Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dancing With the Stars costumer on Kate's wardrobe

Randall Christensen, the costumer for Dancing With the Stars, says of Kate: "The look we will be going for is very glamorous and sophisticated, but more discreet. We are also talking about someone who isn't exactly your typical mother of eight. She's in good shape. It's going to be easy to make her look good."

4 sediments (sic) from readers:

Diane said...

I think one of the biggest problems with dressing Kate is creating the illusion of a "waist line" , especially in "dancing clothes". She does not have a curve at her waist.

Anonymous said...

And, her legs look like tree trunks!

~irene~ ~ Administrator said...

Yes I did notice she has a very boxy, boyish figure. No waist, straight lines, thick stubby legs. I don't mean this as a criticism, there's nothing wrong with that kind of body type. That body type has worked for many models, albeit taller girls. Her body will be a challenge to making both the costumes and dancing work. It's just another thing sheh as to overcome as a non-dancer. I will give her credit here for trying this despite all these things stacked against her--no experience, grace, bad body type, everyone thinks she's a fame whore.

Diane said...

Yes, Kate is a bit of a stocky girl. A strong wind is not going to blow her over. Not that there is anything wrong with being sturdy. She is not fat or chubby, even. She's fairly tall. Her body is firm and not jiggly.

But, my Father would have said, "Now there's a girl who could pull a plow." Just a old expression he used to say.

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