Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kate's right back to cashing those 8 little paychecks

After dragging the kids all across the country the better part of the summer filming and collecting the proceeds, Kate's right back to her normal routine on Saturday. Kate hit the spa and tanning salon in Reading for more than three hours today. Are the college funds filled up yet, Kate? And how did the paps know to find you here? They certainly couldn't find you in L.A.

Friday, July 30, 2010

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We've gone to the dark side and finally joined the Twits. Mostly because it's easier to follow Jon's slacking if we have an account, ha.

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Kids back home in PA

After Kate has made them work most of their summer in New York, Alaska, and Los Angeles, the kids are finally home, Steve and Ashley and another bodyguard with them. And after weeks of sad faces, look at this, kids beaming away as they finally set foot on Pennsylvania soil after two weeks on the road!
They sure look happy to be back on their stomping grounds, back at their own home and own swimming pool. Here's hoping for a carefree, quiet, private August for them before they're back to school.

Jon spotted in Orlando

Thanks to a tipster, we've learned Jon was in Orlando, Florida today. No kids, outside a 7 Eleven on Kirkman Road, downing a red cherry slurpee. Jon was last spotted in Los Angeles a few days ago when the kids landed there with Kate.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's Jon doing while Kate is working the kids to death? A lot of nothing.

Kate's been to Alaska and now L.A. with the kids this week. Just last week she took them to New York during a heat wave for filming. Shortly before that, she dragged them down to Florida to celebrate their birthday and film some more. Sure is a lot of filming for just a few sporadic "updates." Yeah, right.

So what is their father doing while his children work, besides collecting his hush money from TLC? Well, Jon's official Twitter account is very revealing. On June 20, he tweated that he has "decided to tweet about my life. Kids are great and I am fine. thank god last year is over. constant reminders. oh well. who cares?"

Six weeks later and we now know what this twit has been doing with his life:

7/27/10: Asked fellow Twitters if they liked Inception
7/26/10: Watched Green Zone (Matt Damon)
7/23/10: Watched Cop Out (Bruce Willis) with girlfriend Ellen.
7/23/10: Walked Ellen's chihuahuas
7/23/10: Ran some errands, went swimming
7/23/10: Played Farmville on Facebook
7/22/10: Watched The Wolfman with Ellen
7/21/10: Watched E.T.
7/20/10: Relaxing
7/20/10: Did some online surveys for pay. Says he makes $1-$5 a survey.
7/19/10: Watched Bounty Hunter
7/19/10: Got puppies on Farmville
6/30/10: Played Mafia Wars on Facebook
6/14/10: Had lunch with friends at the W hotel.

We have two words for Jon. The first starts with D. The second with B. Stop sitting on your butt while your children work their summer away to make their "father support" payments to you every month. You're supposed to pay the child support, not the other way around.
While Jon screws around on Facebook watering virtual crops and building barns, and gets up to speed on all the latest and greatest crap-ola movies, his kids are being dragged around the country pissing away their summer with a film crew in tow, and only making 15% on all this. Jon had our support for so long. He's burned that bridge now.

Now Kate's dragged the kids to L.A. ... will they get to see Daddy while they're here?

When will these kids get to enjoy the house and pool they worked hard for? They were just in L.A. in April. Why do they need to be dragged here again? Oh, right, for the show. Photos from LAX on Wednesday morning, straight from Alaska.

Alexis covering her eyes now ....

Aaden makes a mean face at the camera ....

Bodyguard holds Aaden by the wrist ....

Meanwhile, Jon was spotted out yesterday at Marie Callender's near Wilshire Blvd. We hope he'll get to meet up with the kids while they're in L.A.

Why does Kate keep burning bridges?

Last week Kate's former Dancing With the Stars partner told a reporter that he hasn't heard from Kate since his heroic effort to turn her into a halfway respectable dancer failed miserably. This comes after months of reports that Kate wanted him fired and walked out on him numerous times (one time of which was shown in an episode). "She hasn't stayed in touch with me," Tony Dovolani said unequivocally. Another person left behind in Kate's wake.

Now we're hearing reports that the Dancing With the Stars cast is planning a reunion get-together. And Kate's not invited. Seems the cast doesn't think she deserves an invite when she never bothered to keep in touch. Add them to the laundry list of people Kate wants nothing to do with anymore: The grandparents, Jodi, Kevin, Beth, various nannies and helpers, and Jon. Heck, even the dogs.

As a celeb, it's never a good idea to burn bridges. Actually, it's usually not a good idea for anyone. You never know how these people might help you out further down the line. So why does Kate keep doing it? Some possibilities:

  • Narcissism. This personality disorder, at its core, is extreme self-centerdness. Therefore, people are of no use to a narcissist unless they are feeding their self-centerdness. Once that other person wises up and no longer allows the narcissist to use them, a narcissist will discard them and move on to the next person to suck the lifeblood out of. And so on and so on. A narcissist is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends. They also lack empathy--they are unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others. Therefore, estranging a person is all in a day's work to a narcissist, not thinking or realizing how heartbreaking being cut off can be for the other person (for example, Aunt Jodi.)

  • Stupidity. Kate thinks she can navigate this world of publicity the way she wants to do it, not realizing to nurture and maintain your celebrity, you need the help of others. People like the DWTS contestants.

  • Laziness. Kate has repeatedly been shown to be a lazy person who is waited on hand and foot and delegates the work to everyone else then not only takes credit for it all, but pretends that none of those people ever did any work at all and that most of them don't even exist. Calling, texting and emailing to maintain at least a casual friendship takes work she is not willing to do.

  • Arrogance. Kate believes her own publicity. She believes she brought in all the extra viewers to DWTS and that it had nothing to do with Erin and Pam and Evan as well. She believes she is a bigger star than any of the DWTS dancers or contestants put together, and therefore, has no use for them.
Kate's last few remaining fans still waving the tattered flag will say, "How dare you assume such a thing. You don't know the reasons why she doesn't talk to these people. They could be toxic for her and the kids!" Well, maybe, if it were just a few people she has estranged. But this woman pops them left and right. Are we really to believe that all those people are toxic, and Kate is in the right? Fool me twice shame on me. And if Tony Dovolani were a toxic person, wouldn't the long list of partners he has danced with before and their big mouths said something by now? Instead we've heard nothing but good things about Tony since season one of DWTS. It's Kate who is toxic, not the other way around.

Food for thought for Kate: If your eight children are watching the way you treat people, they are also learning how they should treat people. What makes you think that when they see you react to something you don't like by estranging their grandparents, relatives, and friends, they won't grow up and do the same to you when you do something they don't like? Keep on burning those bridges, Kate.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kids still working in Alaska

When I go on vacation, I like to rest and relax. Not end up more tired than I was before I even went. The kids looked exhausted getting off the bus at the hotel this weekend with Kate and Steve. Hopefully it was because they had a day full of fun, without cameras.

To Bonnie Fuller: Trips and money are not what makes a good childhood

No, what makes a good childhood is parents who are always there for you, doing the simple things together with the family (whether it's skipping rocks at the lake, or picking strawberries, or cooking supper together), consistency, and most of all the opportunity to grow and learn and discover the adult you are slowly becoming in privacy.

Bonnie Fuller, editor of and a long-time writer for several similar publications, has written an interesting article claiming that she wishes she were a Gosselin kid. Actually, we think this whole thing could be tongue in cheek. But we're going to deconstruct it anyway, because it's just that outrageous we can't let this one go! (It's so hard to believe she's a Canadian, they're usually not this self-absorbed.)

Bonnie says: "There are far worse mothers in America, I can assure you than the infamous mom of eight. If you want to get all worked up about negligent mothers then I can direct you to the pages of The New York Post."

We say: The fact that there are many other mothers much worse out there does not make the child exploiting Kate does to her kids right. There are many different kinds of bad parents, and Kate is just one kind. This is like saying because there is a giant oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico, when there is a much smaller spill in a local lake we should just turn our back on it and shouldn't worry about it because far more important spills are going on elsewhere. Obviously, that's ridiculous.

Bonnie says: "And when it comes to celebrity mothers, I’m fine with you finger pointing at Dina Lohan, who should take big blame for her hot mess of a daughter Lindsay."

We say: Why is it okay with you to point fingers at Dina Lohan but not at other stage moms of children? There are a lot of other worse mothers than her out there, too, so what's the difference? What has Dina done that is better or worse than anybody else? Actually, after the huge success of Parent Trap in 1998 when Lindsay was 12, Dina got worried it would go to her head and pulled her out of the movie business and sent her back to her regular school until 2003 (she did a few bit TV parts before 2003, but that was it) when she broke back into it with another big hit, Freaky Friday. By that time Lindsay was 17, almost an adult. Lindsay is now 24 years old, and there comes a point where she needs to start taking responsibility for her own decisions and stop getting a pass because she may or may not have had a stage mom. No matter what Dina may or may not have done, her child is an adult now, has been for seven years, and Lindsay cannot be exploited anymore without her consent. The Gosselin children, in contrast, have no say right now, and won't for at least another ten years. Scary.

Bonnie says: "I want to be one of her brood. I want to go camping with Kate and Sarah Palin in Alaska. How fun would that be? Alaska is gorgeous, you can bet the Gosselins are going to get the best camp site, the best tents and the best cookout in the state."

We say: Bonnie, you are 53 years old. Your are imposing what you as an adult, as a 53-year-old educated, engaged with her world, well-traveled woman, would like to do, on the mind of a six-year-old. These children are not adults and therefore do not have the same needs, wants and desires as an adult might. An adult might think camping with Sarah Palin would be really cool. I do, sort of. It would certainly be interesting to meet her no matter how I feel about her. But these kids are just that, kids. Kids who don't care who Sarah Palin is or are impressed with that. Kids who have already been on a dozen trips just like this and have already met dozens of celebrities just like her. They are probably over it. Once you've been around celebs enough you realize they're just people--just as mean and nasty or nice, or stupid or smart, as anybody else you meet. I promise you they'll have far greater memories of camping out in the back yard a few years back with Mom and Dad than they will with some orchestrated camp-out with a washed up media whore ex-VP candidate.

Kids also don't care about the "best" of anything, be it tents or cookouts. At least not the best you are thinking. The real "best" to a kid is when Mommy helped you make the supper and Daddy helped you set up the tent. That is the best to the kid. No kid is looking at the label saying "oh, my goodness, it's a Ralph Lauren tent! This trip has now become the best!" Get a grip. You know we adults in all our materialism and how self-centered we can be could learn a lot from kids when it comes to having the "best" of things.

Bonnie says: "And who wouldn’t want to play with Willow, Piper and baby Trig?"

I'm sure they're lovely children. But they're just children. No more special than anyone else's kids. They are in fact strangers to the Gosselin kids who live an eight hour plane ride away, so why would they want to play with some stranger's kids they will likely never see again? The Gosselin kids I hope have their own friends at home I'm sure they would like to enjoy their summer with. I'm sure they have school friends they would like to invite over to swim in their nice pool if only they were home for the summer, before it's back to the regular program in the fall and life becomes too busy for a bunch of playdates. I'm sure they are missing out on many things going on at home with their real friends while they are on all these trips.

Bonnie says: "Furthermore, I’d have the cutest outfits to wear at all times, my own personal bodyguard/piggyback provider, TV production assistants willing to fetch me anything I needed."
We say: Again, you are imposing your adult desires on little children. An adult woman might want great clothes and a personal bodyguard and someone to do their bidding all the time. Sounds good to me. But kids just want to put some clothes on they can go play and get dirty in, they don't care if it's the cutest. It is creepy to want your bodyguard to give you piggy-back rides when he's supposed to be "guarding" you. It is also creepy that you even have to have a bodyguard because your mother made you so famous you could be in danger. And when you fetch children anything their little hearts desire without teaching them how to take care of themselves first, they grow up into very helpless, spoiled adults dependent on everyone. It is not helping children to treat them like little princes, in fact it is setting them up for an adulthood of entitlement and disappointment.

Bonnie says: "Who wants to grow up and THEN be starting with a bank account of zero? Kate’s kids will get a step up in life — with money they’ve already made, when they turn 21."

We say: Actually, only 15% of their money is protected from Kate's greedy hands, and even of that she may still dip in for educational expenses. Kate just said in a recent interview that even despite five years of filming, she has not set her kids up for life. How many more years of lost privacy will she require before she is financially responsible? So there's a good chance they won't have any money at all. And their money is theirs at 18, not 21. Are you saying Kate is going to try to hang onto it until 21?

Even assuming they did start off adulthood with a bunch of money, young people given a huge chunk of money who are not emotionally mature enough to handle it could blow it all in the first few years and are left struggling the rest of their lives always thinking back to that brief time period when life was set. This is depressing and leaves you with little else to look forward to--you are left endlessly searching for that same "high" you had when you had riches instead of looking for happiness in other places besides a print of Ben Franklin. And while everyone would like to be financially secure at all times, the times where you really had to work and struggle to get through it, while rough, teach you to appreciate it when you do have money and teaches you the value of each dollar, what's required in order to truly earn each dollar. It is satisfying for most people to go out and work hard and provide for their families, instead of just dipping into some huge trust fund you had nothing to do with. (Of course in this case the Gosselin children have worked so hard they deserve every last dime, except their money isn't even theirs.)

Giving a child a huge chunk of money when they are 18 does not guarantee a darn thing for them. You have to teach them how to handle it too, and I don't have a lot of confidence that Kate the manicure and tanning queen is doing that.

Bonnie says: "If I were one of Kate’s kids I’d say thanks mom, for giving me an ultra exciting childhood, adventures and experiences I never would have had as the daughter of the average nurse, and for setting me up with some financial freedom, so that I could pursue the career or passions I wanted, instead of having to scramble for dollars when I was a young adult!"

You can pursue the career or passions you want regardless of how much or how little money you have. It is sad that you think that passions and careers are bought, not worked hard for. A passion is not stopped by lack of a trust fund. Few adults start out with any money, and yet somehow many adults manage to make their way. If you are serious about it enough, you will make it happen, no matter what it takes. And often it's the journey there, the "scramble" as you claim it will be, that builds character and teaches priceless life lessons. Many a once struggling actor has said they look back fondly on the "rice and beans" days when they really discovered how much they truly wanted to do what they loved. If you can't make it work without money, then that career probably really wasn't for you in the first place. It wasn't really a passion.

Sadly, the daughter of the "average nurse" probably has it a lot better than these kids. She still has her privacy, still sees her mommy every day, still has her extended family and all her friends, and doesn't have to worry about going into a grocery store and seeing Mommy on the cover with speculation of an affair with the bodyguard splashed across the headline. Are you saying unless you have what the Gosselins have, your childhood will be bad? Many children thank their parents for a wonderful childhood even though that childhood did not include trips to Florida, Alaska, or New York. I did. A childhood can be full of adventures and experiences without all the celebrity hoopla baggage. A "trip" is not the only experience there is to offer in childhood. There are many more important ones that don't cost a dime.

What makes a good childhood is parents who are always there for you, doing things together with the family (whether it's skipping rocks at the lake, or picking strawberries together, or cooking supper together, you fill in the blank), consistency, and most of all the opportunity to grow and learn and discover the adult you are becoming, in privacy.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kate and Steve ditch the kids on Alaska vacation

Photos have emerged of the kids out in Alaska on Firday with cute little huskey stuffed animals....seeing the sites with a bodyguard (someone other than Steve) and a nanny or production person we don't recall seeing before (revolving nannies again?). No Kate or Steve in sight. Kate has truly arrived. She has become one of those rich Stepfords who go on vacation only to leave the kids behind while she does her own thing. We have looked high and low for a photo of the children smiling on this trip, because if there was one, we'd post it. But this circus act just keeps looking sadder.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Passenger snaps some photos of cameras in their faces at airport

Passenger also reports two of the kids threw up on the long eight-hour flight.

Another bystander forced to endure the spectacle that is the Gosselins has posted some pictures and a recap. The photos show the camera crew literally hovering over the children in the airport, as well as several other passengers staring and taking photos of them in the background like it's monkeys in a zoo. So dysfunctional.

Says the passenger who traveled with the Gosselins on their flight to Alaska:

  • Two of the kids threw up on the plane. Aw.
  • The flight was a whopping eight hours, a new nonstop flight from Philadelphia to Anchorage.
  • Everyone in the Gosselin entourage was up and down so much during the flight this passenger couldn't get any sleep.
  • When Kate wanted the kids to move, she simply told them "Walk!"
  • The kids didn't seem to mind the camera crew. This has become that normal for them? Scary.

Production guides Leah where to go in Anchorage

Still in Anchorage on Thursday, Kate and the kids were spotted at yet another touristy gift shop only outsiders actually go to, Once in a Blue Moose, in the heart of the city.

An interesting photo from the day shows a production assistant with a clipboard putting his hand on Leah's back, apparently trying to guide her to stand somewhere. Oh how real this reality show is. If this were really about reality, shouldn't production refrain from interacting with them at all?

We think the kids continue to look exhausted, as does Kate with her tall coffee. Well, traveling the country for work all summer is exhausting, no wonder. Meanwhile, sources are saying Kate is planning a camping trip with other media famemommy Sarah Palin. You betcha.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Paparazzi just happened to be at the Alaska Zoo

So how did the paparazzi know to show up at the zoo at the exact same time Kate dragged the kids there? Professional photos have emerged this morning of Kate's trip to the zoo with the kids.

We think a trip to Alaska is wonderful. Go ahead, take the kids to Alaska. Just a couple questions for Kate:

1. Why do you have to film it?
2. Are the college funds paid up yet? You just told us they weren't. I wonder if the kids will be glad they went to Alaska this week when they are 18 and get the first tuition bill they can't afford.
3. Why do you have to take the kids on three huge trips in three months? Aren't they tired? Are these the faces of jet-lagged kids? Or perhaps just kids worried about how they will pay for college. Sorry kids, your college tuition has been invested in airplane tickets, hotels, and Mommy's boobs.

The Alaska trip details--the zoo and a fair (Why are vacations always filmed again?)

The cat's out of the bag. Kate has dragged the kids to Alaska for filming this week and tried to do it on the down low. But Alaskans ain't having that. Thank you, Alaskans! And thanks for your decent child labor laws. What foresight you have. Of course I always figured a state so close to Canada some of their awesomeness was sure to rub off on ya.

Thanks to some observant Alaskans, or as CNN would call them, iReporters, who managed to find an internet connection up there and get on Twitter, we know a little more about the trip now: Kate and the kids and Steve and another bodyguard and at least two nannies were spotted at the Alaskan zoo where the kids noticed the tourists taking more pictures of them than of the caged monkeys, oh the irony.

They were also seen at the Alaska State Fair. I wonder if they show 4H dairy cows there too.

And also outside a touristy gift shop with Steve on his cell. Maybe he's calling Sarah Palin to set up a playdate?

So basically the entire premise of Kate Plus 8 is let's watch the kids go on various vacations and get chickens? Got anything original, TLC?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kate and all the kids spotted in Anchorage, Alaska--Child labor laws limit hours and require STUDIO TEACHER

Thanks, Twitter!

No, it's no joke. All eight kids are continuing their working summer vacation in Anchorage, Alaska and were seen with Steve and Kate at a touristy shop The Ivory Exchange. And where is their studio teacher as required by Alaska state law?

We can report that Alaska's child labor laws are actually...not too bad for a state that doesn't see very much filming of minors. Although we can't find anything about compensation, children ages 6 to 9 may only work a total of six hours per day during the summer months, and must have at least one hour of rest. They must not spend more than eight hours at the place of employment. (How does that work when the place of employment for a reality show is also the place you are visiting??) These hours include travel time. When school is in session this age group may only work for four hours with an additional three hours set aside for schooling and one hour of rest.

A parent must remain with the child at all times. So when Kate left the kids with the workers to build the chicken coop in Pennsylvania, legally she could not do the same thing in Alaska.

Alaska requires a studio teacher on set unless they can show they are employed at a fixed location (how can this be a fixed location on a travel trip across Alaska?) and the employment does not interfere with schooling. Sounds to us like they must have a studio teacher.

Is TLC state hopping to film these kids? Are they running from PA's child labor laws? First Florida, then just last week in sweltering New York, now Alaska.

Our slueths have also discovered that Ashley, Carla's daughter and a babysitter, was brought along on the trip to help. The flight was eight hours long, and Ashley was not given a lot of notice by oh-so considerate TLC and Kate that she was coming along. We're talking two hours notice before she hopped on the plane. Perhaps they are keeping these trips very secretive so as not to alert the blogs. We sniffed them out anyway, ha! We can also report the trip is scheduled for Tuesday 7/19 through this Friday, 7/23.

Questions for TLC. TLC have you:
  • Obtained and filed work permits with the Alaska Wage and Hour Administration and a Worker's Compensation Certificate?
  • Made sure you're following hourly restrictions? Kids can only work 6 hours a day including travel time. Tick-tock.
  • Followed Alaska's safety restrictions on set? Ironically enough, they have a laundry list of restrictions regarding the operation of power tools by children. In sum, you can't operate them! Best not be building no chicken coops.
  • Obtained a studio teacher on set???

Our new look is here! What do you think?

While Kate has gone into hiding for going on nine days now for a little nip/tuck (allegedly!), we too have been hard at work on our appearance. Even we have our superficial moments, just not as many as some people we know.

Amazingly talented and creative PA local Emily Anthony, a professional caricaturist, designed the new above banner mostly by herself with just a tiny little input from us. Sort of like how Steve put in his two cents when Kate got her boob job. Emily was also once a fan of the show and has since seen the error of her ways, tee-he. This banner is sort of her statement about how she feels about the situation--and I think she sums it up famously.

She's got a web site, Facebook page, the works, so check her out. No I'm not getting kickbacks, no this is not some kind of arranged lucrative deal on the order of Juicy-Juice. No kids were exploited in the making of this makeover.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Coming soon....

A brand new look for the blog thanks to a very talented artist. You won't be disappointed.
Stay tuned....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Kids spend weekend with Jon. How did the paps know where to find them?

Jon and girlfriend Ellen took the kids swimming on Saturday:

Then hiking on Sunday:

Kate has been MIA for exactly a week now. Could Jon by watching the kids while she gets more work done?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trump confirms he is 'talking to' Kate to be on Celebrity Apprentice

Looks like it might be more money, money, money...MONEY! for Kate. And boy did she look happy about it when she was spotted out with Trump last week (right).

The Donald confirmed that he thinks Kate would be "fantastic" on celebrity apprentice and that "we are talking to her." Kate and the Donald were spotted at a Lady Gaga concert together last week in New York.

Other D-listers he might be looking to snag? Rachel Uchitel and Lindsay Lohan. Kate with those two ladies sounds like the recipe for an explosion.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tony finally admits he 'needed a break' from Kate

We can report exclusively here that Tony does keep in touch with another former dance partner of his (not Kate) and has remained friends with this former partner and her family.
And another one bites the dust. Now that Tony is no longer contractually obligated to dance with Kate, he's joining the increasingly long line of people speaking out about her. Says Tony:

"I'll be honest. I actually haven't stayed in touch with her, she hasn't stayed in touch with me." He added: "I needed a break. I got a break with my family, and she's not someone I worry about. I am more concerned with my own family."

Tony tweeted last month that he was meeting with TLC. Guess that never panned out! Maybe he didn't like the gag order they wanted him to sign. Or maybe Kate decided to estrange him before he could estrange her.

And when I met Tony in April at the one and only book signing for I Just Want You to Know, I specifically asked Tony if he keeps in touch with one of his former partners who happens to be a friend of my family. Tony said with a big smile, "Yes!" He spent the entire night grinning from ear to ear and posing for pictures with fans while Kate cried to her bodyguard in the closet.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kate Plus 8 loses more than a million viewers

Are viewers tired of watching Kate hen-peck her adorable kids to death?

The ratings are in for the second Kate Plus 8 Special "Home Roost" (a.k.a. Chicken Coop/Work Day and Kids Play). And they've taken an exciting nose dive.

Kate Plus 8 (9pm)
- 2.229 million viewers
- 1.5/3 HH
- 0.8/2 A18-49

Down from the 3.4 million it scored last month. The Next Food Network Star, Army Wives, and Entourage all did better.

Why the huge loss? Possible theories:

  • The show isn't the same without Jon being henpecked too.

  • It's fine to henpeck Jon but not so pleasant to watch the same happen to the kids.

  • Over-saturation of Kate from DWTS.

  • Kids are getting older and aren't going along with this anymore.

  • America is sick of Kate complaining how hard her lavish life is.

  • Viewers were shocked at the way Mady was treated.

Unfortunately, 2.2 million is still pretty good for a little cable network. Keep up the good work and tune out. The recaps will still be here!

(The World Cup probably had no impact on the ratings, as it was broadcast live throughout the U.S. during the early to mid-afternoon, hours before Kate Plus 8 aired.)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Work Day and Kids Play--7/11/10 Recap--Did you know? Kate does it ALL!

This episode is called Work Day and Kids Play, but hysterically, TLC doesn’t put an episode title on the screen like they just did for the episode before it. They just tell us it’s “Day 3.”

Haha, I wonder if they felt kind of stupid still insisting that Kate is working and the kids are playing after they were called on that about a million times. If the kids aren’t working, why did they obtain permits for them the last time they filmed them in New York?

Kate is “running this house by myself.” The hell she is. She’s going to make a manual for herself to help run it. I don’t even get that, nor do I want to try to understand. I mean, I guess I get making it for someone caring for your house while you’re in New York. But for yourself? You live there! In chapter one she will explain to herself how the hose doesn’t reach the picnic table.

I was a nanny once for someone who always denied she had a nanny. Two nannies. She even told a magazine once that her husband just watches the kids. It was hurtful. Because me and the weekday nanny made her house run. And her kids would be fat and watching Spongebob all day failing all their classes if it weren’t for the two of us providing them with fun and educational daily activities. I remember one Saturday me and the boys made bread from scratch, washed every car parked in their driveway (there were about five), went to Little League practice then did the week’s grocery shopping, and read a couple chapters in their book. Then I tucked them into bed with hugs and kisses. It was a good day. I wonder if it is similarily hurtful to the many people who have worked for or continue to work for Kate that she keeps telling us she is doing all of this all by herself, every last bit of it.

I wonder how much Kate thinks she can brag about her huge mansion and how hard it is to take care of it before the last few remaining fans of hers finally quit.

When something breaks and Kate has to call someone, she wants to know:
1. What did you do?
2. Why did it do it?
3. Is it going to do it again?
4. If it does how do I fix it?

I bet you maintenance people all around eastern PA just can’t wait until something breaks at her house.

“Quiet!!!” Kate screams to the kids. “I’m in charge and that’s never gonna change, so shush!” Eh, me thinks that will change. Soon. Tick-tock. Hey, remember that 18th birthday countdown a couple blogs used to have for the Olsen twins? It was kinda funny. I’m going to make one for these kids in the sidebar. Only ours is a countdown to freedom from HER.

Jamie, the “Water Filtration Consultant,” not to be confused with Jamie “the new best friend” awkwardly steps into the room at this very moment. People that have no self-awareness invite people into the house while they are screaming at their kids. They also might film this all.

“Who cares?!” a child shouts. I‘m pretty sure it‘s Mady. Mady, we ask that every day.

Kate makes the water guy feel even more awkward by yelling at him where to stand and telling him he can’t put his toolbox on the table. Is he doing this for her for free?

Kate explains their water doesn’t taste good. Well, that’s what you get sometimes when you move to a rural area. My cousins live an hour outside Chicago and while their house is absolutely gorgeous, huge, and probably at least half the price they would pay in many other places, their water tastes like slime. Absolute sewage. There is nothing they can do. Nothing except buy lots of bottled water. It’s a tradeoff.

Kate’s water softener is working, he explains. Of course it is. It’s just probably not working good enough for Kate. Clearly he doesn’t know her.

Jamie tells Kate it’s easy to take care of her water system. Easier than dancing. Tee-hee, good one! Kate can’t take a joke though and snaps, “don’t make comparisons like that!” Geez.

Mady and Cara gather the eggs and only come up with one good one. This is a good activity for them. It’s peaceful out there, and it’s away from Kate.

This is rich. Kate is willing to spend whatever it takes to buy landscaping that will block the paparazzi from seeing the kids out front. But clearly the one thing she’s not willing to do is take them off T.V. She has convinced herself that T.V. has nothing to do with it. This happens when you are narcissistic and want everything to fit in with the twisted way you see your world.

There is just one hired gun taking daily photos of her right now and we‘ve learned his name is Chris. I have a few questions for Kate. How did Chris end up on an island to catch you at the Statute of Liberty? How did Chris get pictures of the chicken coop, which is out back? How does Chris know to show up at Target and Giant to snap you shopping but is never seen anywhere else? And was it Chris whom Tony tweeted he went out to lunch with? Was it Chris who got into a limo with you once? Juuuuuust wondering.

Oh, one more thing. Kate’s own quote in her own book I Just Want you to Know, is, “I truly enjoy the media.” It’s not me speculating she enjoys this attention. She said so herself. She loves it. She loves it more than her kids’ privacy, that’s for sure.

Oh, there’s Steve. Who is he body guarding?

As many have speculated, they probably want these trees so blogs like us won’t be able to document as easily how much they are exploiting the Dionne kids….sorry, Freudian slip! Gosselin!

Some more people come to spray wash the house and Kate is still gabbing about her stupid manual. I give it six weeks before somebody publishes this drivel. More questions for Kate: With all these people roaming the property helping her out, how does she figure she is doing this by herself?

Kate is awfully concerned about the kids touching the power hose and even makes Collin draw a chalk line near it so they won‘t go over there. But she wasn’t concerned about Alexis using a power screwdriver to build the chicken coop? I don’t think she was even there--she went inside to “cool off.“ If it’s fine for a six-year-old to use power tools, why did TLC cut this scene out at the last minute? Wonder if a set teacher or child advocate on a set would allow children to be around a hot and dangerous power washer or use power tools. The interesting truth is that real films use stunt doubles when a child so much as has to jump into a haystack. It is not worth the backlash if a child actor ever got hurt doing something remotely dangerous. Think about it, do you ever hear about children being hurt on a set? No. But you do see kids doing lots of dangerous stunts in the movies. That’s because it’s all fake. But those set rules don’t apply to this set.

Just a really quick story from a set I was on. There was a scene with some guns. They had some kind of blanks in them, not too dangerous. The handler in charge of the guns was so hyper protective of the guns for safety reasons. He wouldn’t let anyone touch them or even go near them. They were brought out only for the scene then quickly given back to him between takes. It was taken very seriously. Unloaded guns! They take even the slightest possible danger on sets very, very seriously.

Collin goes to ask Kate how to get his car across the hose. Kate snaps, “Can you just go? Okay bye-bye! Everywhere I go I’m mommied to death.” Collin retreats, his question unanswered.

Collin goes back to the cars and the kids and tries to figure out this problem and still can’t. He goes back to Kate a second time. This time Kate screeches, “Your snack and popsicles are coming I have to pee please let me go!”

Collin starts crying. Aw, baby. Finally, no idea how long later, Kate tells him he can just drive over the hose. For pity sake.

Kate stands around watching everybody else do the work at her house. Kate finally tries out the hose a bit, and is totally rude about it and then screeches, of course.

Mady and Cara are back gathering eggs. They find one. One. I don’t know if the cost-benefit of this coop is going to pay off the way Kate thinks it will.

Yawn, Kate is inside and explains her manual. Who’s watching the kids? They bought sixteen hens? That coop is not that big! Seriously how many hens do they suggest for that little thing?

Oh, my God. The hens pecked the rooster and there is blood. For those who didn’t grow up in rural America as I did, chickens will peck and peck at a chicken that is different than them until they kill it. Just like kids will peck and peck at a kid different than them. I hope school is going okay for these poor exploited kids.

Kate needs therapy, I’ll say it. “There’s possibly some irony? We’ve got issues with roosters.” It’s not funny. It’s an insult on the children’s father. Are you telling me the children will never watch the show and never hear that? Never insult your children’s parent, there isn‘t a therapist out there licensed or not who would say that‘s okay. It is incredibly hard on kids. It causes horribly confused loyalties. And eventually kids will realize that half of them came from that parent and will wonder if Mommy really loves Daddy’s half. It’s obvious to anyone with the emotional maturity of a slug how sick and twisted it is to do this to your kids, I need not go on.

The real irony is Jon actually was hen-pecked to death and that’s why he couldn’t take it anymore. Now she has no one to hen peck but the children, and eventually they won’t be able to take it anymore either.

They are gathering eggs and Kate holds up a small egg and at first says, see this one that’s smaller this is a new egg! I start hysterically laughing, because it sounds like Kate actually thinks that eggs start off small and then grow if you water them a little. Then she corrects herself and says this is laid by a new, young chicken who is small. Ha, that makes more sense.

“Excuse me children we’re in chicken school!” Kate shouts. Remind me never to send my kids to that school.

“I don’t want to do it. I know how to do it!” Mady snaps irritably. Once again Mady is right on. Mady is the one going out to the chickens to tend them. We saw her do it twice already with a smile on her face, no Kate in sight. Kate can’t just breeze in and try to exert control of a situation that she had nothing to do with in the past and expect everyone to go along, especially when Mady has been the one doing the actual work this whole time. Mady probably knows way more than Kate when it comes to the chickens anyway. Once again, point Mady. And Kate sucks.

I really can’t stand people like that, you know? People that breeze in and tell you what to do then breeze out but never actually pull their weight in anything. A lot of jobs have people like this. These people are lazy and never make it past middle management. Or past being a washed-up reality star. These people feel better about themselves by pretending you’ve done nothing and know nothing and they know it all and have done it all.

The kids are struggling with the hose again. “I’m about to go crazy I need to get out of here!” Kate bemoans. “I just can’t take it! It’s like working with a bunch of …. Kindergartners!“ She actually screams. She finally goes over to the hose herself like I suggested she do last episode. Kate later tells us on the couch she didn’t mean that. But what’s more important is did she cuddle her kids and kiss them and explain to them she didn't mean that?

She reminds us it “all rests on me. All, all, all.” No it fucking doesn’t, Kate. Shut up already.

Kate made all kinds of egg dishes for dinner. Ew, egg salad on a hamburger roll? Sure enough, “First dinner was disgusting,” Mady tells us. Cara, bless her little heart, says she loved it.

And you know why Mady is the best child in the world? Because even though she really thought the dinner was disgusting, she doesn‘t tell Kate that. Instead she says, “We‘re very, very appreciate when you make stuff for us.”

Some people think this line was scripted. I don’t at all, and here’s why. Mady is sick of this shit. She’s beating to her drum now. I simply do not believe Mady would be willing to say a line, any line, for the cameras. She’s gonna say what she’s gonna say and if you don’t like it, you can edit it out. She’s a wonderful, intelligent child who doesn‘t deserve to lose her privacy like this. Sad.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home Roost Recap: Kate's no Ma Ingalls and that sure ain't a LITTLE house

Coming up on Kate Plus 8! Kate screeches, the kids are finally old enough to realize how annoying she is (yea!), and if Kate is going to make obnoxious chicken clucks throughout this entire episode I don’t know how long I will last. It’s actually not the clucks that bother me. It’s that she thinks she’s hysterical.

The episode title says it’s called “Home Roost” but the TV guide says it’s called “Chicken Coops.” Eh, neither is all that creative. Try again.

Yup, Kate is going to cluck and cackle throughout this episode, I guess I'll have to just accept it. She is literally just throwing in cluck sounds in mid-sentence. There’s been a lot of concern the past few weeks about how Kate sort of seems to be …well, losing it lately. You know, with the uncombed hair and the bare feet and the lollipops. Quite honestly I think she’s just trying to stick it to everybody, F-you. But clucking mid-sentence for no apparent reason doesn't help.

Kate says they’re going to get chickens. That’s fine, as long as they are well cared for and you don’t give them up when it gets hard like you did the dogs. At least giving up a chicken is probably not as hard on the chicken as it is on a dog. Dogs are one of the planet’s most social creatures and they get attached. My dog babysitter and very patient friend Leslie says my doggie cries for about two days when I go on vacation. Poor doggy. And poor Leslie.

Kate babbles that it’s “amazing how we have the organic space” for this project. Um, as opposed to the hazardous waste areas of the property?

I guess we’re supposed to feel sorry for Kate because eggs cost her $3.50 a dozen and she always has to buy a lot because she has eight, count them, eight kids! Three-fifty for eggs? They better be golden. I’m guess those are organic eggs. If she bought regular eggs like other families of multiples, they go on sale all the time and she could get them for 99 cents sometimes, full price maybe $1.60. This is why Kate is in the situation she is now, because she is so unwilling to slum it with the rest of us making omelets with just a sad old regular toxic egg.

There’s that Amish farmer neighbor of hers. At least I think it’s the same guy. Farmer Dan? I can’t blame Farmer Dan for associating with Kate because I assume he really doesn’t watch T.V. or read the tabloids and doesn’t realize what Kate has done to her kids. Traditionally the Amish have always been so against exploiting their kids. The few documentaries that have managed to get clearance to film, they’ve had their children’s faces blurred out. And they absolutely refused to participate in the movie of the week made about the tragic shooting at one of their schools several years ago. Good for them. Your children didn’t die so the public could enjoy a melodramatic Lifetime movie about it. My grandfather is neighbors with some Amish, they bring him vegetables and they’re good people.

That’s odd, Collin is looking really apprehensively at Farmer Dan and whispers fearfully, “He looks scary.” Surely Collin has seen many Amish where he lives. Or maybe he just has a good sense about people. He certainly has a good sense about the paparazzi.

Kate has unrealistic expectations about this project. She thinks the chickens will just be all fun for the kids. It probably will be fun for a few weeks, then it will be a chore. See, kids realize they will get eggs whether they do the chore of gathering them or Mom buys them at a store. So why do work when you will get them anyway? As long as Kate is committed to making the kids follow through on this chore. Kids in the 19th century gathered the eggs every day. They had to so they could eat. I’m sure these kids are capable.

They pick a beautiful grassy field for the chicken coop. Speaking of the 19th century, the kids prance cutely through the field and Kate opines, “Looks like Little House on the Prairie!"

Actually, it kinda does:

Except the Ma on that show had work ethic and was always home baking pies for Pa and fetching water from the creek and applying a bread poultice to her leg after she cut herself on barbed wire. All this without electricity. That Ma was in the trenches she was. I like the photo of Ma I put to the right because outwardly she is working hard but inwardly she kinda seems like she's sick of this shit.

And since Kate brought it up, I have to share this link. Little House on the Prairie meets Brokeback. Worth your time. Little House was a good show but it was so schmaltzy you practically had to wipe the drool off it. Which is exactly why it’s still so good actually.

Kate chomps away on some cud or gum or something as they pick a good spot in the horse barn to put the chickens in the winter. Ha, Kate says the farmers arrive with the assem-le-able coop. Assem-le-able? Really, Kate?

“Wanna go help?” Kate asks the kids excitedly. “No,” one of them retorts. I don’t know which one. Ha, I love these kids more every day. Sometimes they are about as sick of this shit as Ma is, aren’t they?

Kate is slowly starting to realize that eight kids means eight pairs of helping hands on the farm. Back in the olden days people had eight kids on purpose for that very reason. This chicken coop is literally coming to them on a truck in 200 different pieces. I thought this thing was pre-assembled. Coming up, Kate pretends she is running the house on her own.

We’re back! This coop is certainly not pre-assembled, or at least they don't want us to think it is. Maybe their company web site which says it is, means they assemble it for you on site?

Shouldn’t you decide which way the coop should face before you start building it? Predictably, Kate is that nightmare homeowner who doesn’t lift a finger and then says at the end of all the work, Eh, can you move it six inches to the left?

Does TLC really think it’s interesting to spend this much time watching strangers put together a coop? Kate acts annoyed that the workers/strangers let the kids go up on the chicken coop roof while she went back to the house. Well, don’t leave your kids alone with strangers and that won’t happen.

Lunchtime, and Kate is freaking out on the kids for playing with the sliding glass door. A couple of them are even in time out. What, TLC doesn’t pay her air conditioning bills?

Why is Kate in such a pissy mood? Be happy, it's more free stuff. She's gotten so complacent. Proof she is hardly ever with her own children to know these things, she tries to yank the backyard hose around to rinse off the picnic area they were eating at, only to discover the hose doesn‘t even begin to reach this far Haven't they lived here for more than a year now and she never noticed this? She then blames the hose and not her own stupid self. Then she says the house is full of half-functioning equipment and then bitches that she runs “twenty-six acres alone” and “nobody will help.”

........ Hahhahaha. Who runs this pr----sorry, hahahhahahaha. Ok, I’m good. As I was trying to say, who runs this property when she is in New York and L.A. then? Fairies? Unicorns? Kate, just stop. We know you have nannies, assistants, bodyguards, gardeners, and tons of other people making this house run. We have the photos. Also when you actually let Jon on the property he used to help out like take out the garbage, we have photographic proof of that too. You most certaintly do not run this by yourself, your kids have worked long and hard for you to afford to pay people to do it for you, so knock it off.

I also need to put in an additional hahaah because she never would have had this problem in the first place if she had just stayed at their old little house on the Andrew Ave. prairie and had been content with what was quite truly a very nice middle-class American lifestyle most people would be so lucky to have. You wanted your mansion, now you got it with all the hard work that comes with it. It’s yours, all yours! As far as the eye can see! Suck on that, Kate.

I adore six-year-olds and I nannied for one, but sometimes asking a six-year-old to help out ends up just being more energy for you. Like you think you are saving energy by asking Aaden to run up the hill and turn on the hose. But first he can’t find the end of it anywhere and is running all over the place like a six-year-old would. Then he fumbles around not turning it on enough and it takes him forever to finally get it right. Kate is shouting instructions at him the whole time. Yeah, just do it yourself, it‘s easier.

Back at the homestead, Mady and Cara are on the couch making fun of Kate. What’s funny is this show might be saved if it’s going to be about how the kids are slowly turning on Kate the older they get. Mady with a roll of her eyes says well, I guess we got chickens because we needed to stop buying eggs apparently??? I love how this kid is basically like “WTF” to every ridiculous thing Kate does for the cameras. If she’s this awesome at ten, imagine her at thirteen or fifteen. And imagine her tell-all.

Kate’s clucking again and the kids are looking at her like she’s a nut. Oh, that’s good to hear, the chickens were only transported 200 feet in those cardboard boxes because a neighbor was keeping them until the coop was ready. You can call off your letters to Pam Anderson and PETA.
Kate says that chicken feet are dirty. But the streets of New York aren’t? It is after all the concrete jungle just like Jay-Z says.

It’s kind of neat to see how the kids are getting older and a lot more capable of doing big boy and girl stuff like filling up a water jug for the chickens and carrying it over all by themselves. And then I catch myself and remember these are not our kids, they are not the public’s business, and we have no business finding pleasure in watching these strangers grow up. When will their lives be their own again and not ours?

Collin seems to be the one who is loving all the new responsibilities of the chicken coop the most. Collin’s a “great kid” Kate says. Yes, he is Kate. But that’s for you to know, not us. So why are you continuing to put him through this? In the meantime the rest of us will continue our normal lives, which might include a pie or two we baked for our husbands, without the cameras watching.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chicken Coops/Work Day and Kids Play -- 7/11/10 Discussion Thread

Should a six-year-old use power tools? It is cruel to transport chickens in a cardboard box? How long will the chickens last before they go the way of the German Shepherds? How many licks does it take to get to the end of a Statue of Liberty pop?

As for "Work Day and Kids Play," TLC sure is desperate to convince us the kids are just playing but Kate is working, huh! They've even made it an episode title. Too funny.

Or maybe you're not watching at all. Discuss that and more here.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Barefoot in Liberty State Park

Kate was spotted barefoot at the Statue of Liberty on beautiful Liberty Island for more filming. The kids picked up souvenirs including hats and lollipops. Mercifully they seemed a lot happier than the past few days. (And Radar online posted an absurd 20+ photos of Kate chowing down on her liberty lollipop. Weird.)

Oh, hey, remember when the paps caught Britney barefoot? Wasn't that right before her big breakdown?

But seriously folks, we've been to Liberty Island twice and up to the lady herself once (and never saw the paps waiting there to see if a celeb might show up), and we're guessing Kate finally realized that high heels are not the best foot apparel when climbing all those winding steps. Talk about ouch. Maybe she'll wear sneakers instead tomorrow.

One more thing, we remember the Statute of Liberty was not air conditioned. Sure enough, their official web site confirms our recollection, warning people that indoor temperatures can be as much as 20 degrees higher than temperatures outside and recommending visitors drink lots of water and people with respiratory conditions opt out of the climb.

Now JOEL is hiding his face from the paps!

At first we thought this was just another shot of Collin hiding from the paps. But when we looked at the other pics, we realized Collin is in white and Joel is in navy.

That's Joel hiding from the paps yesterday in New York City! One by one the kids are defecting. Keep it up, kids!

Camera crew up in the kids' faces in New York

INF has posted a short video clip of the filming in Chinatown on Wednesday in the record heat (103 in Central Park), and it's disturbing how intrusive the camera crew is. At one point Kate pulls the children aside to look at something and a cameraman approaches Hannah very closely with the camera at her level. Later, the camera impedes on poor Mady as she walks down the sidewalk with the crew. The cameraman can't even let her have the sidewalk to herself.

It looks to us like they shut the street down with a firetruck. A crew member appears to shout something to the effect of, "I got shots, shots on this side."

The kids are playing, but Kate is working, according to Kate.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kate drags kids out for another day of filming in blistering NYC

Is Alexis cringing and holding her hand up against the paparazzi?

Day two of TLC/Kate's filming trip to New York with the kids, Jamie and Steve. Temperatures in NYC have been reaching record highs in the 100s. Kate had a mic on so we know they were filming.

As they come out of the hotel, Alexis is frowning and even looking quite distressed:

She looks off to her right at something:
Then she holds her hand out to the right like a traffic guard would to make people stop. Was a pap in her face taking her picture when she's hot and tired? We wish it would stop, too, baby Alexis.

Kids filming in blistering heat and humidity, meanwhile is Kate in talks for Celebrity Apprentice?

National Weather Service Heat Advistory still in effect for New York City: Advising everyone drink plenty of fluids and stay indoors as much has possible and avoid strenuous activity. Central Park reached 103 degrees on Tuesday. Record high temperatures and humidity expected to continue through the next few days. The elderly and children are especially vulnerable.

Yesterday the kids went straight to Chinatown in New York City after their filmed train ride there, for even more filming. Temperatures were soaring high into the 90's with sticky humidity. Were they being provided adequate breaks, water, and a place to cool off? Are they complying with New York Department of Labor regulations, including obtaining permits and providing proof of a Coogan fund for each child that gives them 15% of not just the profits, as TLC says they have arranged, but of their earnings. Big difference.
Later that night guess the kids were left in the hotel with Jamie while Kate and Steve went to Madison Square Garden for a Lady Gaga concert. And who was she chit-chatting with there? Donald Trump, host of Celebrity Apprentice. Wonder if we'll see Kate on that this fall. The theme song seems to be a good description of her anyway---Money, money, money....MONEY!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kate drags kids on yet another filmed trip--are they following New York labor laws?

The camera crew was spotted out today with Kate, the kids, Steve and Jamie at none other than the Lancaster train station. The family and employees/friends/enablers are headed to New York City for another filmed vacation. New York City is supposed to be very hot and humid all week. Will there be a child advocate or set teacher on hand to determine whether it's too hot for the kids to work, and whether they have adequate water and shade?

New York is no Pennsylvania. They have strict child labor laws that must be complied with whether you live there or are just on a visit, that apply to reality show children.

As required by New York State law, has TLC ....

  • Applied and obtained permits issued by the New York Department of Labor? PA permits are no good there.

  • Obtained a "certificate of eligibility" for the kids to work from the NY Department of Labor?

  • Provided proof in the form of documentation they've established a "Coogan fund" or similar trust account where 15% of EACH child's earnings from any work they do in New York goes into said trust? Not 15% for the whole group, not 15% of PROFITS, but 15% of EACH CHILD'S EARNINGS. There's a difference.

  • Provided evidence to the Department of Labor that each child is in good academic standing?


And since apparently our word that the kids were filming this "scene" at the train station isn't enough for some of Kate's fans, here's a photo to prove it. We circled the cameraman for the Mr. Magoos out there with bad eyes.

Kate won't let Jon on property, and fights with him at new pick-up location

Last week a paparazzo reported that Jon's new pick-up location for the children was at the end of the drive-way. Apparently Kate was angry at Jon, possibly for introducing his new girlfriend Ellen to the children, and as a result Kate forbade him from coming onto the property anymore. She brings the kids down the long driveway to the gate for him to pick them up there.

We didn't report this tidbit at first because we weren't sure we could trust this we're posting it. Now we have photographic evidence:

Today, Kate fighting with Jon at the end of the driveway, reportedly over the van. Yet another hard-to-believe rumor pans out as true. We're batting 1,000 here.

I've advised many parents on complicated visitation schedules with the other parent. It can get messy when they're not getting along. Often neutral pick-up and drop-off locations can help keep things cool. But an appropriate neutral location is usually a local restaurant, park, or school. The end of the drive-way sends a clear, unhealthy message to the children that Mommy hates Daddy so much she doesn't even want him near her house. Move the location to someplace NEUTRAL if they can't be adults about this.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Even Jon's girlfriend would 'never do a reality show'

Well, at least she has some common sense.

We don't often post about Jon's female friends because most of them are pathetic attention whores, but this interview bears repeating.

Jon's girlfriend of a few months Ellen Ross gave her first interview to Pop on the Pop and dished on their first date (it was a blind date), Jon's tattoo (she was friends with the artist and referred Jon), and how Jon tries not to read the headlines (apparently unlike papa-paparazzi Kate).

As for doing a reality show? Ellen says, "No. I have no interest in doing that. I never have, never will. I would NEVER do [a reality show], that is not the direction that I’d ever want my life to go into." Sheesh how refreshing. Imagine that, someone who turns down a reality show. I guess if Ellen were in Kate's shoes, she in fact WOULDN'T do the same thing.

And apparently Ellen hasn't estranged her whole family yet. She says, "I’m very down to earth. I like to avoid drama and I have a lot of close friends and I’m close with my family. I just try to go with the flow and take things as they come to me. I’m pretty personable. I’m easy to get along with."

Hey, we like her. And we like how she is with baby Collin, who appears to be suffering the most at the loss of his privacy.

Jon to write book about having 8 kids

A Slice of Life: Jon Gosselin’s Story

Life coach Dr. Sylvia Lafair is helping him with it. The book focuses on having eight children before hitting the age of 30 and what it’s like to live the hard life that Jon lives.

Why do both these parents continue to exploit their children's privacy while they're going through a heartbreaking divorce?

UPDATE: Jon's rep Canaan Rubin says he's "considering one in the near future," but that "Nothing's being written right now."

Has Kate become addicted to tanning?

Despite spending all day on the Fourth in a skimpy bikini in the hot sun, Kate was spotted headed to the tanning booth again on Monday.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Wonder bikini?

Kate threw a pool party July Fourth with the kids. The kids were spotted playing with the chickens at the pre-esembled coop.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kate run errands before holiday

Kate was spotted pumping gas on Saturday and stopping by Famous Footwear and Bed, Bath and Beyond.