Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kate drops giant anvil of a hint she wants an offer for Dancing With the Stars

Dancing with the Stars films in Los Angeles, across the country. Kate? Stop trying so pathetically to be a celebrity and go be with your kids--you got full custody and a great child support order, now STAY HOME.

6 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

Face it, Kate does not want to stay home with her kids. It does not pay enough. She is the only person in her delusional world that thinks she has talent.Eventually when the T.V. offers stop coming in she will be forced to face the reality that she is no Katharine Hepburn. said...

Heck even Leno jabbed that he would want to see her on Dancing with the Stars.

I say let her. Wait until those panel of judges eat her lunch and vote her off. That is something she really needs. said...

Her idol is Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts does not shill for jobs. They find her. ~ Administrator said...

Why Kate pushed so hard for full custody if she just wants to abandon them to jet off to LA and become a D-list reality show star .... other than to spite Jon. Or maybe no one wants to stay home with the kids. ~ Administrator said...

Julia Roberts keeps her children hidden from the cameras, too.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Admin, I think your second point is correct. Neither Jon nor Kate really wants to be home full time with those kids. Full time parenting requires a degree of selflessness that neither of them is capable of.

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