Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Do you realize what an empty emotional life they have if they miss a production crew?"

We could not have said it better. Thank you, Baltimore Sun.

4 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

Kate thinks she is so smart and getting a jab in at Jon over the "kids crying in the van" comment. But if you look a little further, like you did, you can see that the comment describes how Kate is controlling the kids' "social" life. It shows what a poor mother Kate is. Where are the friends, playdates, birthday parties and sleep overs? She doesn't treat them as human beings who need to develop, have friends and experiences. She treats them as chattel.

barbee said...

Dontcha know, 'they' aren't kids (human beings), they are Brand $$$$ and have no wants or desires of their own, just to fulfill MOMMY'S every WISH. Last night Tyler Perry said his proudest accomplishment is having given his mother the beautiful house she admired (and no one is objecting to that son working to buy his mother a house and whatever else). Oh yeah, that's right, THAT son is 40 years old, not 5 (and I only mention the 'tups' because Kate doesn't usually remember she has the twins either) ~ Administrator said...

I've been really impressed with Tyler Perry. He was on 60 Minutes.

He has his priorities straight. True happiness comes from giving those who gave the most to you something in return once you've made it big.

kamilleon said...

Admin: Did you see that Tyler Perry's mom passed away on Tuesday? I, too, was impressed with his story and found him the most fascinating of all people BW interviewed!

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