Thursday, August 21, 2014

TLC announces Kate Plus 8 will return in December

TLC posted the following press release on their site:
You watched Kate Gosselin plan the sextuplets' 10th birthday bash in June (and have an epic meltdown) and now you can follow your favorite oversized family on their summer vacation and into the new school year. "Kate Plus Eight" will return to TLC in December with all-new episodes! This time around, Kate and her eight growing kids will travel to Boston and explore different parts of New England on a family vacation.
You'll also see the kids rounding out the final days of summer with fun activities, while Kate preps the household for another school year. Teenagers Cara and Mady start 8th grade, and the sextuplets you know and love -- Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel -- are beginning 4th grade. We can't wait to see the kids prepare for pencils, books and maybe even teachers' dirty looks, while balancing their time between friends and siblings. And you can be we'll see more classic Kate moments and funny banter from the outspoken kids.
-- Mara Betsch

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kate, Steve and kids seen filming near Boston

Several people have seen the group around Boston this week, but now someone visiting Plimoth Plantation has said they were there with cameras too. Ugh.

Monday, August 11, 2014

R.I.P. Robin Williams

Mrs. Doubtfire was more than just a funny movie. 

In addition to just being a darn good film, Mrs. Doubtfire gave us two great gifts. One was the launch of Mara Wilson, a wonderful child actor who grew up into one of the most insightful and brutally honest young women to ever speak out on the dangers of child stardom.

The second was a story about how terrible parental alienation can be. The lesson of Mrs. Doubtfire is that when there are two appropriate parents, children do best when both parents are as involved as often as possible. And appropriate should not be related to which parent has the better job, house, or handsome significant other.

No one had ever heard of parental alienation in 1993. But Mrs. Doubtfire dove head first into the concept. Miranda, the children's mother, repeatedly insults and degrades her children's father, and fought for full custody even though the children adored him. Daniel, played by Williams, is devoted to his children but is a struggling actor who can't compete with his architect ex who has much better lawyers and a nicer looking lifestyle. He ends up with visits every other weekend and a social worker from the courts assigned to the case to report to. Eventually he is able to get a job as the children's nanny by disguising himself as an old English woman named Mrs. Doubtfire.  Send the kids to their room before you verbally bash their father
, Mrs. Doubtfire so wisely advises Miranda. Even when Daniel does everything the judge asks of him, he still loses custody and has his visits restricted to monitored.

Eventually, Miranda comes around and allows Daniel to be more involved in the children's lives despite the custody order. Not bad for 1993.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Beth Carson breaks her silence

The notoriously tight-lipped former best friend of Kate and beloved caregiver of the children has finally spoken out about the book she wrote for Kate, and their fractured relationship. 

Beth's relationships with the children, whom she says she helped watch
for "a week at a time," was  always very loving and warm. In this screen capture
from Gosselins Go Sking, Beth tells Aaden that she has to go home early for her
daughter's birthday but that she would like to take Aaden with her in her suitcase. 
Aaden responds with enthusiastic and adorable nodding.
Some highlights from the interview:
  • Beth wrote Multiple Blessings "absolutely" all herself, and she and Kate had agreed to a 50-50 split of the proceeds. Kate later tried to take back the deal and cut her down to at least a third. Beth had a lawyer and made sure she got her original cut. 
  • Beth's friendship with Kate ended after Kate cut Beth off from the promotion of Multiple Blessings (despite tweets from Kate in 2011 claiming Beth is still in her life). Beth confirms that is a lie, that she hasn't spoken to Kate "for years and years."
  • Beth tried to keep up the relationship with Jon afterward, but it got "messy."
  • Beth "purposely" has not commented for years.
Meanwhile, when asked if what Beth is saying is true, Kate responded on twitter: "no." Give it up, Kate.