Monday, June 27, 2011

Discussion thread: Hodge Podge Dinner

Kate Plus 8
Hodge Podge Dinner
June 27, 10 p.m. EST

For the first time ever, Kate lets the kids take over her kitchen, from baking treats to planning their own meal. They are off to the dialysis center where she and the kids hand deliver baked goods to those undergoing treatment.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Recap: Chicks & Eggs: The organic Easter Bunny laid 700 eggs

Coming up on Kate Plus 8. "Easter!!!" one of the boys shouts. Gosh that’s annoying when they make the kids do that. Yes, I get it, it’s Easter. Sort of. Eggs, eggs, and more eggs. Kate is mean to Aaden about not being good at puzzles. Hm, I wonder if Kate sits around, in between tweets, pondering how an Easter bunny can lay an egg.

For the record, Kate says firmly, she didn’t have the kids this year for Easter, so they planned this episode on a different weekend. Okay, then. So, what about the film crew? So, if she did have the kids on Easter weekend, the crew would have to work a holiday weekend? This woman really thinks of no one but herself and her own motives. Also, this is a thinly veiled response to Jodi and Kevin, who said that production told the kids it was Christmas on a different day to get good reactions for filming, an accusation Kate has never actually denied. Kate is oh so very bothered by all the criticism, which is kind of fun to watch. Even more fun when she tries to pretend it doesn’t bother her at all. And by the way, for the record? I could care less if you want to celebrate Christmas a few days before or a few weeks before or heck, even in July, that is not the issue. Lots of families have to celebrate on a day other than the actual holiday for various good reasons. There is nothing wrong with doing Easter early as long as the kids are aware of it. The problem with Christmas-gate was lying to the children to try to get better footage. It was the lies, not the days.

Kate is going on and on about organic hens, and I have no clue what she is talking about. I didn’t realize hens themselves could be organic anyway, I thought what you fed them was what was organic. I wonder how you tell if it’s an organic hen, they have green feet maybe?
Kate gets out a chick hatching kit incubator and starts setting it up. The kids are starting to get very flippant with Kate, which doesn’t surprise me given how disrespectful she always is to them. Kids are watching you, watching the things that you do. Which includes how you speak to people you love. “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Hannah accuses Kate. “This is very boring!”

Even though Hannah is being rather rude to her mother, I have to say that’s my “sediments” exactly. Two minutes in and I’ve already seen enough, too, Hannah.
The kids are excited about the incubator. As usual, Kate is being a sourpuss. “I have to stuff four-gazillion eggs for tomorrow,” she gripes. Well, I see why she is so exhausted all the time now, she is constantly creating over-the-top impossible projects for herself. What do you do when you’ve created just such a project for yourself and can’t be bothered with the children? Why, put them to bed of course, which is what she goes off to do.

This year Kate, Mady and Cara are stuffing the Easter eggs with puzzle pieces. Once you find them all, you put your puzzle together to find out what your present is. Kate claims this was all her idea, but if you look around, this was actually a very popular suggestion all over the requisite Mommy blogs this spring. I’m guessing it probably originated from the talented writers over at Good Housekeeping or something. It definitely came out of New York or L.A., not stupid Kate. But it’s yet another thing Kate for some bizarre reason has to take ownership over when we know full well she probably just read it or heard about it somewhere else. Why can’t she just say, I heard about this great idea? Because I don‘t think anyone faults her for not coming up with it on her own. That’s what a mom does, listens to all kinds of great ideas from other moms or Mommy-ish sources and makes them their own.

There’s a rare sweet, natural moment where Kate stuffs some jellybeans in her mouth and Mady runs over to try to pry them out as they both fall into giggles. Then Mady asks her to watch TV with her tonight. This little girl adores her Mommy. She is ten, and these precious few years where Mommy is still the center of her universe are rapidly slipping away. Let’s hope Kate isn’t wasting it anymore than she already has. And that these moments can happen in private.

Oh, I just realized this episode is only half an hour. I can definitely do this. I hope.

They are decorating “crispy rice treats.” Kate practically stumbles over this awkward wording. What, they couldn’t get Kelloggs to sponsor child exploitation? Maybe Snap, Crackle and Pop feel for the kids as they‘ve worked their childhoods away too? Good for you, Kelloggs.

Kate has a rule, she doesn’t eat what kids make. Huh? What a dumb rule that is. And talk about cruel. When a kid decorates a Rice Krispie treat for Mommy, what a heartbreaker it must be to find out Mommy wants nothing to do with it because she‘s afraid of boogers or something.

I’m having a very hard time understanding Joel as he explains about dyeing the eggs. I have understood him before, so I don’t think it’s so much a speech problem as it is just a tired kid trying to get through his interview. He’s also bouncing around the couch, acting very uninterested.

It’s cold and windy out, the kids even talk about how cold they are, but Kate wants them to dye eggs outside. She says they can go in if they want, but what’s the fun in that? I understand it’s much safer to do this outside, but they do have a nice warm basement they could lay out some tarps on and it would be fine. Seems like just a small amount of inconvenience to make sure the kids are comfortable. This is exactly the kind of thing set teachers monitor in California, the temperature and whether it’s comfortable working conditions for a child. A set teacher would most certainly have insisted this project be filmed inside if it could. Set teachers can have a lot of power to put the kibosh on working the kids in overly hot or cold temperatures or bad weather. Here’s hoping Murt’s bill keeps chugging along.

Kate really hopes this project doesn’t stain her nails. Oh, Kate, please, I’m sure the kids would be happy to pay for some new fillers if that‘s an issue. Heck, maybe even another trip to New York to console you.

Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that actually dyeing Easter eggs yourself, which we do every year as a family, is about a million times more interesting than watching some other person’s kids do it on camera. “So much fun!” Kate exclaims, but by this time only Hannah is left braving the cold outside with her.

We’re back, and Kate is hiding the eggs around the house. Why is she putting an egg way up on top of the swing set and on top of some trellise and atop the high porch lamp, where a little kid couldn’t possibly reach it? Weirdo. Kate throws in that they go to church on Easter. Um, wouldn’t that be assumed if you’re Christian? It is our most important holiday. Why so defensive?

She hid 700 eggs! That’s about 87 eggs per child, which is insane. I am all about giving your children a wonderful Easter but why does every single thing have to be a hundred times bigger than what most normal families would do? It’s almost like Kate wants to set herself up to plead exhaustion.

Kate takes the kids to the basement for the Easter egg hunt rules. This is actually a good idea to just make sure everyone is clear. I’ve seen more than my fair share of Easter egg hunts end up in squabbles and tears. Kate has good rules here. It’s not who sees it first, it’s who touches it first, and no fighting. I agree. And we’re not dividing eggs up, you get what you get even if it’s not perfectly even. I agree with that, too, with eight kids you would spend your entire life dividing things up if everything were required to be “even,” nor does that teach kids anything about how the real world works. Kate’s way too busy twitter-twattering to have time for that nonsense anyway.

“Can we just go out now?!” Hannah demands. I hate to say “kids today!” but I would never dream of talking to an adult like that when I was that age. And I saw what happened when other kids did! This child is getting awfully big for her britches. But that said, how can I possibly blame her for this when she’s around Kate all the time? You really can’t.

Kate cannot help herself, she has to say again that the puzzle pieces in the eggs was an idea she came up with. I don’t believe that for a second, who is she kidding? The kids wreck havoc on the lawn. Collin has collected way more eggs than anyone else. Well, that’s because he was running really fast looking everywhere and busting butt. It appears to me that Kate is taking one of Collin’s baskets and throwing some of his eggs back onto the lawn. Especially since Hannah was complaining about Collin getting so many eggs, and Kate’s response was “trust me, I fixed the problem.” W…T….F. So after that huge lecture about how you get what you get, now she’s dumping one child’s eggs back onto the playing field? Silly me being all impressed with Kate’s rules, here she is breaking them. You know, with 700 eggs, even if Collin gets a lot, the other kids will still get plenty. I don’t think it teaches kids a darn thing to coddle the ones who aren’t working as hard as he is, and to punish Collin for busting butt. But then again, Kate doesn’t value hard work and busting butt. You only had to tune into Dancing With the Stars a few episodes to realize she values crying and whining your way to the top instead.

Aw, Collin. He helps Joel get an egg from a high tree by shaking it down with a stick. He’s such a sweet little guy. Hannah is still griping that Collin cheated. Um, no, he didn’t cheat, he worked hard. And he was even helping other people get eggs on the side! But I’m not surprised that the kids have learned that anyone who claws their way to the top by just working hard must have somehow cheated. I picture Kate crossing her arms and whining to Tony and the kids and anyone who would listen that Pussycat and Evan cheated away the mirror ball trophy from her well-manicured hands.

Why does the producer keep interrupting the kids to ask dumb questions? Just let them enjoy the hunt for eggs and leave them alone.

Kate is looking worse than ever. She looks tired, her skin is bad, something looks odd about her eyes. Since I saw her in person last year, and said even then I thought she was very pretty, she has really, really gone downhill. For all the money in the world, she is ruining herself. Back inside, they gather their puzzle pieces together. It took a long time, Kate complains. When you make 700 eggs for them that’s what happens.

“I’m not very good at puzzles,” Aaden says.

“Well, then you’re not going to be very good at getting a prize!” Kate replies. Sheesh!

The puzzle thing kind of goes south because they are missing a lot of pieces. But thankfully Kate finally just passes out the presents and tells them if you don’t like it you can bring it up to her at the “trading post.” Ha.

When Hannah starts to argue once AGAIN, this time Kate shouts at her, “You either live with what you have or you get nothing!” So, she’s handling Hannah’s newfound disrespectful attitude by shouting back at her disrespectfully. Good grief.

It’s typical kid fare, stuffed animals, a fire truck, drawing paper. Collin is so sweet, he goes on and on about how he loves to draw and was so happy with his drawing set. I’m sure he does, but he is also the type of kid who is always going to say he just loves whatever anyone he loves gives him, because that’s just how he is. Sweet little guy. After a little trading, the kids all ended up happy pretty quickly. Phew. They’re generally good kids, even though Kate is constantly selling them short.

Oh, yeah, I forgot about the incubator from the beginning of the episode. Um, oh those? The chicks didn’t hatch, Kate says. Ha, why am I not surprised?! Even the chicks know to stay away from Kate.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Giving Back ratings fall to 0.938 million: For third time, ratings are under a million

Despite the past few episodes doing a little better, this week's Giving Back episode dropped back under a million.

Kate Plus 8 (TLC)
- 0.938 million
- 0.3 A18-49

(If you click on the "Ratings" tag below this post, it will take you to all the posts here on ratings.)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Giving Back Discussion Thread

A sincere attempt to pay it forward after all the generosity bestowed upon them over the years, or just another ratings ploy? Discuss here.

Kate Plus 8
Giving Back, 6/20 10 p.m. EST
With so many in need, the Gosselins are giving back! Watch as the Gosselins help pack bags of food for those who are less fortunate, hand out sloppy joe's to the hungry at a local soup kitchen, and join forces with Feeding America for a local food drive.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kate to screen Giving Back episode in Tennessee

Kate was spotted in Reading yesterday running errands and posing with fans, and is slated to be in Tennessee tomorrow at the Appalachian Fairgrounds for a screening party of her "giving back" Kate Plus 8 episode.

Meanwhile, Happy Father's Day to Jon, who thankfully reportedly has the kids today. This past year he's demonstrated he seems to "get" what being a good parent is really about--and it's not money, fame, or stuff. This video, one of our favorites, is for all the daddies out there who get it ....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kids filming today without Kate present, again

Kate was still in D.C. with Mady and Cara today while a camera crew filmed the sextuplets, often right up in their faces, at home. This is at least the second time Kate has been out of state while the children were made to work without a parent on set.

How can Kate possibly claim anything about whether filming is good for them if she isn't even there to monitor what's happening?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ratings for 6 Becomes 7! and Chicks & Eggs

They took another spike....

TLC Kate Plus 8 10:00 PM 1.434.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recap: Kate's (drunken, slobbery) Night Out

Coming up on Jon and Kate Plus 8. Wait, that’s not Jon. Either that or he just got a lot blonder. Kate is sharing the couch with Jon 2.0, otherwise known as BFF Jamie. Is this anything like one of the top three ways a show jumps the shark? By this I mean, “same character, different actor.” (The other two are “they get married” and “Ted McGinley joins the cast”). Except when most shows replace a character, they at least try to hire someone of the same gender.

Jamie is literally looking into Kate’s eyes and rubbing her shoulder as they giggle girlishly about Jamie joining her on the couch. Weird. Jamie feels that Kate deserves a surprise birthday party because “she never gets time for herself.” No, this is really what she says.

Baw-hahahaha. Baw-Hahahaha. Has Jamie actually ever seen any paparazzi photos? Specifically the near daily mani-pedi, hair extensions, and tanning bed shots we used to get? Or maybe does she follow Kate’s tweets? She’s on Twitter all day long talking about herself and all the time she is getting for herself. I’ve pretty much concluded all Kate does is eat, use the restroom, Twitter, and get time for herself. More time than most moms could ever dare dream of in a lifetime.

Jamie and Ashley drive up to the house pretending this is all going to be a big surprise for Kate. They are truly terrible actors, no offense. They spend a torturous amount of time explaining to Kate they are going to NYC for a surprise party. Hey, I have the same Ray Bans as Kate, gold frames and brown lenses, slightly oversized and bowed around the face. I really love them and I’m not going to let Kate ruin them for me. I will not!

Kate’s bedroom looks like a Ramada Inn. Both in the choice of new money furniture and with all the luggage everywhere. In one breath Kate will say she practically lives out of a suitcase, and just a short minute later, she will claim she has been home more than ever this year. So, which is it? Suitcase or home? Apparently Kate wears fake eyelashes? She calls from the bathroom she’s putting them on.

They wanted to take a town car to NYC so they could talk. They can’t talk while they drive? Dumb as they are, maybe they find this to be like patting their heads and rubbing their bellies? I actually think they wanted to take a car because they’re divas and it makes them feel diva-ish. And also, they want to get smashed. Kate says of course they will take a car as she never drives to NYC. “The life of a princess,” Jamie replies. Ha! Well, I agree with that!

Oh, nice, they’re drinking even before they leave, right there in front of the kids. Kate makes some kind of raspberry margarita concoction in a blender. In college we called this pre-gaming. But by the time you are 35 this is called alcoholism.

Some of the kids are upset Kate has to leave. Cara is sobbing and naturally they zoom in on her big fat tears. I mean, why would a child being upset be a private moment and a reason to turn off the cameras? Kate says the less she is away the more the kids are upset when she leaves, and actually, I tend to agree with that assessment. Children adapt to a parent who doesn’t give a crap, and adapt right back if that ever changes. I get the yucky feeling Kate will use this reasoning to justify being away more. Instead of reassuring Cara, Kate scolds her telling her, “Come on!” and then reminds her of birthday trips Kate took Cara on before. Oh, you mean filmed working birthdays? I remember those.

Some boring talking in the car, but mostly just more drinking. When they finally arrive in NYC, it’s dark out. Kate’s eyes look glassy and as she chomps on some gum, she mutters, “Hi, what hour of the day is it? What year is it?” Well, I would say that was some successful pre-gaming.

Commercials. Adam Sandler’s new DVD is out Just Go With It. I think Adam Sandler movies are for the most part rather silly and not my cup of tea, but he is yet another celebrity who lives a normal, quiet, unpretentious life. He once asked if he could join an ultimate Frisbee game some of my guy friends were playing at the beach, and they said he was so friendly and pretty athletic. And coincidentally, just last week another one of my other friends ran into him riding bikes with his kids, and when my friend said, “hey, I know you,“ Adam Sandler stopped to chat with him for a couple minutes. Adam Sandler doesn’t act like he’s a celebrity, rather, he sincerely just wants to be another one of the guys.

We’re back. And the next day we’re at Ted Gibson’s salon. Kate is complaining they had to wait 15 minutes for the stylist to start on them and she could have been sleeping. Just a tad ungrateful, no?

Back at the house, one of the kids is coughing pretty badly. But don’t you know sick kids have to work anyway? I like Ashley right now. She says the kids have a very structured schedule and they need a break and should just have fun this weekend. I couldn’t agree more. Between school and filming and being shuffled back and forth between their parents so much, these kids work like dogs. Irony is, they are the ones who never get time for themselves, not Kate. Ashley has silly string for them, spray-on hair colors, and other fun stuff. It should be noted that the children were just being normal kids, and Ashley actively engaged them in all this mayhem. I really dislike the implication from the promos for this episode that it was some kind of when Kate’s away the mice play/kids gone wild scenario. Not at all.

Ashley spray paints the kids’ hair different fun colors and you can tell the kids just adore such unstructured free playtime; they are literally desperate for this kind of thing. Next, fun with toilet paper in the basement. These kids are really so cute when they’re not around Kate and allowed to just be free.

Back at DivaCuts, Kate and Jamie talk about all the fun they’re going to have tonight, as they get their hair done on the kids‘ dime--mind you, while the kids are at home, working. The only thing more boring and annoying than watching two unlikable reality people have a fun night out on the town, is listening to two unlikable reality people talk about having a fun night out on the town.

Speaking of jumping the shark, Real Housewives of NYC used to be a halfway decent guilty pleasure. It wasn’t ever going to do what Moby Dick might for your brain, but it was somewhat enjoyable. Now all they do is yell and scream at each other, or talk about that time they yelled and screamed at each other. It’s boring.

The kids are still having fun back at the house, this time with bubble packaging. This is a lot of waste, but in this case I don’t really care actually. They never get to cut loose and I say, let ‘em. They slide down the stairs in sleeping bags. Personally I would never let a kid do this out of fear of a skull fracture, but on the other hand, these kids should live a little.

Ashley also says the kids are only six and 10 and should be allowed to just make a mess. I think Ashley is a bystander in the children’s exploitation, and that’s not okay, but at least someone in their lives understands what their needs are. I am very reassured by the things she is saying in this episode.

Deana came to the hotel, says Kate. Huh? Deana who? You know what I hate? People who just start saying names like you’re supposed to just know who these people are. Like when your sister says, oh, Mark and I went to the beach last weekend. And you’re thinking, who the heck is Mark? She finally tells you, he’s my boyfriend! Like you’re supposed to automatically know this without being told.

By the way, Kate is drinking again. Red wine it looks like. Kate finally explains that Deana is a friend and makeup artist. She came to whore up Kate for tonight.

Up close, Kate’s skin is not that good. I only point this out because when I saw her up close about a year ago in Los Angeles, I thought her skin was radiant and flawless. Truly beautiful to a point that no amount of makeup could have created that--it was clearly mostly natural. It’s amazing how fast excessive tanning, surgeries, a stressful lifestyle and a nasty soul can destroy your skin.
Back at the working farm, human sundaes and water balloons with the kids. It’s just how you imagine. Hannah says she ate a whole entire bottle of blue sprinkles. I just threw up a little in my mouth. Are those the recycling bins from Sara Snow? They are! I recognize them by the black paint! I know we all have joked about whatever happened to those. Well, here they are. One of the boys fills the bin with water and dumps it on another sibling. If you’re not going to recycle, might as well put it to good use.

Kate and Jamie have dinner at STK. “Cocktail?” offers a waitress.

“Let’s get started!” Kate replies. Started? Um, Kate, try finished. You started drinking yesterday. Remember the raspberry margaritas? Maybe she’s at that stage in the odyssey of drunkenness we all remember from when we were 21, where it’s not just that you’ve forgotten how many you’ve had, but you’ve actually forgotten you’ve had any at all. This is about a cocktail and a half away (two for guys) from the final stage, which is when you black out sprawled across the dorm futon and fall blissfully asleep in your own vomit.

The restaurant was nice because it was quiet and nobody bugged Kate, explains Jamie. Oh give me a freaking break. This is NYC. I doubt anyone gives a rip who Kate is no matter where she parks her tanned fanny to eat. There are hundreds of other far more famous, and much more gracious and polite, celebs whom reside there or come there whom people see all the time. And wouldn’t dream of nor care about bugging.

At home, the kids are having dinner in their high chairs. No words for that. I see Ashley doesn’t believe in the same kind of strict portion control as Kate does. The kids got at least seven or eight edamames to chew on. Ashley better be careful with how likable she is tonight, she’ll be swatted away from this mess like a fly, never to be seen again.

You know those people who have that friend copying their hair, makeup, tanning, nails, and speak because essentially, they want to be them? That’s Jamie in a nutshell. Only most of the time, that friend is 17. Jamie is how old?

The kids clean up the house, how fascinating. Hannah screams at Leah and Aaden to open up a trash bag. That sounds eerily familiar.

They arrive at NYC nightclub 230 Fifth, and the bouncer asks for their IDs. They don’t have them. Kate doesn’t have her ID on her? Who does she think she is? Surely she must be confusing herself with that other Kate. The one who is living a quiet life with her husband hundreds of miles away from London and has only come out in public since her wedding like twice.

Just a smile then? the bouncer asks. Jamie smiles but Kate snaps, “You’re not getting one from me.” Welcome to 230 Fifth, Oscar.

Kate claims she doesn’t usually announce herself with cameras and crowdation. I don’t even know what she means by that, but if she’s actually trying to claim she likes to be inconspicuous, she is even drunker than I thought.

“Sometimes I have a bad attitude and I just can’t snap out of it,” Kate says. Sometimes? Try, a lifestyle of bad attitudes. They find a table and more drinks and Kate looks about as amused as you might on a trip to the gyno. Except I suppose her gyno trips were a little better than most since they turned out to be a million times more lucrative than mine ever have been, so bad example.

Some nice guy named Chris, age 24, comes up to their table and politely invites them to come downstairs and dance. Personally I really don’t like clubs and so I completely get where Kate is coming from, but when I do go, it’s nice when a guy approaches you who is actually polite and not slobbering and being a fool (the slobbering fools are the main reason I hate clubs, btw). The entire time, Kate literally sips her drink and refuses to make eye contact with Chris. As if you have to go through Jamie first before you ever get to be graced by Kate‘s eyes. Diva! And, tool!

“Where are all the 42-year-olds?” Kate demands. Well, Kate? The one or two here are busy being that awkward old guy at the club everyone wishes weren‘t there.

Finally, some 40-something guys magically appear at, you guessed it, the table right next to them! They talk about absolutely nothing. Another reason I hate clubs, because the conversation is always about absolutely nothing. Guys are usually too drunk to be interested in anything else but filling up the dead air with their voices and glancing at your breasts. One of the guys is wearing a pink v-neck Ralph Lauren, a woven bracelet and a silver cross necklace. Yeah, actor, for starters. Remember that awesome daytime show Blind Date with the little thought bubbles? Where fame-whores went on incredibly awkward dates and you got to see what they were really thinking, or what the producers tell us they are thinking. I know what the 230 bouncer was thinking anyway. “Is there a 12-step program for bitches?”

Some more 20-something guys talk to them and are really nice, but Kate bitches about how they were about ten years old. “Hey, did you want to play with matchbox cars?” Kate gripes on the couch. You know what this is like? This is like invading a retirement home and expecting to adopt a little baby there. Recalculate the GPS because you’re in the wrong place.

They continue to talk about absolutely nothing, at some point the Ralph Lauren actor licks Kate’s foot, but I kind of miss how that came about and I’m too horrified to go back and find out. Finally they go back downstairs.

“For once, I’m always with you and it’s always your world, Kate’s world,” Jamie says. For her best friend, Jamie is sure calling Kate out a lot here. But as we’ve discussed on the blogs before, a lot of narcissists have that one friend who says the same thing everybody else in their lives has tried to say (and in this case, even what a ton of bloggers have said), but for some reason, the narcissist responds to just them. I mean, how many people do you suppose have tried to tell Kate it‘s always all about her? And just ended up flushed down the drain for it. But not Jamie.

Back at home, they’re watching a movie. Ashley was glad they had a fun day because she was afraid they would be afraid to get dirty. Wonder why kids would be afraid of that. Um, who is watching the kids while Ashley does her interviews upstairs in the kitchen?

Kate takes this opportunity to share with a complete stranger, one of the old guys at the bar, how she feels about Jon. Among the things she says, it includes, “The physical body of him is still living, but he’s a completely different person.” Sort of like, he’s dead to her? Nice.

Kate’s on at least the sixth drink I’ve seen this trip and Jamie finally drags her to the dance floor. Think about it, a two day trip consolidated into 45 minutes and I’ve already seen six separate drinks. Steve takes away her drink so she can dance. Or maybe to cut her off, not sure.

“Why?!” Kate cries. She wants her little drinky-poo! Give it back, Rat Claws! Steve is here? Haha. Wonder if he’s jealous. Or, rather, wonder if Kate thinks she's making him jealous.

Of course, Kate can’t and won’t dance. She is a complete buzz kill on the floor, making weird faces at everyone else grinding and having fun. “You got a problem?“ some Jersey-Shore type guy demands. Ha. What’s his name gives her his business card at the end of the night.

Just a little tip: if you’re old enough to have business cards, you’re probably too old for clubs.

Ungrateful Kate won’t thank Jamie for this trip and refuses to say she had fun as they get into the limo. In the limo, Jamie asks in baby talk, “How many of those little drinkies did you have?”

“I’m not drunk,” Kate slurs.

“Um, okay. What are you?” Jamie retorts.

Sounds like the same conversation most girlfriends stop having at about age 22. And then they hold hands. They really do. I wonder if Kate feels that this trip was in God’s plan just like the sextuplets were.

The next morning, they’re sleeping in the same bed and clearly hung over. Since I have zero desire to sleep with anyone else on this planet other than my OH, I admit it’s very hard for me to understand a grown woman wanting to sleep together with her girlfriend at this age. I find it strange and I don't think I'm alone. I'm not suggesting there's anything sexual about this, but rather, there is some kind of weird immaturity and insecurity going on that is extremely hard to watch. This really does look like they recast Jon, it’s ridiculous. Right down to sticking her in the same bed as Kate. Look, most people have probably had a fun night on the town and woken up the next morning feeling like crap, but to do such a thing when your kids had to stay at home and work and were crying crocodile tears for you to please stay with them, I find downright disgraceful. They should be ashamed of themselves.

“I forgot how a couple drinks can zap you at my age,” Kate bemoans. In addition to acting like a lush all weekend, Kate can’t count.

While Kate is busy thinking of herself and trying to get over her hangover, the kids are busy thinking of her and planning a surprise party with cake, cards and decorations.

Kate arrives home. I feared Kate would come home and start talking about herself and her trip and not appreciate the surprise, but mercifully, she doesn’t talk about herself at all, and instead, thanks the kids, admires the cake, and asks them how their weekend was. Phew, thank goodness.

Kate wants to see the footage of the kids when they had to work without a parent present on set. Kate wasn’t worried about how unsafe the sleeping bag slide was for the kids, but rather, was horrified her good sleeping bags were used for it.

Here’s Jamie again telling it like it is, “They need that,” she remarks. Heck yeah they did. And I find it incredibly telling that she would say something like that about these kids. Why would kids ever need a fun relaxing weekend, unless the truth is that they never get such a thing? That they in fact spend most of their lives stressed out, with days full of long hours and lots of school work and work for the show, and a regimented schedule and narcissistic mother and demanding production crew? I would almost say Jamie’s trying to tell us something here, but I think she’s just being candid.

It was one of the “funnest” weekends of my life, Kate opines. Maybe next time, Jamie could get her a bunch of bachelors, Kate suggests. Subtle she is not. I can see how those casting calls would go. Uh, so, how do you feel about feet?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Discussion thread: 6 Becomes 7! and Chicks & Eggs

The Gosselin kids get to spend two holidays on camera tonight, their birthday and Easter. Watching or not watching, discuss it here.

TLC, 10 p.m, EST.

6 Becomes 7!
The sextuplets are turning 7! With only 5 days to plan, Kate is determined to have a pool party to remember with a surprise addition to the pool. But as everyone knows, pulling off a birthday for six excited kids is no easy task.

Chicks & Eggs
The Gosselins are finally sharing their Easter celebration with viewers for the first time! Watch as the kids decorate their own special Easter treat and dye their own Easter eggs. Of course,Easter wouldn't be complete without a good old fashion egg hunt.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Remarkably, Kate is still crying poor

According to Kate's tweets today, she would love to help the victims of the recent tornadoes, but she doesn't have the resources. Kate says she will pray instead.

Kate has also tweeted she does not make the widely reported $250,000 an episode, and that she won't be taking the kids to Bald Head this year because no houses are available, or enrolling them in gymnastics because it's too expensive. When a tweeter questioned why she is working today and not spending time with her kids, she told them, Moms have to work.

She has been exploiting her kids for almost seven years. Is anyone actually buying this "poor struggling family" act anymore?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ratings for Kate's Night Out spike up to 1.214 million

Was it because of slobber-gate? Although the ratings are still some of the lowest for Kate Plus 8, it was still a disappointing rise from last episode's barely-hanging-on 0.6 mil.

Meanwhile, Kate Couric took a hilarious jab at this whole mess with her parody, Katie Plus 80.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Kate’s Night Out 6/6/11: Discussion Thread

Is Kate’s night on the town with Jamie the ultimate in selling out? Is this behavior appropriate for a family show? Perhaps getting a foot-licking is Kate’s new and improved idea of making memories. Will her own fans not want to watch this with their kids? And if this is a family show, why is it on at 10 o’clock at night? Discuss here.

TLC, Monday 6/6/11, 10 p.m. EST

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dating show pilot preview

Kate is too important to carry an ID while she gets a makeover in NYC and goes clubbing, meanwhile the kids are working back at home with no parent on set.