Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kate's new running routine

Unable to keep her lies straight, Kate now tells OK magazine she runs three times a week on a four mile course and has lost ten pounds. Just a few days ago she told the paps she runs "five miles a day most days."

Kate has been seen around PA recently running on her own or with Jamie.

Monday, June 28, 2010

New domain name for the blog is now

You can now find the blog at or our old address

And we have a new email too! Admin @ realitytvkids . com. (Fix the spaces to use it.)

All the comments are back. Thanks for making this a great blog and elevating us to the next level!

Kate to paps: 'Don't take any more pictures, what's your point?'

Why is Kate yelling at the paps when Jamie's kids are there, but not when her own kids are?

"Chris" the pap caught Kate going to the store with Jamie and her two girls. No twins or sextuplets in sight. After telling Chris she runs about five miles a day, Kate snapped at him to stop taking pictures.

Kate, you sold this little boy's anonymity to the highest bidder

And this store doesn't take returns.

Collin was once again spotted covering his face for the paparazzi, Saturday when Kate took the kids to pick up supplies for their chickens.

You can see the entire disturbing chronology of Collin's silent fight with the paparazzi here. Keep it up, little Gandhi.

Jon gets giant tattoo on his back

In a bizarre move, Jon has gotten a huge tattoo of a Korean dragon on his back. So that's where the college funds are going! According to Radaronline, the tattoo was designed by Never Say Die Tattoo in Harrisburg and took 14 hours to complete. Custom, full back tattoos can cost over $2,000 and sometimes much more.

"I have planned this tattoo for years now,” Jon said. "I wanted something that resembled a rebirth or a change in me.” We're guessing maybe Kate wouldn't let him get this when they were married?

As for the kids? "They love it," Jon says.

Icecream time

Kate was spotted getting some cool treats for the kids this weekend.

More pics:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

'Parents can be seduced by the industry'

Another excellent article about the lack of protection for reality children, which names the Gosselins.

The L.A. Times' independent investigation found that many reality show productions are not following any child labor regulations (many productions believe reality shows are exempt or that there are no laws in the first place to follow), and 17 states are without any child labor laws for child performers. Many are calling for national laws to protect all child performers, instead of leaving it up to each state.,0,939452.story

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kate still crying poor, says she doesn't have enough saved for the kids' college

Come off it, Kate!
When asked if she could retire right now, Kate said sadly no. Then she blamed it all on Jon for the legal bills. Kate, why in the world have you not saved enough to retire right now? You've been doing this six years. The legal bills did not even start until just last year!
"The main goal of the show was to save for college." I thought the main goal was to preserve memories on film. That's what you always said before.
"All the truth, the facts the way it is." Why are you so defensive, Kate?
Unbelievably shocking mismanagement of the children's money.

'Blinded by the lights of fame and tempted by the lure of riches'

Harvard and Princeton educated sociologist says parents 'have a vested interest in making sure that five-figure per episode paychecks continue to arrive'

Yet another child development expert has spoken out against the Gosselins. (This poor professor has no idea the hate mail about to come her way for daring to suggest this is wrong!) Hilary Levey, whose impressive CV can be found here, worries that reality children are unlike child actors because they are playing themselves on TV, not just a character. "The consequences of having to perform their identity for millions are simply unknown," she says. Levey goes on to say that perhaps parents should not be able to consent to having their children filmed (and asks what parent in their right mind would consent to potty training being filmed?), and wonders whether 6-year-olds, who aren't even old enough for a Facebook account, can consent either. She's right, they cannot consent--they are six.

"Their children shouldn't have to risk a lifetime of suffering to fulfill their parents' 15 minutes of fame. Legislators and lawyers need to step in to tackle these questions and protect the best interests of children."

Commonly we hear here, we don't know how this will affect them so we should stop acting like this could hurt them. But that's the whole point Levey is trying to make--we don't know what will happen to the Gosselins as a result of all this exposure, so we are we even risking it when it comes to six-year-old children? Why take a chance?

Excellent piece:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kate's 'freebies' are not freebies at all, but INCOME

Since the legal issues for Jon and Kate have largely waned, there's not as much legal mumbo-jumbo to analyze on the blog. So I'm jumping at the chance to break down the legal implications of Kate's so-called "freebies." This issue keeps coming up (and keeps getting misstated). The following information can be found easily by simply reading the U.S. Tax Code, which I've provided links to if you have any further doubts.

Misconception: Kate's "freebies" from TLC, such as her haircut, clothes, and manicures, are just that, freebies. Kate supporters will then go on to say that this is not the children's money because it's just a gift from TLC.

FACT: According to the IRS, a true gift is something given without expecting anything in return. It cannot be in exchange for something else--i.e., work. Since a reasonable person would not except an employer to give a gift worth in the 10's of the thousands of dollars (such as her hair stuff), a reasonable person would conclude that Kate's "freebies" from TLC are in exchange for her "work" for them, i.e. filming the show. The freebies are not gifts. A reasonable gift from an employer would be something like a Christmas ham around the holidays, not hair extensions. If Kate and/or TLC tried to tell Uncle Sam her $7,000 haircut is a gift, they would probably be laughed out of the office. By the way, it would be different if a random donor gave her the haircut completely independent of TLC, her employer.

Misconception: There are no tax consequences when TLC gives Kate a "freebie."
FACT: Not so fast, there are tax consequences for these so-called freebies any which way you slice it. Even if by some stretch of the imagination the IRS finds that TLC's freebies are gifts (which I don't believe they are), TLC would have to pay a gift tax on everything that exceeds $13,000 this year (in the year 2010). So as soon as the gifts add up to a fair market value of 13k, they have to start paying. Cha-ching! Think TLC wants to do that? Yeah, right. Instead, they are probably including any freebies in Kate's total annual income. Since these freebies are in fact not gifts, they are income, it is taxable just like any traditional income is and TLC has to issue a W-2 or possibly a 1099 which includes the fair market value of the gifts, and Kate has to pay taxes on it. Just because something is a good or service, such as a haircut, does not mean it is not income. Income can be cash, a gift card, a haircut, a manicure, electric kiddie cars, a bodyguard who is really your assistant, plants for your landscaping, or anything that gives you a benefit. The key is: Are you giving these things to someone to do something for you in return. Clearly Kate is doing something for TLC in return for all this junk.

Misconception: Even if Kate paid for these things out of pocket, they are tax deductible business expenses.FACT: Careful, Kate! The Tax Code is very clear that expenses incurred to maintain an image are not to be deducted from taxes. In fact the IRS even specifically name folks in the entertainment industry, probably because they have repeatedly tried to get away with this very thing (Yikes, that's embarrassing--the IRS calling you out by name!). "Taxpayers in the entertainment industry sometimes may incur expenses to maintain an image. These expenses are frequently related to the individual's appearance in the form of clothing, make-up, and physical fitness. Other expenses in this area include bodyguards and limousines. These are generally found to be personal expenses as the inherently personal nature of the expense and the personal benefit far outweigh any potential business benefit. No deduction is allowed for wardrobe, general make-up, or hair styles for auditions, job interviews, or "to maintain an image".

The bottom line? Kate's freebies are in fact income in exchange for working for TLC, and not freebies at all. She must pay taxes on them. And if it is payment, then didn't the children work for it by participating in filming? We sure think so. At least 8/9ths of all this income belongs to them, no? So when we say the children are working their little booties off to pay for Kate's hair extensions, it's because they are. At least 8/9ths of it.

Note: We are in no way suggesting Kate isn't paying her obligations to the IRS. We have no idea. We're just saying, her freebies are income and taxable. We suggest she consult a CPA.

Vacationing together, jogging together, shopping together...sharing clothes

Are those shorts on Jamie really Kate's shorts from her outfit a few days ago? We think so!

Kate's "best friend" Jamie spotted yesterday at Target walking very close to Kate and looking like her twin. Has Kate been spending the children's money so Jamie too can have the spray tan, manicures and shoes? Jamie, who supposedly has a family and children of her own in a different state, has been seen around with Kate on many different occasions over the past few months.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kids have spent $21,000 on Kate's hair in just five months

How many hours has this little boy worked so that his mommy can have her hair extensions?

According to a source, a lot. $21,000 of his money has gone to maintaining Kate's new hair extensions which were featured on the first episode of Kate Plus 8. Kate, who has famously bemoaned that she has legal bills to pay, is in fact blowing thousands on her hair. How does she plan to pay for this when interest wanes? At this rate, the kids will never be able to retire.

  • Extensions cost $5,000
  • Color costs about $500
  • Cuts with Ted Gibson are $950 a piece
  • Kate has spent a total of 50 hours in the stylist's chair maintaining her look over the past 5 months

Collin is putting up with the paparazzi so Kate can keep her hair the way she wants. Hope Kate is proud of herself.

Kate takes back her landscaping project!

After photos surfaced of Steve overseeing the latest landscaping project at the house while Kate hung back passively, Kate was seen today back in action, carrying plants and shouting at the gardener. Much more Kate's style!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kathy Griffin: 'I had lunch with Kate Gosselin and the bodyguard she's banging'

The brilliant and hysterical funny woman Kathy Griffin, who has defended Kate in the past, revealed on her show The D List today that she once had lunch with Kate and her bodyguard Steve. She called Steve "hot" and said she would, uh-hem, "f--- him" too.

"After that ----ing tool Jon Gosselin, I'd ---- a hole in a piece of fruit," Kathy went on.

Thanks, Kathy!

Steve handles the landscaping at the house

Photos have surfaced from last week of bodyguard Steve at the house. And it looks like he's once again involved in a lot more than just Kate's protection.

Photos show Steve taking charge of a landscaping project outside.

Monday, June 21, 2010

More shocking video of Collin hiding from the paparazzi

Kate and Jon, look what your greed has done to your precious little boy!

Not only has Collin said on the first episode of Kate Plus 8 that he doesn't like the paparazzi, not only do we have photos of the child covering his face on many separate occasions, we now have video evidence. The Kate supporters can no longer deny it.

In the following video, the paparazzi approach Jon with a video camera as he loads up the van. A few moments later the children appear on the side of the van to get in. The camerman turns the camera on them and you can hear a camera clicking away. Collin snaps his hands up to his face and covers his eyes. No one was joking with him, he wasn't playing peek-a-boo....his cowering was clearly in direct response to the flashbulbs. A pap appears to be calling to him, "Aw, come on!"

He ... is..... six. Poor, poor baby.

Kate: 'I am lonely. I do need help.'

In a bizarre and cryptic interview with the paparazzi at Whole Foods over the weekend, Kate said the rumors about a dating show starring her are "furious." Furious?

She went on to say she is lonely and needs help.

Kate added she is not mean like everyone says.



Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jon takes kids and girlfriend to Poconos for Father's Day

Cameras tagged along on Jon and his girlfriend Erin's day with the kids Sunday at a retreat in the mountains.

In honor of all the daddies out there, I'm re-running this video, one of my very favorites about kids and their dads. I am blessed to have a dad like this in my life. Happy father's day.

"There will be times in my life where I struggle with integrity and I'm maybe not sure what to do. But I will recall how you stood up for what was right, even if you could have looked the other way. All of the choices you are making, I will also make."

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jon says he can beat Kate on DWTS

Why does Jon keep mentioning DWTS? Is he gunning for a spot on it, too? He says there is no offer yet, but that he would do better than Kate if he were on.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jon now says filming is 'OK' because 'It's not like before'

Jon had quite a bit to say today in an exclusive interview with Star (this is not another story from an anonymous source, it is a direct interview with Jon with direct quotes). But before we get into that, let's recall what Jon said in October 2009 when he pulled the kids off the show. (The italicized quotes are Jon's words.) [A few observations .... We really appreciate that Jon acknowledges the kids are NOT dumb and know exactly what is going on--they are not dolls, they are people. We're comforted, sort of, that the kids seem to be doing okay for now because according to Jon the filming is, allegedly, not as frequent as before. We hope we can trust Jon they're doing ok and that changes have been made for the better. Although why is he allowed to kick the cameras out of the home, but the children can't?]

October 2009....

  • Jon disputed Kate's claims that the eight kids were devastated when the cameras stopped filming. Jon suggested that Kate manipulated the kids into “crying and wailing” by telling them lies, such as "'Oh, Daddy's put a halt on filming. Your friends are going to go away.’ She probably worded it in a way that's a violation to them, or their sense of security."

  • "I don't care if [my kids] hate me, because I know what is best for my kids. I will pull them off."

  • "[Kate's] throwing me under the bus. Her and TLC. They don't like me because I want to pull my kids off TV. They made $186 million last quarter, $143 million of that from Jon & Kate Plus 8....She needs to get on board with her own life and get away from TLC and get out of Kate Gosselin world. She doesn't want to hear it because she's so brainwashed from TLC."

  • "The kids are unanimous. They don't want to film. We filmed 152 episodes. What more can you possibly still film? You want us to go to the moon? You want us to take the kids and go to Korea? Are you crazy? They don't want to be on a four-cylinder bus in Korea. They want to be home in the pool."

Now today, Jon had this to say to Star:

  • Now, filming is OK because, "It's not like before. It's not like 52 episodes in one season. It's OK. It's like five. And you know, they haven't said anything to me and that's Kate's business too. I know it's my business as a father but there's a lot of paperwork and stuff like that so ... they seem fine with it, no pressure. I don't know if I would do it again. That's like the grass is greener...sometimes, and sometimes not. I've experienced both."

  • "They're not dumb. They know what's going on. They hear things and see things."

  • "I don't want the camera coming home. That's just the type of person I am. I want a more private life."

  • "We'd filmed 128 episodes. It was getting insane. It was just a bad time last year. Everything happened. It was like a tornado. I was thinking of my kids and what am I gonna do and just kind of like, wasn't into it anymore."

Kate has a ball with the kids

Sneakers and hair pulled back, sans make-up, Kate actually looked happy to be with the kids today as she trooped them out to play ball in front of the paparazzi.

Steve advised Kate on her boob job

According to a source, the surgery occured on March 30, 2009. Steve drove her to the surgery, and Kate changed her mind as to what kind of implants she should have after taking his advice.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jon meets with reality show producer in L.A.

While Kate's busy making the kids work in Pennsylvania, Jon has been to New York, D.C., and now L.A., all in a few days. While in L.A. he was spotted out with Canaan Rubin, a reality show producer. What exploitive project is he cooking up next?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Another day of filming for the kids

Who needs a summer vacation from school? The 6-year-olds are still working through their vacation, on Saturday with the Amish farmer and now today the crew was spotted at the house once again.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kids back to filming

Friday, June 11, 2010

Is Kate getting ready to homeschool the kids?

First on Kate Plus 8, Kate was seen giving the kids a shape lesson (simple shapes like squares, incidentally), now she's trooped them out in full view of the paparazzi at their tables and appears to be passing out worksheets and pens. Thursday.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kate takes Cara along on errands

Spotted at Target the day after the premiere of Kate Plus 8.

Real Cara's so much more prettier than Photoshopped Cara:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recap: Inside Kate's World 6/6/10: Help, somebody get me out of here!

I’ve seen Kate’s world, 150 episodes of it, and I don’t like it. I’m not going to get too much into this total garbage. More spin, lies, pleas for sympathy from narcissistic Kate and her enabling cronies.

Food for thought … if you have to do an entire one-hour episode defending yourself, your choices, your actions….maybe you’re not doing something right?

Kate is apparently explaining a typical day for her and get this, she slept from 9 p.m. until 12 noon. That’s….fifteen hours! What? If any mother out there with children under 10 years old has ever been able to sleep fifteen hours straight please raise your hand. I’m guessing you don’t have four nannies. Then she and Tony rehearsed for four hours. Wow, a whole four hours--no wonder she stunk. She did not deserve to shed one tear over DWTS when she sleeps for fifteen hours and then only managed to drag herself out of bed and spend four hours with the amazing Tony before calling it quits. What a lazy sloth. What did Tony do with himself all day waiting for her to finally wake up and greet the morning? Er, afternoon. Other partners Tony has had to TELL to stop dancing, they're working too hard.

Yawn, Kate gets hair extensions. This piece goes on for what feels like hours but really it‘s only a few minutes. I can barely sit there for the two-odd hours it takes to dye and cut my hair, let alone watch somebody else do it.

Is Meredith Viera seriously defending $7,000 hair extensions? And telling us to get a life? Meredith, you get a life. You’re sitting there spending your morning defending a D-list reality star on her stupid show when there is a horrific oil spill going on in the Gulf and two wars in the Middle East and genocide in Africa. Maybe TLC could have donated $7,000 to Darfur instead of Kate. Go report real news, Meredith. For the record I like Kate’s new fake hair better than her old reverse mullet, that’s not the point.

They actually found some sheeple with credible journalism jobs to defend her. Like, two of them. Some Inside Edition guy says that good or bad Kate “has to make a living.” Huh? She made a living just fine before this. She was a nurse. She wasn’t even in debt, she said so in her book! If someone compares Kate to Angelina one more time I will scream. There is not one paparazzi photo in existence out there where Angelina’s children are not with either her or Brad, or a grandma, and being completely loved by them. Prove me wrong. Either they are staging the most elaborate and impressive cover-up since Area 51, or they actually raise their own kids and enjoy it too. Another People magazine chick can’t understand why being a nurse would be any better. Um, because then her kids wouldn’t be on camera anymore earning the family’s money for the adults? Kate would earn her own money? Then she totally exaggerates a nurse's average hours which as someone pointed out here, would actually be in violation of state labor laws if true.

Meredith don’t sell yourself short. You are not the same as Kate. Big difference: You ain’t exploiting your kids! I may not like your opinion but as long as you don't exploit your kids to make it, that's your right.

Haha, Kate gives us a great oxymoron. And another lie of course. “I can honestly say it has been solely myself, as a single mom.” Then she pauses a moment. “With help.” Hahhahaha, Oh, Kate!

There are the kids in their highchairs coloring. I thought this was supposed to be about Kate. But I guess they worried if they didn’t show the kids’ cute little faces now and again people would lose interest. Kate attempts to teach them a few simple shape lessons. To show us she is perfectly capable of home schooling them when she finally has to pull them out of school permanently to have enough time to film them.

Oh, that’s really interesting, Kate was asked to be on the previous season of DWTS but it didn’t fit with her schedule. I can’t remember what she was doing around that time.

People who have to preface every sentence with “honestly” I never trust to be all that honest. Kate and Tony practice in L.A. Kate stinks but at least she seems to know it. It is fine to stink at dancing but a four hour rehearsal isn’t going to help much.

This next part is basically, sob-sob waa-waa a lot of people think Kate is a bitch. Well, that would be because….she is! As they say, majority rules. They actually show a photo of Collin covering his face. Guess the editors let that damning photo slip through. Oops! Steve is basically her assistant and handler. That’s fine, but why keep acting like he’s just a bodyguard? Kate likes him the very bestest of all her bodyguards. We couldn‘t figure that out.

Steve says he’s “looked after” royal families and presidents. Looked after? He makes it sound like they’re kittens whose owners are out of town and he just has to put a bit of food out every few days and change their water. By looked after, does he mean stood in front of a door with ten other bodyguards while the dignitary attends a benefit 600 yards away?

The best part ever is that Steve says the fans are just as bad as those who don’t like Kate. He calls them “over-zealous.” I feel bad for her fans in a way. Any other celebrity in the business worth their salt knows the fans make you, creepy or not, and to never, ever throw them under the bus. I don’t care if they are breaking into your house putting on your makeup and trying on your clothes, you never talk badly about the fans. You gotta hand it to Joan Crawford--she understood this concept. So for Steve to basically make the fans seem like total whack-jobs is a real slap in the face. These “over-zealous” fans have spent years defending Kate’s every move against monumental opposition. And this is what they get.

Steve thinks the “vast, vast majority” of people are fans and not “against us.” Haha, wow, Steve. How’s that delusional cup of tea taste? Even Kate says 90% of people don’t like her. Your own employer admits it. Now he thinks the fans make the show. Well, actually, a ton of people were also tuning in to watch a train wreck. Don’t forget those people.

Kate’s book signing in Santa Monica. They show some stock footage of Rodeo Drive, which is absolutely nowhere near her book signing in Santa Monica. This is completely not Kate’s fault, but this book signing was BARELY advertised and nobody showed up, and she was embarrassed. I would be too, it’s embarrassing. I was at this book signing and I reported about 30 people were there, and I’m told not everyone believed me and claimed I was trying to make Kate look bad. But those who have been around here long enough know I don’t lie about anything, except to tell you you look great in that dress, and sure enough, even Kate is saying nobody attended this book signing. They show footage from the signing and you can see for yourself, nobody is there.

This is quite fascinating, Steve and Kate are locked in a closet at the book store and Steve is telling Kate to buck up and do the book signing regardless of how few people are there. I am torn about this. On the one hand, Steve is right, she needs to stop being a baby and get out there, especially for the sight-impaired little boy who was there with a walking stick--I was there and I saw him and he was thrilled to meet Kate. On the other hand, her team really screwed this up. If you don’t have time to organize a proper book signing where 1500 people will show up, it is mortifying to do anything less. I side with Kate on this and I would be beyond ticked; I would not want to go out there. And I would fire half my staff for screwing this up. I am not being sarcastic. It is unacceptable to arrange such a huge flop like this for someone as hot as Kate is right now. I know and have worked for many people who would not begin to tolerate this. This is yet another example of how green and unsophisticated Kate still is to the “real“ celebrity world. If she were say Elton John or even Angelina or somebody else seasoned, she would know to NOT stand for this. Incidentally, they don’t show me asking Kate how child labor laws are going to affect filming. But they do show the three teenage girls I was talking to who were cute, maybe about sixteen. They speak highly of Kate, but to me they said she could be a real bitch, too. Ha!

Kate plays with the kids in their crooked houses and throws Jon under the bus again--he doesn’t even have BEDS for the kids at his place they have to sleep in sleeping bags! She does realize that 5-year-olds usually adore sleeping on the floor right? Like camping out. She got them trundle beds, there's hardly a difference.

Steve and Kate are sitting in the limo, and Kate throws Jon under the bus a bit more. He is a big mean ex-husband who wants his kids when she isn’t even in the same state. Why can’t Jon have the kids when she is not home, so many of us have asked over and over. Kate needn’t worry, TLC will quickly pay Jon off and all this will go away shortly.

I kinda like how Steve doesn’t really play into all of Kate’s pathetic whining. He’s basically like, Kate, life is full of hard decisions, I can’t do it for you. I like people who aren’t interested in letting you constantly cry on their shoulder instead of getting down to business and tackling your problems like an adult, because that‘s how I am. Who knew I wouldn‘t mind Steve. And surprisingly, there is something about their dynamic that makes me think maybe they are not an item after all. Steve's personality isn't really what I think Kate exactly wants. He is definitely handling her every move, but he isn't putting up with her crap. Historically she prefers men who tolerate her crap, so this really doesn't add up. Not to mention I don't feel one ounce of chemistry between them, they are literally like brother and sister. They are no Erin and Maks. I think maybe she likes a man like him around just to have a man around for reasons women like that, but that doesn't mean she's inviting him into the bedroom. In college I had some male roommates I really loved having around for so many reasons, but I wasn't in a relationship with any of them. I'm very surprised I've come to this conclusion about those two after this.

Why is Kate so afraid she’s a horrible mother and a judge will take her kids away? What, is she doing something wrong?

Ehh, I’ll skip over this boring part. Kate is officially announcing her new child exploitation shows in New York. Steve admires Kate. Oh, Steve, for pity sake. Kate’s new best friend makes a few appearances to say nothing all that earth-shattering. She seems really nice. Too nice. Has she gotten the guts to ask for her fair cut yet? Her days are numbered with this family.

When Kate introduces herself she says “I’m Kate, and I’m a mom of eight kids.” The fact that she wraps her whole persona around those eight kids, exploiting them in every way possible to form her own image, is why the public is criticizing. If she said I’m Kate and I’m a nurse, no one would care. I don’t understand why this is so difficult to get. For a few at least.

Oh sheesh, Kate is one of those people who claims they can dance really well in rehearsal but once they hit the dance floor they are a mess. You know this kind of thing is only true for a very small, small minority of people. For the rest it’s just a way to save face when you really suck at something.

I’ve already recapped DWTS, don’t wanna do it again. Kate thought DWTS was a “career.” She does realize that it’s only for one short season, and that she could get voted off at any time, right? It’s like saying being a Census worker is a career. Yeah, for a few months every ten years! She and the Census workers all need new careers now.

Back at the orphanage, these highchairs drive me crazy, gaaa. I see Kate’s upped the food portions ever so slightly. They’ve got three whole carrots to eat now and a couple other mixed veggies.

How smart is Mady? She tells the tups to “play the quiet game.” And they’re all quiet! And Mady looks so proud of herself. What an awesome way to get your brothers and sisters to shush, and she knows it. This child is gifted and talented, period. I’ve seen enough now.

Aw how sad my tivo cuts off as Kate is spewing some stuff about how much she loves the kids or something. The end!

If this is Kate’s world, I recommend a new one.

Monday, June 7, 2010

6th Birthday surprise recap: Kids celebrate their 6th bday by themselves like they're TB patients in a sanitorium

Coming up on Kate Plus 8: Meltdowns, more meltdowns, 5-star vacations during the middle of a school week, and lots of vomit. Sounds like the last 130 episodes of this show!

Credits roll. At least they didn’t make the kids run around somebody’s yard with a parachute for hours and hours in the hot sun to get the shot. That was back when they could film as much as they wanted to. Those darn child labor laws they’re actually being sort of forced to comply with are really problematic, aren’t they? The credits this time are a bunch of still shots of the kids, with each of them shouting their names--it’s actually pretty cute. These kids are really quite sweet, I always thought they were. It makes me so sad though we even know who they are.

Kate missed the crew. Kate remembers the moment she told the kids they weren’t going to film anymore. The kids were shocked, confused, had an outburst. This is all to try to convince us that the children really just love the filming and need the filming and how cruel of Jon to take it away! But to me it just makes Kate look even worse than she already does. She was filming her children so much they got attached to a camera crew? There is absolutely no reason children at their age should be forming meaningful attachments with a crew. Try family members and friends their own age, for starters.

When your children are shocked, confused and having outbursts over a camera crew not being in their lives anymore, maybe it’s time to reassess your priorities. Also I’m just wondering, were they shocked and confused when they didn’t see Aunt Jodi anymore, or their grandparents, or how about was it shocking and confusing to have Kate take off for L.A. for days and weeks leaving them with 22-year-old nannies? Was the divorce shocking to them? I also need to point out that Jon’s story is slightly different. He in fact said the children are “UNANIMOUS” that they don’t want to film anymore, and would rather be swimming in the pool not going on trips. “We filmed 152 episodes. What more can you possibly still film?“ Jon said. So believe who you like, but they can't both be telling the truth.

Kate also never acknowledges the fact that these children may very well do their best to love this because they know that makes Mommy happy. Kids will say and do anything at this age to make Mommy happy--that is normal. I did it, we all did it. Kids aim to please. I wish Kate would have a conversation with them about how they can be honest with her, that even though Mommy loves this it doesn’t mean you have to too and I won’t be mad if you want to tell me you don’t like it anymore. Instead of just assuming they‘ll come to her when they don‘t want to film anymore. Maybe she has. Just a suggestion. And what’s been said a thousand times, kids this age are too young to make the call. That’s what adults are for. I’m also going to say one more time, Kate has a giant, glaring conflict of interest in filming her kids. And thy name is money. She has no credibility, sorry, she doesn't.

Count the times Kate directly or indirectly throws Jon under the bus: That’s one!

The crew shows up at the house for the first time since that mean awful Daddy told them to go away, and we know by the paparazzi photos they bribed the kids with presents, but of course they don‘t show us that part of it. The kids are excited to see them--I don‘t find this comforting, I find it weird. Like a kid who is excited to see the gardener or something--I‘m not degrading that profession, I‘m just saying you’re supposed to come to the house and do your job and you don‘t form attachments with children who aren‘t even yours because that’s creepy. It does not escape my attention that Mady however is not excited at all. She stands off to the side, hugging a baby doll and bending her head solemnly.

“Everything is back to normal,” Aaden says. And this is totally spun to make it look like he’s talking about the camera crew. Number one, you’re saying a kid thinks a camera crew is normal? This whole thing is so incredibly creepy I can’t take it. I honestly did not expect to be this creeped out. But number two if you listen to the conversation before, Aaden was talking about how he now has his “elephant pillow” and couches down in the basement and I think he was talking about how the dance floor was removed from the house after Kate got voted off DWTS, and now that is why everything is back to normal. Sure enough just seconds later Collin explains the dance floor is gone and things are normal now. These kids are NOT talking about the camera crew at all, they were talking about DWTS screwing up their basement and play area. TLC is bending over backwards though to convince us the kids love this, just love it! It’s their normal! Yeah their creepy normal. TLC--defensive much?

Did all these men have their background checks? Fingerprints? Livescans? The kids are jumping all over them and now are alone with them in the basement.

“It’s good that the paparazzi went away,” Collin says distinctly. Poor baby. He has to cover his poor little face every time he goes out. Think he was just playing peek-a-boo now? He just told us he doesn’t like the paparazzi--we were right and Kate’s defenders were wrong, again. Sadly Collin doesn’t realize that filming yet another season of this exploitation ain’t helping the paparazzi go away anytime soon.

Yawn, they’re out in the yard playing with the motorized cars. We saw paparazzi photos of that too, which I quickly am realizing are sort of like little spoilers for these episodes! It’s boring enough watching somebody else’s kid play with an electric car, but really boring when you already saw a bunch of still photos of it. Kate did not get each child their own electric car not because that would really be spoiling them and would be greedy and they already have a ton of toys and electric cars are really expensive, but because they didn’t all fit in the garage--she did the measurements. Really, this is what she says.

Kate “offered” to give the kids to Jon on their birthday. She says it like she also offered to loan him a hundred grand or something. My goodness how generous of her! I think she sometimes forgets they’re his kids, too, and he‘s entitled to see them. Still if Jon has a problem with Kate totally running the program, he can go to family law court and fix it, so I don‘t have a lot of sympathy for him. It’s as obvious as the nose on Kate’s face TLC is simply sending Jon regular checks to shut up and go along. He has no shame.

Kate says she didn’t like sending the kids off to Jon’s on their birthday, and they had cupcakes and gum. Eww, two things these kids do not have a good history with! Fair enough, sending them to Daddy on such a special day is hard. I get that they don’t get along well enough to have a party together yet--that‘s also fair. Who wants a birthday where Mom and Dad are fighting the whole time? I hope someday they can be amicable. I don’t have anything more to say about this except that this is what happens when you get divorced--a lot of sadness.

The six-year-olds are in highchairs.

The Florida trip is a surprise. Alexis guesses they are going to the North Pole. Hey, that’s not a bad guess as that’s about the only place they haven’t been yet on this show! Jon awhile back suggested a trip to the moon. I liked Jon better when he was pissed about this stuff.

Jamie has been Kate’s best friend forever. She has? I thought Beth was her best friend. Then Carla. Where’s she? I see a pattern here. Jamie‘s left her own young kids behind to be sort of a nanny on this trip. The whole thing is odd. Let me guess, Jamie just loves them. That phrase is the kiss of death for any family or friends on this show. Is Jamie getting paid or just doing this out of the goodness of her heart? Why is it okay to pay Jamie, but not Aunt Jodi who also went on trips with them?

Kate should know that rich people don’t actually do their own packing. That’s what nannies and assistants are for. She wants so badly to be rich, I’m just trying to help.

Kate did not tell the kids where they were going because the media could be alerted “by certain ones.” Throwin’ Jon under the bus number two! So basically, she didn‘t tell Jon she was taking his children out of the state? No tears for Jon though, go ask a judge to make an order she is not to do that without his consent, this kind of order is made all…the….time. It's as standard now as power windows.

It’s completely disturbing that at the airport when Kate is walking with the twins to get something to eat, total strangers are shouting her name at her. You do not do that period when someone is with their kids, I’m sorry. The twins look sort of dazed by this, like they‘ve been through all this before. At least this time when the sextuplets approach a complete stranger and start talking to him and touching him and basically becoming his best friend, he’s wearing a police uniform.

On the plane Mady is ticked because she wants the middle seat and Kate is making her take an aisle seat. Why is this so important to Kate? Both seats were empty. Why can’t Mady sit where she wants? She didn’t ask to go on this trip. She didn't ask to be pulled out of school. Mady is, 90% of the time, completely justified in the things she is protesting about. She’s got this odd reputation as the brat when really she is just standing up for herself. All the other kids are doormats, which they probably can‘t really help at this age.

Penguins were there to meet them off the plane. Yeah I’m sure that penguin prefers to be on a hot tarmac in Orlando waddling around a bunch of loud obnoxious humans rather than gliding off a glacier in South America. I’m just gonna tell you I am a total extremist when it comes to zoos--I don’t believe wild animals should be held in captivity for any reason whatsoever, even if it’s a sanctuary and supposed to be educational. I have not been to a zoo or a circus period since I was in middle school. I may make an exception for an injured animal who can’t survive in the wild. Go watch a documentary on Antarctica if you want to see penguins.

The next morning, Alexis is crying and throwing up. Unbelievable, Kate actually shows us the Ziploc bag containing her watery pink vomit. What, is Ziploc a sponsor? New Ziploc smartseal, now you can hear and feel the bag closing from edge to edge so you know your vomit is protected. Presumably Kate decides Alexis can’t go along to Discovery Cove today. Vomit, double ear infections and constipation never stopped her from filming her kids before, why stop now? Oh, right, because there’s some people who actually make laws now who are watching. I bet you anything there was a production meeting where it was decided they would never be able to do damage control for dragging a vomiting child along on a trip--they had no choice but to leave her behind. An insider reported that Aaden was seen vomiting at Discovery Cove too. Since illnesses quickly get around to all the kids, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Mady can’t even breathe in her wet suit, she hates it. I put one of those on once for snorkeling in the Red Sea and hated it too. It feels like once you get it on you’ll never be able to manage to peal it off. Claustrophobic. But Kate forces her to put it on. Doesn’t Kate know the easiest way to get on a wet suit it to actually get it wet?

They swim with stingrays. Fun enough. Kate says she has low blood sugar which is just an insult to diabetics. Someone in my immediate family is Type 1 diabetic, yeah, since she was a teenager, and low blood sugar means she starts talking like a drunken sailor and if you don’t do something quick, passes out. I was there once a couple years ago when she almost died and she had to go by ambulance to the ER. Yeah, it is not a joke thanks. Burgers for lunch for everyone, Kate refuses to give the kids a choice as to what they want to eat.

After lunch, Kate doesn’t appreciate the exotic birds but the kids love it. Look at, as long as your bikini fits you right and covers all your girl parts, I don’t have a problem. I know others disagree. After birds they swim with the dolphins. I feel so strongly about this, it is horrible to keep dolphins in captivity, any kind of captivity, period. It is even worse in other countries like Japan. You should rent The Cove, a disturbing documentary about the world‘s largest supplier of dolphins. People who can’t think in terms of shades of gray assume that just because dolphins have a permanent smile on their face they’re happy with their captivity. Much like how a declining number of people believe that just because the Gosselin kids have a smile on their face at times, they too are happy with their captivity. But I suppose the dolphins don’t know any better, a lot of them have always been there. The parallels to these kids are astounding.

The next day, Kate quickly takes Alexis, who I guess is feeling better although no one confirms this, to the stingray pool and to swim with dolphins. She absolutely loved it. But I think she loved having her mom to herself more. Actually, it wasn’t all to herself. She had to share her with a camera crew and 3.3 million other viewers. Why do moments like these have to be filmed again?

Oh, this is rich! “I was determined as I always am to give the kids as paparazzi free a life as possible,” Kate says as the bus pulls up to ride an airboat to their birthday party. Oh, so that’s why you signed up for DWTS, Kate Plus 8, and Twisted Kate, I see now! To make the paparazzi go away! I can’t help it I’m just angry now. Collin just said how much he can’t stand the paps. How can you make your 6-year-old baby continue to endure this? I’ve said this before, Kate seriously acts like just one day she was going out to fetch the morning paper and a bunch of paparazzi showed up at the doorstep snapping photos and never left. Not that she actively pursued fame knowing full well almost all famous people have to deal with paps at some point.

An insider who says she is the niece of the guy who runs the boats posted on Kate’s blog that they road this boat around basically all day long getting the right shots. And that, of course, Kate was rude. Everyone has speculated the production crew ran to Florida to try to escape filming laws in PA. Except, oops, Florida has their own laws too, such as having an on-set liaison to work with the Labor Department at all times. Who was that person pray tell? I don’t see anyone else in the boat but Jamie and Steve.

They stumble upon an alligator and Kate freaks and runs away. The alligator “won’t come out because she has babies,” the airboat guy explains reassuringly. Ha, even an alligator knows not to exploit her children. The alligator hisses at them menacingly. Well, no wonder, they’re basically ambushing her and her babies with a giant boat so loud everyone needs to wear earphones. Humans are so freaking dumb to poor animals, it's ridiculous.

They arrive at an empty pavilion for their sad birthday party with the bodyguard and Kate’s new best friend. No Daddy, no friends, no family. Here comes Mady to tell it like it is. First of all, their birthday was a week ago, she exclaims. Right on! Then Mady points out that she and Cara only had one birthday celebration. Correct again.

Jamie then tries to offer Mady water. Her tone is really sweet and helpful, which is a nice change from her own mother denying her water last time she was thirsty. Then Mady says tearfully…brace for this, this is really disturbing…. “I don’t want water because nobody cares about me, I want to die.”

Wow, just wow. Why in the world would any parent in their right mind ever, ever allow a statement like that to be aired on T.V.? I am beyond shocked and appalled. I am outright disturbed. I don’t care if Mady was just being dramatic, this is not a healthy statement for any ten-year-old to make period, and should be addressed in therapy and not on T.V., end of story. It is so incredibly sad that Mady basically has to threaten suicide to get anyone to give her the attention she deserves.

You’re right, Mady. Three birthday parties is bullshit. A birthday party staged just for the cameras a full week after the actual birthday that your mother even pulled you out of school for is even bigger bullshit. Fight on. So far, I have not seen Mady complain about one single thing that she wasn’t completely justified in making a stink about this entire trip. This girl does not screw around complaining that her lemonade ain’t cold enough, she is complaining about legit injustices here.

Kate pulls Mady aside and gives Mady some bizarre explanation about how the babies were still in the NICU a week after they were born and that’s why they’re celebrating a week later. Huh? WTF? “We were early too and you only celebrated one day,” Mady retorts. Ha, this child is wonderful. And so smart.

Kate, just admit it’s for the cameras. Mady would respect you a lot more. Kate tries to explain that because of the divorce and because they’re multiples they had a party with Mommy, then Daddy, and now this one. That explains the first two parties, but does nothing to explain the third one. Still no adequate explanation for yet another party and this discussion has gone on for like five minutes now. Mady is 100% right, this is borderline spoiling these poor kids now with all the parties, and not even remotely fair to her and Cara.

Admit it’s for the show, admit it! Mady is still grappling to understand why this is happening. Mady, there is no explanation for this other than the cameras. But I admire you for trying to make sense of your crazy mother.

Orange juice squeezing contest. I’ve never watched a birthday party without any guests whatsoever. It’s weird. Like it’s 1920 and the kids are in a sanatorium isolated with TB or something.

Oh my goodness, my blood pressure. Please somebody rescue these twins. During the squeezing, Kate snorts, “Cheaters never win and winners never cheat!” Then Cara sort of echoes to Mady, basically, you’re cheating so you’re a loser. Isn’t that just another way of saying what Kate just said??? Kate explodes on her, sends her away from the table, telling her she‘s “done.” W….T….F? Kate started talking about cheaters first. But because Cara said someone was cheating, now she’s done? Cara holds her hands out dumbfounded and says “I didn’t!” Even Mady comes to Cara’s defense, throwing something aside and stomping off with her to time out. Aw. The funniest part is Kate is shouting at Mady that she’s fine she can stay at the table, but Mady stomps off anyway ignoring her. It’s sort of satisfying to see the kids band together against crap like this that constantly spews out of their mother. That’s really the only thing they can do when this happens, stick together.

Piñatas. How 80s! Love it. Mady and Cara get their own piñata. In a very quick edit, they beat out a little candy and then beat it some more until realizing they've already emptied it all out. Kate cackles like a Disney villain at all the candy being gone. She is mean to her twins, period.

The little kids are spending an awful lot of time on the couch narrating this episode. Toward the end Hannah is starting to look really tired of this, leaning back on the couch, scowling and crossing her arms. But this isn’t work mind you. This is fun for them. It’s work for Kate but not them. This is according to Kate. They were not even paid for all this garbage until a government agency made TLC pay them--astonishing.

The kids are still smacking each other? Way too old. And I like how those kids don't go to time out, but Cara does, for just echoing what Kate just said. There are two people singing happy birthday to the kids. Kate and Jamie. This just keeps getting sadder.

As we finally wrap up, Kate laments that having six kids who are six years old just means that she’s old. And that six is just a big baby. Okay, crazy. I love how this is all about Kate and getting old, and not about what a wonderful thing it is the children are another year older. I personally think six is one of the best ages a child can possibly be. They are old enough to actually do cool stuff, you can have a conversation with them that isn‘t just about cookies and Dora the Explorer, but they still say really adorable things. Six all the way, baby. I mean big kids!

Well, Kate hasn’t changed much in nine months, sadly. And this show is missing a big other half--Jon. The whole beauty of why Jon and Kate Plus 8 worked was because of the dynamic those two had. People were fascinated to watch that couple, admit it or not. I don’t know how much longer this format of just Kate will last, who knows maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. But anytime I’ve seen a show retooled without a major character, it’s tanked. Every single time. Wow, I just called Jon a character. Now I'm creepy too.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kate Plus 8 Discussion thread -- 6/6/10

Two whole hours of this tonight. 6th Birthday Surprise, followed by Inside Kate's World.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kate promotes new show in New York with Steve

Kate was spotted at her NYC hotel yesterday with Steve, sure looking a lot more happier and relaxed than she was earlier this week. She's in town to trash talk the children's father....oops, we mean, promote Kate Plus 8, which airs Sunday.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Kate: "There's nothing negative" about the cameras

  • Kate says the crew are her "family". Why is all her new family paid to be around her?
  • Jon is "amicable" at this moment but she worries that could change at any moment. Parental alienation.
  • Kate tells young girls who are not married to "keep it that way." Bitter and unhappy.
  • Kate is not worried in the least about "exposing" the kids to the cameras again. The camera crew is "healthy" and "normal" to them. "There's nothing negative about it." I thought Jon said the kids didn't want to film anymore? When a camera crew full of revolving strangers is "healthy" for your kids, it's time to reassess.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First video of Kate Plus 8

Radar has the first sneak peak of Kate Plus 8 and the trip to Orlando where the children were pulled out of school. And there are the kids all lined up on the couch doing their own interviews. But this isn't working, right?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kate is on her fifth iPhone

"Sent from my (fifth!) PINK iPhone"
So says Kate at the end of her blog post today. Why is she already on her fifth iPhone? We've had the same smartphone for over two years without problems. Is she not taking care of it properly? Losing it? Does she always need to have the latest model? Iphones run $200-$300 minimum--has Kate spent at least $1,000 of the children's money on toys like this? And why is she bragging about running through phones?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kate was spotted outside with the twins on Memorial Day, displaying some pretty negative body language: scowling and crossing her arms.