Thursday, September 30, 2010

Has TLC sent Kate a memo?

Amid reports Kate Plus 8 is kaput and Jon has a court date for custody in November, has TLC been circulating a secret memo? Our sources have searched the garbage cans of Maryland and PA and tracked it down. Thank you Team Truth!:

Kate was spotted yesterday in a sensible t-shirt and shorts and tennis shoes, picking up the kids.

Kate, who is sometimes seen steering the kids by the heads, here appears to be steering Collin by his cheek:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jon picks up kids from school

Jon picked up the kids from school yesterday, and it's great to see Mady is still playing the violin. Music can be a great outlet for kids going through rough times such as a divorce.

Meanwhile Kate has been MIA for several days, laying very low amid reports Jon won't let the kids film anymore and is taking her back to court for custody. While there's speculation she could be filming the Celebrity Apprentice, a local reported she was seen at Target.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just for fun

Thanks, Topanga. We always liked you.

Danielle Fishel remembers the real reason why she doesn't care for reality mama Kate Gosselin. Take a peek into her scary world.

Three 'Deadliest Catch' captains quit show in dispute with Discovery

This just in--well-loved Captain Sig Hansen is walking off the show with the Hillstrand brothers. What can Discovery do except sue the pants off these men off the street (not actors with agents, lawyers, managers, SAG benefits and other protections), just like they did to Jon? When one reality show star is having a dispute with the network holding him captive, maybe you don't raise an eyebrow. But when three more stars are now having massive, million-dollar problems with the same network? Ya think Discovery might bear some responsibility?

Earlier this month we posted about the news that the Deadliest Catch Hillstrand brothers were being sued by Discovery for a whopping $3 million. The dispute is allegedly over the brothers failing to complete a spin-off series, but few details have emerged since then.
What is clear is that Discovery cares about one thing--money. Anyone who stands in their way is hauled into court. Be careful what you wish for--perhaps if Discovery bullies their employees enough, no one will want to sign their lives away to them anymore.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ronald McDonald house tries to auction off Kate's scooter a second time

Almost a year and a half ago, the boys of American Chopper gave Kate a pink Schwinn scooter. Kate promptly donated it to the Ronald McDonald House. (Bikes and Trikes, 6/15/09). However, locals reported that the Ronald McDonald House couldn't unload the autographed scooter, and so they gave it back to Kate, who kept it in the family garage.

Now it looks like the Ronald is giving it another go. Local radio stations are reporting the scooter is up for auction again. The 2009 pink Schwinn is to be auctioned off on October 9 in Hershey. (We like scooters, but get a Honda or a Vespa, not a Schwinn, a company that outsources to China paying workers as low as $1 an hour.)

TLC pulls Kate Plus 8 from web site menu and upcoming TV schedule

Despite TLC claiming the show is not cancelled, they have quietly removed "Kate Plus 8" from their web site toolbar. The show web site can still be accessed at the original link, but it's gone from the main page.

Even more notably, they've also removed it from all upcoming broadcasts, reruns or originals.

Looks like a duck to us.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kids 'attacked' by cameras at arcade

Ellen: "Weirdo people that follow the kids and try to talk to them"

A disturbing report from an eye witness this afternoon described the children being hounded by fans on a visit with Jon and his girlfriend Ellen at an arcade. Said the witness, "After what I saw today, [I] feel so bad for the kids! Adults and children were trying to get near them, taking their pictures, ignoring Ellen and Jon when they tried to make them stop. Even in the ball pit there were kids talking to the Gosselins about the show. They looked uncomfortable. Why can't those kids have a normal outing with their dad? The kids were having fun but they kept running to Daddy and Ellen. With some discussion, eventually people stopped taking pictures. The kids need to be off television. This is not fair to them. Kudos to Ellen for standing up to the adults who refused to stop taking pictures. She has those kids' best interest in her heart."

A few hours later, Ellen confirmed the incident by taking to her Facebook page to vent her frustration. She said the kids were "attacked" with cameras even though Ellen asked the fans to stop. Ellen went on to say, "I'm not even bothered by paparazzi anymore, it's the weirdo people that follow the kids and try to talk to them that pisses me off."

Kate's fans are upset with those who criticize Kate. But ironically, just as Kate, Steve, and now Ellen have confirmed, it's the fans causing problems for the children, not the detractors. We're reminded of Alison Angrim's testimony this week at the Child Labor Hearings. She said, since an adult would find it "fun" to be famous, they assume a child would too.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Recap: School Time! 9/20/10: The kids attend Kate's boot camp

Coming up, how many ways can a control freak micromanage back to school preparations? As many as there are shoes in her closet. On the older episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8, most of the “coming up” promos shown at the very beginning of the episodes involved a lot of crying, shrieking, whining and moaning. On the part of the kids, I mean. These days, there’s still a lot of crying, shrieking, whining and moaning, but now that the kids have mercifully grown out of that (for the most part), Kate has taken over the duties.

Kate and the kids arrive at the hair stylist for haircuts. Hannah’s hair is so long she looks like Little Mermaid at this point, it’s ridiculous. Kate even tells us Hannah has been outright begging her to cut her hair, but Kate has been ignoring her, according to Kate. WTF is all I have to say to that. And if Kate weren’t paying a nanny to brush her hair every morning and wash it at night, something tells me it would never have gotten this long. Sure, long hair is all kinds of fun if you’re not the person who has to take care of it. Just like if you’re Kate, having a mansion is fun, with a huge yard and long driveway, because you can pay other people to clean it, shovel the snow, and landscape.

All the kids are getting trims and Kate is still trying to talk Hannah out of the cut, telling Hannah her hair will never grow back if she cuts it. Lie to your own kids, awesome. Kate puts on a big dog and pony show, crying and wiping her eyes and moaning over hair. Hannah just kind of laughs at her, which is funny. When even Hannah is acting like her mother is a nut job, this woman is pretty much done for.

Kate starts saying they are going to donate her hair to Locks of Love. Well, how refreshing! What a great teachable moment for the kids. And a child’s hair is perfect for Locks of Love because it’s typically not damaged by products and perms and color like an adult’s often is. Somewhere out there a child is going to be very happy wearing Hannah’s beautiful hair. But wait, looks like I spoke too soon, Kate interjects that they should just donate “half” of the hair, and keep the other half. This woman is so stingy and selfish and self-absorbed she can’t even make a full donation to charity. Hannah’s hair is so thin I’m not even sure half her hair is going to be worth it to Locks of Love. So typical Kate! She dances half-assed, she parents half-assed, and she gives to charity half-assed.

Also, what does she intend to do with the other half? Stick it in a shoebox? Make some kind of sculpture and erect a shrine to the hair of the chosen child? Hair is dead cells, and I think it’s disgusting to keep it. I can sort of accept those parents who maybe keep one little lock from their baby, but hanging onto half of a six-year-old’s hair? Gross.

Hannah’s shorter much more reasonable haircut is cute of course and she is a new woman with a lot less weight now.

You can tell TLC is really low on footage these days. The next scene is basically the little kids in the foyer of the mansion hopping on one foot. It feels like this goes on for five minutes. Absolutely nothing is happening. Finally Kate comes down the stairs, grumpy and demanding to know where the twins are as if six kids age six are capable of keeping track of two headstrong nine-year-olds, and they head off to the shoe store.

We know from the paparazzi shots of this trip to the shoe store that the whole building was shut down just for this family. I really wonder how these kids are going to learn how to conduct themselves in a busy crowded store, how to wait in long lines and wait their turn for a sales rep to assist them and so on, and whether they realize that they won’t always be this special. I just picture them at Bank of America when they’re 18 and I hope, finally getting their hands on their fair cut of TLC’s millions, pushing right to the front of the line and approaching a teller as if they think this is normal. Meanwhile the teller thinks it’s a robbery and is frantically pushing the red button.

I think most of us know this is not how most celebrities live their lives. Many of us who live in LA or NYC, myself included, see celebs all the time out with their kids slumming it with the peasants and slaves. Even, gasp, waiting in line for shit they want. A couple years ago, I was at the Topanga Mall which is a common place to see celebs, and I saw a pretty famous celeb with one of her sons going into a Reeboks store and helping him try on shoes and buying them like it was the most normal thing in the world. Doesn’t she know the store should be shut down for them? And also, no one was bothering them. Doesn’t she know there should be paparazzi there and fans snapping photos?

As the nice sales reps help the kids try on shoes, Kate stands there helplessly and says, “Didn’t we just do this, like, forty minutes ago?” I don’t know, Kate, is this take two? Maybe did you block the scene forty minutes ago? Because yes, maybe you did just do this! I’m guessing she means the kids are growing up fast. The bigger they get the less cute they are, I can see why this bothers Kate so much. $$$

Aw, the little kids want tie shoes. But Kate insists they get Velcro one more year. Because it’s all about Kate and her own convenience, and not about letting the children grow up and spread their wings and join the big bad world of tie shoes, Kate points out she can barely get them to the bus as it is and that‘s why they need to get Velcro. She gives them a whopping two whole choices of Velcro shoes. The kids act like it’s a choice between the guillotine or the gas chamber. They are seriously pissed. They act like Kate has never done this to them before, like it‘s not normal for Kate to control every last hair on their head. Come on, kids.

My suggestion would be that Kate buys the kids tie shoes if the kids agree to wake up 10 minutes earlier to be sure they have enough time to get to the bus, and then shake on it with them. If any of them doesn’t cooperate, it’s back to Velcro. But wait, that means Kate would have to get up 10 minutes earlier, so forget that.

Kate also tells them “You can each get a different shoe this year.” She says this like she is conceding something. Which makes me wonder, when they were dressed alike, is she saying they actually didn’t want to? Sure sounds like it.

“The kids honestly don’t know how to tie shoes yet,” Kate tells us. “I need to work with them.” So how will they learn to tie shoes unless they actually get a pair of tie shoes? Also how does Kate work with them when she’s in Mexico? You know, this is sort of like not getting them a bike until they learn how to ride. But hey, it’s Kate logic so just go with it.

The kids have a lot more opinions these days, Kate bemoans. Yeah, sucks doesn’t it? For Kate anyway. Ha.

Kate hugs a sales rep goodbye, which I find weird. The rep clearly didn’t know the family because she was just asking the children their names. But I suppose with eight kids getting through an entire shoe-shopping trip unscathed makes you want to hug.

They head to another store to buy backpacks. Leah bolts for the one with the lizard. “No, you’re a girl,” Kate snaps, pulling it away.

Kate is quickly realizing letting the kids pick their own backpacks was a bad idea, because they are having a hard time deciding and are changing their minds. We’ve only ever seen Kate have patience for about 10 seconds to let someone else make a decision, after that she either makes the decision herself or freaks out. I can just see how this conversation she always claims she’s had with the kids about filming went. “So, you guys want to keep filming still?”

Kids: “Um, well, I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not, hmm.”

Kate: “Great I’ll take that as a yes. Next!”

Sure enough, she is rapidly heading into the freak-out zone at the backpack store. “Who’s listening to me, anybody?” Kate demands. Kate claims the kids are “scrambling around,” but I’m not sure how she figures that because the footage clearly shows calm, collected kids who are actually behaving quite well and just standing near the register talking in their indoor voices to each other, fingering a few display items gently, and waiting for Kate to check out. Though I suppose in Kate’s world, if you’re breathing, you’re “scrambling around.”

“Stand along there, plant your feet along the floor. Collin are you paying attention to me? Aaden are you paying attention to me?” the drill sergeant barks. For absolutely no apparent reason, she makes the kids squeeze into this small little space between a rack and a counter. “Do not move your feet! I have to trust that you’ll stay right here! I’m done now!”

Where is this even coming from? What did these poor kids do? I don’t know if they edited out some kind of problem with the kids (since when has TLC done that?), but all I see are happy and quiet kids who are actually behaving really well given the fact that their mother is Kate.

“All of us don’t fit in here!” Leah shouts. And she’s absolutely right, they’re crammed in this tiny area and it’s not fair.

Mady doesn’t want a lunch box, she wants her lunch in a paper bag. “No!” Kate snaps, without bothering to ask her what her reasons are. I can relate to that. When I was a kid, all the cool kids brought brown bag lunches. No one had a cutsie lunch box unless you were a member of band, or Spanish club. On the one hand, I think brown bags waste a lot of paper. On the other, is it really worth fighting over? Can I just say that I hate adults who treat kids like this? Like kids are objects to herd around and spend money on, and not people with important thoughts, feelings and opinions they just want heard. Hey, anyone remember Tamagotchis? Those little egg-shaped virtual pets everyone had in the 90's. Kate treats these kids like little Tamagotchis that you have to constantly feed, bathe and tuck in to bed so that they don’t die or get depressed. But a meaningful relationship with a Tamagotchi isn't really possible.

Kate is now making the kids sit on the floor and fold their hands. Because I guess they were maybe breathing too much? I feel like Kate will only be happy if her kids are on horse tranquilizers and in straight jackets. Seriously, these sweet kids have done nothing to deserve this treatment. They were literally just standing there minding their own business.

Ew, on a dirty floor?” one of the kids asks, obviously confused.

“Yup! Yup!” Kate shouts. They reluctantly sit. This woman is truly having a breakdown. It’s a little scary, and certainly not attractive. As so many of us have said, if she behaves this way for the cameras, shudder to think how she is when the cameras are off.

While Kate is getting all the bags monogrammed, Alexis screams. Apparently Mady threatened to hurt her? That’s what Kate says. Mady is several feet away from Alexis and tries to explain she didn’t do anything, which is entirely possible, because Alexis has a history of screaming over every little thing. But of course Mady is sent off to stand somewhere before she even gets a word in edgewise. I’m reminded of a time when Mady took all the blame when she hugged Collin and he accidentally lost her balance, none of which was her fault. Then Kate orders Alexis to, “Stand up! Stand up! Are we allowed to scream like that unless there is a fire, an accident, or something horrific?”

I so want Alexis to snap back, “Well, apparently you are, Mommie Dearest.” But Alexis just isn’t quite old enough to get there yet. She will though, soon. Kate is behaving like an absolute banshee this whole trip, then yells at her kids for screaming. The kids are trapped in this perpetual state of uncertainty with her, it’s awful. It’s not fun being the child of a narcissist.

The next day, they go to another store to get school uniforms. Kate’s attitude is so out of this world. I have never seen a mother more ungrateful to have eight wonderful, healthy, smart, well-behaved kids. “It was kind of like a reminder why I don’t do that on a regular basis,” she deadpans. “I’d rather pull my teeth out one at a time.” What a delusional bitch. Once again all the footage shows the kids behaving themselves, being quiet, and cooperating. And she can’t appreciate it.

They head over to the shoe department to get shoes for Mady and Cara. By this time the little kids are getting a little louder, but it‘s really not that bad. They play with a giant Croc shoe. Kate says a lady was scowling at them and probably thought children should be seen and not heard. I’m not sure that’s why she was upset. How does Kate know that woman wasn’t scowling actually because an entire production crew just trooped into the shoe store while she was trying to shop?

I have those, I have those, too, Kate says as she looks at the women’s shoes. I have a little shoe thing, she explains. Yup, and your kids pay for your habit.

I didn’t realize this was a hooker shoe shopping excursion, too. While the kids play with the croc and are getting tired and impatient, Kate starts trying on a variety of heels. Wtf. Don’t complain your kids are being bad when you’re holding up the whole trip yourself.

Mady rolls her eyes, tells Kate her feet look wrinkly (haha!) and then tells the camera Kate needs a bigger closet for all her shoes. Mady, all your money has been soundly invested in your mother’s shoes, stop being so ungrateful. Kate is also chomping on some gum this whole time, it’s about time for that cigarette break I would think.

Back at the mansion, Kate is complaining about all the work she has to do to get them ready for school in the morning, like pack lunches. Oh please, like the nanny doesn’t do that. I did.

After asking the kids if they want mayo and mustard on their sandwiches, Kate can’t take it anymore and screams just as loudly as Alexis did the other day. Is this a fire, an accident, or something horrific? Or is this just a scream about mayo? Hypocrite. Kate, go to the corner.
Does Kate even enjoy her kids? Everything she does for them she acts like she’s plowing a field, or digging a well, or delivering a baby without an epidural or something. Everything is so, so hard. I feel sorry for her that she will not allow herself to have fun with her kids.

“Quiet!“ Mommie Dearest shouts. “What order do we eat our lunch in? Go ahead, say it together!” Like little trained seals, the kids recite, “Sandwich, vegetables, fruit, crunchy things, yogurt or cheese, dessert!”
Kate says if the dessert is missing but their vegetable is still there, they won’t get their dessert the next day. I bet Kate thinks this works. But actually, all that teaches kids is to eat whatever they damn well please and throw out the rest. In other words, to hide their food habits from their mother. That’s not setting them up for anorexia, bulimia, over or under-eating at all, Kate, great mothering! Look, I have no problem with telling them not to eat their dessert first, but Kate, like everything, takes it to a whole other level. That’s what narcissism does. Takes normal quirks and behaviors and takes them to outer space. Maybe she could save the dessert for dinner time when you can see what they’re eating, and skip dessert at lunch when you‘re not there.

First day of school everyone is up early. The kids are excited which is cute. What's not cute is that the graphic tells us it's 5:30AM, and the kids are already up and working for the cameras on their first day of school instead of focusing on what they should be focusing on. You know, school and such.

Mady tells Joel, “I had a dream you were a little two-year-old chubby little baby and you kept on biting my thumb.” Ha, I love random dreams like that. And I love that Mady shares it.

Why is Kate just unpacking and labeling their new shoes now? Shouldn’t that be something you do before 5:30 a.m. the first day of school?

Is this the military? Everything these poor kids do is so regimented, right down to where Kate wants them to put their school papers when they get home. I don’t have a problem with keeping kids organized, but like everything else, Kate has to take it to that whole other level. Live a little, it’s good for you.

And so the first day of school begins. “I miss ‘em,” Kate lies. She sure looked like she was missing them sunbathing in Mexico with her iphone.

Friday, September 24, 2010

New nanny is Kate look-alike

The kids were spotted Thursday at the bus stop with the new nanny. The nanny is a younger, shorter (and nicer, we hope) version of Kate, with blonde hair, big sunglasses, and similar features to their Mommy Dearest.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Show cancelled because Jon won't sign new contract, according to sources

Exactly as so many of us have suspected, PerezHilton is reporting that TLC has quietly cancelled Kate Plus 8. Jon, as we suspected, won't sign his children's lives away any longer. Thank you Jon for coming to your senses.

No new filming has taken place this month. No new episodes are scheduled. Kate is on a rampage trashing Jon. Sources are also reporting Kate is beside herself with this real reality.

Harrisburg child labor hearings

Arngrim: "Since an adult would find it fun to be famous, they assume that a child would feel the same way."

  • Paul Petersen: 19 states have no child labor laws for child actors. In 49 states, children do not own the money they earn.
  • Adults can provide informed consent, Paul Petersen says. Children cannot.
  • "The loss of privacy, separation from peers, the potential for humiliation and damage of character."
  • Jon Provost: Animals on TV have better protection than children.
  • Alison Arngrim: "I believe my successful outcome was not a matter of luck but certain structures being in place."Parents don't realize when they sign up that this can be a permanent "sentence." "We played characters that were not ourselves. If we were judged by strangers we had the option to say that's not me that's my character."
  • Paul Petersen says of all the former child stars he has met in his lifetime, only six have ever allowed their own children to become child actors as well. "Absolutely not," is the answer he hears from most former stars, he says.
Jon Provost, Alison Arngrim, Paul Petersen.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

'Nellie Olsen' and 'Timmy' from Lassie to testify at child labor hearing

Former child star Alison Arngrim of "Little House on the Prairie" is slated to testify Thursday in Harrisburg about the need for better child labor laws, especially for reality children.
The streaming video:

We've been a long-time fan of Alison and love her candor, especially her openness about her experiences as a child actor. Alison speaks highly of Michael Landon, as do all the former Little House stars, and how he made the set a fun and welcoming place for the children (Melissa Gilbert even named her son Michael). It's one of the few shows where all the child actors have grown up to be seemingly happy and successful with few to any of the cliche problems child actors run into. Melissa Gilbert and Melissa Sue Anderson (Laura and Mary) have grown up and had families and are still acting. Jonathan Gilbert, who played Willie, became a stock broker. Matthew Laborteaux, who played Albert, founded a youth shelter in Los Angeles. The twins who played Carrie, Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush, own a ranch together and raise horses. Shannon Doherty, who played Laura's niece Jenny, has had a very successful career and appeared on DWTS with Kate. Jason Bateman, who played adopted son James, has also had a wildly successful career and has a family. James' sister Cassandra, played by Missy Francis, became a reporter for CNBC. Coincidence that all these children from the same set did so well? Or was it because of the supportive and positive environment perpetrated by Michael Landon?

In fact the set was Alison's safe haven because she says she was being molested by a relative at home. However, Alison seems to realize not all sets have a Michael Landon watching over its child actors. (Michael ironically means "angel.")

Alison has always spoken openly about how being cast as the "mean" character on the show caused her to be "hated" by so many everywhere she went. She even wrote a book about the experience, "Confessions of a Prairie Bitch." Will Mady face the same problems (or perhaps, is facing them right now) due to the way her parents and the show have relentlessly labeled her as "the difficult one"? We think Mady is wonderful, but the child has been typecast there is no doubt about that.

Bruno calls Kate one of two worst dancers ever on DWTS

Bruno Tonioli, who famously called Kate a shopping cart, has now picked her as one of the two worst dancers ever to grace DWTS, along with Master P. "I don't know why she's famous I don't understand it," Bruno said. Reality stars "get more coverage than people who work their asses off all their life. I don't get it, do you?" Bruno told Jimmy Kimmel.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Greedy Discovery sues Deadliest Catch brothers for refusing to continue show

After captains just lost their best friend to a stroke and are struggling to keep their boats afloat in this economy, Discovery wants $3 million from the reality stars

It's happening again. And it's disgusting. Discovery LLC, which owns TLC, is suing some of their Deadliest Catch reality stars for refusing to continue with a spin-off of the show. The Hillstrands say if they do this show, which would be about their lives on land, they could lose their boats and their crew. This isn't a movie or TV project, this is these people's lives. The Hillstrand's lawyer pointed out how much Discovery executives make, and calls this "extortion." Which is exactly what we would call what Discovery did to Jon last year. Either do what we say with your private lives or we'll sue the crap out of you because we can. Discovery, please get a soul.

"The recent actions of Discovery Communications are an astonishing and shameful instance of arrogance and greed run amok," the Hillstrand's attorney said.

Ratings go up slightly

1.605 million viewers
1.0/2 HH
- 0.7/2 A18-49

Ratings are up slightly which is disappointing, but with not one sighting of the children filming all month long, does it even matter? No filming = no show. Meanwhile DWTS did very well, just slightly less than last season's premiere.

Kate picks up kids in workout clothes, pulls them toward her for kisses


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kate Plus 8 School Time! Discussion thread -- 9/20/10

No one's seen the children filming since August. TLC has other new shows about multiples. Little People Big World is ending. Jon is quietly taking Kate back to court while Kate thinks she's getting sympathy votes by throwing him under the bus, except Bonnie Fuller supports Jon now, oops! Meanwhile ratings are tanking. Kate hasn't blogged about anything since the Emmys. Is this the last episode of Kate Plus 8 before TLC unceremoniously lets them go to the "real" reality? The world of cancellation is a rough one.

The Gosselin kids are ready to head back to school and this year the sextuplets are going to kindergarten! They gather all of the needed supplies like uniforms and tennis shoes and even get back to school hair cuts.

Mystery solved: Court date set for Nov. 30 regarding custody

So that's why Kate has been so rabid about Jon for the past few weeks. The Reading Eagle is reporting that the Gosselins have another court date in family law court on November 30.

Jon has been pretty quiet the past several months. Then all of a sudden, seemingly out of the blue, Kate started talking negatively about him again in the public. Perhaps she is upset that Jon is bringing her back to court.

What we would do?:
1. Get a court order that forbids Kate from speaking negatively about Jon to either the children or the public
2. get a court order the parents are not to discuss the case at all, in public or in front of the children
3. get a court order that the children should be transacted in a peaceful, private, neutral location. Get that location in writing. The end of the driveway is not a neutral location.
4. get a court order that the children are to be with Jon when Kate is out of town, not with nannies.

The following is a transcript of some of the lies that Kate told Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper on 9/10/10:

Kelly: Do you think Kate, knowing what she knows now, would go back and do it all again? Or would you not choose to have the cameras in your life and in your house?
KATE: I look at it still as a huge blessing. I'm solely providing for eight kids and I can do that because of the opportunities, because of the way life turned out for me. So I still, when I go back and think in my mind, because I'm asked that a lot ... This change of career that has allowed me to provide for them. I mean, I'm providing still solely for them. I'm able to do that. I'm very grateful to to be able to have this job that they can be beside me while I'm working and they're playing.
Anderson Cooper: So you're saying Jon's not providing for them at all?
KATE: Um, I'm doing it, like I said by myself. Since our divorce, it's me....I don't need to worry about anybody else. For them, life has stayed the same.
Anderson: Is your relationship with Jon as contentious as some media makes it out to be?
KATE: Um, it's, you know.
Anderson: I'll take that as a yes.
KATE: It depends on the day. Um, I just know that, it's, you know, my focus is the kids and doing the best for them. [Admin: Are you saying Jon's focus isn't the children's best interest?] You know, Jon and I are divorced obviously, but he's still their father so I do try to keep it as peaceful as possible. I speak for myself.
Anderson: When the kids spend time with him what do you do?
KATE: Um, I basically wait for the phone call, um, for how many of them want to come home.
Kelly: No kidding!
KATE: Yeah. I do. I mean, I don't really have any exciting plans. Unless I'm working or traveling.
Kelly: If they want to come home what happens? I mean, are they allowed to?
KATE: It's a weird thing, that whole law. It's hard to explain it to your kids who want to be at home playing with their toys and sleeping in their bed and spending time with me, so. Um, as much as that is allowed I'm there for them and I bring them home.
Kelly: Wow.
Anderson: So you're saying basically that they don't enjoy being with him?
KATE: Um, you know some of them do. Different days different times they don't mind, some of them. It's a difficult situation. It's not home, it doesn't feel like home to them....This is very new to us, we've only been doing this for about three months that he's been actually spending time with them and taking them so it's very new.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dancing With the Stars Thread: Tony's happy, Kate's leading Bristol straight over a cliff, the premiere, etc!

It's hysterical that the premiere of Dancing With the Stars on Monday is going to be competing with Kate Plus 8. Oh, karma. Now you definitely have something else to watch. Enjoy the first episode which features celebs who actually want to 1. work and 2. be there.

Tony has been Twittering away for weeks how happy he is to have a partner who actually appreciates the opportunity to train with a world class dancer.

Meanwhile, Kate has reportedly been advising Bristol Palin on all aspects of being a humongous celebrityish famous person on a little show like this and how hard that is, and also told her she should use her mom to get votes. Like Kate uses her kids?

Vote for Tony because let's face it, the guy deserves it. And way more than Kate thinks she deserves the things she has.


Friday, September 17, 2010

DWTS judge Carrie Ann: Kate is 'unaware of herself in a way I have never seen before'

Kate actually "thought she was good," Carrie Ann says.

Carrie Ann Inaba is finally letting loose about how she really felt about Kate. And it's not pretty. Seems the DWTS judge has realized that Kate is a narcissist. Welcome aboard. Suppose Carrie Ann is just jealous?
On Kate's dancing: "Why do we have to go back there? That was so horrible!"
On remembering Kate's name: "Um, um, um, um, what's her name?"
On what she was thinking when Kate was dancing: "What on earth am I gonna say that is possibly gonna be positive?... It was really hard because she sort of is unaware of herself in a way that I've never seen before on our show. Like most performers have a little bit of self-awareness, she had none, so it was bizarre because she thought she was good."
Said Sarah Bernard, "She doesn't have any talent."

Meanwhile over on Tony Dovalani's Twitter account, he's giddy with excitement over his new partner. Seems she actually wants to work.

Kate parks in fire lane again

Kate picked up some packages in her workout clothes today, parking her van in the fire lane, again.

Kate goes grocery shopping

She looks like how most moms look. Juggling and normal. Sept 16.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kate out jogging

A more realistic-looking Kate was spotted exercising near her home on Wednesday. Are her bad habits of smoking and tanning aging her prematurely?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Organic Kate is actually a smoker

We know that Jon smokes.
But Kate, who has gone on and on ad nauseam about healthy living including shoving organic down everyone's throats, has never been caught doing the same until now. She was spotted by eagle-eyed viewers exhaling a big puff of smoke on the beach during a surf lesson in Monday's episode Deep Sea.

This explains the constant gum chewing/cud chewing. And is yet another example of the hypocrisy of her sham of a life. Perhaps she and Jon smoked together back in the day. This is not the first time it's been speculated Kate is a smoker. Exactly a year ago, it was reported that Kate had started smoking again and was covering it up with lots of Purell, perfume, and chewing gum. (

We don't care if Kate (or Jon) smokes, it's her body to expose to carcinogens as she sees fit. Just don't plaster yourself all over magazine covers telling America how healthy you are.

Kate on People cover

Kate refuses to clearly deny rumors about Steve. Instead of saying I am not in a relationship with Steve, she just says it's "absurd." Way to deflect the question again! Kate we have eyes and we see you wandering a romantic resort with him in matching outfits on the Emmys' dime. Stop insulting our intelligence.

"I've worked really hard!" she tells PEOPLE in this week's cover story. "Haven't I earned the right, at this point, to look good?"

No Kate, your children, have worked very hard. Haven't they earned the right to privacy and their money? Stop tying their money up in your boob jobs and botox.,,20425904,00.html

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recap: Rough Ride 9/13/10: While we watch the twins take a surfing ride, Kate is taking a ride of her own in Cabo

Coming up on Kate Plus 8. The kids are vomiting all over the place on the boat. Ugh, poor babies. I’m upset not just that they’re vomiting, all kids vomit at some point, but that it’s filmed and that all their friends are probably watching and making fun of them the next day in school.

It's been an interesting week for Team Kate in their last-ditch effort to pull the ratings out of the deep end of the ocean. To recap, first Kate went on Regis and Kelly and told so many lies about Jon that her nose is starting to grow branches and leaves. See, Kate thought we would all be sympathetic to poor Kate and be so angry at mean awful Daddy for being so mean and awful. Except, she forgot we have eyes. And ears. And we hear her children screaming for Daddy, not her. And we see the children in photo after photo having a ball with Daddy and his surprisingly down-to-Earth girlfriend. The stunt completely backfired when long-standing sheeple like media exec Bonnie Fuller, editor of, turned on her big time for making derogatory comments about her children's father on national TV. Not okay, Kate. Ever. Jon for his part basically said that his kids know the truth, and that Kate needs help. She does need help, and if someone needs help, you should be able to say so. Otherwise, he's kept his nose to the grindstone and has been quietly spending time with his children. Kate's interview a few days later to try to save the ship only made things worse. She insulted every mother who has ever provided for her children by basically saying that she, Kate, was a rare woman who was stepping up for her kids. Basically implying she should get a medal for doing what any good mom would do. Barf. And a shout-out to all the moms out there who step up and do this on your own every day of the week without the benefit of a TV show. You are thankfully, not rare, but you are special, there's a difference.

Then Kate went for a true Doug Flutie and threw the Haily Mary pass when photos leaked of her and Steve at a romantic resort over the weekend in Cabo on the Emmys' dime. Girl hasn't been back two weeks from the Emmys and she's already trading in her taxable freebies like it's the Second Coming and she actually thinks she's not gonna be left behind.

So here we are back on another trip, with Steve, on TLC's dime this time. I’d already seen enough of this trip in Bald Head last week but TLC sure doesn’t think we have. They’ve got a whole other episode to squeeze out of it. The family, and Steve, is still at their ridiculously awesome beach house that as we learned last time, neither Kate nor her twins appreciate. The twins because they don’t want to share a bed, and Kate because the windows don’t have shades. The little kids are staying with Ashley to play at the beach while Kate takes Cara and Mady to a surfing lesson. Wonder which party Steve went with.

I really don’t think that one 21-something nanny is enough people to watch eight children play in the ocean. I am sure Ashley is perfectly capable of watching children, but there simply isn’t enough of her. I find this dangerous. Of course you can say well that’s what the lifeguard is for, but the lifeguard isn’t going to do anything if someone doesn’t let him know that someone is missing. I would be constantly counting heads. That said, the kids appear to have a great time with Ashley.

At the surf lesson the twins are complaining. I hate to say it, the older these kids get the more they sound like Kate. I don’t like the sand, I don’t wanna do this, I don’t wanna do that. Mady even stomps away at one point. Hey, just like how Kate stomped off on Tony first on Dancing With the Stars. I was briefly obsessed with surfing until I had a big wipe out and a nice stream of saltwater up the nose. Also I was so irrationally scared of sharks I couldn’t really enjoy myself. I decided it wasn’t for me. But I had looked into surf lessons and, yowser, they are expensive. Yet another thing served to the twins on a silver platter, private lessons. They don’t even say hi to the two guys who act mildly psyched to teach them (every surfer I‘ve ever met acts exactly the same, mildly psyched about everything). But the twins just sort of stand there shoulders slumped staring at the nice teachers. It’s rude.

Children learn how to be appreciative, polite and kind, largely from their parents. Let me make this clear, I don’t blame the twins for their attitudes. Look who they are parroting. Also, they could be tired of being dragged to various activities for the cameras. And maybe they know they don’t get to do cool stuff like this with Mommy unless the camera crew is there, so they know this is total bs just like everything else. I’d stomp off, too.

Cara, the sporty twin, takes to surfing right off. Kate talks about how Cara was really great at skiing, too. Hey, I was just thinking about that. I love how practically every milestone in Cara’s life has been filmed. Seems we all know just as much about her as her own mother, which I find creepy. I shouldn’t know this much about some random nine-year-old little girl. Also as I recall, Jon took Cara to her skiing lessons while Kate hung back at the lodge faking sick and getting spa treatments. So Kate has only heard tell that Cara is good at skiing, not actually witnessed it.

Haha, this is great. The surfer dudes get Mady to go out into the water and try it with the promise that they will make Kate go too so everyone can make fun of her. Mady even points at Kate and laughs when they tell her the plan. Ha. Child, you‘re awesome as usual.

Kate is predictably not very good at this. Most people aren’t because surfing is very hard, I certainly wasn‘t expecting stumpy here to be some strange exception. But does she have to shriek about it all morning? Kate says she’s not very “waterish.” Hm, she’s not very Mommyish either. But she is quite bodyguardish.

The teacher even tells Kate to concentrate on not screaming. About time someone told her to please knock it off with that nonsense. The teacher gives her a B. Not for her surfing, but for her effort. Ouch. Even if you stink, aren’t you supposed to at least get an A for effort? But I suppose it’s better than the D plus I gave her for effort on DWTS. Kate is so respectful of her teacher. She calls him her “little instructor man.” I wonder what she calls Steve. Little doodle bug man maybe.

Of course Kate missed the one time Mady got up. Figures. Kate makes sure to explain she is equally proud of her twins. Why wouldn’t you be? Why would you play favorites with your own children?

Back at the beach house, Kate says they’re going to pirate school. If that’s anything like her chicken school no thanks. None of the kids want to go. None. “I don’t want to go to pirate school!“ Hannah shouts. “I’m out!“ Mady adds. They really are starting to rebel at all these canned filming excursions. They are only six so you can still physically drag them places, but won’t be long before that’s just not going to be possible. Last week they nearly unanimously refused to go fly the kites. The wench pulls out a bunch of 99 cent pirate junk like skull caps and a scope the nanny probably picked up for them and tries to get them into it.

Every time the kids don’t want to do something, they immediately cut to the next scene where the kids are actually doing what they had just firmly said they didn‘t want to do. You have to wonder how they got from A to Z and why they don’t want us to see it. Bribes? Threats they’ll have to walk the plank if they don‘t cooperate? Be good or Kate’ll take your Daddy away?

They meet these two kinda scruffy middle-aged guys dressed as either pirates or Revolutionary War soldiers, I can’t really tell. Poor Alexis is afraid of them.

One of the pirates says that he is looking for a cook and would the kids being willing to sell him Kate? Yes!!! I cry, leaping to my feet. Make Kate actually work for a living for a change!

“No, she’s my mommy!” Hannah cries, running to Kate. But the rest of the kids kind of stand there looking like they’re actually pondering how much money they might be able to get for her.

Finally though, the kids all gang up on Collin and decide he is the sacrificial lamb and that he should be sold. Kate supports this, probably wanting to get rid of the kid who is rebelling against the fame the most, makes sense. Collin seems to understand it’s all a game and is more interested in admiring the pirate coins. The pirates leave seemingly almost as quickly as they came. Why are they not taking the wench back with them and how much did this little shtick cost?

Well, that was completely boring. I want to see something interesting like vomit. They saved the “bestest” for last says Kate. Vomiting or deep sea fishing? What’s more sick than vomiting is that there is this weird sense I get about Kate that although she was sorry the kids got sick, she was also kind of glad, because she knows it makes good TV. She is one twisted lady. If she were truly sorry they were sick, she would sit with them in the hull and also she would make the boat turn around. We'll get to that.

The boat has a life ring but just like we already saw, none of the kids are in life vests. They are just sitting there on the open deck. Cara doesn’t look all that thrilled, she is crossing her arms and scowling. The kids will like it, Kate says. I guess the bribes, threats, etc., didn’t work, because Kate says that Mady refused to come. Good for her. She should not have to go on a set-up like this if she doesn’t want to. This is one of the only times I can remember that a child is not along on a filmed trip. And Kate even admits it’s because she didn’t want to come. I wonder what she expects to do when all eight refuse to come. Just film herself? Probably.

Almost all of the kids are starting to look quite green. Cara is crying. Collin starts crying, too. And the vomiting starts. First Leah. Then Cara. Four of them are vomiting at the same time. They show it. All of it. It’s everywhere. Aaden is lying in his own vomit and Steve has to help him out of it. Collin has vomit all over him, too. Oh, God. Poor, poor babies. This is clearly not working for the vast majority of the children, so why not turn around? Even Clark the production guy is vomiting over the side. Just turn the boat around for God sake.

By the way, a little note about vomiting. Have you ever noticed when one person vomits everyone else does, too? Supposedly that’s an evolutionary thing. When we hear someone or see someone get sick we are programmed to get sick too because in the cave man days, everyone was sitting around the camp fire eating the same mammoth meat or whatever, and so if one person got food poisoning chances are you got it too and it’s in your best interest to vomit, too.

They describe the horrible vomiting episode some more, I won’t get into it. Nothing is private about these kids. Poor kids are inside just wiped out collapsed across some chairs in vomit-stained clothes. Poor, poor babies. And there is absolutely no reason any of this needs to be filmed.

“It was vomit-fest, Gosselin style,” Kate says. Hey, was that a shout-out to this blog? Haha, hi Kate! How was Cabo? For that one sheeple who called me a narcissist, apparently I have to make it clear that of course I don't really think that's a shout-out to us. But it's still funny.

Someone pointed out that Zack Roloff was shown vomiting in the episode of Little People that aired before this one. I saw that and I think that’s gross, too. Totally unnecessary. Why not just say Zack vomited? Why show it? But Zack is 19 and an adult. He is old enough to decide whether he wants to be shown vomiting on national TV. These children are six and cannot give informed consent to such a thing, period. If you can’t do long division yet you can’t consent to filming.

Kate said she was in a dilemma, “It wasn’t like I could say stop this, stop the world we’re getting off.” Well, no, but you can turn the damn boat around, Kate. Geez. But then they wouldn’t get all the fishing they need to film. I don’t think this was a dilemma for her at all, she knew she had to film vomiting or not. So while her babies are inside trying to recover from that horrible vomiting episode, Kate screams, “Captain, I wanna fish!”

And fish she does. Or catch some bait anyway. The kids trickle out to try fishing, looking really tired. They are very close to the edge without life vests. This is so dangerous and stupid. As I’ve mentioned before, I had an amazing boyfriend in high school who had a tragic accident happen to his family. Before he was born, his father had a boat and he, his wife and two children got into a bad accident on one of the Great lakes. His father lost his whole family. He was lucky enough to eventually meet someone else and to have my boyfriend and his sister and start a new family. But gosh, what a horrible, horrible tragedy. And no life vests, by the way. Jamie and I have remained friends all these years later, even though we’ve both moved on to other people, because I don’t believe a bad breakup means you have to lose a great friend. And also I find his family’s story nothing short of inspiring and I like having amazing people in my life. The Great Lakes, by the way, are nothing to mess around with. I had another close call with my uncle and cousins where we got caught in a horrible lightning storm out there fishing. I was crouching down on the floor (in my life vest) praying we wouldn’t get struck. I kind of don’t like going out on those lakes even though my whole family is into it just because there are just so many dangers to reckon with. I do like fishing, but you can get some great fish right off the dock.

“My favoritest fish on the planet” is Chilean sea bass, Kate says. Miss Organic should know that Chilean sea bass has some of the highest levels of mercury of all fish, and according to the Monterey Aquarium, "most Chilean seabass in the U.S. market come from boats that are fishing illegally and using unmodified bottom longlines. This unmodified fishing gear hooks and drowns thousands of seabirds each year, most notably endangered albatross." I don't expect Kate to know everything there is to know about food, but it's annoying when someone who claims to be a health nut is actually very ignorant about it. If you are going to go around saying you are a health nut you should know what you are talking about, otherwise, shut up.

The kids are eventually coming around and really seem to be enjoying this, which is nice. I am biting my nails watching Joel lean over the edge watching Kate catch something, neither of them in a life vest.

Haha, they didn’t catch enough to eat so Kate has to go out and buy some fish for dinner. Back at the house, Mady says she is so glad she didn’t go since everyone was puking. Good for her.

The kids instantly look way more relaxed and happy now that they’re back at the house. Kate simply does not get that children don’t need expensive excursions and other similar crap to have fun on vacation.

The kids are all around the table eating the fish, but Ashley is kind of standing there in the background watching looking hungry. I guess the servants have to eat at the servant table? They show us the family praying over dinner. Good thinking, just in case they need to go for the religious angle again. After that stunt Kate pulled in Cabo this weekend, I’d be appealing to a higher power for help, too. Dear God, please save our ratings. Amen.

Ratings level out at a dismal 1.4 million

Despite desperate (and sometimes bizarre) attempts this week to drum up interest in Kate Plus 8, the ratings for Rough Ride remained almost as low as last week's episode:

Kate Plus 8
- 1.415 million viewers
- 1.0/2 HH
- 0.6/2 A18-49
via Travis Yanan

Just slightly higher than last week's episode, and lower than all the other episodes.

Kites: 1.389 million viewers, Big Apple: 1.613 million viewers, Home Roost: 2.229 million viewers, Kate Plus 8 premiere: 3.4 million viewers.

Bu-bye, Kate.

Kate and Steve may have stayed at Capella 6-star hotel in Cabo, a freebie from the Emmys

While TLC tries to spin Kate and Steve's weekend getaway to Cabo as "official business" (who so defensive, TLC?), a very savvy reader has discovered that the couple were more likely cashing in on an Emmy freebie for two they picked up earlier this month.

According to the Los Angeles times, free trips to "6-star" Capella Resorts in Cabo San Lucas were given away at Kari Feinstein's 2010 Style Lounge at the Emmys this year. The hotel has been named the "number 2" celebrity hotel in the world by OK! Magazine.

Photos of the hotel from the official web site show similar furniture to the chair Kate was spotted in.

As well as a very heavily gated entrance with its own guard. So why is a bodyguard necessary?

Gotchya, Kate!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kate and Steve's romantic getaway to Cabo

While the kids were with Jon all weekend, Kate and Steve took off to Mexico. They were spotted poolside in matching blue shirts and waiting for the kids to call, who were with Jon. Are Kate's slams at Jon all weekend over-compensating for her no-longer secret relationship with Steve?

TLC immediately responded that this was a business trip. Why are they so defensive? Guess it is a business trip with a massage chair.

Meanwhile the kids enjoyed a simple weekend picnic with Jon and girlfriend Ellen, and sure didn't look like they were planning to call their Mom in Mexico anytime soon to have her come get them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

'They crucify me' says Kate of TLC's editors in revealing interview

Kate blames her bad behavior on her "Type A" personality (there's always someone else or something else to blame, anyone but Kate), says that she wants to act, and says TLC crucifies her but "So what do I care?"
Also, she thinks she's a rare woman who can provide for her children on her own, according to Kate. What now? Kate, wake up, it's not 1929 anymore. Also you don't provide for your kids, they provide for you.

We also love how Kate acts like her family members all disappeared of their own choosing not that Kate estranged them, outright says Jon doesn't want to support them (your kids support you both, Kate, get it through your thick head), and thinks she has found true friends in the people she pays. She also thinks she will keep in touch with the revolving crew "always." Ha. Haha. Hahaha.

Kids wander a moving boat without lifejackets

Yet another reason a child advocate/set teacher is necessary, to protect working children from very real dangers on set. Kate was obviously too busy filming, talking about herself, flirting with the captain, and collecting her paycheck to make sure her own kids were safe.

In a preview for Monday's Deep Sea episode, at least two of the children are seen wandering a moving boat in open areas without life vests. Although the vessel they were on may not be subject to North Carolina laws regarding life vests because it may not be a "power boat" [North Carolina law, and also, common sense, says "Children under age 13 must wear a life vest while boating on all public waters of North Carolina. Any child under age 13 must wear a Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device, or PFD, if the boat is under way (not anchored or tied to shore). The only exceptions are for children who are below deck or inside an enclosed cabin."], law or not it is nothing short of stupid to let eight young children on a small boat like this one run around without life vests.

Need we remind TLC and Kate, that in statistics kept by U.S. Coast Guard (which incidentally got its start in Bald Head), last year a staggering eighty-four percent of all boating accident deaths involved a person who was not wearing a life vest. And on September 5, a party of seven people, three of them children, were rescued off the coast of South Carolina after floating for more than 20 hours in their life vests. Maybe if TLC/Kate wasn't so busy trying to make a TV show they would remember the kids' safety.

Rough Ride 9/13/10: Discussion Thread

Mady and Cara take a surf lesson. The family goes deep sea fishing.

After Kate's disgusting stunt on Regis and Kelly on Friday, is it finally time?

TLC edits out some of Kate's comments about Jon

Despite Kate throwing Jon under the bus on Regis and Kelly on Friday, some Kate Plus 8 episodes have been altered to edit out comments made about Jon, by none other than obsessed alienator Kate. In fact it was so bad that TLC has chopped up Sixth Birthday surprise, which was an hour long episode, into half an hour. And it's quite interesting to see what they took out. Of course the cutting room floor segments just happen to be the moments we complained the most about, imagine that.

  • The children's bogus "reunion" with an almost completely brand new camera crew, including Collin's statement about hating the paparazzi, is completely cut. The cameras aren't even mentioned at all.
  • The edited airing included this line, by Kate: "I told the kids on the bus where we were going. I had not told them prior because our travel plans have got to go under the radar and be kept quiet. If the media is alerted, it changes the way that we do things." However in the original airing, Kate said this: "I told the kids on the bus where we were going. I had not told them prior because our travel plans have got to go under the radar and be kept quiet. If the media is alerted, by certain ones, it changes the way that we do things." It was obvious that she meant Jon by "certain ones."
  • Kate line about how she didn’t like sending the kids off to Jon’s on their birthday, and they had cupcakes and gum, is cut.
  • Mady's completely justified meltdown on the airplane in which she wanted the middle seat and Kate makes her sit somewhere else, is cut.
  • Mady's statement at the birthday party in the original, after realizing the sextuplets are getting three birthday parties, "Nobody cares about me, I'll just die,” is cut.
  • The orange juice squeezing scene is completely gone. In that scene Kate snorts, “Cheaters never win and winners never cheat!” Then Cara sort of echoes to Mady, basically, you’re cheating so you’re a loser. Isn’t that just another way of saying what Kate just said? Kate explodes on her, sends her away from the table, telling her she‘s “done.” Cara stomps away and Mady follows her in support.
TLC can edit all they want, but the version we watch and recap is the original, and we're not editing our recaps of how things originally went down.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Parental alienation/alienation of affection explained

A hot buzzword floating all around Family Law courts these days is "parental alienation." Whenever there is any indication one parent may be talking negatively about the other parent or trying to manipulate the children against the other parent, lawyers cry parental alienation. If it becomes bad enough, minors attorneys are appointed, psychologists are assigned to the case, and even expert witnesses may be brought in.

However true parental alienation is not just a few bad words a parent lets slip out about that mean awful Daddy or Mommy. Although various experts define it differently, Dr. Douglas Darnall, Ph.D., a psychologist with 30 years of experience, including working as a psychologist assigned to an Ohio courthouse and author of numerous books on divorce, explains what he calls the "Obsessed Alienator." Which sounds awfully familiar. Dr. Darnall has dedicated his practice to dissecting and defining parental alienation in the hopes of helping families overcome it.

  • The obsessed alienator thinks, "I love my children. If the court can't protect them from their abusive father, I will. Even though he's never abused the children, I know it's a matter of time. The children are frightened of their father. If they don't want to see him, I'm not going to force them. They are old enough to make up their own minds."

  • The obsessed alienator is a parent with a cause: to align the children to her side and together, with the children, campaign to destroy their relationship with the targeted parent. For the campaign to work, the obsessed alienator enmeshes the children's personalities and beliefs into their own. This is a process that takes time but one that the children, especially the young, are completely helpless to see and combat. It usually begins well before the divorce is final. The obsessed parent is angry, bitter or feels betrayed by the other parent. The initial reasons for the bitterness may actually be justified. They could have been verbally and physical abused, raped, betrayed by an affair, or financially cheated. The problem occurs when the feelings won't heal but instead become more intense because of being forced to continue the relationship with a person they despise because of their common parenthood. Just having to see or talk to the other parent is a reminder of the past and triggers the hate. They are trapped with nowhere to go and heal.

  • They are obsessed with destroying the children's relationship with the targeted parent.

  • The children will parrot the obsessed alienator rather than express their own feelings from personal experience with the other parent.

  • The targeted parent and often the children cannot tell you the reasons for their feelings.

  • Their beliefs sometimes becoming delusional and irrational. No one, especially the court, can convince obsessed alienators that they are wrong. Anyone who tries is the enemy.

  • They will often seek support from family members, quasi-political groups or friends (Admin: Or TV talk shows?) that will share in their beliefs that they are victimized by the other parent and the system. The battle becomes "us against them."

  • They have an unquenchable anger because they believe that the targeted parent has victimized them and whatever they do to protect the children is justified.

  • They have a desire for the court to punish the other parent with court orders that would interfere or block the targeted parent from seeing the children. (Admin: Gate pickups/dropoffs?) This confirms in the obsessed alienator's mind that he or she was right all the time.

  • The court's authority does not intimidate them.

  • The obsessed alienator believes in a higher cause, protecting the children at all cost.

Unfortunately, says this psychologist, there are no effective treatment protocols that have been validated for the obsessed alienator. The courts and mental health professionals are sincere in wanting to help these families but their efforts frequently fail. The best hope for children affected by an obsessed alienator is early identification of the symptoms and prevention. After the alienation is entrenched and the children become "true believers" in the parent's cause, the children may be lost to the other parent for years to come. There can still be hope in that spontaneous reunification can occur, usually in response to a crisis that causes the alienated child to reach out to the rejected parent.

Jon responds to Kate's outrageous lies: 'My children know the truth'

Thank you Jon for taking the high road for the sake of your kids. It's hard to be a good daddy under these circumstances but you're doing it. No parent is perfect, but that is not a reason to alienate that parent from your children.

On Friday 10th September 2010, @jongosselin1 said:
As much as I want to respond to numerous LIES recently claimed on Regis and Kelly, I will refrain. I have learned from the past that it’s a waste of my time and energy. I am “rising above”, and refuse to engage in any sort of public argument that could
potentially harm or upset my children. My children and the people in my life
know the truth, and that is what’s important.