Friday, April 23, 2010

Kate's NYC shopping spree

Question for Kate: If you just needed DWTS to put food on the table for your eight children, where is the money coming from for a shopping spree at expensive Ann Taylor?

Meanwhile, kids are thrilled Jon is home.

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IATK said...

DWTS Crew "Relieved" Kate Gosselin Is Finally Gone

Today 6:15 AM PDT by Ted Casablanca and Taryn Ryder

It took long enough, but Kate Gosselin's incredibly awkward dance moves finally got her the boot from Dancing With the Stars Tuesday night.

The mother of eight made drama waves before the show even got started last month, acting like a superdiva during rehearsals—and beyond—with all of her demands on set. Like, for example, how crew members weren't allowed to look at her. Seriously.

So what are the vibes like now that Gosselin's outta there?

"Everyone couldn't be more relieved," fesses one of our sources who works on the hit show. "We all had to walk on eggshells around [Kate]. At least we don't have to worry about where our eyes can or can't drift off to now."

Some nerve on that brood broad?

"Kate just thought that everyone was out to get her," adds our dancing spy. "That's why she had all of those crazy rules, like how she was to be approached."

It's kind of a vicious cycle.

Sure, K.G. has had her fair share of negative press and, well, disdain from the general public for seeming like a total be-yotch sometimes. But maybe that's the media's fault! If she weren't so paranoid all the time that everyone was "out to get her," then she wouldn't have had all those psycho rules making people's lives hell who worked on the show.

Adds our insider:

"[The staff] felt bad for the bad press she got, but sometimes it was deserved! She was not an easy person to work with."

With contestants like Nicole Scherzinger, Pamela Anderson and Evan Lysacek still on the show, the cast is pumped to get back to work now that Jon Gosselin's ex gone.

So DWTS watchers, who are you all rooting for to win that trophy? We're totally Team Anderson! Pam may be a diva, too, but at least she has the skills and booty to back it up.


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Denise said...

Kate carrying a bag??? Where is Stevie-poo?

IATK said...

He's with her in another picture.

*Sugar&Spice* said...

Oh with all the media on Kate and DWTS. She has probably rank in enough to live fine for awhile. Since she was the one working she probably thinks a little shopping will do her good. Kate I dont think minds spending the very best for herself. She considers herself a very special person.

Anyways we all know those gosselin kids are trained not to eat that much. Food and Organic food is very expensive. But if the food is for Free than. Let them have cake.

Kate probably thinks she must keep the kids in top shape. Not that much junk food and keep them tiny. Because little kids with little voices look oh so adorable on screen. Big fat chunky kids who grow up to fast look like waste. ( Hypothetically speaking what I believe Kate thinks) NO offence to anyone shape or form o

Markiesnana said...

Well, this a.m. while having coffee, I flipped through the channels and saw that Kart and Tony were on Regis & Kelly. Kart had on white pants and a white tank top and she and Tony demonstrated a dance, again using her wooden technique. I mean, here she was on a show with a tiny audience and nothing had changed. She appeared to be memorizing her steps, not swaying at all with the music, and lo and behold, when it ended, rather than face Tony, or link hands with him, or in some way appear to be a "team"...even I was surprised at her action. She IMMEDIATELY turned away from him and walked right over to the two hosts for congratulations. Then hosts greeted her, then approached Tony to do the same. I mean, it was like she was in her own narcissistic world where only she existed. To top that off, she then told them that she went in to DWTS and told the others that she was going to "sacrifice" herself, as she wanted THEM to continue on. It wasn't her poor dancing abilities...she "sacrificed" herself, for the betterment of the other contestants. When asked about the custody battle, she claimed that she didn't know anything about it--that she'd have to get home and sort through her emails. Immediately Tony let slip that after checking her emails (on the show) she would be more down while trying to would show on her face, right after checking her emails. We KNOW she checks them on the road; but today, she knows nothing until she gets home! Finally, although Kelly obviously is underweight and would be more light on her feet, she did an impromptu few seconds of a dance with Tony and she lightheartedly swirled and swayed with the music and it looked so natural. Kart is still wooden. (but she "sacrificed" herself" during the contest. Also, she is allowed to spend whatever she desires....but please stop the lies! I still picture her on the view, wiping her tears, claiming that she had bills in her purse that she couldn't drop in the mail because of her low bank account. I really think that this extra exposure is showing ALL viewers that she is inconsistent in what she is constantly complaining bout. If you're on a tight budge, then don't put a dance floor in your home...don't keep buying and complaining. She has now used up her 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Markiesnana, I saw that too and almost fell over when she said she "sacrificed herself" so that the others could move on. OMG, this woman is so narcissistic, it is beyond belief! I hope some of the other dancers heard that. Judy

Katesucks said...

I recorded Regis & Kelly to watch tonight. First off, how was Anderson Cooper towards her? I get the impression he doesn't like Kate so how was he meeting her?
She really said she 'sacrificed herself'?
Wow. If that doesn't show the world what a bitch she is...

Kelly said...

This morning Kelly Ripa talked about a potential show "Win a date with Kate".

I'm pretty sure anyone who "WON" would come out the loser.

I don't see how Winning a Date With Kate could be a win for anyone. You would probably welcome a visit from the IRS complete with handcuffs, leg irons and a 10 year sentence in the big house over Winning a Date with Kate, anyday.

Lolly said...

She sacrificed herself? What does that mean exactly? She danced badly to HELP them? Since she is into helping people these days? Or she asked to be put off the show? LOL She is such an idiot. Does she ever listen to herself? Nevermind. Rhetorical question.

Kelly said...

Wanna sacrifice yourself?
How about taking a walk down the speed lane of the PA Turnpike. I'll pay the toll for ya.

Kelly said...

The picture with Jon playing with the kids is yet another photo-op. One kid on a bike in the driveway and Daddy Dearest carrying the daughter. All staged in front of the garage so the p people can get their feeds. Then it's back inside, so Jon can surf the net and google his name.

Hey JON,
When you read these comments, you should contact Nutri System for a possible gig. I'll bet you haven't seen your knee caps for quite some time. Lay off the french fries you little buddha.

IATK said...

I'm guessing she meant she WOULD have won since she has millions of fans, but alas, she made the ultimate sacrifice for her "friends".

It's just coming on here so this should be interesting.

Jen K said...

So she's saying that she threw the competition? That REALLY she's a good dancer but that she purposely did bad so no one else would have to go home?

Wow, what a nut! Like anyone believes that. Wernersville State Hospital...clear a bed!

French Canadian said...

I did not know that the controversy on the Gosselin started way back in 2005, juste read some old blogs that Pressie put on her site.

mama mia said...

To know what direction TLC is taking this couple just follow the scripts on ROL. These past few weeks they have trashed Jon and made Kate look like the model mother. Today, both parents are doing wonderfully, the kids are laughing, life is good, they have moved past their troubles. In other words, lawyer gone, settlement reached, entire family still under contract and Jon now has enough money to lie low and let Kate continue travelling and appearing and leaving the kids with the nannies.The press will no longer set up Kate to give snide remarks about Jon, in fact she'll start gushing about how they ironed things out, he is a great dad, blah, blah.
It is a show and they get paid to perform it, on camera and off.

Irene S said...

Thanks for the updates on Regis & Kelly. Khate is going to be Khate's own downfall. I don't kare what she does. I just hope their is so much hassle with trying to produce film of the kids that they sKrap that.

Also, it shows how much TLC manipulates the PR. The kids aren't photographed hardly at all in Kalifornia but now back to striking a pose for the Kameras.

I wonder how much money has been invested in Khate's PR. 8 kids should be demanding a refund. :-) Cuz the PR sucks, Jon & Kate suck, and the DWTS show has been salvaged. Kan you imagine being a future producer outside of TLC Kontemplating using this woman. Lordie bee. That is a great TGIF laugh.

Nobody Likes a Narcissist said...

Kate Gosselin Confesses: ‘I’ll Never Date Again!’ Cried All Day on Tuesday!

Jeez , can you blame her for telling Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper, on this morning’s Regis & Kelly, that she’s done with men, if you’d been put through the wringer like Kate has been.

Kate Gosselin made it clear that she was finished with the dating world when she and Tony Dovolani stopped by the show to perform a tango and talk. The pair actually looked like they were enjoying their dance even though Kate was as wooden as ever . Kate could only laugh when Kelly tried to sell her on the idea of a ” Win A Date With Kate ” contest. “Our show makes really good unions — we have a really good track record.” It was no dice for Kate who said — ” I’ll NEVER date again!” Guess she’s not missing sex too much, even though Jon reportedly told his hookup/babysitter Stephanie Santoro that he and Kate hadn’t had sex since Jan 2009!

Kate fessed up to why her eyes looked so swollen on her final Tuesday of Dancing With The Stars. ” I cried every Tuesday and said my good-byes… but this Tuesday I KNEW it was it. They had to fix my makeup , like, 100 times,” she confessed.” I said to the other contestants, I want to sacrifice myself because they were so much better than me….. they had the energy and time to do it… I was distracted”

She made it pointedly clear that it was Jon doing the distracting. ” I make light of it, but it’s real”. Tony said that Kate would get emails every 15 minutes while she was trying to learn to dance. Now that Kate is done with Dancing With The Stars, it’s back to her daily battles like fighting with John over custody rights for their eight kids. When asked how she’s been dealing with all of this, she said, “I have to get home and sort through all the emails!”

She admits that she’s relieved to get back to her kids and her home . While training for DWTS, Wednesdays were her most stressful day. ” I had a Wednesday fear. We’d be starting from scratch with a new dance. Now, while Kate wouldn’t admit to having a favorite on DWTS to still root for , Tony’s going for Erin and Maksim- ” mainly because Maksim is my best friend.”

One things for sure – Kate will NOT be a future ABC Bachelorette!

Anonymous said...

Nobody Likes a Narcissist said...

Video: See Kate Gosselin Dance One Last Time!

On Friday's Live with Regis and Kelly, Kate Gosselin performed her final dance -- the tango -- with DWTS partner Tony Dovolani.

The 35-year-old reality mom -- who was eliminated Tuesday after five weeks on the hit ABC show -- said that while she is "relieved" her dancing days are over, "I feel like they kicked me off of summer camp too soon."

PHOTOS: Kate's wacky DWTS outfits

In the end, she said "the other dancers are so much better than me, and I love them all."

Looking back, she said she performed poorly on the show because "I was kind of distracted by everything in my life." (During her time on the show, she was famously embroiled in a bitter custody battle with ex Jon.)

PHOTOS: Backstage DWTS pics!

Gosselin said she even "tried to warn" her partner Dovolani, 36, about her drama-filled life. Dovolani was stunned. At one point, she said he called her and asked, "'Seriously? Is this what your life is like?'"

Nevertheless, she said she enjoyed her DWTS stint.

Said Gosselin, "We had a blast!"

marnie said...

When Kelly mentioned doing a segment called 'win a date with Kate' it was very tongue-in-cheek I thought. Kate's eyes popped open and she smilied so broadly - obviously she's thinking this is the next thing to keep me in the news! She took that offer very seriously and seemed excited to do it. REALLY.

Meagler said...

When I saw the pic of her shopping in NYC, obviously the same day as she has on the same clothes from yesterday's trip home from california... I thot.. wow, this woman has energy to go shopping??? I would be, her kids exhaust her, the dancing exhausted her.. but obviously shopping doesn't exhaust her.. we know where her priorities are...

Kate you can talk the talk, but actions speak louder then words..

Reality Bites said...

To the Admin: Great blog!

Just want to point out this claim by Kate that she "sacrificed" herself is downright pitiful especially in the face of that infamous mass email she sent out begging for votes after her "catatonic" fox trot which was revealed on The Insider and other media outlets. There is a copy of it online if you are interested.

Perhaps we need a new category - Truth or Consequences???

Kelly said...

Just an FYI:

An email response that I got from the 700 club this morning.

We don't know what promo you might have seen. Perhaps it was on the local station that carries the 700 Club. We have absolutely NO plans to interview Kate Gosselin again on the 700 Club. Thanks, the 700 Club The Christian Broadcasting Network Website - <> The 700 Club Prayer Counseling Center - 1-800-759-0700

TVSnark said...


Unfortunately, some of us have been watching this family self-destruct even before the tabloids starting reporting about them. Anybody watching the show saw SOME of this coming a mile away. Never expected it to become the 'phenomenon' that it has and if someone told me Kate would be on DWTS and Jon would be considered a deadbeat dad, I would have told them they were crazy.

Nothing would surprise me now and I wouldn't doubt if Jon and Kate "fall in love" all over again . . . what a great "Very Special Episode" of Kate plus 8 no longer Hate . . .

AuntieAnn said...

What a liar. Of course she'll date again - after she and Ratclaws break up.

Kathleen said...

Regarding the Ann Taylor shopping spree, $100 says she didn't pay for those clothes and AT is a sponsor of her new show "Twist of Kate". She was probably just picking up some more freebies.

Denise said...

How does Kate manage to shop at Ann Taylor and look so terrible?

TVSnark said...

I giggle every time I read "rat claws."

HI 50 said...

Is anyone else thinking, "Balloon Boy?"

Kelly, you rock with your investigative research & reporting about the grifter's activities! Keep it coming!

I love Ann Taylor's clothing but Kate makes the crappiest choices. She alluded to 'helping' with her DWTS wardrobe choices....hahahaha, couldn't stop laughing.

AuntieAnn said...

TVSnark - Admin nailed that one but good. I keep imagining these long fingernails on him and it's gross. He's got a rat face too - all pointy.

Hi 50 - yes, I thought of the Balloon Boy fiasco when Kate was on Jimmy Kimmel the other night. It's like now she's done it, she's gone too far with this poor-single-working-mom-have-to-do-it for-my-kids bs. She's said it one time too many and people, as in interviewers, are FINALLY going to quit tiptoeing around her and realize she's just shilling for one more "Reality Show".

And as much as I disliked Joy Behar, I'm starting to warm up to her because of her digs at Kate. She wanted to pull something out of Pam last night, but Pam had the good manners to skirt around Kart's diva attitude on DWTS. I'm pulling for Pam, she's putting a lot of effort into this, unlike the Queen of Narcissism.

HI 50 said...

AuntieAnn, you summed up Joy's antics very well. Joy tried to dig up dirt from Pam about Kate BUT Pam was too kind & refused to participate! Pam has worked HARD on DWTS, shows incredible drive & improvement weekly. She gets my votes...along with Nicole & Evan & Neicy.

Kelly said...

Have to laugh at the latest news regarding Jon looking for work and selling his "beloved" BMW.
Jon's reportedly asking 25,000 for his 2005 BMW M3 in an effort to come up with some much needed cash. Jon bought the car used, two years ago when he traded in his 2008 Nissan 360Z, a two seat high performance vehicle.

If you go to Kelly Blue Book and check out the value of the car, Jon might just be saddled with that 4 passenger lead balloon for quite some time unless he wants to get real with the price.

He tried to trade it in three months ago at a used car lot in Lancaster PA for another "Family Vehicle" but the dealer wouldn't give Jon what he wanted for the car so Jon Boy walked, or rather drove off the lot.

Seems that Jon suffers from a mild disorder called, "Cranium Rectalis". In slang, that's Head up the Ass, disorder. What father of 8 would purchase a car that barely seats 4, rents a two bedroom apartment 160 miles away from his "Country Home" and expects to take the kids on an outing or an overnight.

prairiemary said...

Hey,kelly, hope tests went okay.I wrote 700 Club, got the same email back from them I bet alot of us wrote to them about her.Did all of you see the huge suitcase steve carried out for her trip to Regis and Kelly? Looks like she was bringing enough for a week,and then she had to shop for even more?And those white jeans did nothing for her,but make her look even thicker!

Anonymous said...

I thought Jon it was reported last year that Jon's car were leased?

SG said...

They both use the blue van when they take all the kids out. Wow, when was the last time any of us saw Jon or Kate driving the blue van anywhere?

Kelly said...

Jon's Mercedes SUV is leased.

SG said...

I love seeing the kids having fun with Jon. Even IF it is just a photo op the kids don't know that. They look happy and like they are having fun.

Wiley C said...

Kate, if you want to go places in the entertainment business, you seriously need to hook up with a stylist. Seriously.

And a life coach.

And a career advisor.

Anonymous said...

The whole interview was basically the exact same scripted interview her and Tony gave to someone else, can't remember the outlet but saw it on the internet. I mean EXACTLY the same, nothing original, nothing spontaneous, the same. Which leads me to believe that they have a couple different scripts which Kate learns her lines to and they hand one or the other to the interviewer and say "No deviations". There is "real" natural about Kate at all.

Anonymous said...

Meant to say "nothing real" in prior post.

I think the comment about "sacrifice", which I was appalled at also, slipped out cause it wasn't scripted and Kate always shows her true colors whenever she isn't coached.

Anonymous said...

Never heard or saw that Jon had a Mercedes SUV. Gee, Kelly, you sure know a lot about Jon...How is that?

Kelly said...

Jon leased a 2008 Mercedes ML550. It's public knowledge and Kate's attorney tried to have Jon sell both his BMW and Mercedes SUV during the divorce proceedings.

Anonymous said...

First thing I thought when reading ROL painting Jon in such a favorable light was that this was his payback from TLC for towing the line lending more credence to the conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

....and he sold out his children for that favorable light, LOSER.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Kelly, since the divorce proceedings were sealed. Who is your source?

Chi Town Dave said...


TVSnark said...

Dave is history. Get with the program and please, get a damn life of your own.

TVSnark said...

Admin, "Chi Town Dave" is probably the same person posting as "Kami" -- they are trying to stir up crap. Why? I don't know but I guess my posting on this blog is irritating someone. Too bad, someone.

Katesucks said...

Hey Anonymous, why should Kelly divulge his source to you when you can't even be bothered to use a name to post?

KCSherri said...

Someone above asked how Anderson Cooper was with regards to Kate. When she finished dancing and then just left Tony in his dust standing there, and made her beeline over to Kelly & Anderson, she got a hug from Kelly...but just a handshake from Anderson. No hug. It told me that there is no warmth there....

Later, when Kelly got up to do a dance with Tony, Kate reached over and was "stroking" Anderson's arm...she did it several times, which was rather...odd.

I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt today while watching...but, the minute she said she "sacrificed" herself for the good of the others, that's when I gagged and lost it.

And all of this talk of Kate being the next "Bachelorette" has me worried.

maggie said...

Jon's lawyer Mr. Anthony List went on the Nancy Grace tv show on April 7. You can go to her website and read the transcript. List states that TLC pays Jon $5,000 per month and Kate $100,000 per month. And Jon is paying Kate $21,000 per month in child support.

Anonymous said...

"The kids aren't photographed hardly at all in Kalifornia but now back to striking a pose for the Kameras."

Well of course, because so many more paparazzi camp out in Pennsylvania than L.A., right? Just more proof that she's full of crap about being hounded wherever she goes.

Kelly said...

You know that Kate would LOVE to have Anderson Cooper as a suitor. Being that he's the son of Gloria Vanderbilt, Kate would love to have her name attached to his checking account.

Sue Buddy said...

Katesucks said...Hey Anonymous, why should Kelly divulge his source to you when you can't even be bothered to use a name to post?

Ha, ha, Katesucks. Way to go, great question.

NancyB said...

Anonymous@11:01 - Here is the evidence - really if you are going to continue to post here:

1) Pick a Name
2) Do your own investigation - Don't be so lazy!

OUCH! Kate Gosselin demands Jon Gosselin sell his cars
October 8, 1:52 AMExotic Car ExaminerKae DavisPrevious

Jon Gosselin mad(Oct. 7, 2009) Car guys going through a divorce -- this story is for you. If you have cars and cash and private property that mean anything to you, protect your asserts wisely. When lawyers get involved, things can get ugly. Just yesterday, reality TV celebrity Jon Gosselin got hit SMACK BANG POW right in the proverbial auto seat keester when soon to be ex-wife Kate Gosselin demanded he sell both of his hot new single dad cars and pay back what she claims was stolen marital property (translation $240K in joint bank account money). Today, he got a strange news reprieve from having to appear in court, as the judge's wife died unexpectedly. The court showdown about whether or not Jon will be forced to sell his cars is coming -- but that's not the real reason for this article. We're writing this one because we think Kate's demand to have the reality television star sell his cars is, quite frankly, crummy.

Katesucks said...

Drama Queen thanks for the reply on AC's demeanor.
Kelly, I think Kate is too self-absorbed to have heard the rumors about Anderson. Not that she wouldn't try.
It sure would be nice if Anderson could do some investigative journalism on this whole Gosselin fiasco. Of course, he could lose credibility as he focuses on 'real news'. He does love him some NeNe Leakes (Real Housewives of Atlanta is a guilty pleasure of his...)so he is aware of the reality show crap.

*Sugar&Spice* said...

LOL does kate even know that anderson cooper is not into woman? Yes granted he is a really good looking man. But sorry sweetie he is just not that into you. Even though kate at times looks very manly.

Kate Bachelorette HAHAHA. Were the hell are they going to find men to be on that show? What man is going to put up with her?
If any man does that show with her. All it is a 15 mins of fame. They wouldn't care about Kate. All they would care about is getting their name out there. Im still surprised that steve has put up with her for this long. How many years has it been 5 or 6 years maybe.

Oh Kate sacrificed her self. Okay Kate your not a saint. So are you saying the show was rigged? You gave up and ABC said fine your done. CYA

Anonymous said...

Okay, you all do realize that is not a legit news site right? It's a place where people publish their own articles?

Kelly said...

It has nothing to do with

Stay tuned for pictures of Jon posing in the yard for the photogs this weekend. You'll see his black Mercedes in the driveway aka stage.

Paula said...

I think we have multiple Kelly's?

MickeyMcKean said...

After reading the "white elephant" post this morning, I admit I did DVR Regis & Kelly.

What cracked me up though was when Kelly, on the spur of the moment, did the tango with Tony. Yes, Kelly was so natural and fluid as she danced, such a contrast to Kate's dancing just a few moments before.

I don't know where I read it, probably GWOP, but someone said their 9 year old child noted that Kate dances the same steps every week - nothing ever changes. I think the kid is right except that Kate did not smile this morning, no IMO it came off that she has to do this one more time ... dammit!

Kelly said...

No, i'm the only Kelly on here that I know of.

Paula said...

You've changed your posting style - that's what I ask.

my9cats said...

From Tam on Preesi, with her permission.

"Interesting link....she's sold 37 copies on Amazon. Nice. Good thing Zondervan had a run of 450,000!!

Last Sale: 1 hour
April Sales: 37 March Sales: 0 Current Rank: 298 Sales Rank Stats [image] Best Rank: 298 Worst Rank: 432 Std Deviation: 34 Average Sales Rank [image] Overall: 369 Today: 365 Week: 369 Month: 369

Last Sale: 6 hours
April Sales: 11 March Sales: 0 Current Rank: 16,698 Sales Rank Stats [image] Best Rank: 6,083 Worst Rank: 96,023 Std Deviation: 29,952 Average Sales Rank [image] Overall: 24,217 Today: 13,975 Week: 24,217 Month: 24,217
Last Sale: 1 hour
April Sales: 58 March Sales: 0 Current Rank: 65 Sales Rank Stats [image] Best Rank: 65 Worst Rank: 426 Std Deviation: 89 Average Sales Rank [image] Overall: 203 Today: 267 Week: 203 Month: 203Sales RankBook Sales Timefr

From Tam on Preesi

Paula said...

Well, at this rate her book will be available at the "Dollar Tree" shortly.

Kelly said...

My posting style probably changed today because I'm wearing tennis shoes.

Kelly said...

Kates really racking up the sales with that new book of hers. Looks like she won't be getting anymore advances from a publisher on her next idea for a book. I mean, really, her cookbook can be found on every coffee table at the landfill. This one is going to be great for wrapping fish.

TVSnark said...

ha ha, tennis shoes.

IATK said...

Anonymous said...
Okay, you all do realize that is not a legit news site right? It's a place where people publish their own articles?


google "Jon Gosselin sells car"

You'll find at least 10 or 15 references. Just pick the one you like.

TVSnark said...

Ah, the Examiner.
Yes, anybody can publish an article (once they are accepted by the Examiner) and no journalistic experience is required. HOWEVER, many newspapers have let most of their reporters go, choosing to outsource and "cluster" newspapers, meaning one story will go in all the papers.

Therefore, many unemployed journalists are working for the Examiner. I know of at least a half dozen that are specialized in certain subjects and are making a decent living off the 1penny clicks.

Just don't want ALL examiner writers to be lumped together.

Meagler said...

Does anyone know the story behind that diamond necklace that kate starting wearing last year, and seems to wear it everyday??? Just wondering, because as of April 1, in all of her pictures, she now has a 2nd necklace, similar style, bigger diamond.. Maybe the Easter Bunny brought it for her....

TVSnark said...

I hope it's not a "blood" diamond.

Kelly said...

I could be the diamond (c.z's) she ripped from Jon's ears. After all, she ripped his balls off several years ago, why not his ear rings too.

IATK said...

Kate Gosselin "Needs a Psychologist," Says Louis van Amstel

Friday – April 23, 2010 – 1:53pm

Even though Kate Gosselin was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday, Louis van Amstel, Niecy Nash's partner, thinks she showed promise.

"I must say, at the last minute, she showed more of herself," Amstel told at Thursday's Hot Hollywood party at Drai's Hollywood inside the W Hollywood.

"Too late," he added. Van Amstel wishes Gosselin had let her guard down earlier.

How would he have coached her? "You'd have to break her down and then teach -- what's going on, what's holding you down. She needs a psychologist, that's what it is...In the end, I felt really bad for Kate."

On camera, the 35-year-old mom wiped away tears when hearing her fate on Tuesday. Gosselin said she was "relieved" about the news on Friday's Live with Regis and Kelly; during her five weeks on the show, she consistently nabbed the lowest scores and the harshest critiques from the judges.

Behind the scenes, she was even more distraught. "Kate was really upset," DWTS choreographer Karina Smirnoff told Us at the Hot Hollywood bash. Smirnoff said, "she was very emotional and crying...It's funny, every season we have celebrities that take it personally."

There's one upside, Edyta Sliwinska (partner to the ousted Aiden Turner) told Us at Thursday's fete: "I think she fell in love with dancing. She says she's going to put all her kids in a ballroom class!"

MickeyMcKean said...

Re "There's one upside, Edyta Sliwinska (partner to the ousted Aiden Turner) told Us at Thursday's fete: "I think she fell in love with dancing. She says she's going to put all her kids in a ballroom class!"

Ya Right! Only IF TLC picks up the tab! As it is Kate only took the kids to a gymnastics class once. We got to see her buy the leotards and then to the gym. Now per the locals the kids have not been back since.

Poor kids. Leah in particular.

Meagler said...

Kelly, your comment about the c.z. from Jon's ears made me laugh!!!

She seemed to show up with the 2nd necklace about that same time of year as the last..some kind of anniversary gift to herself, or from someone???

kelly said...

The only anniversary that Kate would ever recognize is when there's a full moon outside.

Katesucks said...

We'll have to see if Kate's BFF Jamie shows up with another matching necklace. Could be why Kate's adamant about not wanting to 'date a man'?

MickeyMcKean said...

Twist of Kate -

How to go from Jon to her BFF Jamie.

Jen K said...

Random comment about the picture of Joel on the bike above. Doesn't it seem like these bikes are too small for the kids now? Weren't these the freebie bikes Ellen gave them a few years ago?

It would seem that mom could pop for a few new bikes, don't you think?

Sorry....whoa, brain freeze...forgot who we were talking about (slaps head)! Until some free bikes materialize, I think we'll be seeing these kids crouched over these Ellen-provided handlebars for quite some time! ~ Administrator said...

Until somebody coughs up another freebie:

Kelly said...

Jen K,
are you kidding? They have no intention of giving those bikes away. You'll find them up on Ebay as soon as Kate finds a sponsor to give her 6 bigger bikes.

They'll get the new bikes on this summers episode of Kate plus 8.

SG said...

LOL! Yeah that bike definitely looks too small. More like for a 4-year-old. They will be 6 soon. Wow, next month already? Feels just like a few months ago that Jon and Kate were ignoring each other at the public birthday bash.

They should at least raise the seat.

GKway said...

Here is an article from today's Live with Kelly and Anderson. I love him! He's awesome and one of these days, it would be great if he did an expose on the Gosselin Grifters!

'Dancing With the Stars': Kate Gosselin gets grilled by Anderson Cooper
By Christine Law
April 23, 2010 3:27 PM ET

You've got to give it to Anderson Cooper for getting straight to the point.

The "Live! with Regis and Kelly" guest host grilled Kate Gosselin Friday (April 23) on everything from that awkward tension in rehearsals to whom she "hated" most on the show to what's going on with that messy custody battle. Oh, and he also touched on the recent "Kate as the next Bachelorette" rumor that Jimmy Kimmel started Tuesday night when she was a guest.

For the most part, Gosselin handled Cooper's no-nonsense questions with grace. She explained that the heated practice session where her partner Tony Dovolani threatened to quit was due to the fact that it was a Wednesday.

"Wednesdays were always the most stressful because you had just danced, everybody's exhausted," says Gosselin. So basically she blamed the tension on having to start a new dance from scratch on day when she's already drained.

Alright, we'll accept that answer.

Next: "So who'd you hate most on the show?"

Yes, that's exactly how Coooper phrased it ... delivered with a straight face.

"I loved everybody. We all got along great, contrary to (doh -- Kelly Ripa cuts her off here) ... I'm in touch with a lot of the dancers, and I love everybody."

Blah, blah, blah. Nothing unexpected about that response. It's pretty much the canned answer across the board when anyone from the "DWTS" cast is asked a question about all the rumored behind-the-scenes tension. Just once we'd like to see someone fess up and be honest. But today was not that day.

Then cut-to-the-chase Cooper goes for the tabloid-topping Kate and Jon custody drama.

"It must be tough to be on this program and at the same time dealing with all these custody issues," states Cooper (not in the form of a question).

"I tried to warn Tony when he got me, 'Let me just tell you about my life,'" responds Gosselin with a smile. She continues, "It finally got to the point where a couple weeks ago, we had finished rehearsal and he called me after to tell me something and I was standing at my kitchen sink and all he called me to say was, 'Seriously? Is this really what your life is like?' And I said, 'I tried to warn you.'"

Gosselin also goes on to readdress her oftentimes stormy rehearsals with Dovolani: "I feel like a lot of the times what you saw coming across in our little package, as they called it, was just a result of the stress that I go through."

Of course now we're all wondering, what's next for Kate? Cooper, still on a roll, asks her about Jimmy Kimmel's thoughts on her being the next Bachelorette (Her response to Kimmel: "I'm married to my kids and my career.")

Before Gosselin gets a chance to answer, both Cooper and Ripa pipe in about "Regis and Kelly's" track record for matchmaking and suggest a "Win a Date with Kate" idea. She didn't say no, but she didn't exactly say yes.

So we'll have to keep on "Kate Watch" to see where the famous mom of eight lands next. We're guessing we won't have to wait too long....

Tune in to "Regis and Kelly" each Thursday (this week was an exception) to see that week's eliminated "DWTS" contestant.

Babsy said...

Kate is too poor to buy the kids new bikes -- she has 8 kids and makes $100,000/month with TLC; $22,000 from Jon and who knows how much from her (Beth's) first book, her cookbook that was sold overseas, and scrapbook she put together, and the flop of exposure she's hawking now. That is clearly not enough to buy bikes. Sorry kids, have to wait 'til mama cries enough to rake in some freebies.

What I noticed about the picture is that Collin (or is that Joel) is not wearing a helmet. In fact, I don't think those kids are made to wear helmets. Another fine example of responsible parenting. As a neurologist friend of mine says, "people who don't wear helmets usually end up on my operating table or worse".

GKway said...

I forgot to add that it has a video of their appearance on Live including the dance in the beginning...LOL..she is such an idiot!

Here is a comment from the article:

1 Comment
You forgot the part where she stated that she sacrificed being on the show so the others could stay. How's that for a delusion?

Markiesnana said...

I've been gone all day and just checked back here. The questions about today on Regis & Kelly really have been answered.
But I was going to say that when they were being introduced, Kelly said something along the lines that they had just been sent home from DWTS, and she said that she was so mad about that. Then she looked at Anderson and asked why he didn't care. (I did not record this, so I am just trying to recollect how it was said.) So, obviously, earlier in the day he had let Kelly know that this is not important to him.
I agree that he was courteous and polite with Kate. Otherwise, he shows no empathy for her. Oh...and the comment about her "sacrificing" herself so that the others could get ahead.
What do you want to bet that IF any journalists question that, she will say that she just didn't put her heart and soul into it. (not that she "threw" the competition, or that she "wasn't good enough".
I think her mouth will, indeed be her downfall. She is getting much more exposure right now, and she has so many opportunities to contradict herself and say bizarre things that ANYONE with a memory would be able to catch.
About Jon moving "near" home....what ever happened to each of them living at the house, while they were taking care of the kids? The house, after all, she claimed was purchased solely for the kids, because they deserved it...not that they were working or anything, but I guess they deserved it just because they were born on the same day. LOL

Markiesnana said...

oops, here I am again. I forgot to mention that she is not interested in dating doubt because she has Skeeve.

Anonymous said...

Hi prariemary- That probably just looked like a huge suitcase next to Steve "Rat Claw" Neild. In reality, it's probably just a piece of carry-on luggage.

Markiesnana said...

I just watched a recording of the show today and noticed how Kart described how they were dancing and she said something that sounded like a Peanuts comic strip "Warr ru new wah wah" and Tony "understood" her. I guess this means that they bonded so much that he could easily understand some verbal comment that sounded like a preschooler would make. How adorable is that?

MickeyMcKean said...


FYI Kate told the same story on Jimmy Kimmel live. Guess she thought it was a cute story then too. Unfortunately I agree with what you wrote in the "white elephant" story above: "She IMMEDIATELY turned away from him and walked right over to the two hosts for congratulations. Then hosts greeted her, then approached Tony to do the same. I mean, it was like she was in her own narcissistic world where only she existed."

If Kate and Tony are so close and have bonded over these many weeks, why did she not even acknowledge him as her dancing partner of 2 minutes on the show this morning?

Can you say PROP?

StoopidSpice said...

She sacrificed herself? I wonder what the other dancers will think of that comment. I would be a bit peeved.
I love love love me some Anderson.

How about putting Kate on the Rock of Love bus?

Meagler said...

I just watched the clip of Tony and Kate on Regis and Kelly....

At one point , Kate refers to herself as a " special circumstance" and Tony replies by saying "naaa", in a sarcastic, but joking, kind of way, and you should check out the look she gives him.. its a momma to a kid.. " Just you watch yourself, I am warning you!!" kind of look..


GoPoshGo said...

"What I noticed about the picture is that Collin (or is that Joel) is not wearing a helmet. In fact, I don't think those kids are made to wear helmets."

I agree that the lack of helmets is appalling, Babsy -- but sadly here in PA we don't have laws requiring helmets. Having lived in many other states that DO require helmets, I shudder every time I see a skate-boarder, cyclist or motorcycle rider without a helmet -- oh, add to that list the Gosselin kids on that ATV-accident-waiting-to-happen thing. It just seems crazy and unnecessarily risky.

Just one more law that PA needs to work on (right after improving the conditions for kids on reality tv shows).

BTW, the lack of a helmet law doesn't give the Greedlins a free pass (my kids all wear helmets, regardless). Realizing the kids should wear helmets would require J & K to put their kids' well-being ahead of their own narcissistic needs. Yeah, not gonna hold my breath on that one, either.

GKway said...

StoopidSpice said...
She sacrificed herself? I wonder what the other dancers will think of that comment. I would be a bit peeved.
I love love love me some Anderson.

How about putting Kate on the Rock of Love bus?


I have never watched Rock of Love but did see some excerpts that they showed on a special on Bret Michaels and I would love for Khate to be on there so she can scrap with some of the other contestants. That I would watch...I can just see someone pulling her hair..and poof, out comes her ragdoll hair extensions! I think Bret would kick her off the bus on the side of the road, out of nowhere. I've seen him on celebrity apprentice and he is actually quite likeable and articulate, unlike Miss Uptight and Whinny.

StoopidSpice said...

i feel kind of bad now. i just read that Brett is in critical condition because of a brain hemorrhage at the base of his brain. No more details provided.

Denise said...

Pennsylvania law DOES require helmets!
"Our law requires all children under 12 to wear an approved helmet while riding."

GoPoshGo said...

I stand corrected, Denise. The lack of requirement for a helmet seems to apply only to adults in PA. I suppose some parents just assume their kids don't require one as well, from the overwhelming lack of helmets I've witnessed in kids from preschool aged up through high school.

Markiesnana said... know...they don't put the kids out there playing in the driveway with helmets--because how could the paps get good photos of the hairdos and their faces?
Isn't it amazing how anyone who is "bothered" relentlessly by the paps and has acres of land, still sits, eats at a picnic table and plays on the driveway?
There are a lot of turns and nooks and crannies where they could enjoy themselves outside. Also, the pool has shrubbery around it. One could conceivably put up a privacy fence/screen, also, for uninterrupted play, out of the eyes of photographers. That is...if you didn't want to have your pic appear in the tabloids and online. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Are the helmet laws required for riding on the streets only or do you have to wear them when your riding around your gigantic front yard?

MickeyMcKean said...

Pennsylvania law DOES require helmets!
"Our law requires all children under 12 to wear an approved helmet while riding."

Why doesn't someone who lives in PA report them to their local CPS?

Photos are hard to dispute, especially when they are on the Internet.

Denise said...

It requires purchase of a helmet or a $25 fine. I have seen their helmets hanging from their handlebars - not very safe!!

CJ said...

Pennsylvania Helmet law:
Section 3510. Pedalcycle helmets for certain persons.
(a) General rule.-- A person under 12 years of age shall not operate a pedalcycle or ride as a passenger on a pedalcycle unless the person is wearing a pedalcycle helmet meeting the standards of the AmericanStandards Institute, the American Society for Testing and Materials, the Snell Memorial Foundation's Standards for Protective Headgear for Use in Bicycling or any other nationally recognized standard for pedalcycle helmet approval. This subsection shall also apply to a person who rides:
(1) upon a pedalcycle while in a restraining seat attached to a pedalcycle; or
(2) in a trailer towed by a pedalcycle.

Comment: The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation strongly recommends that all bicyclists wear approved helmets whenever they ride.

Kelly said...

I don't have a problem with those kids not wearing helmets while riding a bike. How many of us grew up without helmets, seatbelts, air conditioning? We had 3 channels on the tv, no remote control, no internet, no ipods, no cell phones, nothing to twitter about, no facebook, myspace, broadband, fax machine and we all had to attend school 5 days a week, no matter how hot or cold the weather was.

I still don't wear a helmet when riding a bike. Was recently denied access to the U.S. Naval Academy to ride my bike because I didn't have a helmet on. If the kid is riding a dirt bike or rock climbing on his, that's a different story. I survived as we all did, growing up without wearing a helmet while riding our bikes. I'm certain they will be okay as well.

Irene S said...

This one is going to be great for wrapping fish.

Hey Kelly,

You know you are a great zlogger! But, please do not insult the fish! :-)

I was thinking that Kate could film a bombfire with the books. And, she could sit in the iconic white plastic chair, with her sponsored free kleenex. Oh and lets not forget we'll even have the camera & production krew throw in a couple fermented bottles of Juicy Juice!

If anyone gets any numbers for turnout in the FL area please let us know.(or Khate's gosh awful diva behavior at them) The "twist & lies" tour is koming to a town near people who do not want Khate on the tv let alone their local bookstore

Irene S said...

Yes, I have to agree with Kelly about the bicycle helmets. I think the parents should stop having these stupid photo shoots with the Gosselin children. It really is just a disply of how desperate their little DWTS, book, new show ideas are. They don't have an audience. And, what audience is left surely will survive without seeing daily photographs of the Gosselin children.

Let them be kids! Jon, Kate & TLK child exploitators!

Irene S said...

"Interesting link....she's sold 37 copies on Amazon. Nice. Good thing Zondervan had a run of 450,000!!"

Oh, did Khate get all her special acknowledged initial S.N. G.N. to each order one. I highly recommend Ebay because it is much cheaper to buy it from a sucker who was already ripped of of 12.99.

prairiemary said...

Are you serious about Brett having brain problems? I saw he just had an appendix removed, now there is more?

Kelly said...

I think if anyone needs a helmet it would be Jon. That physique of his could really cause him to loose his balance and fall, striking his head. Oh wait.....Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.

Denise said...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Rocker-turned-reality star Bret Michaels has suffered a brain hemorrhage and is in critical condition in hospital, his representatives confirmed on Friday.

A spokeswoman for Michaels confirmed a report by People magazine that the 47-year-old musician was rushed to hospital overnight with an excruciating headache.

Doctors diagnosed a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage, or bleeding at the base of his brain stem. The location of the hospital was not disclosed.

"(It) will be touch and go for the next few days while he is under intense observation," the source told People.

Kelly said...

I just read that Brett was complaining of massive headaches and was taken to the hospital on Thursday. Hemoraging near the brain stem.

CJ said...

Did a quick numbers run on Kelly Bluebook. Boy, Jon must think HIS car is special.
Private Party sale - $20,990
Trade in - $18,375
Guess his is worth 25K, because he sat in it.

Kelly - I agree with you re the helmets. We all survived our childhoods without helmets. I think todays kids are going to start looking like the StaPuff Marshmallow Man. Don't want the tykes to get a cut, scrape, bruise or splinter. Everything has to be super padded. I do think PA was stupid to do away with the helmet law for motorcycles. Guess I've gotten too old.

prairiemary said...

About kate and dating-she is only 35, but to me she looks alot older, and she has not got an ounce of female charm in her entire body, all mannerisms are harsh,she walks like a linebacker, I mean, can you even get an image in your brain of her having sex with a man?! I just can't see her dating, not now or ever! If she was the next Bachelorette, can you just imagine watching her go on dates? To me, it would be a huge,belly-laughing comedy!Remember Taylor Hicks, from American Idol? He has been the only guy I have ever heard that said he would date her!He has the same grey hair as Steviebagaboy,maybe she likes them that way.

Kelly said...

His is only worth 25,000 because there may be some extra french under the seats and a few Trojans in the glove box. That's gotta add some value.

Kelly said...

That was French Fries.

SG said...

Wow. I'm actually upset with all the bike helmet comments. A scraped knee or broken wrist is one thing... But even a small bump to the head can be dangerous.

First if helmets are the law they should be wearing them. Second they should be wearing them regardless. The laws came about because of the injuries to children, especially on concrete or blacktop.

We didn't wear seatbelts or use car seats either when we were young either. Maybe you should research how many lives have been saved due to the new laws.

Helmets are not that inconvenient... They are worth the extra effort.

Kelly said...

The Best Place to ski is in Lindsay Lohan's house. I don't think she has a house in NC though.

Denise said...

" Head injuries cause 75% of our 700 annual bicycle deaths. Medical research shows that bike helmets can prevent 85% of cyclists' head injuries. And helmets may be required by law in your area."

Yes and we rode in cars without any protection. My Mother used to stand me between her and the door and hold me with her shoulder. Amazing that I survived. We do know better now.

CJ said...

Kelly - you forgot, the trunk is full of autographed Gosselin photos. Might be able to make a buck or two selling those on EBay.

Anonymous - I'll answer you, when you become a real person. I don't talk to trolls. ~ Administrator said...

It's pretty unlikely they're going to sustain a big head injury at low speeds on a flat driveway. More likely out on the road. But I think it's good to get kids in the habit of putting a helmet on every single time no matter what. If they get as used to putting a helmet on as putting a seatbelt on, they'll never ride a bike without it. ~ Administrator said...

Please stop feeding the trolls or moderated is back on.

a real person ;) said...

I'm so sorry. Let me try again. This is a truly appropriate legal question. Why did you cut and paste from the laws which govern the operation of vehicles on Pennsylvania roads? That law doesn't govern private property. What does PA say about that?

SG said...

So if a child falls off a bike at slow speed and bangs his head on the concrete he won't get hurt?

My daughter was barely moving and turned the wheel too sharply and fell and banged her head. She was wearing a helmet. I don't know how badly her head would have been hurt but I'd rather not find out.

StoopidSpice said...

I must say that those shoes that Kate are wearing in the NYC pic look really nice to me. I am not one to pay attention to what she is wearing so i do not know if she has worn them before.
i love shoes.

As for Brett, i read that people who get those types of brain bleeds have a very low chance of surviving. if they do survive, like he has, it is imperative that they have a good neurosurgeon. Because if you get a 2nd bleed, your chances of dying jump to 70%. i forgot where i read this. I will go look for it. ~ Administrator said...

I said it's UNLIKELY they will get hurt in the driveway, not that it will never happen. Refuting a general rule with the one rare case where it happens proves nothing.

A classmate of mine was killed by a car in 7th grade and he had a regulation helmet on. The helmet did not help. That doesn't mean you shouldn't bother to wear helmets.

Denise said...

To "a real person" The only state I find with separate laws for that was Florida:

Private property (a driveway, for example) was excluded but all roads and trails are covered.

When I lived in PA, you had to wear them EVERYWHERE.

SG said...

Oh and they did do a group hug for Kate. It was cut off before they showed it. You can view it on the ABC DWTS footage online.

prairiemary said...

Prayers to Brett and his 2 daughters. said...

It's true that when many of us were growing up, we didn't wear seat belts, have car seats or wear bike bike helmets. Yes, WE survived, but I'm glad I was able to raise my children during a time when these safety devices were not only available, but legally required. My kids always had to wear their bike helmets, even though they were mostly on private property. They weren't crazy about it at times (the old "Mom, I'm just gonna play for five minutes" line) but they adjusted. I always kept different size helmets available for visitors, but that was sort of a liability issue.

The sheriff's deputies would often wait by the schools and issue tickets to unhelmeted minors on bikes or scooters. Yeah, it wasn't a real high crime area, so they had the time! LOL.

Sorry this was so long, but I strongly believe that every child should wear a helmet, whether on public or private property. I think both Jon and Khate are negligent in not protecting those eight little money makers.

Katesucks said...

DeKon and all,

If anyone gets any numbers for turnout in the FL area please let us know.(or Khate's gosh awful diva behavior at them) The "twist & lies" tour is koming to a town near people who do not want Khate on the tv let alone their local bookstore
The Florida book dates etc.(and all the others that were posted a few days ago) are from LAST YEAR!!!! They were attached to a DWTS post and were LAST YEAR'S DATES!!! I've not seen any new dates for this year yet.

SG said...

Well could the chances be 1 out of 8 children could get a head injury in a driveway? They should have helmets on.

Don't worry, I won't continue arguing this. Hopefully their kids don't get hurt...

Katesucks said...

SchmeckyGirl said...

Oh and they did do a group hug for Kate. It was cut off before they showed it. You can view it on the ABC DWTS footage online.
Too bad they couldn't have given Kart another half hour so we could have seen it live. ;-)

Kelly said...

Well, I think in this instance, the helmet would be bigger than the bike that kid is riding.

a real person ;) said...

Denise, CJ, etc.,
The helmet law in PA that CJ cut and pasted is taken from here:

"Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes contains the laws which govern the operation of vehicles on Pennsylvania roads."

See the URL link by clicking my 'name'.

It looks like the law applies to the road only.

Laurie said...

I talked to someone in our local book store today and they haven't sold any copies of her book. Additionally, BookmounsNY wrote a comment over on GWOP about publishing and how kate probably isn't making any money (royalties) off of her books. If I can find it I'll try to cut and paste. It was quite informative.

Denise said...

You may want to look at this












Kelly said...

PA law does not apply to vehicles on private property. If the Gosselins wanted to let their kids operate a motor vehicle on their own property, there is nothing the State could do with regards to the operation of that vehicle by that minor.

AuntieAnn said...

FWIW, I saw a pic on ROL showing one of the boys wearing a helmet when he was on the ATV with Jon a while back. I think they did get some flak last year from the public for not making the kids wear helmets. If they would ever actually take the eight off the property for a real bike ride, I'm sure they'd make them all put their headgear on. (as if a family outing on bikes is ever going to happen)

Still it's stuff like this that pisses me off about Jon and Kate being such a long distance from the kids & so often. If one of them was seriously hurt in an accident it would take either one of those two "parents" an eternity to get to the hospital. Both of them are always so far away from their kids more than they're close by with them. It stinks they're letting the nannies raise them like that.

Carolina Gal said...

Kelly said...
This morning Kelly Ripa talked about a potential show "Win a date with Kate".

I'm pretty sure anyone who "WON" would come out the loser.
I heard that too...I thought Kelly sounded really serious, as in she told Kate to think about it! Gulp, please tell me she isn't going to do that now too on R&K. Blech... said...

real person?,

I don't understand why you're choosing to argue about this.

I did check the link, and in the left corner it says ALL children under the age of 12 must wear a bike helmet. Did you see THAT part? It made no mention of differentiating private/public property.

Regardless, it's common sense and the responsibility of all parents to do their best to assure the safety of their children.

Denise said...

Well, I felt my kids were worth it. We lived in PA and were TOLD the law applied everywhere.

Bicycle deaths by helmet use, 1994-2005

No helmet Helmet Total*
Year Num % Num % Num
1994 776 97 19 2 796
1995 783 95 34 4 828
1996 731 96 27 4 761
1997 785 97 23 3 811
1998 741 98 16 2 757
1999 698 93 42 6 750
2000 622 90 50 7 689
2001 616 84 60 8 729
2002 589 89 54 8 663
2003 527 85 57 9 619
2004 602 83 87 12 722
2005 673 86 76 10 782

The odds are startling

Carolina Gal said...

marnie said...
When Kelly mentioned doing a segment called 'win a date with Kate' it was very tongue-in-cheek I thought. Kate's eyes popped open and she smilied so broadly - obviously she's thinking this is the next thing to keep me in the news! She took that offer very seriously and seemed excited to do it. REALLY.
Marnie, I agree! I think she will show up on Regis & Kelly w/their little takeoff (they've done it before) of The Bachelorette! Watch for it! Kate was most definitely into the idea!

Carolina Gal said...

SchmeckyGirl said...
I love seeing the kids having fun with Jon. Even IF it is just a photo op the kids don't know that. They look happy and like they are having fun.
You're not giving the kids enough credit, IMO!

Kelly said...

If Kate goes on a show for a "win a date with Kate", the contestants would have to be one of the following.

1. Ex Cons
2. Blind
3. Deaf
4. Gold diggers
3. cuckhold
2. Jon
1. Desperate.
-1. Eunichs

GoPoshGo said...

"When I lived in PA, you had to wear them EVERYWHERE."

Wish that were still the case, Denise ... seems that PA has become quite lax in enforcing their child helmet law. I've yet to see a child (other than my own) on a bike in my town, at the skate board parks, etc. wearing a helmet (which is why I mistakenly assumed the lack of helmet law for adults also applied to KIDS in PA). Again, it's ultimately the parents' fault -- law or no law, the child should be wearing a helmet. Still, it's sad that so few people seem to take the law seriously. Also pretty sad that PA doesn't require helmets at all for adults -- esp for motorcycles (I'm sorry, but is your head HARDER or less at risk for injury if you're over 21????). Although, helmets ARE required for ATV's (Jon, are you listening???)

I agree with other posters that most of us survived childhood without some of the seemingly "extreme" measures we take with our own kids today [I'm sure I was not the only one sitting in the way back of our Brady Bunch station wagon, sans seatbelt, with the back window rolled down -- while my dad cruised down the highway at a cool 65 mph]. Yes, I was lucky to survive those trips, but it's because of the ones that didn't survive that we have laws regarding seatbelts, helmets, etc. Yes, they seem restrictive and over-the-top at times, but the fact of the matter is that they DO save lives.

I'll say it again: Jon and Kate can't seem to see beyond their own self-serving needs to take the time to make sure their kids are really protected.

Kelly said...

And just HOW is Winning a date with Kate, winning?

I think, winning a date would be like a date with Jennifer Anniston. Now THAT would be winning a date.

Getting picked to go out on a date with Kate would be like having to diffuse a nuclear warhead with no tools, other than a Bic Pen and a ballpean hammer. Chances of survival with either Kate or the warhead would be slim to none.

Carolina Gal said...

Babsy, don't forget the Walmart clothing line that sold overseas for mere pennies..every little bit helps when you're as poor as Kate.

AuntieAnn said...

lol Kelly.
"And just HOW is Winning a date with Kate, winning?"

Like winning a date with your mother-in-law?

Kelly said...

Winning a date with Kate would be like winning a date with Larry King.

AuntieAnn said...

Like winning a date with your MIL who looks like Larry King.

Kelly said...

Maybe Kate and Larry King could hook up. Larry still has some lead in his pencil and Kate still has some lead in her ass.

Carolina Gal said...


Yes, prayers and good thoughts to Bret Michaels...he has been so concerned on The Apprentice over his dtr. possibly having diabetes...

Kate and LK, good match. I think Kate would be on board, no? He's loaded, right???

an oregon granny said...

Is this a blog about the Gosslins or about the merits of bicycle helmets??

I don't get it. Yesterday I had a post removed which was filled wih Gosselin thoughts. Some poster wrote," Administrator, check out post at 3:58!!" which was mine. I'm not sure what I said that wasn't acceptable--I used no degrading names, no bad words, just expressed by thoughts drawn from my years of living, being in Social Work, and Teaching.

So, not knowing the rules, I will refrain from posting again. However, don't write me off because I'm a granny!! I still have my wits and my life experiences with which I access situations.

Administrator, you need to get hold of your blog. It is getting totally out of hand. Its becoming a place where posters are arguing between themselves....and just plan boring to read through. I come here for informations, not a cat fight over helmets!

Sandy said...

After elimination, Katie Irene gave the judges signed copies of her drivel. I guess she really was pissed at them.

J. Heather Leigh said...

This site has been one of the better ones...until lately. It's slipping into an average hater site.

I just posted this somewhere else...

Some of the nit-pickers about Kate are just maddening. I am NOT a fan but even *I* think some of this is getting beyond ridiculous. My thoughts:

- Kate flew back to PA with her kids. She went to the house, flew inside to grab what she needed, left for a 1.5 road trip to NYC where she went to Ann Taylor...probably to buy an outfit to wear on Regis and Kelly. Make sense? Yeah.

So why make comments about that? When you think about it, wouldn't it have been a lot ~easier~ for Kate to have put the kids and nannies on the plane to PA and she could have flown directly to NY? Yeah. So can we give her credit for flying home with her kids?

AND...after being gone for so long it would be difficult to have a clear mind to pack again quickly and leave right away. I hope she had help. I can't even imagine how hard that would be. I know when I get home from a trip I am completely overwhelmed. I can't imagine leaving again right away.

- Kate is making the typical DWTS talk show runs that most of the outted contestants make. WTH is wrong with people? That is just how it is done with that show. Sheeeesh.

-the kids look sad? I thought they looked tired. They just flew from LA and they are dealing with jet lag.

- Yes, kids should wear helmets to ride bikes. No argument. Let it go.

-Ann Taylor is not a pricey store...and SO WHAT if it was? We just watched Kate EARN $200K- right? So friggen what if she decides to spend some of it.

and I am saying all this as a NON-FAN. Even I am seeing how ridiculous this has gotten. I hope and pray Kate and Jon will work out their custody arrangement.

that's all for now....

Anonymous said...

Jupiter, I agree

Wilma said...

I don't watch Regis & Kelly enough so I don't know how they do their "win a date". I kind of hope that they do it because imagine the kind of regular guys that would apply. No movie stars which is who Kate wants to date. I would love to see how Kate behaves on a date (that would be filmed) with a guy she felt was beneath her. Her true colors would surely show.

AuntieAnn said...

Get over it. The absurdity of two famewhoring parents of eight kids invokes the cynicism. They wanted the attention, they got it. The day they shut up, go home and heal their family is the day I'll quit saying nasty things about them.

Maggie2 said...

Okay, Jupiter, then just WHAT topic would you LIKE to discuss? Since everything you've read lately is so distasteful to you, why don't you suggest a topic that would merit your participation? Would LOVE to hear your suggestions.

maggie2 said...

"When you think about it, wouldn't it have been a lot ~easier~ for Kate to have put the kids and nannies on the plane to PA and she could have flown directly to NY? Yeah. So can we give her credit for flying home with her kids?"

Umm, yeah, except that they ALL flew to Maryland and then DROVE to PA. Nobody flew into PA. But once they arrived at the McOrphanage, Kate couldn't pack fast enough to get away from the 8 little dollar signs. Funny how she needed to flee to NY a full 24 hours before appearing on Regis & Kelly. Why the need to leave so soon? They're only an hour-and-a-half drive away (I KNOW -- I live here). What's more -- why not just do a live feed from the McOrphanage??? Afterall, she has the dance studio already installed -- what a perfect backdrop.

Let's face it: It's all a scam. Whether you're a hater or a Kater, it really doesn't matter. We're all being played by TLC and all of their cronies.

J. Heather Leigh said...

There are some real issues to be concerned about and I like this site for those topics. Kids on reality TV need to be protected. Their working conditions and earning should be determined by someone who is not benefitting from their labor.

Talking about where Kate shops? Come on now, that is just plain silly.

Anonymous said...

Jupiter - good points. You are a breath of fresh (non-fan) air. If you folks would stick to your main points of "concern" and away from Kate's ankles, where she shops, and discussing what a five-year-old is thinking from a still photograph, you might actually convince some people to jump on board. As it is now, the whole thing just seems very petty.

anonymous said...

Jupiter-take a chill pill already!!How can you say that the poor woman has been gone from home so long, when all we ever heard her proclaim is how she gets on a plane the minute she can after her dance,and goes right home to her kids-every interview,that's what she said!So if that's the truth-just like all her truths-then she would not be so scattered about packing if she was doing it every week, the same as every week, she would spend hours and hours,dancing in her basement,while her kids were in school, or in their beds,sleeping. And she was just soo happy to be going back home to her 8,yes 8,little faces,that instead of towncaring it back to be on Regis and Kelly, she could have easily done the interview via satelite, right from her home sweet home.If you can't handle the truth, you sure are not being made to come to this awesome blog, so why do you bother? Nuts!

J. Heather Leigh said...

Why did she leave so soon? She had to be in NYC early in the morning for hair and make up. Jon was on his way for his time with the kids.

I hate that I am defending this woman. USE YOUR LOGIC.

prairiemary said...

yeah,right,I've been in hair and make-up before and it took an entire 30 minutes. She just could not wait to get her ass away from those kids,that's the truth, and any of us real moms on here know it!

prairiemary said...

And yes, it was for live t.v.

A Mom said...

Are you saying that as a real mom that is what you would do, are projecting yourself in Kate.
I'm no fan but I hope I misunderstood you. ~ Administrator said...

Theory doesn't hold up. Kate was caught out SHOPPING in New York AND her hair was completely stylied and nice. She didn't run off to NYC to make sure she was refreshed for Regis and Kelly the next day. She went off because she wants to SHOP and get her HAIR DONE and be PAMPERED. She probably had Nobu for dinner. There is absolutely no reason someone like her ever needs to shop again. Pay somebody to do it for you. She WANTS to leave the kids to stomp around NYC shopping.

Ann Taylor is pushing my budget on a lawyer's salary. It's no Target or even JCPenney.

Logic said...

She left and Jon came. That is how they do it for now.

Your argument is not making sense. She should be free to go and do whatever she wants when it is time for Jon to spend time with the kids.

J. Heather Leigh said...

I hate this. I am NOT a fan but even I can see some logic in all this.

JON was there with the kids. She had the kids with her for a few days and then it was his turn. She was to NYC the day before she was due for a 9am talk show. That is hardly extravagant. SHE EARNED $200K!! She could easily by a complete outfit at Ann Taylor for under $200. Big deal.

I don't like Kate. I hate defending her at all. I'm done for now. If you can't see how petty this us then I give up.

prairiemary said...

A Mom-Yes, you did misunderstand me, sorry, my mind gets into over gear sometimes,after all of what she said, in interview after interview,she was saying how she was doing it all for the kids, and how she envied her nannies for doing the cooking and baking and whatever else she was whining about, then she finally gets back home, and after an hour back home, rushes out away from her kids.As regular,loving moms,after hearing her repeat the same things everyday, how can we believe she really did want to be with her kids? She seems to be more comfortable 'loving them from afar", and doing the "eye-heart-u" on a t.v screen, than actually doing the mommy things she told everyone she could not wait to get back to doing.I never,ever loved my kids 'from afar",and I would never leave them for the bright lights of the city,and a game show. ~ Administrator said...

Hair touch up was not just $200 and we have no idea how much she spent in Ann Taylor. She could have spent 200 she could have spent 2,000.

Yes, I have a problem with every cent Kate spends on herself on anything but necessities, I'm sorry. Because I feel every cent she has made is off the backs of her kids and she is BLOWING their money in NYC while they miss her in PA. Get a real job stop using your kids for books, votes, filming, and maybe you can spend a little on yourself now and again. Her kids are the reason she is on DWTS! Where is their cut? It's in Kate's haircut. ~ Administrator said...

If she wants to treat herself to Ann Taylor, why not go to the one in Reading?

TVSnark said...

Jupiter is acting stupiter again . . .

Lighten' up people!!

J. Heather Leigh said...

Oh sheeesh. Instead of leaving her house at 5:00am or some ridiculous hour, she left a day early. JON WAS WITH THE KIDS. Who cares what she did after she left?? She went to NYC and shopped...SO WHAT?

Logic Is Knocking Again said...

Why isn't anyone addressing the fact that it was Jon's custody tiime?

He comes and she leaves. If she wants to shop in NYC while Jon has custody that is her right.

You keep saying she ran right out. She left and Jone came it is as simple as that.

But I guess that doesn't fit into your agenda that Kate is an absentee mom. ~ Administrator said...

It's true it was Jon's time at least they were with him. But most divorced parents I know stick around in the same state when it's not their time. I have a bigger problem with her spending the children's money in NYC.

Every dime she has earned since she quit her nursing job is in my opinion, the children's money. She has blown, by all accounts, 99 percent of it. And continues to blow it.

J. Heather Leigh said...

Kate earned money on DWTS. She also is entitled to at least 1/10 of the earnings from the show and all of her earnings for her books (minus Beth Carson's share)

I don't like the woman but even I can admit that she earned some money.

Logic has gone out the window said...

She is just on a day trip. Jon moved out of state.

You are really stretching now to say she needs to stay in the state.

You are making no sense. ~ Administrator said...

We'll have to agree to disagree there. When THEE only reason you are where you are is because you used, abused and exploited your children, every single dime belongs to them. Nothing belongs to you. You did nothing but exloit them to get to where you are. Kate would not be on DWTS without those 8 kids, that is a fact. I believe every cent she makes in her celebrity career belongs to them.

Unfortunatly the contract Kate signed off on didn't require a single red cent be paid to the eight people who put her where she is. And all because they're minors. said...

Gosh, did everyone get PMS is the past hours? Why all the snarkiness?

Admin, you're doing a great job with this site, and I really appreciate your ability (and that of many posters here) to articulate the situation so well.

I don't consider this a hate site. I consider it a place where logic prevails and sheeple are sent out to the pasture. It's quite refreshing for those of us who aren't fond of the kool-aid.

prairiemary said...

Administrator, Thank you, very well said! She has spent all of their money, on herself! And why did she not have Jon stay with the kids while she was in california? Wouldn't that be better than the nannies? This woman lies and lies, then lies some more, and everything that comes out of her mouth is forever on tape, because she just loves the spotlight.She does it all for the kids, while in her mind,she is in the kitchen,baking heart cookies for them. Wonder if she whipped some up before she lunged out of the house, away from the grasp of little hands.

Troy Chula Vista said...

This is a little off subject, but isn't it funny how there are so many double standards in this country? Now there is flack about a Lane Bryant ad being too sexy for primetime on DWTS. Yet, on that same program they have women dancing at 8:00 PM who are wearing a hand towel and some silver christmas icicles. I saw Kate on Regis. Even Kelly, who I can't stand was sexier and less wooden.

Today on Inside they said "Marcia Brady" took a cheap shot at Kate by saying she would never dance because she would look like that "blond with the extensions" Paleeeease! Cheap shot? These tabloid scum shows are so far up Kate & TLC's butt.. they don't want to say anything to upset the golden goose.

Inside even showed footage of Kate being asked what she thought of Woopie's comments on the View. NOBODY better mess with woopie! She can say what ever she wants! She is a Talented person and has the chops to back up anything she says. I bet Disney/ABC knew kate was leaving so they told the View women they could let loose that morning. Joy holds back because she wants kate on her show, anyone can see that. Barbara is so wacked who cares what she says..I mean come on..Kate as one of the Year's Influential people? Huh?

Sick of Karts and Jons Krap said...

jupiter said- Kate flew back to PA with her kids. She went to the house, flew inside to grab what she needed, left for a 1.5 road trip to NYC where she went to Ann Taylor...probably to buy an outfit to wear on Regis and Kelly. Make sense? Yeah.
You would have to be blind not to see that the walk through the airport at 7am with was nothing more than a PR stunt/photo op. Another case of Kart using her kids like she has since before they were born. She uses them every chance she gets.

I'll bet all the paps just take a chance and hang around the airport in Maryland at 7am with hope to get star shots. I'm sure Maryland is a celeb hot bed. Take off the rose colored glasses.

Lauren said...

Sick of Karts and Jons Krap said...

You would have to be blind not to see that the walk through the airport at 7am with was nothing more than a PR stunt/photo op. Another case of Kart using her kids like she has since before they were born. She uses them every chance she gets.

Interesting point. Recently I haven't seen pictures of the kids in an airport. I certainly didn't see them when they headed out to LA either. So I think you are correct.

It's funny because it sort of back fired on Kate because the kids look absolutely miserable walking through the airport. Their heads are hanging and they look so unhappy. The nanny is there too.

Lilly said...

You post on a very regular basis at a Fan/Flog Site which is fine. I, for one, find your comments to be very disingenuous and holier than thou. You have been asked not to post or visit at too many Gosselin sites to mention. If you do not like this site then don't post. Please spare me your sanctimonius chatter.

Wilma said...

I just have to post this. Ann Taylor is not considered a designer store. I am sure none of the "Real Housewives of OC or NY" would ever want to shop there. They might mix a piece or two in here or there with the clothes from designers but they would die if photographed carrying an Ann Taylor shopping bag. With all the great stores in NY she is a moron to shop there.

Wilma said...

Admin, Can you delete my post. I shouldn't have called her a name.

my9cats said...

If Kate is comp'd for the Ann Taylor clothes then she would be expected to be a walking billboard and advertize their brand. Even carrying an Ann Taylor shopping bag.

Jupiter Is No Fan said...

Jupiter may post on a pro Kate site but she is not a fan. She just knows how to carry on a civil debate.

She was pointing out that even as someone who is not a fan this discussion has ventured into crazy territory.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jupiter made a great point. It would be stupid to go to Reading to shop when you are already headed to NYC. Why make two stops?

Kate spends too much money, Kate should shop in another city , Kate should shop in NYC at more expensive designer stores, Kate should stay in the same city while Jon is with the kids just for the heck of it, Kate, Kate, Kate.

Kelly said...

I don't care where she shops, eats, plays worksout or tans. I just don't want to see her use those kids as a means to achieve her fame and fortune. Nothing more, nothing less. I'd prefer she and Jon just go away. Can we vote her off the planet?

bbsak said...

I'm with you and have already cast my vote for them to be voted off the planet.

I agree and disagree with many of the opinions posted here. I agree that the kids earned the money during J&K+8 and have not been properly compensated, that their parents continue to exploit them and as such, any monies earned because of the continued exploitation should be theirs, etc.

But, where I disagree, is the sentiment that Kate should be home and/or stayed in-state longer. IMO, we're using a double standard if we judge Kate differently than Jon or any other divorced parent sharing custody. As many posters have said, it is Jon's time for custody and Kate can go anywhere and do anything when he has the kids - just as Jon does when Kate has them. As for shopping with money that is hers, the kids', or TLC's - I don't know who's footing the bill on this, however I do NOT believe that the kids have been adequately compensated for their time on camera, nor their parents' continued exploitation of them and they probably never will be, but I'm expecting too much if I think it will change and I'll disagree every time either parent flaunts spending money as Kate did at AT.

IMO, J&K can never satisfy their financial or moral obligation to their children for exploiting them and that's my gripe with them - not whether one has a right to be out of state when the other has custody, etc.

Anonymous said...

No matter where certain people post, they bring their mess with them. Too bad they've arrived here.
They have their own blogs but they always come and tell other posters what they should be doing.

J. Heather Leigh said...

It's interesting trend:

A comment that someone agrees on is called 'logic' and when they don't agree it's called 'santimonious"...??

I have been reading this site and don't usually join in the discussion. I have seen a lot of logic here but I strongly felt the discussion was getting a bit off-course with the latest round of analysis. You lose credibility when you are focusing on the silly things. (My opinion)

Here is what I think:
I do think those kids have gotten a raw deal. I do want them better protected. I don't think Kate is a nice person. I do think she treated jon like a whipping boy for 10 years. I also think Jon has been acting like a child and needs to knock it off. I think the current home for the family is far too cumbersome to maintain without a long term plan. The current plan seems to be that Kate will be in show business. They might want to adjust that. DWTS the an opportunity for Kate to win some supporters and change public perception of her. Epic fail. Editing or reality? We don't know but the results are the same.

Irene S said...

1 Vote for leaving the planet.

I really don't care what Khate does, where she works, who she shares hotel connecting doors with..........

Is too much to ask though that they just sKrap Kate plus 8? I really think it is wrong to film the children.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the blog is turning into a slightly better version than RWA. What happened Admin? You are a lawyer, right? I expect you know how to have mature and civil conversations without utilizing words like Krate, Khate, etc. Is it only me that see these words and feels like I am having a conversation with a 12 year old?

Stick to the real controversy please! Kate carrying an Ann Taylor bag does not warrant 100 comments! Sheesh!


Anonymous said...


You had a public blog with over a hundred pics of your girls on the internet! Worry about your own girl's and their wearing helmets. I seriously think the kids riding their bikes in their driveway is not the worst thing to be concerned about for them. SG, why don't you take your helmet discussion to Baby Mama's and see how that works for you?

dorothy said...

Kate has money, energy and time to shop for herself, BUT, organic milk is too expensive! How often have you seen any milk in their sippy cups or glasses?

Heide said...

Hey, it's just FUN to snark on Kate!

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