Saturday, May 31, 2014

Preview of Gosselin update special draws wrath from around the web

It seems we weren't the only ones horrified by Kate's treatment of Mady in the promo clip from TLC (warning, the video prominently features the children), which showed a two minute segment from the update special that will air at the end of June. The glee across her face when she described buying iPhones for the children for the purpose of taking them away was disturbing. The disrespectful manner in which Kate handled a relatively small disruption from the 13-year-old resonated negatively with bloggers around the web, and here are some of their thoughts:

"Well, Mady is still defying her mom and in this clip from their 2-hour torture piece of a special, Sergeant Asshole McPlasticFace tells her child army that she (read: the producers) have all sorts of “fun things” planned for Spring Break. Nobody makes“fun things” sound like the opposite of fun the way Kate Gosselin does." Michael K., Dlisted

"Last we saw Reading’s own Kate Gosselin, she appeared alongside her daughters for a stoically angry Today show interview that promoted their upcoming return to TLC with Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10. Now, we’ve gotten a first look at the show, and it is similarly stoic and angry. Who would’ve thought?" Nick Vadala,

"What TLC does not realize is they are showing Mady to be the normal one in the bunch; refusing to play along and act like everything is fine. Mady says; “we are not going to have fun." You can tell it is taking everything Kate has to not lose it.  Good job, Mady.  Let the world know how dysfunctional things really are." Miss Amia, Reality T.V. scandals
And finally a blogger at Kate's former employer, The Stir, called the stunt a "twisted trick":
"Kids test their parents' limits, and we need to set up boundaries and stick to them. It's GOOD to see Kate disciplining her kids without resorting to violence ('memba the wooden spoon incident?). That said, it seems a little odd to specifically buy something nice for your child with the intention of using it to punish them. For lack of a better word, it seems ... untrustworthy? It sounds like a Trojan Horse of parenting ... here kid, here's a gift, now I can use it to destroy you. Now, to be clear, that doesn't mean you shouldn't put limits on the use of gadgets because they are, after all, a privilege. But we are supposed to buy presents for our kids out of the goodness of our hearts, not with an ulterior motive! That's part of showing love and respect for our kids. And we all know respect is a two-way street." Jeanne Sager, The Stir
Great insight from all the above bloggers and that's only some of it.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

TLC filming for update special

After a long period of no new news about the promised "update special" from TLC, a few locals have spotted Kate and the crew filming around PA this week. Reactions from locals have been universally negative.

Filming locations include Michaels and a casual cafe. Thank you to the locals for keeping a keen eye out.

Credit to Twitter.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

'There are things that are really fun about growing up on television, but then you also go through puberty'

"I remember her sitting in her dressing room crying because she didn't like the way that she looked. Teen years are really hard and I think teen years on television when you're under the spotlight can be really difficult." Lori Loughlin

Last night on Dancing With the Stars, the lovely Candace Cameron shared some personal and painful memories from her childhood in the spotlight. (Mary-Kate Olsen had previously said she and her twin were like "little trained monkeys" on the set and she feels disconnected from her childhood.) Thank you Candace and Lori (and Mary-Kate) for your honesty, especially knowing how special of a place Full House holds in many people's hearts. Congrats to Candace on making it to the finale!

See a clip from the Full House episode "Shape Up" that exploited Candace's struggle with weight:

The Gosselin twins will be 13 when the reported Gosselin update special airs this year. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

What's worse than filming the demise of your marriage?

Faking the demise of your marriage. 

Tori Spelling's new reality show True Tori has all the makings of a great episode of her father's legacy Dynasty. Now the internet is abuzz with evidence that, shocker, it could all be fake.

Old Instagram photos posted by Tori and Dean don't add up to the narrative they are telling now. And various sources say the woman Dean claims to have cheated with in Canada doesn't exist. 

And check out this prophetic quote from Tori, "I’m Aaron Spelling’s daughter. I knew how to write the story. I knew what would tug on heartstrings." Not to mention, what ever would possess someone to make a television show out of something so terrible, especially when all they do is complain about the paparazzi? This would be funny if there weren't four little kids involved.