Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dr. Mintle sticks by her negative comments about Kate

The highlights:

  • Their lives are a media spectacle. That is a fact. I do not believe it is healthy for Kate to stay in the limelight of Hollywood at this time
  • I do not hate Kate. There is no place in the heart of any Christian to hate anyone. On the contrary, I am concerned about the choices she is making and the impact they are having on her family. (We don't hate Kate either--we hate her choices. Big difference.)
  • For those of you who think she has to be a celebrity to make money to feed her children, I want to ask, is God limited to this as a provision? There are so many other ways that God could provide that wouldn’t exploit her. (Excellent points again, especially about Kate herself being exploited. The children aren't the only ones being taken advantage of, Kate is being exploited as well.)
  • I can judge what she does against the Word of God and against what I know to be true to raise a healthy family. (Couldn't have said it better ourselves)
  • Confronting behavior that leads someone down an unhealthy path is not hate. It is actually something we seem to have lost in the name of tolerance. (Again, well said.)

Jon's new digs

Jon moved into his new apartment in Reading this week. He has also reportedly hired a new lawyer, Philadelphia based divorce attorney Mary Vidas.


What looked to be really positive and encouraging photos from the Orphanage were in fact just a staged set-up for the first day of filming Kate Plus 8. Kate was spotted outside with the kids, playing with them with the bikes and their little car, and tidying up the garage.

Kate sweeps while the kids play:

Kate and Alexis (?) air out some sleeping bags together. Chores are more fun when you and Mommy team up.

Until we discovered .... the CAMERA CREW UP IN THEIR FACES. Were they telling Joel it was Fourth of July just like they lied to him that it was Christmas?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Marriage and Family Therapist and PhD to KATE: 'Do not use your children to live the high life'

Dr. Linda Mintle has written an excellent, excellent article to Kate for the Christian Broadcast Network. As a Christian myself, I'm very pleased to see another Christian with guts enough to see something very wrong and speak out about it. We are of the view this is exactly what Christians, or frankly, anyone with morals and values, are supposed to do when something is wrong, especially when it comes to eight innocent children. (Rep. Murt is also a Christian) Some highlights:
  • How do plastic surgeries and makeovers help her children?
  • Do not use your children as an excuse to live the high life and hob-nob with the stars.
  • Stop pretending to be an everyday mom sacrificing for the children. We are not so na├»ve as to think that her appearances on Dancing with the Stars have nothing to do with her upcoming book release and new TV show.
  • It’s hard enough for children to go through a divorce without adding absence and celebrity drama to their lives. And what mother thinks that six-year-olds can make decisions about whether or not she should go to Hollywood?
  • The children need a mom and a dad who are physically, emotionally, and spiritually present

Thank you, Dr. Mintle.

Proverbs 31:9: Speak up and defend the rights of the needy.

This is great


Truce called between Jon and Kate?

There are some really encouraging photos out there from earlier this week. Both Jon and Kate were spotted at the family home, at the same time. And both of them were out and about running errands and taking care of business. Kate the grocery shopping, Jon the garbage. Later, Kate took the kids to the bus stop.

And Kate's ditched the hooker heals for a sensible pair of sturdy sandals.

As for the Kate Kalendar? As long as Kate continues to allow the children's father to be in their lives instead of abandoning them with nannies as she did for the past several months, we'll leave her be.


Worked out, went to organic store.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paparazzi fight at Gosselin house?

According to Radaronline (which has often got it wrong lately), two cameramen got into a fight outside the Gosselin property today. Allegedly, Jon took the kids into the woods to get them away from it.

To us it just looks like the kids are playing in the woods, but anything's possible.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kate calls her town "Ghettoville"

An insider from Kate's current town, Wernersville, PA, is slowly telling all over on her blog. She's kept her ears open the past year and learned some awfully interesting information about Kate and her ungrateful, greedy tendancies.

Despite a million-dollar home in beautiful rural Pennsylvania, Kate calls Wernersville "GHETTOVILLE" and scoffed when her new neighbors tried to bring by baked goods when she moved in, telling them she would sue them if they told anyone where she lived. She also goes out of her way to not drive through town to get to her home.

On the contrary, Wernersville is located in prestegious Berks County, where the average income is over $73,000 a year, well above the U.S. average and way above Pennsylvania's average of $47,000. Wernersville was founded as a resort town, and several sports stars, musicians and actors call Berks County home. If this is ghetto to Kate, she better start looking at palaces in Iran somewhere:

Eagerly awaiting more dirt....

Kate's Child Exploitation Book is #11 on NYT Best Seller List

Number 11 on NYT bestseller non-fiction list.

Yet mysteriously, it's not even on's Top 100 list, nor on USA Today's Top 100. How can this be? On, Oprah is #25 of ALL BOOKS. This Time Together is #43. Change Your Brain Change Your Body, just one rank above Kate, is at #41. But Kate's book? Is #411.

In case you forgot all the exploitation this book contains, including calling Mady a liar and revealing intimate details of the children's reaction to the divorce, be sure to read our sneak peek.

Friday, April 23, 2010

DWTS Episode 5 Recap: Katatonic Koat Hanger Dances the FoxTrot

Last week, Aiden was voted off and nobody cares. I hope he liked his time on a trashy D-list American reality show because he may be in this country to stay if that volcanic ash doesn’t clear up. Tonight, movie night! Will Kart stomp around waving wire hangers as the most infamous narcissistic mother in history before Kart came on the scene, while Tony cowers in fear as little Christina?

Live! This is Dancing …. With the Stars! I still cannot believe Brenda went home first, and before Kart. The set’s been transformed into a real movie theater! Sort of. They’ve got a couple really bright giant fake reels, “Movie Night” in giant white letters across the stage, and something that sort of looks like red curtains. Where’s the cute turn your cell phones off cartoon? I guess this is maybe what people think theaters looked like in the 1920’s when my great-grandmother used to play piano for silent films. It was sort of a bad investment for her, obviously.

Here comes Kate and the stars. Derek looks like he’s taking his teacher to the prom. Man, is Tony checked out. If he could dial in his performance like we dial in votes he would. What’s this, is Kate’s dress tie-dye? It’s this ugly mess of cotton-candy pink, purple and blue sparkles, and looks like it was pieced together by My Little Pony and the Carebears. This is not what Mommy Dearest usually wore, I am confused. Where is the cold cream? The headband? I know immediately that Pam Anderson is supposed to be Dolly Parton, she is that good of an actress.

Why is Louis pointing wildly at Niecy’s boobs? Kate is doing that obnoxious “I heart you” crap to the camera again--really, really aggressively, sort of like, you better believe your mama loves you damn it! It’s scary. And it doesn’t even make sense, because she later said the kids weren’t even watching tonight. So we know that was for Steve then!

Niecy Nash. She is just one stupid joke after another, and this segment is proof why she irritates me. Even Louis is getting annoyed and just wants her to be serious for once. I don’t think this kind of yellow looks good on anyone except maybe a banana. La Bamba is their movie and song to the jive. The jive is difficult for her but at least she is A. trying and B. having fun. Brooke is wearing a tube top that makes her look like a keyboard. A skinny, hairy keyboard who doesn't know how to work a microphone. Scores of 6-6-6.

Chad. Quickstep to Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book. Chad would be a really annoying boyfriend, he is always up in Cheryl’s face wanting to know what she‘s thinking and feeling. He is basically like how some needy women are in relationships. “If I’m not constantly laughing with him or cuddling him he thinks there is something wrong with me,” Cheryl says with exasperation. Been there, wanted to chew my arm off. Any relationship between someone like Chad and myself would last at most a week and a half before I change my phone number, e-mail address, and if I have to, enter the witness protection program so I never have to make contact with him ever again, I don’t care how big that rock was he gave her last week. This is a Disney movie, so of course the set designers went all out, completely covering the stage in vines and green. I don’t think this is half bad, I can tell it’s a Quickstep, I think Chad is one of those dancers where if he had a couple more days for this it would have been totally solid. Scores of 6-6-6.

Erin Andrews. Their entire segment is the two of them fighting. I’ve heard people say Kate and Tony are not unique--everyone fights. I disagree. Number one, Tony historically hardly ever fights with his partners and has certainly never walked out on anyone. And number two, Erin’s fighting is not the same as the way Kate constantly disrespects Tony. It’s those flirty opposites attract quarrels that just mean the two of you are actually doing it. Kate and Tony are doing it when pigs fly or perhaps Kate voluntarily takes herself out of the limelight. But Erin and Maks are definitely doing it. Pulp Fiction is one of the greatest films ever, I‘m just putting that out there. Erin can’t act and her legs look like toothpicks and she’s no Pam and messes up her split, but their jive moves along. Scores of 7-7-8. Brooke basically asks if they’re doing it, and they totally avoid the question. Which means they’re probably doing it.

The Bachelor. I think it’s conceited when people say stuff like, everyone always tells me I look like Tom Cruise but I don’t see it. Shut up. Cha-cha-cha to Old Time Rock and Roll from Risky Business. Jake actually slides out in his underwear, then puts on a pair of pants while Chelsea wiggles around. This looks more like freestyle than Cha-cha-cha. The judges really like it, they thought he had great energy. What with how Kart behaves, simply acting like you want to be here gets you points this season. Scores of 8-7-8, wow they weren’t kidding.

Pam Anderson. It’s appropriate that I’m pretty sure that’s Pam’s mom in the audience, because my Pam story this week is about how Pam as far as I know rarely, if ever, uses a nanny to raise her children. I’ve run into her and the boys more times than I can count and I have never once seen a nanny there. Dylan and the boys I nannied for were on the same Pop Warner football team one summer and that meant hours and hours of hanging around practices, providing Gatorade and snacks and sunscreen. Pam was often at practices, but when she wasn’t, Grandma Anderson was. Grandma was Dylan and Brandon’s nanny. In “normal” American towns this is what working moms do, they leave their children with Grandma. But in Hollywood I guess most people would rather have their children looked after for $52,000 a year plus perks to a 25-year-old just looking to make it in show business and pay the bills. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met plenty of very excellent nannies in this category, but Grandma knows best, doesn’t she? Incidentally, I’m reminded that the Gosselin’s grandparents are by all accounts estranged by Kate, all of them.

You know what I don’t get? Pam hardly ever wears makeup in the rehearsal videos, and she certainly never wears makeup around town--I have never even seen her with makeup on outside TV. So why has she insisted on the Vaseline mood lighting for her interview segments? It’s obvious she has special lighting, she looks so different than everyone else. If you don't care who all sees you without makeup elsewhere, why care for the interviews? A multifaceted, mysterious woman she is!

Nine-to-five to the Quickstep. There’s lots of props like a table and typewriter and a clock on the floor, Len ain’t gonna like this. I think her character acting is phenomenal again, especially the way she waddles out at the beginning, but I don’t think the Quickstep was quick enough. Scores of 7-6-8.

Kate’s up. Last week, she managed to pull off a Tango that wasn’t completely mortifying. This week they’re dancing the Foxtrot to Don’t You Forget About Me from The Breakfast Club. John Hughes never went Hollywood, he lived in Illinois, and my cousins who live outside Chicago used to see him pumping his own gas there.

Kate looks exhausted. I don’t blame her. This week she didn’t even go home, she was busy promoting her book I Just Want you To Know (How to Make Millions off Your Kids) with interviews and poorly advertised book signings. At some point the kids came out to see her with their entourage of nannies, although exactly when that happened has been subject to much debate. Tony is showing Kate some moves pretty much taken directly from the movie, and Kate’s looking at him all skeptically like what’s with that, what’s that, why that?

Wait a second. Has Kate … seen The Breakfast Club? You know, the movie she’s supposed to be embodying? I would have thought she fancies herself a modern-day Mollie Ringwald, but apparently, one of the greatest films to come out of the 1980’s somehow escaped Kate. I’m guessing this will somehow be her parents’ fault. They didn’t allow her to go see it because it wasn’t Christian enough or something. One of their many failings on her part. You would think if she hadn’t seen it she would at least rent it this week and watch it in the hotel. Heck, even I watched it this weekend to brush up, you can see it streaming for free on Netflix.

Kate is yawning and not even trying. Tony is fed up. She has no motivation, he explains. He has to push her every single week and “it gets exhausting.” His whole face is pulled back all tense like a sling-shot about to fire. You can tell he is so over trying to fight with her. She is what she is, he’s just doing his job and counting the days until they’re off. Other partners, Tony has had to tell them to stop practicing. But with Kate, it’s like pulling veneers to even get her into the dance studio. Oscar winning actors who have been on this show have shown infinitely more gratitude to be here than she ever has. Seriously, there have been deaf stars on this show, stars with one leg, and Kate just can’t get out there and even try. She is simply pathetic. The audience is laughing throughout this segment. At her, not with her. Kate says they’re the underdogs. Yeah, no. She doesn’t understand what an underdog is. An underdog is someone you would expect to stink, but then actually gets out there, busts balls, and ekes by for a win. Kate has the first part, we all expected her to stink, but none of the second part which make people actually get behind underdogs. See, underdogs who you expect to suck and then actually do suck are no fun at all. The 1980 U.S. Hockey Team was an underdog, not Kart.

The only part remotely cool about their um, “dance” is the chalkboard that says Tony hearts Carrie Ann. Because he so does not. Kate looks like she’s trying to foxtrot on ice, like she’s going to slip at any moment. It’s a lot of walking around, waving arms, even Tony isn’t even trying, he looks like he was awake the past forty-eight hours, or just perhaps being dragged along for no apparent purpose to all of Kate’s media events, book signings, only to just have to stand there like a doofus the whole time while Steve escorts out with his rat claws anyone who dares to assault Kate with phrases like “child labor laws.”

The best part is when it’s over when they show the other stars up in the fish tank golf clapping, Chad is muttering something mischievously, and Erin slaps him on the leg! Ha. I so want to know what he said. Something about text messaging your kids? Child labor laws? Oh, why couldn’t Marlee Matlin be on this season?

I suppose I’m sort of looking forward to Bruno, not really. Kate sucking the first couple weeks was fun. But now it’s just getting tiring. And sad. Despite Rep. Murt’s efforts, this has been one of the saddest weeks for the kids and we all know why. Because their father fired a perfectly awesome lawyer and has no backbone. Enough said.

Let’s start with Carrie Ann, Tom says happily. Except Carrie Ann is pretty much speechless. Awkward! Gimme a sec I’m gathering my thoughts, Carrie Ann explains. Ha. Finally, Well, Kart, I guess you have “itty bitty bits of” grace developing. Of course stupid Kart thinks this is a compliment and smiles wildly. In the background, the audience is totally laughing and nodding throughout this entire thing. Looking to top a Brunoism, Carrie Ann then says, “When I watch you dance it’s kind of like the Charlie Brown teachers ‘waa-waa-waa-waa-waa-waa’.” Haha, awesome, Carrie Ann! Bitch face comes out from Kate. “Waa-waa-waa-waa-waa,” Carrie explains again. This is incredible, best description of Kate‘s dancing ever! One more time for good measure, Carrie Ann! Stupid Tom cuts her off though, “We get it,” he tells her curtly. Tom protects Kate like he's her favorite uncle. Carrie gets in one more “waa-waa” before Tom moves on to Len. I forgive Crazy Ann for every stupid point she ever deducted for a lift.

Len says she was strolling, not dancing. Haha, the best is Carrie Ann sneaks in yet another “waa-waa-waa” as Len finishes up. Now on to Bruno. Can he top, Carrie Ann? He certainly tries. “Darling, I think Tony could have had more life out of a frock and a coat hanger.” She was catatonic, he says. Tony looks like it’s the 19th century and he’s biting on a stick while an Army doctor saws off his leg because the supply wagon didn’t come in with the morphine and they didn’t have anything but whiskey to give him. I can’t tell who Tony’s more embarrassed for, Kart or himself. I want to know how DWTS plans to make this up to him next season. His partner better be Anna Pavlova or something. What is the point? Bruno demands. Bruno, I’ve been wondering that for about two years.

What’s been going on this week, Brooke asks? Ha, do you read our blog? Quite a lot, including a mean and nasty representative from PA who wants to stop her kids from being exploited a moment longer, how dare he! “I had a nice visit from eight little friends,” Kate says. Eight little friends? She makes them sound like lepricons, or unicorns, or gigolos or something. What a bizarre way to refer to your children. Kate basically blames her entire crappy coat-rack stroll on her children being in town. Way to play the kid card. And if you get voted off, way to be sure they know it was their fault. What’s hysterical about this, is we all know Kate is destined to go this week. She will be voted off. She thought the kid card would save her another week, but really, it just pissed people off, made people feel like she was not only using her kids but blaming them for her shortcomings, and they avoided voting for her in droves. Sweet justice. And shows how incredibly out of touch she is with what she says and how the public perceives it. See Kate basically thinks she can have whatever she wants when she wants it, sometimes it may take a few tears and several lies, but she gets what she wants. This is how she has operated since her twins were born and it worked for her. Only now, her MO isn’t working. This ain’t rural PA anymore, this is Hollywood. Everyone on this show has big commitments. Many have kids. Some don’t live in LA either or are hardly ever home. But the difference between them and Kate is everybody else shut up and busted ass, because that‘s how you fucking make it in Hollywood and that‘s why these people are where they are--because they worked hard and didn‘t cry. Kate cries and doesn‘t work. Kate is a fluke, she is only famous because of a fluke, the planets aligned just so. And Kate didn’t shut up nor did she ever once bust ass, and she’s getting voted out because she stinks and she‘s lazy and doesn‘t even try and lies and uses her kids to try to stay on another week. And America caught on quick and voted her off and rightly so. And it’s really sweet to watch that go down because I had hoped this is what would happen. I had hoped that America would get to know the real Kate so that no one ever tunes in to any of her other ridiculous projects again not realizing how she really is. For as hard as most of the tabloids tried to spin the entire past year in Kate‘s favor, across America most people are understanding just a bit where Jon was coming from.

Kate practically begs us to keep her on another week, she has to keep dancing for her kids they live for this! Unhealthy. And I know you made them feel that way. A few days later she will do a complete and utter 180 and claim she sacrificed herself so the other dancers could go on. How on any planet can she possibly claim that was the case when she’s standing right here right now begging us to keep her on even trying to use the kids so we‘ll keep her on? She isn’t saying anything about letting her go so more deserving people could go on. Is anyone else seeing this? My God, what a lie, and could she be any more conceited and delusional? Does she even hear herself? Scores of 5-5-5.

Haha Tony is all like, we TRIED to do a Foxtrot. Way to tell it like it is! Eight little friends just stripped Bruno’s car, Tom jokes. Ha.

Derek and The Pussycat. Pretty Woman? More like statutory rape. Derek and the Pussycat screw around Beverly Hills for awhile. Beverly Hills is fun enough for a day, but parking is a nightmare and it’s also really hard to get to. I interned at a firm there for a summer and I think I stuck around after work maybe like twice. It also took me at least an hour to get there every morning, which got irritating. Asking Kate to do what the Pussycat does would be like asking a kindergartener to take the GRE’s. With apologies to kindergarteners. Tango with scores of 10-9-10. Good Lord. To quote Whoopi, Vote … her…OFF! Kate, that is.

Evan dancing the Rumba to I Don‘t Want to Miss a Thing. Great song, stupid movie. The highlight of my sister’s most recent trip to see me in L.A. was running into Steven Tyler in the airport. He was really nice and was taking his picture with anyone who wanted it including her. You know, Evan travels with Stars on Ice every single week. He explains it’s Wednesday to Sunday. Talk about real exhaustion. And yet Kate? Is the only one complaining. And also she thinks she is the only one with a schedule. She honestly thinks the other stars roll out of bed maybe around nine, go dance for a few hours, come home and maybe take a nap, help the kids with homework and eat a sensible dinner. Her life is no different than anyone else on this show. These people are celebrities, commitments go on and no one gives a crap you have to do DWTS in the middle of something you already promised to do. Does anyone know if Evan has a girlfriend? It doesn’t matter, I’m just curious since he’s awfully flamboyant. And he is after all an ice skater. Another consistent performance, scores: 9-9-9.

Results show: Pam and Kate in the bottom two? Oh hell no. The audience boos. Me, too! Boooo! Why is no one voting for Pam? She is certainly better than Neicy or the Bachelor or Chad. Is it jealousy? I wish it were more obvious what an awesome person she is. Carrie Ann gets another chance to point out Kate is not a star. And then she calls her a housewife. Last time I checked, housewives stay at home with their children. And contrary to popular belief, the “haters” have no problem with the concept of being a housewife, including myself. Remember, Kate was a housewife a few years ago when the show was in the first few seasons. I still had a problem with her then. She only became a New York-LA jet setter in maybe the past couple years.

Mercifully, Kate and Tony are voted off. Dead air as Kate cries. Dead air, another reason she’ll never be a real celeb. Instead of letting them do a final dance, Tom really can’t help himself, he just lets Kate talk. And talk, and talk. He’s like a zoologist observing a new species for the first time, he is fascinated. Narcissists are kind of fascinating in that you cannot believe there really are people living their lives like this out there. Kate claims her gut feelings are always right. Well, if your gut feeling was to pop out eight kids, exploit them for millions, and then abandon them for the high life in LA, yes your gut was right. Pam pretends to feel sympathy but I KNOW Pam knows in her heart of hearts she is by far a much more involved and dedicated mother and raising infinitely more well adjusted kids then those poor multiples. If she doesn’t, she should. The last dance is just sort of Kate and Tony hugging. I HEART YOU Kate says one more time. Right back at ya. Not!

We’ll be back to recap possibly the finale if Kate is there, and Twist of Kate and Kate Plus 8 …. Unless Rep. Murt is able to stop it. Go Murt!

Kate's NYC shopping spree

Question for Kate: If you just needed DWTS to put food on the table for your eight children, where is the money coming from for a shopping spree at expensive Ann Taylor?

Meanwhile, kids are thrilled Jon is home.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jon kowtows to Kate and TLC

List is fired. Jon is going to work with Kate and her lawyers. No words.

Rep. Murt really is their only hope.

Meanwhile back at the Orphanage

Wouldn't this have been great evidence for Jon's custody suit he has now dropped like a greedy coward? Kate was spotted today flying into New York with the kids, dropping them off in PA, and then leaving back for New York not long after. Her latest Blog post claims to have been home making lunches for them and dealing with problems on the is that possible?

Kate can't even be bothered to look at them as she waves goodbye. Meanwhile in the background Collin appears to be pulling on Steve, perhaps begging him to stay:

Mady is still upset, and in the background Collin still pulling on Steve:

The children watch Kate leave, their nanny by their sides. Collin appears to be regressing, holding his stuffed bear we haven't seen in awhile. And Aaden's face.:

Fortunately Jon came by later to stay with them.

Jon's serious accusations against his lawyer

Jon (and TLC) should realize he has accused his former lawyer Anthony List of some serious misconduct. If true, his lawyer could be subject to discipline, even disbarment. If not true, Mr. List should look into a defamation lawsuit against Jon (and TLC).

Jon claims Mr. List:

  • Filed for primary custody when Jon never wanted that.
  • Spoke to the media without Jon's permission.

All attorneys are bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct. We take an oath, facing the flag, right hands raised. Pennsylvania also has their own state ethical rules. Both rules discuss at length the attorney-client privilege. An attorney cannot reveal details of a litigation unless their client gives their permission. Jon would have had to give his permission for List to speak to the media, or List would be violating one of the most sacred duties of an attorney.

In Pennsylvania, the client has the "absolute right to direct the litigation." Attorney List had no business filing for primary custody unless Jon gave him permission. Similarly, the national rules state, "a lawyer shall abide by a client's decisions concerning the objectives of representation and shall consult with the client as to the means by which they are to be pursued." No question, an attorney should not file for primary custody without their client's permission. Did Jon really not give him permission, or is this another line TLC quickly cooked up? We think the latter.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shopping Kart GONE from DWTS

Kate's crying awww are your little celebrity dreams quashed?

Watch Whoopi's hysterical rant about Kate this morning....VOTE...HER...OFF!

Monday, April 19, 2010

DWTS episode 5 and kids in LA discussion thread

Kids are in LA, will they be on the show tonight shilling for votes?


Who's the new gray-haired guy holding a child's hand? Steve 2.0?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Aunt Jodi's phone interview with Dr. Beth DuPree; 15 Minutes 'Nailed it'

Just in case Kate tries to accuse Jodi again of getting paid for this or not being with her kids--Jodi and Dr. DuPree both stated she was not being paid. In addition, Jodi did the interview by phone, from her home of Elizabethtown. Kevin was at one of the children's soccer games.
Snippet of Jodi's interview with Dr. Beth DuPree which features our blog:
The full interview can be heard here:
You have currently collectively donated $378 to A Minor Consideration in honor of Jodi and Kevin's courage. I've decided to extend the donation period to see if we can get to $500. (Of course you can always donate at another time, but we want to make a donation as a group.) Please give generously, to find out how to donate please go here (you MUST e-mail me the amount of your donation for it to count with the group or I won't know who has donated what. Donations are processed directly through AMC, not through me.)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Steve pulls Admin. by arm away from Kate; Kate silenced by 'child labor' question

  • I asked Kate, What about the new child labor laws that may be coming down, will that affect filming? Steve then stepped toward me, grabbed my right arm tightly and pulled me away, telling me okay time to move on.
  • A Barnes and Noble "security" person called her a bitch.
  • At any given time the line was only about 10 people long.
  • Kate showed up 15 minutes early but didn't come out to start signing books until 7:15. At 7:30 she took a break, then came back out at 7:45.
  • Tony is awesome.
The recap:

Most of the pictures were taken on my Blackberry, so they're a little blurry, I apologize. I brought my other camera, but there was so much going on so fast I sort of forgot about it. When you're being pulled away by a bodyguard, you can't think about cameras.

Dodger's game tonight, so traffic was pretty messy. I knew I couldn't count on Kate staying all that long, but I thought she would at least stay an hour, so when I finally arrived about 7:25 I thought I had plenty of time to see her and get my book signed.
When I arrived at Barnes and Noble, I kept looking for the line. Where were the crowds? Where was Kate? I saw a few Barnes "security" people, employees in suit coats, roaming around, so I assumed I was in the right place. It's true, it appears this event wasn't planned way in advance. But this blog heard about it several days ago, so it wasn't completely last minute. And Third Street and Wilshire Blvd. on a Friday night is about the busiest place in L.A.

Suddenly, my retina started burning from a beaming white light. No, it wasn't Jesus. It was Kate's veneers glowing on this sign:

I was in the right place! I went up the escalator where Kate was singing books between a few bookshelves, at least two separate camera crews swarming around her. And Steve, and someone else who I think was a cop--the real bodyguard.

But where were the ... fans? Finally I discovered the line, which consisted of a mom with her two kids, one of whom was using a walking stick the sight-impaired use, and a few teenage girls. I figured I would wander around a bit see what I see, hear what I hear, before getting in line. I went around to the back and found that I could stand behind Kate's table, a few feet away, and maybe hear her--turns out I couldn't. And that's when I saw Tony! For some reason I didn't even think about him, but it makes sense he was here if they are going to use this book signing as a segment on DWTS. Tony I actually really like, and I said hi to him and asked if I could have his picture. He beamed and said of course, but why don't you get in it too! I'm cropped out because my own security is better than what Steve provides, but this is Tony's half of the picture. He is completely adorable, no?

We chatted a bit longer, he was talking to the fans and joking around with the crew, and Kate was talking to the sight-impaired boy for awhile, although that was when I was talking to Tony so I couldn't hear a thing, and then all of a sudden Kate started getting up. I looked at my blackberry clock. What? It was only 7:30! Within seconds Steve was leading Kate away. Was it over already? WTF. I didn't get to ask her my questions!
Kate was ushered behind some closed doors with Steve, Tony and the crew. Barnes and Noble people stood guard in front of the doors. I decided to hang out a few minutes and see if she would reappear.
At that point a 20-something woman approached security and asked if she could go in. They said no, only media. She said I am media, I'm with Radaronline. They still said no. I thought that was interesting, since we've long speculated that Radaronline is in her back pocket. By the way, I ultimately wasn't given a press pass either. Me and Radaronline both! We were told only photographers. Well, I guess that makes sense. Photos can't ask questions. Real people CAN! I approached the Radaronline reporter and told her what blog I was with and we had a good conversation. She agreed that Kate was very polarizing and that any time they publish a Gosselin article their hits go through the roof. She made fun of how few people were there, about 40, she guessed. The BN security guard was laughing at this. She said that Kate came 15 minutes before 7 o'clock then disappeared into that room. She came back out at 7:15 to start signing books. Now it was 7:30, and Kate had gone to take a break again. So she signed books for a full fifteen minutes before a break. Fifteen minutes of waving a pen, must be exhausting! Radar chick was really nice and promised to check out the Blog. She got tired of waiting for Kate and left.
By now maybe a dozen people had gathered with their books and there were some more teenage girls who were saying they were her biggest fans. I really didn't care so much about Kate coming back out for me, but I felt like she should for those girls. I started asking if she was coming out, and one of the security guards said there was talk she was done for the night. I couldn't believe that. A fifteen minute book signing and she was done.
Several more minutes passed and the teenage girls were starting to get upset that they missed her. "I can't believe she's not coming out again, she's a bitch," I muttered. A security guard was standing right next to me and he murmured, "She is a bitch." Haha, what a surreal moment. I realize now I should have followed up on that and asked him why he said that. But sometimes it's more fun to just leave it at that.
Just as I was about to give up they said okay, Kate's coming back out. I was next in line behind the teenagers. Steve came over and started chatting to them, and he told them they should tune in because Kate Plus 8 would be airing soon. Ha, not if Rep. Murt can help it, Steve-o! I almost asked him about child labor laws right then but I didn't want him on alert that I wasn't Kate's biggest fan.

After the girls talked to her I approached Kate with my book. She didn't say anything to me. Um. So I said, "Hi Kate, thanks for coming out here." She said you're welcome. She signed my book. She asked if I wanted my name, and I said no that's okay just your autograph. Then I said, "Kate, is it hard to keep in touch with your kids through text messages?" There was speculation on here that Kate wouldn't realize what I was asking. But let me tell you, she's not stupid. She snapped her head up, looked me square in the eye, the bitch face swept across her features, and she said, coldly and succinctly: "I keep in touch with my kids all the time."

I wouldn't say I was afraid of her, but I knew I was playing with the big girls now. I knew I was probably going to get off one more question before Steve called it quits. Originally I was going to ask her about the book, I was going to ask if she thought it was a good idea to reveal such private details about the children. But for some reason, probably because Steve was just raving about Kate Plus 8 and the crew was right there, I suddenly decided to ask her "What about all the new child labor laws that may be coming down, will that affect filming?"

I don't think that question was necessarily rude or inappropriate, and I asked it in a respectful tone. It's a legitimate question--How will you film the kids if child labor laws say you can't? And actually, I wish now I hadn't asked about text messaging--that was more just to be mean. I regret being mean. Kate is mean, but that doesn't mean I should be mean, too. I wish I had gotten off more solid questions about child labor laws. But oh well. But anyway, Kate's face went blank and she stared at me, speechless. Tony made Kate speechless by doing the Tango, I made Kate speechless by saying the secret words of the day: CHILD LABOR LAWS. Fortunately Superdud came to her rescue. Steve stepped forward, grabbed my right arm in his fingers, squeezed quite tightly and pulled me away from her. Okay, move along now, he said.

There was no need to say anything else, I got my point across. I went willingly. No, I'm not planning to sue Steve or file a report or whatever. His job is to protect Kate from having to ever answer anything off the script. He was just doing his job. He didn't hurt me, there are no bruises. I wish he didn't touch me with those little rat claws, he could have asked me to leave and I would have, but whatever. By the way, Steve is short and skinny. Kate was quite pretty I thought, with great skin and sparkling eyes. They make a great couple.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The PA Department of Labor's giant conflict of interest

"Why did the Deptartment of Labor decide to take no action against TLC or the Gosselins if things were as bad as Jodi and Kevin made it out to be?" has been the mantra of many people out there who are suspicious of Jodi and Kevin's claims. They justify the Department's investigation, which didn't even include so much as a home visit or any kind of fines for past violations, as proof Jodi and Kevin are lying.

The Kreider's allegations (which would be defamation if not true .... still waiting for a lawsuit by the Gosselins or TLC), as well as the Department of Labor signing off on what the Kreiders say they saw, are both possible. The reason? The Department of Labor has a conflict of interest in "investigating" TV/film productions.

To understand this, you must realize that film production is a lucrative industry that almost all states are trying desperately to attract. In recent decades as California has tightened child labor laws (rightly so and knowing full well it would cause some productions to leave the state), labor laws in general, and increased taxes, filmmakers have fled to other states (often Utah, or the South) and even countries (almost always Canada), to get a better deal, to be able to work longer hours, to save money. States now realize that Hollywood is no longer first on the list to shoot a movie. Any state is up for grabs with the right incentives.

Why is filming so great for a state? First, it creates jobs and revenue and cash flow. While an average crew may only consist of 100 people, there are 500 other locals behind those 100 people--from the corner restaurant that caters the meals every day, to all the people responsible for fees and permits for various locations, to the police officers who provide security and direct traffic. Production equals jobs and money, hands down. Jon and Kate brought some jobs to PA, although this isn't the main reason the state wants them.

Second, and the real reason PA loves Jon and Kate, is, "in theory," production brings good will to the state. People watch a good-looking couple from PA with cute kids living the simple life in a quiet American town and their opinion of PA goes up. People see cute pit stops like Crayola Factory and Dutch Wonderland, and tourism goes up. Even if Jon and Kate are fighting and the kids are grouchy and crying, the Strasbourg Railroad engineer still looks like he's having a great time, and people still want to visit him. In later years, people saw beautiful rural proprieties and sweeping land, and for cheap (try getting the McMansion in California for anything less than $6 million), which made PA seem like a great place to move to. Jon and Kate were nothing but good for PA's reputation.

Pennsylvania is no longer home to just a few small-time PBS productions. Blockbuster director
M. Night Shyamalan has brought millions and millions in revenue to the state throughout the past several years and is partly responsible for the huge upsurge in film production in PA. The film industry is a hot item right now for PA in a terrible economy. They have every reason to brush aside an investigation, to sweep things under the rug, and to continue to permit laws to be broken, bent and twisted so that productions can continue in their great state. They do not want to sabotage the good will they have with people like Shyamalan, Figure 8, and other filmmakers who often head to PA, by slapping them with fines, shutting them down, or passing laws that restrict them.

But doesn't this logic apply to any kind of industry the Department investigates? Don't they always have an interest in continuing any kind of operation without regulation? Actually, no. The film industry is unique. When the Department investigates mines, they have every incentive to come down hard on any violations. Mines with violations lead to cave ins and death. Death is not good for Pennsylvania. When the Department investigates a grocery store chain and finds health violations, they come down hard on those violations. Health violations cause salmonella. Salmonella is not good for Pennsylvania. But when the Department investigates a film production, there is every incentive to let them go scot free. Reality children are not going to die or get salmonella if they don't fine the production. They'll just continue to work long hours for no pay at the mercy of whoever, with most people never realizing. Only a few kids are hurt, but the rest of PA benefits. And if they fine, penalize, or otherwise punish them for any violations, that production may never come back to PA. In fact, Kate even openly expressed an interest in moving to North Carolina some time back on the show, perhaps because laws are even less strict there. If production laws are too tough in PA, filmmakers will flee PA just like they've fled California. Unfortunatly, production laws are state laws. State hopping for a better deal is not only expected, but it is a fact, a reality, it is what is happening in this industry right now.

What's the solution to this? We can only hope for some basic federal laws to protect all children and discourage state hopping. But at a minimum, an independent organization, such as SAG, should investigate film production violations. Not the state, which has a vested interest in overlooking such violations. And if you think a government organization has never been corrupt, misleading, or inadequate, Google Watergate sometime.

Kate says she's 'not an absentee mom' because she TEXT MESSAGES; accuses Kevin of leaving his kids

Let's deconstruct more of Kate's lies in her exclusive, and tearful, interview with Inside Edition.

Kate, we don't think you're crying because you're sad. We think you're crying because you've been caught.

Kate says: The potty training episodes actually occured at Aunt Jodi's and Uncle Kevin's

We say: Kate has actually tried to refute something of substance that Jodi and Kevin said! How refreshing! Only she refutes it with more lies. The facts are actually that, yes, potty training was discussed in an episode at Aunt Jodi's. But the only clip ever shown was Jodi opening the bathroom long after the boys had used the bathroom. They were fully clothed as she passed out candy corn as a reward. They were never shown on the potty at her house. The kids were naked and on the potties in Kate's house, not Jodi's. In addition, isn't it worse to allow your kids to be filmed going potty at someone else's house? That's Kate's excuse, it wasn't at her house? We won't post the potty videos as proof here, but they can easily be found if you don't believe us.

Kate says: Kevin "has four children of his own and spending time in court and gallivanting to New York to complain about me, couldn't he be at home with his kids?"

We say: The hearings were in Horsham, Pennsylvania, not New York, a mere 90 miles from their Elizabethtown home. They could get there in an hour and a half. Three of their children are school age, only the youngest, Benny, isn't in school. So they only needed a babysitter for their youngest. The hearing was only a few hours long. They probably were able to get back home in time before anyone even got home from school. And seriously, Kate, you're calling Kevin an absent parent? You haven't been home in a week. And by the way, Jodi is a stay-at-home mom, home every day. I think she's allowed one morning away from her toddler if you're allowed weeks and weeks away from your children. The hearings were not "court," but a congressional fact-finding mission to determine whether laws, regulations, or other protections are needed to save children from greedy parents like you.

Kate says: "I'm not an absentee mom. I'm on the phone, texting back and forth with whoever is taking care of my kids."

We say: New book idea! "Text messaging: Parenting with your thumbs alone."

Jon moving to an apartment in Reading

Lawyer says he's signed a lease. In response to Kate's attorneys wanting Jon's custody motion dismissed on technicalities, Jon's lawyer says: "Grow up!" Ha.

He also says, “Kate has tremendous sources of income and as long as she’s portrayed as this wonderful mother and this flawless golden girl then her value continues to rise.” Touche, Kate's income source are tremendous.

In addition, Radaronline continues to incorrectly report that Jon is filing to be allowed to move into the guest house on the McMansion property. No, that is not what he is asking for. The filing is very clear that Jon was simply outlining the existing agreement, which always permitted him to live in the apartment.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kate responds to Jodi and Kevin's testimony with more lies

Kate says: Jodi and Kevin are "making money off of lies."

We say: What part of their testimony was a lie? Please be specific. Witnesses at Congressional hearings are not paid. It's unethical, improper, and a conflict of interest. Representative Murt stated they he sought out Jodi and Kevin to come speak, they didn't contact him. If they're lying, I expect a defamation lawsuit from Team Kate then.

Kate says: "My brother has made a lot of money off of saying things that are untrue about us. I've not allowed them to see my kids for two years. So I'm not quite sure what information they think they may have."

We say: Actually, they have seen the kids, just last fall. You might know this is you actually knew what was going on in your own children's lives. See picture proof at right (At the McMansion, and baby Benny is a toddler now, proof that it was recent). It has not been two years, try a few months. And you're proud of estranging your family members? Jodi was CRYING today every time she had to say the eight children. Her heart is breaking she doesn't see them because of you. Again, please tell us what Kevin or Jodi said that was untrue. And wait, isn't that what you're doing, making money off the kids? Again, just so you know, Congressional witnesses are not paid.

Kate says: "Every single time they were visiting my kids they would turn around and be on some sort of a show the next day talking about, you know, what it is that they saw inside our house."

We say: Hold on, I thought you just said they haven't seen you in two years? So two years ago they were coming to your house, then doing an interview? No one from the tabloids even had any interest in you then, that was before your marriage broke up! That's interesting you claim that's how it's gone down, because Jodi and Kevin only ever did one EXCLUSIVE interview with your very own Radaronline, followed by a very few sporadic interviews regarding the exact same topic. The only other public speaking they ever did was today at a Congressional hearing, a hearing they were summoned to. Please show examples of Jodi and Kevin coming to your house, then doing an interview. And even if they did do that, which they didn't, maybe it was because they were seeing bad things happen (such as your kids being tricked into thinking it was Christmas morning--are you disputing that ever happened?).

Kate says: "I just know that in the end the truth will prevail, so I honestly don't spend a whole lot of time worrying about it."

We say: Same here!

Jodi and Kevin's statements at Labor Hearing transcribed

Just their statements, not the questions asked after:

JODI: First of all my husband and I would like to thank you for this opportunity to discuss with you the need for guidelines and protection for children involved in reality
TV shows. Specifically, we are requesting that this new media format is included into the existing laws that are followed by scripted TV formats. My name is Jodi Kreider and my husband Kevin and I are sitting before you today as both advocates and voices for the children involved in reality TV. We have prepared a brief statement for you designed to outline the issue and provide the critical observations that support our request for immediate action to protect these children. We will also present you some possible solutions for this serious issue. The bottom line is the current laws designed to protect children involved in television production are outdated. They need to be revised to include the new reality format to insure that every child is protected. These children deserve the same legal protection and ethical safeguards provided to children involved in scripted television.

My husband and I are here as first person witnesses to the serious concerns raised and damages resulting from the lack of protection for the children involved in reality TV. My husbands’ sister is Kate Gosselin. Kate, along with her husband Jon, [Jodi chokes up here] and their eight beautiful children, were the stars of TLC’s reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 for five seasons. What started out as a simple documentary to capture what it was like for a young couple to have one set of twins and one set of sextuplets turned into TLC’s highest rated weekly show. It is very important to make clear that we are not here because of Jon and Kate’s decision to be filmed. We are here because of what we saw, and what we did not see. We saw many concerning safety issues and did not see any safeguards in place to protect these children’s rights.

My husband Kevin and I along with our four children lived right around the corner in the same development as Jon and Kate. We spent a great deal of time enjoying everyday activities and special occasions at each other’s house. Because of our family’s close involvement we were included in some of the first few shows. My husband enjoyed helping Jon with small projects in the garage and I was filmed sometimes when I was looking after the children. My husband will now describe a few of our concerns with actual illustrations.

KEVIN: Our direct involvement with Jon and Kate Plus 8 has provided my wife and I with first-hand observations that will support our view that reality TV needs to follow the same guidelines as scripted TV. I will briefly address eight important concerning issues.

The first, the format was planned and formal. Jon and Kate signed a complicated contract without a lawyer to represent them. Once the contracts are signed the producer sits down with Jon and Kate and develops show content for each episode.

Secondly, the extensive professional filming schedule. Large professional camera lighting equipment was permanently installed in the kitchen, living room, dining areas, all around the house. Their daily routine revolved around the needs of a designed episode, rather than having a crew just follow around their normal routine. A crew included a video camera operator, audio operator, and producer, would follow the children around for and average of two to three days to get enough footage for a half hour episode. What started as a simple 2-hour documentary ended with Jon and Kate producing over a hundred episodes in two years. Just two years.

Thirdly, privacy rights concerns. Video cameras were installed in the children’s bedrooms. These cameras operated continuously in an effort to capture unscripted moments, positive and negative, to provide TV production company with enough clips to fill a half hour episode. The children’s potty training with skin exposed was filmed by camera crews in the children’s bathroom often without a parent present. These scenes were uploaded onto the internet and burned onto the season’s DVDs. The children’s potty training videos still remain to be highly viewed on the internet.

Fourth, the potential psychological damage. One very vivid example comes to mind. The children were told it was Christmas morning. It was so the camera crew could get the genuine reaction of the children. It wasn’t until after, until later, they were told it was not Christmas morning, they just did it for the show. Can you imagine how confused eight little kids were that morning? One child in particular had many outbursts captured on the show. Now media, general public and children at school have labeled her as the difficult or bad one.

Fifth, the lack of adult supervision. The children were often left alone with one or more production crew member without a parent present. These areas include bathroom, bedroom, basement, backyard, only to name a few.

Next, is increased professional demands. The children would voice their dislike for going on studio promotional events to promote the upcoming season or special event. The children would also consider the sit down interview times a chore or something to accomplish so they could resume their playtime. Remember, this is said to be an unscripted reality show. Extra security is hired to protect the children from the media frenzy at their last promotional event in New York City.

Next, lack of financial security. In scripted TV the law states that every child involved in the filming receives financial compensation. This includes an amount that is to be put in an irrevocable trust fund. In reality TV those laws do not exist. There are no rules to provide and protect a child’s financial security. Remember, these shows are created because of these children, and they are the only participants not receiving compensation.

Lastly, elevated personal security risks. TLC provided Kate with a bodyguard due to her high profile and concern for a large number of unknown people who have voiced their unkind and some disturbing comments about her treatment to her husband that was shown on the TV show. There are many disturbing, disturbing and threatening comments that are posted on newspaper blogs and social media formats against Jon, Kate and their children. There have also been many psychologists who have voiced their concerns, stating, “the act of providing such personal details and images of the children foster inappropriate and misleading ideas to some of the mentally unstable citizens. I’ll now pass it back over to my wife Jodi for some final remarks.

JODI: From my husband’s comments I’m confident you’ll now realize that there is very little reality involved in the production of a reality TV show. The only real thing are the issues and concerns for the non professionals who are involved. We are simply asking that the existing law for scripted TV include reality TV as soon as possible. This is an urgent issue. with production costs much lower, fewer filming restrictions and potential for high profit, the reality TV production companies are now seeking new large families, multiple sets of babies, families in conflict, to contact them for possible future filming. During Jon and Kate’s separation, Jon refused to allow his children to be filmed by reality TV, expressing a new insight from both disturbing comments from people toward his family members and concerning behavior some of his children were exhibiting.

TLC has now announced a new TV show with Kate and her children after she finishes Dancing With the Stars. Our goal is to have the law revised so that not only [Jodi chokes up again] our nieces and nephews will be protected, but for all children who are now or who will be involved in reality TV.

There are some people who view reality TV as an easy way to get fame and fortune. During these tough economic times we are hearing more and more troubling stories about desperate parents doing desperate things. You may have remembered the recent balloon boy story in the news. It wasn’t long ago where parents instructed their young son to be involved in a fabricated story about his son possibly in a runaway homemade balloon. This sparked national media attention and involved a major emergency response. They later admitted they pulled this stunt in the hopes to be contacted by the reality TV production company they had reached out to earlier. It is very important to note that the emergency responders and the public were put at risk responding to this unusual event.

Our suggested solutions to this problem. Number one: Because children are unable to provide informed consent about a decision that has potential to inflict serious harm to their personal development, they should not be allowed to be involved in any reality TV programming.

Secondly, for the children that are currently involved in reality TV production, they should be required to become a member of the Screen Actors Guild, a labor organization whose mission is to negotiate the best possible wages and working conditions for professional actors, even young ones. The Screen Actors Guild represents its members through negotiation and enforcement of collective bargaining agreements that establish equitable levels of compensation, benefits and working conditions for the performers, the collection of compensation for exploitation of their recorded performances and protection against unauthorized use. They are provided with guidance to protect their privacy and personal information as well as health and safety issues. Most importantly, the Screen Actors Guild are on set to protect all members especially working children. It is their job to insure that all SAG rules including work hours and safety rules are being followed. When children are on set, the SAG represented is keeping an eye out for the following. Number one, Are the children being asked to work overtime? Or beyond their permitted work hours? Are they getting adequate rest times? Are they being tutored in a safe and effective manner? Have them been asked to do hazardous work? Are they permitting the parents to be in sight and sound of the children at all times? Have they been provided with an appropriate dressing room area?

In closing, reality TV is a powerful media format with the potential for serious personal harm for adults and especially children. There are already harmful personal, private and embarrassing moments that the children cannot defend, delete or erase after they are uploaded on the internet for anyone to watch at the click of a button. Children need to be protected from potential danger. Reality TV has the potential to cause real danger, period. These children deserve the same protections for those involved in scripted TV because they are, after all, only children. With your support the children will be given a voice and provided their right to legal protection in regards to the reality TV industry. Thank you.

REP. MURT: First of all I want to thank you for testifying today Kevin and Jodi, and I hope the committee understands that I requested them to come here, they did not seek me out, I sought them out, so we could learn as much as we possibly could about this concept of reality TV.

Thank Jodi and Kevin for their COURAGE with a donation

"It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference."
-- Tom Brokaw

We want to say to Jodi and Kevin, thank you for speaking out, even despite your own sister calling you liars and punishing you for telling the truth by not letting you see the children. Hang in there. Sincerely, 15 Minutes-Gosselin Style

In pondering how we can best thank Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin for their courage, and also what would really make a difference for reality show children, we've decided the best thing to do is make a donation to Paul Petersen's advocacy group A Minor Consideration in Jodi and Kevin's name, and then we will send them a thank you note indicating a donation has been made in their name. You have until Saturday, April 18 at midnight to donate. If you would like to donate, please do the following:

1. Go to A Minor Consideration's donation section on their web site. Make your donation either through Paypal or by Mail.
2. Fill out the form at the bottom of the donation page, it asks for your name, your donation amount, and under "Why you are donating (Optional)" please write "In honor of Jodi and Keven Kreider's courage."
3. Please email me the dollar amount you donated, so that I may add up the total amount.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Watch Aunt Jodi Live at child labor laws hearing: The children were told it was Christmas morning, then later told it really wasn't.

Streaming live at 10 a.m. ET today (Weds.)

WHAT: Rep. Thomas P. Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) will host a hearing of the House Republican Policy Committee to discuss Pennsylvania’s child labor laws as they relate to film and television production.

WHO: Rep. Thomas P. Murt, House Republican Policy Committee. The Committee will hear testimony from:

Paul Petersen – Former child actor, president and founder of “A Minor Consideration.”
Gloria Allred – Attorney and civil rights advocate.
Kevin and Jodi Krieder – Relatives of reality television stars.
Rebecca L. Gullan, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Psychology, Behavioral and Social Sciences Division, Gwynedd-Mercy College.
Robert Kuzynski – Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, Bureau of Labor Law Compliance.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 14

TIME: 10 a.m.

WHERE: Blair Mill Inn, Fountain Room, 3855 Blair Mill Road, Horsham

Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin's Testimony:

  • Jodi chokes up as she says we want our neices and nephews protected, and all children.
  • Jodi: "Very little reality involved in reality TV"
  • Jodi says they are advocates and voices for the children involved in reality TV
  • Each episode was planned and formal
  • Jon and Kate signed a contract without a lawyer
  • The children's schedule revolved around the needs of an episode, the crew didn’t follow them along their routine
  • Video cameras in children’s bedrooms that operated continuously
  • Kevin regrets allowing his own children to be filmed.
  • Children were filmed in bathroom, often with no parent there
  • The children were told it was Christmas morning so camera crew would get a genuine reaction. They were told later it was not really Christmas morning.
  • Mady is labeled at school as the difficult or bad one
  • Children were often left alone with crew without parents.
  • The children would voice dislike of going to events and sit-down interviews
  • Children cannot "defend, delete, or erase"the private moments that have been filmed

Suggestions: Reality children should be members of the Screen Actors Guild. SAG reps on set to protect children.

DWTS Episode 4 Recap: Scent of a Liar: Kate's Tango is surprisingly .... okay, but the mistruths are at an all time high!

Kate's score: Technique: 14/30. Performance: 18/30. 32 out of 60.

Last time …. The graphics guys had a lot of fun making Buzz’s lower body a rocket ship and blasting him off into the world of cast-offs, and to having his life back. All the dancers salute him, and Kate finally catches on to what the party is doing and salutes too, talking and laughing as she does so while everyone else shows quiet dignified respect.

Coming up, they are getting really gimmicky this season. Tonight they will get two scores--for Performance and Technique. I like how the preview clip of Kate is just her shrieking … still think everyone on DWTS loves her? I kind of don’t mind all the ratings gimmicks. I find this show inexplicably mind-numbing, and all this stuff relieves my boredom ever so slightly, such that I feel like maybe I’m reading Moby Dick, instead of War and Peace.

Live! This is Dancing … With the Stars!

I hate the part where the stars come down the stairs for like ten minutes, it’s like a bad cruise ship variety show. Neicy’s boobs are huge, I mean huge. Why is this never talked about? Derek trips, haha. When you’re seven-years-old you’re still rather clumsy.

Tony is in all black leather and chains, he looks like Zorro and Michael Jackson had a baby. I think Kate looks surprisingly decent tonight, she has on this silver metallic sleeveless number with a really flowy skirt, like a really expensive prom dress, and her hair is pulled back modestly with flowy tendrils. Tony’s smile at this point looks like a Ken doll, and why does he keep avoiding our eyes? Maybe he’s embarrassed at the nonsense he says in their segment, which we’ll go into later.

Len, Bruno, and Carrie Ann sit down in an empty room at this round table with a black table cloth. It‘s all dark and smoky. They look like they’re in the basement of an Italian restaurant in Queens discussing how they’re going to cause an unlucky accident to befall the guy who ran over the boss’s 12-year-old. But really they’re just talking about what a terrible dancer Kate is and how she‘s going to butcher The Tango. They give the other dancers some constructive criticism and then some professionals come out to show us how The Tango is really done, with pyrotechnics! Cool, but wouldn’t that be a lot more appropriate to save for the Bitch from Hell?

Erin Andrews. She says her favorite athletes are those who never talk about their injuries and don‘t lose any playing time. Exactly. Are you hurt, or just injured? I love Erin so much for this statement (and by the way, I‘m the biggest Penn State fan you‘ve ever met this side of the Mississippi, and Joe Paterno‘s team never complains!). I think this philosophy could apply to emotional turmoil as well, or anything rough going on in your life. Just get out there and get on with it, quit your crying. Because I can, I’m going to take this as a passive aggressive dig at Kate, even though I don’t think she meant it that way. After all, they went out of the way last week to prove to us that Erin and Kate are “friends” because they text on their iphones! I think she is getting better and better every week, this is a real treat. Her Tango really shows off her long legs. Technique: 18 out of 30. Performance: 21 out of 30. 39 out of 60, rather underscored I think.

Evan. I like that he’s doing The Tango, he could be a young Al Pacino. When you’re a nanny you meet a lot of other nannies, and I once was actually pretty good friends with someone who worked for Al Pacino. One year Al Pacino didn’t have a date for the Oscars … so he took Ariana. It was maybe five years ago? I know some sheeple out there don’t believe my stories, so I suppose you could dig around for old Oscar pics to find him with the nanny. Believe me a lot of celebs would not do that, they would sooner hire an escort than take the lowly “staff,” especially the nanny who is just a step above the Guatemalan gardener. Flashbacks to 1998 and The Backstreet Boys, they’re using a chair as a prop. I do not think The Tango works with “Boy Why You Trippin’ Like That.” Have you ever noticed Brooke always passes the microphone back and forth in slow motion? Technique: 26/30. Performance: 26/30. 52 out of 60.

It’s back to the basement for the judges. Leave the gun, take the cannolis, says Lenny. It’s not personal, Kart, it’s business, says Bruno. In Sicily lifts are more dangerous than shotguns, Crazy Ann opines. Why did you go to the police, why didn't you come to me first? the Godfather demands. Lenny, Bruno, and Carrie Ann are total mob names, which makes this all the more hysterical. The professionals show us the real Rumba, to Kelly Clarkson. This show.

Neicy has to rehearse on the set of Clean House. I never got that show. Is it Hoarders (yeah, it wishes it were that awesome)? Is it about how to throw a great garage sale? Is it a forum for Neicy to tell dumb jokes? Trading Spaces? It tries to be all of that and as a result, is inexplicably obnoxious, which is why it’s buried up in cable no man’s land somewhere about 1 a.m. on channel 312 or some such. Neicy works 10 to 12 hour days on the Clean House set, then after rehearses. Wasn’t Kate just remarking how she puts in a long and exhausting six hours of work each day? Phew! The thing is, the sort of sad truth about making it in show business? You have to be that rare person willing to put in 10 to 12 hour days on the set, then rehearse for hours and hours after it‘s a wrap. If you don‘t want to do the time, you probably don’t make it. Lots of coffee and possibly speed helps. Neicy also suggests an angel. Ha, what? Realize that most people do not just fall into celebrity (as Kate so wants us to believe), they work like dogs to get there at the expense of everything else including their time. It is a strange anomaly to see someone as lazy and worn down as Kate be this famous for this long. There’s something missing in Neicy’s Rumba. The judges try to figure it out, Len saying there were no highlights and Bruno saying she was in a trance. Yowser, big bitch face from Neicy; Kate, you’ve got some competition. Technique: 18/30. Performance: 18/30. 36 out of 60.

Why does Aiden always sound like he has a bad head cold? Is it just his British accent? Pretty much everyone still has other commitments to take care of during DWTS, but Kate still thinks she wrote the book on multi-tasking and also you better give her a medal for flying back to PA every week (for just one day this week), and the medal should be mounted too. And since it’s DWTS, have glitter on it. For Aiden, he had to do a cruise this week. Oh, Susan Lucci is here. Did I mention Tony brought her all the way to sixth place? The woman was like 63. She wasn’t qualified to tell him how she should learn things. Edyta is wearing pretty much nothing. She literally has one metallic sleeve and some pasties on. This wasn’t that good, I think his biggest problem is they have absolutely no chemistry, pasties or not. He’s just one of those guys who is so fiercely devoted to his wife and baby he’s never going to look that good with another woman. Technique: 15/30. Performance: 18/30. 33 out of 60.

Up next, Pussycat and the Kid. Derrick is scarfing down potato chips, I hope the boy knows that will just make the acne worse. Naturally Pussycat’s Rumba is excellent, although it looks like she’s wearing a bed sheet, which I find rather inappropriate actually. Isn’t Ballroom Dancing sort of supposed to be something classy and dignified? Americans insist on adding sex to everything, it’s a shame I think. Americans would find a way to sex up bocce ball if they could. By the way if you missed it the first 22 times they told us, Tom Burgeron is going to be on Castle tonight. My friend keeps telling me what a great show that is, but my Tivo is already away from her kids almost as much as Kate, I hate to ask her to do one more thing. Technique: 25/30. Performance: 25/30. 50 out of 60. Pussycat is tearful, aww wasn’t that good enough for the dance major/professional dancer?

The Bachelor. His Tango looks pretty traditional. It’s weird how he’s smiling goofily, I thought it was supposed to be a really serious dance. He trips a little on his shoe but he keeps going. The judges criticize the technique, which they’re right about. The connection is missing. Technique: 19/30. Performance: 19/30. 38 out of 60.

Kate’s finally up, not exactly last, but close enough. Last week: Paparazzi. What in the holy fuck baby Jesus hail Mary blesset art thou among women was that? is all I have to say. Do you see the incredible irony that Kate’s whole story was how much she “hates” the Paparazzi, and yet in her book, which we got our grubby little hands on yesterday, Kate says, and I quote, “I truly enjoy the campaigns, books, shows, media.” Do those two things really reconcile? Drink every time Kate lies in this segment. On second thought don’t, you better not, you’ll end up drunker than a Southern Baptist Preacher at a High School Dance.

Once again, her segment is basically, “waa, waa, waa.” Tony is acting like he’s falling for this, which is incredibly disappointing. First Kate claims she’s been going through shit for two years. Wait just a minute. Did Kate just get Kaught? We long suspected that the marriage has been a sham for years. In August 2008, she and Jon renewed their vows in Hawaii, promising to be together forever. That’s a year and a half ago, not two years. So, that REALLY WAS a sham! Good to finally see her admit it.

Kate next claims that she wakes up every morning and checks the news to see what her day will bring. Hopefully she also checks our blog, which is the most up to date on her shenanigans/lies if you don‘t mind my saying so! And she can pull it up on her iphone! First of all, though, that’s incredibly unhealthy. Most very famous people will tell you not to read the tabloids, they will just make you ill. Second of all, I thought she didn’t care what the press says. Now she wakes up every day hanging on their every word? How sad for you that you base your day around what some 25-year-old writer who really would prefer to work for The New Yorker is saying about you in US Weekly. I think she just likes to read about herself in print, she gets off on it, but Kate tries to play it like they are causing her to have poor self-esteem and all those magazines just want to be big meanies to her.

Kate then brings up the custody stuff going on right now. Aren’t her kids at home watching this with five nannies and eight bowls of popcorn? Kate is so majorly busted right now thanks to Jon finally retaining a real lawyer at least half as good as I am, let me count the ways. I have to work and my ex is a deadbeat … but Jon pays you 22k in child support a month: BUSTED. Jon is an absent father who never sees his kids …. But you control his visitation schedule and won’t let him see them and now he‘s filing so you don‘t have the final say anymore. BUSTED. This is all for the kids …. But you just put it in writing in your book this is all for the publicity. BUSTED again! I love it. Let’s keep going!

Tony then says, “If you fail this week, he wins. Will you let that happen?” I’m trying not to lose all respect for Tony because I actually really like him, but that statement is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, and absolutely something the children have no business ever hearing. In fact several judges (bench officers, not DWTS panel people) I know would give Kate a serious smackdown for discussing an open family law case involving five-year-old children on national TV and accusing their father of just trying to “win“ something. If I were the judge, I would threaten to hold her in contempt of a court order if she discusses the case publicly one more time. I can only hope Tony was just saying that to get Kate to suck it up and get back to rehearsing, I don’t know. First of all, Tony, I love you, but DWTS has absolutely nothing to do with Jon, I don‘t think Jon really cares what all campy D-lister reality shows Kate embarrasses herself on, the point is she is not home. And Jon doesn’t want Kate to fail nor is he trying to “win“. He wants the kids when Kate is not home, what is so damn terrible or hard to understand about this? Kate, you are never home! Why can’t the children be with their father when you aren’t? Everything Jon has said about her being on this show has been very supportive. It’s not all about Kate, as Tony and Kate are spinning it. The suit wasn‘t filed to screw Kate over. I know that‘s hard for her to understand since everything she‘s ever done in court was to screw Jon. But see, unlike Kate, Jon actually goes to court for the kids. This is about the kids being with their father more, and a mother who is never home. Was not even home a full DAY this week (see the Kate Kalendar, where travel days count as whole days to us, giving Kate the benefit of the doubt). That’s all it’s about, pure and simple. Of course we all know what the custody suit is really about, we’re not stupid, and we’re not falling for this narcissistic mumbo-jumbo confusing the issue and other lame victimish tactics. God I hope the rest of America isn’t falling for this either, I have faith.

Kate wants us to believe that all the contestants have huge advantages. Okay, I’ll give her Evan and Erin. But The Bachelor has an advantage because he loves performing? Haha, oh, Kate. I don’t think anyone loves performing more than you, that’s impossible.

More waa-waa-waa, Tony doesn’t deserve her (actually you don‘t deserve Tony!), I can’t get voted off or I‘ve quit, I don‘t believe in myself---Oh, shut the fuck up and all that jazz.

Here we go, The Tango. It’s a shock to be able to watch this without wanting to tear my hair out one strand at a time. It’s an improvement. Kate’s nailing her footwork although it‘s simple, her expressions are right for a Tango--in other words she doesn‘t look like she‘s passing a kidney stone tonight, and she’s got a few moves up her sleeve, like the way Tony spins her around over his knee for the finale. Of course when the first week you were a Shopping Kart, the second you were a Stepford Wife, and the third you were a Bitch From Hell, how can you go anywhere but up? I predict the judges are going to be pleasantly surprised, and sadly, we’re not going to get a good Bruno-ism this week. Aw.

The folks who post on the blog are hysterical. I hope Kelly doesn’t mind I repeat a few observations from him: He says watching Kate is like waterboarding, Tony looked like a striped bass being off loaded onto the cutting board, and Kelly’s Yorkie can lift his leg better. Haha!

Bruno calls it a “mini breakthrough.” For a moment, he actually believed she was dancing. I agree, for a moment, I wasn’t sick to my stomach. Carrie Ann has respect for her, although calls her out on a lift. Have you seen Kate dance/stomp around? Carrie Ann is truly worried about a lift? Tony argues with Carrie Ann a bit about the lift, and man he got pissed quick. Sometimes I’m a little afraid of Tony the way he can go from happy and carefree to furious in about a second and a half. Tony went through a huge thing with Jane Seymour a couple seasons ago where Crazy Ann was being a total sociopath about a lift they did. All season long no one ever got called out on doing lifts, not once, then they did a teeny baby one that is still debatable today whether her feet ever even came off the floor, and Crazy Ann went nuts on them and sabotaged their whole score. It was probably Jane’s best dance the whole season, Tony clearly really liked her, and he was playing the “don’t you be messin’ with my girl, you bitch” role, which was actually rather sweet. Later, Tony reportedly gave Carrie Ann the rule book for DWTS which supposedly permits whatever they did. I think that’s fair, pointing out that the rules permit it. And Carrie Ann reportedly gave him the finger, which I find childish. Even Len has admitted it after when he made a mistake on a score. Anyway, there is a history here.

I think it’s nice that Len points out it’s easier to have a partner who’s really talented (cough, Derek). Instead, Tony has a tough assignment and he’s got such mad Shopping Kart skills by now he should own a Ralph’s. “Kate is speechless, this is awesome,” Tony quips backstage. If Jon knew all he had to do to get Kate to STFU was Tango with her? I’m guessing he wouldn’t be dolling out 22k in child support right now. Technique: 14/30. Performance: 18/30. 32 out of 60. Scores aren’t too great for all the praise the judges gave them.

There are a number of conspiracy theories going around as to why Kate’s Tango was so much better than her other three dances. I don’t really know, but I think my take right now is it was a combination of things. She got a lot of quiet rehearsal time since she spent most of the week in NY, not with the kids. The Tango is easier--the steps are simple, it’s easy to stay on beat, it plays to some of her, um, strengths, if you can call it that. And the way the Tango works is Tony does a lot of leading and guiding, Kate is not left to stomp away on her own which is always when it gets really really bad.

Ochocinco. I think he gets better every dance. This is a little disjointed though. Carrie Ann liked his hip action. They are together, it‘s official. Chad gave her a ring/ROCK, and it’s on her engagement finger. Technique: 21/30. Performance: 23/30. 44 out of 60.

Pam Anderson. Just a quick story this week, Pam volunteers in Dylan and Brandon’s classes. Their public school may be “good” (and these days in CA, that‘s not saying much), but they still require donations, parent volunteers, etc., just like every other public school. Most celebs send the nanny to volunteer, it’s part of your job as a nanny. In fact most celebs even put the nanny’s cell phone on class phone lists. I know because I was on one. The school requires either a parent or nanny to volunteer in class at least a few times a month. Pam does it. Pam does it every single time. In jeans, a t-shirt, and no makeup. Just hands on Mommy. If Pam or her people ever by chance happen to stumble upon this, I want her to know what a gift of love and security she is giving Brandon and Dylan. Something I fear the Gosselin Eight may never truly experience. Is she a perfect Mommy? No, no one is. But she’s a THERE Mommy. And frankly, 90% of motherhood is just being a presence in your children’s day-to-day lives, I firmly believe this. Leave your children enough, and they learn not to depend on you, to be able to get along without you. And let me tell you speaking as a nanny, it’s really heartbreaking to see an eight-year-old who has already learned how to get by without his mother.

Pam is single right now, frankly those moments are few and far between. I think one of her biggest flaws is her dependence on men. She’s dated everyone and your mother. I am going to cry, this is beautiful. She looks like an angel. “I Can’t Make You Love Me” just seems so appropriate for Pam. She’s had all these failures in the men department, several failed marriages, miscarriages, Tommy Lee gave her Hepatitis C, and here we are now and she’s got two middle school aged boys and she‘s alone. You can tell she really, really wants to have Prince Charming in her life for her and the boys, but it‘s almost like she‘s not sure she really deserves it. She deserves it, I hope she knows that. The judges love it, just a few nitpicks with her arms. Technique: 23/30. Performance: 24/30. 47 out of 60, good job Pam!

By the way don’t forget to watch Tom on Castle!

Results show: Aiden gets voted off. At least his scores really weren’t that much better than Kart’s. This could start to get really violent if she stays longer than say a Pussycat Doll or Erin or Evan. Just in case there is any confusion, just because they always wait until the very last second to tell us Kate is safe, doesn’t mean she’s not getting the most votes. We have no idea how close she is to the bottom because they don’t tell us that. For all we know she could be winning every round of this, which is frightening. But I also think by manipulating it so she’s almost last every time, it makes fans nervous and gets them to vote more, which I find inherently unfair. You need to rotate the people who finish almost last week to week, it is not fair to use Kate every … single …. time.

Next week, the gimmicks continue. They’re supposed to do a song from a movie. I like this since as much as I watch too much bad TV, I’m almost a bigger movie buff. I’m trying to decide what would be my wet dream movie for Kate: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? Psycho? Wait, wait …. Mommy Dearest, of course! No …. wire …. hangers!