Friday, December 31, 2010

Divorce expert: ' Kate and Jon haven't read much about how conflict impacts children'

Diana Mercer, who has been practicing divorce law as both an attorney and mediator since 1988 (she has handled an astounding 4,000 divorces), wrote an excellent article published today explaining why Jon and Kate need to call a truce.
She had this to say, in part:

The best predictor of how kids do post-divorce is the amount of conflict between the parents. It takes two to tango. Kate's finger-pointing is a bigger problem than whatever Jon is up to. If he can't be father of the year, then it's up to her to figure out how to work with that -- and vice versa. She picked him to be the dad of those 8 kids, and now she's got to deal with her decision, and insulting Jon and refusing to resolve the ongoing conflict is no solution. For Kate to deny her role in their poor ongoing relationship is na├»ve and immature....And for her to speak publicly about her disappointment with Jon is damaging to the kids. While they're still little, they know they're ½ Mommy and ½ Daddy. By hearing that "Daddy is bad" they hear that they're bad, too. When they're old enough, they'll see what Mom said about Dad and form their own opinions. Kate's strategy of "I'm good; he's bad" will likely backfire on her in the long run. And what is she teaching them about how adults should handle relationships? What it means to be married, and to be parents?
Mercer goes on to point out that if Jon and Kate made an effort to be amicable, there would be more flexibility. In other words maybe Jon wouldn't have put up a fight about the kids going to Australia, and maybe he wouldn't feel the need to take Kate to court every time she wants to disrupt his schedule, if they were friends. This is a must read.

As we ring in the new year, we wish for Jon and Kate to make peace and harmony their resolution, for the kids. Happy 2011.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kate, kids, Steve, Ashley and entourage arrive Down Under

Despite TLC's best efforts to try to keep this quiet, the entourage was not so inconspicuous as they arrived in Sydney today to begin their working vacation, Peace Love World luggage in tow. (photo courtesy: Stephen Cooper)

In other news, the L.A. County Coroner is refusing to listen to Discovery's arrogant demands to cooperate with an exploitative and intrusive TV program reenacting Michael Jackson's autopsy, a program that has sparked outrage among thousands of viewers. Said assistant chief coroner Ed Winter, "I think it's unprofessional and I wouldn't do it out of respect for the family." Thank you, Mr. Winter, for respecting Michael Jackson's surviving children.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Against Jon's wishes Kate and kids head to Australia/New Zealand to film

Via Facebook: just saw kate gosslin and her kids in first class on the flight to australia! crazzyyy
14 hours ago via BlackBerry

The children's vacation from school lasted only a brief moment before they were put back to work. First filming in Philadelphia, then on a plane with Kate to film for at least a few weeks in Australia and New Zealand, according to Radaronline and travelers taking to Facebook to report what they see.

Jon later tweeted he tried to stop the trip. Ashley is likely with them, as according to her mother's blog, she too is gone for 20 days.

Outrageous. A child's time off from school should be just that, time off, not just a great chance to put them to work.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

What's Kate's New Year's Resolution? To be more grateful for all the gifts she's been handed? To find a real job? To be a mother? To stop whining?

Nope, according to an insider, it's to find a man. Said the insider,

"She thinks she is a fantastic catch. Not only does she think she has never looked better, Kate also now has a ton of money. As far as she's concerned, there is nothing not to like. She's beautiful, rich and thinks of herself as very easy to get along with."

What are your resolutions?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Enjoy your holiday! If you have a minute, watch no-nonsense hair stylist Tabatha Coffey crack a rare smile when she slams Kate's expensive do. "Disastrous!"

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is Real Housewife Jill Zarin advising Jon to lay low?

Jill Zarin has been advising Jon to get a job and turn down media offers, according to a source. Who knew the Real Housewife who headed one of the most uncomfortable breakdowns of a friendship ever seen on reality T.V. (her rift with BFF Bethany) would have such good advice for him. While Kate is busy making her children climb the Rocky steps so she can get her next pedicure, Jon has secured a real job with a real estate developer, is refusing to go on camera again, and is visiting the kids three or four days a week.

Jon has been spotted a few times in the past hanging out with Jill and her family in New York.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kate and kids film on the 'Rocky' steps at Philadelphia Art Museum

According to local journalist Hughe Dillon, an eyewitness, the children were made to go back down and climb the steps again, and the segment was very "scripted."

Yesterday the kids climbed the steps made famous in the movie Rocky (at the Philadelphia Art Museum), which camera crews got in their faces to capture it all and Kate chatted on her cell phone.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Working vacation continues for kids in Philadelphia

Day two of filming in Philadelphia, and day two of the children's working vacation. Kate and the kids were spotted at the Franklin Institute (a science center), and The Water Works restaurant.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Kate and kids attend Flyers game

Kate and her children are in a suite at tonight's Flyer's game in Philadelphia. The family is sharing their seats with Flyers hockey player Ian Laperriere, who is sitting out the season after a bad concussion.

Kate and the children were also spotted at the Liberty Bell this morning. Apparently as soon as they are on vacation from school, they start filming "vacations."

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kate’s Top Ten Worst Moments in 2010

Kate rang in the new year with a big cha-ching--$7,000 in hair extensions in New York--and ended the year with a rude and foul bear growl when she ruined the lovely Sarah Palin’s camping trip in Alaska. Here’s a look back at her top ten moments this year we wish could have been flushed down the toilet bowl before we ever saw them.
10. Kate cries poor. Please, sir, I want some more, Kate bemoans to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush. She will claim to be short of cash to various other journalists throughout the year, and often, blame Jon. Turns out, she made an estimated $3.5 million in 2010. June.
9. Kate and Tony’s Paso Doble. Try as he might, Tony still looked like he was pushing around a shopping cart after all that practice. Kate dances to Papa-paparazzi, stomping around the floor, throwing down fake tabloids, and at the end of it all, Bruno calls her a bitch from hell. The best, however, was a day later, when Jimmy Fallen dressed up as her and did his own version. April.
8. Kate lies about plastic surgery, sort of. The oompa-loompa claims it’s all natural. Or rather, she skirts the question in People magazine, saying, "Plastic surgery? Please. Who has time to even think about it, let alone do it?" Meanwhile her wonky eye just gets wonkier and top experts in the field say, for sure, she’s gotten some major work done. Sources also say Steve even advised her on her implant size. March.
7. Barefoot in the Park. In a series of bizarre pics, "germaphobe" Kate is spotted walking barefoot on Liberty Island and sucking on a lollipop. In a video of the trip TLC posted, she is seen given a broken lolli to Joel and taking a whole one for herself. July.

6. From reverse mullet to $7,000 hair extensions, Kate goes to New York to get a makeover, and comes back looking like a fried Barbie doll. The haircut will lead to many more trips to New York throughout the year in upkeep, thousands of dollars in the children’s hard-earned cash each time. January.

5. Kate parks in a fire lane. Never has there been a better metaphor for the mantra that arrogant, delusional Kate lives by: The rules everyone else follows don't apply to her. September.
4. Kate lies about Jodi and Kevin. After Jodi and Kevin bravely testified at Rep. Murt‘s congressional hearing, Kate accused them of doing it for money, claimed that they hadn’t seen her children in two years (a blatant lie, as there were photos of the two of them and Benny visiting the children just a few months prior, as well as some pics of Jon and Kevin hanging out in January), and then actually had the gall to accuse them of leaving their children to testify (Kate? It was one day! How many days have you left your children in 2010?). What was telling, however, was Kate never actually tried to refute any of their very specific concerns about filming, such as lying about what day Christmas was to the children. Jodi and Kevin were the first people “in the know” to speak up about the abuse, and Kate and her remaining fans have made them pay dearly for it. (And the "best" moment of 2010 goes to Jodi and Kevin, the first insiders to get serious about speaking out about this whole mess. Thank you!) April.
3. Kate’s book, I Just Want You to Know. The book, mostly in the form of very personal letters to the children, discloses intimate details about their reactions to the divorce, and describes an incident in which Mady lied about a beach towel on the floor. To top it all off, Kate says she is thoroughly annoyed with fans, and also seems to think she has a direct line to God, in her letter “Dear Jesus.” Finally, Kate said, “I’ve learned to talk to my kids on the phone and love them from afar, reminding myself that I had to do my job. I truly enjoy the campaigns, books, shows, media.” April.
2. Kate throws Jon under the bus on Regis and Kelly. Kate says that Jon isn't paying his child support obligations, tried to imply Jon staying with the children is a new thing (even though various photos throughout the year prove otherwise) and claims she waits by the phone for the children to call her to come pick them up from Jon's. Then she takes off for Mexico with Steve for several days. Obsessed alienator Kate has made various derogatory comments about the children's father throughout the year, but this one was one of the worst. They came on the heels of video of the children screaming distraughtly for Jon when he dropped them off at Kate's. The accusations were so outlandish Jon, who usually keeps his mouth shut lately, was compelled to respond, issuing a statement that his children and loved ones "know the truth." September.

And finally the number one gaffe ....

1. Kate ruins Sarah Palin’s Alaskan camping trip. Her spoiled, snotty, downright rude behavior was so shocking a significant number of fans lined up to be fleeced, turning on her big time, including one of her biggest supporters, Hollywood Life editor Bonnie Fuller. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin was elevated from something of a Republican Party joke, to something akin to what you might expect if Mother Teresa and Princess Diana had a baby. And Chuck, Sarah's dad, remarked hysterically that Kate "bitched from the minute she got off the plane." Chuck, this woman has bitched from the moment she arrived on this planet. December.

Have a great holiday, everyone! Thanks for making this blog what it is. ~Admin.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Kate should be 'arrested for exploiting her own children' has named Kate number two in the Top 10 Jerks of 2010 (behind only TV exec Jeff Zucker, the man who fired Conan--eh, fair enough). Not only that, but they want her off our TV's and arrested for child exploitation.

2010 was the year America caught onto her, finally.

School bus stop

Kate picked the kids up yesterday, sans two.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More details of the children's school problems ....

Not that we didn't already know this, but all of Radar's sources says this was no "mutual" decision. One of the children was physical with a teacher.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Recap: Kate spits up that Alaska Hospitality right along with her moose hotdog

"She bitched from the minute she got off the plane."

Coming up on Sarah Palin’s Alaska! In just one hour Kate single-handedly elevates the stupidest woman in the Republican Party and her entire family into the most-loved political dynasty since John Kennedy‘s Camelot. I’ve heard a lot of liberals who watched this episode are “mad” that they basically like Sarah Palin now. Haha, I love it.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm registered Republican, have been since I was 18. I voted for the McCain/Palin ticket, grudgingly so. Like many Republicans I think Sarah Palin is a total idiot. Her show however is either the most genius marketing idea she ever had, or this really is how she is. Or maybe both. She’s been nothing but an attentive, devoted mommy, a genuine person, a supportive wife, down-to-earth and, well, kinda adorable. And Sarah is as usual adorable as she goes gun shopping to help protect a “gal” she’s going to be “campin’” with. Ha. Most people wouldn’t mind just letting the bears have at Kate, but Sarah cutely wants to protect her.

After the gun shopping the Palins go hike a local mountain. They take a bunch of extended family members--cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents and such. Extended family? I don’t get why you would want to include your relatives in your life experiences. I think Sarah Palin gets her cuteness from her dad. “I’m lost, where am I?” Chuck shouts, even though he‘s surrounded by like a dozen family members. Ha. And I love that his name is Chuck. It just fits.

Like it’s a freaking living breathing Good Housekeeping magazine, after hiking Sarah then helps Piper with her homework, lovingly chiding her not to rely on a calculator for her math.

Sarah breaks the news that they are going camping tomorrow with Kate and her eight kids. Piper is just thrilled, giving a huge toothy smile and thumbs up. Don’t worry, Kate will wipe that smirk off her face in no time, hand sanitizer or not.

“We always get a kick out of introducing people outside of Alaska to what it is we do,” Sarah says. I just love people who say they get “kicks” out of things. It reminds me of my growing up years in rural America, which I‘ve been very nostalgic for lately.

Kate and the kids trudge up to the front door. They all look really exhausted. Presumably they just finished a grueling three days or so of shooting Kate Plus 8, so I don’t blame them.

Kate makes the most eye contact with Sarah she ever will in this entire episode, about 2.2 seconds worth. “So good to meet you!” she says in that fake way you might speak when you really don’t give a crap and probably have already forgotten the other person‘s name. What did you say your name was again? Sarah what-now?

Kate does realize this is thee Sarah Palin, right? Not just another random family they paid to go camping with like they paid that random family to go gold panning with a few days before?

2.2 more seconds later and the children are already destroying Sarah Palin’s personal property, attacking a bearskin and even ripping out the tongue. No one scolds them or even suggests they calm down a little, they are just allowed to have at it like little killer bees swarming their victim. Finally Kate tells them eh, you best put it back now.

Kate admires Sarah “for being a strong woman, who doesn’t back down, who doesn’t let the world’s opinion of her change her or get to her.” It’s obvious Kate thinks she’s just like Sarah. It’s obvious Kate also thinks that the whole world just one day decided it’s pick on Sarah Palin Day or pick on Kate Gosselin Day, randomly like that. It puts the blame on the world, and not on Kate, as usual. It’s the world’s fault, why wouldn’t it be?

Let me explain something to Kate. With the exception of a small minority of Palin “haters” who actually do hate her as a person, Americans, in general, hate Sarah Palin because of her absolutely stupid opinions on things like immigration, gun control, foreign policy (I can see Russia from my house!), and things like that. And many Republicans resent her because she helped lose the election and made our party look stupid. Get it? We hate her opinions, not her. We just don’t want a woman with straw for brains to actually be in charge of anything, or even second in line to be in charge of anything (my liberal friends are shouting fiftieth in line is not even enough.). Most people really don’t have a problem with what she does in her spare time, like climb mountains with her kids and help them with homework. Now unlike Sarah, people hate Kate because she’s a greedy, narcissistic celebrity-hungry hair extension-loving whore who has exploited every last dollar out of her precious kids’ childhoods, destroyed any chance at a normal life in so doing, and is now holding them upside down by their ankles and shaking out any last remaining change. The reason Kate is hated and the reason Sarah Palin is hated is like trying to compare Alaska to Hawaii--you really can‘t. They’re both “unattached” states but it stops there. You both have a reality show and it stops there, Kate.

Piper shows the children Sarah’s home studio. “My mom has another job, she goes on TV and talks to people,” Piper explains. I wait for Mady to say, My mom has another job, too. She goes to New York and spends our money on fried Barbie doll extensions. But they must have edited that out.

Kate thinks she and Sarah can understand each other because of the media scrutiny. Their lives are so vastly different Kate cannot even begin to comprehend what it’s like to be Sarah Palin, but sure, whatever. Gee willikers, Sarah sure is giving ole Kate there a lot of credit, “I think Kate and I probably have a lot in common. I know certainly we will put our children first!” Um. Sarah? Have you actually seen Kate’s show?

I kind of like that Sarah stuck in “probably.” It sorta implies she really doesn’t know that much about Kate at all, has only just heard they would probably get along. From what I’ve seen of Sarah, I think had she really known, she never would have agreed to this trip.

I’ll say this for Kate, she is very comfortable holding Trigg, doesn’t seem to feel any awkwardness about that. I really do appreciate that Kate got right in there with him. If we’re going to be honest, this can be hard for people who are not used to being around a special needs child, it’s not something I would judge anyone for if someone were uncomfortable at first, but Kate wasn‘t at all. Good for her.

Sarah says they leave the children with the nanny to go to “bear school.” What nanny? Because they definitely edited her out and made it seem like it‘s just Kate. Sarah opened her big fat Alaskan mouth and blew the cover on that one. If called out on that Sarah is totally the type to say, "Oops, did I say that?! I'm so sorry!" Only she would not be sorry at all. This woman should get in line for sainthood she's coming across so darn likable. She probably has a better chance at canonization than becoming president anyhow. The miracle she performed was putting up with Kate Gosselin for a few hours.

I wonder if they will learn how to steal a pic-i-nic basket at bear school! Just a little Yogi Bear joke. I always thought you should shout and act really big if a bear confronts you, that‘s what they told me at Yosemite, but the bear professor is saying something completely different. He wants you to talk quietly to them and then at some point get on your stomach, and if all else fails, there’s the guns. I don’t understand this, but this is why I don’t live in the wilderness.

Sarah spouts some nonsense about how Americans need to realize we need guns to protect ourselves from animals. Yes, Sarah, the 0.1% of Americans who are actually in any danger whatsoever of that probably do need guns. The rest of us don’t really need semi-automatics or grenade launchers or all the other deadly weapons available out there to ward off a snippy chihuahua or a cat being a brat. See this is why Sarah should just stick to being a normal person and not talk politics. I instantly get annoyed when she starts talking “issues.” I don’t want her to ever talk about any “issues” again so I can keep liking her.

Next at bear school they do some target practice outside. Kate pretends she is super uncomfortable with this, even though she was practically Annie Get Your Gun when she took the boys to Wyoming last year. I think she probably sings in her head Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better when it comes to the kids--she is not the type to let the children beat her at anything, be it an actual game, or even, having fun. We’ll see this later. Anyway, let’s put it this way, if she feels like flirting with her instructor she’ll shoot whatever you want her to. If she doesn’t, she’s demure Kate who has never shot a gun before and isn’t all that interested in learning. Kate, ironically, says she would do anything to protect her children including using a gun. Which is why it took her so damn long to finally plant those bushes in the front yard of the house. What was it, a year? Come off it, Kate.

Sarah says she feels a responsibility to protect Kate’s kids. Gee I’m glad someone in their lives does!
Kate and the kids head over with Sarah to Grandpa Chuck’s house. I wonder if the children asked Kate what a grandpa is. The kids absolutely adore Chuck, completely fascinated by all his Alaskan chotskies. Of course Chuck is the type of guy to not just show the kids a porcupine quill, but to actually stick his arm with it to demonstrate. Sarah is basically like, Dad, please! Ha. I love when grown-up kids have to reel in their parents, it‘s like this funny role-reversal thing. They go for a fun tractor ride, which almost makes me cry with nostalgia because that‘s what my grandfather always did, took us grandkids for a ride around the property on his tractor. There’s nothing like a grandpa, is there? I have never seen such a genuine smile out of Mady. Not for several years anyway. They need genuine people like this in their lives so badly. People of all ages.

Finally it’s the big day and it‘s raining. Sarah is all, it’s raining but if the family is together we’ll have a great time! Plus it’s so beautiful out there! Let’s focus on the family! Everything is perfect! Seriously, she says things are “perfect.” Do you kind of wonder if she is being extra cheerful and chipper just to piss Kate off? Like those people who talk about how wonderful their health is thanks to their stupid raw foods diet and drinking lots of water, when someone is just trying to tell them about their bowel problems and mind-splitting migraines. It’s kind of funny because I bet Sarah’s happiness did indeed piss off Kate.

Waa-waa, here comes Kate boarding the seaplane, head bent and shoulders slumped. It’s cold and rainy, bemoans the Grinch.

Back at the campsite, the Palins are setting up the tents and the fire and you half expect Jeremiah Johnson to saunter up with a bearskin draped over his shoulders.

“Are you kidding me?” Kate bitches as they get off the plane. “Doesn’t the lodge sound much more exciting to you?” Chuck gives her the hand. I’m serious, he gives her the talk-to-the-hand. It … is…. awesome. And makes you wonder how much bitching she did at Chuck’s house before, such that this old guy is already giving her the hand before she even gets to the campsite.

Cut to Sarah, who is literally snapping kindling in half with just her hands: Rain or shine Alaskans still have a most excellent time, I know I’m gonna enjoy this, she says happily. Ha! Go Sarah. Go Chuck, too. Oh, this is gonna be good. It already is.

Waa-waa, we forgot bug spray, says the Wicked Witch. Um, what? I have been camping dozens of times in many different climates, hot, cold, dry, wet, humid, sticky, and so on. And I have never once seen bugs out when it’s raining and this cold. Most bugs do not come out in the rain, it turns their wings all wet and they go kamikaze on you.

You’re gonna love this! says the Good Witch. What a story for your schoolmates back home!

“You really like this?” Kate questions Sarah rudely. In response, Sarah rambles on about fish and a great fire roarin’ and the mountains and everything is gorgeous!

Kate parks herself under a tent and stands there. This is where she will remain for the rest of the episode. I notice she is chomping away on her gum. I don’t think it’s really the rain that is bothering her. I think she is just on edge because she can’t go off with her boxed wine and her pack of Camels or she might get eaten by a bear and then who would exploit the kids? And also, she is very, very jealous of Sarah, who is wonderful with all the kids and has a perfect life and makes way more money than Kate.

Meanwhile the kids are incredibly engaged with Chuck and Sarah’s brother Chuck Jr. (love it, Chuck Jr.), exploring the environment. Salmon teeth, cool. They run over to show Kate their findings and Aaden is basically like, Fool, why you be standing there under the tent when the fun is out here? He doesn’t quite say it like that but he does want to know why Kate won’t come join them. Poor kid. There are only so many precious few years that your son wants Mommy to take part in the fun with him, and then it’s gone forever. Keep chomping that gum, Kate, while their childhoods waste away.

Alexis is loving fishing with Todd. Willow says the kids are having a great time. Of course they are. Adults are engaging them, that’s all it takes. Keeping kids happy just requires a few salmon teeth. Not money, not trips, not stuff. Just salmon teeth.

Back under the tent, Kate is complaining about non-existent bugs still. She has delusions of grandeur in addition to delusions of bugs. “Sorry I’m miserable, but somebody’s gotta be,” Kate deadpans. Wow. Actually, no, miserable people suck and should be thrown to the bears.

Sarah states the obvious, although since this is not obvious at all to Kate I’ll go over it for her benefit: “Kids will always have fun if they’re bein’ productive and helpful and pitchin’ in!” Sarah explains. Good Lord, who knew Mother of the Year 2010 should go to Sarah Palin of all people? It’s like a hidden talent, like discovering George Bush was a chess master in his spare time.

“This is cruel and unusual punishment,” Kate says as she paces like a caged lion. “I’m paralyzed.” This woman is so barking mad she is just talking nonsense at this point. Paralyzed, what? How insulting to people who really are paralyzed. It really is a wonder she wasn’t hauled off the set in a straight jacket. It was pointed out that Kate wouldn‘t turn the boat around in North Carolina when the children were practically laying in their own vomit. Because she had her little heart set on deep sea fishing. Now this time it’s the children who want to fish, and I think Kate should be made to stay on this trip even if her fingers fall off from gangrene. No worse than laying in your own vomit. Fair is fair.

Sarah goes on and on about how camping helps you unwind and that you need to remember what is really important in life. She is seriously just poking the crazy now, and it is the most hysterical thing I have ever seen anyone do to this woman. If Sarah can’t be president of this country, she can certainly be president of the Kate Haters hearts.

Meanwhile it’s like an episode of Romper Room over there, the kids are still having a wonderful time, now they’re making a map of Alaska out of rocks, and shortly after that they start making hot dogs and smores. This is so fun, this camping spot is luxurious! Sarah adds.

“It just kills me that people willingly do this,” Kate mutters. Where’s Steve anyway? She could cuddle up warm with him. That might stop her bitching.

You know it’s been widely speculated that Sarah and Kate were put together because the producers knew full well they were putting Kate in a situation where she would implode. Maybe so, and that’s fine. Except for the fact that eight children are involved and have to deal with her shitty fallout and have their fun times ruined. Eight children are having an amazing trip (with a possible future president, I might add, what a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity) and Kate is sucking the life out of it. If they want to put Kate in highly charged situations, send her mountain climbing with the Dali Lama, explore land mines with Angelina Jolie, I don’t know, sail around the world with Danny Bonaduce. But damn, could they please leave the kids out of it? Just leave the kids out of it.

Kate, who is apparently three-years-old, makes a big fat rude face at her moose hot dog and won‘t even try it. Making smores is so fun! says Sarah. There is actually an interview with none other than Barbara Walters in which Piper says her favorite food of her mom’s is moose hot dogs. So not only is Kate insulting something her host made for her, but she is also insulting Piper’s favorite food of her mom’s. Just as a general rule? Don't insult your host, at all. I bet Kate didn't know that was Piper's favorite food. What is just another insult to Kate turns out is actually a comment that could be devastating to a young child.

Sarah shouts at Todd to come join the cookout but he pretends he doesn’t hear her and just keeps fishing. Ha! I just love how men like him choose to deal with situations like these. The world needs more Todd and less Kate. Mady, whom Kate always claimed was not into this stuff, is, of course, having a ball, and chatters on as such. It is so refreshing that for once, the children are finally able to speak for themselves and not through the propaganda machine of Kate.

“We are not camping people, I’ll scream it from mountaintops!” Kate says tearfully. “Why would you pretend to be homeless? I don’t get it!” Kate? It’s not we. It’s you. Just you. Little old you.

There’s no paper towels, there’s no utensils, there’s no tables, there’s no hand sanitizer! What, does she require a silver tea service to eat a hot dog? Is she going to ring for Chuck to bring over the ketchup? Require him to wear a butler uniform too? Also, she could have actually contributed to the camp site and brought along paper towels, utensils, and hand sanitizer if that’s what she required. You know, she’s still chomping away on her gum. She just wants a cigarette, that’s all this really is. My best friend is, sadly, a smoker, and this is how she gets when she goes without it for a few hours. She’s an absolute sweetheart again once she gets her fix.

Kate is crying to production. Crying. She held it together as long as she could but she’s “done now!” She’s hungry! Kate, that’s what the hotdog was for! She throws something on the ground. Also, oddly, she says she has 19 layers on. Why not an even 20? Kate picks the oddest numbers when she exaggerates/lies. She also says her hands are freezing, and holds them up. Oh, she’s not wearing gloves. Which is probably why her hands are freezing.

I said this the moment this episode aired: Kate sets herself up to fail because she wants to fail. She never wanted to go on this camping trip because Sarah would be the star, not her, so she made sure it was absolutely miserable so that it would not succeed. Somebody ring for that straight jacket now, please.

Come on, it wasn't that bad, "geez," Sarah says. Sarah has gotten quieter now, but, haha! Look at her face!

Todd's still fishing? Ha. Sarah wanders over, confused. "Are you staying out here by yourself? Are you escaping?" she asks. She pauses a moment, then, "Now I get it. You're smarter than you look, honey!" Baw-hahahaha. Baw-hahaha. Oh, my God. Could we have like a co-presidency? Todd and Sarah together?

Meanwhile Kate is over with Piper. It's one thing to be rude to an adult but quite another to be rude to a child. "Is this what you do for fun?" Kate asks. "This is fun for you?" Bitch. If Piper were taller she might have done just that, bitch-slapped her.

"I like the rain," Piper says cheerfully. I love children. I love them because they are wired to make lemonade out of lemons. It's like they don't even understand that rain is a bad thing. I honestly think children as they get older are "taught" that things like rain are bad. We are born not knowing that. We are born with a natural affinity to have fun under any circumstances, and adults like Kate fuck that up as they raise us.
Piper, who was so thrilled to meet Kate, now gives her a look. She was once a sheeple, now is a hater. Welcome, Piper, welcome.
Chuck, bless his heart, tries to get Kate warm by the fire. And thank goodness he points out he never once heard the kids complain. Once. They had a ball.
Kate asks the children if they want to stay or go. "Actually, I do want to stay," Joel says. They all chime in they want to stay. Fine, says Kate, you're now a Palin not a Gosselin. I don't understand why this makes the kids so sad. Being a Palin sounds a hell of a lot more fun. I'm being facecious of course. What a cruel and heartless thing to say to a six-year-old.

Totally guilt-tripped, Alexis says fine, I'll go. Kate goes over to Sarah and says they're going to go. Oh, WTF!

How are you going to break it to the children? Sarah asks. I just adore that Sarah's first thought goes to the children. Kate's last thought goes to her children. This would be after money, Steve, hooker heels, sushi, hair extensions, manicures, being bitter at Jon who long got over her like two decades ago, cigarettes, and her personal comfort level. Then she might give a fleeting thought to the kids. Sarah and Kate awkwardly hug, not even making eye contact. Piper doesn't even want to walk them over to the seaplane. She shakes her head vehemently. She even calls her Mom to come back over. Love it.

Ironically, the weather clears. How metaphorcally awesome.

"She bitched the minute she got off the plane," Chuck remarks. Sarah is the classiest reality star to ever grace our screens. She is kind of like, come on now Dad if you put me out of my element in New York City on the red carpet I would probably do the same. Eh, I'm guessing not. I'm guessing she would say this is fun! Let's have a double latte and get a manicure just like all the rich folk do down in these parts! We can have family time at Susan Sarandon's ping-pong club after we're done here! Yup, that's Sarah.

A lot of people must think we're just a bunch of nerds playing charades and going camping, Sarah says. Sarah, give yourself some credit. I think you and your family are wonderful. I think you and your family get it. And someday when you are gone, I think charades with their Mom and Dad and Gramps out there camping in the wilderness is what your children will be so fondly remembering when they have grandkids of their own. That is what making a memory is really about. Sarah says kind of sadly that the Gosselin kids probably would have had a great time and remembered this forever. Yes, yes they would have. My heart aches for them and I can tell Sarah's does, too.

As the Palins finally go to bed, Sarah says, sweetly, "Goodnight, I love you."

"I have to pee!" Willow replies. Is she....making fun of someone here?

"That's enough, Willow!" Sarah retorts.

Ha! Sarah for president of our hearts.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Discussion Thread: Sarah Palin's Alaska 'Alaskan Hospitality'

The houseguest from hell visits Sarah's world!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sarah Palin: Alaska episode illustrates approaches to life

Sarah Palin tweeted this this morning:
"Life=10% circumstances, 90% your reaction to circumstances. Sunday's "Sarah Palin's AK 'Alaskan Hospitality'" episode illustrates that a bit."

Right on, Sarah. The more we get to know the real you the more we like you. (And also, we dig the passive aggressive slam at Kate.)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kate, who complains about bills, actually made $3.5 million in 2010

How much of this $3.5 million has been set aside for the children?

Kate has spent the better part of the past year and a half trying to convince everyone she "needs" to exploit her kids to pay the bills. Last spring she tearfully told Billy Bush of her financial straits--she says she cannot retire and that the children's college funds are not fully funded ($3.5 million isn't enough for college?). But how can she not be set for life on $3.5 million? Moreover, her actions do not suggest someone struggling in a terrible economy. Today, she was caught in New York City (with Steve, naturally) getting her hair done again--a trip estimated at at least $2,000, and was also seen wearing a giant ring on her right hand. And to top it all off, it's been reported Kate is still trying to get more child support out of Jon, who now has a normal IT job, and says that he paid greedy Kate more than $20,000 a month.
We've also been told:
No one is falling for the lies anymore. The kids do not "need" to be exploited to get by anymore. The only thing Kate needs the children for is to support this excessive lifestyle.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kate gets along better with Todd Palin than Sarah

As the infamous Kate/Sarah Palin crossover approaches, more information is coming out about the camping trip buzz kill. According to a "well-placed source," Kate and Sarah were not so chummy. But Kate and Todd? BFF from the very start.

Meanwhile, the twins in this pic don't exactly seem starstruck to meet yet another celeb. Nor should they be. Most kids don't care about this kind of thing; we know it's hard for Kate ("I truly enjoy the media") to understand someone would not be as excited about "Hollywood" as her.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kate pulls kids from 'luxurious' Palin camping site early because she's 'miserable,' even though kids were having fun

"I'm done now!" whines ungrateful and entitled Kate, who can't suck it up and rough it for one night with Sarah Palin for the sake of the kids, who were having a great time. In this sneak peek at the Gosselin/Palin Alaska episode, many of the "rumors" we heard last July are confirmed. (In real life when you walk off the job, you get fired.) What is this teaching the children about being polite to your


Read no further if you don't want spoiler details of Kate's stab at roughing it.

For a few fleeting moments, it seems she will savor her visit with the Palin family. She instantly bonds with Sarah, as they compare notes on the predatory nature of the media.

"There's not a whole lot of people that I run into that can understand the scrutiny (by) the media and beyond," says Kate, whose crumbling marriage to Jon was documented on "Jon & Kate Plus 8" while it spurred a feeding frenzy from the tabloid press.

Now, single mom Kate and her kids just happened to be in Alaska taping one of her "Kate Plus 8" specials, which occasioned their guest spot with the Palins.

The first stop: Sarah takes Kate to a bear safety class to prepare her for their camping expedition.

On the road from Wasilla to the class in Anchorage, Sarah sort-of jokes that, in case of a bear attack, "You need a partner with you who's slower than you."

"Oh, my gosh!" replies Kate, who already was spooked by the bear rug in the Palins' home. "Sacrifice your friends?"

At the rifle range, she looks more miserable than she used to look with Jon.

And that's only the beginning.

The day of the camping trip, it's -- wouldn't you know? -- pouring rain.

Out in the middle of nowhere by a stream and surrounded by mountains, Sarah is smiling, chipper and (literally) loaded for bear.

"Rain or shine, Alaskans still camp. We still find a way to have fun," she chirps.

Then Kate and her kids land at the campsite. Quickly, Kate proves to be a bigger pill than a horse tranquilizer.

"I'm not worrying about bears right now," she is soon grousing. "I'm just worried about keeping my toes wiggling 'cause they're freezing."

Sarah, daughters Piper and Willow, husband Todd and other family members seem to be having a blast. So, for that matter, are Kate's youngsters.

"The kids are having fun, so I'm tolerating it, but this is my new home," grumbles Kate, having sullenly planted herself, apart from the rest, beneath a tarp. "I am miserable, but, I mean, somebody's got to be."

Sarah, ever gung-ho, announces to the group, "This is the most luxurious camping spot I've ever seen!"

Cut to Kate, who tells the camera, "It just kills me that people, like, willingly do this."

Soon everybody else is enjoying hamburgers, hot-dogs and s'mores from the camp fire.

Maybe it was finding out the hot-dogs are moose. About that time, Kate loses it.

"I don't see a table, I don't see utensils, I don't see hand-cleansing materials," she whimpers. "This is not ideal conditions. I am freezing to the bone, I have 19 layers on, my hands are frigid. I held it together as long as I could and I'm done now!"

She gathers up her children and, mere hours after their arrival, they have eaten and run.

Fortunately, Sarah knows the show must go on. Minus the Gosselins, she settles the crowd down for the night.

"Well, I thought we were gonna go camping with the Gosselins," she says when it's all over, full of glossy good cheer. "Turned out, we didn't. We had lunch with them on a sand bar."

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kate's tanning errand on Saturday

Is Kate tanning again on custodial time? Jon had the kids last weekend....

Friday, December 3, 2010

Kate on Sarah Palin preview

The infamous camping trip finally makes it to T.V.

Kate complains...

And Sarah's face is so familiar. Oh, it's the face we all have made when watching Kate.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Recap: Gosselins, Goblins & Gouls 11/28/10: Sister Wife likes Halloween if the price is right!

Coming up on Sister Wives! Kate ditches the hooker heels and dons a neck-high neutral-colored frock with shoulder pads, gets herself hitched to Kody Brown and she and her magical uterus bear him eight more kids.
Wait a minute, this isn’t Sister Wives! Even though most of our TV listings told us so. This is Kate Plus 8, and TLC has never looked so desperate. It’s appropriate this is a Halloween episode, because TLC will not surrender until they’ve tried every last trick in the book. Bait and Switch is on page two-hundred-two of the secret manual of shady TV executives. Personally, I’d like to accomplish good ratings because I produced a great show and people liked it, not because I pretended to move the family to Utah to do something illegal. It’s Kate Plus 8, the Halloween episode. On Thanksgiving weekend. If you follow that logic.

What do you suppose they bribe the kids with to so boisterously scream and shout all their lines on the couch? Peanuts, Hershey kisses? Dogs? Kate used to think Halloween was tacky, creepy and evil, but now she thinks it’s fun. Translation? If you pay me $250,000 I’ll like whatever you want me to.

It’s Kate at Party City without the kids, and do you remember that completely awesome game show Supermarket Sweep from the 90’s? Where basically three teams pushed carts through the supermarket trying to rack up as much merchandise as they can, if they’re smart usually going for the big ticket items like the turkeys and the gourmet coffee and those monster wedges of cheese. That’s kinda what this looks like, Kate throwing plastic gravestones and skeleton heads and bloody eyeballs into her carts willy-nilly without so much as checking the price tag. She fills three whole carts with this crap! She would have done awesome on Supermarket Sweep, I bet she would have even found and sprinted back the M&M bonus item plush toy worth an extra $250.
So did she have a coupon for that severed foot? I thought we don’t buy things without a coupon--clap, clap!

Who are all these other moms Kate is running into and actually talking to? They must be extras; Kate usually doesn’t make eye contact with the slaves rowing below. I actually thought you were supposed to stop what you were doing and turn and face the wall as she walks by, but these women are acting like they just bumped into their best girlfriend they haven‘t had a chance to see in awhile. It’s pretty convincing acting actually, Emmys all around. Apparently Kate has finally realized that just because you don’t have eight kids doesn’t mean you don’t bust your butt just as much as she does to give them a nice holiday. She really does think she owns the patent on martyrdom for your kids. Says Kate, Whoa, other moms who have “less kids” than her are scrambling about Halloween, too. It’s nice all the other moms in the world are finally getting credit.

Kate wants a medal for basically bringing the Party City stuff back to the house and picking up the kids from school, which is what most mothers do on a day-to-day basis--get things done that need to be done and then pick up the kids. I hope those orange sunglasses she is wearing are one of those giant joke pairs she maybe just bought ... or are they seriously the Beverly Hills type Chanel things all the faux rich women wear? I really can’t tell.

Kate claims she picked up the children from school and brought them back to Party City where she just was, but two of the children, hmmm incidentally Alexis and Collin, are in regular play clothes, while the rest are in uniform. So if Alexis and Collin were already kicked out of school at this point, where were they all this time?

Since they didn’t bother to take care of this until the day before the children’s school Halloween party, all the costumes are picked over and the kids aren’t all that thrilled about what is left. One of the girls finds one she loves but, bummer, they don't have her size. Had she been taken there just a few weeks before she could have gotten what she wanted, but I suppose the camera crew couldn't come then. The kids are very well-behaved and cooperative. Kate won’t let Collin be what he wants to be, some costume with a red star, because it’s too scary. After just telling them to look at the costumes and pick out one, which is exactly what he is doing, she grabs him by the chin and whips his head toward her, ordering him to “look at me when I‘m talking to you please!” This precious little boy was doing absolutely nothing wrong and everything right, and does not deserve to be treated with such disrespect. I find it ironic (I know how to use the word correctly!) that Kate is implying he is disrespectful by not looking at her, but to solve the problem? She does one of the most disrespectful things you can do to a person--grab them by their chin and force them to look at you. As I’ve said so many times, you can’t treat a child like this, then get mad when that child is having problems socially. Collin is a great kid who has demonstrated as such time and time again, and that’s all I’m going to say because it’s not worth belaboring what we all already know.

Joel looks so interested to be on the couch! He’s wrestling Aaden, hanging off the back of the couch, etc. I’m guessing his bribe was in the form of sugar.

Kate is going to be a “She-Devil.” So a devil costume, the epitome of evil and scary, is allowed, but not Collin’s costume? How so very fair! Kate’s She-Devil costume consists of hooker heels, skinny jeans and an Ann Taylor cardigan. Wait a minute.

There have been various reports of how long the children actually spent in Party City, but Kate herself says it was a “long, long trip.“ Guess that settles that, filming does indeed take a “long, long” time, according to Kate. Kate says the kids behaved very nicely, which they totally did given that it was all Kate's fault for not taking them here earlier when the costumes weren't so picked over, and it’s nice to see her praise them instead of just criticize.

Cheap-o scary music plays from probably an intern on a synthesizer. With all those big-budget trips TLC has to make cuts somewhere. Kate orders the children to waste toilet paper times eight and wrap themselves like mummies while she works on a big “surprise” for them. Sara Snow would not approve. Naturally, the surprise is all about Kate. She got “Mommy of a Lifetime Award” for it. I’m guessing whatever it is, it’s probably something to undermine Jon. Like those parents who sneak $100 bills into their children’s pockets on visits and tell them not to tell Mommy. Sometime later, Kate orders the kids to get their shoes and go outside and line up in front of the garage.

Aw, it’s Shoka. Shoka’s back. I am both horrified, and thrilled for them. The children obviously adore Shoka, just adore him. But this family has no business having a dog and we all know why. Jon was very clear, Shoka and Nala were neglected at the compound. Kate herself even said Shoka chewed his way out of a crate, which simply never should happen when a dog is trained correctly and treated humanely (absent perhaps a dog with a very abusive past, which wasn't the case here). Also, I haven't heard this mentioned too much, but remember one of them swallowed a toy and had to have dangerous surgery and could have died. I remember the first thing my vet said to me when I brought my darling 12-week little peanut-head in, puppy proof your house and watch your dog please, most of the dangerous surgies I have had to do on puppies are because of careless owners.

And just as I suspected, this move is very shitty. Toward Jon. Jon rightly, even though it was painful, sent the dogs back because they were being neglected. He had to do it for the love of the dogs. By Kate bringing Shoka back, she sends a clear message to the kids that‘s as glaring as a fire siren: Big mean awful Daddy took your precious doggies away because he’s mean! But now sweet loving kind Mommy is bringing them back because she would never want to hurt you like Daddy does. Think kids don’t process that exact message out of all this, think again. Shitty move, Kate. Below the belt.

To top it all off, Kate explains that Shoka will be an outside dog. Dogs are pack animals which is why this is so wrong, except in uncommon situations where the family really is outside all the time like farmers or ranchers--this family definitely isn’t! Unless you can plow a field or herd cattle in Jimmy Choo’s. Even the Humane Society says forcing a dog to stay outside when humans aren’t out there is psychologically damaging. Oh hell no, Kate wants Nala back someday, too! Is she flipping kidding? So Nala will just remain in limbo like she’s an unwanted foster child while this family takes their sweet time to get ready for her. Why can’t they just unselfishly actually want her to go to a great home right now even if it's not them? A home that will actually allow her to be inside with her pack, the humans. Who is this breeder that would make a dog wait for such a selfish family? These people have no business owning dogs, none whatsoever. As a dog owner and lover, I find it plain sick. Somebody stick some Betty White on them.

Cue the creepy music again. What’s with the shot of the goat? Are they neglecting goats now too in addition to chickens and dogs?

Collin, always a little sweetheart, helps Aaden zip up his Peace, Love World product placement hoodie. The kids play on a bunch of hay bales and a couple of the girls start violently wrestling, but since it’s the girls no one says anything. I’m surprised Kate isn’t talking about how cute and sweet it is they are beating each other to a pulp.

Kate pulls Collin aside and tells him this is the Collin she likes to see. “When things make us angry we need to deal appropriately with it,” she explains. So, does that include, hit the other person, make fun of them for breathing or scratching, and throw them under the bus on the Today Show and Regis and Kelly Live?

Someone posted in the comments here an absolutely fabulous analogy as to why this little conversation is such a gigantic bummer. Imagine you just broke up with your significant other and you and your girlfriends all go out for drinks and have a great time. Then one of your friends pulls you aside during the middle of all the fun and says “Isn’t this great you are not thinking about Bob right now and all the crap that happened with him and can move on from that tonight?” Yeah, not so great to hear something like that. Deflate the balloon. Thanks a lot.

Other people have said this conversation would have been wonderful if only it had been when she was tucking him into bed that night, and obviously, without the cameras. I couldn’t agree more. A kid just loves to hear from his Mommy that he had a great day, but in privacy. I want to make this clear--I have absolutely no problem with what Kate says to her child here. The problem is, it was done in the middle of him having a great time, and more glaring, it was done for the cameras--in front of me and 1.3 million others. That’s the problem. Why Kate has such a need to prove her motherhood to the public who knows but it's gross.
Naturally Collin, a boy, is the one with all the issues, and nothing is breathed about Alexis, who is also not in school and also, clearly, has issues. I don’t know why Collin hasn’t been blamed for Alexis’ issues too by now. According to Kate, Collin is angry, he has post-divorce issues. She has researched this. Did she stumble upon any research that says never, ever, under any circumstances, talk negatively about a child’s father? How about anything on Parental Alienation? She fits the mold of an "obsessed alienator," would she like to read this article as part of her research? Acting out is normal, Kate explains. Eh, perhaps, but it’s not so normal to trash their father on live TV. If she does that on television, what does she say about him behind closed doors? She really needs to get over him and move on.

Kate goes on some nonsensical rant about how there are so many “negative” things about the kids and that you can forget that Collin is a great kid. Take your crazy pill, Kate. Does TLC pick up that tab too? There are way more positives than negatives about your kids, by a landslide, and Collin is and always has been a great kid. None of us ever forgot that. Except his own crazy mother!

Just a note, that the children’s issues are not just related to the divorce, and even Kate herself admitted it to Mary Hart. I actually found her comment to show quite a bit of self-awareness, which is very unusual from the same woman who put on…that…and danced/shuffled around to Papa-paparazzi in front of millions. Kate specifically said that the divorce issues, in addition to the “pressure” the children felt, were causing their problems. Why a six-year-old should feel pressure about anything more than whether to watch Spongebob or Dora is beyond me. By the way, a talking sponge squashed Kate in the ratings. And divorce issues go both ways. She may think they are upset at Jon, yet doesn't even let the idea enter her mind that maybe, just maybe, all the trash talking she has done about him especially in the last several months has gotten to them, too. That is, after all, their daddy she's talking about.

Next up, a hayride. We’re only twenty minutes into this episode? I am already so thoroughly exhausted between watching these children shuffled and lined up all over Reading and listening to Kate wax on about how negative they are and how many issues they have--well, the whipping boy has. I guess if she can’t pick on Jon, then Collin is next in line. I’ve learned that a bully has to have someone to bully. If they don’t they go stir crazy. If one victim disappears, they find someone else.

They show some flashback clips from the first ever episode of Jon and Kate at the pumpkin patch, conveniently leaving Jon out of all the clips. You can cut Jon out of the clips but you can‘t cut him out of your children’s live‘s, Kate! Hahahah--cue the evil Halloween laugh.

It’s not Halloween that is all that creepy, what’s creepy is that when Kate asks the kids if they remember their first trip to the pumpkin patch, they talk about the “episode.” Their life is a series of episodes and they know it, and what‘s more, they act like it‘s normal.

The kids pick out their pumpkins which, not surprisingly, is no more interesting than watching any other kid in America do this.

It’s Supermarket Sweep again, at the pet store now. They fill a cart with dog food and a bunch of unnecessary dog stuff. Make sure you pick up the M&M super bonus for an extra $250! Hurry, ten seconds left! Sigh, now Aaden is climbing over the back of the couch. These kids are so bored and tired of the couch interviews, I cannot imagine. Especially when you’re only getting 15% for this, that’s b.s., man. I’d be hanging off couches, too. I love that Kate is as honest as the pilgrims about feeding Shoka a treat in the store that she wants to be sure the cashier charges her for, but not honest about a dozen other important topics in her life, for starters, trying to convince us, despite all the photos and footage to the contrary, that Jon was not involved with the children until recently. I mention the pilgrims because it’s actually Thanksgiving. Halloween was like decades ago in TV time.

The kids are so loud and enthusiastic on the couch I cannot even understand them. Something about holding bunny rabbits. It almost seems like they took them to some cheap acting school where the acting coaches who have only ever been an extra themselves told them to remember to be excited! Smile! Think big!

Collin grabs one of Shoka‘s dog biscuits and shoves it into his mouth, I guess thinking it‘s a cookie. No, no, Collin, it’s Daddy who is a dog, not you! Kate, who claims they need a bodyguard, has to page the “Gosselin children” over the loudspeakers. Geez that’s not dangerous at all! Although no more dangerous than filming 150 episodes worth of their private moments and broadcasting it to the world.

Now they’re at a corn maize. I thought they were just there, I’m confused. I guess the hay bales was some other thing? Gosh this is tiring. Was this all in one weekend? Phew, a shoot more grueling than Titanic’s.

“Don’t go this way, you’re gonna get lost!” Kate warns the kids. Kate, ever consider maybe the children are trying to lose you? Kate basically yells at the children the entire time in the maize. “I’m just glad we got out alive before we died of starvation,” Kate deadpans. Her humor is weird. I don’t like dead people jokes.

More synthesizer music. I have to admit Pennsylvania is a great area for a spooky Halloween, lots of creepy woods and nice brusque weather. I think I’ve mentioned it, I lived in Pennsylvania for awhile and spent several Halloweens there and it was fun.

Apparently it’s the crew’s job not just to film every private moment of the children’s lives but also to build them a haunted house downstairs. They basically do it all while Kate, in typical fashion, orders and points. The kids go through the haunted house and love it. No friends, no cousins to enjoy it with them. Just the eight kids. My mom threw the best Halloween party ever for us kids when I was about 10. I’ll remember it forever. We didn’t spend a ton of money, but we didn’t need to. She had this wonderfully creative thing where she set up a creepy “Horror Workshop” in the basement where we sat around a table, she turned off all the lights, and we got to feel various “bowls” in the workshop like eyeballs (grapes), blood (heavy cream), and brains (jello). I think she set up the whole thing just from ingredients on hand. We screamed like crazy. I had about eight friends over and we still talk about it sometimes. The point is, without friends to share these moments with, it’s just not the same.

If I didn’t mention it, Collin and Alexis are doing all their interviews together. Nice, so now that they are not in school there is more time to film them?

Pumpkin carving time. Kate doesn’t enjoy carving pumpkins because, you guessed it, it’s all about Kate. It always was about Kate and it always will be about Kate. The kids obviously need a lot of help and Kate does help them. “Hang on, I’m getting to you. There’s one of me and eight of you,” Kate says. Someday, the children are really going to appreciate those odds.

Kate is a martyr for cleaning eight pumpkins. Well, I might give her that. Carving a pumpkin is fun but taking the seeds out really is a total drag. Times eight? Ugh. I think I have a good excuse to show the pumpkin I carved this year, if you’ll indulge me! I like doing the carving itself, but I didn't like taking out the seeds.
It’s finally Trick-or-Treat time and little kids dressed up is always very cute, but no more cute than any other child in America. The kids are dressed in mostly nice neutral costumes like pirates and bunny rabbits, while Kate, oddly, gets to be the devil, even though Collin wasn‘t allowed to be something scary. I adore Aadan as a SWAT man. Maybe he can orchestrate some kind of tactical plan to take down Kate! Cara goes as herself--okay, I'm not sure what to make of that. Holy crap, one house is giving out super-sized Kit-Kats! Halloween when I grew up was serious business and a lot of strategy, involving mapping out routes, finding the "best" neighborhoods where they gave out stuff like that, and tremendous speed. By the time I was eight or nine we knew exactly where the goldmine houses were.

Instead of just saying we had a great time I can’t wait for next year, Kate has to get all defensive and claims that the children told her they love these action-packed weekends, and they get to “go out in the public and do great things” (right, sure a six-year-old said just that). “Honestly, I don’t think there is anything that could have made this weekend more fun.” I’ve pretty much figured out that when Kate begins a sentence with “honestly,” get ready for her nose to grow another inch and a few more branches to pop out the sides. She should have been Pinocchio for Halloween. Kate is absolutely right about one thing, Halloween is more about spending time together with those you love and less about the spooky. I thought this was sort of something all parents knew intuitively. I didn’t realize you suddenly had to have a great epiphany and finally realize life is not about what you do, but who you do it with.

Have you noticed she is always claiming the children tell her this or that, mostly having to do with supporting everything she does for the cameras, but we never actually hear them say it? Things that make you go “hmm.”

Point/Counterpoint: The fish stinks from the head

Kate: "There has been nothing but positive that has come out of [filming]."

CNN's Pat LaLama (a real journalist with a journalism degree who has been in the business for 30 years, she was an anchor for KTTV-Fox in L.A.): "She is in denial. She does not see the reality of the influence of media attention 24/7 on little tiny minds. Something's wrong here and I think the problem is--the fish stinks from the head as we Italian-Americans like to say--she is not facing the issues, she doesn't accept that she may be partly to blame for any of this."

Since the Today show didn't see fit to show all sides of the story, just Kate's, we thought we'd post a Counterpoint here. Thanks to CNN (thank you, CNN--good grief!), we now have the counter-arguments to Kate's "setting the record straight."

The CNN journalists say Kate is, quote: delusional, in denial about the kids being expelled, angry, partly to blame, she needs to get with it, she takes every opportunity she can to slam Jon as a father, doesn't take any personal responsibility, has a celebrity obsession, is gone too much, and needs to get her kids off our darn T.V.'s.

Jealous? Or just journalists who don't have a need to kiss Kate's butt at the expense of eight suffering kids?