Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kate in Runner's World

Kate is featured in this month's issue of Runner's World. And the article, is like, you know, um, really fascinating!

Says Kate on why she decided to run a full marathon:
“ My goal was to run half this year, full next year. I just changed it a few weeks ago. One day I was like, I totally won't feel like I completed it. I can't describe it. I wasn't doing the whole thing, and I wouldn't feel good about it. I didn't want to leave there wondering if I could have done the whole thing. It's so funny, because a friend of mine said, 'I really think you can do the whole thing.' I was like, 'Be quiet, I'm not doing the whole thing. You're scaring me, I'm not doing it.' She's like, 'I'm serious. You can do the whole thing.' I literally yelled at her for telling me that. I talked to another friend, and she said, 'I totally agree with her.' I was literally panicking. Then I hung up the phone and was like, they both think I can do it. And also those thoughts in the back of my head, You won't have completed the whole thing. Then I was like, "Okay, I'll do the whole thing." ” 
K.G. phone home ???

Monday, January 30, 2012

Donny Osmond: 'It would have been nice to have a simple life'

Donny and Marie are doing their own celebrity cruise next month, which made us wonder how, 40 years later, they feel about their childhoods in the spotlight

And it turns out, there are some disturbing similarities to the Gosselin kids.

Children made to work when sick.

The Gosselin kids had to work when they had double ear infections and were severely constipated. Donny had to work when he had appendicitis. Although he was experiencing severe symptoms, 15-year-old 

Donny put on his show before being rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.

"It was only years later that I thought: 'I'd had a major operation, I almost lost my life," Donny said. 

Losing their money.

When asked about his family spending his money he earned as a kid, Donny said, "I have never asked for the details. What was I going to do about it?"

Osmond's father and brother Alan are reportedly plagued with guilt over misguided investments that nearly bankrupted the family. 

"Choosing" to be famous.

"I think I was coerced into the business, the Osmond Business," Donny said. "I look at the alternative - a very simple life. It would have been nice to have a simple life." You mean, Donny wishes his life were more mediocre?

Donny once wrote to his mother begging to let him come home. His parents said no. "I was nine years old and on a six-week tour of Sweden with my father, playing three shows a day."

"I've been in it all my life and I don't really know anything else. I've never really known it any other way and maybe that's an advantage. Maybe it's a disadvantage," Marie said.

As for the Donny and Marie cruise, it's nice to know there are celebrities out there who are honest about what you are getting for your money. Their cruise is also jam-packed full of events, and sails next month during a Hurricane-free time.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kate: Jon is 'trying' to be a good Dad, the kids are 'now okay going there'

Kate can't resist throwing Jon under the bus on Dr. Drew, which will air Feb. 22

She says Jon is working now, and says that things are more "peaceful" now, not because of anything she changed of course, but because Jon is "happier" with himself.

Funny, Kate claims the kids are "now okay" going to Jon's. Because we remember this downright disturbing video from August 2010 when the kids were returned to Kate screaming and crying for their daddy. It looks like they were not okay at all with leaving Jon, actually, Kate! Maybe she's confused, maybe she means they are now okay going back to her?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Get The Look: You too can dress as swagish as Kate, and for much cheaper

We found Kate's look for just $29.48 total.

1. Foil dress: Reynolds wrap heavy duty foil, Target, $4.99.

Thanks, AuntieAnn!
2. Over processed hair extensions: Hay, free at your local chicken farm.

3. Hooker heels too small for your feet: Costume Supercenter women's jumbo feet, $12.99. (Please supply your own hooker heels tucked away in the back of your closet from the college years)

4. Your own personal booby guard: Inflatable bodyguard to make you interact with the pesky fans, Bluw Inc., $11.50.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kate in Los Angeles

Kate is scheduled to appear on Dr. Drew's Lifechangers, and interview with Extra and with a Mommy blogger today

Extra does TV spots from The Grove, a famous shopping center near Beverly Hills, and Kate is on the line-up today. She will also interview with This Week in M.O.M's Diane Mizota, who promises to ask Kate some "real" questions.

Kate and Steve at The Grove, SplashNewsOnline  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When the butter hits the fan: Paula Deen's unhealthy reality

The beloved Food Network southern cook is a diabetic. And some say, a liar and a fake, too. 

Comfort food connoisseur and butter and egg lover Paula Deen confirmed a long-standing rumor today--she has Type 2 Diabetes. But Deen didn't just learn of the diagnosis yesterday. She was diagnosed three years ago, and has continued to cook and dish up her high-calorie comfort food and maintain an unhealthy weight all the while keeping her health problems a secret from her adoring public.

Are TV stars obligated to disclose information like this about them, especially when it might seem hypocritical? This brought to mind Jon and Kate's elaborate marriage renewal in Hawaii. We found out later, the marriage was seriously on the rocks. Jon and Kate also downplayed all the money they made from their TV show while they continued their speaking circuit asking for donations.  

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hey, Kate Gosselin looks just like Mrs. Wiggins

Breaking News: Kate's doppelgänger has been located.


And it's that hysterical, and rather cotton-brained secretary Mrs. Wiggins from The Carol Burnett Show. (Just because we feel like being completely silly this long weekend. Happy MLK Day.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kate wraps up conference with CouponCabin.com in Las Vegas

According to our Affiliate Summit conference PR rep contact, Kate met with CouponCabin's top merchants including Home Depot, Sears, Macy's and Restaurant.com. She also attended a happy hour at Cleopatra's Barge at Caesar's Palace. According to the rep, "attendees were really excited to meet Kate and she happily posed for photos with anyone who asked." Kate was also on hand to help CouponCabin accept an award from Share-A-Sale (an affiliate network) for "Top 1% Sales-Generating Affiliate Marketer of 2011."

A fellow tweeter also spotted Kate and Stevie-boy at the Human Body exhibit and Titanic exhibit. 

Special thanks to PR rep Lauren for sharing these with us. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Are the veggie burgers and organic healthy eating facade getting to Kate?

Kate lets loose at McDonalds

Just before Kate jetted off to Las Vegas, she was spotted in the Lancaster area at none other than ... McDonalds! 

According to a very sweet employee who works at the Lititz, PA McDonalds (via Facebook):

Celebrity day at work....just served Kate Gosselin!!!!

 · 13 hours ago via BlackBerry · 

Kate has spent the better part of the past year and beyond constantly talking about health food. In fact even today she was bragging about a veggie burger and some rice and sweet potatoes. Maybe she cannot keep up with the lies anymore and just needed to chow down on a Big Mac? We don't blame her. Dear, Kate: Quit the act and admit it, you just want a nice juicy burger sometimes like the rest of us mediocre.

To put it simply:

Yummy, real food!!!!

Kate at affiliate conference in Las Vegas

This week, Kate is slumming it with the mediocre who make their living on the internet. Kate is attending the Affiliate Summit conference in Las Vegas as a Coupon Cabin rep.
Which way to the grifting suite please?
This is your grifting suite??! WTF!!!
Zzzz ....

ZZZZZZZZZZ. Steve, bring me my boxed wine. Steve?
Rat claws goes undercover? 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Book a Royal Caribbean celebrity cruise with Kate next August

No, this is actually not a parody dreamed up for a few laughs by the nonbelievers on a slow Friday night. Kate really is joining Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas August 12-19, 2012. For just several thousand dollars (plus flight to Ft. Lauderdale, plus hotel the night before, plus tips, plus alcohol, plus shore excursions, plus fuel surcharge of $70/day if fuel goes over $65/barrel), you too can:

  • Meet Kate Gosselin at our private welcome cocktail party
  • A commemorative personalized gift from Kate (one per family)
  • Capture your memories onboard with a personal photo with Kate Gosselin
  • Join Kate for a private BBQ on deck with a fabulous band
  • Join Kate for a morning brunch
  • Fun fun family games with Kate and staff
  • Charity dinner with Kate (optional)
  • Got questions for Kate? Attend her Q & A session
  • Check out Kate's latest book and bring it onboard for a book signing
  • Doesn't Kate always have the best ideas! Learn a new craft from the professional herself
  • Let's explore! Shore excursion with Kate
  • Let's talk about our fabulous cruise experience! Private group farewell dinner
Oh by the way, if Kate doesn't show up for whatever reason, I don't know like if Steve gets a splinter, you're SOL. According to a press release, two of the children will be going. For more information and to sign up, check out the official web site. http://www.kategosselincruise.com/

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kate scheduled to travel to Las Vegas and Bermuda this month

Kate will make a lot of memories in the new year--but without the kids

Coupon Cabin confirmed that Kate will attend a marketing conference in Las Vegas this weekend. And the next weekend, she's off to get some sun in Bermuda to support a charity about premature birth awareness. Freebies? Sign her up! Here is the press release:

The Diamonds & Caviar Gala
Bermuda (Syncairly Yours Foundation) January 4, 2012- Syncairly Yours Foundation will be hosting their first Diamonds & Caviar Gala to raise awareness about mothers and families affected by premature childbirth at the Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort & Spa in Bermuda.

The founder of Diamonds & Caviar, Molessia Joynes, was inspired by the survival story of her grandson, Syncair Smith, (now 13 months old) who overcame the trauma of premature birth thanks to the selfless intervention of hospital staff, friends and family members. Her family is also struggling with the extraordinary medical costs of more than $1 million that resulted from the uninsured status of Syncair's mother.

January 13th-16th, 2012, celebrities will unite to support a cause very dear to their hearts in a celebration of giving back, embracing new life, and spreading global awareness about the rise and increase in the problematic influx of premature births and its affects.

Diamonds & Caviar embodies the idea that a luxury experience can be the catalyst that connects the finer things in life with the realities of shared sacrifice that are required to achieve a common objective. Participants are encouraged to use the event to network, exchange ideas and promote further collaboration.

The first celebrity to embrace this vision was the International Entertainment Mogul Qadree El- Amin. As a former manager for global superstars such as Michael Jackson, Vanessa Williams, Boyz II Men, and Janet Jackson, he has recruited a team of celebrities to attend the event and ensure that the message is well received by their industry counterparts.

A list of “who’s who” will be in attendance at this much anticipated event of the New Year. Diamonds & Caviar will be a private event where celebs lend their talents and support to shed great light on a worthy cause. Invited guest include Health Advocate news and legal correspondent Star Jones, Emmy Nominated co-host of the award winning talk show The Doctors, Dr. Lisa Masterson, Humanitarian, Holly Robinson Peete, Kate Gosselin from Kate Plus 8, actor, Hawthorne’s Vanessa Calloway, The Game’s Wendy Raquel Robinson, VH1’s Baseball Wives Anna Benson, Our Family Wedding’s Lance Gross, The Heart Specialist’s Brian White, from the Temptations actor Leon, legendary musician Teddy Riley, Macy Gray, Marvin Gay meets Miles Davis’ Johnny Britt, Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter, humanitarian, and younger sister to Wyclef Jean; Melky Jean, X Factor’s Stacy Francis, Nuwamba, Salt N’ Pepa, Tony Terry, and many more.

If you’d like more information on this topic or for press inquiries, please call Love Logan 973- 626-9720 or email Love at LoveLoganProductions@gmail.com