Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jon is broke

It's obvious Jon is broke, but a source has confirmed it today. The source says Jon was counting on media appearance, but now that there is an injunction, he has no income. They say he is making no effort to try to get a job outside the entertainment industry.

A big mortgage, expensive house to maintain, 8 kids to provide for, 8 private school tuitions, expensive cars....it's probably time to downsize.

And again, shame on TLC for taking money from the children. This is their provider, a fact they overlook.


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Anonymous said...

I hope TLC is proud of themselves. How any of them can sleep at night is beyond me.

Debbie said...

I think this is just TLC putting out more bad Press for Jon. Now that he can't speak out and defend himself it allows TLC to put what they want to out there in the media. He should have 1/2 of the money he and Kate made coming to him in the divorce so I don't see how he can be broke.

Lauren said...

I feel sorry for Jon. TLC is being cruel. Sure they say he can get an I.T. job but unemployment is so high that finding suitable employment is unlikely. It just makes me all the more frustrated with Kate.

Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said...

TLC is being cruel, you're right. A part of me feels sorry for Kate, too. Why can't she see that TLC will turn on her too the second she stops making them money? What if her new show flops, which it could very well. How many reality stars are able to make a second go at it. Not many. Then Kate will be without money, too.

Depending on how they are splitting the money, any money Jon made post separation may be being treated as his own money, and not 50-50. And he's had opportunity to make quite a bit since they separated.

Heather said...

I don't think TLC is being cruel. Jon signed a contract, they asked him to abide by it, and he continually ignored the contract. There must be consequences for his actions.

Also, I was under the impression that the contract said Jon can't be paid for media appearances, not that he couldn't defend himself. Am I wrong?

Lauren said...

Yes, Heather TLC is being cruel. They are playing hard ball with Jon because he decided to take his kids off the air. Kate is paid for her appearances so why not Jon.

Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said...

The problem is contracts that are inherently unfair or unreasonable, or signed by someone without counsel who was unsophisticated, or unfairly restricts a person, as a matter of public policy should not be upheld.

The law doesn't say any contract signed you must honor. Contracts are thrown out all the time. Jon's lawyers are trying to get the judge to declare this contract invalid, and they just might prevail.

This contract also said Jon had a right to take his kids off the air if he wanted to. Jon did so, and TLC immediately sued him. BUT their own contract said he could do that, so what gives. Why didn't they sue Jon way back the first time he "breached"? That's not a coincidence, they are retaliating.

Even at the end of it all we assume Jon did something wrong and he shouldn't have breached his contract, the bottom line is if they continue to pursue this lawsuit they continue to take money from the children's father, the person providing for him. In their quest to "get" Jon, they are taking money away from the children that could be used to provide them a future now that they no longer have a steady income from TLC. For that reason alone, they should stop this.

Anonymous said...

Are we really going to believe that Jon is broke who is the source that told fox news this information. Sorry doesn't sound credible to me at all.

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