Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kate's Worst Moments of 2014

It's that time of year again! Here is our annual list of Kate's worst moments. This year will be our fifth recap! Previous lists can be found here: 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

10. Take it like a man. Er, child. Kate picks a fight with a teenager.

This year Kate's managed to be a little more restrained than she used to be on Twitter, often because she wasn't on it for long stretches of time while TLC and NBC were stroking her ego. But she just couldn't help herself when a teen called her out for trying to film the teen's friend who was hurt. The teen said Kate had to be yelled at before she and her cameras would just go away. You could literally picture Kate clenching her fists as she hashtagged #hewillnotbeonTV (lol!!) and fired off this exchange: 

ɑɑʟıʏɑʜ ʜєʀв @Aaliyah_Herb Oct 19
Let me just say, @Kateplusmy8 is disgusting, she filmed my friend breaking his ankle at skyzone and wants to put it in her show9

Kate Gosselin ‏@Kateplusmy8 Oct 19
@Aaliyah_Herb Not true.Hoping he is ok!Please tell him I'm thinking of him&wish him well.A nurse was needed.I was just there2help!Take care!

Kate Gosselin ‏@Kateplusmy8 Oct 19
@MiloandJack @Aaliyah_Herb yeah, she was wrong! Just did what I hope another nurse mom would hav done4my child #HeWillNotBeOnTv #GetWell

Kate Gosselin ‏@Kateplusmy8 Oct 19
@MiloandJack No1 else w medical backround came 4ward
I live my real life&4get cameras often.She's just upset 4her friend& directing it @ me!

ɑɑʟıʏɑʜ ʜєʀв @Aaliyah_Herb Oct 19
@Kateplusmy8 yes m'am that's why 2 of your daughters went to the bathroom saying that he was their best friend

ɑɑʟıʏɑʜ ʜєʀв @Aaliyah_Herb Oct 19
@Kateplusmy8 and that's also why your producers were video taping ever second of his pain until you got yelled at to go away

ɑɑʟıʏɑʜ ʜєʀв @Aaliyah_Herb Oct 19
@Kateplusmy8 m'am I respect my elders, so I'm gonna keep my tongue tied but let's get one thing straight everything you said is bs


9. Cheater! Kate and Steve caught in the act.

Kate and Steve were finally caught "cheating" this year. In more ways than one. First Steve was spotted tagging along with Kate everywhere on the set of Celebrity Apprentice. There were rumblings from insiders at the show that this was really weird and that nobody else had their assistant/bodyguard/best friend along. Most die-hard Apprentice fans consider such a thing unfair and
"cheating." Then months later, fellow contestant Kenya Moore went on record and said Steve and Kate indeed shared a hotel room during filming, confirming rumors from April that they were "definitely" acting like a couple and not trying to hide it. It was obvious Steve's presence made some of the other contestants resentful, prompting at least one to spill the beans. Bonehead move, Kate.

8. That's one botoxed Trojan Horse. Kate's own former employer The Stir calls her out for her bad parenting.

When Kate said she bought the twins iphones so she could take them away, she probably expected the usual accolades and ego stroking. The public's reaction was anything but though. A blogger at Kate's former employer, The Stir, called the stunt a "twisted trick":

"Kids test their parents' limits, and we need to set up boundaries and stick to them. It's GOOD to see Kate disciplining her kids without resorting to violence ('memba the wooden spoon incident?). That said, it seems a little odd to specifically buy something nice for your child with the intention of using it to punish them. For lack of a better word, it seems ... untrustworthy? It sounds like a Trojan Horse of parenting ... here kid, here's a gift, now I can use it to destroy you. Now, to be clear, that doesn't mean you shouldn't put limits on the use of gadgets because they are, after all, a privilege. But we are supposed to buy presents for our kids out of the goodness of our hearts, not with an ulterior motive! That's part of showing love and respect for our kids. And we all know respect is a two-way street."

The Stir really nailed this one. Kate does not respect her kids, from their privacy to their gifts. Yet she wants respect in return. Relationships don't work that way, and this is a major factor in why the kids have turned on her this year.

7. The Grinch who spoiled the children's Christmas. Kate lets the kids open presents early.

Most kids hate waiting for Christmas morning, but too bad, it's every celebrating child's birthright. Kate took the lazy way out this year however and gave in to their spoiled demands, tweeting that she was letting them open at least some of their presents early. In fact, one family gift a day. For good measure, she threw in a couple ignorant remarks about Judaism too. A policy of appeasement doesn't work in international relations and won't work for kids either

6. Not-a-contest. Kate's not-a-random act of kindness contest is one big mess.

Kate announced last December she was holding a random act of kindness contest with the winners to get copies of her book. There was so much about this little stunt that was snarkalicious, from most of the premeditated acts not being true random acts in the first place, to the obvious low turnout of entries, to Kate dragging her feet for over two months to choose the winners. Not to mention how complicated state laws are when it comes to such contests. And, we all wondered, how do you "judge" an act of kindness? Is saving a neglected baby kitten better or worse than giving your sandwich to the homeless?

Kate Gosselin @Kateplusmy8 11 Jan
Can you believe I am STILL reading the stack of #BeKindGetSigned (copy of #LoveIsInTheMix ) submissions? (Us: Yes.) Your kindness is making us smile! 

I guess Kate figured out how to judge them somehow, because finally at the end of February, the "winners" were announced. Incidentally, the announcement was the last time she posted on her blog in 2014. Heh.

5. Reboot: TLC and Kate bring the show back.

You have to hand it to TFW, very few cancelled shows ever get a chance to come back again. But this year was a good one for her. TLC not only aired an update special that they promised way back when, but are also bringing Kate Plus 8 back in 2015. Much of Kate's summer she was MIA from Twitter, filming in Massachusetts and Maine. The fifth worst moment is shared with TLC, for resurrecting something that didn't die fast enough in the first place, and in all the preview clips, making the kids look spoiled and unruly. And what's more, they are exaggerating a small handful of episodes and calling it a "season," which is misleading. They also promised an air date of December, only to see that pushed out to January of next year. Shame on them for all of the above.

4. John Don't. Kate buys the kids a John Deere Gator.

The dumbest gift you can get a kid is an unsafe one. The second dumbest is a gift only meant to help them with choring. Kate's birthday gift to the sextuplets for their big tenth birthday was both. The John Deere Gator was one of her worst gifts yet, and the children were spotted both driving and riding in the back, a big no-no. John Deere warns in their own safety manual their gators should never be operated by children under 16. And Pennsylvania law forbids children from driving the vehicles anywhere but their parents' property without a training certificate. Kate tweeted that Mady drove it on their neighbor's property. More than 100 children in Pennsylvania have died on this or similar vehicles in the past 30 years in Pennsylvania. I would have preferred a Jonas brother.

3. Garage sale karma

There's nothing wrong with a garage sale, except when you're filming it, exploiting your kids, and selling your ex-'s stuff (or other stuff you got for free in the first place). Kate accomplished all three at the early morning sale this fall. Kate donated the proceeds to an animal shelter, but as per her usual, barely promoted that aspect of it. The best karma of all however was when Jon showed up, bought back his own video game (lol!), hung out with the kids for awhile (effectively sheltering many of them from being filmed), and then left with all eight of them.

2. Pitch your tent. Kate insults children with special needs, and their parents.

This one was a very close second to first because it was just that offensive and frankly, cruel. We all wondered what charity Kate would pick for Celebrity Apprentice. Surprisingly, it wasn't the obvious choices of the Red Cross, the March of Dimes, or a children's hospital. Rather it was a lovely little charity she has had no discernible contact with or interest in since May 2012, Camp Barnabas, a camp for children with special needs. We couldn't find a shred of evidence Kate has ever even been to this camp, let alone supported it for more than one night at a publicity event. When asked to speak about her charity, the only thing Kate could come up with to highlight is that this camp gives parents a nice break from their burdens. For good measure, she also said that special needs kids won't go to college and will have to be parented forever. That's simply not true, Kate. It was such a demoralizing blow to families who are working so hard toward productive and independent adult lives for their children. Get educated, Kate. Your unbelievable ignorance is both unforgivable and hurtful.

It's been another wonderful year here on the blog. Thanks to all of you for making it possible! And now here is the top worst moment:

1. Mommie Dearest: The twins choke on the Today show.

In 2014, the worst moment of the year happened only two weeks into January and hasn't been one-upped since. In an obvious effort to build and revamp the Gosselin brand for the teen years, Kate paraded the twins on a small media tour in NYC. First stop was the Today show, only it didn't quite go as Kate planned.  Watch it here.

Cara wouldn't speak, Mady clamped up a lot too, and when asked about Jon, Mady refused to throw him under the bus. 
Jon's response was heartbreaking: "I just feel horrible for my twins. You would only know as a parent. I wish I could've rescued them."

On the bright side, the outrage from other entertainment and social media was pretty universal, with Kate put on blast from the likes of Access Hollywood and Extra, along with numerous outraged drivebys on Twitter. It has even made at least one "year end" list of most outlandish moments of 2014, over at Gawker. It was a defining moment in which the general public finally saw the damage the exploitation has done. That same damage we've been warning about for almost ten years now.

And finally our annual Best Moment of the year. This year we're handing out just one award, although we're giving out a number of honorable mentions. One to Candace Cameron and Lori Loughlin who, for the first time we've ever heard, talked publicly about some of the negative aspects of growing up on T.V. Lots of child stars have spoken out and it's great when they do. This time was especially important though, because the sentiment from Full House is mostly positive from everyone but the very youngest cast members, and almost everyone on the show continues to be successful. It's important to note that even good, positive film sets that produce well-adjusted adults can still cause damage to child stars in the long run. Another honorable mention goes to Beth Carson for finally breaking her silence and confirming our speculations, and for calling Kate out for the greedy liar that she is. The only response Kate could come up with to Beth's bombshell interview was a pathetic little "no." Oh, but yes, Kate. And finally a honorable mention goes to Rep. Tom Murt, who is still not satisfied with child labor laws and is vowing to do even more, including mandatory background checks for all of production and an independent advocate on set. He even has Jon aboard now, too. 

The Best Moment award this year goes to the ladies of The Talk. Daytime T.V. for women can sometimes be a mind-numbing black hole of idiocy.

These women have proven this year that daytime T.V. doesn't have to be that. Women are just as smart and capable as men of producing good T.V., and The Talk did a lot last year to prove just that. What they have to say about current events is intelligent, logical, and worth listening to. The View and their squawking chickens this show is not. As for Kate putting her children back on T.V. this year, they had this to say:

Sara Gilbert: "Any time you're putting kids on T.V.--I was a kid on T.V. and I wanted to be there--but if you're putting eight kids on T.V. from the time they are tiny you don't know which ones want to be there and which ones don't. ... I chose it. They didn't get a chance to choose it."

Sharon Osborne: "It's our industry. We know what we're going to get, you know what you're not going to get. So therefore, it's a whole different thing."

So congrats Marie, Sara (both former child stars), Sharon (mother to former child stars), Aisha, and Julie.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Serial: The best reality TV show... er, podcast, of the year

Reality has its place, and the genre is never better served than the true crime podcast by This American Life out of Chicago, which just wrapped up today. You can listen for free on your smartphone's free podcast app (just search for "Serial" and download the episodes), or listen for free online.

Did Adnan kill Hae? You decide over the course of 12 engrossing episodes.

Some questions to ponder:
  • How much can you remember about what you did six weeks ago, on November 6, 2014? 
  • Is Adnan a smooth talking sociopath who has charmed narrator Sarah Koenig or is he actually who he says?
  • What about that phone call to Adnan's then girlfriend the day of the murder?
  • Was the investigation botched? 
  • If Adnan didn't kill Hae, who did? 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Celebrity Apprentice preview clip

Clips and other promotions have begun popping up for Celerity Apprentice, which premieres January 4.

Here's one of the longest clips to date, a four minute mash-up of the first task, baking pies:


Monday, December 1, 2014

Rep. Fincher's staffer resigns after criticizing Obama girls

"Children, especially the first daughters, are off limits." -Sean Spicer, RNC.

Less than a week after Elizabeth Lauten went off on Facebook about the president's teen daughters for acting bored at the annual turkey pardoning, she has stepped down.

Lauten criticized the girls' outfits as inappropriate and said they were making faces.