Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kate says kids are sobbing for the camera crew

Kate will be part of Barbara's Top 10 People of 2009 tonight on ABC, and it's been leaked that she tells Barbara the kids are sobbing because they miss the camera crew.

It's probably true the kids are upset. But what Kate doesn't realize is that it's not that we think she is exaggerating or lying about their emotional state. They probably are upset. The problem is they have had such a dysfunctional childhood in the first place that they are now in a place where they are crying for a bunch of 20-something, pot smoking, scruffy haired young men thrilled to be in show business, even in the middle of PA. That is a problem. The kids need to get normal friends their age, relatives and close friends to become attached to and not crew members, and a routine that doesn't involve a flux of said strangers in and out of their lives. Hopefully that has started and will continue.

4 sediments (sic) from readers:

Debbie said...

I was wondering if you have any information or thoughts on the court hearing scheduled for tomorrow. According to a link at GWOP to a story on Myfoxphilly web site, (sorry I don't know how to do links) the article said the hearing tomorrow is TLC trying to force Jon to let them film the children again. I looked at the court web site and saw there is a hearing for tomorrow but it is greek to me. Just wondering what you thought. I appreciate your blog and insite into all of this. ~ Administrator said...

I have not seen that article and cannot find it. Perhaps GWOP took it down because it's inaccurate?

I don't think TLC is asking Jon to film the kids. TLC is asking a court to PREVENT JON FROM TAKING JOBS THEY DON'T APPROVE OF. There is, reportedly, a provision in the contract TLC is asking a judge to uphold that says either parent can stop filming at any time. TLC can hardly ask a judge to uphold the part about Jon not taking jobs not approved of, but not uphold the part about pulling the kids from filming at any time.

Even if TLC did try to force Jon, I'm pretty confident no judge would allow it. Most judges worth anything actually try to act in a child's best interest when a child's welfare is at stake. And no one wants to be known as the judge who made those poor disturbed kids continue to be slaves to a camera crew.

We will have to wait to hear the results of the hearing to know what happened.

barbee said...

The kids sob out of devastation for camera crew being taken out of their lives, or because mommy isn't wearing the 'married to daddy ring' but they don't react to divorce of parents, parents being gone non-stop doing other stuff, or loss of ACTUAL family, helpers, years of their lives, and on and on..... ~ Administrator said...

Absolutely, Barbee.

Another thing I wanted to point out? Sometimes when a child is crying over their younger sister stealing the last cookie, they are really crying because something else is upsetting them--such as a divorce!

Maybe when the kids are "sobbing" for the camera crew, it's really because they are so worked up and upset over the divorce, Kate being out of town, Jon being in NY all the time, and it was just the straw that broke the camel's back.

Even Kate has said before she understands that when a child is crying about one thing usually it's about something else on their mind.

But somehow, she can't apply that logic to this situation.

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