Monday, January 31, 2011

New USA network show 'Fairly Legal' changed name from 'Facing Kate'

This is hysterical. The USA Network series about a sexy court Mediator (Mediation is sexy? You coulda fooled us.) started off with a name that had certain connotations to viewers.

Fairly Legal was first known as Facing Kate. But in test screenings, there was so much confusion with Kate Gosselin that producers were afraid audiences wouldn't want to see another reality show about Kate. The network then changed the name.

Said star Sarah Shahi: “It was called Facing Kate, and now it’s called Fairly Legal. They did a test audience, a screening, and 80% of the people thought Facing Kate was a reality show about Kate Gosselin. So with that said, we had to change the title.”


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kids go to roller skating birthday party with Jon

No cameras, no paparazzi. Normal. Exhale--this is so, so nice to hear.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kate goes liquor shopping and parks in the fire zone (again)

Kate was spotted at a Liquor Store Tuesday afternoon, sans winter coat again, asking an employee for help and making out with a bottle of Momokawa Organic Ginjo Sake, a Japanese wine. Even her alcohol is organic! Suggested pairings are with salmon, grilled chicken or fruit salad.

While many eye-witnesses and insiders have reported that Kate drinks (some even report quite heavily), she's never actually been seen purchasing booze before until today.

And she ended up in the fire lane again. In this photo, you can see "fire" written under her car, and the red fire sign reflecting in the car window.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Kate picks up four of sextuplets from school yesterday

Those kindergartener backpacks look so stuffed full. Perhaps with make-up work? We feel so sorry for the kids about how much school they’ve been forced to miss. backpacks

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

Yesterday Kate was spotted tanning, then she was off to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target, and the dry cleaners. In between trips she checked her pink iphone. Kate wore a modest and appropriate jeans and cardigan set.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Court docket from April 2010 to January 2011

Divorce docket for Jon and Kate reveals disputes over child support, Kate's motion to seal the record (which was granted), mixed in with periods of relative quiet. Jon and Kate were also court-ordered to attend Children in the Middle of Divorce, a class in Wyomissing designed to help teach co-parenting techniques.

Thanks to our Berks County source, here is the complete court docket since April. The following was transcribed from actual screen captures of The County of Berks, PA government web site. Any notes from Administrator are in [brackets]. Bear in mind a court docket is simply a schedule of proceedings, and can sometimes be confusing or misleading.

Docket Summary
All Actions Docket Summary
Docket #: 10

First Defendant: GOSSELIN, KATIE I
Action Type: Misc. case / Custody
Judge Assigned: [redacted per Admin]

[Admin: The following five entries appear to have to do with Jon and Kate's mutual contempt motions]

1/14/11: Order of 1/14/11 re: Pet for Special Relief. Copies and notice sent 1/14/11
1/14/11: Order of 1/14/11 issuing Rule re: Deft Katie's Pet for Contempt. Copies and notice sent 1/14/11
1/14/11:Deft Katie's Petition for Contempt with Prop Orders & Svc
1/14/11: Order of 1/14/11 issuing Rule re: Pltf Jonathan's Pet for Contempt. Copies and notice sent 1/14/11.
1/6/11:Pltf Jonathan's Petition for Contempt of Custody Order with Proposed Order

[Admin: The following three entries look like they may have to do with a temporary modification to the custody arrangement to permit the children to work in Australia. It appears that on 12/16/10 Kate may have brought this issue to the court's attention.]

12/27/10:Pltf's Answer to Deft's Emergency Pet for Special Relief
12/16/2010: Order of 12/16/10 re: Emergency Pet for Special Relief. Copies and notice sent 12/16/10: Deft Katie's Emergency Petition for Special Relief with Proposed Orders

11/30/2010: Order of 11/30/10. re: Custody. Copies/notice sent 11/30/10

10/27/2010: Order of 10/26/10 Court Use Only. Copies/not sent 10/28/10
10/14/2010: Order of 10/13/10 re: Pet for Enforcement. Copies & notice sent 10/14/10
10/14/2010: Order of 10/12/10 re: Mtn to Quash Subpoena. Copies and notice sent 10/14/10.
10/14/2010: Motion to Quash Subpoena with Proposed Order & Svc
10/12/2010: Appearance of Mark A Momjian, Esq as co-counsel for Deft Katie I Gosselin
10/01/2010: Pltf Jonathan K Gosselin's Answer to Deft's Pet for Enforcement w/ Cert of Service

9/13/2010: Order of 9/10/10. Copies & notice sent 9/13/10
9/13/2010: Order of 9/10/10 re: Pet for Enforcement. Copies and notice sent 9/13/10
9/09/2010: Deft Katie I Gosselin's Pet for Enforcement w/ prop. Rule and Orders (2) and Cert of Service
8/27/2010: Order of 8/26/10 re: Cust Trial. Copies/Notice sent 8/30/10
8/19/2010: Amended Order of 8/18/10 Prothy to SEAL record. Copies and notice sent 8/20/10

7/12/2010: Order of 7/12/10 Directing Prothy to SEAL the record. Copies and Notice sent 7/13/10

5/27/2010: Continuance of Child Custody Mediation Orientation to a date
to be determined. Custody Conciliation date will still be 7/12/10 @1:00 pm as previously scheduled
5/14/2010: Order of 5/14/10 con't Status Conference from 5/24/10 to 5/25/10. Copies and notice sent 5/17/10
5/03/2010: Withdrawal of Appearance of Anthony F. List, Esq.; Appearance of Mary T. Vidas, Esq. for Pltf, Jonathan

4/23/2010: Order of 4/23/10 sched Status Conf for 5/24/10. Copies & Notice sent 4/23/10
4/21/2010: Deft, Katie's Praecipe to WITHDRAW Deft's Preliminary Objections to Complaint in Custody & for Child support filed on 4/1/10
4/16/2010: Continuance of Custody Mediation Orientation to 6/8/10 @1:00 pm for the Deft & 1:15 pm for Pltf
4/15/2010: Continuance/Notice of Child Custody Hrg on 7/12/10 @ 1:00pm
4/14/2010: AMENDED COMPLAINT in CUSTODY w/Cert of Srvc
4/14/2010: Appearance of Anthony F List Esq for Pltf Jonathan
4/12/2010: Deft Katie's PRELIMINARY OBJECTIONS to Complaint in Custody and for Child Support with Notice, Brief, Proposed Order and Svc
4/09/2010: Appearance of Cheryl L Young Esq for Deft Katie
4/09/2010: Scheduling Order of 4/9/10 - Pltf & Deft to attend Children in the Middle - Mediation Conf sched 5/25/10 & Custody Conf sched 6/14/10 @ 1:00pm
4/07/2010: 02:44PM COMPLAINT in CUSTODY and for Child Support with Proposed Order and Cert of Svc of Complaint upon Cheryl L Young, Esq by Fax and First Class Mail and Berks Co
Prothy by Hand on 4/7/10

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jon filed for contempt first, a week later Kate also filed for contempt

Our source in Berks County is revealing that the current court docket says that Jon filed for contempt of the custody order on January 6, 2011. A week later, on January 14, Kate also filed for contempt, perhaps as a counter-claim. So it's back to the war of the roses.

It's too bad they both can't just follow all court orders and get along for the sake of the kids.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kate sees Broadway show in NYC

Decompressing after her three week trip Down Under? A couple other people in the audience spotted Kate at the Broadway musical Jersey Boys, based on the band the Four Seasons. No kids.

Kate in New York after so much time with the kids? She is nothing if not predictable.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Court docket: It was Jon who filed for contempt against Kate

Jon is still sticking with the same experienced divorce attorney he's had since last year, Mary Vidas, and it was actually Jon who filed for contempt of the custody order, not Kate. Kate has reportedly repeatedly tried to sabotage the custody orders, the latest of which is taking the children to Australia over the New Year's, when Jon was scheduled to have the children for New Year's on "odd years"--i.e. 2011.

And this isn't the first time Kate has run into trouble with violating orders (an obsessed parental alienator typically has no deference for the court of law--court orders do not scare them, they believe they know better than the judge). In October 2009 the court, in a very under-publicized decision, found Kate in contempt of the divorce arbitration agreement and ordered her to deposit $7,500 back into their joint account for every month she failed to do so. Naturally the mainstream media usually only reports Jon's violations. At least back in those days! We wish peace and harmony for these two as they share the kids this year.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kate, Steve and kids have dinner in Rotorua, New Zealand

Meanwhile, court documents reveal it's actually Jon who is the plaintiff in the recent contempt of custody order filed in Berks County.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kate and kids horseback ride in New Zealand, pose for the paparazzi

Now they're making the kids pose for the paparazzi? (Check out Collin's face.) Or is this more likely TLC's personal PR photographer?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kate and kids tour New Zealand

Kate and the kids went to the Kiwi House to visit animals, the Waitomo Caves, and had dinner at Rotorua.

Missing school, looking tired, dressed alike. Still getting the crap filmed out of them.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kate asks Court to hold Jon in contempt

Kate claims Jon is selling stories and has tweeted about the custody battle.

Can you say hypocrite? Does Kate remember this interview she gave to Regis and Kelly? This interview was so outrageous we deemed it Kate's number two worst moment of 2010, just behind the Alaska camping trip. Parental alienators often drag the other parent back into court the second the other parent gets anything more favorable in the custody arrangement (rumor is Jon now has the right to have the children when Kate is out of town instead of leaving them with a nanny--the right of first refusal) out of fear they are losing control. To Jon: We support your right to have a healthy relationship with your kids, undisturbed by a narcissistic mother who has some sick need to sabotage it all.

Also, what exactly is Kate doing every time she makes an episode of Kate Plus 8? Oh, right, she's selling a story. Just because it's TLC and they play cutsie music in the background and edit it all nice does not mean she is not selling her children's personal, private moments for cash money, just like insiders have sold stories to the tabloids. She too has talked all about the divorce and custody on her own show. Pot meet kettle.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Season Finale of Sarah Palin: Sarah and Dad reminisce about Kate--Here let us bring the campfire to YOU!

The kids were “innocent, sweet, curious spirits”

The season finale of Sarah Palin's Alaska saw Sarah and her dad looking back on the show's significant moments, including the infamous camping trip with Kate. "How could I forget her," Chuck said with a bosterous laugh. "What I enjoyed were her kids," he added. "They didn't want to leave."

Then Sarah joked that Kate just needed to walk over to the campfire to warm up, or "here let us bring it to you!" Haha! (Admin: Strongly suspect Kate wanted to leave all along, that's why she refused to do what they suggested to warm up.) Sarah added that the kids were innocent, sweet and curious. What a nice thing to say about kids who truly are innocent, sweet and curious. And don't deserve what they are being put through. Thanks, Sarah, for summing it up.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kate and kids head to Steve's homeland

It's back to the airport for the third time in a week as the entourage heads to New Zealand.

Kind of sad that despite discussions on Jon and Kate Plus 8 about going to Jon's homeland, South Korea (even getting the kids passports for the trip), the kids are now going to see Steve the bodyguard's roots instead. Given the blurry feet again, the photos are definitely amateur. Another airport patron? Steve?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Kate and kids and four helpers dine at steakhouse M@Mooloolaba

A waiter said the only thing Kate ordered for dinner Tuesday night was a glass of white wine.
Craig, a Queensland waiter originally from Canada, cracked us up when he described seeing Kate was like "a black cat crossing your path." Kate, the kids, and entourage ate at the popular steakhouse M@Matmooloolaba (near the Sunshine Coast in Queensland) tonight and a few nights ago, too. The restaurant serves lamb brains.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kids see Bindi Irwin's Croc Show at Australia Zoo

After Kate's tanning time yesterday, the kids were spotted at the Australia Zoo.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kate and kids arrive at Brisbane airport

The family arrived in Queensland today as the children's working vacation from school continues.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Philly reporter: Kate 'miserable' and 'distant' on shoot

View more news videos at:

A Philadelphia entertainment reporter gave more details of Kate and the kids' working vacation to Philadelphia that he observed in December (just before they took off for an even bigger business trip to Australia).

  • The first stop of the trip was Starbucks
  • Confidentiality agreements were required wherever they went
  • The nanny tended to the children at lunch at Waterworks and Kate was "off to the side."
  • Steve tried to block the photos and the reporter just shot around him. Then finally Steve said fine.
  • Collin fell on the Rocky steps and Kate didn't even acknowledge him.
  • The kids looked happy but Kate appeared "miserable" and "distant"

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kate and kids film on Bondi beach in Sydney

A beach goer spotted the Gosselins with the camera crew, working away their New Year's Day in Sydney.
Another eye witness reported seeing them about to fly out of Sydney airport this morning. Perhaps off to New Zealand now?