Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kate Plus 8 Big Apple continues downward spiral, loses more than half a million viewers

Ratings are in for Monday night's Big Apple episode:

Kate Plus 8 (9pm)
- 1.613 million viewers
- 1.2/2 HH
- 0.6/2 A18-49

Compare to Home Roost which came in at 2.229 million viewers - 1.5/3 HH - 0.8/2 A18-49, and the premiere of Kate Plus 8, which clocked 3.4 million.

Kate grabs up Emmys freebies

A pink Palm Pre phone, a red Vera Bradley duffel bag, Body Shop products, Pretty Ballerina flats, Vintage Revolution jeans and an AMC Signature pass. AMC gets you and a guest into the movies for free every day for the next year.

And oddly enough, Kate refused to get her photo taken with any of the freebies. Why, embarrassed about your greed? Or just trying to avoid the IRS.


Kate to be special correspondant for Entertainment Tonight.

ET has confirmed Kate will join the show during DWTS for "a couple appearances as a guest correspondent."

DWTS cast list.

Meanwhile Tony on Twitter yesterday:

TonyDovolani Sorry I'm not aloud to give you hints all I can say is that I am very happy. :-D
about 16 hours ago via Twitterrific

TonyDovolani My partner is so sweet :) Yey lol
about 16 hours ago via Twitterrific

Monday, August 30, 2010

Jon worries about all the time Kate is away from the kids, and the issue of the children being on TV is still on the table

A grueling schedule of 50 episodes in six months, unheard of in the entertainment industry, finally broke Jon down.

Jon needs to get himself back to court so that he can have the children when Kate is off doing her Hollywood thing. There is no reason he should have to drop the children off with nannies when Kate is not even home. And he's taking another look at taking the kids off TV. Remember no TV contract lasts forever.

Full interview: http://www.wabcradio.com/sectional.asp?id=36772

Some clips:



Emmys Aftermath--Kate and Steve spotted very cozy at afterparty

Steve was her date all night long as Kate hit up the afterparties.

Kate told reporters she was hoping for Emmys tickets (Why? What do the Emmys have to do with you or your kids?). Then Jimmy Fallon invited her to be part of the skit.

Kate attended Jimmy Fallon’s post-Emmy shindig at the Trousdale nightclub in West Hollywood, a celeb hotspot frequently by wreck Lindsay Lohan. So to the sheeple who slammed Jon for making an appearance at a club in D.C. this week, will you slam Kate for making an appearance at a club in L.A.? What's the difference?


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kate Plus 8 The Big Apple--Discussion Thread

Monday, August 30. Kate and the kids travel to NYC by train, from Chinatown to Times Square.

In blistering, record breaking heat and humidity, the camera roll on. Also of note, the show has switched from Sunday night to Monday night. Often when a show is on its way out it's moved around to different time slots and days.

Please keep Emmys discussion on the Emmys threads and K+8 discussion here.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kate Gosselin at the Emmys--Video clips, red carpet pics and more

Just for fun ... Kate's Emmys Cameo
Keeping a lookout for snipers or gazing at his girlfriend amorously? Kate's boyfriend/bodyguard and Emmys date spotted on the red carpet by an eagle-eyed reader.

2010 Primetime Emmy Awards, Sunday August 29, 8 p.m. ET on NBC (pre-shows begin several hours before on various networks).
3:30PM PST: Ross the intern (Ross Mathews) gets a dancing lesson with Chelsea Hightower. "That wasn't that bad. I was at least a little better than Kate Gosselin, right?" Ross quipped.
4PM PST: Kate arrives on the Red Carpet in a modest black gown, hair slicked back and makeup heavy. The kids love filming, she made sure to tell reporters. Defensive much, Kate? Why, has it been suggested they don't love filming?
5PM PST: Kate in full Paparazzi costume offers to join the Glee singers to help raise money for Emmy tickets. Tiny Fey says yeah thanks but no thanks. Audience laughs.
5:10PM PST: Kate joins other real celebs like Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey on stage for a Glee spinoff opening to the show.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Kate picks up dry cleaning and goes to consignment shop

While the kids were at their first day of school, Kate was running errands. Nothing wrong with giving clothes to consignment. That's what normal middle class families do. It's something Kate should get used to doing if TLC is gearing up to bail on her and the money train comes to a screeching halt.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jon picks up kids

Mommy dropped them off, Daddy picked them up. This is one of the most fair arrangements we've ever seen from these two. Jon has the beach towel again (according to Ellen, her idea), ready to shield them from the paps.


First day of school

Now that they're back to doing the job kids are supposed to do, school, maybe these kids won't have to perform for the cameras so much anymore.

Can't help chuckling at the way Collin is bolting for the bus. Is he that eager to learn, or does he just want to get away from the circus?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The kids' 'happiness and excitement' to be back with Mom, according to Kate.

Kate said on her blog 8/23/10: "More recently, they put on a welcome home show for me immediately upon their return from their dad's apartment ... not sure why I got the welcome home, but because it involved all eight kids and ended in a huge group hug surrounding mommy, I didn't need to worry about the nitty gritties. I just needed to eat up all the love that I had missed for the last two days. That particular show was inspired by a very evident happiness and excitement that we were all reunited at home! I got the point!"


Monday, August 23, 2010

Kate and Steve take a coffee break on way to NYC

Off the New York again after just getting back from there last week with her boyfriend, I mean bodyguard, Steve. Kate really can't resist the urge to spend the kids' money for more than a few days.

She and Steve stopped to get coffee on the way to the Big Apple in a limo. Maybe Kate should be saving her money. You know, in case the house of cards falls anytime soon.

Towels were Ellen's idea to send a message to the paparazzi

The recent photos of the children hiding under towels were Ellen's idea, Ellen revealed today in a Twitter message. The reason they covered the kids was to show that they do not support the children's pictures being taken.

Jon's girlfriend Ellen is following our Blog

Ellen tweeted today that she is following this blog.

"Read over some things on your site. Appreciate the support," Ellen tweeted.

Whatever Ellen and Jon can do to get these kids off TV and back to living a more normal life, this Blog supports. And to Ellen, of particular help may be the sidebar. Check out "Evidence of the 8's exploitation."


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flashback No. 4: Cara is jarred awake by blinding production lights while the crew laughs

All child actors have to work under bright production lights. But most child actors don't have to deal with those lights in their own homes, and even while they are trying to sleep.

By their own admission, Jon and Kate permitted TLC production crews to install permanent heavy duty studio lights throughout the house. Reportedly, TLC picked up the high utility bills for all these extra lights. Because of oddities like this, the children's home was not (and still isn't) a safe haven, a place of quiet and privacy, as most children's homes are, but instead was a fully functioning television set in which the children's own schedules, needs and wants were given little to no consideration and where there was no place to go home to that wasn't "on set."

In this clip, which happens to be the same episode in which Collin was forced to work while painfully constipated (and it may be that this equally exploitative moment with Cara has been overshadowed by what happened to Collin just a few hours later that day), Cara is rudely awakened by a flash of bright lights. The reason? The crew had flipped on the lights in the basement where she was asleep. She was sleeping in the basement because her room was being remodeled. Cara goes to Kate for hugs and comfort. Not only do the lights hurt her eyes, but Jen, a producer, and another crew member, who are taping this all, are seen laughing at her.
Just because happy upbeat music is playing doesn't mean it's funny when a child is in discomfort.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kids hiding from paparazzi under towels

The children had to hide under towels today as Jon took them to his apartment and Chris the paparazzo showed up.

Another cold pick-up/drop-off occurred in view of the public road (and the paps) just prior between Jon and Kate. If they must do it this way, why can't they do it someplace more discreet?


Kids dragged on yet another filmed outing

Kate and the kids were out shopping today. Again. With cameras rolling.

This really has become just a total circus. These children have been exploited all summer long. They have barely gotten a chance to enjoy their summer without cameras. They are screaming when they have to go back home to Kate. This can't end soon enough.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kids filmed buying shoes

Still unable to catch a break from the relentless filming schedule that has gone on all summer long, the kids were spotted out today getting shoes while Kate Plus 8 filmed. The shoe store was shut down for filming.


Back to school shopping again

Ah the irony of Mady's shirt: Live Simply. Is she trying to tell Kate something? Like stop spending my money on manicures, pedicures and tanning? Ha.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Papa-Paparazzi .... or NOT: INF confirms only one paparazzo follows Kate

Despite Kate's claims (i.e. lies) that she is hounded by paparazzi, in fact just one paparazzo is hanging around PA. His name is Chris and he works for INF. INF confirmed what we knew all along on their web site today:

"Jessica, inquiring minds want to know…is Chris THE ONLY pap trailing
Kate and Jon (and supplying photos) these days? We all assume that to be a fact,
so if you could confirm or deny, it’d be much appreciated."
"Jessica @ INF
August 19, 2010, 7:40 pm
^^Most of the time, yes. When the
Gosselins are getting more press other agencies cover them for a few days (like
during the first week of their separation). And once in a while another guy will
randomly show up for an hour. Most of the others are NY-based and aren’t willing
to trek to Reading consistently.
Chris is very devoted ;-)"

Kate has repeatedly said that she is not pulling the kids off TV because the hoards of paparazzi would not go away. She constantly complains that she is hounded by these evil people. She even did a dance to Lady Gaga's Paparazzi on DWTS. When just one man is hanging around, that really is hard to believe.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kate sends off twins


Cold, tense pick-up

Jon and Kate don't speak to each other and barely look at each other as they exchange the children in front of the paparazzi.

Jon and Kate, please get help so that your selfish vanity and anger stops filtering down directly to your children. Divorce can destroy, but not if you don't let it. The divorce is over now; this divorce is no longer about you, it's about the kids whose family you broke apart.

Kate runs errands with twins

The freebies just keep rolling in as Kate picked up a huge box of free crap/product placements from Peace, Love, World. Tuesday.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kate heads straight to NYC after working vacation in N.C.

Barely pausing to unpack from North Carolina and according to her own blog with school less than two weeks away, Kate dumped the kids in Pennsylvania and went off to New York City today to touch up her hair.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family packs up and heads home from N.C.

Yet another trip has come to an end.


Flashback No. 3: Alexis traumatized at the dentist while a camera crew films

Lots of children are afraid of the dentist when they are little. But few have to go through the experience with a camera crew just inches away from their tear-streaked face.

In this clip, Alexis' first trip to the dentist is terrifying for her. The Gosselin children were often filmed when they were at their most vulnerable. We never heard any discussion about turning the cameras off and letting them have their moment in peace. No, in fact, the camera just gets in closer when she starts losing it. A child's fears and anxieties should not be for our personal entertainment. These children should not be filmed at all, but certainly when a child is this upset, the cameras should be shut down immediately so that they can have privacy.

It's easy to say well, this was just a trip to the dentist no big deal. But it sure was a big deal for Alexis. Why are her feelings not important? Because she's three? People marganalize and brush aside children for no good reason other than that they are "just" children. But children are people and there is no good reason why they don't deserve the same exact respect, dignity and privacy you would show an adult. Raise a child with respect, dignity and privacy, and they will learn that all people are to be given the same. But disrespect a child, and they will learn to be disrespectful right back. (Incidentally, it was 6-year-old Alexis who was seen spitting on her sibling in North Carolina this week).

For the few left who think filming these children is okay, I ask you to put yourself in Alexis' shoes and think about what moment in your life terrified you the most. Perhaps it was losing someone you love, or being laid off from your job, getting a scary medical diagnosis, or breaking up with your significant other. Perhaps you cried and were upset like Alexis was. Now imagine you are forced not only to have a camera inches from your face as you experience this horror, but you then have the experience replayed over and over on a cable network in reruns, as well as DVDs for sale in Wal-Mart. It matters not what someone is upset about, only that they were upset.
To Discovery, Kate, and Jon: This was and is wrong.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reporter in N.C. says crew herds the kids everywhere, forced them to fly the kites for an hour

Katy Hall, an editor with Huffington Post, is vacationing on Bald Head island this week too and has seen and heard all about the Gosselin's trip. This is an absolute must-read. Here are some of the highlights:

  • This was no quick trip. The Gosselins have been there since Sunday, almost a week now. This was only about a week after they got home for Los Angeles, and about five days after INF shot a video of the children screaming when Jon dropped them off at Kate's house.
  • Their beach house cost them $8,000 for the week.
  • "I was sitting on the beach when they all paraded out of our shared beach access walkway with a camera crew, two bodyguards and a couple of boom guys. When the family reached the ocean they were directed to turn right around and head back to the house. One of the boys hung back, looking longingly at the water. His mom hadn't noticed, but eventually one of the crew ran back and whisked him into line."
  • On Tuesday Katy Hall saw the kids playing on the beach with the camera crew, but without Kate. Kate was nowhere to be found. (In many states it is illegal for a minor to be on a set without a parent present.). Alexis spit on one of the boys and the camera crew played rock, paper, scissors with the children.
  • On Wednesday Steve came over to Katy Hall and asked her not to take photos of the children. That's rich, Steve! What exactly are you doing when you are filming them all week long? It's okay for TLC but not for anyone else? Steve then asked Katy to delete the photos she had taken in exchange for him allowing her a picture with Kate. Kate asked Katy not to post the photo on Facebook because they are "anonymous here." Ummm, what? Your family is anonymous?
  • Steve told Kate she looked "fantastic" in her bikini and they spent Wednesday together at the beach.
  • On Thursday, the day they flew the kites, the wind was blowing 20mph. The crew struggled for more than an hour to get the kites to fly before giving up.
  • The Gosselins and crew blocked access to the beach.
  • A local called the police after the entourage stomped all over protected sand dunes. A bodyguard talked to the police.
  • On Friday the wind had died down and the family finally was able to fly a kite. Without cameras.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Crew directs Kate and kids to go fly a kite

As filming continues on the kids' endless working vacation, the paparazzi just happened to find the one beach of the thousands of beaches in North Carolina where Kate and the kids and the crew were hanging out.

A pap snapped pics of the crew directing Kate and the kids about flying a kite. The photos clearly show everyone standing around while the crew talks to them. Thought this was supposed to be reality. Remember the kite metaphor in Mary Poppins? That scene at the end where Jane and Michael's father realizes that his children need him, not the nanny, and he mends the kite and takes the children to go fly it, symbolic of a mended family. Will the Gosselins ever mend?


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kids filming AGAIN, this time in North Carolina

Truly unbelievable. After a lengthy shoot in Alaska, now Kate and TLC have dragged the kids down to North Carolina for another shoot. Another beachgoer snapped some pics. The places they've been dragged to this summer alone: Florida, New York City, Alaska, Los Angeles and now North Carolina.

Where did their summer vacation go?


Kate, what have you done with your $250,000 an episode?

As long suspected, Kate makes more money than Davey Crocket pimping her kids. A cool $250,000 an episode.

Several questions for Kate:

  • Is all that money tied up in manicures, pedicures, tanning and haircuts?
  • How much of that $250,000 is set aside for the children?
  • Why are you still telling reporters you're not set for life? You can't get yourself set for life on $250,000 an episode? Where has the money gone?
  • Do you know you make more than Betty White? Is she crying poor? Watch Kate cry poor to Billy Bush just last spring: http://www.realitytvkids.com/2010/06/kate-still-crying-poor-says-she-doesnt.html
  • Was all the estranged family and friends, the shattered marriage, the legal bills, the time away from your kids, the media ridicule, worth $250,000?
  • Do you feel good about putting a $250,000 price tag on your children's privacy?
And finally....
  • Is $250,000 how much happiness costs?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The smoke and mirrors of Twist of Kate

Twist of Kate was just TLC's way of stalling Kate and keeping her happy while they worked on getting the kids back from the jaws of Jon. That's the theory many of us have, anyway. We also think that the pilot that was filmed in November in North Carolina tested poorly with a sample audience. TLC quickly realized that Kate can't carry her own show and that moreover, the public has no interest in such a thing. But they weren't ready to cut off moneybags just yet in the hopes that they could bully Jon into giving up the kids. Sure enough, Jon gave in when enough hush money was offered, we think. What's your conspiracy theory?

Here is the timeline. Draw your own conclusions:

November 2009: TLC confirms they plan to have a new show staring Kate only to air in the Spring of 2010.

Early December 2009: Kate is caught at Finch's Restaurant's in North Carolina, full camera crew with her, filming her cooking at the restaurant. Bodyguard Steve was with her, and told people they were filming a "test" pilot.
Late December 2009: Coincidence or not, a few weeks after Kate films her test pilot (and maybe after it bombed with a test audience?), rumors circulate that now Kate is going to do her own dating show. This rumor soon fizzles out, perhaps after it was "tested" on the public and got a negative reaction.

January 13, 2010 A few more details emerge about Kate's new show. The show is to feature Kate being filmed trying out different jobs, reportedly a "firefighter." This is consistent with Kate being caught filming cooking at Finch's.

April 8, 2010 After remaining silent for months, TLC makes another announcement about Kate's two new shows. The first would be Kate Plus 8, an update show featuring Kate and the kids (Yeah, an update show that films the children all summer long, we would later learn). The second show, featuring just Kate, would be called Twist of Kate. This time, the concept was a bit tweaked from the original idea of Kate trying out different jobs. The series was to follow Kate as she travels the country to meet families with challenges at work or at home and attempt to “walk a mile in their shoes,” according to a TLC statement. The show will also give Kate a chance to “roll up her sleeves and see what she can do to help.”

Post April 8: Jon gives in and Kate Plus 8 resumes airing with the kids on June 8, 2010. A show featuring just Kate is never mentioned again.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kate Gosselin to be part of opening of Emmys

No she's not getting an Emmy. But an insider is reporting that Kate has been lined up to be part of the Emmys' opening act, which is often a comical roundup of the year's happenings in the entertainment world. Jimmy Fallon is hosting the show that will air live Sept. 28.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flashback No. 2: Kate calls Mady "awful"

Time for another flashback in our ongoing series documenting the Gosselin kids' most exploitive moments ever aired on TV.

One of the most despicable themes throughout Jon and Kate Plus 8 was the tendency of Kate and to some extent Jon to talk freely about their children's most negative behaviors and personality traits. This clip of Kate calling sweet and remarkably intelligent Mady "awful" is but one of the many examples of exploiting the children's worst moments for profit. Never a care or thought is given to how showing the children's bad days will affect them at school and with their friends. Never a care or thought is given to how labeling and pigeon-holing the children could stick with them a long time, especially if it's documented on film.

In this particular clip, Kate is cooking in the kitchen and has started without Mady. Mady eventually comes down from her nap. Mady is upset because she says that Kate promised to come wake her up before she started cooking. Kate, however, plays with semantics and says she only promised to "come get" her, and that since Mady was sleeping when she went to get her, Kate decided not to wake her up. Mady is understandably irritated. Kate tells the camera that Mady can be "awful" after waking up from a nap, and goes on about how she needs her sleep. Then she makes a sour face at the camera as Mady continues to whine. Mady gets her back though by eating pretzels directly off the floor with a defiant smirk at her mother. Go Mady.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: Sugar Rush, Season 2 Episode 6, 11/11/07.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Kate takes the kids for a haircut, films it all

After flying below the radar for several days after this disturbing video of the children wailing for Jon was released, Kate has emerged to take the kids out for haircuts today as part of filming. Maybe Team Kate decided haircuts was a nice neutral thing to do for her first appearance since that debacle.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rep. Murt doesn't need this for publicity

Rep. Murt doesn't need to worry about votes because the 152nd District has voted Republican in every single election it has ever held.

Hearings on reforming PA's child labor laws will be held Sept 23 in Harrisburg:

At the urging of a reader, it's time to address the illogical and really, laughable accusation that Rep. Thomas Murt, who is pushing for more restrictive child labor laws in PA after what has happened to the Gosselin kids, is just doing this for votes, for publicity, and for the upcoming election in November.

A few points to consider:

1. Murt is a state representative up for election every two years. Because these terms are so short, most people in his shoes campaign constantly. So whether he pushed for this legislation now, six months from now, twelve months from now, or two years from now, you could always accuse anyone who is a representative of just campaigning for votes at any time throughout their term. When you are never not campaigning, than you can never do a thing without being accused of trying to get votes. If his term was six years or even four years, this might be a point worth discussing.

2. Contrary to what Kate apologists want you to think, Rep. Murt, a Republican, doesn't need votes. You've heard of red and blue states in national elections. Everyone expects that New York will always vote Democrat and Oklahoma will always vote Republican. But a swing state is a state that is "up for grabs," it could vote either Republican or Democrat. The same concept applies to Pennsylvania's districts. Rep. Murt represents the 152nd District. This District is not a "swing" District by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, a quick glance at the historical data shows that the 152nd has voted Republican in every single election it has ever held for that seat. The first election for this seat was in 1969 (prior to that it was an appointed position). After that, the seat was held by a variety of Republicans, including the present representative, Murt. There have been more than thirty-five elections since 1969 for this seat. The Republican won. Every single time.

3. Let's take a look at Rep. Murt's last election for this seat in 2007. He won by a landslide 60% of the votes. While 60% may mean you fail the test in grade school, in the political world that number is overwhelming. Presidential elections lately are usually won by narrow margins. Many elections are like this. So just to give you an idea of how significant that percentage is, the last time a president won with more than 60% of the votes was Richard Nixon's overwhelming landslide re-election in 1969 where he got 60.7% of the votes, more than three decades before the Gosselin kids were even born. Many elections since then with lesser numbers have also been called landslides. Tom's last election was of course a landslide and will likely be another landslide this year, too, so he has nothing to worry about.

4. Is there some remarkable candidate up for the seat that could change four decades of consistency for this District? Not really. Rep. Murt's opposition this year is no opposition at all. Bob McGucklin is running as the Democrat for Murt's seat. McGucklin is only 32 years old (although he looks about 22) with a new wife and baby. He is a new lawyer, and has no political experience. He has spent his entire career working for a law firm. He and Rep. Murt are both Penn Staters and are both Catholics, so he's not going to get the Penn State vote or the Catholic vote over Murt. Best wishes to Bob, this will be a good way to get his feet wet and to practice for future campaigns, but he has no chance against Murt this year Gosselins or not.

There's no way of really knowing what Murt is really thinking. But before dismissing him as yet another politician out to get votes, it's important to take a look at the history of his District and to understand that Rep. Murt could sit around all day spinning plates above his head, and he would probably win his seat every single election as long as the man remains a Republican. If Rep. Murt is just doing this for votes, hopefully someone has tapped him on the shoulder and reminded him that he doesn't need votes. Unless he's planning to join Obama's party any time soon.

One final note. Politicos like Rep. Murt are the envy of most politicians. He can champion whatever causes he is most passionate about without worrying about votes. One of the biggest complaints of our political system is that politicians only jump when there are votes in front of them. Since Murt is one of the minority in a position where votes don't matter that much, he can pursue whatever direction he wants. For whatever reason, improving child labor laws in his state is one of his passions. We hope something better comes out of this for these kids and for any kids involved in future productions in PA.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Star and twin Mary-Kate Olsen feels unconnected to her childhood, says she was like "little monkey performers"

Former child star Mary-Kate Olsen has finally broken her silence about her childhood as an actress on Full House with her twin sister Ashley.

  • Mary-Kate said she and her sister were like "little monkey performers."

  • "I look at old photos of me, and I don't feel connected to them at all. I would never wish my upbringing on anyone."

  • And it sounds like Mary-Kate would support therapy for the Gosselin kids as they go through this: "I think it's really important to be able to talk when something's wrong. I learned at a really young age that if you don't talk about it, it can drive you insane."

The Olsen twins made a staggering 188 episodes of Full House, never missing a single one. At the same time, they made several straight to video feature length movies. They went on to produce and star in other series when Full House wrapped. They had a clothing line, books, fragrances, magazines, and dolls, all before they turned 18. They missed their prom because they were working.

Mary-Kate is a very successful fashion designer today. A Kate apologist might put her in the group of child stars who managed to come through their childhoods just fine and use her as proof that celebrity has nothing to do with whether a child will grow up and have issues. But Mary-Kate is a perfect example of how just because a child star happens to not have any major problems now, doesn't mean they didn't have a bad childhood. Fortunately for Mary-Kate, she has managed to turn out all right despite her childhood. Good for her.

Sadly for the Gosselin multiples, lessons weren't learned from the Olsen twins who came before them more than a decade earlier.


6th Birthday surprise & Home Roost: Plus More Discussion Thread

Blech. TLC is not content to just leave the first two episodes of Kate Plus 8 well enough alone. Now they've gone back to the editing bay and added a bunch more footage and are rebroadcasting them today on TLC.

Discuss if you want.....still debating whether to recap this shameless garbage. After watching this disturbing video yesterday, feeling a bit burned out.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daddy don't go: Kids hysterical and distraught to leave Jon

After a brief visit with Jon after their trip to Alaska and L.A., Jon dropped the kids off at Kate's yesterday. This disturbing video shows kids in hysterics not wanting to go.

And the "rumor" that Jon is forced to drop the kids off at the end of the driveway again appears to be true. This is the second time Jon has been seen at the end of the driveway for a drop off. Jon and Kate should please pick a neutral location to pick up and drop off the kids. This business at the end of the driveway sends kids the very unhealthy message that their beloved Daddy is an outcast not worthy of gracing the front door.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Jon takes kids to arcade

Jon had the kids this weekend after they've spent the better part of their summer on the road filming with Kate in Florida, then New York, then Alaska, then Los Angeles. He took them to an arcade The Works in Wyomissing.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flashback No. 1: Collin is constipated on national TV

We're going to do something new thanks to a suggestion from the masses. Sometimes it's easy to forget everything these eight kids have been through over the years so their parents could have their show and their fame and their money. Most of us believe filming has been way too intrusive and that the money has been grossly mismanaged (they still don't have adequate college funds, Kate?), but let's take a look at some specific examples. This might be helpful anyway when trying to explain to a newcomer (or apologist) why this show has been so negative for these exploited kids. So when news is slow, we're going to do little flashbacks to the past. Little Collin covering his face in public all the time suddenly makes a lot more sense when you look at the long, five-year history of what they've been through.

First up, in one of the most egregious examples of exploitation ever aired on this show, little Collin is having some constipation issues. How do we know this? Well, because Kate and Jon told us all about it. On what planet would it ever be okay to talk about your child's bowel habits with three million strangers? Collin, who was three at the time, is nowhere near old enough to consent to such information about him being disclosed. Not only is the child dragged to a furniture store to film an episode when he's extremely uncomfortable (he is seen just sobbing), but Jon removes his impacted bowels on national TV. All the while Kate sits around wondering which beds to pick. As if TLC didn't already pre-approve which beds they would get and paid for them all.
Jon and Kate Plus 8: Babies and Bedrooms (Part 1), Season 2 Episode 9, 11/26/07.