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Kate’s Top Ten Worst Moments of 2012

Our third annual recap of Kate's worst moments of the year is here.  Last year it was difficult to narrow it down to only 10. This year, it was an even greater challenge. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions. There were so many dirty deeds they could fill an encyclopedia, but we've attempted our Cliff Note's version here. Enjoy! 

10. Around the World in 80 Days, or How to Be a Truly Terrible Parent. 

Lots of Kate's blogs this year about parenting were real head scratchers, but this one, Lessons Learned from the Gosselin Globe, was so bad it rightly earned the title "Globe Gate." When one of the kids peeled back the equator on their globe (surely a crime worthy of 100 lashes as we soon realized), Kate was "disgusted" and went after her resident scapegoat, Joel, allowing the rest of the pack to gain up on him like wolves, too. Turns out, it was one of the girls who did it (naturally, Kate won't say which girl, but was happy to single out Joel). The real kicker was she never let the rest of the kids know that. So everyone still thinks it's innocent Joel! Free Joel! Ugh, she deserved every bit of the Hitler parody video we made about the incident. Lessons learned? Kate's a grade-A bitch. Class dismissed.

9. One of these things is not like the other, one of these things does not belong! Cher, Madonna, Sting, KATE. 

Sweet and generous Em Tanner, a designer from Tennessee, has grifted Kate untold amounts of merchandise through the years, especially when the children were toddlers. (Remember those shirts numbered 1-8? Those were Em's.) When a sheeple this year alerted Kate that Em was calling one of her calendars "Kate's Calendar," Kate threw a fit. Mind you, not Kate Gosselin's Calendar, not Kate Plus 8's Calendar. Just Kate's calendar! (No where on the calendar's sale page did Em even mention the Gosselins or the show.) We must have missed when Kate copyrighted the name Kate. Kate Middleton might have something to say about that one. Kate's immature rampage about the incident on Twitter (why not just call Em privately, or contact a lawyer?), prompted Em to tweet back surprise at why she was being "badmouthed so randomly," as well as this well-deserved doosey, "I'm so sorry you lost your way, I really am." Shockingly, Kate later actually admitted that she started it, and that she didn't mean to cause a war. Em Tanner: 1, Kate the Great: 0.

8. Dance With the Devil

Poor Tony Dovolani can't get through an interview these days without someone asking him, notwithstanding all the incredible divas he has been paired with over the past decade, how in the world he put up with Kate Gosselin. I guess no one has been satisfied with his answers yet, LOL. It was no different on Anderson Cooper last spring when Tony told the CNN reporter "there was a lot of therapy involved" after being partnered with Kate. Ha! What was clearly just a joke was as serious as the Cuban Missile Crisis to Kate (if she knows what that is), who decided to pen an entire diatribe responding to the comment, oddly, on Coupon Cabin instead of her own web site's blog! Huh? Is DWTS offering coupons for tap shoes now? Why was that even there? we all wanted to know. Anyway, Kate told Tony it was a shame his remembrance of their time was only negative (he never said that, Kate) and challenged Anderson to go on Dancing With the Stars, where she would be watching front row. He wouldn't lower himself. The best part of all? Not a word in response to this craziness from Anderson or Tony. It was like she was talking to a brick wall. Baw-haha! Coupon Cabin later swiffered that post and all the others when they fired her. Oops, shoulda put it on your own blog for posterity. She's bananas. 

7. Running on crazy
Kate had spent a lot of effort trying to convince us the kids just love, love running, but her "Catfish" facade of a life was never more apparent when she dragged the kids up to Connecticut to run a race with her and several other schoolchildren (who, unlike the Gosselins, had been working very hard together to prepare for the event). One of the girls was even crying as Steve encouraged her along. We also learned a lot about her serious lack of boundaries when she let one of the kids sit on the lap of a fan, and stranger. Run, crazy, run, but leave the kids out of it.

6. Ah yes, divorce. From the Latin word for to rip out a man's genitals through his wallet.

This year marked the third anniversary of Jon and Kate's divorce, but you would think it only happened three days ago the way Kate couldn't stop ragging on Jon this year. There were many sour moments where she threw the children's beloved father under the bus, including when she claimed that she relieved him of child support obligations out of the goodness of her heart (she didn't count on anyone knowing that's not possible under Pennsylvania law once an order has been put in place), told everyone that the kids preferred to be with her over the Christmas holidays, and even just let her sheeple believe that Jon couldn't pay his utility bills when she announced that his power was off (even though news reports revealed thousands were without power also in his area). One of the worst was when she told a sympathetic Dr. Drew that Jon was "trying" to be a good dad. The....f&%$ ??? Of course nothing can top her infamous mediocre comment from the year before, but she sure tried. Meanwhile over at Jon's, a few discreetly tweeted photos reveal happy, calm, relaxed kids. Good to know.

5. If Timmy had a pit bull, he wouldn't have been in the well in the first place.

This fall, Jon's girlfriend posted a few sweet photos of the sextuplets with her adorable pit bull, and however misguided, it set Kate off into yet another unnecessary public twitter war. Why, because the children have never looked more at peace? Figures. She retweeted several negative articles about pit bulls and implied that her request the children not be around the dog was ignored. Liz snapped right back that Kate rolled her window up in Liz's face. Forget dogs, where are the cats?! Meeow! Kate's accusations were so over the top, she drew criticism from Animal Planet's Pitbulls and Parolees for spreading misinformation about the "nanny dog" breed and contributing to their unjustified reputation. What takes the bone is that Kate owns a German Shepherd herself, also listed on many "dangerous breeds" dog lists! Woof.

4. "Gaping maw of a fame hole."

Kate's tweeted too many embarrassing photos of the kids this year, but one of the creepiest was a revealing photo of Mady's legs in Kate's hooker heels. The fact that Kate failed to realize that no matter how innocent her intentions were, a good parent has to think about others who may be using the photos for less-than innocent purposes, spoke to exactly how screwed up her noggin is. We weren't the only ones. This one attracted backlash from around the web, including from popular Mommyish bloggers. As Eve Vawter put it, "Kate Gosselin didn’t need to post it, but I suppose it can also be argued that Kate Gosselin uses any excuse to exploit any of her eight children for attention and publicity, whether good or bad, to feed her gaping maw of a fame hole."  Kate learned absolutely nothing from Bill Blankinship's arrest and subsequent conviction this year. #ParentingFail

3. Stop Child Abuse.

The truth is, numerous non-fans have quietly speculated for years there might be child abuse going on in the Gosselin home, and even an ex-staffer tried to come forward in 2009 about some disturbing things they saw and gave a story to the tabloids anonymously, but without proof, it's been just that, quiet speculation. However photog Robert Hoffman was finally able to prove it this year after discovering some old computer files of Kate's that contained her journals and publishing them in a book. Among many disturbing entries, Kate writes that she whipped Collin into his crib and pulled him by the hair. The information Robert uncovered in his research also suggests that Kate is bipolar, and was physically and sexually abused as a child. For those of us with backgrounds in this area, it sure made a lot of sense. Hoffman's book was perhaps the most chilling moment not just of this year, but since this family first came across our radar.

2. Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic.

We feel like a white squall hit us after this one. WTF! Okay, so, the year kicked off to a hysterical start with Kate trying to organize a fan cruise to the Caribbean this summer during the height of hurricane season, and with the twins, like she were actually a real celeb. The whole thing was so vague and unaffordable, not to mention exploitive, it had white flags of doom written all over it from the very start. It got all the weirder when it became clear that Cindy, a cruise rep running the show, well, basically was a trust fund baby idiot who hadn't the first clue what she was doing. She enlisted the help of some of the creepiest sheeple to "vet" potential cruise goers, something even our most seasoned cruise-goers here had never seen done in their entire vacationing lives (I guess they were afraid a non-fan would sign up and, I don't know, maybe report back here??? The horror!). Only, the vetting was actually scaring the beJesus out of legitimate fans who just wanted to have a nice time with their families. Cindy would also send out mass emails to anyone interested and forget to BCC, thereby exposing everyone's real names and e-mails to each other, and she would talk publicly about her clients, a huge no-no.  As we oh-so-accurately predicted, Kate cancelled the whole thing and jumped ship in May just before final payments were due, muttering something about not enough people had signed up, and promising to try to meet up and treat cruise goers to a lunch before they embarked. Think that ever happened? Take a guess. This whole thing was so bizarre you would think hands down it should make number one on our list, right? Think again. She did something even worse.

Before we get to number one, once again this year there were so many bad deeds they couldn't possibly all fit into ten, nor could they all fit into the runner's up list either! (We practically need a runner's up list to the runner's up list) But here are a few that didn't make the top 10.

  • Kate's year saw her picking more Twitter battles than if she were to suit up in Troy. When Kate called out the Dance Moms, saying they were "horrible" and she would never "ever" do that to her own kids, star Melissa Ziegler couldn't believe the hypocrisy. Yeah, neither could we. Ziegler tweeted back that she's from the same part of PA as Kate and has always supported her and her show. We're guessing this was her last turn with Kate. Kate also picked another bizarre and unnecessary Twitter war with a reporter at the Red Cross Gala this year. This one went on for pages before she finally gave up. Bloody hell. 
  • Kate never stopped accepting gifts from fans and even encouraged it, even in the wake of terrible tragedies like Hurricane Sandy and the shootings in Newtown. Her selfishness and sense of entitlement is astounding, and is being passed right on down to the kids.
  • Kate tried to pretend she was still fighting traffic during the president debates, but Bravo's Andy Cohen actually called her out for the lying compulsive liar that she is and told us all he saw her watching The Real Housewives, actually. That was classic. And typical. Voting records revealed Kate never bothered to change her polling place when she moved, what was it, four years ago?
  • Kate's made many inappropriate comments about body weight and exercise over the years, encouraging unhealthy preoccupations with appearance in her young impressionable fans, but the worst was when she tweeted a fan "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." Ugh. 
  • Hide the bunny. Kate's manic posts on Easter were just odd, and creepy. 
  •  We couldn't believe our ears when we heard Kate talking about periods and bra shopping with the twins. We used to joke that's what would be exploited next, only Kate was for real. We wish there were room for this one in the top 10. 

And now, the long awaited worst moment of the year....
1. Coupon Crapin

It was a really tough call this year between whether the cruise cancellation or the Coupon Cabin firing was Kate's worst moment of the year. Ultimately, Coupon Cabin just barely edged out the cruise, due to one generous CEO named Scott. Instead of just quietly letting her go, Scott decided to put it all out there in a brief but succinct letter. In it, he laid out exactly why he could no longer have her on his team, from her lack of authenticity, to her utter inability to fit in with everyone else, to her entourage, to her polarizing posts. The letter so aptly described the joke of a celebrity we've all for so long tried to explain she is, it was sort of our own personal vindication. Or if you like, "We told you so, suckers!" To this day, it's fun to speculate what in the world she did this time that would prompt Scott to fire off such a scathing Dear John. The world may never know. Here it is again:

A Letter from CouponCabin CEO Scott Kluth

To all our Kate blog readers:
Some nine-plus years ago, I started CouponCabin with the thought of creating a single website that had all the best coupons… no gimmicks, no fluff, just a site that was easy to use and that had great deals. Along the way, we’ve helped our users collectively save hundreds of millions of dollars.
A series of recent events have made it clear to me that Kate Gosselin and her contributions do not align with the authenticity which we set out to build almost a decade ago, and that Ms. Gosselin is simply not a good fit with the wonderful team and culture at CouponCabin.
It’s with this that I am writing to inform you of our decision to discontinue Ms. Gosselin’s feature blog on Ms. Gosselin’s contributions garnered both positive attention and criticism, but as always, I respect and appreciate your candid opinions, which often encourage us not to lose sight of our mission — to help YOU save money.
We wish Kate, her family and her support staff all the best.

Scott Kluth
Founder and CEO of
And now for our annual "best of" of the year. This year we couldn't just name one. We found three that deserved the spot.

3. Tony finally wins Dancing With the Stars! May his prize be no one ever asks him about Kate again.

2. No more child exploitation. Rep. Murt's bill, inspired by disturbing information he heard from us and others about working conditions on the Gosselins' set, was signed into law.

1. YOU! Yes, You. And you, and you, and you. The people on this blog have always been close, but what's been really cool about this year is to watch this blog really progress into a true community. Comments on posts increased dramatically this year (some posts had over 1,000 after only a few days!) as it became more of a porch gathering every day and sometimes late into the night. We threw a few virtual parties and had a blast, screened some fantastic quality reality T.V. like The Farmer's Wife and The Dust Bowl, and we even invented our own drink. We hit 8 million hits this year and surpassed 9 million just this week. So bottoms up, here's a round of Rumspringas on us. Happy New Year, everyone.

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chefsummer #Leh said...

How about Kate going on air taking about taking her daughters bra shopping?

Wowser said...

Awesome Admin!! Best post yet!! Clap clap clap!!! N

She's come undone said...

This was incredible Admin. You really did a fabulous job and a lot of work. Thanks for doing this and personally, I think you got it just right!

mim said...

I've been looking forward to this and was not disappointed. Great job!

he me and our three said...

Great post to end the year.

Has anyone seen Six Little McGhees yet? It's on right now. Another train wreck coming down the track.

She's come undone said...

From the last post: ReaderLady, I'm so sorry, I had the name wrong. It is Book Bub and the site is

LoveMyGrandsons said...

Great post, Admin. You must have a headache going through all of this trying to pick out Kate's worst. Have a rumspringa on me.

Sheeple Herder said...

Ahh, the Hitler of your all time best creations Admin!

I am holding my glass of rumspringa high in the air in your honor. A great list this year. Well done!!

Jo said...

Wonderful job Admin!! Bravo. Cheers to everyone. I'll buy the first round. It won't be Rumspringa though :)

carezee said...

Fantastic job as usual Admin. I bow to you. This made me miss your recaps of the show. You have such a flair for writing. Thank you Admin and all the other posters for another wonderfully entertaining year:)

Lbelle said...

Standing ovation for Admin!!!
Brilliant recap. Don't know how you stomach the task year after year but we are in awe of your ability. HOGS!

9 million hits!?!? Insane! We all ROCK!!!

aggiemom09121416 said...


I don't know where it is (haven't looked), but for newbies here, a link to Admin's clip concerning globe gate is a MUST-SEE.

omg, I laughed so dang hard at that. Admin is one sharp cookie.

Great top-ten list!

Grammie said...

Brilliant as always, Admin. Thanks to you and the wonderfully funny, smart and always entertaining ladies on this blog.

Twittering And Twattering said...

As we oh-so-accurately predicted, Kate cancelled the whole thing and jumped ship in May

Even Hitler's secretaries had predicted the ill-planned cruise would never happen!
Cheers to admin...great job, and so dead-on.

Chef @1-- the discussion about the twin's bras is there, last bullet under the happy tampon.

PJ's momma said...

You are a brave woman. There are still 2 days left for her to top her own a-holiness! Hopefully you won't have to file an amendment. Nice job, as always.

richsmom said...

Great job Admin. It's hard to believe that this many things could happen to someone in one year. She really is manic and should be medicated. She needs to accept that she is done and stop tweeting and just raise your children alone, just the way she wanted when she booted Jon out, except she didn't expect it to turn out like this.She booted him out and expected to be a "STAH". Sorry Kate, you get what you get and you don't get upset.

Jo said...

Kate really showed her true self when she was blogging on Coupon Cabin. If whatever she ever did before couldn't convince anyone what an empty, bubble-headed, clueless, vapid, selfish, conceited, nit-wit she is than nothing ever will. That job was one of the biggest mistakes she ever made.

Formerly Duped said...

Great job Admin! So much to choose from, but you have her pegged!

:) Hogs to all.

Amy2 said...

Two thumbs up...way up! Bravo!

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

BRAVO, Administrator!!

That was beautifully written.

Happy New Year to you as well, and thank you for bringing us all together on your mighty fine blog :o)

carolina peach said...

Admin, congratulations to you! We all raise our red solo cups in appreciation and support. Everybody have their rumspringa? Closer, everyone. All together now, HOGS TO ADMIN!

We like you, we REALLY like you. Thanks for you and your support team. This blog is a breath of fresh air and I know I look forward to dropping by daily. And cheers to each of us, too! We. Are. Incredible!

Thank you for all that you do.

PJ's momma said...

Cheers! 'Clink'

Paula said...

Awesome admin....I raise my glass of Pinot Grigio in your honor. When you put all of this year's "Kate drama" together in one post, it's just is affirmation of how truly disturbed she is.

Wowser said...

So has there been any speculation on where Katie Irene has gone now that she is without the kids..proven by twitter silence! I think all her maniacle Christmas tweeting (with no pictures...another indicator of the lie-o-meter going off) about zaLL she was doing, buying, gritting and wrapping was just a pre-cover up to justify getting away on another vacation for her!! I work so hard and I deserve a break yadayadayada

Audible Click said...

Wonderful recap, Admin. Happy New Year and HOGS to everyone!

aggiemom09121416 said...

Any sane, normal *single* mom of 8, count'em, 8 kids wouldn't be going off on a personal vacay...or tweeting about her 2013 marathon schedule...

Being unemployed, Kate ought to be tightening that financial belt, and $200 makeup purchases and marathons shouldn't even be on the budget list. And why the heck do teens need ipads? They just received iphones and there are plenty of pc's in the house.

Can't her sheeple see that they are the unwashed mediocre?

Linda said...

Congrats Admin. You NAILED it! Happy 2013.

Anonymous said...

9 million hits? Wow
Our own drink- Raising mine to toast w/the rest of you in honor to Admin who hosts this wonderful blog.
The sheeple are going to be soooo jellus- they will be out in full force- just wait for it...


Twittering And Twattering said...

And why the heck do teens need ipads? They just received iphones and there are plenty of pc's in the house.


Was it iPads that they wanted? I thought some of the kids asked for iPods for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I think it was Ipods, too.

PJ's momma said...

Kate tweeted she and the twins were playing ipad games, fueling speculation that the girls received ipads. Yes, the younger kids wanted ipods, according to their mother.

aggiemom09121416 said...

The littles wanted ipods...but Kate was tweeting after Christmas that she and the twins were on their ipads together in her room.

aggiemom09121416 said...

Late goodnight to all. Was hanging with my big girls.. We were playing iPad games :) GN

Kate's tweet.

Jenni said...

I read some of the posts of yours and Jenni...yours were spot-on, the other, err,,well, umm...


What on earth have I ever done or said to you to warrant such meanness?

Well done post Admin!

Twittering And Twattering said...

Kate tweeted she and the twins were playing ipad games, fueling speculation that the girls received ipads.


I thought they've had iPads for quite some time. Didn't Mrs. Miami Heat send iPads to the kids?

carolina peach said...

Did I read that Khate was sighted in the Carolinas? oooooooo Too close. Does that mean there are Khatie Kootys in Carolina? RUN, my crazy little friends, RUN! Sorry, couldn't resist.
By the way, the washing machine ripped a strap off of a bra. It heard me laughing last night at the comments about the "sheeeets". It's an evil machine, evil I tell you. ok, No more sheet talk.

Hello, new friends. You're going to love it here.

PJ's momma said...

I believe Mrs. Miama Heat was playing twitter games. Kate tweeted to her once that she had not received ipads or anything else and didn't know who this person was and asked her to stop. Then that person was tweeting under armour to send them socks and saying more gifts were on the way. I think she was messing with people, all her infrequent tweets were to kate.

Greedy Gosselins said...

This is a hilarious article! Or post or whatever it's called!

Anyone have any suggestions for a good dog for young (under the age of 9) boy? I don't want too hyper of a dog! Are cocker spaniels good? There's one at the SPCA and I'm wondering if we should snag him before someone else does...?

SaraMRN2010 said...

Isn't the Carolina'a where figure 8 productions company located? Perhaps she was there pitching another "dream".

carolina peach said...

One more thing. Didn't both Milo and Khate mention a vacation or beach wish in the last few days? Now both are completely twitter silent. Can you just picture that? Imagine the conversations. Very short sentences limited to 140 characters.

I loathe this "woman" and "her" entire brand! said...

Bravo! This is a great post to finish the year! Coupon Cabin and the ill-fated cruise were definitely at the top of my list as well! Next year it will be harder as Khate fades away!

Elvis Fan said...

PERFECT admin! I also lift my glass to you..Well done!:)

Lbelle said...

Just re-reading ( is that a word?? ) and I have to say that Globe-Gate, for me anyways, sticks out as the worst. I cannot get over what she put that poor little boy through. Then, she lets the precious girl get away Scott free. She thought it was oh so adorable, the little knock, the whispering "it was me"..... Yeah....real cute, Kreider. Whoever came up with 'snake' to describe Khate the other day was bang on!
She is so despicable.

Nancy said...

I have read here from the begining and there was maybe 10-12 comments it has been great to watch this blog grow and become a community!!!

Admin you nailed her yet again here's hoping in 2013 she gets a clue....

aggiemom09121416 said...
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carolina peach said...

Just did a search on bing for Kate Gosselin Globe Gate. Guess what is the # 1 search result?

Unknown said...

Lbelle said... 43
''Just re-reading ( is that a word?? ) and I have to say that Globe-Gate, for me anyways, sticks out as the worst.''
It was the worst for me too, Lbelle. I think what made it so horrible is that KK so proudly posted the way she dealt with the incident. She was actually bragging about what a good mother she was. I was flabbergasted at how clueless she was. When people objected to her 'mothering', she got all huffy and made it clear that they were her children and she'd raise them as she saw fit. KK is disgusting!

Greedy Gosselins said...

Oh we've been to visit, aggies mom. My son wants her so badly and has even chosen a name. LOL I think we'll have to go pick her up tomorrow. She's got the biggest brown eyes!

She's already 4 years old so I'm guessing she'll be ready to 'go' when her boy is at age 18 and wants to move out.

Her name will be Taffy. Who am I kidding, her name IS Taffy.

PJ's momma said...

GG, it makes me smile to think of Taffy spending her life with you. When she gets that content smiley face, she can be your little laffy Taffy!

Greedy Gosselins said...

Ohh! that's too cute! Laffy Taffy! My son will LOVE that. I *think* he's asleep (he should be!) and thank goodness he can't decipher my typing noises!

Actually, I think I'll go check on him and tell him. He'll never get to sleep tonite then!

PJ's momma said...

Oh, the shrieks of joy x1 make me smile too! Enjoy your new addition, she will love you forever for saving her.

Pants on Fire said...


Fantastic Top Ten, Admin. You are such a gifted writer.

Greedy Gosselins said...

Thank you PJ's momma. But I have a feeling Taffy will be saving us.

Off I go! I'll let you know tomorrow how things go - now I'm excited too! Good night all.

ampersmom said...

Wonderful post Admin. Love this site and all the wonderful posters. You posters are wonderful too!

readerlady said...

She's Come Undone -- Thanks for the link to that website. I visited, signed up for their news letters, and checked out some of their book listings. I'm going to pass the info on to the ladies I chat with on the Amazon boards, too.

Bearswife -- Congrats to your new doggie. She'll have a great life with you.

GG -- Congrats to Taffy, too. She'll have a great home and her very own boy to love and spoil. What more could a dog ask for?

Admin, great post. I have to agree with Lbelle and Remona that Globegate was the worst. My jaw just dropped over how she not only set up her son, but bragged about it and let the true guilty party off Scot Free. That was all kinds of wicked and evil. That poor little Joel is probably still tormented by his siblings over something he was completely innocent of. The Coupon Cabin firing was bad FOR KK, but it was something done TO her, not something she did.

My kitty is curled up in a ball on my lap, snoring away. She's worn out from a rousing game of fetch with her new stuffed mouse toy. Now she has it tucked under her chin, with one paw wrapped around it. Animals add so much brightness and love to our lives. I don't see how anyone can neglect and abuse one the way KK does Shoka.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm going to bed with a smile on my face thinking of 'laffy Taffy' - that is too cute!!

Hope my little pug doesnt catch on and get jellus, you know how smart pets are ;)

Anonymous said...

Working Woman here

Admin .... Just amazing, beyond words. Well done and spot on! You are a true talent.

It's disconcerting enough watching these awful moments spread out throughout the course of the year. Reading them in a post all together... Well, I'm shocked she isn't firmly strapped in a (pink) straight jacket.

Those children love their mother, I'm certain. But they are smart, they must know of some of these moments and the backlash they received. Particularly at Mady and Cara's age, I would have wanted to live under a rock if my mom had that kind of reputation, if my mom's behavior could fill a Top 10 Worst Moments of the Year list (with many honorable mentions!). And only in Kate's fantasy land do they never have access to the internet, of course they do. Makes my heart ache for them.

Ooh that reminds me of another terrible and ridiculous comment that Kate made once, but I can't remember when or where it was. She said that she won't allow the kids to access the Internet because of all the bad stuff they would find about JON. Because it is, after all, only Jon who has received bad press and has had poor things written about him. Never Kate. Ugh.

Can someone please explain the ordeal with Cindy and "vetting"? I remember most of it, but what does "vetting" mean?

Bearswife said...

Oh my, I'm behind as usual. So I'm carrying this over from the last post...


TxBR549, have you ever heard of the band BR549? I saw them live years ago and used to have their cassette(!!). Fantastic.

Thanks for all the NYE menus! Very interesting to me. The Bear and I are planning what to have, so all these good ideas are great.
KIAT, the Bear is Polish and loves herring! Me? Not so much...

Now I'm off to read this post and all your witty comments.

Bearswife said...

Oh Greedy Gosselins, how exciting! You know I am right with you on that. I love the name Taffy. I had the best foster dog ever named Taffy - she was an amazing girl.
I am thrilled with my little Minnow! Yes, Minnow, I've been wanting to name a dog that for quite a while. Minnie is the perfect dog, love her so much already.

Sleepless In Seattle said...

The Coupon Cabin firing was bad FOR KK, but it was something done TO her, not something she did.


I looked at it as something SHE did, although we may never know what that "something" was. It must have been the final straw. He specifically said, "A recent series of events..."

She used CC as her own personal venue, and speculation was that she just thumbed her nose at CC, doing whatever the heck she felt like doing. Whatever that was, she most likely didn't live up to her contract. She set up her own agenda. All of that contributed to her firing. He just didn't give her the pink slip out of the blue. She did something.

JoyinVirginia said...

Admin, THANK YOU!!!!!!!! For a fantabulous blog, for keeping the atmosphere here so welcoming! Thank you also to all the swiffer girls with their speedy cleanups when needed!
I had forgotten how awful globe gate was. Ms Kreider thought that was an example of good parenting, that is the scariest part.
Admin and posters here called the cruise early on, that it was never going to happen, and you were so right! I am glad dragging the kids to the run in Connecticut made it, I hope having the Kreider Krew there did not take away from the accomplishment of the kids who worked toward their goal.

I just skimmed the last post and responses, hi to all the new and infrequent posters!
I like the band BR549 also, saw them live at Ashland Coffee and Tea a few years back. The first and only time I saw them, this really wild group opened for them called the Avett Brothers, true story! Scott, Seth Avett, and Bobby Crawford the bass player!
Happy New Year everyone! It is fun stopping by the verandah and chatting with everyone!

Jane said...

Anonymous said... 57
Working Woman here
Can someone please explain the ordeal with Cindy and "vetting"? I remember most of it, but what does "vetting" mean?


Fun read, Admin. Hope this gets picked up by the media, although there's not much interest in Kate these days.

Working Woman - the vetting had to do with one of the rabid fans, cjwhodunit, gathering information on fans and non-fans who said they were planning on going on the cruise. Allegedly, she scoured the Internet looking for personal info on them and then passed it on to Cindy, as if it was God's truth. More than one possible cruiser got wind of this and backed out of the cruise. And it just generally seemed to freak people out. If I remember correctly, some of the information wasn't even correct, not that it matters. What she was doing was pretty low and disgusting.

I've been out all day and evening looking at cars (oh, I hate doing this!) and saw something about Kate being in South Carolina? Wasn't she there once before? Or maybe it's where Deanna visits? My brain is fried and I are half of a Mrs. Prindable's so I'm in sugar shock. ~ Administrator said...

I'm still out of town and just don't have the time to thank everyone individually. It's a matter of time not cliques lol. But thank you everyone it was fun putting this together. ~ Administrator said...

I agree with Seattle. Coupon cabin is something Kate did all by herself. The only difference was Kate's actions finally had consequences this time.

Saying CC did it to her I think absolves her of responsibility and that's just not accurate. ~ Administrator said...

So many things messed up about globe gate huh. Just one part was her description of the little girl sneaking in to confess like Kate's fabulous parenting had sunk in over the past few hours. When really that child should have been punished for letting his poor sibling take the blame and keeping quiet for so long. It was not impressive she came forward. It was concerning baffling and unacceptable that it took her so long and she deserves no accolades. Messed up.

Lynn W. said...

Spot on Top 10, Admin. Love your choices. I don't post often but I read at least once a day.

GG -- Congratulations on your new pup. That's a good age, too. You might look into Blue Buffalo dog food (harder to find but PetCo & PetSmart carry it). It's nutritionally very good with little filler type product. We use the feline version for our 3 girls (two 3 year olds and one almost 15). One is on a sensitive stomach/grain-free feed and the upchucks are nearly nonexistent.

Lbelle said...

Hi Admin.
Not sure if it's a boo-boo or not but...the Globe Gate entry has 2 clickable links...1 to Kreiders horrific post on her website and the other, I thought, was going to take me to the hilarious Hitler parody....but it too took me to the wench's website. Had no intention of reading that awful display of 'parenting' ever again, but, suffered through her dribble since I was already there. Made my blood boil yet again!! there any chance you could link the YouTube thing whenever you get a chance? Sorry...I hate to even ask when you've done such a tremendous job on the thread subject but would LOVE the laugh it provides. It's the only good thing that came out of GG!!
Extra HOGS!!

Lbelle said...

Remona and Readerlady...
I know!! Agree totally with what you both said. It's even worse reading it now with the knowledge we've gained from Robert's book, isn't it? So abusive in so many ways. That poor kid! It breaks my heart how she treats those boys. : (

Rhymes with Witch said...

jen said... 120
I don't use the name Jenni.

Thank you to all who shared book suggestions. I've ordered two books
based on your comments.

I'm neither a sheeple nor a shit stirrer. I feel my comments have been
respectful, more so than some of the regulars but oh well. Time for
me to move on.

Well you are a perfect illustration of why people get "compassion fatigue".

People were nice to you and suggested book titles/authors. Some may
have confused you w/someone else - so clarify. But no - leaving in a
huff. Whatever. You give lurkers a bad name.. Overall they
are more than welcome.

p.s. sorry peeps - having an attack of compassion fatigue.

AuntieAnn said...

You did it again Admin. Stand up and take a bow! I have a feeling Kate has officially stroked you off her Christmas card mailing list. lol!
Most of all, thank YOU for this blog.

(Permanent Name in Blue & Elvis Fan, I left a comment for you on the previous thread)

Rhymes - I couldn't agree with you more and I didn't realize there was a name for it. Compassion fatigue...haha. I like it! ~ Administrator said...

Rhythmes I agree.

Hitler video link is fixed. Thanks!

Iroquois said...

Fantastic, Admin. That must have been one headache to do. Thank you!

Lbelle said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
I really did hate to ask but that parody is just insanely funny!!

Oh...I hear and agree with Compassion Fatigue, too!
Maybe loaded up with Rumspringa, I could still get warm and fuzzy but that's about it!

Think I'll try to get some shut-eye now. Been a long day.
Hey! Where is our Dwindle??? I'm missing her. : (

Sandi said...

Kate has tweeted she's away with the kids visiting family and friends. She has never tweeted this late..ever!

Jenni said...

And the plot thickens! Who here thinks Kate didn't have the kids for Christmas AT ALL? No pics of her tree, any gifts or THE KIDS...My money is on Jon having the kids this year (didn't Kate have them last year?).

I'll bet Kate didn't even do Christmas at her house this year. Probably picked up the kids from Jon's and went to Jamie's or Ashley's mom's house to sponge off their leftovers.

twidiot said...

Yes, no mention of her 'famous' sticky buns either. My hope is that she checked herself and the kids into a hotel/motel with waterslides! Wouldn't those kids have fun there!

Plus, she could then make certain HER kids would be so excited about it they wouldn't be able to wait to leave their dad's.

Sick bitch.

Jenni said...

That house she has is cavernous, IMO. It should be filled to the brim with family and children and fun, organized chaos. How sad that it's empty, cold and devoid of any joy.

I'd die to have a guest apt. above the garage! Let me tell you it would be used often with rotating family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Her selfishness and sense of entitlement is astounding, and is being passed right on down to the kids.

I'm sorry, did I miss something? I haven't been on in a while. Were there examples without getting too much into specifics like names...etc...?

sj girl

FYI said...

Admin--great post! You nailed it once again, although IMO "Globe Gate" would've been higher on the list. Kate basically bragged about the "inquisition" of Joel and it made me so sad for that little boy, especially since she made it so public.

She made a big deal out of nothing, and she actually thought it was a "teaching" moment. When I read Robert's book, and read how she abused those children for the smallest of infractions, Globe Gate came to mind. It just showed how she could go off about the smallest thing, and make it into a big deal. She expected and still expects her children to be
"little adults", instead of being normal children who do normal children things.

Hopefully, next year, there won't be any "Kate's worst moments" to recap. Not because they won't happen, but because we will no longer hear about them.

As far as her tweet that's she and the kids are away visiting "family" and "friends"--my first response was what family and what friends? That's her catchall phrase isn't it? "having dinner with friends", "friends helped fixed(fill in blank)", etc. etc. She just has to throw in the words "family" and "friends", just to give the semblance that she has plenty of both.

Gosselin8ComeFirst said...

Excellent recap Admin! I agree Globegate was a horrible example of parenting, the cruise of how horrible she treats her few fans, and Coupon Cabin exposed her for who she truly is (as well as Twitter). It is amazing that she has been off TV for over a year, and handles every opportunity so poorly. I hope Jon's sanity and parenting prevails over the horrible parenting of Kate, for the kids' sake.

Wishing a Happy, Healthy New Year to all of the great posters on this site! Disclaimer: With the exception of the sheeple posters who are still condoning/justifying Kate's horrible/narcisstic behavior.

Auntie Ann 70- As always, your posts always bring a smile to my face.

Gosselin8ComeFirst said...

Forgot to mention that the Hitler parody was classic. Admin gets a thumbs up and lifetime Rumspringas for that.

FYI said...

As far as the cruise "vetting"--I think Cindy Cardella lost all credibility when she called CJ "a sweet old lady". The whole cruise situation was just handled so wrongly by Cindy and if anyone, other than Kate, is to blame for the cruise being cancelled, I would put Cindy at the top of the list. It was badly handled from the start, and Cindy just made things worse and worse.

SwingsandRoundabouts said...

Thanks Admin. Just excellent on your part, for sifting through all the rubbish that Kate generates.
Not excellent on Kate's part as she is truly deplorable.

FYI said...

Gosselin8ComeFirst said... 81

Totally agree! That video is a classic, and if we had a list of Admin's "best" moments of 2012, that would be at the top of my list.

Gosselin8ComeFirst said...

Kate is a twit - 79
Excellent post. Could not agree more.

As for Cindy, not sure if she was listening to advice from Kate, but regardless, her reputation was damaged, much like many who have had anything to do with Kate. Everything she touches turns to crap.

FYI said...

Admin-I also want to commend you on the graphics you used for each top ten moment. I loved the dancing bananas.

I wonder if Kate ever looks over or thinks about what she has posted or twittered over the past year, and whether she ever has any regrets. If I were her, there are many things that I wish I could take back--things said on the spur of the moment, things maybe I shouldn't have said. But I doubt Kate even realizes how bad she has come across in many things she has posted.

She is probably happy (in some way) that CC swiffered her posts--yet, you can still find references to them online. Unfortunately, Kate, you can't make them go away.

I still wonder about the impact her CC postings, her website postings, and her twitter postings will have on her kids. I wonder if she ever thinks about that. What will Joel say or feel when he reads about "Globe Gate"? What will the other children feel when they read that too? Kate may think that because her kids(according to her) don't internet access, they won't read about those things. But someday they will--if WE are appalled at some of the things she has written, just think how her kids will feel.

FYI said...

Just another point I want to make. The enablers(sheeple) keep saying that we, as the non-fans, are hurting the kids by what we write about their mother. I would think what their mother writes and tweets about them and their father would hurt them more. Stranger's words can be taken with a grain of salt--mother's words can be what really hits home, and those words will hurt the most.

readerlady said...

Admin and Sleepless -- I agree that CC fired KK because of her actions. I don't absolve her of responsibility in any way. Her "columns" were pure self-promotion and were basically useless in promoting money saving, coupon usage and bargain awareness. I guess I just don't look at it at quite the same angle as something KK deliberately went out and did. I think it was an accumulation of things that got her fired, although there may have been something outrageous that precipitated that very public humiliation. AT any rate, I think this is a great post and I don't know how you managed to winnow it down to a top 10, Admin. It must have taken a lot of patience and a very strong stomach. ~ Administrator said...

I think she was deliberately lazy, self absorbed and out of touch. That's on her.

That's one thing I appreciated about Scott's letter. It really wasn't about firing Kate because of people like us complaining about her. It was about firing her for her own actions. I'm glad he clarified that. Kate's actions and choices got her fired, not some reader's opinion. ~ Administrator said...

Even if she were a sweet old lady (isnt she in her 50s? Old Cindy? Really?) how the heck does Cindy know that? Was she on payroll? Ironically the vetter needed vetting. ~ Administrator said...

Can you imagine if Royal Caribbean sent out a mass email and it wasn't BCC? Whoever did it probably would have been fired. With Cindi it was just like oops sorry about that. I saw one of her oops emails.

(Fun)Run? Like hell. said...

To accompany entry #7: ~ Administrator said...

Another thing about globe gate is why would a kid be so darn petrified to come to Kate immediately and say I'm sorry mommy I was playing with the globe and it started to peel off. This should not be a terrible crime. I'm sure it was an accident or at most just innocent curiousity. A kid should not fear such a thing yet she did.

Improbable Dreams said...

Kate Gosselin ‏@Kateplusmy8
Hi! I've been MIA! I'm away w my kids over vacation visiting family and friends! Having an amazing time! We r all so happy to be here!!!

Okay, what are the 'tells' and clues?

Tweeted 5 hours ago...Way late for Eastern Time, so probably someplace on the West Coast! Maybe in HI, with Jon's family? Naaah.

She does not specifically mention '8' in her tweet. Same thing with her post-Christmas clean-up tweet. So maybe she's got a handful of the kids, but not all of them...

Family AND friends: Hmmmm. ~ Administrator said...

Exactly when will the children see their father over the holidays? The way Kate tells it you would think he's dead. ~ Administrator said...

Greedy pugs are known to be gentle with kids and everyone. A great dog for a little boy.

Berks resident said...

Wow fabulous post Admin! It was a lot of work, I bet, to narrow it down to just ten things...she is such a screw up at everything she does.

I think the award to you, Admin, goes to the Hitler video. I don't remember laughing so hard, ever! It was absolutely fabulous.

Greedy Gosselins: Congratulations on your decision to rescue a cocker spaniel! I've
always wanted a cocker, such beautiful pups. Your son will be so excited!

And finally I want to wish all of you here a very happy new year. I really do enjoy coming here and reading all your great stories.

FYI said...

Admin--When I clicked on the link to your "Globe Gate" video, it wouldn't open for me. It might just be my problem, but this is the link to the original thread, where I can open the video with no problem:

FYI said...

Greedy Gosselins--I think a cocker spaniel is a great choice for a child's pet. My two favorite dog breeds are cocker spaniels and beagles. I had a cocker spaniel in my family named "Taffy"--your comments brought up a lot of great memories.

Pity Party said...

Sadly, if she is indeed away with all the kids there must be filming involved. There is not a beach in the US that I can think of where the water is warm. Oh I forgot that is okay with KT, but if you go in you have to stay for 20 minutes. Nice. No wonder the kids stay sick all the time and miss school or are those fast flu's code for missing the bus.

Improbable Dreams said...

Pity Party ~ She didn't say they were at a beach, did she? Leastwise, not on Twitter.

Gosselin8ComeFirst said...

Pity Party said... 100

Sadly, you are probably correct. May be another "pilot" she developed to get herself back on TV (which we may or may not see). Of course using her kids, as no one gives a crap about her. Any word on Mom Swap?

When will this woman ever stand on her own 2 feet and stop using/exploiting her kids? Family/friends.... I think not. She really is a classic example of a narcissist, and will do ANYTHING to keep HERSELF relevant. The kids have more than earned their right to privacy, but she will NEVER get it- all about her....... These kids earned their right to privacy and not sure why the Family Court Judge will not agree to this. She makes everything about her 8 count em 8 kids public by twitter and pictures. Why is this okay? She is fully capable of finding a job like any other person, WITHOUT USING/EXPLOITING her kids. She choses this, as she knows most do not give a crap about her anymore. Get a job Kate and stop using your kids!!

JudyK said...

Outstanding job, as usual, Adm, and I agree with the CouponCabin firing being #1. I think you can't top yourself, but you always do!

Have a question...did Kate call off the cruise? I thought the Cruiseline called it off because there weren't enough people interested.

JudyK said...

Greedy Gosselins #48: Congrats on the new addition to your family and love the name!

Get back with us after you get her home!

FYI said...

I was re-reading the comments on the original post about "Globe Gate". This one comment from Auntie Ann basically sums up how Kate deals with her kids, and I think it bears repeating:

"Kate hasn't grasped that they aren't dolls. She doesn't allow them to have their own emotions, she puts her emotions into them, like you do when you play with dolls. She uses them like toys that she can put away when she's done pretending with them."

Auntie Ann-you nailed it when you made that comment. That is exactly what Kate does, especially when she tweets about what the kids are doing or saying. She is "pretend playing", and using her kids as her "dolls", to fabricate what a wonderful life she has.

RonnieandMaggie said...

Great post admin. I had bee waiting all week and it did not disappoint. I think K may only have the twins with her cause if she was away with all she would say " me and my 8".

chefsummer #Leh said...

Kate will never stand on her own
Why now sane company/productions wants her.

I think she lying about being away with fam & friends.

Unless I see a photo she lying.

I would believe that she's away w/Steve rather her family that didn't know how to help her.

chefsummer #Leh said...

I hope the kids aren't filming anything.

I hope that Kate is telling the truth and they're with family.

But I just don't believe her.

Lilly said...

Admin - well done

Greedy Gosselins - so exciting at 4 years old you won't have to do potty training. We plan on getting a pup but in the Spring, can't see me out at 5am in 3 feet of fresh snow. Taffy is a great name, lots of rhymes like Daffy Taffy - post a pic?

chefsummer #Leh said...

You know who Kate could have taken a lesson from?

Betty Hayes she has 10 ten and was on table or 12 on TLC and never once did.

I see her disrespect her husband or children.

Formerly Duped said...

I don't believe Kate's tweet either- what family and friends? and why MIA- how far did they need to go?

I also suspect Jon had the kids for Xmas- the only pic she showed was the decorated bannister- where someone at the door could see a 'festive' house. Wonder if any locals spotted Xmas lights on the outside of the house or saw her at church? Weird she did not even describe the kids' delight and rating of her ham etc, although shrieks were mentioned in passing. IPads, IPods, furbies, messy toys, weird pic of "Shoka' posed on a bit of carpet. That's her Xmas.

PatK said...

So Khate has actually taken the kids somewhere on vacation? Now, I think we all know by now Kate does nothing like this on her own. Someone has arranged all this for her and accompanied her. Deanna again?

And did she haul the kids away on purpose so their father gets NO holiday time with them? Wouldn't put it past the evil bitch.

Lbelle said...

Kate is a Twit....98:
I can't get the video to work either. It does take me to the original post but movie won't load. I tried to google it and search YouTube but couldn't find it. There's no way Kreider could have had it swiffered, is there????
If anybody knows how to find it, could you please post?
As an aside....the ONLY thing that drives me nuts about the iPad is that I can't copy and paste links and can't use others unless they are, I think hyperlinked is the word. You know, when they are a different colour font, like Admin's are in her main entry. Oh well. We're buying a new laptop for the office this week....the one in there now is sooooo I guess I can always head in there when I need to.
Sorry for my rambling. It's early!

Oh....I forgot to mention yesterday to Greedy Gosselins: Congrats on the new addition coming your way!! How exciting!! Lucky pooch!

Last....even though my gut says GG was the worst of Khate in 2012, I do agree with you, Admin, that the VERY PUBLIC flogging of Kreider by CC was EPIC! I laughed my ass off when I read that letter Scott put out there and all the amazing headlines it generated!! Now all we can hope for is for a BIG TIME network to put it out as publicly that KK is absolutely NOT WANTED on teeeveee!!!
A girl can dream, right?

Anonymous said...

Jenni said... 77
That house she has is cavernous, IMO. It should be filled to the brim with family and children and fun, organized chaos. How sad that it's empty, cold and devoid of any joy.

I'd die to have a guest apt. above the garage! Let me tell you it would be used often with rotating family and friends.
Exactly- that house is cold and heartless. Not a home. A guest apt. is a great addition that many people would to good use- Kate is wasting it, IMO. Jon could easily be staying there on his time with the kids, she just has to be the bigger person and allow it. If it were me, I would. Plus, it would make it easier on her to travel, it's a win-win. She is so stubborn.

FYI said...

PatK said... 112
So Khate has actually taken the kids somewhere on vacation?

Just because Kate tweeted it, does not mean it is true. She could be just using it as an excuse to why she is not on twitter and to placate her tweeties for her being MIA. They will be oh, so happy for her and tell her what a great mom she is. In the meantime, she is also telling her tweeties that their kids' dad has no part in their lives, and she is the be all, end all, of her kids existence.

Lilly said...

Kate is not stubborn just downright mean.

Lbelle - you got snow?? I'll share - blue sky today - wow is it bright out there

chefsummer #Leh said...

PatK said... 112
Kate is a twit said... 115

I'm with both of you.

As far as we know Kate could be alone sitting on the sofa tweeting that she has the kids.

But if she & the kids are on vacation better believe she didn't pay for it.

LoveMyGrandsons said...

Greedy Gosselins, congrats on the new addition to your family! I'm still working on the hubs to get another doggie here.

I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!!

Formerly Duped said...

chefsummer said... 117
I agree, she may have got that grifted vacay she tweeted she 'needed' and will mention it after the fact as she did in the summer, OR she is alone, holed up in the Konpound, alone.

I thought Globegate* was bad, but grifting for socks, and free vacations were pretty low too.

*(Joel has become the whipping boy for the whole family now it seems, not just Kate, who always has said he is exactly like Jon)

Bearswife said...

Good luck with convincing your hubby to get another dog! It took me 4 years to wear the Bear down enough to say yes. But he did and now we are uber happy (I think I heard some shrieking earlier)!

Anonymous said...

Working Woman here

Jane, thank you for explaining the "vetting".

How incredibly creepy!!! Hopefully 2013 will be a more flattering year for Kate.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day :)

NJGal51 said...

Bravo Admain!

I do believe that Kate is on vacation somewhere and probably only with the twins. Maybe she finally went on a cruise, hence the no tweeting or late last night tweeting (the ship is back in tweeting range). It was probably part of the original deal (that the twins were included in) and the travel agency had to make good on it. Another possibility is she scouting out locations to film in NC as the child labor laws may be a bit more lax there than PA now. Visiting family and
friends? Nah, more like visiting family OF friend's vacation home is more like it. I would be surprised if she's got all 8 with her and if she does there's got to be some type of filming going on. Kate really does need to face the reality of the fact that the 6 aren't cute toddlers any more and that makes them much less
marketable. The twins? Who knows what talents they have because they were always overshadowed by the tups. And Kate herself? Do I even need to comment on that?!

GG - congrats on the fur baby.

Admin - I had to laugh at your post to GG (Greedy pugs are known to be gentle with kids and everyone. A great dog for a little boy.) I know that you were addressing it to GG but my first thought when reading it was "are 'greedy pugs' anything like greedy bulldogs?" .

White Organza said...

Another one of Kate's famous super vague tweets... Not lying, not telling it like it is either. She's "somewhere" with "some" of her kids (I would place my bet on the twins, not all 8 of them because she would have made a point to mention it), with "somebody's" family, and "some" friends. Could be Deanna's family and friends, could be Steve's or Jamie's... definitely not her own. She's Kate Gosselin for crying out loud.

chefsummer #Leh said...

Kate might be on vacation with Steve she also doesn't while she with him.

But I still think she lying.-(LOL)

Berks Neighbor said...

RE: The twits tweet about 'family'.
Three possibilities:

Didn't Jon have relatives that they (Kate and the twins) saw one time when they were doing the DC Cupcakes episode?

She call(ed/s) the (film) crew 'family'.

She is lying.

Over In Kate's County said...

My bet is that she is away, otherwise she would have made a big deal about the snow yesterday...not being able to get out, trees blowing, winds howling, power out, having to shovel. You know the drill. She's a real champion of exaggeration.

I think it is funny, though, that yesterday a few here used the term MIA. I don't recall Kate ever using "MIA," but she did today. Read here, Kate?

Pity Party said...

She often refers to herself and the kids as family, in a third party type fashion. I never really understood about her self-proclaimed gift of gab, thinking it was sound of her own voice or the ability to speak endlessly with anyone about anything. But, now, with advent of Twitter, she clearly is referring to the ability to twist words around essentially lying by omission and/or innuendo. I must give credit where credit is due and say this is the one and only thing (I can see) that she is truly good at having honed it to a fine art most likely throughout her entire lifetime.

localyocul said...

I think their with Jon's relatives in Florida. They went down to visit them in Season 1.

California Suzy said...

Admin, you are an amazing writer. Your recap reminded us of the year in review—and oh, how tragic to think the poor Gosselin children continue in their mother’s bondage! We need to be reminded of the many things that were so grievous because this exposure makes sure KK cannot get away with the terrible things she has done.

Admin, may I also add a comment from the last topic as to how much I appreciated your great tip regarding Evernote! To think you put together this blog, while working full-time, now out of town, and heaven knows what else is on your plate—gives those of us who read here so much inspiration. You obviously have the organization thing down pat!

Also sending to WW, Judy K, Lbelle, and Pink Straight… a note of thanks for your affirmation. Hopefully, I have not omitted anyone but, if I did, please know your kind words are very much appreciated.

AuntieAnn said...

Over In Kate's County said... 126

I think it is funny, though, that yesterday a few here used the term MIA. I don't recall Kate ever using "MIA," but she did today. Read here, Kate?


Maybe after she read Admin's list she found a rock to crawl under, finally. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Working Woman here

I hope Kate and the kids really are on vacation seeing family and friends, the kids deserve to see family and friends since Kate has estranged so many of them.

So this is a situation where I actually choose to give Kate the benefit of the doubt. I have no way of knowing if she's being truthful, but, in all fairness, she gets criticized by the public when she gives specific information on where the kids are and which ones she is with. This time she did not do that, and was vague. But with that, people suspect she's lying (which I totally understand, she lies constantly).

So, for as much as I don't approve of Kate, at this point I can acknowledge that sometimes she's damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. Of course , she has done this to herself, entirely.

But, I am glad that she is not giving specific information this time - it's nobody's business where those kids are and which kids are there, despite what the sheeple think.

Twittering And Twattering said...

Remember the strange tweetie, Big Fan? She was back yesterday, only to be suspended shortly thereafter. She's back, under yet another name!

@Kateplusmy8 K8's traveling with 8 kids? Where do they all sleep? and how?

Where do they sleep? Probably in a hotel room or in a rental house, in beds. How? Probably with their eyes closed and the lights out.

chefsummer #Leh said...

I just hope the kids get to see all their family both her's & Jon's.

Twittering And Twattering said...

I have a question for those who know all about Twitter. I don't have an account, but if someone has a protected account, does that mean it's protected from everyone with an account who isn't following them, or does it just mean that it's protected from those who do not have an account? In other words, must one have an account and be approved by that person in order to read their tweets?

Kate is always saying, block, block, block. I would assume then, that she can't see the hater's tweets if she has them blocked. But can't she go to Twazzup and see all the tweets, even from those that she has blocked?

Pity Party said...

Maybe I came up with the beach concept in my own head as with the newly acquired bikini body, she has gone from a not-a-water, not-a-sun person to someone who openly pines for the beaches at every given opportunity.

chefsummer #Leh said...

Twittering And Twattering said... 134

A protected on twitter means.

The person has to accept you as a follower so you can see their tweets and tweet them and them to you.

If you are blacked-(I assume) you can't tweet them or their account.

How ever Kate's twitter is public so if you have an account w/twitter you can tweet her

(Hope that made sense)

Pity Party said...

I love Big Fan. She praises KT one day and can't stand her the next and no one knows for sure where she truly stands. I suspected it may have been her who recently tweeted, turn the lights on cheapskate, during a time when KT was supposedly up and about tweeting. She says she lives within a few miles of her and I believe that she does.

Lilly said...

LMG - you've got mail....

Kate's Cart said...

Kate was seen a few days ago in NC. It was tweeted by a Hilary Jayne Madison. She was in a large Jeep limo - no site of the kids, but they could have been in the vehicle.

Lbelle said...

Oh yes! Did we ever get snow! Yesterday was the first time hubby has used the snowblower in almost 2 years!!! Well....something like that. All I know is he said he never used it once last winter.
If I was a skier I'd be thrilled about the white stuff. I'm not. I just always want it on actual Christmas Eve and day. This dumping came about 36 hours too late this year so, bummer! : (
It IS super sunny though!

Somebody up thread mentioned the grifting of vacations by Kreider this past summer. Good one! I had forgotten all about that faux pas of hers but, yep...that was a perfect example of her greed. She makes me sick. Yes! Let's donate a fabulous beach house to the freaking Gosselins. Grrrrr!
She has some balls....I'll give her that! ~ Administrator said...

Thank you Suzy it was no trouble at all. :) it was good I had Xmas planned out of town it forced me to get this post all ready to go ahead of time. All I had to do in chicago was hit publish!

Let me know how Evernote goes.

PatK said...

IF Kate was spotted in a "large Jeep limo", whether the kids were in there or not, then that indicates that such was not arranged on her own--someone has provided this vacation to her for whatever reason. She managed to haul everyone down to Alabama on her own, but apparently this is a different type of vacation. Filming? Don't know. Possible.

AuntieAnn said...

I'm with Chef...unless there's a pic anyone can say they've spotted her. But it really doesn't matter anymore if she's on a sugar cane plantation in Mazabuka or at a mall in Reading. A Kate sighting means diddly. Her 15 minutes are finally over.


JoyinVirginia said...

Talking about dogs, for anyone who wants a dog but can't get one right now, check with your local shelter or a rescue group about working with animals at adoption events, walking dogs, fostering animals or doing relief fostering, things like that. Animal foster parents with rescue group I work with need substitute fosters if they go on vacation. Local shelter is always glad to have volunteers to work with socializing animals, walking the dogs, helping with adoption events.

carolina peach said...

Steve was with them at the forced run as a sheep dog herding the children along. Has he been seen in public with her OR with his wife since then? He's was a pic with his wife on her twitter page a few monthsd ago. Just wondering. ~ Administrator said...

Bravo Admain


I like this spelling. Makes me sound exotic.

NJGal51 said...

Localyocul is right, they did visit some of Jon's relatives in FL in season 1 but would kate really want to visit with his family? Silly me, if it means a free beach house of course she would. However if Kate was spotted in NC in a jeep limo I would have to assume that they didn't fly and that she wasn't driving the BBB. I wonder what it would cost to rent a limo or two to take you down to FL and back. Would it be cheaper than flying? I still think that Kate and the twins may have gone on a cruise to a warmer climate.

Tweet-le De Tweet-le DUMB said...

Someone spotted Kate on Dec. 26:

No idea why she is here, but I saw Kate Gosselin downtown today.

Yet Kate tweeted this on Dec. 27:

We've played lazily for days, now it's time to find places for all new toys instead of in every room, under my feet.... House clean up X!

"I don't get it."

JudyK said...

Tweetle...thank you for once again exposing Kate for the ultimate liar she is. Where are you located...just generally...not specifically?

LancasterCountyMom said...

As usual, I'm a day late & a dollar short. Here's my four little posts from the other thread:

LancasterCountyMom said... 132

JudyK said: "I have two dogs, as well, and always considered myself strictly a dog person, but I am IN LOVE with my black kitty brothers...OMG, they are precious to me, and they are never allowed outside. I call them my gay kitty brothers because they adore each other and sleep with their "arms" wrapped around each other."

Awwwwww, that's so darn cute!!!
December 30, 2012 7:55 AM

LancasterCountyMom said... 133

FidosMommy said: "I had a female cat who would do that, too. She was also convinced her mission in life was to save the world from all pens and pencils lying on tabletops. They had to be flung across the room with great glee and look of "so, whatcha gonna do about it, Mom?""

lol!!! This reminded me of a kitty we used to have that would tip over every glass/cup he could find CONSTANTLY!!

LOVED the Buster story!

December 30, 2012 8:03 AM

LancasterCountyMom said... 134

TxBR549 said... 75
"So, kk is missing in action? Perhaps she is on a shopping binge with her grift cards. Such a pathetic person."

'Grift cards' - that's the perfect term for it!! :)
December 30, 2012 8:52 AM

LancasterCountyMom said... 135

Jenni said... 119
"Readerlady, my cat must be dumb. She doesn't really get into anything! She's getting old tho and has taken to sleeping in the closet. It makes me sad. Such a loyal friend. A heating pad that purrs pretty much on demand."

Awww, sleeping in the closet sounds kinda cute, Jenni. I miss hearing kitties purring. Though, I have 2 min pins that are very good heating pads. :D
December 30, 2012 10:00 AM

canadianmom said...

@Greedy Gosselins...

Good for you for choosing to adopt a dog from a shelter! That's great! Cockers are a great breed, but they DO have some issues that I want you to be aware of. They are one of those popular breeds that have been over breed and because of that they can have some serious aggression issues. When you go see this girl please try and look past her cuteness and do some basic tests on her just to be sure. Play with her feet and toes and see her reaction. Check her ears, flip them over and look inside and gently touch the opening (cockers are NOTORIOUS for ear infections so you will have to clean them regularly and this can be a trigger for aggression). Also, bring a grooming brush along (or use one of the shelters) and brush her, she will need a lot of grooming so be sure she is OK with it. Give her a tasty treat and then take it away from her and watch her for any sign of food aggression. Drop your keys or some other load object when she's not looking and check for signs of fear. Take her up to a few of the other shelter dogs and cats to check for aggression. And MOST IMPORTANTLY find out as much as you can about her history, why was she dropped off? Did her owners have some serious behavioural problems with her?

I'm not trying to be a party pooper, lol! I just want you to find the right dog for you and your family. If after doing these things if you feel at all unsure about the adoption then don't do it and keep looking. Not trying to be a downer, I just want you to have all of the facts and know exactly what your in for.

Anonymous said...

Franky here,

omg..roflmao on hitler globe vid..missed it somehow before.

kudos to

a new years resolution for this blog? how about all lurkers drive-by with hi?

I've enjoyed seeng nee namand cockerspaniels were made for little boys

and if i write caps i make lezs typos

hogs to all..àm on vacay..rumspringas in both hands and i loves you all

hai celesai..rastafari=) ~ Administrator said...

It's a little suspicious it's NC, where figure 8 is.

Nah, they wouldn't. .....

Tweet-le De Tweet-le DUMB said...

JudyK said... 149

I guess Kate was tweet lying to her fans when she said they were home. She'd rather lie than keep silent. And I suppose that's ok with her fans, they figure she needs to protect herself from the "haters." But when she's spotted she then speaks up. Weird. She wouldn't have these problems if she'd get off twitter.

Tweetle...thank you for once again exposing Kate for the ultimate liar she is. Where are you located...just generally...not specifically?

I'm West of the Mississippi. Unspecific enough? LOL! Why do you ask?

njay said...

Oops, I posted this on the last thread. My bad. lol.

Good morning ladies and any gents. First I want to say I was out of line with my comment yesterday. You are correct that this blog, for the most part, welcomes and is kind and very funny.

I don't know why this happens and I don't know if it happens to anyone else but for what ever reason LMG became special to me. This does not mean I think everyone here is not kind. When I read some of the post to LMG I have to say that some were, imo, largely not worded very kind and it brought back feelings in me that I have yet learned to subdue to perfection.

I have always jumped in to protect the underdog, not that LMG is an underdog, yet I have not learned how to properly step in for myself. When, I'm not sure who it was, commented about being a click that issue stirred feelings in me again and I made it personal. I am very sorry for that. You didn't deserve it.

The one thing that does frustrate me though is that when some post opposite opinions, some get defensive and imo get passive aggressive. I know that some regulars have felt the same way because there are comments like, ok, I know I'm going to get blasted for this, or, I'm posting anonymous this time. If it doesn't happen then why are people afraid. I don't understand why, instead of saying if you don't like it find another blog, say humm could it be that they have a point and look for a solution. Not every opposite opinion is a sheeple. Maybe ask what made them come to that opinion.

Anyway, I mainly wanted to say I was wrong posting that comment. Thank you for your posts to me. It helped me find my way. Now that's how to find a solution. Hogs to all. For real. ~ Administrator said...

Downtown where? No kids? You know this whole thing could be one big overcompensation for Jon having them. I don't want to know I just can't trust what she says.

Formerly Duped said...

NJGal said..Localyocul is right, they did visit some of Jon's relatives in FL in season 1 but would kate really want to visit with his family?

I remember that; it was the day when the beach was very windy and the kids were miserable and the sand was stinging them. The aunt and uncle were a kind elderly couple IIRC, but I don't think they would be whom Kate would chose to spend pre-New Year's with, not 'beautiful people' aka celebs. They probably have no use for her now anyhow.

As for the NC spotting, it could well be wrong.I think she either got another beach grift or is alone on Twitter- bitter silence alone.

Anonymous said...


come have a blueberry rumspringa with me as we listen to Marley..3 little birds=™) a 45 y4ld french-canadian who lives in what is now snowland..aka

so glad you found y bhudda within is smiling can be rastafari/bhuddist..human and anything else ( previous few threads ago K was Pastafarian..lmao)

hogs to u


Tweet-le De Tweet-le DUMB said... (Administrator) said... 156
Downtown where? No kids? You know this whole thing could be one big overcompensation for Jon having them. I don't want to know I just can't trust what she says.

Admin, here's the whole conversation which took place on Dec 26, 28 & 29:

No idea why she is here, but I saw Kate Gosselin downtown today.
Dec. 26

@hilljayne Sorry to bother you, but I was curious if it was really Kate Gosselin. She tweeted that she was busy w/her 8 kids, she LIED??
Dec. 28

@SuzeW718 It was a huge of those jeep limo ones....I didn't see any kids but maybe they were in the limo? It was definitely her
Dec 29

@hilljayne thank you 4the reply, kids are w/dad it looks like, can I ask what city was this? NYC? (Love your name btw, Jayne gone 2soon)
Dec. 29

@SuzeW718 I am in NC. Maybe some kind of promo tour or something. Sometimes these reality stars hit 4 and 5 cities in one day....
Dec 29

JudyK said...

Tweet-le De Tweet-le DUMB said... 154
JudyK said... 149

I guess Kate was tweet lying to her fans when she said they were home. She'd rather lie than keep silent. And I suppose that's ok with her fans, they figure she needs to protect herself from the "haters." But when she's spotted she then speaks up. Weird. She wouldn't have these problems if she'd get off twitter.

Tweetle...thank you for once again exposing Kate for the ultimate liar she is. Where are you located...just generally...not specifically?

I'm West of the Mississippi. Unspecific enough? LOL! Why do you ask?

Because, once again, I think I misread something and thought you were the one who had spotted her in your area and just wondered where she had been seen.

LoveMyGrandsons said...

Bearswife, I hope it doesn' take 4 years! We've always had dogs and with the hubs, it usually takes about a year till he is over the grief of losing our furry family member. When we are ready for another dog, I want to go to a shelter to get one that nobody wants.

Lilly, I received your mail and thanks so much! Now you have mail, hon!

njay, I don't know what to say except thank you, your comment was very touching. As far as responding to a comment you don't agree with, there are times I've posted something and then when I reread it I thought to myself - ooh, that could be taken wrong. Then I post another to explain what I really meant. It happens to all of us.

njay, I enjoy your insightful comments. Different perspectives are always good and keep the conversation going as we learn more about each other. Keep posting here, sweetie; I enjoy your input.

Tweet-le De Tweet-le DUMB said...

JudyK (160). Ok, gotcha.

AuntieAnn said...

Pity Party said... 135

Maybe I came up with the beach concept in my own head as with the newly acquired bikini body, she has gone from a not-a-water, not-a-sun person to someone who openly pines for the beaches at every given opportunity.


Kate has never been able to hide her duplicity. Funny how that sun/water aversion of hers suddenly disappeared after the tuck and boob job. Oh yeah AND the divorce.

She's come undone said...

Hey guys, keep in mind that these fans are fanatical about Kate and trying to stir up crap anytime they can. Those tweets were probably made up by a fan. I seriously believe that. Kate has made so many enemies and proven how much she is reviled even by the stations, both cable and regular TV and they all know that no way would it be possible to work with her super elevated ego and control issues.

Amy2 said...

I just want to share this heart warming story about a man's devotion to his dog and how his dog's love saved him. Get the tissues ready.
here' the link

Sorry, I don't know how to make it clickable.

LoveMyGrandsons said...

Auntie Ann, I completely forgot about Kate saying she didn't like being out in the sun because her skin can't handle it and she can't use sunblock (for whatever crappy reason she made up). Then after the divorce, multiple bikinis at beaches and running through her own yard in them.

chefsummer #Leh said...

@Beach__lover You were CORRECT, she is in NC or passed through NC on her way somewhere else. Hillary saw her in a Hummer Limo

21h Beach Lover ‏@Beach__lover
@SuzeW718 @kateplusmy8 I've said it for days she wasn't tweeting=not home bored w/ kids. No way she'd b home w/them until 1/7

20h No Excuse 4 Abuse ‏@BarbaraJean_s
@SuzeW718 @Beach__lover Once again Kate Gosselin goes M.I.A. and @MiloandJack does too. The 3 stooges are on a road trip.

Lilly said...

You know folks, she is so generic Hollywood bleached blond anorexic, I could understand someone mistaking her in a stretch jeep limo - after all it could have really been someone lol

chefsummer #Leh said...

Maybe she filming with Kendra this time or she reconsider the topless job from Wicked.-(ew)

And hopefully all of the kids are w/Jon.

FL Mama said...

MIA? Could she mean Miami? I'm in Fort Lauderdale, no news of her being in town, but we get so many celebs here (in Miami mostly) that no one really pays attention.
Happy 2013, hope 13 is a lucky one for all!! ~ Administrator said...

She has made no bones about tweeting countless pics of the kids throughout the year. Suddenly on xmas not a pic???

Again I'm not saying I want to see pics, I don't, but I'm saying it simply doesn't fit her pattern of tweeting pics when she has the kids on holidays. And xmas of all things.

She had the kids last year on xmas eve at church, most family law orders, the vast majority, would give the father xmas this year.

chefsummer #Leh said...

I just hope the kids don't have to film anything and that they finally get to be kids.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Pity Party said...

I didn't think you could see inside a limo? Hummer limo - rolling like a rap star, now? Maybe with a grain of salt...

Deb said...

Love this blog and all the people but the speculation on where KG is is really obsessive and creepy.

How can we expect her to disappear if all we do is decipher her every single move?

LoveMyGrandsons said...

chefsummer, I agree with your hope that the kids get to be real kids finally. However, with Kate as their mother, she will never let them be who they are, they have to fit into her "mold" of what they should be to keep her relevant.

AuntieAnn said...

LoveMyGrandsons said... 166

Auntie Ann, I completely forgot about Kate saying she didn't like being out in the sun because her skin can't handle it and she can't use sunblock (for whatever crappy reason she made up). Then after the divorce, multiple bikinis at beaches and running through her own yard in them.

LMG - I know. What HAS she told the truth about? I don't think there's enough bandwidth to list all her lies. No wonder Jon needed to get away from her. She's unhealthy to be around.

I'm watching Shawshank Redemption on A&E right now. Brings back good memories from

(BTW, TxBR549, the warden just called the poster of Raquel Welsh "Fuzzy Britches". lol) ~ Administrator said...

No one was speculating until Kate tweeted she was gone and some other sitings were reported. It's creepy to simply wonder if it's true? I don't see anyone calling up NC or otherwise trying to track her down.

Things don't add up with her. It's a pattern and a history. If Jon said I'm with the kids no one would speculate. He doesn't have a history of teasing and lying. She has made a real point of saying the kids aren't with Jon and throw him under the bus. She is shoving all this out there. If she simply got off twitter it would stop a lot of it.

LoveMyGrandsons said...

Deb, I'm sorry, but I agree with Admin. Kate puts everything out there on Twitter. She is trying to keep herself in the public eye, therefore, that makes her fair game. She does this to herself, and she does it knowingly.

JoyinVirginia said...

OT, esp since there are so many Texans reading and posting here. The Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys football teams play tonight. We will be watching, anyone else? Out and about today there are lots of folks in their team gear. I even saw a cute little girl in a Redskins cheerleader outfit. Skins fans outnumber Cowboys fans around these parts. ~ Administrator said...

Other than jokes about Kate's jaunts to NYC, generally there is not a lot of speculation here about Kate's whereabouts without GOOD REASON. I.e. Kate or someone else tweeted about it.

If we just sat around saying hmm wonder if Kate is in NC with absolutely nothing to back it up that would be another story. ~ Administrator said...

Joy do you have any tips for how an outsider could get great tickets for a Redskins game next year? It is a birthday present for a big fan. ~ Administrator said...

Ohh Selena is on Lifetime right now.

I hope wherever Kate is she tunes in. When fans go wrong. Digest the message here, I beg of her.

Bearswife said...

Amy2, That did make me cry! If you click on the link and read the whole article, it is very touching. I know what it is like to have a dog pull you out of depression.

Joy, excellent suggestions on fostering, even temporarily. That is how I fell in love with my new little girl.
LMG, don't let him wait too long! So many puppies, so little time ;0

Speaking of...
This is good for a laugh, but have a tissue ready. It is so cute and infectious!

LoveMyGrandsons said...

Bearswife, we would adopt an adult dog, not a puppy. The hubs has said he doesn't want to go through house-breaking them and all the training a puppy requires. He said he's too old to want to go through all of that again.

Besides, I would assume, and I don't know for sure, that a lot of people want puppies. But the older dogs aren't as in demand. Once again, I'm just guessing. I would love to get an older dog, maybe 3-5 years in age. The problem with me, though, is that I'm a softy with dogs and would easily be willing to take 2 or 3 of them. However, I would probably have to find a new place to live if I did that!

aggiemom09121416 said...


Nope, not watching the 'boys and 'skins play tonight, lol!

I am NOT a Jerry fan.
I took it *quite* personally when he fired Tom Landry.
I never looked back.

(and nope, not bitter. just adamant, lol)

LoveMyGrandsons said...

By the way, aggie, I have to tell you that I loved you readers digest story of your 2 dogs. It was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. ~ Administrator said...

Glad the Hitler video is getting some replays.

I personally like the nice touch of Hitler blogging about ration books for I can see it. Of course Hitler seemed to have a healthy sense of what a D lister he is which was part of why he was so ticked. Kate, not so much.

Anonymous said...

omg lmg..u ate killing me here

all I want to do is run to the shelter and see if my newbaby is there..joldi.g bsck for now since shelter is closed..sheesh

ps..anyone ha d a fu
turtle hete? damn they are inyelligent and who knew they grow so big? I didn'


JoyinVirginia said...

Admin, I will ask around to some fanatical football fans and let you know about Redskins tix

AMD said...

Here's a cute video about "Loca, the pug who couldnt' run". It's set to an Irish ditty.

AuntieAnn said...

Anonymous said... 188

omg lmg..u ate killing me here

all I want to do is run to the shelter and see if my newbaby is there..joldi.g bsck for now since shelter is closed..sheesh

ps..anyone ha d a fu
turtle hete? damn they are inyelligent and who knew they grow so big? I didn'


Forgive me franky, but I get a kick out of your posts.

Dare I ask...what is an fu turtle? ~ Administrator said...

AMD cute! Apparently he's a special needs pup with a brain disorder. What a great message about getting out there and tackling the world anyway even if you don't quite do it like everyone else lol. I love me some pugs. Shhh don't tell my chihuahua.

Anonymous said...

completly OT

dd has decided cocotte needs more room to swim..aka a wall aquarium..)..for one turtle..and yes...she has the decor picked out a la piratrs des carraibes..oye vey

what to do?


librarylady said...

I don't think it's so much "deciphering every move" of KG's when people speculate, but more the clear history of her only tweeting when the kids are there and then zilch when they are not, confirming that she uses them to be ty to be socially relevant in any regard. And her silly need to hide the fact that she goes anywhere so it doesn't look like she is often not with them. Just own up to it like most parents do and say "got away for awhile, it was nice" instead of the big pretend secret. Still amazes me that she doesn't get it.

Not so much WHERE she is at - who cares, most people don't anymore - but the clear indication that kids = attention in her mind = she has no way to attract attention on her own merit. ~ Administrator said...

Not so much WHERE she is at - who cares, most people don't anymore


Yes library that's it exactly. I don't care if she's in Africa or India or North Dakota. But I am not gonna lie, her compulsive lying fascinates me. Her "Catfish" lifestyle fascinates me. It is CLEARLY largely all in her head. She is CLEARLY overcompensating. She is clearly lying much of the time. I like busting out the popcorn and trying to find out what road her pathology has led her down this tie. Much like watching Angela in Catfish, it was interesting to watch her spiral.

Assuming the twitter was truthful, Kate was once again lying about being at home doing "Pioneer Woman' type homegrown activities like organizing Christmas presents--when really she was off glamming in NC with a limo. I just find the lying interesting no matter what exposes it.

NJGal51 said...

AMD - I love that video. Soooooooo cute!

I also love the irish accent. One of my New Year's resolutions is going to be to say "feck" instead of, well, you know! ~ Administrator said...

That video also shows that being a mommy and daddy to a special needs dog can be a lot of FUN. I think a lot of people immediately rule out any kind of dog with special needs. This one proves it can work out just fine.

TLC stinks said...

Gear job, Admin. She says she is vacationing with family and friends, which means in Kate- speak her kids and probably Deanna, her boyfriend and the sitter.

AMD said...

NJGal51 said... 196
"One of my New Year's resolutions is going to be to say "feck" instead of, well, you know!"

Great idea! :)
That tune is pretty catchy, isn't it?

Working Woman said...

Lying to fans is bad enough, involving 8 children in your lies is awful. Taking your children to see their friends and family is a special, sacred thing, not something to lie about.

I'm not saying for sure that she is. I hope she and the kids are really visiting family and friends.

Njay, hun, thank you for expressing your point. I can't speak to why people go under anonymous whenever they are self-conscious about what they are posting, or seem to fear getting blasted for simply having a different opinion. As long as someone is respectful in expressing their opposing opinion and doesn't try to shit stir, usually the responses back are pretty respectful. Or at least, they certainly should be!

For example, recently I disagreed with something that a poster said about Robert. I wish Robert well and am glad that he tried to take action regarding some stuff he saw that disturbed him, but I am not a huge fan because I think he comes across as borderline obsessive and stalkerish over Kate. But I expressed this respectfully and humbly, so it wasn't a big deal at all.

We are all different people and will have conflicting opinions at times, it happens :)

I hope you continue to post here, Njay, I have enjoyed your input. Happy, healthy new year to you hun.

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