Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kate celebrates with bodyguard Steve, tells Jimmy Kimmel "I cannot dance!"

Kate is really enjoying this. On her 11th day in California away from the kids, she partied and signed autographs at STK in LA with none other than bodyguard Steve with her.
Later, she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, where she revealed she can't dance, and that she will rehearse at a studio in PA and in the basement of her house. Her partner, Tony, will go with her.

And this morning, she was on Good Morning America with Tony. Ah, the high life.

2 sediments (sic) from readers:

Lauren said...

Where is Steve's wife?
Bodyguard? Sure when monkies fly out of my backside!
Steve and Kate are so stupid they can't even do this on the down-low.

my9cats said...

Kate's parents and church must be so proud.

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