Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bodyguard Steve spends another holiday with Kate

While Jon was back in New York dealing with the bizarre robbery and slashing of his apartment, Steve spent the day after Christmas at Kate's house. He was spotted unloading presents from his SUV on December 26 at Kate's. Steve also spent Thanksgiving this year with Kate. Just friends?

6 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

There is something very suspect to me about Kate's wanting to keep the Neild family in her life.

I am not saying they are up to something. But, you would think that Kate's handlers do not want her giving any gossip site room to talk.

my9cats said...

Gina must either
1) love the money
2) love Steve
3) love Kate
4) is bonkers
to spend holidays (Thanksgiving/Christmas) in
Madness Manor. ~ Administrator said...

I still think it's sad when your only friends are the people you PAY to be around you. If it's not suspect, it's at least kind of pathetic.

Anonymous said...

It is. Those beautiful kids have grandparent's alive, relatives, volunteers, etc all who love them. All Kate will let in her circle is people who will stroke her ego & pay her big $$$.

Lauren said...


As my9cats said, Steve's wife Gina MUST love the salary he brings in from guarding Kate. What wife in their right mind would allow this unless the client was bringin' in the bank.

Anonymous said...

It's quite possible they may all just be friends.

Why are you alwas looking for the negative? I don't see anything odd about having friends over for the holidays.

If she chooses not to associate with her family that is her business. We all have family we are not crazy about.

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