Friday, March 5, 2010

Kate heads out of NYC hotel

Kate was spotted leaving her NYC hotel after a day of practicing and partying with dance partner Tony in the Big Apple. She is reportedly headed back to PA.

6 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

hmmmm....where's Steve?

my9cats said...

Fighting Tony for the privilege of carrying Kate's bag.

just wondering said...

Now they can each carry a bag!

IATK said...

Kate and speeding is becoming a bad habit...


Kate Gosselin likes to do it fast! Gets caught doing it again!

Woooa! It’s not sex we are talking about, we are discussing rash driving here. Attention seeker mum of eight and doomed star of TLC’s ill fated reality series Kate Gosselin was caught over speeding again. It seems that she is always in a hurry (be it her driving or hair growing desire).

* February 21 – She got busted in Latimore Township, PA for going way over the stipulated speed limit. How do you feel about driving at 73 mph in a 55 mph zone? She surely feels great.

* November, 09 – She got busted while driving her SUV at 70 mph in a 55 mph zone. To top it up, she had her kids inside the dangerously speeding car.

She doesn’t really care about getting pulled over. Why is that? She always has the money to pay out of it. It was $109.50 fine on Feb. and $109.50 fine on Nov.

The mum of sextuplets and twins clearly needs to grow up a bit. She must understand that there are 8 little souls who she brought into this world. Over speeding just because she can pay her way out of it is not sensible. If something wrong happens while her formula 1 stint, can she pay to get her children back? Or what if she herself is not there to pay the fines anymore? What would the kids go through? With a dad like Jon and mum like Kate, I feel very sorry for the tiny tots. ~ Administrator said...

Anyone see any pics of Kate supposedly home with the kids like she promised???

I've been looking ..... Crickets...

IATK said...

This was posted by anonymous on the Jon/twitter thread. Looks like Kate was there today (Sunday).

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