Monday, April 12, 2010

Exclusive: Sneak peek at Kate's shockingly exploitive book: "I truly enjoy the media."


Kate's book doesn't come out until tomorrow, but we already have our copy. And we'll give you a sneak peak right now. The direct quotes we have been seeing in the media are true. The following is pulled directly from the book, not exaggerated, not misquoted. It may be hard to be believed .... but it's all true.

The Letters ....
  • In her letter to Cara, Kate tells her the pregnancy was difficult and she was sick all the time. And in the same letter, she says “life is always difficult.”
  • In her letter to Mady, Kate insists to her that all the decisions she has made for her have been best for her even if Mady disagrees right now. She points out a time when Mady lied about a beach towel on the floor and said she wants to instill honesty in her.
  • In Alexis’ letter, Kate calls her naughty and says the changes from the divorce have been confusing and upsetting to her.
  • In Hannah’s letter, she says the divorce has caused pain and doubt and shaken her.
  • In Aaden’s letter, she calls him an inconsolable baby and points out the many pairs of glasses he went through at a cost of $200 each.
  • In Collin’s letter, he tests and tries her authority every chance he gets.
  • In Leah’s letter, she says she bickers and fights and tattles, and was a difficult baby.
  • In Joel’s letter he is too easy-going and laid back for Kate’s “rush-rush” personality and she lacks the skills to father him.
The Rest of the Book ....
  • When Kate was pregnant with the twins, she was praying for girls. (Girls are better than boys.)
  • The Andrew Ave. house wasn’t good enough because it had many pitfalls and dangers, such as a staircase. (A staircase, how dare it give you access to the second floor!)
  • After the babies turned one, Kate claims she and Jon were caring for them mostly by themselves. (I'm sure all the helpers appreciate that)
  • Kate had twin dolls as a child--two sets of them. Abigail and Artie and Gina and Geoffrey. She wanted twins since childhood. (Gunning for multiples since day one, as we all suspected.)
  • Kate says she is thoroughly annoyed with fans. (Ungrateful.)
  • Kate discusses the infamous trip to the National Zoo that was filmed for Jon and Kate Plus 8 but mysteriously never aired. And now we know why. On the trip it poured rain. Poured. Kate put the kids in trash bags to protect them from the weather and they stayed out all morning. Later while the adults stopped at Starbucks, leaving the kids waiting in the van, the came back to discover Alexis had thrown up. (Must have my latte.)
  • Kate writes letters to God in her journal. Kate has a chapter called “Dear Jesus.” (You‘re on God‘s speed dial Kate, number 6!)
  • When Kate quit her nursing job to stay home with the kids, Cara lunged at her and held her for awhile. (How can you leave your kids after that?)
  • Kate originally had seven embryos take, but one died soon after. Kate is convinced this baby was another girl and named her Ella or Emma Rose. (The more girls, the better!)
  • TLC footed the bill when Kate shopped at Sam’s (So that‘s why we always saw her shopping there!)
  • Kate says her financial situation is uncertain. (Liar.)
  • While Kate and Jon were in the garage one evening answering fan mail, Leah hurt her head--a small gash that bled. They never knew what happened because the kids were too little to explain. Even though a neighbor said she needed a stitch and should be taken in, she never saw a doctor. (Why were the kids alone in the house?)
  • And finally, “Where I lived, the career mom was not normal, but in New York it was. It was good to fit in. I’ve learned to talk to my kids on the phone and love them from afar, reminding myself that I had to do my job. I truly enjoy the campaigns, books, shows, media.”

Kate on Today:

"They know I have to work," Kate says. Kate, stop lying! You get $22,000 a month in child support from their father!

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Irene S said...

Please be careful reading administrator. If you need gorilla glue we will be happy to fed ex some.

IATK said...

I can already tell this is going to hurt to hear, isn't it?

dee3 said...

I really appreciate you taking the time to provide a sneak peak for us tonight...especially on Tango night. :o)

mommyinca said...

Thank you, Admin! I'm anxious to hear if the worst was already given to us in the tabloid mags or if the book is worse than the tabs let on.

dee3 said...

I know I've raved about Preesi's great articles on narcissism and narcissistic mothers but here's just one paragraph that is SO relevant to this newest book:

"She will deliver generalized barbs that are almost impossible to rebut (always in a loving, caring tone): “You were always difficult” “You can be very difficult to love” “You never seemed to be able to finish anything” “You were very hard to live with” “You’re always causing trouble” “No one could put up with the things you do.”

How on the money is that? Now that the Administrator has let us know that all those quotes ARE in the book. Kate fits almost every single feature of NPD. ~ Administrator said...

I'm reading it right now and .... OH MY GOD you guys you will not be disappointed!

Kelly said...

Lay it on us Admin. I just need another dose of Kate propaganda like I just saw on DWTS. Nothing will shock me now. I'm uploading a shot of anti-freeze to everyone who wants to celebrate her new book, her rave reviews and her woa is me tale, yet again on DWTS.

Katie said...

Kelly, I'll take a double.

mommyinca said...

If the book is as bad or worse than what we've already read, then HOW can Kate go on all these talk shows this week and promote it? Will NO ONE question her exploitative writing?

Never mind, judging by all the arse kissing that's gone on thus far, I doubt Joy, Sherri or Babs will even read the dang book. They will just sympathize with her and trash Jon.

Ok, Kelly hit me with a triple!

just wondering said...

How are you going to get Kate out of your head tonight? YUCK!

Thanks for taking the hit for us!

French Canadian said...

dee3 said...

“You were always difficult” “You can be very difficult to love” “You never seemed to be able to finish anything” “You were very hard to live with” “You’re always causing trouble” “No one could put up with the things you do.”


I knew it was awfull, I have a hard time beleiving that a mother could whrite that to her kids...

That woman is sick!

dee3 said...

French Canadian...Kate did not write that specific paragraph. I took it from an article on "Narcissistic Moms" (from another site). But the paragraph so closely matched the quotes that were revealed yesterday from Kate's newest you challenged my authority greatly, etc. So I had just copied that one paragraph of the behavior of narcissistic mothers to show the parallels with the quotes from Kate's book.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

koopdedoo said...

Kelly, can you just leave a pitcher of margaritas next to me??

HollyMo said...

I think I may pass on the margaritas, but I may need some Pepto-bismol...I feel nauseous just thinking about what she has written.

Kelly said...

No koopdedoo, I will NOT leave a pitcher of margaritas next to you. We need you to be totally coherent tomorrow night for the elimination show where Kate gets to stay and some other NOBODY, like Nichole or Erin Andrews gets sent to the Gulag.

We need you to lead the charge, with torches lit, dogs barking, crowd jeering and walk our sorry backsides to Los Angeles to protest Kate Gosselin being appointed the Annointed One. No drinks for you tonight.

Tomorrow night, at the same time, all over the country, there will be the same words shouted out at exactly the same time, in unison, when the final two are relegated to just one and Kate won't be part of them.

I'm laying bets, at that same time the words are going to sound something like GHOUL SPIT, but not really using the same vernacular. Those B's and S's are such wonderful substitutes. Looking forward to shouting out with ya.

Wilma said...

these kids were babies when she wrote these (or pretends writing) the comments about calling Daddy at work. Seriously she needed help getting a 2 year old to "obey"...who uses that word with a 2 year old. ~ Administrator said...

Ok the sneak peak is up, enjoy, I guess.

French Canadian said...

dee3 said...

My English is far from being perfect...Sometimes I cant see if it is narcissistic or not...Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it.

dee3 said...

Jeez, I just feel sick reading the list of criticisms of each child that she included in the book.
I'm speechless, really....and sick.

Poor, poor Kate. How horrible that she had to endure these children. What a saint. Oh, the difficulty they put her through, poor thing. Babies and toddlers should KNOW better!

If she gets a pass on this book, I've had it. Stop the world, I want to get off.

IATK said...

Jon needs to present this book to the judge as evidence of a "voluntary absentee mom" in court.

“Where I lived, the career mom was not normal, but in New York it was. It was good to fit in. I’ve learned to talk to my kids on the phone and love them from afar, reminding myself that I had to do my job. I truly enjoy the campaigns, books, shows, media.”

IATK said...

"love them from afar?" WTF does that mean? She's sick.

HollyMo said...

iatk, you nailed it!

Kart is simply despicable. What a monster.

Kelly said...

Thanks Admin. This just proves what a despicable human she really is. Anything for a buck.

Katesucks said...

Sorry for the expletive, but she's totally f--ked in the head.

And she's going to go out and promote this? And the media ass-kissers will lap it up and praise her as a 'best-selling author'?
It's so incredibly heinous. All of it.

Nobody Likes a Narcissist said...

OMFG! I want to say I can't believe it, but I know better. But, still, now we're hearing it for real what sick, disgusting crap is in this book written by the cold-hearted SUPER BITCH MOTHER FROM HELL.*

It's now official, I actually do hate this c*nt.

Admin, thanks so much, this blog has become the BEST of the bunch! We appreciate all your hard work here!

You know, I think this book might just finally be the beginning of the end for Khate/SBMFRH (Super Bitch Mother From Hell).

*click on my name, guys

Nobody Likes a Narcissist said...

edit: I meant SBMFH

(I'd actually like to give her some other names, but, I'll refrain....for now)

PatK said...

From the synopsis you've given, Admin, I need to ask WHY this book needed to be written. (Well, besides the fact she owed Zondervan another book.)

People will really buy this piece of crap? Fools and their money...

IATK said...

Unfortunately, people WILL buy it and see nothing wrong with any of it. THAT'S what is scary.

dee3 said...

"You know, I think this book might just finally be the beginning of the end for Khate/SBMFRH (Super Bitch Mother From Hell)."

Man, I HOPE so. Part of me thinks that this horrible book HAS to be a huge nail in her coffin. But another part of me feels anxious because if THIS book gets a pass, I'll have lost all faith in common decency and doing the right thing.

I mean, there's spin and then there's having it right there in black and white. If this book doesn't get the criticism it deserves, I will truly be sick about this.

Jon and Kate are both Absentee Parents said...

I don't know why this comes as a surprise to anyone. Not one time, during any episode, (100) of them, (not that I watched them all), did I ever see Kate show any joy in being a mother. The only thing that I saw was her complaining
and acting like a victim. All she did was talk about how hard and exhausting it was.

Irene S said...

Wow. I have to say I was prepared. I thought I was prepared. Nothing can prepare anyone. Kate is sure something else.

Man, my heart aches for the children. said...

Very good point about Khate NEVER enjoying motherhood.

She claims to have happy memories, but I can't ever recall a single moment where she was seen enjoying her children. Anyone remember an episode or event with her children where she was happy?

HI 50 said...

“Where I lived, the career mom was not normal, but in New York it was. It was good to fit in. I’ve learned to talk to my kids on the phone and love them from afar, reminding myself that I had to do my job. I truly enjoy the campaigns, books, shows, media.”

Twisted Kate's child rearing strategies:

1. Learn to use a phone to talk to your kids.
2. Love your kids from afar.
3. Prioritize your life by insuring campaigns, books, shows, media is in the top 5 before the kids.
4. Learn to cry on cue as part of your performance.
5. Learn to make passive-aggressive statements that demeans the father of your children. They'll respect you even more if you act like a father.

PLEASE these children DESPERATELY need a guardian at lidem before its too late!

escrow said...

"It was good to fit in". That starment says alot. It tells me how incredibly insecure she is. Everyting about her disorder is linked to that insecurity and she will never EVER admit it, not even to herself.

The only episode I can think of when she seemed somewhat content was in the Outer Banks after she gorged herself on crab after she had ripped Jon for having the audacity to bleed on them after having cracked a whole ocean of crabs for her lazy ass.

back to lurkdom.

Jon and Kate are both Absentee Parents said...
I truly can not remember an episode or event where Kate, Jon or any of the children were happy. All I saw and heard was a lot of yelling and crying.

Nobody Likes a Narcissist said...

"I’ve learned to talk to my kids on the phone and love them from afar, reminding myself that I had to do my job. I truly enjoy the campaigns, books, shows, media.”

Hey, Admin - wouldn't you just LOVE to be the father's attorney in this custody case with that excellent piece of evidence? I've been an attorney for more years than I want to admit, with nearly a decade of them being in family law, and I've got to say that I would have given my right arm to have this book land in my lap. I would so love to question this "mother" about this quote (and many, many others, I'm sure). When asked if she wrote that and if that's how she really feels about parenting, Khate would either have to admit it or she'd lie and say she just made it up to sell books. The problem for her is that this quote confirms her style of parenting over the last two or three years. She loves being away, the interviews, limos, hotels, talk shows, and $$$, while someone else raises the kids and she phones it in. She actually thinks there's nothing at all wrong with that!

Well, Miss G (SBMFH) if that's all you think is required from YOU as a mother, we have a father here who is willing and able to properly parent these children IN PERSON, no pink blackberry required. Gee, I wonder how a judge would come down on that....let's see, what's in the best interests of the kids, a mother who thinks she can be absent half the month while nannies raise the kids as long as she calls them on the phone, or a father who is willing and able to be a full time parent, and who actually has a record as a full time parent, where there were no apparent issues, problems or complaints as far as his parenting goes.

Wow, I really think this super bitch finally did herself in! She thought the whole divorce wrapped up last year, she got what she wanted and now it's safe to release this kind of a book. Oh, I can almost feel the migraine headache that, her attorney is having right now! Stupid Khate, couldn't you have just written a freaking cookbook? Ha!

I wonder how the hell TLC and the P.R. people will try to spin this. How the hell can she go on talk shows? What the hell are they going to ask her about? Is everyone willing to just ignore the bitchy crap she's written in the book and just ask her dumbass fluffy questions, (prompted by TLC, Zondervan, whatever), like "Oh, poor Khate wasn't it so hard having EIGHT kids? SIX babies at once, oh my, did you ever think you'd make it through those years? And potty training SIX toddlers at once? Wow, Khate Gosselin, I guess you're an inspiration to all moms going through all that mom stuff right now, if Khate can do it with SIX Babies/toddlers, and twins also, they can do it too! Thanks for joining us Khate, now back to our other important news of the day.....It's 3,754,293 degrees in Central Park today, 'cause you see, the time has come, it really is hell on earth....."

Nobody Likes a Narcissist said...

DeKonstruction Zlogger - I'm still trying to catch up on all the comments here today, but I have to ask, is this Irene (with her new Google account)? ~ Administrator said...

NLAN, sometimes I have wet dreams about putting Kate on the witness stand!

I just SKIMMED the book who knows what else is in there. Although so far I haven't seen all that much bashing of Jon, believe it or not.

Jon and Kate are both Absentee Parents said...

Nobody Likes a Narcissist, I love your post.
Administrator and NLAN, It is possible that either one of you, or possibly both of you, could contact Kevin and Jodi and suggest that they file for FULL CUSTODY of the Gosselin children?
You both have enough ammunition to prove that neither Jon nor Kate are fit to parent these children. My gut is telling me that Jon is in on this whole media game with TLC and Kate.

IATK said...

Did TLC have to approve the book before publishing? ~ Administrator said...

You typically can't file for custody of another person's children. Social services has to take them away first. It's unlikely that will happen. But a judge could give a better custody arrangement to the better parent.

The only letter I ever wrote to anyone famous was to the Krieders after they spoke out. I saw how badly they were being treated and I wanted to encourage them. I can't seem to find it on my computer, maybe I didn't save it. If I did I'll post it here sometime.

Denise said...

We need to send this to The "Ladies" of the View, Meridith Viera, Jay Leno and EVERYONE whose show she will be on,

Send it to some of those Entertainment Shows that Slobber all over her too.

mommyinca said...

Admin- Does Kate at *least* end any of her negative comments about "loving them from afar" with a positive?

I am just trying to understand how she or anyone could defend this book in any way? If she puts a "But it was all worth it and I love them and would do anything for them" in there, then that's enough for the media, I'm sure. (sick sick sick!)

And just so I have this straight: Kate supposedly told Jon it was over in late 2008 but still put on a pretty face for her show....Then when Jon wouldn't go along with the charade anymore, she filed for divorce...NOW she is the poor ex wife of a cheating husband with 8 mouths to feed and will prove to the world that she CAN get passed this horrible ordeal Jon has put her through?

Is that about right, Kate fans?

Lauren said...

The letters to the kids are sickening. IT'S ALL ABOUT KATE. The kids are such a huge inconvenience to her. GO JON GO. Get custody of the kids.

tries her authority
too easy going

Kate doesn't deserve to have kids.

Lauren said...


Jon and Kate are both Absentee Parents said...

Administrator, Thank you for your response. What a shame that Kevin and Jodi don't have a chance to get custody of the children.
Well, here is another family willing to exploit their children. According to the article each child is pays $2,000.00 a week. To bad that the law does not apply in PA. Jon & Kate would owe the children $200,000.00 each.

Lisa Rinna Puts Daughters In Reality ShowLisa Rinna Puts Daughters In Reality Show

just wondering said...

The martyr syndrome.

NancyB said...

ADMIN- does it seem to you as if Kart wrote this book herself without a ghost writer? Would enjoy reading the letter that you wrote to the Kreider's if you find it.

Kart is truly one of the biggest liars I have ever witnessed in my life. How ironic and hypocritical for her to have exposed Maddie about a "lie" about a beach towel.

You know Kart's excuses tonight on DWTS are pathetic. (naming other stars who have dance experience) And I am sooo sick of those fake tears that she wipes away but there is no real tears at all.

She is such a liar. Jon & Kate took ballroom dancing lessons sometime during the 3rd season. The episode was called 'Jon & Kate get Rhythm' but it has never aired. She was also a cheerleader in High School and acted in several school plays. In an article from the period of time when she was petitioning the state to pay for a RN for another year, she is quoted as saying the following: But if Kate had had a crystal ball, would she have taken the fertility drugs? "If I could have looked into the future, I would not have done it," she admitted.
Wow, I find that statement to be incomprehensible for a Mother to make.

In the People magazine article, the one when she was on the cover, from 3 weeks ago she said: "I can't rely on the fact that Jon will be there to help support the kids, so I approach it as if I am the sole provider. As for time with the kids, Jon is always welcome to increase his cutody time with them. I would never stop him from having ample time; in fact I encourage it every chance I have. But when he doesn't, our kids are in capable, loving hands with our babysitter." In another article that came out at the same time she is quoted as saying that Jon's custody time will not be increased while she is doing DWTS and is in LA.

If this book becomes another bestseller I give up. She has many qualities actually of a sociopath. Not all the markers but a large percentage of the scales fit her to a tee.

IATK said...

Jon's lawyer Anthony F. List tells X17online exclusively that Jon continuously gets rejected by Kate when it comes to visiting their eight kids:

"He wanted to spend this weekend with the kids and she said no. She wanted the nannies to watch them instead."

Nobody Likes a Narcissist said...

Administrator said...

NLAN, sometimes I have wet dreams about putting Kate on the witness stand!


I know! I was thinking how easily I could break her down and rip her apart! She's her own worst enemy = a terrific witness to have on cross-examination!


For the record, I'm not advocating that these children be removed from the custody of either parent here. I do think that Jon has been and will be a better parent to them and it would be in the best interests of the children to spend at LEAST fifty percent of their time with him.

I also think the arrangement with this house, where the parents are taking turns there is detrimental to the children (and to both parents), as well as confusing, especially since Khate thinks it's HER house and she calls all the shots, while Jon is merely a visitor, or "babysitter", there when Khate says it's okay. These people all need to move on just like most divorced families do, no matter how many kids they have. That means sell this McMansion, get two more reasonable and financially manageable houses (not far from each other, preferably), work out a WRITTEN parenting schedule setting forth who has the kids on what dates. The kids need counseling, and the parents should have to go to visit a parenting coordinator (I'm not sure what they call it in PA), where they have regular appointments (together) during which any and all parenting issues will be addressed, such as necessary changes to the schedule, problems agreeing, etc. This keeps it out of the courts where someone is always running to court complaining the other parent is being unreasonable, interfering with parenting time, etc. It gives them a level, neutral forum and makes them both accountable to someone else.

I don't know what the hell these attorneys and the arbitrator did, but it sounds like a whole lot of nothing. This is a big freaking mess, but it CAN be worked out. Khate cannot have the CONTROL that she appears to have been given in their settlement. Work out the schedule, enter it as court judgment, which also mandates counseling for the children and a parenting coordinator. And, I definitely it would be best if they each had their own separate homes.

By the way, speaking of the home, I've often read that Jon had said that by the end of 2008, Khate told him it was over but she wanted to continue the sham for the show. Okay, they also moved into the McMansion around that Thanksgiving, right? (I only began watching the show about a year ago because of the media hoopla). So, I did see that much discussed clip where Khate said "Mine, all mine" after they moved in. Well, the timing of all that seems interesting to me. It sounds like TLC knew the marriage was going down the tubes and rather than trying to get them to a good therapist, they helped Khate get the McMansion (we still don't know where all the money came from for it, do we?), and it seems to me that TLC and Khate were setting Jon up the whole time. They knew this property had a detached garage/separate structure, with an apartment over it and once they moved in, Jon could just live in the apartment while they acted like all was normal when they taped the show. It just seems too perfect, they get this new house with this apartment and as soon as they move in, Khate says hey, buddy, it's over, off to the garage for you! Again, I'm sort of new to following this whole disaster on the blogs, so I don't know if that was ever discussed back then or since. But, I strongly suspect that's how it all played out behind the scenes. Khate and TLC schemed behind Jon's back to set him up and banish him to the garage once they got the McMansion.....all so the fucking show could go on and the $$$ could keep flowing.

Nobody Likes a Narcissist said...

Itsabouthekids - thanks for the link.

Well, see, that's obvious! No attorney is going to rush into court over custody UNLESS THERE IS A PROBLEM. Jon clearly filed as a last resort. As in most cases, he must have been asking for more time, or in this case he HAD to ask her as per their agreement (which is INSANE), and she was unreasonably withholding it.

This is all going to come out now and bite Khate in the ass. She thought she was so smart and Jon was so dumb (which, I have to say, he was for most of 2009, plus he had horrible legal advice, and other advice). No more P.R. spin for Khate, it will all come out, how much money she really has, the monthly income, the expenses, how she lies in public about Jon and his time with the kids, trying to imply he doesn't want to spend time with them, how she has implied over and over again that he's a deadbeat dad, he gives her no money and he WON'T get a job so she has to support these children all by herself, etc. The gig is up, Khate! I just feel sorry for the children now because she is going to be under a lot of stress with this and even nastier and bitchier than ever. Maybe the longer she stays on DWTS the better (for the kids).

IATK said...

Actually, I think it was in October '08, two months after the vow renewal, that Kate told Jon it was over, they would each go their own way, but pretend they were together for the show. I think they technically separated before they moved into the new house. It's probably one of the reasons the children were threatened and locked out of the master bedroom. When Jon was photographed with Deanna in December or January '09 and everything fell apart, they were already apart. I believe Kate was upset not that he was with Deanna, but that he caught and blew their cover. At least that's my understanding of the sequence of events. I'll see if I can find the articles that verify or someone else might remember.

IATK said...

Jon on LKL - Kate called it quits in October of last year.

Kate on Natalie Morales - "discussion sometime last year"

Belle said...

There was a Valentine's day interview where Kate "snapped" at the interviewer and said, "we are not that kind of couple!!"

Rumors of Jon living above the garage began in December.

IATK said...,,20276577,00.html

People magazine interview with Deanna Hummel. The interview was May '09 and she said she and Jon had been only friends for a couple of months prior.

IATK said...

My comment about Jon being photographed with Deanna in Dec. '08 or Jan. '09 was wrong. It appears to have been a few months later than that.

IATK said...

Belle, do you know who the interviewer was on that Valentine's day?

Pamela Jaye said...

for some reason, I as looking at the top nav menu - I think I as trying to find a quick ay to see if there as a more recent post, and it's late, my brain is as dead as my WWwww key.
And then one phrase jumped out at me - report abuse. It as so fitting. If only anyone would listen.

Belle said...

Found it!

IATK said...

I vaguely remember this article. Even Kate couldn't keep up the pretense. I wonder how much TLC knew about the charade? How could they not know something was up?

IATK said...

I wasn't sure where to put this, Admin. If this article is accurate, Kate's solution to her custody problems seems to be to pick up the kids and move them across country.

Kate Gosselin and the Kids Hollywood-Bound?

By Rob Shuter Posted Apr 13th 2010 02:00AM

Kate Gosselin is certainly famous, and now the mom of eight and current 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant wants to stay famous by making a move out west. Yep, the octomom is in the market for a house in Hollywood and a new agent, according to her pals.

Sources tell me that in between dance practices, Kate Gosselin has been house hunting in the Hollywood Hills for a mansion big enough for her and her eight kids.

"Now that Kate has tasted the excitement of Hollywood, there is no way that she is going to return to Pennsylvania," a friend of Kate's tells me. "She is looking at homes in the Hollywood Hills in gated communities in the $2 million range. Kate is insisting the properties she sees have a pool, at least six bedrooms, an outdoor hot tub and, bizarrely, a recording studio!"

And it's not just a home that Kate has been looking for in Los Angeles. Sources tell me she has been meeting with agents, managers and publicists.

"Kate wants to be a movie star," one insider tells me. "Kate thinks that after Jennifer Aniston's last few films didn't do so well, America needs a new girl next door. And who better to fill Jen's shoes than Kate!"

That's right. Because when I think girl next door, the first thing that jumps to mind is a single mother of eight with more public baggage than Grand Central Station. Keep dreaming, Kate, and please don't tell us you are planning to record an album, too.

koopdedoo said...

Admin, thanks for taking the bullet for the team and reading the book! I did read the sample on the Zondervan site...4 things struck me (after my eyeballs stopped burning):

1: The 8 children are NEVER gonna hear the end of this book from peers. So sad for THEM.

2: NORMAL, Kate wants to be NORMAL. I don't know, but personally, I always assumed my life was normal (albeit different in whatever way)...why would you not think your life was NORMAL?

3: From the sample, I am convinced Kate actually wrote this one.

4: Did an editor, legal professional OR child psychologist read this before it was published???

Kelly, thanks for refusing me the pitcher of margaritas...I am focused, ready for WHATEVER this day brings.

m said...

Where I lived, the career mom was not normal, but in New York it was. It was good to fit in. I’ve learned to talk to my kids on the phone and love them from afar, reminding myself that I had to do my job. I truly enjoy the campaigns, books, shows, media.”

Pulease! I can't wait for her to fall HARD. "Love them from afar" that is SAD!

Be Your Own Book Reviewer said...

If you really want to know what the book says you need to read it for yourself. There are ways to read a book without actually paying for it if you don't want kate to receive the money. There is always the library.

All book reviewers put their own slant when reviewing.

The only way to form your own opinion is to read it for yourself.

Don't be a sheeple...think for yourself.

dee3 said...

"The only way to form your own opinion is to read it for yourself."


I would agree with you in principle here. But there would be a difference between someone's impression of a book and actually giving quotes from the book. And to be honest, I cannot imagine ANY way Kate could have qualified her quotes about the children (ie: you were a difficult baby, you challenged my authority greatly, etc.) that would make this okay.

The critical thing here, IMO, is that this book is supposed to be written TO her children...letters of love from a mother to her children. It might be a bit different if it was a book on the difficulties of motherhood...not intended for or addressed to her children.

Sure, I should actually read the book myself (I don't know if I could stomach it, to be honest, though)....but I just can't imagine what could be in the book that could explain away a mother telling her children, in a book that's supposed to be lovingly addressed to them, how difficult they made her life when they were babies.

Unknown said...

I know it makes no difference at all to zondervan but I sent the following this morning:

I cannot believe that a publisher like yourself obviously promoting yourself as Christian would publish Kate Gosselin's new book. Having read the excerpt and subsequent highlights, I find it cruelly exploitive of the children. Shame on you Zondervan. Those children should never have been exposed to Kate Gosselin's unkind thoughts and feelings. You had a duty to protect them from this kind of exploitation.

Anonymous said...

It's all about Kate and it will always be about Kate. She is out for no one but herself and how famous she can become. She can't dance, she doesn't write books, someone else does that too and she never was a good wife just a monster who barked orders.

just wondering said...

She stated on The Today Show that she sent the book to Zondervan asking that no changes or editing be done. OK.. That explains a lot!!

Her arrogance knows no limit!

dee3 said...

Some interesting information on narcissistic mothers:

"How does one recognize a narcissistic mother, a young child can't. For small children it is a difficult time as they cannot comprehend why the mother loves them only when her condition is satisfied. A narcissistic mother wants to be taken care of, pampered and spoiled, by the 'young child', and that is what they do to their young children, train them to cater to their wishes and whims. The children are forced to reverse roles, and the love they receive depends upon how much they are willing to shower on their mothers. A child who lives with a narcissistic mother has to constantly prove that she/he is worth the mother's love. One of the most severe repercussions of having a narcissistic mother is that the child grows up into an adult full of complexes and personality disorders, or maybe turn narcissistic themselves.

A narcissist mother sees herself as perfect, she can distort the truth in the process, especially while bearing the child down. A common trait seen among narcissistic individuals is that they do not like anyone being praised in front of them, no praise for their children too. And God forbid, the child is praised, an envious narcissistic mother is quite capable of diminishing or degrading her child. She won't wince in her need to feel superior while minimizing the child's ability. For a narcissist mother, the child is there to serve just one purpose, to comply with her needs, else the child does not exist. They refuse to acknowledge the child as an individual who has his/her own needs.

A narcissistic mother believes that she alone is entitled to all the love and affection. Psychologists who have treated women with this disorder have reported that a narcissistic mother competes with her own child for her spouse's as well family's attention. They expect favorable treatment and complete compliance, any defiance shown by the child results in rage and exploitation.

SG said...

I agree... If the book was written to be geared toward other mothers about the difficulties of multiples, or just to relate how horrible a time she had raising her kids, that would be bad enough. But this book is FOR her kids. I think calling Mady out as a liar is just horrible. But "that's just Kate being Kate", an all-purpose excuse.

Irene S said...

Man can the woman lie throug veneers.
Just saw her on the Today tabloid show. Her tv defense attorney.

Kate said:
1. came up with the book idea a couple months ago.
2. She insisted the book be untouched, unedited truly what is in her heart
3. She has to work now more than ever
4. She sees nothing negative in the children over the divorce
5. Fans are keeping her on the show

I will tell you I have never ever seen anything like this. Kate believes her own PR. It is almost like fame is her cocaine. And, it is Kreepy that she believes she has won more out of this than she has lost. This is really sad, really pitiful.

just wondering said...

Good Morning, Irene!

dee3 said...

OK, in order to be fair here, I'd like to ask the Administrator:

Are there passages written in the book that you would perceive as a truly loving message to you if you were one of the Gosselin children?

I think it's a good thing that she did not really bash Jon in the book.

Are there feelings expressed in the book that would be purely from the heart to her children? Things like how much they bless her life, etc.? About how much she loves the child?
Not what she does for the child but what the child does for her...what happiness and joy the child gives/brings TO/for her?

PSUmom said...

The above articles were from the Penn State student newspaper when Jon spoke to the students minus Kate. It was during this trip that Jon was staying with his mom who lives near Penn State's main campus... I suspect that this was when Jon was trying to decide what to do about his failed marriage.

There was an episode filmed in that time frame where one of the children tells the camera that "Daddy is staying at his mother's house". This comment was very telling to me as I believe most children would say "Daddy is at Grandma's".

Paula said...

Kate is not an absentee mother, but she was in NYC on The Today Show rather than being at home? Isn't that rather contradictory?

SG said...


She said she flies right home after the show. I guess she meant unless she has to do media appearances. Maybe she will be home in time for when the kids come home from school, like she said.

Wait. She has to be in LA for DWTS tonight. She has to fly all the way back there for that? That's insane!

How does Kate have time to come home from DWTS and from 6-hour practices and spend quality time with her kids and also claim she has to clean, cook and do laundry (per her blog)? I don't think that's physically possible. I'm sorry but I do not believe that Kate cleans and does laundry. I just don't.

jessica said...

They taped the Today show last week, she is still in California.

With regard to not living by working moms. In Elizabethtown her neighbors were 2 business executives, one high school counselor and one college athletic director -- all working moms.

Paula said...

Yes, I know she taped the show last week - when did she went straight to NYC after Tuesday's DWTS and then did not go home until Friday. But, hey, she's not an absentee Mom.

Paula said...

Are narcissists pathological liars as well? Or does Kate Gosselin have multiple emotional issues going on here?

Jessica said...

don't know - what I do know is Kate said Erin Andrews was a cheerleader -- so was Kate. She also said she never had a dance lesson -- that is also untrue as her and Jon took lessons but hey, they are trying to sell an image here -- don't let the facts get in the way

IATK said...

In my personal experience, the narcissist, instead of living within the real world, create their own sense of reality and then have to lie to make everything fit into that deluded existence. If they don't want it to be true, they lie to fit their false reality. That's JMO based on observation.

SG said...

I was just told Today was pretaped. That makes more sense. Kate is still in LA.

SG said...

Oh thanks Jessica! Didn't see you wrote that it was pretaped also.

just wondering said...

itsaboutthekids said...
In my personal experience, the narcissist, instead of living within the real world, create their own sense of reality and then have to lie to make everything fit into that deluded existence. If they don't want it to be true, they lie to fit their false reality. That's JMO based on observation.
Yep.. That's exactly how it works. They will change a story a thousand times but believe it each and every time. They have the ability to make other people feel like they are going crazy. ~ Administrator said...

Haha Kate thinks she's going to keep in touch with the DWTS hair/makeup staff. HAHAHHAHA.

IATK said...

Characteristics Of Narcissistic Mothers

8. She’s a liar in too many ways to count. Any time she talks about something that has emotional significance for her, it’s a fair bet that she’s lying. Lying is one way that she creates conflict in the relationships and lives of those around her - she’ll lie to them about what other people have said, what they’ve done, or how they feel. She’ll lie about her relationship with them, about your behavior or about your situation in order to inflate herself and to undermine your credibility.

There's quite a bit more about the lying, and other characteristics at the link below.

dee3 said...

From a website with some really good info on narcissism:

"Another symptom of narcissism is pathological lying. Purposeful lying is narcissistic and is born from a need to manipulate in order to control. This characteristic began at a very early age. The narcissist never matured to the level where he accepted essential emotional truths: lying creates distrust and separation with others. It destroys relationships."

dee3 said...

"They will change a story a thousand times but believe it each and every time."

just wondering~

I believe this is correct and this is why I hold TLC and anyone who has supported, condoned, encouraged this or even just looked the other way more responsible. With NPD, Kate actually does believe her own lies. But for the others...we would have to believe that every single one of them was/is also a narcissist and unable to recognize the lies. Which of course, is highly unlikely, to say the least. So I hold them even more accountable.

In fact, to me...this entire debacle isn't really so much about this is classic NPD and typically what a narcissist does. The much more important issues are 1) the rights of and concerns for the children and 2) that a corporation and all its sycophants have allowed a person with NPD to run amok, cause such damage to her own family, especially her young and vulnerable children...just for ratings and profits....and HOW and WHY this has been allowed to happen.

SG said...

I have to attest to the whole "narcassist/lying" thing. Kate is so like my mother it's scary.

My mother will tell us something from our childhood and lie and twist the story to make her look good and we (her 3 daughters) are like "Are you freakin kidding me?!??!?!" And either she really makes herself believe it or remember it that way, or she knows she is lying and is trying to convince us to remember it that way. It's the oddest thing.

One tiny example: Growing up, when she was mad at me for whatever reason (I was anywhere from ten- to -fourteen-years old the times I remember), she would refer to me (speaking to my father in front of me) in a nasty tone as "that skinny one" (in Spanish "Esa flaca"). When I mentioned it a few years ago she was like What? Oh! Yes, I would call you "Esa Flacita", (she said it in a loving, affectionate tone this time) and Flacita is a more endearing term, as opposed to Flaca which is what she actually said). That is NOTHING like how she said it. It was nasty and mean, not loving and affectionate.

That is just a tiny, tiny example of how she changes the truth to fit into what she wants us to believe really happened. It's very frustrating to deal with someone like that.

Katesucks said...

Nobody Likes a Narcissist said...

"I’ve learned to talk to my kids on the phone and love them from afar, reminding myself that I had to do my job. I truly enjoy the campaigns, books, shows, media.”

Hey, Admin - wouldn't you just LOVE to be the father's attorney in this custody case with that excellent piece of evidence? I've been an attorney for more years than I want to admit, with nearly a decade of them being in family law, and I've got to say that I would have given my right arm to have this book land in my lap. I would so love to question this "mother" about this quote (and many, many others, I'm sure). When asked if she wrote that and if that's how she really feels about parenting, Khate would either have to admit it or she'd lie and say she just made it up to sell books. The problem for her is that this quote confirms her style of parenting over the last two or three years. She loves being away, the interviews, limos, hotels, talk shows, and $$$, while someone else raises the kids and she phones it in. She actually thinks there's nothing at all wrong with that!
Has anybody emailed this passage to Anthony List yet? Would it hurt to be his 'earpiece' and 'eyepiece'?

IATK said...


I totally agree that a corporation, with total disregard and a blind eye, have played a significant role in all of this. I hope, but I have my doubts that they will ever be held accountable for their actions. And for eight children who will have to live with this for the rest of their lives, that is despicable at the very least.

Irene S said...

Hey Just wondering yes it is me Irene!

Well I feel better I wrote to Thomas Murt & faxed it in.

Kate is just not looking at the welfare of her children. She has stars in her eyes & visions of more stardom dancing in her head.

I think Kate is becoming her own worst nightmare. She has to work....ya ya ya...she spends all...right right right.

Meredith did not follow up though. I thought she asked good questions but did not follow up. I guess that is what happens when you become Kate's PR defense team. Oh well, Kate in all her glory.

Katesucks said...

"They know I have to work," Kate says. Kate, stop lying! You get $22,000 a month in child support from their father!
Posted by Administrator
Don't forget, she taped this interview last Wednesday, before List went on Nancy Grace with the $21,000 child support amount.
Ha bitch, they GOTCHA!!

French Canadian said...

Mady and Cara saw her book last week....On Kate's blog...I mean on TLC'S blog

AuntieAnn said...

So poor little Joel is too easy-going and laid back for her? The kid is five, what does she want him to do, go get a part-time job? The little guy has already worked most of his life for her. Nope, what she's really saying is "Joel you're too much like you're father. He was laid back and easygoing too so you'd better straighten up and fly right or you'll be out the door right along with him."

Kate stepped over the line with this book. From the quotes I've read here, it's almost like she's beating her kids to the punch by writing her Mommie Dearest book to them first, before they all find a publisher. Any mother who writes shit like this about her own kids shouldn't be allowed to raise them.

As for her dancing last night, here's a message for ABC: Macy's called. They want their mannequin back.

MK said...

Regarding the timeline, I think she got caught in another lie then on DWTS last night as she moaned about how the last "two years" of her life have been trama...that would fit Jon's timeline that she told him she was done in Oct two years ago...not her timeline of I never saw this coming...

Also, on Today she says that she never pays attention to the media/or comedians and what they say about her, but on DWTS last night she said that the first thing she does in the morning is check the news to see what drama she is going to have to deal with that day...

How is it that people don't see all her lies!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Why not just stop watching? No, that would be too easy. I think Kate wrote the book just for you idiots to trip all over. It is so lacking in taste you are the only ones interested.

AuntieAnn said...

MK - Most people see the lies, it the sheeple who don't. If she wrote that she's a nuclear physicist they'd believe her.

I never heard anyone lie so many times in so few minutes as Kate did on this interview. It's gotta be some kind of a record.

Anonymous - what a coincidence. We were just talking about you and here you are.

mommyinca said...

There are so many blatant lies in that Today show interview, I'm speechless.

To say the divorce has had NO negative affect on the children is so over the top that I just don't know what else to say.

dee3 said...

Anonymous said...

"Why not just stop watching? No, that would be too easy. I think Kate wrote the book just for you idiots to trip all over. It is so lacking in taste you are the only ones interested."

OK..let me get this straight. So you're saying that Kate INTENTIONALLY wrote this book...that is so lacking in taste (which I agree with) she could get the non-fans to "trip over it?" And what? Just incidentally criticized her own children just to get us to "trip over it"? The children were just unfortunate collateral damage?

Really? I have to say, that's a real interesting spin.

mommyinca said...

Is it just the way this video was embedded or was Kate's body not on the interview? If not, it's interesting since Dr. Glass has been critical of Kate.

Anonymous said...

Wait a the book used!

Katie said...

It's hard to talk about still (and I'm in my late 30s) but I was raised by an extremely narcisstic mother (she had other issues, as well).

When I was describing Kate Gosselin to my boss recently, she stopped me and said "oh my GOD, she sounds a lot like your mom!" And I already knew that and just nodded my head.

I haven't had anything to do with my mom since 1999, thank goodness.

But everything had to serve her purposes. Everything was about her. Period. End of story. Nothing more to say. If it wasn't about her, it didn't even EXIST. We were only extensions of her, not individuals. Praising us was not allowed. In fact, she often said she thought kids got praised too much and so she was striving to do the opposite: no praise whatsoever. She didn't allow it from others, either. When I came home with a 3.5 GPA in college, she said and I quote "big deal, try making a 4.0." I went to an extremely challenging university and was taking a full (18 hour load). When I went to show the report to my stepdad, she got so angry she grabbed it out of my hand and ripped it up.

You see, that wasn't about HER. So it had to go.

We knew if we wanted to get on her good side (temporarily, it was always temporary), we had to do something to stroke her ego. It's alarming how many pictures there are of my younger brother giving her a pedicure or me putting rollers in her hair (while she bitched the whole time that I was doing it wrong).

But I have a word of warning for Kate and something that might be of interest for anyone else following her and the kids: the WORST time for a narcissistic mother is when her daughters start to grow up! They are coming into their own, they are young and beautiful, she suddenly sees them as extreme competition. Things were always bad with my mother, but right around the time I hit my teen years, she REALLY started to actively hate me.

She would threaten to cut off my eyelashes in my sleep. (She thought that was funny, actually. She even wrote it in birthday cards.) Refused to allow me to wear makeup and would not buy it for me and forbid my stepfather from buying any for me or giving me money for makeup. She would not take me to get my hair cut or even my bangs trimmed. New clothes? Forget it. New shoes? Nope. I resorted to going through her closet when I simply couldn't wear the same four outfits over and over anymore and she totally LOST it. She always loved the fact that she was so petite and I was getting quite tall and had a medium frame as opposed to her small frame. She would scream I was stretching her sweaters out and her room and closet were FORBIDDEN to all of us.

She was blonde and green-eyed and fair-skinned and would look at me often and say "I feel so sorry for you, having brown hair and brown eyes." She often told us how common we looked. We looked like our dad, whom she had left and she hated that we looked like him and insulted him every chance she got.

When I called her to tell her I was engaged, she yelled at me so badly, I broke down in tears. You see, my wedding would NOT be about her and that tore her up. She refused to give me a wedding and refused to allow my stepdad to pay for anything, so we did it ourselves in my apartment. I didn't allow her to come at first, but relented. She sobbed loudly the whole time, got completely drunk and tried everything she could to get the attention on her.

People chew their leg off to get away from her.

Anyway, have fun Kate when you have eight teenagers and five of them are gorgeous young women.

I pray for those kids. It's really tough. And I promise you with eight of them, one or two will be just as narcissistic as she is as an adult.

dee3 said...

"Wait a the book used!"

I suspect we might be able to get a NEW copy very inexpensively fairly soon here.

dee3 said...


I suspect many of us here had to deal with childhood issues involving narcissistic mothers to varying degrees. My mother was also narcissistic but she was schizophrenic and socially-impaired so unable to wield the power Kate can outside of our house. But it was very scary inside the I'm sure you know as you lived it yourself.

And having grown up with that pain, I tend to love watching shows that show my fantasy childhood...and the first time I watched just the introduction to J&K plus 8, I thought this was going to be very my fantasy of the wonderful fantasy childhood. But within minutes I was was deja-vu. And this is why I've been interested in this situation ever since.

And I suspect many here experienced similar childhoods and why we can relate with and worry about the Gosselin children.

Kelly said...

I just returned from Barnes and Noble after having spent two hours reading her book. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. I also intend to give Zondervan a review as they asked for on the very last page of the book

The book was nothing but a rehash from some of their shows. Everything you can see on youtube, you'll read some of it in the book. There is nothing elightening, informative, eye opening or interesting other than confirmation that she is a true narcicist.

She goes into some detail about why they had to have security for the family after having found two tires on her white mini van slashed in her driveway and when she got into her blue bus, two of those tires were slashed as well.

From that point, they had a security sweep of the home and thus the family need for security. Only one problem with her statement in the book. She's the only one who travels with a body guard. The kids don't have ONE.

Save the money and don't bother reading the book. You will be better off the $22.00 less the 20 percent discount at Barnes and Noble, buying a family size pizza. It's better for you and it goes down great. We don't need a vaccine for the swine flu. We need a vaccine for Kates lies.

Kelly said...

One other thing that was in the book that I find interesting. On one of the last pages, there are a series of recipes. Nana Janets, beef stew, pizza meatballs, no bake cookies and at the top of the page, it says, "Coming Soon, Kates New Cookbook".

It's interesting to note that Nana Janet passed away last year so she can't refute or take claim to the recipe. The pizza meatballs recipe can be found on the Foodnetwork Website and the no bake cookies are a Nestle favorite.

Irene S said...

Can ya'll picture the book report Mady and Cara will be turning in to their teachers over this book?

Kelly I will take your word for it. Between what you have said and administrator & Kate on her flaunt it blog this is a travesty.

SG said...


I totally empathize with you. Terrible stories you have there. Your mother was very blatant with her issues. My mother was more subtle in her ways... it almost made me wonder if it was all in my mind. Thankfully my sisters witnessed it.

My younger sister had blonde hair and blue eyes and my mother treated her differently (although my mother had brown hair and brown eyes). My mother made it obvious she was her favorite... until she started gaining weight. My mother felt my sister's weight gain was a reflection of my mother. She asked her to lose weight so she could be proud of her.

Funny thing is that unless you really "know" the person or can see the signs of it you would think the person is a great person... Funny, personable, smart, talented, etc but not everyone sees that side of them. It's not as apparent when things are going great for them... but when something doesn't go the way they want you see it.

Whatever... I could go on and on. I just feel for the Gosselin children.

Jen K said...

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall at the Carson house today? I know she's too classy to say anything of real substance, but if Beth wrote ANOTHER book I'd read it in a heartbeat. Since Jodi got out of signing a non-disclosure agreement does anyone thing Beth might have too?

Kelly said...

I think Beth has too much class to lower herself by writing anything about Kate Gosselin. Beth and her husband were very gracious in the way they treated the Gosselins and Beth appeared to be a very giving and selfless person. I'd be disappointed if she did write a book about Kate.

Katie said...

I think it was extremely stupid of her to write/allow this book to be published for a few reasons:

1. MANY parents, even people who had previously thought she was a good person, will question why in the world she had to make these letters public?

I mean, my daughter has challenged my authority plenty of times in her 16 years. (She said this to one or two of the kids in the book...)


That's the difference. I see my relationship with my child as private, not something to sell for everyone to watch/read about/talk about.

It's just...weird when you think about it. Is this book supposed to be inspiring? Motivational? Well, then what exactly is inspirinng or motivational about it? It seems mostly negative, and like a big ploy for sympathy points, but this is where she has gone wrong because the public will tolerate only so many "poor me" displays and when you try to get the sympathy off the backs of your kids?

That's when a LOT of people will part ways with you.

2. At LEAST one of those kids is going to use this book someday as proof of how horrible she was. This was incredibly stupid of her. Individual letters and lines PLUS the entire concept of the book is damning. And I go back to item 1, why make this public? Why do I need to read letters from her to her kids about such personal, private family matters?

And that is what that grown child or grown children will argue. Why did the world need to read her scolding them in print? Her little barely-cloaked put-downs are awful.

Being a narcissist, she will still try to twist it into her being loving, she will try to make her motivations good, she'll turn herself into a pretzel to try to write off their objections when they are older, but the problem for Kate is that it is all now in black and white.

I only wish I had such a great gift from my mom to prove how she felt about me and treated me!

Paula said...

Gosh, I feel so lucky reading some of the stories here. I was so blessed to have such wonderful, loving, giving parent. I feel like Kate is "gossiping" about her own children.

Katie said...


Absolutely! And they will make you feel like YOU are the crazy one, constantly questioning your own perceptions and even sanity.

When people first meet my mom, they think she is charming and as sweet as pie. She has a way of worming herself into people's lives and situations AS LONG AS SHE THINKS IT WILL BENEFIT HER. If you offer no benefit to her, she doesn't even know you exist.

But it doesn't take long for most people to figure out there's something really wrong with her.

She hasn't seen my daughter since she was four and that kills her, because of this ONE reason: my daughter is blond-haired and blue-eyed and petite and looks almost exactly like HER. That's why. Not because she has missed having a relationship with her granddaughter. Not because she loves her. Because she sees my daughter as a clone of her. Thank goodness in personality she's nothing like her!

I think I follow Kate because it's so fascinating (in a trainwreck kind of way) to see what happens when someone almost exactly like my mom (she even looks like her, y'all, seriously--it creeps me out a lot) has four times more kids than my mom did and is in the public eye.

My mom is now in her early 60s. She has had thousands of dollars of plastic surgery and looks awful (my brother is still in touch with her, though begrugingly and shows me pics). She's horribly unhappy and no one has put up with her in years. She's alone. Her own sister won't speak to her.

I see Kate's future. Only possibly worse, since my mom never got a taste of fame and all the ego stroking that goes with it.

Melinda H. said...

I figured out why the book feels so weird!

Parents typicaly, historically do NOT go around telling all their business about the relationship they have with their child in public. That's what it is.

I am friends with a lot of moms of teen girls. Their daughters are my daughter's friends. And we commiserate, sure. We moan about what it's like to have a teenager. We lean on each other for support a bit.

But none of us go into great detail (or any detail!) about our daughter's private life, none of us totally spill our guts about our relationship with our child, and even if we did, the only audience would be a few other moms in the bleachers!

I can say with 100% certainty that none of us would write a book spilling about our children's private lives. The idea of it would be appalling. It would feel like a violation of trust!

In this case, the audience is anyone and everyone who picks up the book! Girlfriend is gossiping about HER KIDS in a published book. The kids are too young to object. She's completely nullified any right to a trusting relationship with them. I feel like she already did with the show, but this is the final nail in that coffin.

IATK said...

Katie & SG, the stories of your childhood are heart wrenching to read and I am so sorry you had such awful experiences. I guess the bright side in all of this is, you sound like loving, caring adults now, which means there's always hope that the Gosselin children might grow and overcome the obstacles that have been placed before them. I also think it's good as SG said, that there are several of them so they can be witnesses for each other when they try to sort all of this out in their teen/adult years.

mommyinca said...

I asked my 15 year old daughter last night what she would think if I wrote a book "to" her and gave her a sample of what Kate wrote in her book.
She told me and I quote "Mom, I wouldn't want you writing a book to me and then publishing it and making money off of it. Plus, I would be mortified if you shared some of my insecurities as a child". She's a smart cookie, that daughter of mine ;)

SG said...

OMG Katie! I just realized my mother doesn't keep in contact with her siblings either. They've looked her up and found her throughout the years and have talked but my mother always stops contact. She never makes an effort to keep in touch with anyone. She's become a hermit (aside from still having my father to order around... he now has to do her hobby of gardening for her because she can't since her stroke).

She had close friends in the past but they've drifted apart and though they try to reach out to her she doesn't want to see anyone. Except my daughters. Because they have blonde hair and blue eyes. She has older grandchildren now, all with darker features. She told me mine are her favorite. Who says that? I think she also likes when they are young like babies and has no need for them once they are older.

I had no relationship with her once I moved out of my home. It wasn't until I had my daughters that she came back in my life. She even moved closer. She moved away from her other grandchildren to be near mine.

It's so nice to see that there are other mothers out there like me that are raising their children like they wanted to be raised (itsaboutthekids too!). My mother has made me a better mother and for that I am thankful.

I'll shut up now. lol.

SG said...


Thank you. Like I said, my mother has made me a better mother. All I have to do is do the opposite of what my mother would have done and I know I'm on the right track. Seriously, if I have to hear my mother say Oh, I lived for you girls! one more time I'll scream. She's always saying things to convince us of it. lol. And then she'll say to my father, Right? And he knows he has to agree with her. lol. It's rather comical if you can get past how pathetic it all is.

To be honest, growing up I knew my mother didn't love me like mothers should, and I think my older sister was very mean to me because of the way my mother treated her, but I have an awesome relationship with my little sister because I wanted to be the older sister that I wanted. I realized that at times I would put her down to make myself feel better and questioned why... and realized I was doing it and stopped. It was a very hard thing to admit and I'm glad I realized it when I was young enough to change it.

I actually have some VERY good and fun childhood memories and I can say because I was so strong willed as a child I survived and actually feel I had a good childhood despite having the mother I did. I do have hope for the Gosselin children. I really want them to have a happy childhood and grow up emotionally healthy.

I have to go call my little sister now.......

SG said...


LOL! I guess Kate surprised her kids with the book. They seemed to have no idea according to her blog. I wonder how they will feel if they actually do read it in school with their class?

dee3 said...

I'm wondering if perhaps some of our childhood experiences, the shared issues with narcissistic mothers, the subsequent view of the world....factors into WHY, for the life of me, I can't figure out what the fans are seeing. Why I constantly can't figure out how they could possibly be looking at the same person. How I just can't figure their viewpoint totally inconceivable it is to me to read what they write.

I saw who Kate was the first time I saw the show. I'm wondering if this contributes in any way to the issue of why I've never been able to remotely see what the fans seem to see.

IATK said...

Kate finally admits it, she's obsessed with the limelight; says she will deal with the custody suit later... WTF!!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Kate Gosselin Talks Custody Battle, What She's Looking For In A Man

Posted on Apr 13, 2010 @ 06:38AM

We caught up with Kate Gosselin backstage at Dancing with the Stars Monday night, and the reality TV mom exclusively dished to about her upcoming custody battle, her progress on the dance floor and what kind of guy she is looking for.

Kate was shown in taped segments explaining to dance partner Tony Dovolani that her custody battle (with ex-husband Jon) are impacting her concentration in practice. We asked her what it's like to be going through such a thing with the world watching.

"I don't really think here and now is the place to talk about it, but I will say this: I'm gonna give it my all and my best to everything I do and right now I'm focusing on dancing and I'll deal with that [later]," Kate told’s Tina Malave exclusively. "When little lives grow in your belly and you grow connected to them, they're always an extension of you, nothing will stop you from doing your best, and that's what drives me."

Despite her tango racking up the night's lowest score with 32 points, Kate told us that her gradual improvement on the dance floor has her "totally obsessed" with winning the tenth season of ABC's hit ballroom competition.

We asked Kate what is driving her to achieve against all odds, to which she responded: "Me. My determination; belief in me by people that -- I mean, I don't even believe in myself most of the time, and viewers and fans believe in me. Tony believes in me, he sees something in me that I don't... I want to get this, I am like, totally obsessed now."

We also asked the single mom to follow up on last week's statement that she was single and looking.

She said she’d like her next mate to be "somebody that can deal with really heavy baggage... older, wiser.

"You just trapped me," Kate said, laughing. "I'm not looking for anybody."
Kate will learn if she'll dance another week when Dancing With The Stars returns at 8/7c Tuesday on ABC.

mommyinca said...

Admin~ I just watched an interview with our local ABC affiliate from last night and Kate says she got on the plane on Saturday this week. Not sure if you're still counting travel days as days away?

dee3 said...

"they're always an extension of you"

That's classic NPD.

Children are actually their own unique people, each one a unique individual....not an extension of the parent.
The parent has the job of teaching and raising the child/children to be healthy, responsible adults.
It is not the child's job to be an extension of the parent.

Belle said...

Nice of Kate to slam adoptive parents.
This woman gets worse and worse.

DetroitDani said...

I think the Sheeple term has lost it's power.
How about, "Pro-Abuse Advocates."

That's what I think the fans are. They support Kate and kate abuses everybody she's ever in contact with.

IATK said...

Kate, Jon Gosselin Legal War Flares; Is Kate Exposed? (video)

The video is a small clip of the today show interview this morning when Kate talks about being an absentee mom as per the allegations in the court filing.

MK said...

She drives me crazy!!!! Whatever she thinks makes her look good in the moment she says, she has no truth or honesty in her life at all!!!

On DWTS she says that she can't leave the custody battle behind to concentrate on dance practice, but on ROL she says that she is FOCUSed on dancing and will deal with the custody later....ugh!
Please, let her do more interviews!!! Put her everywhere! She will dig her own hole and in the meantime, Jon will win custody so those kids may have some stability...but find me a brick wall so I can go bang my head against it!!! I can't imagine what it must have been like to grow up with a mom like this!

IATK said...

I posted this in the Kate's lawyer thread but it's towards the bottom and I think it's important that everyone realize people are beginning to question, why so much child support, and why so much of "but I have to work."

Is Kate Gosselin Getting Too Much Child Support?

April 13, 2010

Kate Gosselin, famous TV mom of 8 children, was on the “Today Show” this morning talking of the difficulties of “being a single mom” and other personal problems she is facing. Kate, who is competing at least one more time on Dancing With The star, is being challenged by her ex husband, Jon Gosselin for custody of the children and child support. The court date is set for early May for this latest turmoil that seems to follow Kate every where.

The question is how much child support should it take to raise 8 kids? Jon Gosselin was ordered to pay a little over $20,000 dollars per month for his part in the children’s expenses. Child support is supposed to be shared equally between the two parents. At least that is the way it is supposed to work but many a father can tell you that it doesn’t always work out like that. Jon contends that he is not making enough money to afford the $20,000 dollar payments. The real question is why it takes $40,000 dollars a month to raise 8 children. That is a figure most normal people would find ludicrous. Eight children should not need $480,000 dollars a year just to get by on.

Kate Gosselin is having some success in a TV career as she is signed up to do another show on TLC Network and that is great. Using the “single mom trying to support her kids” excuse to be on TV isn’t going to fly here though. One would think she could live quite nicely just on Jon’s child support of $120,000 dollars a year. Kate has a right to have a career but child support of this nature is extremely out of line. What do you think?

Irene S said...

Kate Gosselin
c/o Zondervan
ATTN: Author Care
5300 Patterson SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49530

Please write Zondervan. Kate just wanted us to know.

Kelly said...

Good link. Thanks. I think Jon just may have a good chance of getting some justice here for the kids sake as well as his own.

I'm beyond baffled that any court would order such exhorbitant child support when they know, in fact, that his only source of income has been since September, when they cut him out of the show, $5,000 per month and they have a contract to prove it. Additionally, they further knew that he was prohibited from seeking employment, outside of that contract and they still ordered him to come up with an additional $17,000 per month, IN CHILD SUPPORT, when Kate 20 times his salary. Where's the justice in that?

Then, to add insult to injury, they gave her complete control on his visitation, which essentially allowed her to block any time he wanted with the kids. In most states, child support is based on the overnights that a parent who doesn't have primary physical custody pays, based on the income.

Under this scenario, I used the following link to figure out an estimate of what Jon's support would be based on their combined incomes and some hypothetical expenses, i.e. health insurance and child care expenses. Using a combined total for each parent paying $500 per month for the kids for insurance and Kate paying $5000 per month for child care, The total that Jon would have been obligated for is $-214.00

Melinda H. said...

Yep, I was just about to say that. Kids are NOT extensions of you. Even when they are little, they are unique individuals, not mini-mes.

And hopefully you raise them in such a way that they are emotionally healthy adults without boundary and enmeshment issues.

Honestly, the kids are better off away from her as much as possible. Jon's no Person of the Year, but I have seen far more evidence of him being the loving, stable parent than her (from the four years of the show). When she refused to deal with them, he would. When she was freaking out and out of control, he was the one who would step in and calm things down (or try to, it was hard with her). When the kids were sick or hurt, he was the one who could give comfort and aid (oddly, she's the weird, you'd think she'd be GREAT at that). When they just wanted to have fun and be kids, he encouraged it, she discouraged it.

I also didn't hear him bitching non-stop about them like she did.

They need Jon because they need a loving parent. End of story. Kate may say "they grew in me, thus they are mine" but Kate is not the loving parent in this scenario, he is.

IATK said...


"Then, to add insult to injury, they gave her complete control on his visitation, which essentially allowed her to block any time he wanted with the kids. In most states, child support is based on the overnights that a parent who doesn't have primary physical custody pays, based on the income."

TLC went for the jugular....and they found it.

IATK said...

Melinda H.

re: The children are an extension of me comment made by Kate.

I bet we see damage control in the next couple of days and a new "explanatory" spin put on this comment.

Irene S said...

Yes, but Jon will always be their father. And, the court of PR spin & the court of law are 2 totally different entities.
Kate is thinking she is invisible. This is just not right and I think it is gonna cost her. No judge is gonna say kids are better off with nannies when Dad is ready, willing and able. I will be shocked if the current control of visitation is left in the hands of Kate much longer.

The poor mouthing she does is wearing on people also. It is a crying shame it had to come down to all this.

Katie said...

I think, unbelievably, there are still people who don't even realize just how much money they made off Jon and Kate Plus Eight and how much money she has made off the books, DWTS, appearances at women's expos, she continues to ride the "love offering" circuit at churches, all of that. They don't stop to think hey wait a second, DOES she have to work?

I state it on every single article I can find all over the net about her: she does NOT have to work. She loves the fame and ego stroking. She COULD BE where she claims she wants to be. At home. Baking (rolling my eyes at that). No one is holding a gun to her head and the kids are far from in danger of starving.

IATK said...

My concern now is that she tries to convince a judge she'll be moving to LA and taking the kids with her.

Admin., do you know the law for this in PA. Does Jon need to give permission to move out of state and on what grounds might he be overruled?

Kelly said...

I think that he would have as much say in her moving them out of state. She's moving for opportunity so he could demand that the kids stay here, where they have a father, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. I don't think the courts like to rock the status quo

Kelly said...

They aren't going to get 1.2 million for their home now. Someone paid that back in 2008 before the crash. It's not nearly worth that now. I can't see the Discovery Channel gifting her another house in L.A. worth 2 million dollars. If she does move out there, maybe Nicholas Cage would be interested in her. He's broke and she is interested in an older man. said...

Not sure where to post this.

Yahoo, OMG just said Kate is co-hosting ET tomorrow. Yet another day where's she's working to feed her, um, I mean, her children.

IATK said...

Sorry, I just can't watch her anymore. Somehow her toxicity permeats through my computer screen and I become nauseous. If she says anything worth repeating, will someone post it here? I'm particularly interested if she's going to re-spin the ROL story.

Kelly said...

Irene S said...

itsabout the kids...I know how your feeling. Rest but Don't quit. This is all about the power of spin & Kate and TLC know that.

As far as Entertainment Tonight great another tabloid magazine. And, Kate just hates tabloids you know. So she just keeps on aligning herself with them.

Good article Kelly. Now we need some interviewers to ask her some tough follow up questions.

Kate isn't moving to LA that is just spin. There is no way when her production company Figure 8 is in North Carolina. That is all spin o rama.

IATK said...

Hi Irene,
I'll read and write but I just can't listen to that self-serving whine any longer. Eight kids deserve better...much better.

French Canadian said...

Kate Gosselin's 2 Day Appearance Schedule!
April 13th~ The Today Show
April 14th~ Joy Bahar Show
April 14th~ E! News
April 14th~Co-Host Entertainment Tonight
April 15th~ Jay Leno

I found that on a fan site...Real busy that woman!

Irene S said...

Hey please join us tomorrow itsaboutthekids to listen to the hearing about kids on reality shows. You guys uncovered it 1st. Great Job.

Keep your chin up. Kate can't hide those Lyin' Eyes too much longer.

bbsak said...

Without stepping on any toes; is it possible when quoting a source to list the title or author and/or give a link? Please.

Paige said...

Oh her time will be up eventually. It's matter of sooner or later.

Honestly, the public is fickle and has ADD. That's why these faux-celebrities and B listers and famewhores act so desperate--they know they've got to keep their name and face out there or their time is up.

She's riding a wave right now, but it will crash. She has no talent, nothing interesting about her (except the fact that she's a trainwreck and people have limited interest in that after a while), she's not likeable, etc. There's nothing really to keep her afloat once the wave crashes. said...


Guess that makes her statement about "flying home right after the show and spending the rest of the week with the kids" sound like hogwash.

Why doesn't ANYONE ever ask Kate the real questions and try to get real answers? said...

bbsak, I have trouble with posting links, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But I agree with you entirely that this should be more than idle gossip.

If I can't post a link to something, I'll at least post the source/date. Will that help?

Kelly said...

I think that Kates appearance this morning on the Today show was taped this past weekend. There's no way possible she was flown in to NYC for this interview, only to be flown back to L.A. for this evenings ass whopping. JMHO.

Kelly said... said...

Why isn't there a photo of Pamela Anderson at the top of the screen with the other dwts pictures?

HI 50 said...

WTH, Jon had special guest appearances last year then TLC shut him down. The media keeps feeding the succubus' greedy ego for ratings. Kate has NO dignity, she temporarily makes $$ until there is a media oversaturation of her bull crap! When the public is finally exhausted by her pathological lies & greed, where will she go? When the media's fickle, ADD attention turns elsewhere, what will she do?

The kids are suffering in the same way Joan Crawford's children suffered BUT it will definitely be much worst. Kate is maintaining herself b/c TLC/ABC/Steve (her handler/bodyguard) are keeping close tabs on her. Meds anyone? They're taking the fine art of prostitution to a higher level by scaffolding who pimps out who...

Pimp #1: TLC/ABC/PR team/entourage manages the
Fame whore, Katie Gosselin

Pimp #2: Katie Gosselin manages the
Gosselin 8

What did she say, the kids know she has to work?! The kids want to be on TV. Who give the consents for TLC to film the kids? In the beginning it was Jon & Kate BUT once they were pulled off air, now its all Kate. She's teaching the kids valuable lessons about narcissism, being in the spotlight, entitlements, freebies. What will happen when their older & everything stops? Ask any child actor who struggles in their adult years how that feels when they are pigeon holed & cannot find gainful employment with the same benefits.

This is so mind boggling! Guardian at Lidem, PLEASE!

ms.anonymous said... is on the end between neicy and shannon.

IATK said...

Hey please join us tomorrow itsaboutthekids to listen to the hearing about kids on reality shows. You guys uncovered it 1st. Great Job.

Will do, Irene. Now I'm off to hear 6 yr. old granddaughter sing her heart out in her school program. Gee, I'll miss the elimination tonight. What a blessing...all the way around.

my9cats said...

For those who have the need to purge their bowels,read this. You have been warned lol. said...

Amazon has a book review area for Khate's new book. Anyone can write a review!

IATK said...

bbsak said...
Without stepping on any toes; is it possible when quoting a source to list the title or author and/or give a link? Please

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Kate Gosselin Talks Custody Battle, What She's Looking For In A Man

Posted on Apr 13, 2010 @ 06:38AM

bbsak, this was an ROL story. If I missed any more please let me know. :)

BTW, man, you're downright stompin' my toes! Didn't anyone ever teach you to dance? LOL

French Canadian said...

She's one of the most misunderstood moms on TV, but now she's ready to set the record straight! Reality star Kate Gosselin will join our own Mary Hart on the ET stage Wednesday to co-host and give her most revealing interview, with nothing off limits!

Think you know Kate -- think again! Watch her revealing new interview on tomorrow's ET! said...

9cats, I DID gag when I read the post, supposedly written by Kate.

But it was worth it when I got to comment!!!

Kelly said...

Kate keeps coming out with "new, revealing" interviews, the only thing one gleems from these is that Kate can pull out the stopper and pour on the tears in her most insincere tone and display. Who cares about her most revealing interview? Everyone softballs the questions and Kate dances around them. If only she could dance that well on DWTS. Don't watch it and maybe the networks will see she's not drawing the Neilson ratings anymore. You can read about it all over the blogosphere within an hour.

my9cats said...
Please please please share your comment.
Maybe it's the antidote for the nausea I am feeling.

bbsak said...

You posted the url, but I'm going to paste the article for all to read. This is from Forbes, not a tabloid, imo.

Kate Gosselin Works Hard For The Money
Meghan Casserly

Kate Gosselin is a mom we love to hate.

To be fair, I feel more hate than love for this mother of eight who has trotted them since toddler days on national television, made a name for herself in the tabloid circuit and has recently joined the ranks of fame-hungry pseudo-celebrities on the Disney-owned hit Dancing With The Stars.

Gosselin says she lately splits her time between Los Angeles, where she films the show, and Pennsylvania, where her eight children live full-time presumably with a staff of nannies to keep them feed, bathed and occupied.

Amidst this strenuous jet-setting, the newly-single mother also finds time to do various media appearances to promote DWTS and her new book, I Just Want you To Know: Letters to my Kids on Love, Faith & Family, (written for her children but really for us! yes, she's selling them for money), as well as her upcoming reality show (yup, another), titled Twist of Kate.

Most recently, this morning Gosselin was in New York to sit down with Today’s Meredith Vieira about her struggles as a working mother. “I have to work,” she says. “I have to provide for them. It's a struggle that every working mom, especially single moms, go through. And I'm really feeling it." Shortly after, New York Daily News staff writer Cristina Everett published a recap with the title: “Kate Gosselin isn’t choosing fame over her own children: ‘I’ve got to work harder now than ever.’”

I don’t buy it.

Gosselin sat with Vieira in golden hair extensions that reportedly cost upwards of $7,000. The Gosselin clan reportedly made $50,000 an episode for all 116 episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Kate’s previous two books have landed on the New York Times Best Sellers List, and the home she owns has been valued at over $1 million.

With her luxe lifestyle, is it really fair for her to align herself with the single mothers of America who might actually be struggling to make ends meet?

Not to me. Kate Gosselin doesn’t just choose fame over her children, she has the gall to claim that she chooses fame for her children. And worse, this plucking on the heartstrings of the 10 million single mothers in America is likely just a publicity plug for her next reality vehicle, in which she visits ordinary American families, attempts to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes,” and then doles out advice on better living.

I wonder if dance tips will be included.

dee3 said...

"...and give her most revealing interview, with nothing off limits!"

Hahaha! I'll just bet!

To itsaboutthekids,

I know you've gone to listen to your granddaughter sing but hopefully, you'll read this later.

Listen, I've been right where you are several I can totally relate. There's something very upsetting when the world doesn't seem to make sense. When karma seems to have gone missing. And you wonder why what goes around isn't coming around.

But you have a granddaughter, so you must be in my same age range and honey, you and I have lived on this earth long enough to know that what goes around ALWAYS comes around. It's just a matter of time. Sometimes it seems to take forever but the chickens always come home to roost.

Here's what I've done. I rarely watch any of the Kate appearances...because I know I can always get the re-cap later. I stay off ROL. You can get all the most updated info from the blogs...and it's nice to know you're not the only one who sees things the way you do....that there are lots of us here.

And heck, the children are being cared for by nannies...which honestly, is probably a lot better than being cared for by Kate. So for right now, they are relatively safe.

There's an old Chinese proverb that goes something like "if you sit by the river long enough, you'll see your enemies float by".

French Canadian said...

Kelly, you are right about that

Don't watch it and maybe the networks will see she's not drawing the Neilson ratings anymore. You can read about it all over the blogosphere within an hour.

Katesucks said...

French Canadian said...

Kate Gosselin's 2 Day Appearance Schedule!
April 13th~ The Today Show
April 14th~ Joy Behar Show
April 14th~ E! News
April 14th~Co-Host Entertainment Tonight
April 15th~ Jay Leno

I found that on a fan site...Real busy that woman!
April 13, 2010 2:33 PM
Add a 'One on One' with Niecy Nash on The Insider tomorrow.

bbsak said...

Thank you for the urls and links for quotes. :0)

Irene S said...

. "Kate Gosselin doesn’t just choose fame over her children, she has the gall to claim that she chooses fame for her children." Meghan Casserly
I think that sums Kate Gosselin up in a nutshell

Katie said...

I never go on ROL. In fact, it took me FOREVER to figure out what it even stood for. I knew they were shady when they paid Octomom for those interviews, videos and pics. Gross.

Anonymous said...

Boy, Kate is playing right into Jon's hands isn't she with all of these appearances.

dee3 said...

Kate doesn't seem to be in the least bit concerned that all these appearances are just going to support Jon's claim that she's rarely home with the children. It's almost as if she's handing them evidence against her. I'd have thought she'd have altered her calendar and made a big show of being home with her least until this family court thing is resolved. I'm kinda perplexed by this....she's just adding more and more days she's away.

dee3 said...

Anonymous...we were thinking the exact same thing at the exact same time.:O) ~ Administrator said...

But Kate is so dillusional and so convinced she is doing the right thing she doesn't have to alter her schedule for five minutes to be with the kids more. She thinks if she alters the schedule, that would be sending a message to Jon that he's right she's not with the kids enough. Jon wins!

my9cats said...

"It's almost as if she's handing them evidence against her. I'd have thought she'd have altered her calendar and made a big show of being home with her least until this family court thing is resolved"

I think this is Kart's way of giving Jon, his lawyers, and us the finger. No one. NO ONE tells Kart Gosselin what to do.

Katie said...

Administrator seems to understand how the narcissistic brain works pretty well. That's why they are often referred to as their own worst enemy. ~ Administrator said...

And that's why Kate is such a sociopath. Instead of pausing and saying gosh wonder if he's right maybe I should take a second look at my schedule, she seems to just schedule more and MORE events in NY and other places away from the kids. Kate being right comes way before doing what's best for the kids.

I also wanted to point out the part in Mady's letter where Kate says you don't always agree with the choices I make for you but I'm doing what's best for you .... made me wonder if she was talking about Jon and how Kate has restricted his visitation. I can see Mady, astute as she is, picking up on the fact that mom decides when daddy visits. Perhaps Mady did the inexcusable and opened her mouth and said I want Daddy to come when you're gone. Kate told her no, and naturally had no reasonable explanation other than telling herself in her head it's "best for" Mady. Mady's bitter resentment stews. It's best for you Mady don't question it, mother knows best.

Personally I think it's obnoxious and arrogant for a parent to insist to a child they know best. First, no parent is perfect and at most you should think you are TRYING to do what's best for your child but believing it is dangerous, it leads to dangerous justifications. Second, it complete discounts the opinions, thoughts, beliefs of the child, who is NOT an extension of yourself but another opinion.

I'm not saying a 9 year old should have control of their life, but having absolutely zero input and being told to shut up mother knows best, is very dysfunctional as well.

Kelly said...

I'd give Kate the benefit of the doubt, that she was out there working to support her kids if I didn't know that she was automatically getting 240,000 per year in untaxed child support and another 100,000 per month in contract fees from TLC. All adds up to 1,420,000 per year and she cries on television about how hard she has it.

Give us all a break. I don't think there is anyone on this blog or any of the other blogs out there that make 1/8 of what you make per year and they are managing. We the People love a rags to riches story. We just don't have either the patience, the feeling or the time for wealthy grifters standing in front of a national television camera with a hand out and a sign saying, "Will Work For Fame".

my9cats said...

Kelly...don't ever stop blogging. ~ Administrator said...

I think we all know Kate could make a very nice life for her children on almost any of our salaries. It's clearly not about how much money once you've met all their basic needs. At least that's what we know, but not Kate.

By the way though I find the $2 million dollar house hunting story suspect. You'd be lucky to find a 2 bedroom in the nice part of Hollywood for $2 million, let alone a 6 bedroom with a pool. The family I nannied for in Malibu had a 5 bedroom and it was $6 million on a bad day.

Plus Hollywood Hills Kate? Please, that's so 1998. And if she relocates those poor kids to LA, shame on her. LA is no place for kids living the quiet rural life in PA. They will never get the kind of simple life here as they will in PA. I've lived in central PA AND LA. I would pick PA hands down to raise kids--not that you can't raise very wonderful kids in LA, it's just these kids need to be away from this lifestyle, I don't trust their mother not to make them into little starlets.

As for the court stopping it...yes it's possible. Depends on whether their family law order has restricted a parents ability to move without consent. FLOs can. What often happens is you end up in court having a judge decide whether you're permitted to uproot your kids or not. You can move, but a judge might say you can't move the kids with you.

HI 50 said...

Don't cha just love that she's enamoured with herself so she loves her kids from afar?!

Kelly said...

I agree with you Admin. I too found the story suspect and notice there are no "Named" sources about her looking for a house in that location. The B.S. detector went off when they mentioned a "Recording" Studio in the house was one of Kate's demands.

I think that story evolved in the blogosphere and it was just to salacious to not run with. 2.2 million dollars won't get you a home in Potomac Maryland or Great Falls Virginia, some of the most expensive zip codes in the country.

I think the story was a plant.

Kelly said...

As a futher thought, had the story about Kate looking for a house in Hollywood Hills stated that she was looking for a dungeon, I may have believed the entire thing. A recording studio? No way.

Melissa said...

Is there going to be an elimination show watching thread? said...

Doesn't look like anyone is watching the show!

I'm watching it on the west coast, on the computer.

Kate hasn't been eliminated, or saved yet. She's in the bottom three.

Kelly said...

Erin just had an "OH NO" moment. I wish I didn't have TIVO. When she was sent to the safe side, she had something fly out of her nose when she went to hug Max. I'm thinking that Max is probably wishing he had Kate as a partner at that moment.
Thank God I wasn't eating dinner when I saw that. I'm pretty certain that whoever wears Max's outfit next week, what you're seeing on his outfit won't be a sequin. said...

Post on the DWTS thread, everyone's there!

HI 50 said..., what is the link/website to watch it on the computer?

French Canadian said...

I don't beleive it...She is safe again said...

the west coast site I use is:

Oh, and Kate got saved.

Kelly said...

Kate sails on for another week of fame. Hope Jon's lawyer is taking note. Another week of traveling, nanny's watching the kids, Kate doing the promos, one, maybe two days at home in Hooterville, I mean, Wernersville, (according to Kate's mindset) and another week of tabloid softballing for Kate's agenda. said...

I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed.

French Canadian said...

She is going to have to choose between kids or pratice this week...Wonder what she will choose :) When I make mistake, feel free to tell me, my english whriting is not very good and they is no French blog

HI 50 said...

WHAT?!!! Now we KNOW its a rigged program. Ok, I'll stop watching on ABC. Banned from our favorite list until the succubus is voted OFF!

So Aiden & Edyta are off! Please safe my eyes from this super bitch/banshee from hell!

Ok, gotta get a grip. Reframe, reframe! The banshee stays on DWTS, giving more evidence for Jon stockpile of evidence she is justing handing over willingly. Knowing the narcissist that she is, its her passive-aggressive gesture to Jon & the world -- F-you, I'm chasing the dragon of fame b/c I love my children from afar!

Katie said...

Wow. I can't believe that. She doesn't even DANCE and yet three other people have been voted off before her.

Anyone can see how much she sucks. As long as you have eyes. So the resentment about her will grow. said...

Please, vote for Pamela next week!

Two reasons:

1) She NEEDS and deserves the votes.

2) Khate hates her!

Katesucks said...

Katie Irene is going to have a big dilemma coming up.
The custody hearing is set for May 25th in Pennsylvania.
Season Finale of Dancing With The Stars? May 25th in Los Angeles.
Even if/when she gets the boot ALL of the season's celebrities come back for season finales!!
We'll see where her priorities lie then, won't we?

Go Jon!!!

Kelly said...

French Canadian,
You are doing just fine. Glad you can join us and share your thoughts. You're doing great.

AuntieAnn said...

I look at it as a win/win all the way around. Kate isn't/won't be around the kids very often (it might be just me but I see that as a plus for the kids), check. She's making more than enough $$ to support them, check. It makes a stronger case for Jon, check. We have a choice; we can laugh at her as she continues to make an ass out of herself, or use the remote to watch something else, check.
With any luck, Kate's ego will inflate her head to the size of the GoodYear Blimp until it lifts her to the outer stratosphere or beyond where she may even float back to the planet she came from, check.

Kelly said...

I'm just glad that I'm heading for Jekyll Island GA for the weekend and I'll be blog free, internet free and hopefully won't hear or read a thing about the Gobblins. Is it Thursday yet?

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