Thursday, March 11, 2010

US Weekly reports kids are Depressed, Want Kate to come home

Us Weekly has a not-so-shocking exclusive about how the children are handling Kate being a new kind of star--a Dancing star. Reports US (as did this Blog), Kate was gone from the family home from February 21 to March 5.

They also report:

  • The kids are being looked after by a whopping five nannies.

  • When Kate was gone, the kids asked "When is Mommy coming home?"

  • Twins Mady and Cara seem depressed when Kate is not around

  • Boys Aaden, Collin, and Joel are acting up in school--including talking back to teachers

  • Kate compares herself to Brad Pitt and Angelina, saying they too leave their kids to work. Actually last time we checked, Bradgelina bring their children with them when they work, homeschooling them on the road. In fact the family skipped the Oscars this year, and Brad and the kids are staying with Angelina in Italy where she is filming The Tourist (Photo at right, Dated March 8, 2010).

31 sediments (sic) from readers:

IATK said...

The first thing I noticed about this picture is that Angelina is with her children AND she has the biggest smile on her face. Kate, take note.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but in Kate's defense (I can't even type that without laughing) she doesn't have Brad Pitt walking ahead of her.

itsaboutthekids, you're right, Kate only smiles like that for photo ops and ROL.

HI 50 said...

I love that Angelina holds every child lovingly, kissing & hugging them every chance she can.

IATK said...

LOL .. You're right, if Brad Pitt was in the picture with me I'd have a big smile too! :0) ~ Administrator said...

As far as I'm concerned Brad and Angelina have proven the kids are their priority. I was skeptical of them at first and I thought she was a home-wrecker. But you can't fake the joy on their faces when they were with their children. You also can't fake the happiness that exudes from their kids. These kids are stable and well-adjusted. Their parents always so thoroughly seem to enjoy being with them, this has been the case for years. They also give their children so much freedom to be individuals. Shiloh dresses like a boy and wears different color nail polish, for one. Her mom doesn't make her be all dressy or wear the same outfits as the other two girls. Imagine that, letting a child be who she is.

HI 50 said...

Admin, your insights about the Jolie-Pitt clan is so right on!! I celebrate the fact that as parents, Brad & Angelina encourage individuality in all their children. Of course they could have dressed up Shiloh like a little princess (because she is such a beauty) BUT they allow Shiloh to be her own little person.

What I REALLY love about Brad & Angelina is their commitment to their children and to the world. They guard and maintain their privacy, even when the media tries to write ugly stories about their relationship. It is evident that they are committed to their children.

Julie said...

Angelina called Shiloh a blob...great mom.

I have identical twin boys and the first 5-6 yrs they were dressed alike. They are now 27 and are two totally different individuals. Dressing your kids alike is not the end of the world and it doesn't keep them from developing their own distinct personalities.

Unnamed sources as in this article are not credible. ~ Administrator said...

Angelina didn't call Shiloh a blob, she said a newborn is like a blob. She said this when Shiloh was an INFANT. The context of that quote was she was comparing when the baby was first born how different it was from adopting her older children who were older and already had their own personalities. She went on to say that as Shiloh was getting older and developed a personality she didn't feel that way anymore. A new baby is a life changing thing and it's normal to experience a variety of emotions, especially when it's your first biological child after adopting. She also pointed out that Shiloh did not have the kind of special emotional needs as her adopted kids because Shiloh was born into a wonderful privileged life.

There's nothing wrong with dressing your kids alike IF THEY WANT TO, if they are agreeable to it. Shiloh clearly doesn't want to dress alike, and she isn't forced to. I highly doubt of all the six sextuplets, every single one always wants to dress alike. That's impossible.

Just because a source is unnamed doesn't mean it's not credible. Some sources have to remain annoymous for their own protection. This could be a nanny, who obviously cannot give her name. Deepthroat was an annoymous source, but that wasn't credible? I hold a journalism degree, and annoymous sources are sometimes necessary to get your story. They are not preferred, but sometimes it happens. You as a journalist are responsible for verifying your source. ~ Administrator said...

And here is Kate on an outing with HER kids: ~ Administrator said...

I love this picture. Shiloh is in a tie and skeleton t-shirt. Girlie Zaraha wears a pretty purple dress. Both girls allowed to fully express themselves!

Anonymous said...

Julie, I suppose you find 'unnamed sources' more credible when dissing Jon?
And if "unnamed sources' are not credible then I surely hope you do not read nor give credence to ROL.

Anonymous said...

When I read all these articles and the ridiculous discussion of comparing Kate to Brad & Angelina two quotes of JFK's come to mind:

“Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”

"For of those to whom much is given, much is required."

Brad & Angelina do so much for so many in need.

For Kate in honor of St. Pat's day a quote from Oscar Wilde:

“Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes, they forgive them”

Kate only fulfills her needs.


Anonymous said...

Well, I just wish if Kate isn't gonna be their that Jon will be there. I have heard rumors that he asked for more visitation and was told no by the tabloid junkie mom Kate. And, of course, Jon cannot speak publicly on the kids behalf because he is owned lock, stock and barre by the lying channel.

So, basically if all these 5 nannies are involved all of Kate's earnings are going to the nannies from the Dwts gig!

Lordie Bee! There is no comparison of Kate to Bradangelina. They are accomplished in the Hollywood world. They give their time and money to charity. And, they are seen alot taking part in the joys of parenting. Not just going on a photoop with paps.


Anonymous said...

It is quite funny how "US" Magazine has become a legitimate source of information for people now.

Anonymous said...

Rumors have such credibility.

Anonymous said... is the lies by the sextuplets straight from the tabloid mom's mouth!!!!!!!!!

Kate is throwing around that "primary" lie. Why if she doesn't have the time can Jon not come over and take care of the kids? He is better with them anyway!


SG said...

I don't give much credence to "anonymous sources" but IF it's true, wow, five nannies!??! Not even ten nannies takes the place of one mommy. Those children don't just need caregivers, they need parents.

How can she compare herself and Jon to Brad and Angelina? They are still married! And they travel with their children.

One thing I would like to dispute though is where you said Brad and Angelina can't fake the joy on their faces when they are with their children. While I do believe it's genuine, I think they could definitely "fake it" if they wanted to. They are two of the best actors out there. They fake for a living and are very believable in their roles. IMO.

SG said...

I also read on another blog that they won't believe any of what was said in US Magazine unless Kate says it herself. Like Kate is going to admit her children don't want her to go do DWTS if it's true. ~ Administrator said...

Well you're right I do think they could fake the joy on their faces, but I don't think they could fake it for THIS long. Their oldest child is eight and I don't know in eight years if I've ever seen one picture of them with the kids where they looked unhappy. That's an awful long time to fake it. ~ Administrator said...

You know for those people who have difficulty with anonoymous sources, what's funny is Kate herself is not a reliable source at all right now. She lies about custody, she spews on and on about Jon not paying his child support--what evidence? When has he ever not paid? She lies about not wanting to be famous, everything out of her mouth is a lie. She's the most unreliable source out there right now, ironically.

IATK said...

One of Kate's biggest lies is, she puts the children first. After that, nothing she says is necessarily believeable.

Anonymous said...

Thank you itsaboutthekids well said!


SG said...

I just got an emailed comment from another blog that I subscribed to and it pointed out my error. I wrote that Angelina and Brad were still married. They are not married. What I meant what that they are still TOGETHER, married or not.

Julie said...

I never called my newborns blobs. I like most mothers felt overwhelming joy. I just feel like it was an unnecessary comment.

This is what she said, “I think I feel so much more for Madd and Zee because they’re survivors, they came through so much. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. I have less inclination to feel for her…I met my other kids when they were 6 months old, they came with a personality. A newborn really is this…Yes, a blob! But now she’s starting to have a personality…I’m conscious that I have to make sure I don’t ignore her needs, just because I think the others are more vulnerable.”

No I do not find unnamed sources credible where Jon is concerned either.

I can totally see the twins being excited that their mother is going to be on DWTS. I just don't believe they begged her not to do it.

IATK said...

First, I think it's quite profound what Angelina said I give her credit for honestly expressing her feelings. She has given thought to how she's nurturing her children so kudos for that. Kate needs a lot of that and could take lessons.

As far as DWTS, do you believe it's possible the twins might want their mom home with them rather than running around all over the country? 9-10 yrs. old can be a difficult and changing age for children.

Isn't it possible Mady and Cara find their mom's actions a bit embarrassing and confusing and perhaps they're even a little jealous? She's dressing up in pretty, but skimpy clothes, dancing and giggling and jiggling around on TV, showing lots of skin and draping herself all over a new man for the cover of a magazine. They aren't used to seeing their mother act like this.

Kate travels now only with Steve. They go places without the kids when they used to all travel together. And I don't think the solution is the kids need to travel with her, I'm saying she needs to spend more time at home with them. Kate continues her partying ways and is out on the town going to swanky restaurants, attending premiers, walking the red carpet, going to book signings and speaking at shows, etc. That's what these kids are seeing while they've been left back home, alone, to be raised by the nannies.

At 10, my granddaughter is torn between wanting her own independence (she was evidentally hatched because she HAS no parents :) and yet she is still a child wanting to be held and comforted when she's had a tough day at school. I would guess these kids are wanting that from their mother and might care less about their mom dancing if they know it's taking her away. Kate's actions sound very much like what Jon said happened before the divorce when she was traveling so much. She would come home, do laundry, unpack, pack and take off again with nary time to say hello or goodbye to the kids.

This is looking at it through the eyes of a child, the eyes of her children whom she seldom has time to visit. Now we read there's an unnamed source in a publication that says Cara and Mady asked their mom to not go, to not do the show. Isn't it just possible that's credible and true?

Who is the mother and who are the children here? Mom should be at home getting excited about the spring concert the girls have coming up. It shouldn't be the girls getting excited about mom and her new flamboyant life on the other side of the U.S.

That's what's so wrong with this whole picture. Kate loves Kate first and foremost and she is happiest when she is away and the kids are cheering for her successes. When was the last time we saw or heard of her cheering for the kid's success? It's always all about Kate, isn't it. ~ Administrator said...

I don't find anything fantastical about Mady and Cara wanting Kate to stay home and not do Dancing With the Stars. In fact I think this is a normal reaction.

Remember, they are 9 year old children. Their lives are school, friends, Mommy and Daddy. They don't care or fully comprehend something like Dancing With the Stars. They aren't mature enough to appreciate how much it means to Kate. Nor should they be expected to. Their mommy is supposed to be there for them, not for the rest of the world. Their worlds are very narrow right now, this is a normal part of child development.

Because I nannied for two children whose mom was a celebrity, I know they often said "Mom I want you to drive me to school," when she had to go off and do an appearance on a morning show. When she would call from the set in Canada they would tell her how much they missed her, wanted her to come home. They never cared about her next stupid movie, they just wanted her. Since they grew up with their mom being famous, it's nothing exciting or cool to them like it might be to a child suddenly thrust into it.

Mady and Cara too have been famous almost as long as they can remember. This is not something exciting to them. ~ Administrator said...

It would also be normal for Mady and Cara to be torn about this, to have mixed feelings. On the one hand, they might think it's neat Mommy gets to dance beautiful dances and wear pretty costumes. On the other, they feel sad because she is away so much promoting this project and not with them. A child can be both thrilled their mom is doing this, as Kate says, and depressed she is gone, as US reported.

Also consider perhaps when they talked to Kate about it, they thought she expected and wanted them to be happy. So they acted happy to please her. Then when Kate is gone, they later expressed to their nannies depression.

Diane said...

I think the Gosselin kids just look sad so much of the time. They were not looking all happy many times on the show, either. I don't know how they could not be sad and depressed with their parents splitting up. I just think Kate is so into herself, she does not even notice what her kids need. They are being raised by nannies. They are all poor little rich kids.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Diane, that is right on!


Administrator said...

It would also be normal for Mady and Cara to be torn about this, to have mixed feelings. On the one hand, they might think it's neat Mommy gets to dance beautiful dances and wear pretty costumes. On the other, they feel sad because she is away so much promoting this project and not with them. A child can be both thrilled their mom is doing this, as Kate says, and depressed she is gone, as US reported.

Also consider perhaps when they talked to Kate about it, they thought she expected and wanted them to be happy. So they acted happy to please her. Then when Kate is gone, they later expressed to their nannies depression.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Diane, that is right on!


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