and rehearse. The premiere of Dancing With the Stars is a week from tomorrow.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kate debutes extensions at Indiana Expo on Saturday. Picketers protest event, and Gosselin

Blogger Joel Schipper posted a photo of Kate today at the Expo in Indiana. On her fourth day away from the kids this time, Kate was a guest speaker at the Women's Expo in Indiana. The blogger reported bodyguard (slash boyfriend) Steve was with her. Kate's extensions came out Wednesday, she briefly sported a bob that evening at Nobu, and now the extensions are back in. The new extensions don't look that much different to us. Actually, they look exactly the same!

Meanwhile, a group of picketers were outside the Expo, saying that the event promoted narcissistic, self-absorbed behavior. Said one protester, Noel Ullery, an Indiana University student, "an event like this should empower women. ... And the fact that they invited Kate Gosselin (to be keynote speaker) over some of the amazing women in this community, speaks for the event." Yeeh-ouch!

Update: Kate has a blast signing an Eight Little Faces book for fans. Eight little faces she hasn't seen in four little days. And there's Steve, right behind her.

Interview with Kate and Tony in costume

"I am often up 20 of the 24 hours of the day, every day."

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kate avoids the plastic surgery question

People magazine this week asked Kate point blank about the rumors "you've had some form of breast enhancement."

Watch how Kate doesn't answer the question. She doesn't say no, or yes for that matter. Instead, she says, "Plastic surgery? Please. Who has time to even think about it, let alone do it?" Nicely coached response that is neither a lie, nor a direct answer.

Well, lots of celebs have made time, somehow. Think she's made time for a nip/tuck?

Kate says German Shepherd dogs are coming back

People that give up their dogs once should not be allowed to have those dogs again! Who are these breeders? These dogs do not deserve this.

Kate tells People that she is going to welcome back dogs Shoka and Nola, the beautiful German Shepherds that Jon rightly gave up last year when their lifestyle was too hectic and dismantled to give them a good stable home. "It's not fair to the dogs to not be wanted in their own home," Jon said at the time. Absolutely. But Kate will not have them back just yet, but "once the weather warms up." You wouldn't make a child wait until it was convenient for you, why is it okay to make a dog wait? In the meantime, I guess they'll remain crated?

In the brief few months they did have the dogs, one of the dogs swallowed a children's toy and had to have a dangerous operation to remove it, and Jon reported that the kids climbed on them, pulled their tails, bit at them and dragged them. The Humane Society of Berks County even investigated the situation for abuse, and we hope they will keep a close eye on this.

As a dog lover and owner, I am sick to my stomach.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

US Weekly reports kids are Depressed, Want Kate to come home

Us Weekly has a not-so-shocking exclusive about how the children are handling Kate being a new kind of star--a Dancing star. Reports US (as did this Blog), Kate was gone from the family home from February 21 to March 5.

They also report:

  • The kids are being looked after by a whopping five nannies.

  • When Kate was gone, the kids asked "When is Mommy coming home?"

  • Twins Mady and Cara seem depressed when Kate is not around

  • Boys Aaden, Collin, and Joel are acting up in school--including talking back to teachers

  • Kate compares herself to Brad Pitt and Angelina, saying they too leave their kids to work. Actually last time we checked, Bradgelina bring their children with them when they work, homeschooling them on the road. In fact the family skipped the Oscars this year, and Brad and the kids are staying with Angelina in Italy where she is filming The Tourist (Photo at right, Dated March 8, 2010).