Thursday, October 10, 2019

A judge ruled in 2018 that 'involvement of the children in filming is not in their best interests'

Jon says Kate and TLC violated Judge Rowley's order by allowing the children to be filmed for the College Bound episode last week. Documents from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry from June 2018 show they denied TLC's requested permits as a direct result of Judge Rowley's order. The children's guardian at litem also did not support filming and worried Kate may have squandered the children's money.

More of the judge's wise comments:

"Based on the limited information available - and in large part because of Mother's and her counsel's repeated failure to provide further information to Father, the guardian ad litem, and the Court - the Court concluded that involvement of the children in filming is not in their best interests....Though several of the children indicate they enjoy filming, one does not and is experiencing physiological symptoms apparently brought on by the general stress of the custodial disputes, and another is in a facility undergoing treatment for mental and emotional issues tied in part to the filming and fame. It is reasonable to be concerned that one or more of the children who currently claim to enjoy filming may at some point suffer negative consequences they cannot foresee now as young teenagers. 
"As the guardian points out, even those children who do not participate in the filming may be negatively affected by the show continuing without them. Indeed, the statements of several of the children to the effect that they need filming to survive, that it is their normal way of life, and that it feels weird not to film, although apparently intended to make filming seem innocuous or positive, raise concerns in the Court's mind as to whether continued filming is healthy for these children. Having a staged second birthday is hardly the normal activity that would occur absent filming....Taken altogether, the Court was faced with limited information, failures by Mother and her counsel to provide more information, real concerns about the mental and emotional effects of filming, and no way to determine whether those concerns are offset by the financial 'benefits of filming. The Court, therefore, concluded filming was not in the children's best interests.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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