Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parenting expert calls filming the kids a crime

Even though the show has been over for awhile, it's always good to remember how bad those kids had it when it was filming, so that the public never gets complacent about this kind of thing again. Especially with rumors the kids might be back on screen now that Jon has settled with TLC, this issue is all the more important right now.

Jennifer Jones, a Parenting expert who holds a Ph.D. from Columbia in education and has worked with thousands of families over the years, has this to say about filming the Gosselins:

  • "It goes beyond exploitation. I can't believe that as a society we've signed off on it as long as we have." Putting children under the TV spotlight is a crime.
  • From birth to age five (exactly the time period the sextuplets were filmed) is a crucial time when children learn about family relationships and leadership. Putting small children in front of a camera day after day as they try to live normal lives prevents them from developing the proper relationship with their parents and creating their own identity.

  • Multiples actually have it worse when they're put on camera, since they're already vying hard for parental attention.

  • Having a TV show in the family home creates an unstable environment.

  • When parents are busy with the show, children look for attention from the crew, which is an unhealthy attachment. (Remember Kate bemoaning to us how much the kids missed the crew?)

Thank you, Dr. Jones, for not falling for the spin.

6 sediments (sic) from readers:

TVsnarkie said...


Of course, this phd person is just a jelus hatur with too much time on her hands.

Diane said...

Hi TVsnarlie,

At least, you spelled jelus right. ha! I am thinking that Kate enjoys living in denial. Maybe Denial is in PA? ;)

Anonymous said...

Diane, Kate is not living in denial. Kate is getting her fame fix one day at a time.


Diane said...

Absolutely right Irene! I stand corrected. hehe.

Anonymous said...

:-) Diane

This years contestant is "Dancing with her fame addiction"


Diane said...

Next year: Dr. Drew!

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