Monday, March 22, 2010

TLC admits they are using the Gosselins

On the morning of Kate's first appearance on Dancing With the Stars, a TLC spokesperson has admitted that they are using the family for their own gain. Hey, at least they are honest. Kate should take note, TLC only wants you because it benefits them, and they've admitted it!

Said Laurie Goldberg, "It's just in TLC's best interest to keep that whole Kate Gosselin fire burning."

What about the best interest of the kids? The family? Oh, right, they only care about how much money can be milked out before tossing everyone, Kate included, to the curb. Goldberg also admitted that Kate's reputation is so damaged, that Dancing With the Stars can't hurt: "It doesn't really matter how well Kate does on [‘Dancing'] because that's not what's going to damage her image — her image has been so altered anyway."

TLC, just curious, how do you sleep at night?

12 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

That is awful of TLC.

Wow is all I can say.

Hey Kate, "break a leg" tonight


Anonymous said...

really, WOW! That's all can think also


IATK said...

Kate says she has a sharp pain behind her ribs....

Kate Gosselin -- who makes her Dancing With the Stars debut tonight -- is beginning to wonder why she agreed to hit the dance floor in the first place.

"I wake up in a cold sweat every night," the mother of eight, 34, tells USA Today. "What have I signed up for?"

Gosselin, who has zero dance experience, has been practicing with partner Tony Dovolani on a makeshift dance floor in the basement of her family's Wernersville, Pa., home.

"Never danced in public," she says. "It's a huge fear." Overall, her goal is "to conquer my fear of dancing. It's hugely scary."

Her toughest competition? "Me. I struggle with perfection," she says. "While it's fun, I'm frustrated. Tony has to tell me to stop being so hard on myself."

So far, she's had no major ailments, but she says: "There's a sharp pain behind my right rib."

Last week, Gosselin denied rumors she was being a diva on the Los Angeles set and defended her decision to do the show (critics have said she should be spending more time at home with her kids).
Gosselin said doing the show and being a mom is "a delicate balance" and that she is usually dancing "before [the kids] are up in the morning or at school."
She added, "I'm making the best of it."

Anonymous said...

Well, at least they're admitting it now--not that wasn't obvious. TLC cares not one whit about the Gosselin children--all they care about are ratings and making money. And they don't care WHY you watch Kate Gosselin or what you say about her--as long as you watch and generate buzz. Controversy=ratings in TV land. Discovery/TLC has made millions off of this family. Execs there have boosted their careers as well. What have the Gosselin children got to show for their work? A broken family, their private lives exposed, their parents' marriage as tabloid fodder and being raised largely by nannies in a big house that is not in their names. Seems to me the kids got the short end of the stick.
BTW, I see Kate is already lining up excuses if (when) she performs poorly on DWTS.

PatK said...

I still hope that whatever that lame show is TLC has come up with for her is a big flop.

And yes, Kate...PLEASE "break a leg".

Anonymous said...

I love how she says "I'm making the best of it" like being on DWTS is such a huge struggle for her! Yes, I know I would feel like DWTS, meeting and being treated like a "celebrity", having some alone time away from my family, being wined and dined, and being paid tons of money to do it was something that I would have to make "the best of". ~ Administrator said...

Just admit you LOOOVE doing this, Kate! You LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

TLC should start Kate & Steve Secrets as a new reality show. Where she would tell the truth about the affair they have been having even b/4 Jon began his breakdown. Hope Ms. Pompous A.. sees this article ... someone should post it on her door. Kate was really a "DUD" on DWTS .. doesn't belong there at all!!! She will probably injure herself and drop out .... already is setting that one up with the "pain behind her right rib". What a joke!

Linda from Canada said...

I loved Bruno's comment. Did you notice how tight Kate's lips were; I think she was literally biting her tongue so she wouldn't say anything. Buzz will be voted off first and Kate second. Good riddance to it.

Anonymous said...

TLC and Kate should be prepared for this in a few years.

A Wipe Swap Teenager is suing Disney for ruining her life!


Diane said...


I hope Z is ok. We had a big shout out here at home, everyone yelled out: Break a leg Kate! at the aforementioned 5p.m. eastern time. Hubby yelled it's,"It's 5!"

Katie can not compete in this. I watched again this morning, just to be sure. Kate was pretty much awful.

Diane said...


Correction. It was 5pm central time that we shouted out. Also, saw Z is back. Relief.

Maybe, next week, we should shout out break a torpedo Kate! How would she explain an exploded implant that she did not have time to put in?

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