Monday, March 19, 2012

Em Tanner to Kate: I'm so sorry you 'lost your way,' I really am.

And another one bites the dust.
When Kate accused the gracious and talented designer of benefiting from a product featured on Jon and Kate Plus 8, Em Tanner struck back with this: "Just wanted to clarify that Kate recieved MY design for FREE as a gift. Unreal. You are a piece of work!"

Here's a brief summary of Kate's latest Twitter war as we understand it:

Back when Jon and Kate Plus 8 first started, a lovely designer from Tennessee named Em Tanner sent Kate loads of goodies from her collection, including numbered t-shirts for the kids, and a calendar that according to Em's tweets, she gave to Kate for free

Gosselins Go Dutch

Em Tanner named the calendar "Kate's calendar," and put it up for sale on her web site. Although other independent sites such as have pointed out that this calendar was seen on Jon and Kate Plus 8, nowhere in the description on Em's official site does she mention the name Gosselin, nor does she even mention it was featured on Jon and Kate Plus 8. The calendar itself is actually called "Kessler Family Calendar."

Yesterday out of nowhere, Kate tweeted that she "thinks" Em Tanner marketed the calendar without her consent, and that  it's "sad when people use your name for gain without permission!"

Kate responded that her name being used is "not legal" and the Em was "confronted" but she "ignored."

Em replied that that's "not how it went and we both know. Good luck to you." She later tweeted she's "actually not bitter at all. Just was floored I was being badmouthed so randomly."

At the end of it all, Kate admitted that she actually "started it" (the twitter war) and that she "didn't mean to cause a war."

Next time, Kate, maybe you should take your serious misappropriation accusations to the court of law, and not to Your Honorable Twitter. I hope you remember to bring your patent on the name "Kate" when you go!

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Jenna said...

Where's the video?

cathy518 said...

EM Tanner for President!

PJ's momma said...

Thanks for capturing those screen shots because most of them were removed, as well as the one where she told Kate she can't stand her. Classy move on her part; I couldn't show that much restraint!

SG said...

Wow. I missed a lot. Going to read how it all went down now. Hope nothing was deleted here! ;) Go Em! ~ Administrator said...

Kate just doesn't think, does she? If I owned a company and I saw a celebrity being this problematic never in a million years would I send them a freebie. Never.

Good one, Kate. Why don't you apologize to this poor woman? She was one of the first people out there to lavish you with freebies.

There is nothing wrong with using the name "Kate." She was obviously right or TLC would have sued her. They were just being BULLIES to her just like they were to me when neither of us were doing anything wrong. I know how TLC operates as I got a letter from them. They try to bully and scare you and when you stand up for yourself they go away and look for another person to bully. ~ Administrator said...

By the way, does anyone remember the conversation we had ages ago about whether the kids faces should be blurred on this blog?

Ultimately I decided not to do it.

However, I have since changed my mind. While I won't be going back through all the archives to blur their faces, posts from now on will blur their faces. This is how we will do things for now. If something changes and I feel like I need to change the rule back, I will reconsider the issue.

So in this post, you will see the faces are blurred. Hope everyone understands.

Thanks guys for keeping this blog so active, it's been quite a ride.

SeeSaw said...

Her twitter wars are more entertaining than any TV "reality" show ... maybe Kate has found her new calling. If only there was a way to make it pay.

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

Kate is a turd!

If she's not careful how she treats people,
a turd is ALL she's ever going to be.

It must suck to be her. ~ Administrator said...

Pulling this from the other thread: It appears as though other companies that sell EM Tanner (someone posted something from Covey yesterday) perhaps DO use the Kate "as seen on TV." Nevertheless, WHAT makes her think that any proceeds (if there are any) should go to her instead of to TLC/Figure 8? Weren't they the ones that arranged for/allowed this stuff to be shown?


You're onto something. It seems to me Kate's anger is misguided. She should really be mad at TLC for not negotiating her a sweet royalty deal with Em Tanner.

It sounds like TLC made a half ass attempt to get Em Tanner to pay up and Em Tanner told them to suck it. Ah I love that kind of woman! I should have exchanged notes with her when they were trying to stop me!

Off topic and purely out of curiosity, I wonder how much her business is worth these days? It has come so far since I last went to her web site years ago. It would be cool to see her on Shark Tank or something! ~ Administrator said...

Legally speaking, does anyone think there is anything wrong with saying "As seen on T.V."? Unless you negotiated prior to that with the actors on the show, can't anyone who has a product that happened to be on a T.V. show say "As Seen on Jon and Kate" without owing anyone on that show a dime??

My only knowledge of misappropriation comes from about a three-day lecture in my Tort's class. We just did the basics. We didn't get into the nitty gritty like that.

But my take is you don't need to pay up for that. I think the only way Em Tanner needs to pay up is if she actually used Kate's full name and mislead people into thinking Kate was endorsing it. She was wise to just use "Kate." Very clever. I like her more and more.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly, a fan announces on Twitter that Em using Kate's' name entitles Kate Gosselin to a percentage. The fan calls it Business 101. Well dear fans of Kate, since the show is not mentioned and Kate has no legal claim to a first name, whats next? Let me introduce you to Business 102 that one could be titled NOTHING in life is free, or in exchange for advertising. Just for the record Em got a mention from TLC and Kate got free clothing, and I think Em did this as a friendly gesture to Kate that seemed unable to outfit her children. Since Kate nor Jon were in any production role any credit given Em was done by TLC or Discovery. Now Kate after 4 years wants to mention use of her name on this calender Em has on her site, the one she was given free.
Now Kate has selective memory because I remember her saying in a Q & A show we get the trips they get the advertising when all the viewers wondered how 2 non working parents afforded such lavish vacations.
Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! Just for the record Kate I think Em was kind in discussing you in years past. ~ Administrator said...

I hope Em comes up with a new, great "in your face" name for the calendar. I love how Kate is exposing her true self more and more. Everyone needs to see her for what she is and at her own hands.


How about the Ungrateful Bitch's Calendar?

Greedy, Selfish, Ungrateful and Washed Up said...

Bringing over from previous thread:

Wow, just wow. Is there any way Kate could do a better job of proving what an ungrateful, entitled, selfish witch she is?

EM Tanner dresses her children for FREE, provides Grifty with a huge, cute, expensive calendar and who knows what else, and, years later, Grifty wants ROYALTIES because a calendar is named "Kate"?

Asshole is too kind a word. Kate, honey, you just put the final torch to all your bridges. I can't think of anyone else on the planet who has done such a good job of shooting herself (or himself) in the foot, over and over.

The whole world knows exactly what you are, Grifty Krieder, and it ain't pretty. Good luck with that Plan B. I can't believe that ANYONE would hire you to do ANYTHING at this point. Talk about baggage!

anger issues kate said...

I said this before on last couple of threads: KATE IS A BULLY! she bullies her kids, family, service people and business people, and anyone who does not go her way.
I wonder now if she is gonna go after the United States Government for having the G8 Summit, after all G8 could mean Gosselin 8.

Kate is made now, and watch she will go threw old episodes, looking for things & people to bully and get money for. Em said that was 4 years ago. Kates Calendar could mean anyone. Just like the name Spike, Spike TV , that rapper guy Spike Lee, tryed to sue Spike Tv for using his name. He lost in court. But if he won, what would all those people out there who named their dogs or cats Spike, suppose to do, pay him royalities for naming their dog or cat or pet Spike? Like the Lindsay name, how many people have that name? kate is barking up the wrong tree!

aggiemom09121416 said...

ou're onto something. It seems to me Kate's anger is misguided. She should really be mad at TLC for not negotiating her a sweet royalty deal with Em Tanner.


Wonder when the realization is going to hit her that TLC is the one that actually screwed her?(well, besides Kate screwing herself over just by being herself).
Kate has really outdone herself this week.

Greedy, Selfish, Ungrateful and Washed Up said...

EM Tanner, you did the right thing in standing up against this narcissistic bully, her ingratitude and her misrepresentations. Letting people like Kate get away with outrageous behavior like this only makes the behavior worse.

Man, oh, man did Jon dodge a bullet when this harridan announced the marriage was over.

Good luck, Grifty, as you continue down your road to self-destruction.

Kate's Cart said...

Kate is just loosing it lately. She sick of being home so much with the kids or she is making out horribly on taxes this year. Or Jon is winning something in court and Kate is finally realizing she may actually have to get a J.O.B.

Notice in Kate's blog, she never admits her "little car" in an Audi sports car. ~ Administrator said...

She's just such a dumb ass. How about a good-spirited email to EM Tanner with a business idea?

A NEW calendar, Kate's calendar 2.0. Em Tanner designs it, Kate promotes it on her Kate's special crap she likes section and Kate gets a small royalty for every sale she brings.

Instead of letting this go and thinking how she can milk money out of Em Tanner somehow, Kate throws her under the bus and causes anyone else who might consider giving her a freebie to think twice.

What a sad, pathetic woman.

Kate's Cart said...

Kate is totally closing the lid on her coffin with her "tweet" wars. Last week it was a photographer, not a small business owner who gave her crap for free. Kate so overestimates her worth. She would be thrown out of court on her flat ass.

Kat said... just doesn't get any better than this......

Greedy, Selfish, Ungrateful and Washed Up said...

aggiemom09121416 said... 15
ou're onto something. It seems to me Kate's anger is misguided. She should really be mad at TLC for not negotiating her a sweet royalty deal with Em Tanner.


She should be angry at HERSELF for having allowed her greed to rule her entire life. She can't be taught anything, and she was too stupid to realize that she needed professional representation, with whom she needed to maintain a professional relationship, in order to negotiate the kinds of contracts she was involved in.

She's now getting everything she signed up for, and deserves. What a stupid, stupid woman.

She has only her own greed to blame. She's demonstrated tonight that she has learned NOTHING from any of the experiences she's had since she first immorally and dishonestly created those poor children.

Linda In Central PA said...

I dare her to come after me for daughter's name is Kate. ~ Administrator said...

You know I have to say I was going to do an Em Tanner post the other day but I held back. Why? Because I just had this funny feeling that Em Tanner was going to respond to this crap and I wanted to wait until she could get her two cents in first. I was right!

Lauren said...

I was hoping Em Tanner wouldn't change the name. Because now Kate feels like she "won". She tweeted this:
It's ok, CJ. She knows she's wrong. I'm over it. She ignored my private request years ago 2b removed. Glad she finally did it.

So now Kate's taking it that Em is finally backing down and following her orders.

aggiemom09121416 said...

@SuperPattyPie my kids happily ran2my car2bring in my groceries.I didn't even have 2 get out of car. Then I parked it. Ahh. Love my Gteam!

Okay...then who picked the kids up from the bus???

she's got another tweet about the EM debacle on her twitter..

Katie Cry-duh said...

Tam over on preesi has a great suggestion for a new name for the calendar: The Gina. Perfect

SeeSaw said...

Off topic but Kate tweeted dinner was stuffed shells and sauteed cabbage (her kids' request). Her food combinations are gross. I like stuffed shells and I like cabbage, too, but together? Blech.

Kate's Box Wine said...

Ah Ha! Kate's "real" personality is starting to come out. I wonder if box wine or Kate's dysfunction was the cause. I'm glad Em Tanner stuck to her principles...

aggiemom09121416 said...

@flowermonkeyz I know. I'm not upset. Did nothing wrong! :) feels good to b honest and know I am in the right:)! Done discussing now...:) 8 minutes ago

Kate, you just keeping digging that hole a litte deeper.
Keep up the good work! :) ~ Administrator said...

I was hoping Em Tanner wouldn't change the name. Because now Kate feels like she "won". She tweeted this:
It's ok, CJ. She knows she's wrong. I'm over it. She ignored my private request years ago 2b removed. Glad she finally did it.


That's okay, let Kate think she won. Kate will think she won no matter what. If you are happy that people do what you want after you bully and harass them then that just reflects on what a shitty person YOU are. Em is classy to just remove it and let people move on.

If she were doing something illegal as Kate said, Kate could take her to court. She is all talk about illegal crap but never actually goes to court.

Anonymous said...

I'm still amazed Kate got this uptight over a calendar of all things. It's childish, it's immature, it's tacky and rude. But does she see that? No. All Kate sees is $$ in front of her eyes that she believes belong to her.

The more she pushes her luck of having these stupid Twitter wars over photographs and free stuff more likely Kate will end up into more of a mess than she's already created...does she really want that?

I mean she's a mother. She should be utterly ashamed at her poor example she's lead over the years. I would be completely humiliated if I ever acted like a spoiled brat over a calendar that had my name on it!

If's she's that flipped out about it I would have liked to see her sue then get laughed at in court. Seriously, people go to court of lesser matters and you stand and think, "Why are you here? You came to court to defend that?"

One thing I hope that her attitude doesn't get worse with age. I know wine is good with age but certain things otherwise just sour the older they get and Kate's pushing it.

Greedy, Selfish, Ungrateful and Washed Up said...

A Re-Tweet from EM Tanner from the exchange:

RT @emtannerdesigns: @hgraymommy @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @Jessandken04 never thought id be bashed for sending free stuff in support of the show. YEARS AGO.=)


No kidding -- she sent free stuff, and now, years later, Kate wants TO BE PAID FOR ACCEPTING FREE STUFF.

Talk about "No good deed goes unpunished."


Sorry about repeatedly posting. Kate's greed and entitlement are just infuriating. I've always known she was a pig, but who could have guessed that she is nothing else. Nothing at all.

Apologies to pigs, who are actually far more honorable creatures than Katie Krieder could ever be.

SeeSaw said...

I'm right, I'm right, I'm right. I win, I win, I win. Shut up Kate; you sound like a little brat.

Mel said...

Here's another of Kate's tweets:

 Kate Gosselin ‏ @Kateplusmy8@aka_someone @MiloandJack @Jessandken04 I don't tell.But when asked,I can't promote companies that do bad much more u don't no!

That's exactly what she always says about Jon....there's a lot you don't know. Implying that there's some horrible thing he did, but she's not gonna tell what it is. We just have to trust her on it.

She's doing *the same thing* here. Implying that this Em person has done some horrible thing that Kate can't reveal.

Nice technique, Kate. There's a name for that. Wish I could remember it. ~ Administrator said...

Oh, also? Kate doesn't think. She just doesn't think.

It's GOOD to have your name and a link to a youtube video about your show on a busy web site, you idiot.

It's good because for some people they might wonder oh Kate Gosselin what is she up to these days? They google her, land on her web site, and waa-laa Kate is getting more people giving her attention, following her tweets, etc.

She is a royal stinking idiot. You don't go around demanding you be swiffered from everything! The point is to KEEP your name out there not swifter it away! Is she really this dumb??? Rhetorical question. Em was doing her a favor making people think she was still relevant.

gotyournumberKate said...

EM Tanner put a post on her Facebook page about this.

Westcoaster said...

@CJWhodunit It's ok, CJ. She knows she's wrong. I'm over it. She ignored my private request years ago 2b removed. Glad she finally did it. 12 minutes ago

@flowermonkeyz I know. I'm not upset. Did nothing wrong! :) feels good to b honest and know I am in the right:)! Done discussing now...:) 12 minutes ago


The bitch is still going strong. And reading her Dancing comments, OMG she was talking abut how HARD the travel was, no one else had to do what she did - what a fantasy world she lives in.

Gift of grab said...

Well, it's GN+11, and Kate STILL can't let it go? She thinks that EM Tanner is looking bad?

em tanner ‏ @emtannerdesigns · Open
@Kateplusmy8 @aka_someone @MiloandJack @Jessandken04 haha. and mind u AS soon as u were well known i was charged $25/mo instantly for a link

Kate Gosselin ‏ @Kateplusmy8 Close
@emtannerdesigns @MiloandJack I won't discuss further.U may trash me all u like-it won't hurt me,but will make u/ur bus look WORSE Why cont?

I appreciate the balls on Kate. But balls without brains is a terrible combo. Say GN (for real!), Katie.

Anonymous said...

She REALLY is into self destruction. Wait until the writers at Gather get their teeth into this latest war.


gotyournumberKate said...

For those without FB here it is...

EMTanner Designs.

UNREAL..LOL. geesh..ok so i really didnt even know "kate" had a show still and find out she is bashing ME on twitter saying I USED HER...LOL. have never even offered my thoughts when people would ask me about the "experience" of working w/them on some stuff (out of respect bc i so appreciated the opportunity..honestly i truly did)...unreal i am a hardworking mom of 4 that went to her BEFORE fame offering products...she in exchange offered to post a link to our site...then the show blows up...i get a monthly bill for $25 to keep the link up...i paid even though i saw what was unfolding...we offered OUR CALENDAR DESIGN to her in whatever color she'd like and bc we called it the "kate" calendar (we knew we couldnt call it her full name but we just used kate bc the design was easy to recall on orders)...NOW ON TWITTER I AM USING HER FOR PROFIT. OMG...lolol...i was kind and generous and laid low when i got some of THE most DOWNRIGHT RUDE emails at the same time requests for certain products to be designed and sent ASAP for certain episodes(also for FREE which was the agreement from day one..products for recognition..). i never once voiced my opinion or how it all changed instantly when the show got big. YET 3-4 years later i get emails that SHE is bashing ME on twitter. Really?? WOW. frankly i began to be concerned as the amount of "hate mail" we received grew as the show did...really sorry my name was ever associated at this point. i WORK not not famous so why bother...that's just SAD. true colors. end of story. NOTE: our calendar name is now THE PINK CALENDAR (may change but not sure what word i use at the moment..LOL..xo

anger issues kate said...

A few things: 1. Kate just tweeted that she went to the store to pick up groceries earlier, and the kids came out to take the stuff in, well did she not say that the only help she has now are her kids, well who watched them, while she was at the store? 2. Kate & sheeple have been reading here tonight.

Greedy, Selfish, Ungrateful and Washed Up said...

PS to Kate: In case you haven't noticed, you LOST, BIG TIME. Tonight, and in every other area of your miserable life.

Maybe Milo will always love you. It's the curse you deserve. ~ Administrator said...


Kate you cross someone and the truth comes out. You made DEMANDS to Em she make you more free shit? You BILLED her for one little link to her web site??? F-----U!

Oh the truth really hurts!!!!!

Gift of grab said...

Mel? That technique whose name you are looking for? It's called LYING (aka dissembling, prevaricating, inventing, deluding, etc., etc.).

Meagler said...

Wow, I picked a good time to come back and see whats on in Kate's world.... looks like she's coming apart at the seams! People called it right back when, Twiiter will be her downfall, she can't keep her mouth shut without having someone controlling her ( bye bye TLC)

As for her Saving $$ on gas blog... she says when they "bought" their first dodge sprinter.... Is that correct? They BOUGHT it?? I thot it was donated?

Gift of grab said...

And now, poor little Paige is at the target of someone's irrational RAGE:

Paige C ‏ @Paige_Kate8fan · Open
@Kateplusmy8 It's almost your birthday!!! lol! I'm probz more excited for it than you! it's my second fave day of the year!

Kate Gosselin ‏ @Kateplusmy8 Close
@Paige_Kate8fan I'm ignoring it. Stop reminding me please??? (I'm being mostly serious on that :) ~ Administrator said...

No kidding -- she sent free stuff, and now, years later, Kate wants TO BE PAID FOR ACCEPTING FREE STUFF.


LOL sounds totally ridiculous if Kate would listen to herself. Em gives her freebies, now Em should pay? This reminds me of that old Tom Sawyer scam where he tricked people into painting the fence making it look so fun then actually made them pay to paint the fence and he sat their enjoying their payments while they painted! lol

Kate tricked Em into giving her freebies now Em should pay HER???? Oh sure okay wait....WHAT?

Dee said...

EM Tanner says on Facebook that Kate bled her for $25 a month to keep the EM Tanner link up on the show website . . . WHILE rudely requesting FREE product after product!

Wow, Kate really is pond scum. Unbelievable.

gotyournumberKate said...

This E Hollywood true story is great. It's all about Kate.

CharlieCat said...

Watching E! Biggest scandals ever. Talking about all the things they got for free, fame went to Kate's head. Marriage trouble, Jon hitting bars. Living separate lives but pretended they were together on tv. Talking about pizza gate. Said Kate is couponing "but no one cares". Said the time they are in the news anymore is when they do something wrong, otherwise no one is interested. That's it ~ Administrator said...

Kate Gosselin ‏ @Kateplusmy8@aka_someone @MiloandJack @Jessandken04 I don't tell.But when asked,I can't promote companies that do bad much more u don't no!


Ok, now Kate's treading on libel territory. What "bad things" did Em do exactly, eat babies????

Really Kate??

I mean wtf. You know trashing Em had absolutely nothing to do with your moral and ethical stand on business ethics but rather because Em Tanner refused to go along with your little scheme to get more free shit from her.

Gift of grab said...

And milo is walking the razor's edge . . . what response COULD she be expecting at this point? Does she really think she's being HELPFUL? Sometimes I think she is actually DISSING Kate.

@Kateplusmy8 E network has special abt biggest scandals of all time.Tiger Woods,Arnold Swartzenneggar,Charlie Sheen...& guess who is up nxt?

6m Kate Gosselin ‏ @Kateplusmy8
@MiloandJack what R u talking about?

@Kateplusmy8 Next drama 4the nite...U are bein featured on a new E story abt scandals! LOL Not our sweet Kate! :)

@Kateplusmy8 That's why networks need 2listen up! U still have so much 2offer ...U are such a "stah"...LOL...we want more Kate! :)

@Kateplusmy8 Commercial break on E....ur up next Kate? See how this goes?

Kate Gosselin ‏
@MiloandJack oh blah blah blah.... Whys that news?

mamaK said...

Hahahaha!!! Best line in the E special..."Kate got a new haircut and now she's into extreme couponing. But, no one cares."
Hello pizzagate!
And someone actually said she should focus on being a mom instead of being famous.

Audible Click said...

A quote from the E Biggest Scandals ever:
"Kate got a new haircut and got involved in extreme couponing, no one cares." Hahahaha!( I didn't catch the journalist's name) ~ Administrator said...

Pleasantly surprised E! took a fair and balanced look at the Kate situation.

American gets it finally.

Warmth Of The Sun said...

Said the time they are in the news anymore is when they do something wrong, otherwise no one is interested.
The entertainment journalist said that nobody wants anything Gosselin! Too funny!

Audible Click said...

Yikes mamaK we cross posted! ~ Administrator said...

Tam over on preesi has a great suggestion for a new name for the calendar: The Gina. Perfect


Oh please Em PLLLLLEASE. ~ Administrator said...

Better watch out 15 Minutes Gosselin Style - Kate might be coming after her name here next. Where's Kate's % of your profits Administrator? U r usin her name w/o rec % of sales. R u take advantage of ppl "on tv"? Oh no, you're not - she's not on tv anymore! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Hehe. Poor Kate has apparently never heard of the First Amendment. You're allowed to criticize someone's dirty deeds as much as you darn please and you can even say their name! Hi Kate!

Monrovia said...

She just makes friends wherever she goes, doesn't she... What a wanker.

SeeSaw said...

You know, I'm really starting to like that Milo. She just puts crap out there for Kate to digest and steps back. Haha. ~ Administrator said...

By the way, when I was picking the URL of this site, I specifically decided not to use the name Kate or Gosselin in the URL because I didn't even want the appearance of misappropriating their name. I picked the generic realitytvkids to avoid the name problem and so I could make the blog about realitytvkids in general.

Now I kind of wish I had just picked something with the name and told Kate to F-U. There would probably be nothing she could do about it.

Tamara said...

Has Khate (don't sue me!! I added the h, it fits you so well) ever been diplomatic? Too bad that she is too stupid to understand that you often loose a battle to win the war. She must suck at chess. And at questioning prisoners, as she showed with the globe incident. She'd fit right in a Gitmo, both behind and outside the bars.

AuntieAnn said...

The Pink Grifter. How's that for a calendar name? Well, whatever she names it, I hope it sells millions and EM lets her know about it.

PatK said...

Now that TLC is done with her, E! is obviously free to report the truth. About damn time!

JoyinVirginia said...

I don't care about Ms Kreider, she is beyond boring. Trying to get something for no work, what a shock.. Not! Being nasty to someone who could possibly help you on the way down, what surprising behavior.. Not!
I love Dancing with the Stars! The premiere of season 14 tonight was fabulous, with everyone doing good and some being outstanding! they all looked fabulous! Costumes, hair, makeup ASL lovely. And all the contestants are so appreciative and gracious and thanking their professional partners! Its great to have such a terrific cast! No one will have to have a free anyone campaign this season.
Sorry you weren't invited to be in the audience with so many contestants from prior seasons, Ms Kreider. If you had been gracious, appreciative, or even halfway tried, you might have extended that 15 minutest!

PJ's momma said...

Oh snap, now that EM disclosed that they actually charged her $25 to be on the site, Kate says she's done talking and why contnue? (She didn't deny it either.) Hahahahahaha!!!! ~ Administrator said...

PJ I noticed that, no denial just I'm done boo hoo.

Kate claims to have dirt on EM but won't disclose it. Meanwhile EM got pushed to her limits when Kate wouldn't LET UP and finally said f-it I'm gonna tell these folks exactly what you did trying to fleece my little company, f-u.

That's what happens when you keep poking and poking and poking, people say F u here is the truth.

I predict lots more truth telling in the future from people like EM.

Thank you again, EM, for not letting Kate bully you. Bullying is wrong.

Dallas Lady said...

Ha, the E thing was GREAT. Painted her more accurately (money grubbing attention whore bitch from hell) than most shows have.

The line I loved was "she's doing couponing now, but no one cares."



Oh and may she keep burning bridges all over Twitter. It's entertaining and no one deserves it more than her!

Anonymous said...

Kind of wonder how far Kate is willing to go to make such an unbelievable fool of herself.

Starting to think she will never stop. She will always have to be right. She will always have to say, "I've got dirt on you too, but I'm too classy to bring it up" Hey--yeah, but if you're really classy and have dirt on someone the even smarter thing to do is not bring it up in the first place! You nit wit.

And she actually spends time wondering why people leave or don't like her?!? What she lives in a box?

HollyMo said...

Marie said...

What she lives in a box?

Yes, she does. She lives in a wine box. ~ Administrator said...

Emi, if I had to guess I would gander that Kate was persistently persistent with TLC to take even more extravagant and lavish trips. The other reality families were often shown doing just everyday family things. When TLC tried doing that with Kate, somehow she would work in some kind of improvement or maintenance being done to her mansion. Wow. So relatable to the average American. Her life resembled nothing even close to the normal family, let alone a normal family of multiples. She lost the focus of the show (whatever that was) and became sickningly greedy. I agree with you, I have visions of the TLC folks skipping around the office on cancellation day singing "ding dong the witch is dead!"


I think this is how it went down too. I bet you anything in a meeting Kate demanded more and more better and better trips including international. TLC said no, you're not relatable anymore, no one cared about Australia, and we want to get back to just filming you at home being normal in the hopes of jump starting ratings. Kate put her foot down you don't give me trips and I walk, you've lost me!

TLC called her on it and cancelled her show. Enough was enough, this was wasting time better spent on urine drinkers and midgets with manners.

Dallas Lady said...

Oh and I'm off to buy sme things from Em Tanner. ~ Administrator said...

Kate tweeted her daily goodnight tweet. Another day, another bridge burned. She probably wipes her hands on each other in satisfaction as the bridge collapses in flames into the water.

JoannaNY said...

Darn. I have papers I need to finish grading, but this EM thing and Kate's tweeting frenzy (is she drinking again?) is much more amusing than Geoffrey Chaucer. I wonder if that sweet young thing who wanted the calendar has any idea exactly what she started here!

Anonymous said...

Admin not sure how long you have been involved in the G blog world but I have a question. Do you remember a rumor that Kate wanted to charge her sister, for a mention of the J&K website. This sister is the one that made jewelry? Funny bit seems if the going rate for her was $25 too. Just for the record I never bought into all that was ever said about Kate, but I am amazed by the amount of rumor that has been proven and the fans just ignore all that

gotyournumberKate said...

I think Ms. Gosselin may have messed with the wrong one this time.

‏@emtannerdesigns Yo Pat..u know the best part?...i have EVERY SINGLE CORRESPONDANCE EVER EMAILED. YEPPERS. ;). Now yall see why my... ~ Administrator said... be honest I don't remember that rumor. But maybe Preesi or someone good at sleuthing could find where that was discussed back in the day.

25 bucks a pop would be quite the coincidence. Sounds truthful to me now.

Gift of grab said...

I have to say, we might just have seen the true beginning of the end here tonight. Between her totally inept comments about the new season of DWTS, her completely bizarre Twitter battle with someone who gave her a lot of free stuff (and who, as it turns out, was forced to pay her, contractually, when the show hit the big time), and that dreck of a CC blog post about how to save money on gas when you're a one-driver, three-car family, I don't know exactly how much lower she can go from here.

Calling Sue_Buddy, you should be able to make a LOT of hay out of this, and the sun is supposed to shine all week long. Go for it. ~ Administrator said...

Haha EM Tanner you are so awesome girlfriend.

Post those emails. You were just going along minding your own business and Kate Gosselin decided to throw you under the bus and tries to imply you are doing "bad things" to boot.

Post away. This is your LIVELIHOOD and you have every darn right to defend your livelihood from roaches like Kate.

gotyournumberKate said...

Here's the full post....

EMTanner Designs.

9 minutes ago via Facebook for iPhone.

Yo Pat..u know the best part?...i have EVERY SINGLE CORRESPONDANCE EVER EMAILED. YEPPERS. ;). Now yall see why my emails are always overflowing? I delete NOTHING! And for the record he was a very nice guy even after it got big. Cant wait to go print off all these emails tomorrow that i ONLY EVER SHOWED like 2 or 3 of my friends bc i did appreciate everything they did for me (evem though it was all by accident bc homestly NO ONE KNEW what the show was when i first emailed her..and she was humble and sweet too!)...even had asked some routine advice bc of my chaotic house. Yep, have the chummy emails too PRE-fame. It was so sad to "accidentally" be able to watch what TV was doing to someone via emails. Really out of nothing but
"southern hospitable R-E-S-P-E-C-T" i never said a word. Not once. I thought shes gotta be semi-kind to help a nobody like me out of the goodness of her heart (i always seemed to overlook the fact that we were sending tons of product as well as design requests that wed have to OVERNIGHT ON MY BUCK for the day they were shooting. Lol. Usually laura would be like woa...what now?..but me i still thought it was just one mom appreciating another and vice versa...TILL I GOT THE $25 a month invoice for the link to my site WHICH WAS OFFERED TO ME. I DID NOT ASK FOR ANY OF IT.. And was always so very thankful via email for ANY PLUG we did receive. Im just sorry i was dumb enough to hide that i was also being taken advantage of by a (u can fill in blank with whatever u feel)and now shes trying to make MEEEE LOOK BAD! Exactly kate totally coulda been named for u which was my point. But we all casually agreed to plugs in lieu of product...then fast forward a year and half or so (everyone watched at this point and after i had put lots of work and $$$ upholding the aggrememt AND AGAIN APPRECIATING EVERY BIT OF RECOGNITION THEY SO GRACIOUSLY GAVE ME)...i get slapped with a "u can no longer use ANYTHING FOR MARKETING WITH THE SHOW NAME" i was so hurt and shocked! He would send me pics and even say, "use however u want"...and the photos on one of the book covers were TAKEN FOR ME TO DO THE PARTY BANNER AND Magnets out of!! After bathtime in pjs (i always thought itwas strange time for photos to be used for somethimg at a party in pjs with wet hair)...(have these emails too. Soooo what im saying here u can bet itsTHE GOSPEL)...i can still call it the kate calendar yes bc ummm like u say there are a zillion kates that like pink..i left off the rest purposely to not step on HER TOES EVEN AFTER CHANGING ALL THE AGREEMENT TERMS AFFFTER MONTHS of slaving away and shipping abd producing freebies:) was called RESPECT! They helped me out and in my head i was amd still a part of me forever appreciative but i did get bulldozed in the process and even was aware but still respecting what i had gained. And as i said i had no clue there still IS EVEN A SHOW and 4 years later im a USER on a public forum. I am still a small a normal life im certain is NO MORE POSH THAN MANY OF U...and after all the $$$ and fame she decides to rip me?? Really just felt the RESPECT "dance" out the door (but it danced one hell of a lot more gracefully!

Like · · Share.

Juana Vigil Unreal! I was following this on twitter and I am so glad you called her out, she is a nasty piece of work and she will be her own undoing,

White organza said...

Wow... Color me flabbergasted. Such a short period, so many twitter wars: "Dance moms", "RC Ball fiasco" and now this... To paraphrase her, this is definitely NOT "being gracious". I think it's a pretty sure bet to say that her public relations team has left the building. ~ Administrator said...

It was really only a matter of time before someone thrown under the bus was going to fight back with actual evidence.

I think the big difference here is that Kate's comments were trashing Em's business. I think most people are happy to have you saying what you like about them personally, but when you attack the way you make your living there will be hell to pay. She apparently has kids, I would defend to the death someone trying to stop me from feeding my kids.

Oh Kate, oops. You did mess with the wrong one this time.

Anonymous said...

I'm mostly a lurker. Posted once before. Anyway, go to Coupon Cabin and type in Em Tanner. BINGO!


Anonymous said...

By the way, KateWho? Is the name I used before, but it wouldn't work this time ~ Administrator said...

You know what I love about that post from EM? Aside from the fact that she details exactly how she was completely used, right down to demanding she overnight free shit to them on her dime to make it to them in time for the episode?

She still says how much she appreciates the plugs and how much she did for them. Amazing. I would say F-U but that's just me!

Oh, Em, don't waste another breath on this. You're a lovely woman with an adorable business and cute kids and you don't deserve the aggravation. ~ Administrator said...

Sorry how much they did for HER! Not the other way around.

Aeris said...

When I first saw this new post, I thought it was a slow news week and this EM Tanner issue was dredged up from the past. I can't believe this is current! WTF, Khate? Trying to grift any little penny she can get from her past fame? EM Tanner gave her some really nice things for the kids - I specifically remember the colorful, personalized dinner plates. That was over five years ago...can't believe Khate still has a hair up her a$$ about this alleged "using". "Kate" is not even Katie's real name, so WTF again!

She's like that friend you had when you were a little kid, one that still had temper tantrums and cried when she lost. You eventually learned to let her "win" and put up with her gloating just to get her to pipe down.

Mel said...

She pulled the same bullying technique on the photog once she saw she wasn't gonna win.....saying something about well, I'm done, you're only going to make yourself look bad.

And then proceeds to go back to her stupid sunshine and lollipop tweets that no one cares about.

Aeris said...

Now that I've called Khate every expletive I could muster (in my mind, not here), here's some advice for her. SHUT DOWN YOUR GD TWITTER! It serves no purpose whatsoever. It's not going to get you a job, it's not going to provide a living for your family. She's surrounded herself with these questionable "fans" that enjoy baiting her to get her to respond to them. She is burning so many bridges and looking like as ass, all thanks to her tweeties. If she can't keep her mouth shut and just state, "I have no comment on that issue", she deserves everything she gets. Grow up, Khate.

wayward said...

I just quickly checked out Em's site. Right off, I noticed some adorable iphone cases my son's girlfriend would love. I'm ordering tomorrow when I can take a closer look at everything else.

When I first read all this, I just sat here stunned. Stunned. I think this is one of the most ungrateful, bratty, childish and delusional displays I have ever witnessed and when I say this it's legit- I spend my days with middle schoolers. 13 and 14 year old girls have more gratitude, empathy, maturity and class than Kate Gosselin. Dear God, it scares the living crap out of me that she is the primary caregiver for 8 children.

So Em gave them all that free stuff, yet Kate charged her for the button on the website and didn't ask, rudely *demanded* EM custom make certain merchandise for free, for their really realest unscripted reality show.? WTF.

The scariest thing is that Kate actually believes and will argue to the death, that her name is a valuable and money making commodity. If she's this angry towards people on twatter, how angry is she with those babies?

Pity Party said...

M/J tells KT that she was a ratings magnet making her season the highest rating on DWTS, and humble KT replies I know.

Mel said...

It's like the little kids.....I know I am but what are you? Neener, neener!

I swear, she could pass for my 5 year old grandchild, who is quite the terror.

gotyournumberKate said...

Ok, one more FB post from EM and then I'm going to bed. That sure was a lot of excitement for one night. haha Em Tanner is sure upset about this. I think she's not only angry but hurt and humiliated that she let Kate and TLC take advantage of her like they did. I hope she posts some of these nasty emails. It looks like she isn't going to take this lying down. Good for her! Kate is probably in bed now reading the tweets fast and furiously. I think she's mentioned though that she has no idea how to use Facebook.

EMTanner Designs. Thanks. I promise i am normal. Hardworking mom. Not living a lavish lifestyle bc well I CANT!;)...and was seriously just flabbergasted to hear she was saying i used her name! She screwed me to the wall AFTER TAKING PRODUCTS. LIKE IN MY HEAD all the $ spent was going to advertising then its like she decides ooh no more advertising even tho u did ur job. I kept my mouth shut and just kept working and working HARD! May have even taken up for the show a few times...again out of respect!...but to try to ruin and drag little ole hardworking crazy MEEEE thru the mud when u were freaking walking the red carpet is just EVIL. MEAN. I wouldnt be so honest and take up for myself if i werent telling the absolute, honest truth! I admit we just used the generic name of "kate" to be legit but still it was a loophole...not ME BEING A DISHONEST USER! Im not. In past few years to be honest was sorry i ever did any of this mess for that craziness:(..the show made me so sad. It truly did. $ and fame changed everything and it was so evident even from a string of emails over the course of a couple years
:(...when prior i was told i could use anything wherever and NOW im the one paying bills like normal folks and working to pay them and sometimes find it tight just like everyone these days in this economy...BUT I AM USING HER NAME TO MAKE A PROFIT! Even if i had agreed to pay a percent of profit on the calendar that WAS MY DESIGN ALL ALONG (which was never even proposed)..the check wouldnt even come close to her monthly bank statement interest! Lol. Im THE BAD GUY. HOLY CRAP. IT IS SOOOO IRONIC THAT I NEVER DELETE AN EMAIL (i mean people make fun of me for it..ummmm)..still think its funny she had a show and i have never seen it. Not once. Dont even know what its called! Thats how "FAR REMOVED" em has been from that whole scene! Talk about BLAST FROM THE PAST" hell fire!

Pam said...

@Paige_Kate8fan I'm ignoring it. Stop reminding me please??? (I'm being mostly serious on that :)
1 hour ago - Twitterrific

Paige_Kate8fan @Kateplusmy8 It's almost your birthday!!! lol! I'm probz more excited for it than you! it's my second fave day of the year!
1 hour ago from web


OMG!!!!! She is SO RUDE!!!

Isn't that Paige kid her biggest fan after Milo?

Kate is nothing but a C U Next Tuesday! Just a mean, hateful bitch.

Virginia Pen Mom said...

OMG, just got in and can't believe what's going down. Y'all are cracking me up.

Just one more Kate faux pas. (That's pronounced "fox pass," Kate, hehe). Kate has been tweeting to @DWTS for a few days now. Someone pointed out to her that @DWTS didn't go to Dancing With the Stars.

I decided to see where it DID go. Kate's been tweeting her chipper dance posts to a dude called DEATH WALKS THE STREETS. No kidding! Hee hee hee hee. What a fun evening as Kate and Karma have a kar wreck!

njay said...

I haven't read all the posts so sorry if this has been mentioned. EM should call the calendar "The narcissist calendar."

In for a penny said...

Em, please post the emails! ~ Administrator said...

Thats how "FAR REMOVED" em has been from that whole scene! Talk about BLAST FROM THE PAST" hell fire!


Poor Em, apparently she has never heard of a narcissist and how they hold a grudge. Things that upset them that go back YEARS they will bring back up at the drop of the hat when normal people have long forgotten them and moved on.

Narcissists are very sore losers. When you cross a narcissist in business or your personal life be prepared for some form of revenge. Although the narcissist has a full blown, gandiose ego, beneath the surface he/she is subject to narcissistic wounds. His ego bruises easily. If you beat him out of a business deal, it is likely that he will go after you in some way. --Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.

Narcissists are often vindictive and they often stalk and harass.

They rarely forget a slight or an insult - real or imagined. They nurture the pain, dwell on it, magnify it, analyze it, and form conspiracy theories to explain it.--Sam Vaknin

Kate, I'm begging you, please get help if only for the eight children you are going to be raising for years to come.

SuzyQ said...

Holy schmoly! Kate is really something else... keep burning those bridges girlfriend!
I almost can't believe that someone acts this ridiculous & treats people like this, but then again, she treats her own family the same way.
If I were Jon, I would sue her to change her name back so that the Gosselin name wasn't forever tarnished! (Yes, I'm kidding, I know that's not possible.)

AuntieAnn said...

Virginia Pen Mom said... 96

I decided to see where it DID go. Kate's been tweeting her chipper dance posts to a dude called DEATH WALKS THE STREETS. No kidding! Hee hee hee hee. What a fun evening as Kate and Karma have a kar wreck!

Nyuck nyuck!

She brings everything on herself... no one has to lift a finger.

Virginia Pen Mom said...

I hope EMTanner finds this site. Maybe someone can tweet the link to her. She should see that in just over *2 hours* nearly a hundred comments came blasting through in her favor! Kate's going down in a blaze of something. It ain't glory.

Virginia Pen Mom said...

Em is commenting on her Facebook post and verifying what we all knew--the show was NOT edited to make Kate look bad!

"EMTanner Designs: Haha. Yall dont know how long ive been biting my tongue. I can promise u and back it up that it was SOOOO NOT EDITED to portray her in a bad light!!!!"

Ash said...

Some more emtanner facebook comments I thought were great:

EMTanner Designs. Haha. Yall dont know how long ive been biting my tongue. I can promise u and back it up that it was SOOOO NOT EDITED to portray her in a bad light!!!!
about an hour ago · Like

EMTanner Designs. And even though the ed hardy with double ear piercings screamed mid life crisis i will honestly say he was nice and always respectful. And obviously BRILLIANT FOR RUNNING LIKE HELL;)!!!

AuntieAnn said...

This is Newton's Law of Gravity in action. What goes up MUST come down.

I admire EM Tanner. Kate threw the wrong person under the bus this time. Kate can be as pissy as she wants, it sounds like EM has both barrels loaded and she'll use them if Kate doesn't shut her pie-hole.

Anonymous said...

Gee, and to think last year Kate was all into her birthday.

Drinking with Jamie. Limo ride to NYC. Drinking with Jamie. Hair job. Drinking with Jamie. Steak and drinking with Jamie. Clubbing and foot liking with Jamie. Bashing Jon. And oh yeah, drinking with Jamie.

This year...could it be Kate's got no friends left to celebrate her birthday with? She's got no husband to give her gifts and no TLC show where her kids "surprise" her with a visit to Cake Boss.

I mean, all in all, this birthday coming up must be a real let down come to think of it.

No family, no friends, no TLC, no lackey (I mean Jon), no drinks, no cake and no surprises.


Hate to see what her younger kids get for their 8th birthday. Yeah, no expensive party, no trips, and probably no cupcakes that's not going to change anyway.

Dmasy said...

Em Tanner's site is charming. Lively. Adorable.

I left her a msg on Facebook and got an immediate response. I don't know if her earlier association with TLC/Kate increased her business -- but, she is in for a BOOM now. I think Ms. Tanner is a fireball. Kate might just finally get her "sucker punch". I am going to watch the midnight E! True Story.

AMD said...

And there's more from Em on Facebook:
EMTanner Designs. And even though the ed hardy with double ear piercings screamed mid life crisis i will honestly say he was nice and always respectful. And obviously BRILLIANT FOR RUNNING LIKE HELL;)!!!

Spring Has Sprung said...

It's called the Kessler Family Calendar. My friend's last name is Kessler. Does she have a case in court? Geez, Kate - you really are a piece of work.

Ava said...

I wonder where Kate's PR person is. I've always wondered how Kate treats her. Is she nice because she's getting things from her or does Kate unleash her temper on her too? In Kate's mind it's probably her fault that she's not booking any tv jobs.

Kate continues to show her true colors on twitter every day. Her patterns of behavior have become so predictable by now. What a fool!

Dallas Lady said...

Everyone, please take a moment to savor the delicious irony of what I am about to tell you:

Em Tanner has posted a COUPON CODE for 25% off all merchandise for her NEW CUSTOMERS (gained from being bullied by Kate on twitter) good until tomorrow at midnight.

I grabbed my card to do a little late night shopping when I realized KATE REALLY CAN SAVE ME MONEY!!!!

Pam said...

Now, let me get this straight.

Kate is in a snit because EM didn't cut her a profit check that probably would've amounted to a whole $15, if that much....

But Kate had NO PROBLEM going from church to church across the country and asking for love offerings from folks whom she did absolutely nothing for? And those love offerings probably totaled thousands and thousands of dollars?

So basically, Kate is allowed to profit off people, but don't you DARE use her name to make a few bucks off a mug!

If you ask me, I think EM should ask for restitution for all the free chit she was fleeced by Greedy Kate. Kate would owe EM WAY more than anything EM would owe Kate.

Dallas Lady said...

Ava, Kate's PR person is now no one.

steff said...

My mom bought me a quilt called "The Stephanie" last year....does that mean I should have gotten royalties from it?

Ava said...

Dallas Lady-I guess she went away with TLC? If she's still around I wonder how much longer she'll be able to take her. When everyone is your life is trying to get away from you...Kate is so unaware, I doubt she'll ever truly get it.

Dallas Lady said...

I went to the tab on her site called Mealtime and saw this hilarious blurb FROM Kate about the plates:

ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU FOR THOSE GOD SENT  PLATES!!!!! Jon is especially grateful because I serve all of the food onto the plates, and he  serves  them. Usually, he has to wait for my  instructions because I know who likes more or less of he can just serve away! He doesn't usually comment much about things, but he loudly exclaimed his  love for those plates!!!! YEE- HAW!!!!  We also love the big and lil shirts....they are precious!  You're awesome!!!!" -kate

If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was satire, but I bet that was a real quote from back in the day from her. Sheesh! What an asshole!

MommaDok said...

Ok, who's up for an Em Tanner cruise. I even think our awesome admin could sell out more rooms for a cruise. I have been reading this blog since the beginning but rarely post. I have to admit Kate has really outdone herself tonight.

Spring Has Sprung said...

I think, though, that Em has said what needs to be said, and she got the last word. It's time to move on. To keep this thing going will only bring her down to Kate's level, if that's possible. Any more on Twitter or FB won't make her look good.

SuzyQ said...

Looks like Em found this blog and linked it on her FB page. Hi Em, can't wait to shop on your site. New fan here! Love the coupon code referencing cupcakes.

Tamara said...

Aww, it's almost cute that people here are still surprised Khate would do something this stupid.

Em Tanner today, Beth Carson tomorrow?

JoyinVirginia said...

I don't twitter, but seriously Ms Kreider has been sending dancing comments to some body known as death walks the streets instead of the real Dancin with them there Stars?
This its too funny. ABC has the correct twitter all over the show website. They were posting tweets fans were sending during the show tonight! Surely it can't be that hard to find the correct twitter address - can it?
Thank everyone for posting the responses from this em tanner. I will check out her site and maybe buy something.
Does Ms Kreider truly have no idea of how badly this debacle is making her look? Guess not.

AuntieAnn said...

Tamara said... 121

Aww, it's almost cute that people here are still surprised Khate would do something this stupid.

Em Tanner today, Beth Carson tomorrow?

Juicy Juice or Peace Love World?

dmasy said...

I went shopping. Gonna' support EM. I hope she does not get sucked too far into a Kate war. She been appropriately feisty so far. Don't want her to sink to Kate's juvenile level.

Mel said...

Wasn't Kate borderline libelous with Sylvia LeFair? And Jodie? And certainly Jon, with all of her sly insinuations.

Kate is a twit said...

Kate just keeps digging that hole deeper and deeper doesn't she?

Does Kate even realize that due to her war with EM that she was actually giving EM a ton on FREE advertising? I'm sure lots of people who read Kate's twitter have now gone to check out EM's site and FB account.

It's over Kate said...

Kate has earned a whole new group of haters! Good work Kate! The people bashing her on Em's FB page are mostly a brand new crop. Good work Kate!

AuntieAnn said...

Hey maybe Kate can put one of her tweeties to work now to introduce these spats:

On this episode of "Twitter Wars with Kate"...

Kate bitches out MacDuggal Couture Dresses and has a nasty exchange with Keurig.

(cue stupid TLC music)

fidosmommy said...

So Kate, if I decide to make Ol' Grandma Soup in my own kitchen to sell at a church supper, to whom must I send a percentage?

Or what about all those misguided women who went to their stylists to get "the Kate Gosselin" look?
How much did you pull in on that? You better get busy on twitter to let them all know they owe you.

silimom said...

Is this a case of Kate thinking any publicity is good publicity? The woman is truly shooting herself in the foot!

I, too, love how all the stories about how Jon treated people and Kate treated people stay consistent throughout the years. Most people say Jon is generally a nice guy and Kate is a bee with an itch.

What Kate never understood was that without Jon, she just wasn't interesting. People liked tuning in to see just how the man put up with her. Without Jon, Kate just was...well...Kate. And after a while it just became painful to watch.

Jumping In said...

I have always wondered what it is about Kate that has kept her "victims" silent all these years. Until EM Tanner decided to defend herself and her good name, Kate has really had a free ride for the most part. Obviously, Kate feels that because she gave birth to 8 children she abuse anyone she pleases.

Is it her 8 kids that have kept Kate bullet-proof until now? Have her critics held back because they don't want to hurt her children? Ironically, the woman who gave items to Kate's kids must stand up to their ungrateful, narcissistic mother. It is about time someone holds Kate to account.

Teresa said...

All credit to Nlan @ Preesi......

Emily Godfrey Tanner

OMG. Im a nobody and have headline on a blog quoting MEEEE.. Rofl. LOOK!
Geez who knew such a hotshot celeb would decide to fight with little redneck EMTanner today?!

fidosmommy said...

welcome, EMTanner!

Anonymous said...

I use iPad. The pop up ads suck.. Is it just me?. No biggie. But it just recently started. Every time I refresh. Slightly annoying. iPads r touchy. Sometimes the "x" hits an add. I end up on a different site. Ohh well. Lol

Kate is a twit said...

I wonder if Kate being so upset with EM about using HER name is just part of a bigger picture. With all the tweets Kate gets from her overseas fans regarding watching the show, especially the latest ones from the UK, she must be highly upset that she is not getting any royalties from TLC.

Perhaps she was also sending a subtle message to TLC-How dare they make money from her show and not compensate her for it.

She seems to really has some underlying rage that is beginning to erupt on twitter. ~ Administrator said...

She seems to really has some underlying rage that is beginning to erupt on twitter.


I think one aspect is she is definitely realizing that the right contract could have fed her royalties nearly forever (or at least, for years) but because she was stupid and didn't want to fork over a small amount of money, in retrospect, for a contract lawyer to help her get such a deal, she got screwed by TLC. I think every time an international fan tries to butter her up how much they are enjoying the show, it just rubs it in for her how she's not making a dime around the world.

Now everyone else gets to pay because Kate is upset at herself. ~ Administrator said...

Hi Em Tanner. Happy to do a post just for you.

I always love when people stand up to BULLIES.

And I always love when hard-working people defend their small businesses and livings against people who LIBEL you and try to tear your living down because they're only angry at their own mistakes in managing their own careers.

Kate is a twit said...

Admin-talk about things backfiring. Kate not only gave EM free publicity, but in an indirect way also gave it to this site. ~ Administrator said...

Kate is a twit said... 137
Admin-talk about things backfiring. Kate not only gave EM free publicity, but in an indirect way also gave it to this site.


And this would be called....Karma.

Good always wins out, folks. It will for the kids one day too when a judge orders Kate to pay them back every last red cent, plus interest.

mommyinca said...

Wowza! I hope sweet Aunt Jodi is feeling some validation tonight (if she follows any of the Kate saga).

Kate is jealous of Em. Kate was the big shot a few years ago that helped Em out (in a round about way) Kate is without fame and Em has, through HARD WORK, made a good name for herself.

Kate, it's called an honest living through hard work and determination. I'm sure no exploitation of children was involved in the making of Em's business. ~ Administrator said...

Oh also, because it bears repeating.

Just like every other time this happens, Kate and only Kate did this to herself.

Yesterday, a sheeple asked her about the calendar. Kate could have ignored the tweet. Or she could have just responded with something generic like yes someone gave it to us. She never had to plug EM if she hated her so much.

Instead what does Kate do but make quite a serious accusation that Em was stealing her ideas. What did she EXPECT to happen, all the people that can't stand her wouldn't tell EM? Em according to her was emailed about this, and started defending herself. Kate still couldn't let it go and fought back with more insults and even a libelous accusation that Em does "bad things" in her business. Which prompted EM to say f-it, I'm hauling out the emails, this is exactly what you did to ME, bitch, and I'm not just insinuating, I have actual proof.

Kate and only Kate, once again, did this all to herself. ~ Administrator said...

Nope, no exploitation. Just good old fashioned hard work. These business are the best because these business MAKE America. EM has a few pics of her really cute boys wearing her stuff and that's it.

A few clicks and you can see that her older boy goes to Notre Dame. Great school, big tuition.

I bet MOM is paying for his tuition with her own hard work. Hell yes she is going to defend her business, hell yes she won't let Kate take a penny away from all the hard-earned money she needs to make sure her kids have the best.

Kate? This is how real hard working people make it. They build a business from the ground up, bust their butt and sacrifice everything, so that someday, the child they love and adore and would do anything for, can have the best.

You are a fool compared to this woman. An absolute fool. ~ Administrator said...

Oh, btw, I love that Em's kids are boys.

Suck it, Kate.

Kate is a twit said...

Kate Gosselin‏@Kateplusmy8

@aka_someone @MiloandJack @Jessandken04 I don't tell.But when asked,I can't promote companies that do bad much more u don't no!

I have a feeling that EM Tanner was not the only company she was talking about in this tweet. Why use the plural "companies". ~ Administrator said...

Oh by the way Em if you are still reading you are not special.

Kate gets into huge Twitter wars, often with people who once loved and supporter her, at least once a week.

Kate is a twit said...

Maybe Kate is "just jellus" that EM Tanner has a successful business-and what does Kate have? A blog at Coupon Cabin. Really sucks, Kate, doesn't it? ~ Administrator said...

I have a feeling that EM Tanner was not the only company she was talking about in this tweet. Why use the plural "companies".


Every company that has not fallen for her Tom Sawyer fence painting scheme (i.e. You give me freebies, then you pay ME to promote the freebies--see we all benefit! (As the other person thinks HUH???)) does "bad things" in Kate's mind.

It is really suuuuch a bad idea to imply a company is doing bad things. You can end up with a libel suit SO fast when you say something that threatens someone's income. She is an idiot and a half.

You know what, I hope Em slaps her with a libel suit. I really do. It's about time this is stopped and Em has just enough gumption to do it. Baby Tanner #1 needs his tuition bills paid and he should have it covered off the back of Kate, now that would be karma and a half. ~ Administrator said...

On this episode of "Twitter Wars with Kate"...

Kate bitches out MacDuggal Couture Dresses and has a nasty exchange with Keurig.

(cue stupid TLC music)

I believe this is what you are looking for:

Press play, then go read the tweets!

Ex Nurse said...

Admin and other attorneys--
Do you think that Kate's statements could be considered slander/defamation? Especially if Em Tanner has proof that Kate is lying?

Ex Nurse said...

I was typing my libel question when you posted about slapping her with a libel suit! I guess I'll just stop posting because you are now reading my mind,

I'm still not caught up on the last post.... ~ Administrator said...

Ex Nurse, yes I absolutely do.

First she accused her of using her name without permission when the truth was Em only used the name KATE which anyone could do legally (but if someone just read the tweet, you wouldn't realize that and think EM had done something unethical), Kate said she was doing something "not legal" (another lie, there was nothing illegal in what Em did), she accused Em of ignoring her (another lie and Em has the emails, also libelous to your business because it makes you look like you don't respond to customer complaints), and to top it all off she said her business does "bad things."

It is serious, serious libel territory here. Em has a case, absolutely. Also, oops, Em Tanner isn't a public figure! She doesn't even have to prove actual malice. A judge isn't going to look too favorably on a millionaire going after a little small business order and lying about it. Em pretty please call a lawyer. I think we're all tired of millionaire Kate trying to break down the little guy.

Teresa said...'s game on l believe...

Kate Gosselin: What Makes Her Smile? Child Labor?

Really? She's kidding right? The best thing that happened to her today wasn't that she has loving children, eight of them to be exact. No the best thing that happened today was that she has trained them to be her little slaves. Yep, hearing this some may say that child labor is alive and well in the Gosselin household, and at least one fan called her out on it:

Ex Nurse said...

Well, Kate did say something about Being "Katie Keurig"-- I guess the Keurig that I bought last year was designed for her....where do I send my royalty check? Barb Gilmer?

Everybody that posted that they use a Keurig, better turn yourself in before our admins gets all of those subpeonas for our ip addresses. ~ Administrator said...

....And to think I was all set tonight to put together a tongue in cheek cute little post about how buying three cars doesn't save you money on gas.... ~ Administrator said...

Oh by the way Ex Nurse have you considered suing the game "Operation"? You know where you take the little tongues and pull out the funny bone but don't make it buzz?

That is about doctors and NURSES.

Also Kate should sue Kate Middleton for stealing her name. Kate was, after all, born six years before her. ~ Administrator said...

tongs not tongues lol

Kate is a twit said...

EMTanner Designs.

2 minutes ago.

Well what an "interesting" day. K. Sooo nah i wont be posting any emails here am just printing for our own in-office entertainment..honestly not even sure id feel right doing that to such a stand up celeb..;)...seriously though probably in all honesty wont waste another second to even print them. Not worth my time if i had all the time in the world but its nice to know if i ever do wanna read them i have them all bc im an email hoarder:)... Said what i felt needed to be said...ONLY CHANGED NAME to gladly disassociate!!! And to anyone i offended i do apologize but im not dishonest and work hard. Just felt it was WRONG to stab someone outta the blue when clearly 4 years down the road i am NOT HER PROBLEMO. Said my lets rename that stupid calendar already! Lol. xoxo. Welcome newbies that like me bc im feisty when its dark out. Lolol. glad to have yall join this crazy unfiltered buncha adhd jabber by moi. Really. Gonna be a prune if i dont get outta this tub. love yall. ~ Administrator said...

She's a classy lady. She doesn't need to show the emails to anyone but her libel lawsuit lawyer.

Also, the campaign officially begins here. Please Em I beg of you, name that calendar Gina. Kate will flip a gasket and won't be able to do one darn thing about it.

Ex Nurse said...

So, does Kate further incriminate herself by confirming that they received freebies in exchange for advertising? If she counterclaims that there was an unspoken agreement with Em Tanner, shouldn't her tax returns back her up with corresponding income declared for the value of the items? And, if she can't show that she declared the income, doesn't that prove that she either committed tax fraud, or, did not have a business relationship-- therefore, knowingly committing libel?

Ex Nurse said...

I just remembered that whenever I used Kate Gosselin as search keywords, a paid ad for Peace Love World would show up on the top. When I now searched for Peace Love World Gosselin, this comes up:

Kate Gosselin's kids wear PLW - Peace Love World
May 3, 2010 – Kate you are doing every thing right. you love your kids and they love you. You see eight smiles every time your with them. They look like alot of ..."

When I go the link, there are several frames with missing pictures--a small square with a question mark instead of a picture. in other words, looks like those pictures were pulled--(unless it is an IPad related issue). Anyway, same kind of deal as Em Tanner?

Kate is a twit said...

One of the sheeple is blaming the haters for the blowup, saying the haters emailed and tweeted EM to set it all up. If Kate had never dissed EM in the first place, there would have no been email and tweets about it.

The Kool aid is really flowing tonight. ~ Administrator said...

One of the sheeple is blaming the haters for the blowup, saying the haters emailed and tweeted EM to set it all up. If Kate had never dissed EM in the first place, there would have no been email and tweets about it.


Here we go with the DV relationship again. It's never the perp's fault, it's only the victim's. The victim "asked for it." Look, Kate set this up, not anyone else.

The proper order of how it went down:
1. Kate tries to sabotage a hard-working American's business.
2. Good samaritans felt a moral and ethical obligation to inform said business owner that her business was being bad mouthed on a Twitter account with 60,000 plus followers.
3. Em Tanner defended herself.

There you have it. Kate came first. Kate always comes first. Notice how number 1 is......take a wild guess....KATE.

Kate is a twit said...

EM retweeted Kate's first response when asked about the calendar.

RT @Kateplusmy8: @Jessandken04 online. It was fantastic!Good luck finding one!:) hang it high enough so that dry erase marker isn't accidentally wiped off!;)

Guess it was fantastic until Kate found out she wasn't making any money off of it.

Question-Kate has had twitter for a year now. Does anyone recall her going off on anyone(other than non-fans) like she has in the past week?

By the way, she joined twitter on Mar. 18,2011. What-no anniversary celebration? Even her fans didn't mention it.

Karma said...

Greedy McGreedlin can't be human. What a petty, souless, hateful, bitter, spiteful, cruel and dishonest bitch. Doesn't have an ounce of compassion or regard for anyone but herself. Completely shameless. It's gotta be exhausting to be this way 24/7 with so much hatred in your heart. Did I mention ungrateful, rude and entitled? I've never hated anything more than this piece of cruddy scum called Kate Gosselin.

Mr. Bond said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr. Bond said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teresa said...

Jon doesn't believe that Kate is having any problems paying the bills, insisting, "No. She's hiding money. We have 11 bank accounts. That was just our joint account. She had a best-selling book. Where's that million dollars?" "I've never taken any money out because over 10 years, Kate handled all the banking," he claims. "Over the past four years of doing the show, we accrued $2,250,000".
Plus the $$$ she made off Kate Plus 8.... She has plenty to spare EM

Teresa said...

Jennifer D'Alessandro OMG- you are reading at RealityTvKids? COOL!! Seeee- you have SUPPORT. You are a hero right now!
LOL EM is reading comments from this blog in the tub! She's funny. I like her. Sucks to be you Kreider.

Canuck said...

I’m a little late to the recent conversations, but I can only say O.M.G.! Kate is the subject of her own smear campaign - LOL! And she’s doing a bang-up job of trashing herself! It’s hilarious. I’ve never witnessed a person so completely stupid and unaware. Her twittering has definitely put the last nails in her coffin this past 6 months or so, and she has no clue whatsoever. Today she will probably be blowing sunshine and rainbow farts all over Twitter, and maybe if we’re lucky, another photo of her pigslop breakfasts. Keep it coming Kate. You’re doing great at reverse engineering your own so-called “career”.

Berks Neighbor said...

The way Kate has handled herself on twitter the past couple of weeks (and more so now that she's no longer under TLC) has been exactly how people in this community view her after having met up with her.
Why do you think she switched her tanning place? They wouldn't bow down to her privacy requests so she moved to one in West Reading instead of Wyommissing.
She is a rude, selfish, ungrateful, entitled wanna-be diva who wouldn't give you the shirt off her back unless there was something in it for herself. Unless you bow down to her every whim and whimsy you will be slandered and shut out of her life - wiped out like the dust on the soul of her shoe.
I am finding it fascinating to watch her implode with no one around to guide her.
Suck it KATE! I'm off to shop and Em's store now just to give her my support. (heard she's even got a coupon code)

Jane said...

25% coupon at Em Tanner? Great way to start the day - going shopping!!

Canuck said...

Without a contract (or, by the looks of it, no PR person), the gloves seem have come off and she’s suddenly not so bulletproof as she’s been. Hopefully those who have something to say won’t feel so threatened now with EM Tanner and E True Hollywood leading the charge. What exactly is Kate Gosselin good at besides trashing herself? We know what she’s NOT good at:

-Not good at being a nurse, as her past co-workers and even some patients can attest;
-Friend? Judging by the way we saw her treat Beth, Jamie, Jodi – NOT
-Employer? Not by a longshot
-Employee? TLC fired her. Coupon Cabin should fire her for laziness and for not being intelligent enough to understand the concept of writing a blog for savers.
-Not good at being a wife, or an ex-wife for that matter – in fact, one of the worst examples we’ve been subjected to in public – shameful in every way;
-Mother? No insight or talent for this job either. Her awful “globe” story is a perfect illustration of this. How she could publicly tout this as an example of her exceptional mothering skills is beyond bizarre. Bullying, accusing and convicting Joel of lying about a stupid globe, only to find out the real culprit was the liar. Well, what more can be said? As the adult in the situation, did she apologize? Unlikely. She may have backtracked, but originally told the little un-named girl to fess up to Joel in secret, never letting him off the hook for the crime. She later backtracked, but her intent was to simply let him go on being blamed by the others. What a horrible example of mothering. But she can’t see that. She continues to believe she excels at the job. Um Kate – no, you don’t. This is but one example – the fact that you bray about it on the internet doesn’t make it so.
-Cook? She thinks so and posts photos to demonstrate. Every meal looks like slop to me.
-Website host? Horrible. After all this time, only self-indulgent posts and many slots still “coming soon”. How pathetic.
-Interview subject? Absolutely not. Awkward, self-absorbed, inarticulate.
-Talkshow host? OMG, never. At her worst with a mic in her hand
-Dancer? Nope
-Product (or cruise?) promoter? Nope. Lazy
-Writer? Not thus far, despite what the sheep think. Who would dare take a chance on publishing a word the woman fake-writes now? Few, if any I imagine.

Her ship has sailed and she seems to be the last to know. It truly is amusing (and amazing) that she can’t see it. What on earth ever made her think she had the talent, stamina, or personality for an ongoing “career” on TV beyond TLC? She’s pushing 40 years of age with no particular talent to offer, while younger and more gifted people who have paid their dues are zipping past her to grab the gold ring. You really CAN’T make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear Kate. Accept it – you’re the sow’s ear. Or the whole sow, as the case may be. I can't wait to see what her next blunder will be!

Canuck said...

I also will be buying a few things at EM Tanner, using the 25% coupon. Thanks Kate! You insufferable hag.

Virginia Pen Mom said...

Kate is a twit said... 162

EM retweeted Kate's first response when asked about the calendar.

RT @Kateplusmy8: @Jessandken04 online. It was fantastic!Good luck finding one!:) hang it high enough so that dry erase marker isn't accidentally wiped off!;)

Guess it was fantastic until Kate found out she wasn't making any money off of it.


You know, any person with an ounce of business networking sense would have said right there, "Yes! @EmTannerDesigns created our calendar for us and generously donated it to the Gosselin household. We love it! You can find these calendars at Thanks again, Em!"

Em would have been delighted, Kate's fans would have ordered them and thanked KATE. Em might have promoted Kate promoting her. Everyone wins.

But no! First, Kate doesn't understand how to network and work WITH people.

Second, she can't be bothered to remember the name of the person who made it for her or even attempt to help her fan find the calendar. "Good luck finding one! :)"

And third, Kate OBVIOUSLY isn't going to look up any Twitter names or websites. This, after all, is the same person who tweeted her Dancing with the Stars tweets to a gruesome horror film maker named Death Walks the Streets! Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.

Berks Neighbor said...

You know what's really sad, Kate could have put Em's stuff on her "lovable products" tab. She could have made a profit from affiliate linkage. Instead, she bashes her right and left all over twitter and now looks like the rude, entitled, ungrateful person she is. She's a fool beyond words.

Vanessa said...

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!!
What a total POS! Can't understand why it was so important to have the stuff shipped out ASAP for filming?? Was it to prove to the naysayers
"see? people give us stuff because they just love us!" Again, POS!
Berks? What kind of tanning "privacy" did Khate want? Did she expect them to shut down the place for her royal highnee? Is this new place bowing down to her demands?
Remember the episode where they're at the pet store and she grabs the intercom/phone to bellow to her brood? WHO DOES THAT??
Was she shopping in Maryland because she's a person non grata everywhere in her area?

Canuck said...

Berks, yes I noticed your comment about the tanning thing too. Wow, little Katie is getting it from all sides now isn't she? Her days of this kind of ridiculous entitlement are over. She becomes more of a NOBODY every day and I'm loving seeing karma at work first hand. Long overdue. You can't treat people like crap the way she has without eventually suffering a healthy dose of payback.

Berks Neighbor said...

Vanessa, Kate wanted to use the back entrance. Only once did a Pap catch her there. That was nipped in the bud quite quickly. Clients don't get back door treatment. It's unsafe. Perhaps that's why she ended up getting the car so noone would recognize it was her at first.

FYI - No more TLC - no more Chris Watts following Kate around (..oops I mean - no more Chris Watts )the pap (who lives in Philly) just happening to catch Kate shopping at Target - or pumping gas - or picking up her mail - or getting a tan in Wyommissing while she's dressed to the nines).

Gosselin8ComeFirst said...

Berks Neighbor said... 174
You know what's really sad, Kate could have put Em's stuff on her "lovable products" tab. She could have made a profit from affiliate linkage. Instead, she bashes her right and left all over twitter and now looks like the rude, entitled, ungrateful person she is. She's a fool beyond words. -----------------

She really is wretched. The word "gratitude" is
not in Kate's vocabulary. Selfish, greedy, ungrateful, and ANGRY sure are. I think she is coming unhinged, now that she no longer has TLC to cover her butt and handle everything for her. Didn't take long, now did it?

Berks Neighbor said...

Vanessa (forgot to add): I have no clue why she was in Maryland. I think it probably has something to do with TLC/lawyer/end of contract stuff.

readerlady said...

Sheesh! I take the night off to deal with real life stuff and come back to find that KK (I'm going to refer to her as KK from now on -- if I remember. She's an insult to all the good ladies named Kate, or Katie or Katherine or Kathleen or Kaitlyn or any other variant of the name) has ignited another twit war. Thank you EMTanner for standing up to the bully and keeping things real. What an ungrateful wench KK is. Ms. Tanner should present her with a bill for all the merchandise she gifted to her and Jon and the kids over the course of the show. Meanwhile, it's spring, and I need some tee shirts, so I'm going shopping! Love 25% off c/o's.

Canuck 171 -- loved your post. However, I think KK qualifies more as a sow's rear rather than a sows ear LOL.

Berks Neighbor said...

Kate Gosselin ‏ @Kateplusmy8 Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
@XXXXXXXXX it is???? Really? 1st day of spring? I've been waiting for this day ALL winter! Yaaaaay!

Kate just said she didn't know it was the first day of Spring. Where the H#ll has she been this year? She missed planning her kids vacation, didn't do anything for St. Paddy's Day. It must be because TLC isn't calling the shots anymore. Does that wench even LOOK at a calendar, or a school calendar.
In our area the first day of spring is LEGEND because Rita's gives out their famous (regular size) ICES for FREE! (Kate's been seen taking the kids there) You'd think she'd be all into FREEBIES. There's even one close to her home.
My kids and their friends set up their GPS and drive around hitting as many Rita's as they can. (usually it ends up only be about 3 stores as the lines are long sometimes) It's a big tradition here though to get out and hang with friends and sample flavors.
This woman can't plan anything can she? What a sham.

Canuck said...

Reader Lady - LOL! Sow's rear is right! And I'm with you - so enjoying people atarting to stand up to KK and her stupidity. Thanks...loved your post too!

Dallas Lady said...

Y'all, I JUST thought of something Kate DOES have a talent for: bridge burning! She's so good at it!

I love all the comments on Em Tanner's Facebook page. Kate truly is a see you next Tuesday. If anyone deserves that term, it's her.

I hope she keeps her twitter up for a while longer. It's entertaining, to say the least! She doesn't need to worry about any haters, she's her own worst enemy.

Gosselin8ComeFirst said...

Virginia Pen Mon -173 -But no! First, Kate doesn't understand how to network and work WITH people.--------------

She really can't get along with anyone, can she? Rhetorical, of course, but somehow she manages to destroy every personal and possible business relationship known to mankind. TLC hid her "flawed" character for years. I don't feel sorry for TLC, but the actual people who had to deal with all of the messes and fiascos she created because of her haughtiness- maybe. What a trainwreck and nightmare she is.

Gosselin8ComeFirst said...

Dallas Lady said... 183
Y'all, I JUST thought of something Kate DOES have a talent for: bridge burning! She's so good at it! --------------

I must agree, she is excellent at that. TLC's self-created monster.

Mel said...

Kate is so much like someone in my life....out of nowhere you get blasted with some bizarre negative statement, and if you say anything like what?!? That wasn't how that was, they dump this huge bucket of sh*t on your head and start blasting with both barrels. They believe in the scorched earth policy.

Then when their rant is done and they've burned everything in their path, they just go back to being their "normal" self and absolutely have NO idea why you're all pissed off and eventually come to hate and despise them.

I'm so happy Jon had the balls to get out of there.

Canuck said...

Dallas Lady 183... So true - she does have that one talent for bridge-burning. Incinerating more of her own bridges every day. And she's doing it all to herself, so she'll have no oneto blame but herself when there's nothing left but a pile of ashes. Her Twitter has been the perfect tool to expose who she really is to the world, and I for one am loving watching her smoulder. I used to think she should shut it down...I don't think so anymore. It's so fascinating to see how totally unaware she is, not to mention the few fans she has left. A case study in dysfunctional (and scary) fanaticism. Twitter has hastened her downfall and she did it all to herself. Fascinating!

barbee said...

Here's a hard to picture visual,
Kate as usual shooting herself in the foot
with her foot in her mouth
while her head is up her A$$.
HOW does she do it?
Only KATE could!!!!!! !!

Vanessa said...

Great little tidbits Berks, all without divulging too much and not a thing about the kids!

You know why I'd love to read the emails that EMTanner saved? I don't know if anyone else noticed when Khate "plugged" her stuff, she had that little tone/edge to her all know what I'm talking about? "A FAN named EM Tanner"
It was just the way she spoke of her, like "Ugh, do we have to mention her name?" So lacking in genuine thankfulness, JUST LIKE ALWAYS!
Em, if you're reading here, please reconsider posting those emails!!

Mel said...

Pretty bad when *everyone* says Here! Take the money (or whatever)! Even though it's mine, I'm right, and you're wrong! Just go away from me!

Gosselin8ComeFirst said...

Berks Neighbor -181
This woman can't plan anything can she? What a sham.

The Mastermind- lol. Without TLC managing her life and events, it is sad and pathetic for the kids. She can't seem to manage much of anything going back to Halloween. Coincidence, I think not. Umm, well she did find plastic frogs for leap year. What a nut.

Dmasy said...

Berks Neighbor...I bet you have LOTS of delicious tidbits that you haven't shared so far. I, for one, admit that I am enjoying the Kate "gossip". Thanks.

Gosselin8ComeFirst said...

Canuck said 187- It's so fascinating to see how totally unaware she is, not to mention the few fans she has left. A case study in dysfunctional (and scary) fanaticism. Twitter has hastened her downfall and she did it all to herself.-----------

I agree- like a train wreck and hard to look away. Without TLC's constant management of her craziness, let the unraveling begin. The TRUE Kate.

Kat said...

I actually have a hangover from last night...It's unbelievable to watch this woman fall apart in front of your eyes...I love the " I'm right and your wrong" so I'm not talking about it anymore. What is she twelve? She's got some messed up thinking. She's pissed...she has no real money coming in. Did I hear right that she got nasty again this morning with a sheeple? Apparently she's not over what happened and taking it out on this poor stupid kid. I expect this to get a lot worse before she goes away....WOW JUST WOW....

Mel said...

@EmeraldCityJazz @PimpMyKids @emtannerdesigns @Kateplusmy8 Yes send cease and desist letter send like Dr who had her house before she bashed6 hours ago - webEmeraldCityJazz @PimpMyKids @emtannerdesigns@Kateplusmy8 Have your atty send Kate a Cease & Desist letter -- and then PLEASE post it on Twitter! LOL11 hours ago from web

Wasn't there some talk at the time that the previous owner's Atty sent a cease and desist? And that the guy was compensated monetarily so he didn't sue? Talk about libel there.....

It's over Kate said...

I keep asking myself "How can one woman be so stupid?"

How can she have been involved in "the industry" for years and yet not learned a single thing about PR?

aggiemom09121416 said...

Teresa said... 166

Jon doesn't believe that Kate is having any problems paying the bills, insisting, "No. She's hiding money. We have 11 bank accounts. That was just our joint account. She had a best-selling book. Where's that million dollars?" "I've never taken any money out because over 10 years, Kate handled all the banking," he claims. "Over the past four years of doing the show, we accrued $2,250,000".
Plus the $$$ she made off Kate Plus 8.... She has plenty to spare EM
March 20, 2012 3:48 AM

I'd like to know what the divorce settlement was. Jon had to have received more cash since Kate took the house, its entire contents and the family vehicle.
It was reported upthread Jon initially paid 25000 a month in child support, which was later reduced to 1000 a month.
I guess all her publicity, including air fare, clothing, hair, etc, was 100% funded by TLC. Now that's gone and she is finally on her own.

I wonder what it's like to have as much wealth and assets as she has, and still grift for freebies from companies and fans (some I am sure, that have next to nothing).
Her day of judgement is not going to be kind.

I guess TLC asked for their EM calendar back. She missed spring break, St Patrick's Day, and now the first day of Spring.
I could send her a calendar, saw a stack yesterday at the Dollar Store 90% off, for .10 cents! (Well, she would have to first send me a self-addressed envelope with the correct postage)...she knows how that 'works').

Berks Neighbor said...

I wish I could say a lot more, but I mark my words because I don't want the kids to be hurt and I don't want to destroy any relationship I have with the 'players' in this. I will tell you that Jon is just as genuine and nice as everyone makes him out to be. His Ed-Hardy/mid-life crisis phase was just that - a phase. He was being used by Ed-Hardy and vice/versa. I believe that as well with the M. Lohan situation/proposed reality show as well.
When he is in his element, working a regular, albeit mediocre, job ;-) he is as genuine as they come. I have never had a problem with him and I'm so glad he's finally out from being under Kate's and TLC's control. The freedom he must be feeling has to be a huge release for him. I can't imagine going through what he went through, no support and no voice the consistent butt of jokes and no way to get the truth out.

Canuck said...

As people begin to open up, fight back, and tell the truth about Kate, I'm also REALLY enjoying the feedback we're hearing about Jon. As we saw for many seasons, he really is a nice guy, easy to get along with, polite. Not perfect, but who could possibly be perfect living with such a shrew. Yes, he went a bit crazy after escaping, but lots of people do that for a short time when they are freed from an abusive marriage. Imagine what it must have been like for him - using how she treats their kids as a (very public) example. I've often wondered what it was like when the cameras weren't present, if she was this dreadful on TV. "Eat your lunch in order", "I'm KNOWN at the school for having the best lunches", "Sit on the carpet line while you watch the movie", "I'm KNOWN for putting a treat at the bottom of the popcorn cups". Sheesh... All I know is that I've witnessed pure joy on the faces of those kids (x8!) when they're with their Dad. With Kate, they look downtrodden, discouraged, sad. Jon, enjoy a bit of vindication. Also long overdue. And all Kate's stupid and mean insinuations "there's much you don't "no"", frankly, they don't hold much water now, do they. I think Jon is a nice, normal guy who loves his kids - I think over the next few weeks as people begin to talk more, we'll find that this is the real truth.

Usually a Lurker said...

I'm not defending Kate here but I wanted to point out that her 'getting the house' was not a win. The house came with a huge mortgage. They'd just bought it so it had no equity. Kate won the right to pay the mortgage. (good job Kate, you complete idiot!)

I am convinced that Kate hid money and Jon received the smallest payout possible. He probably still retained his rights to some of the royalties from books and DVD's but he forfeited future TLC earnings.

As for child support, it's hard for me to stomach the fact that Jon was paying support initially from his TLC earnings. In other words, the money the KIDS earned.

Any money in those accounts belonged first and foremost to the children. Jon got a chunk and proceeded to blow throw it inside of a year. Kate hoarded her larger chunk and treats herself very nicely. It's too bad that Kate can afford 3 vehicles but the kids can't have new shoes.

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