Monday, November 29, 2010

Kate Plus 8 ratings at 1.302 million, its worst ever

TVBytheNumbers is reporting to one of our readers that Kate Plus 8 hit an all-time low of 1.302 million last Sunday.

Turns out TLC's bait and switch, listing a new episode of the popular, though controversial Sister Wives in many of our cable guides in place of Kate, was an epic fail. Sarah Palin's Alaska, which preceded Kate Plus 8, pulled a respectable 3.5 mil. 2.2 million viewers either switched channels or turned off the tube when Kate came on. Yea!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kate Plus 8: Gosselins, Goblins & Ghouls discussion thread

Kate Plus 8 has been bouncing all around TLC's schedule. Tonight it's supposed to be at 10 p.m. EST, although oddly many DVRs (including DirectTv and Dish) are as of this hour still listing the slot as "To Be Announced." Which means DVR isn't going to pick up a new episode.

Notice Kate's child exploitation book in the background, I Just Want You to Know. Perhaps trying to unload the last few remaning copies?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kids dress up for Thanksgiving

Photos show what looks like Alexis punching Joel and throwing a dog toy at him.

Despite the trees planted to protect the children from paparazzi, the kids were dressed as Native Americans and inexplicably taken out in full view of Chris on Thanksgiving day. Although no adults were in sight, a teenage boy who appears to be Steve's son was there. And so was Shoka, the reincarnated dog. Two photos show Alexis going aggressively at Joel with her fists, and several other photos show Hannah and Leah with their arms tightly folded across their chests as if they are cold.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Kate judges ET potluck

Kate had the time of her life in Los Angeles this week on the Skating with the Stars beat for ET. On Monday she also helped judge ET's sixth annual employee Thanksgiving potluck. The winner received a $500 prize.

Watch the video:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

US Weekly has named Kate one of their turkeys of the year, right up there with celebrity sludge like Kanye West, who is so jealous of Taylor Swift he could spit and all but ruined that sweet and hard-working young girl's greatest career moment, and David Arquette, who told Howard Stern all about his sex life with Courtney Cox.
Kate is also in the running for a local turkey of the year:
Meanwhile, Kate is reported to have the kids for the second Thanksgiving in a row, while Jon gets the leftovers on Friday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kate's Los Angeles trip: 'The pressure was getting to' the kids

Kate is spending the days before Thanksgiving in Los Angeles. She's been on the Skating With the Stars beat for Entertainment Tonight (Skating turned out to be a gigantic ratings flop), was spotted with Tony She-Never-Calls-Me-Back Dovolani (awkward) in the audience of Skating With the Stars, and now was in the front row for the Dancing With the Stars finale.

Day 1 on ET: The kids want Kyle to win, says Kate. But Kate feels a "kinship" with Bristol and that Bristol does not have any kind of unfair advantage. (Note: Please do not spoil the winner until 11 p.m. Pacific Coast time)

Day 2 on ET: Kate says there's been "here or there" a "somebody cropping up." Twist of Kate is not cancelled at all, Kate says. "We're still trying to shape it what it needs to be and what is going to be fun." Kate? They're stringing you along.

"The pressure was getting" to the kids, "then you have the divorce angle mixed into that," Kate says when asked about the children being expelled. What pressure? They are six! Why should they have pressure at six years old? Clearly Kate is talking about pressure other than the divorce, as she says the pressure and the divorce angle.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kate says kids have 'anger' over divorce

To that we say that is horrible, but your child's emotional issues should not be disclosed to millions on a T.V. show

Why in the world isn't Kate sticking to "no comment"? Disgusting. In previews for Sunday's "Halloween" episode of Kate Plus 8, the children are shown misbehaving at Party City. Kate grabs Collin by the chin and orders him to "look at me when I'm talking to you," and some of the girls are shown fighting. Then, Kate says this: The kids are "having a rough time with post-divorce anger." So, Jon is not allowed to talk publicly about the divorce but Kate is? Talk about hypocrisy. And if the kids are having anger issues, it's just plain common sense to discuss it with a therapist, not a T.V. audience. In typical Kate fashion, it's all Jon's fault and not hers. Will Kate ever take any responsibility for them or will it always be laid on other people and things?

One more thing, when you are aggressively grabbing a child by the chin to get him to do what you want, how can you expect that child to treat his peers any differently in school when he wants to get what he wants? Treat a child with physical force and he will learn that physical force is acceptable behavior. Would you grab an adult by the chin to get what you want? Then don't do it to a child. Kate clearly does not get this connection whatsoever.
Apparently this source ("The kids are going through a challenging time, but Kate doesn’t feel this is something that should be discussed publicly. It is a private matter.”) didn't know that as soon as Kate could make money off the children's "challenging time" it would no longer be a "private matter."

Saturday, November 20, 2010

TLC announced Twist of Kate exactly one year ago

A year ago today, TLC told us that they had a show for Kate in the works to air in Spring 2010.
In fact on November 20, 2009, a TLC spokesperson said the focus was not on Kate Plus 8 at all, but on a series about just Kate: "Plus 8 is not in production. We are focusing on the launch of Kate's new series in early spring."

Now, a full 12 months later, what happened to Twist of Kate? Here's a timeline we compiled back in August, updated.

November 2009: TLC confirms they plan to have a new show staring only Kate to air in the Spring of 2010.

Early December 2009: Kate is caught at Finch's Restaurant's in North Carolina, full camera crew with her, filming her cooking at the restaurant. Bodyguard Steve was with her, and told people they were filming a "test" pilot.

Late December 2009: Coincidence or not, a few weeks after Kate films her test pilot (and maybe after it bombed with a test audience?), rumors circulate that now Kate is going to do her own dating show. This rumor soon fizzles out, perhaps after it was "tested" on the public and got a negative reaction.

January 13, 2010: A few more details emerge about Kate's new show. The show is to feature Kate being filmed trying out different jobs, reportedly a "firefighter." This is consistent with Kate being caught filming cooking at Finch's.

April 8, 2010: After remaining silent for months, TLC makes another announcement about Kate's two new shows. The first would be Kate Plus 8, an update show featuring Kate and the kids (Yeah, an update show that films the children all summer long and into the school year even while the children are having serious problems in school including expulsion, we would later learn). The second show, featuring just Kate, would be called Twist of Kate. This time, the concept was a bit tweaked from the original idea of Kate trying out different jobs. The series was to follow Kate as she travels the country to meet families with challenges at work or at home and attempt to “walk a mile in their shoes,” according to a TLC statement. The show will also give Kate a chance to “roll up her sleeves and see what she can do to help.” (Admin: Doesn't Kate have enough problems herself without trying to solve some other family's issues?)

Post April 8: Jon gives in and Kate Plus 8 resumes airing with the kids on June 8, 2010. A show featuring just Kate is rarely mentioned.

Summer-Fall 2010: The kids spent the bulk of their summer and now into their school year criss-crossing the country filming ten (and counting) episodes of Kate Plus 8. In November, two of the children get suspended, then expelled from school and the remaining are rumored to be on probation.

November 20, 2010: A source told Life & Style that Twist of Kate is "no longer on the schedule because Kate can't bring in the ratings anymore" and that the show is cancelled (Admin: How can a show that never even aired by cancelled?) In response, a TLC rep told Gossip Cop this is "absolutely untrue." Twelve months later, TLC is still insisting it's a go. If it's such a great show, where is it?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kate to be ET special correspondent for Skating With the Stars

Go for it, it doesn't exploit the kids!

Love, love Jonny Moseley.Rest of cast is kinda pathetic. Who even is Rebecca Budig???

And Johnny Weir, one of the judges on the show, said that his cousins lived near Kate and Jon and that everyone was annoyed about the paparazzi. Johnny went on to say that when he met up with Kate at a charity event, he found her to be "rude to everyone" a "terror" and a "nasty person." Jealous hater, or another truth teller?

Kate is blowing through the children's money, might have to get a real job

A source (shall we call them Captain Obvious?) is reporting that the well has run dry after Kate has blown the bulk of the children's money on her first-class, five-star lifestyle of manicures, pedicures, hair extensions, mansions, cars, trips, nannies, bodyguards, Nobu sushi and designer clothes.

Kate was hoping to book some advertising deals, such as with Cover Girl, but nothing has panned out. Now, according to the source, she might even consider a real job. All the more reason laws needs to protect children's money from parents like her.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kate Plus 8, minus Alexis and Collin at the bus stop

It looks like Kate has accepted that we all now know, and is making no effort to try to cover-up what is no longer just a "rumor." Alexis and Collin were noticeably absent from the school bus stop today.

Take a look at Hannah (In the brown uggs. Leah is wearing pink ones.). In at least two photos, she appears to be hiding her face with a book. From the sun, or from Chris? If even Hannah, the one Kate says needs her more than most, is cowering away from the Paps, will that wake Kate up?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Collin and Alexis play with dog Shoka during school hours

Shoka is back. People who give up dogs should not be permitted to have them back. Who is this breeder?

But the bigger story as we see it is Collin and Alexis, sure enough the two sextuplets reportedly expelled from school, seen playing outside during school hours--lending credence to the report that they have indeed been expelled and are homeschooled now, enjoying their recess right at the house.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kate serves kids old sandwiches?

More sources are confirming the bizarre rumor that came out several days ago that Kate sends back soggy sandwiches the kids don't eat until they finish them. Do we even need to debate whether this is an appropriate parenting technique?

Other odd eating behaviors:
  • In "Back to School," Kate ordered the children to eat their lunch in a certain order: sandwich, fruit/veggies, crunchy things, dessert.
  • Lots of viewers have expressed concern over the portion control Kate exerts on the children, at times serving only a handful of grapes, tortilla chips and dip as a meal.
  • The sextuplets were denied bagels at breakfast when they really wanted them and the twins got them. Perhaps the sextuplets were just hungry.
  • Kate's uninformed and bizarre obsession with "organic" food and feeding her children only food she deems worthy. As long as the bag of Cheetos says organic, it's Kate approved.
  • Food has been withheld from the children as punishment. The boys were denied cupcakes on their birthday for not finishing their dinner. Most parenting experts now believe that food should never be tied up with punishments or rewards.
  • Multiple sources have confirmed that their private school does not allow the students to throw out food so that parents can know what the child is and isn't eating.
  • Kate once complained that Mady won't drink dairy, without considering a possible lactose intolerance problem or an allergy. In fact, a whopping 90% of children of Asian decent show some degree of lactose intolerance, from mild to debilitating.

A healthy relationship with food is vitally important at this age. Negative feelings associated with food early on can manifest in serious problems later in life, the teen years and beyond--anorexia, bulimia, obesity, over- and under-eating.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Joy Behar: 'Father knows best'

"This is exploitation," said Anthony Cumia.
"It's scary, they need help," said Dr. Lillian Glass.

Mainstream media is catching on. Finally. We always wondered what it would take.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kate spends two hours making copies in FedEx

In her first public appearance since news that two of the sextuplets were expelled from their private school kindergarten class, Kate was spotted at a Reading FedEx this weekend, spending two hours inside making copies, according to INF.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Child star: 'No 2-year-old wants to be working but I had no choice'

Taylor Momsen, 17, who first shot to fame as adorable Cindy Lou Who in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and later scored a lead role on "Gossip Girl," has joined the long list of child actors growing up and now speaking out about her childhood in the shackles of the spotlight.

Taylor says she is "miserable" today. And who is to blame? Her parents, she says.

"Everyone's like, 'Wow, why is she upset and why is she so miserable about things?' My parents signed me up with Ford [modeling agency] at the age of two. No 2-year-old wants to be working, but I had no choice." Momsen, went on to say, "My whole life, I was in and out of school. I didn't have friends. I was working constantly and I didn't have a real life."

Sorry to hear that, Taylor, but thanks for speaking out about this.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The children should be out of the spotlight

When Jon and Kate signed up to exploit their children's private moments when they were one year old, they exposed them to vicious and damaging tabloid rumors five years down the line.

Sadly, a very private and personal tabloid rumor is now being reported about two of the children. Whether this rumor is true is irrelevant to the fact that this is a consequence of throwing your children into the world of fame and celebrity, and then refusing to take them out. Who is to blame for what is allegedly going on with these kids is irrelevant to the fact that if not for their fame and exposure, no one but close family and friends would ever know about this. Even if not true, isn't this alone enough for Kate now to realize they should be pulled out of this lifestyle? When will it not be worth it to her anymore? What needs to happen to get through to her?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alaska ratings hit all time low of 1.3 million

Is it finally over? Ratings are in for Alaska, Here We Come! and they were the worst ever for Kate Plus 8.

Sunday’s 9pm show averaged 1.331 million viewers. The second-lowest rated episode was Pirates, Kites and Turtles, which clocked 1.389.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alaska, Here we Come! Recap: The family visits Mr. and Mrs. Iditarod

Coming up on Kate Plus 8! Shrieking, moaning, crying, barking. And that’s just from Kate. The clan is headed to Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Only for the entire hour they’re going to pretend this crossover wasn’t the whole point of the trip in the first place, and also they will pretend they never met Sarah, certainly never briefly went camping with her and her family, and overall she does not even exist. I’m guessing this, shall we say, “distancing” request came from Team Palin and not Team TLC. Or perhaps after that fiasco, in good old-fashioned Alaskan speak Palin had a message for Kate, a big fat HELL NO!

“We had the opportunity to go to Alaska,” Kate explains. And by “we had the opportunity,” she means, I had eight kids, sold them to TLC which then proceeded to pimp them out for five years, and TLC has now decided to pay for yet another filmed trip no one honestly wants to go on other than to bank their $250,000 for purposes of doing a cross-over which will ultimately end up on the cutting room floor anyway!

“Ironically, it is one of the places on our wish list,” Kate adds. Kate still has places on her wish list she hasn‘t been to yet? How long is that list? Also, I don’t understand what is ironic about that. I think growing up she must have been in the same English class as Alanis, who thinks it’s ironic to have rain on your wedding day, or a traffic jam when you’re already late. Actually Alanis, that’s not really ironic. The first one is unfortunate, and the second is just plain bad planning. And so is this trip, when the children should be 1. Enjoying their summer at home with their friends and dad and 2. Enjoying their summer without cameras.

Kate brags that ever since they went to Hawaii they’ve wanted to go to Alaska, not because Alaska is unique and amazing and gorgeous, but because Hawaii and Alaska are both “unattached” states. Oh, I didn’t know those states were single. Just like Kate. Maybe Alaska and Hawaii could be set up on a blind date. Also I highly doubt six six-year-olds have been constantly talking about trips they want to take to Alaska, and not about Dora the Explorer or those bandz bracelet things Jon says they like or whatever they are really into that I highly doubt has anything to do with traveling.

Break out the Indian Jones map and cheap graphics as a little plane makes its way up to Alaska. It was a seven to “eightish” hour flight, says Kate. The kids did well. Or did Kate just not have to be all that concerned with them because she brought nannies, helpers and bodyguards to go along with her? Speaking of which, they outright completely cut out Ashley from this entire episode, even though we know she went along because her mom Carla blabbed about it on her blog. They literally make it seem like it was just Kate the entire time and not an army of qualified, experienced helpers, too. It can be hurtful as a nanny to be so discredited.

The background music is all swashbuckling, frontier sounding as they show us beautiful shots of the mountains and lakes. The music sounds so familiar, did they steal this from Oregon Trail IV for Windows?

Day One and they’re visiting a family that raises Iditarod dogs. The dog owners are really nice to the kids and do a good job explaining all about the race and the dogs. Hey, if you can keep eight kids under ten interested for more than a few minutes you’re doing fine. Finally they bring out the tiniest, sweetest little Husky puppies, only two days old! I wonder if this makes the kids heartsick for the dogs they used to have. Poor kids. In typical Kate fashion, she tells us the family had about “280 million dogs.” Fortunately Colin has not inherited the obnoxious exaggeration gene. Maybe it‘s recessive in males. There was really probably ten or twelve dogs, Colin explains rationally.

They hook up the dogs to a sled and everyone gets aboard. Since there’s no snow, the sled really just looks like one of those mule things with wheels the Little People have. I assume this may be how dogs are trained in the summer but TLC is not concerned about teaching us anything useful.

What concerns me about this episode is that I think people are interested in Alaska, as I am. It’s sort of a trendy place right now after the Palin craze. I think we might see some decent ratings because people are interested in ideas for a trip. Oh, well.

Back from commercials, Kate says they were visiting the “Iditarod family.” Kate knows the Iditarod is the name of a race, and not the last name of one random family who happens to be training dogs for it….right? Ha. Iditarod is in actuality the name of a town in Alaska, from an Athabascan word, a Native American tribe. The kids are really loving this rough, speedy ride. They are honestly thrilled. On the couch, which the children are all spending an absurd amount of time on, (Are they keeping track of these hours, too? They count.) they are laughing and making fun of Kate who didn’t really enjoy the ride as much as they did. I just love when the kids mock Kate. I guess it’s good to know we’re not the only ones who think she’s ridiculous. They stop to strap the children in with seatbelts. “They were not in any harm!“ Kate says defensively, literally slamming her hands in the air for emphasis. Okay, okay they were not in any harm! Not from that anyway, Kate.

Peace, Love, World should be ashamed of themselves. That’s all the kids wear lately. Kate forces the kids to wave at David the cameraman who is following alongside them during the ride. Why do they have to wave at the cameraman when they were doing just fine and enjoying themselves? Seriously, why? I thought this was supposed to be reality anyway. It’s not real to wave at a cameraman.

Kate claims Alaska does not have grocery stores or restaurants. Geez, Kate, it’s not Calcutta. She really cannot help insulting everyone and anyone she crosses paths with. I bet she tried to order an English-Alaskan dictionary on Amazon before she left, and pulled out her passport at the airport too. Uh, ma’am, this is a domestic flight, I just need to see your driver’s license.

Kate says the crew was shocked when she stopped at a convenience store and picked up some peanut butter, fluffernutter, bread, crackers, cookies and fruit for the kids‘ lunches. What’s funny is she doesn’t exactly explain what is shocking about this. Like, is it shocking Kate would feed her children something substantial? Or perhaps shocking she wouldn’t just rely on craft services to worry about this? Or shocking that Kate even thinks about the children’s needs for once? I don’t get it! But I do love when Kate runs her mouth like this.

Back at Mr. and Mrs. Iditarod’s house, the kids are loving on the dogs and it’s so sweet and they’re having so much fun and it’s so sad that their parents set the family up for failure with their own dogs.
The kids have to eat lunch in the bus, which looks kind of depressing, but they don‘t seem to care. Kids slugged around day after day on various sets quickly adapt to whatever they need to do, whether it‘s eating on a bus or under a tent or sleeping in a strange place or what have you. Emma Watson wrote a great article, in her own words, for today’s Parade about how she had adjusted to set life in a rather creepy way. It is a must read and can be found here. Basically she says the sets were so regimented she didn’t know how to do anything without someone giving her permission to do it, even use the restroom. Now that she’s a college student at Brown with lots of time and freedom, no one telling you when to go to the restroom and such, it has been incredibly liberating and she loves it. She sounds like a really sweet girl. At least when she was on the set, there was a set teacher making sure she got wrapped in a nice warm blanket when she was chilly. Seems there was no one on the Alaskan set looking out for the Gosselin kids' needs. This is one of the many things that a set teacher is good for: monitoring a child's personal comfort level. Everything from making sure they are not too hot or too cold, thirsty or hungry, tired, and on and on. I have met several set teachers, worked with one, and I think set teachers are completely awesome and definitely necessary.
At least this time Kate only says they need to eat the cookies last and doesn’t dictate a specific order to eat the rest of the food. Fair enough.

Kate takes Mady and Cara on a plane ride to land on a glacier. I really like that Kate is doing something with just the twins. They need her so much. Kate says she’s never gone this long without wearing heels before. A whole two days? Wow, I cannot imagine. She’s so courageous. The mountainous terrain is amazing, the twins love it, even Kate seems to appreciate it. This is surprisingly relaxing and beautiful. Of course Kate can’t help herself and has to shriek a bit over some of the biggest mountains, but oh, well you can’t expect perfection. Snowball fight with Kate, Steve and the twins. Just like a cozy little family. I wonder if deep down Kate sometimes pretends that’s the way it really is.

I’m not sure what day it is now but today they’re going to pan for gold with the help of another random family. Where do they find these families anyway? Let me get this straight. Kate wants them to go on a long hike into the woods, but doesn’t want them to get muddy. The entire unpleasant hike consists of Kate moaning and groaning and bellowing out, “Watch the mud!” “please don’t!” “Go quick!” “ohhhh!” and so on and so on. The problem with a parent like this is that it raises a child’s blood pressure, is irritating to him or her, and puts anyone in earshot in a bad mood, certainly the child. In other words, it ruins it. Also it is annoying even to a casual viewer.

The kids are really interested in panning for gold. When you have a parent who is obsessed with money, this kind of obsession trickles down to the kids and they too become overly preoccupied. It’s just like it’s 1849 and the whole family is pitching in. Kids, you are already more than pulling your weight in the financial department, you really shouldn’t be all that concerned about this.

Kate is shocked that they are not finding giant gold nuggets and is very “impatient” with this whole process. This woman has been impatient about a lot of things in her life, starting with her alleged “infertility.” I wonder if she realizes how many weeks and months of pan-swirling people did before they ever struck it rich back in the day. I guess that’s understandable when most of your money has been just handed to you by the 250-thousands simply for at this point, well, breathing! Meanwhile the kids adore this activity. Kate cannot like anything her kids like, it’s like if the kids like it, Kate is programmed to feel the opposite, and vice versa. “Clearly I’m not a gold digger!” Kate says, slapping her knee and cracking herself up. Well, that’s true actually. She’s more like an Asian sperm doormat digger.

“If we find gold we’re gonna split it up for everybody, okay?” the gold guy says as he digs. Excuse me Mr. Gold Man, but by split it up does that mean evenly? Or 15% to the kids and 85% to Kate? Sadly this really does need to be clarified.

Steve gives Colin a ring to put in a pan and trick Kate. Colin takes it over to Kate, all proud of himself at what he “found.” I can’t tell if she is just playing along or was really fooled. The oddest part about this is I’ve never seen a photo of Steve with his ring on, certainly not recently. Where did the ring come from? Also are they trying to drill it into our heads he‘s married? Because no married person would have an affair, right?

Kate gives the gold guy’s absolutely adorable two-year-old son Levi more attention in two minutes than she has to her kids in a year. What’s with the name Levi and Alaska? I seriously perked up thinking this was the part where they meet Sarah Palin, but alas, no. Kate even wants to take Levi home. Hmm, he’s no cousin Oliver but hey it might work.

I guess we’re now on Day 2, according to TLC. However from all the paparazzi photos, twitterers, blogging mothers, and other blabbers, we know they spent over a week here. Remember Ashley actually flew home for a wedding then flew back out there? Crazy. I find it very hard to believe all of this stuff was crammed into just two days, or that they could comply with Alaska’s child labor laws and still get enough footage in just two days. More than likely this was spread out over many more days than just two. It’s very telling the kids have on the same outfits the entire trip. It would be a good safeguard when you don’t know how many days it will take to just have your actors (and I say actors because that‘s really how they should be treated under the law) wear the same thing day after day so it doesn‘t look like you worked the poor kids nine days in a row.

They’re in beautiful Girwood, Alaska. All these little towns are incredibly far apart, which probably meant very long, tiring bus rides. Explains all the exhausted child actors in the paps photos from the trip.

They ride a gondola to the top of a mountain. On the couch, I just noticed, is Kate wearing panty hose? What is this, 1993? Please tell me that‘s not just her tan, it‘s very dark. Some guys are trying to parachute off the mountain but I guess they were having some difficulty and Kate and the kids all watch. It’s surprisingly boring. Some of the kids look really cold, they have their hoodies on and are tucking their hands in their sleeves.

Day 3, the “very last day.” Uh, huh, Kate, we know you did not spend just three days up there, we have proof. Who spends just three days in Alaska? And also, where was your overnight trip with Sarah Palin? How about the trip to the zoo where we saw cameras? Or to a tourist gift shop? No decent footage out of all of that? Just read our blog they were there over a week filming all kinds of things. Proof that what is filmed and what ends up on the cutting room floor has a ratio of maybe 100 to 1. But whatever. On the “last day” they go whale watching.

The kids are getting impatient because there aren’t any whales out. Well this isn’t a zoo the animals cannot be forced to just stand there while you ogle and take photos. It’s kind of an eerie contrast watching the kids ogle at other living things and demand they come out to be seen just like America ogles at them and demands they be seen. I think Kate is adding “ish” to everything just to piss everyone off. The whales were “slimish to none,” she says. Gaa. Alexis melts down, throwing a fit because she cannot see the whales anywhere people are pointing. She screams and stomps around. Who does that remind you of? Why is it necessary to show this?

More shrieking and screaming, mostly from Kate and Alexis. Kate is disappointed they didn’t really see the whales that much. Sorry Kate, the whales don’t know it’s THEE Kate Gosselin they’re supposed to be coming out for.

Kate tries to make whale calls. The kids look at her like she’s a nut. “You’re horrible at it!” one of them says. Haha. Sure enough the whales really start coming out and Kate is shrieking like crazy. It is the most annoying thing ever, I hate screamers and shriekers. The kids scream, too. You know there are other people on this boat. Even a nice young couple with their arms around each other. Show some consideration. I hate when people stomp around through the environment talking loudly and shouting and not only scaring the crap out of any living thing within a mile radius, but also pissing off all other humans around, too. I am the type of person who would confront someone being this rude even when other people are saying just ignore them, please don‘t. I‘m sorry but it‘s rude and it‘s ruining other people‘s good times. Also, does Kate assume whales are deaf? Because anyone who has ever been on a boat before knows if you want to see wildlife, you should be very quiet.

The trip winds up. What happened to Sarah Palin? Did Kate no likey going camping with her having to pee in the woods and roast a hotdog on a stick? You betch-ya!

Alaska, Here We Come!: Discussion Thread

Kate and the kids are traveling 8 hours to Alaska - their longest trip ever! The Gosselins set out to see huge snow-covered mountains, bright white glaciers and pan for gold! But excitement builds when they head out to sea in search of whales! Sunday 9 p.m. EST

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Family with six 7-year-olds passes on fame and cameras. 'Stuff is just stuff'

The Headricks are giving their sextuplets the gift of
anonymity that no one can put a price on.
Finally a family with nearly identical circumstances to the Gosselins has just proven that not all families would do what the Gosselins did because they "had no choice," or "have to feed the kids" or "want to give the kids amazing opportunities" and other ridiculous excuses (cop outs) for selling children's privacy forever to the highest bidder. And boy does this family get it. The Headricks of Kansas, who have 7-year-old sextuplets and a 10-year-old, had this to say about the Gosselins:

"I think it would be really hard with a camera in front of your face all the time, especially with eight children," Sondra said. "We had an opportunity a week ago, and I said, 'I'm sorry but that's not just me.' We like to live our quiet little life, not be under a microscope."

Eldon agreed. It's difficult to know how much of the Gosselins' life is staged. "Life is stressful enough with six 7-year-olds running around the house, without the media," he said. Sondra's asked their six how they would feel with a camera watching their every move, and they agree they wouldn't like that. Older sister Aubrianna likes her "normal" life, too.
And as for passing by lucrative endorsements that could have gotten them the mansion the Gosselins have? Seems the Headricks realize the more stuff you acquire, the more money you often have to pay out. The richer you are, the more expensive your lifestyle is.

A larger new house would have meant property taxes and utilities beyond their means of Eldon's job working for the city of Wichita, despite the opportunity to have more stuff. "But stuff isn't all that important," Sondra said. "Stuff is just stuff."
Ironically, are the Gosselins actually in a worse financial situation now that they have been given everything? We think probably.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kate a finalist for DWTS worst dancers ever

DWTS handed out some prestigious awards last night and Kate placed in two categories.
Most dramatic moments: Her fight with Tony. He thinks I'm trying to "undermind" him, says Kate of Tony. Kate? It's undermine. She lost out to Marie Osmond's crazy fainting episode. We'll concede that one.

And Worst Dancer. In this category, Kate was the only female dancer to place. Kenny Mayne won, and Master P. got robbed!

Alaska publicity photos

TLC has released some publicity photos of the Alaska trip in preperation for Sunday's new episode. Still no mention of Sarah Palin. It's nice to see the kids looking so relaxed.

Is Mady (far right) crying?

Alexis on a whale watching boat a month before Kate took the children deep sea fishing in North Carolina. Did the children vomit on the whale watching trip? Did Kate knowingly force them to go on another boat ride knowing they would get sea sick?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rep. Murt re-elected in a landslide vote

Rep. Murt, one of the few politicos willing to campaign for the Gosselin children's right not to work their lives away on camera, has been re-elected by a landslide. Congrats!

Rep. Murt, who ran against Democrat newcomer Robert McGuckin, tonight is projected to win with over 68% of the votes--a landslide. Rep. Murt did not need to associate himself with anyone famous to win--he had this in the bag. And apparently, his views on the Gosselins did not dissuade his electorate, who have made their voices heard--reelect Murt. Makes you wonder, if all politicians never had to worry about a reelection, like Murt, what causes would they really take up? Here's to all of PA's children finally being property protected during his next term. Meanwhile, Jon tweeted to his followers tonight to get out there and vote.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Kate absent from 200th episode of Dancing With the Stars

Tonight's Dancing with the Stars featured much of the cast from the past 10 seasons, who also got to judge. Over fifty of them. But Kate was absent from the season 10 booth. Karma, or too busy working the kids? Erin, Evan, and the Bachelor represented.

Paparazzi photos from Corn Maze

Not only did the kids have to endure a camera crew in their faces while they tried to have fun, but the Paparazzi too!

Were these shot on the property? As a private property (unlike the public road outside the Gosselin house), the owners had every right to kick Chris out.