Friday, April 2, 2010

Kate plays with kids


28 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

That's playing? Looks like some yelling going on to me.

Anonymous said...

They have to all play in front of the garage door with just 1 toy car between all 8 of them. Can't play in the back yard on the swing set and sliding board. Can't play in the crooked houses that are sheltered in the trees away from the paps. They HAVE to play in front of the garage door where the photo ops are best

Anonymous said...

She has on a long sleeve sweater jacket and
long pants whilst the kids are in summer shorts and
sleeveless short dresses ! That's how she cares
for the kids as much as how her yelling at them
is considered playing with them. Even as a phony
photo op she is still the worst bitch of a mother
I've ever seen ! Last night joan rivers was on
joy beharrs show and told Khate to stfu and stay
home and be a mom inside your house without
the paps on her payroll. Life is not a pretence
dumb bitch. Chelsea handler was on Larry king and
was unable to abide kart ! The world is onto u
khate you stupid phony bitch. It's only a matter
of a bit more time and the jig is up ! Kiki :/

my9cats said...

What no smiles on the kids?
I'm shocked. SHOCKED!

mommyinca said...

My9cats, the kids are just jellus of Kate's fame, dontcha know ;)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Kate eats out of a plastic cup when she goes to Nobu?

Anonymous said...

I knew that there would be a picture of her with the kids,after the ones with Jon and the kids came out,notice though how when the kids are with Jon they are full of happy faces,with her quite the opposite,she just doesn,t look like she belongs there amidst the children,I wonder if she ever really resents them,that they keep her fro the fame she so desires,I wonder If she thinks of moving to LA where she would be where the action is.I hope that Jon would not let her take the kids,just can,t see her living the PA lifestyle after she has seen "Paree" as the saying goes.

Anonymous said...

That photo is reminiscent of the old days when she hollered at Jon every chance she got. I wonder if that's him she's yelling at - ordering him off her property.
She looks like Nurse Ratched.

*Sugar&Spice* said...

wooooo she looks like one pissed off mommy. Who is she yelling at? One of the tups not saying on kates side for a fake photo up? Telling someone without a camera to get off the property?

Yup nice to see the kids are dressed for summer weather and kate is in black. Oh how dreary the CA weather has spoiled her and the fake tanning. Ah she is a cold hearted bitch. Physically and mentally. The truth comes out.

Kate need to give it up already. Everyone is getting sick of her period. She needs to go back inside. Work on some other fake book deal, organic living style crap, fake life and take care of her kids.

She better hold on to every dime she gets her hands on from know. Because I think the gravy train will stop soon.

SG said...

It's really, really warm out here in the north east. My guess the kids are outside playing and Kate was inside where it's cooler and just came out for a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

From GossipCenter:

Getting an early start to the day, Kate Gosselin was spotted out with daughters Hannah and Alexis in Reading, Pennsylvania on Friday (April 2). Wearing a bright orange top, the former TLC reality star mom held her little girls' hands while picking up her mail and getting pampered at Planet Nails.
As for Kate's "Dancing with the Stars" progress, her partner Tony Dolovani tells that she's finally starting to trust him.
"She's starting to understand regardless of how tough I may be ... I'm on her side," he said. "I'm actually trying to make her look good ... I'm not actually going against her. I'm not trying to cause any problems for her. All I'm trying to do is make her look good."
Nothing like spending quality time with your children, taking them to the nail salon. How exciting for them. I'm sure they'll always remember what a wonderful mother she was for hauling them around town just to watch her get pampered. She is the Queen Narcissist of all narcissists. As for the dancing, I'll lay odds Tony showed her the simplest routine he could come up with knowing she'll never get it right and high-tailed it home to his family. He's got her number by now and like her, he is just going to show up now for the paycheck. It was cruel of DWTS to stick him with that defiant witch.

Anonymous said...

You'd think that Kart would spend some quality time with the kids, being that she's going to be heading back to Los Angeles tomorrow. I guess she'll have a photo op of her doing and easter egg hunt around the garage doors later today.

Lynne K said...

to Brummy Girl Kiki: Whilst you were babbling on about Kate's long sleeves and the kids in short sleeves, what was your point because you never made it?

Admin: Did you count the minutes Kate was with the kids this weekend so we can add it to the total? Where is Jon? Find him.

IATK said...

It looks like Evan isn't going to be 100% but will dance anyway:

EvanLysacek I have two broken toes. Ouch!! Updates to follow.
about 7 hours ago

EvanLysacek I will not let a couple broken toes effect any of my planned appearances fora Smuckers Stars on Ice or Dancing with the Stars!!!!
about 1 hour ago

EvanLysacek Broken Toes update: feeling better with some pain killers and taping.I trained all day yesterday and today.Felt better in my skate actually.
about 1 hour ago

HI 50 said...

Lynne K: Why are you creating an argument when there none?

I don't get it, I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

INFdaily has photos from the nail salon trip. In one it is just a close up of her pedicure. Not one blister or anything. Guess she isn't practicing as much as some of the others.



IATK said...

This is from
How awful for Erin! After all she's been through. I hope it's okay to post this here Admin. since it's not directly about Kate, but it is DWTS. They say there's extra security now at DWTS and the FBI is involved in the investigation. I guess this is the first she was aware of the threats.

Erin Andrews -- Death Threats
Posted Apr 2nd 2010 6:30PM by TMZ Staff

TMZ has learned Erin Andrews has been the target of several recent death threats, and the FBI is now on the case.

Our sources say three emails were sent to "The Dan Patrick Show" -- a sports talk show which airs on both radio and TV.

Sources tell us the emails -- sent on March 26, 29 and 30 from a man in Newport News, VA. -- are direct threats against Andrews. One reads, "Somebody should shoot her in the face."

A second email says, "I'm one in a million. She'll never see me coming."

TMZ has learned the FBI is now on the case. As for ESPN's Andrews, there is increased security on the set of "Dancing with the Stars."

Andrews was famously victimized by Michael David Barrett, who taped her through a peephole in several hotel rooms. He's been sentenced to 30 months in federal prison.

UPDATE: We are now told there are more than three emails that were sent to "The Dan Patrick Show" through its website.

UPDATE: Erin has appeared on Dan Patrick's show, but not on the days the emails were sent

Read more: ~ Administrator said...

Poor Erin. And Kate thinks she needs a bodyguard.

Anonymous said...

To Lynne K.,

Jon is supposed to meet with the new attorney today.


my9cats said...

Maybe sheeple are threatening Erin. The intimidation factor.

my9cats said...

Regarding the top picture of Kart:
She is practicing her paso doble sneer.
Kart is an actress you know.

Anonymous said...

Kate's body guard is more like a massage therapist. Hope Gina can deal with it.

HI 50 said...

Kart looks PISSED at whomever she's shreeking at! The kids look scared, what a great example Mommy Dearest is demonstrating in front of her kids.

IATK said...

I guess the threats against Erin go back to last September but the station just now released this information to her and her lawyer. They are furious for not having been contacted sooner. I would be too. had more on this.

browneyedgirl said...

Kate is just starting to trust Tony? Get this woman some therapy: he's a dance instructor and this is dancing, not some life-threatening activity. What is she, in the Navy SEALS now?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn,t be a bit surprised if Jon is penning a tell all book, I also wish he would stay away from the women for awhile, concetrate and play with his kids when he is with them and get some good councel,and stay away from people like Lohan come on Jon! people are behind you,we all know you are a good dad,do what is best for them and not what is best for Kate and best for you.remember the old saying:"don,t let the bastards take you down"

Anonymous said...


I agree! He should drop all the ladies (if one can call them that) and concentrate on his children. I didn't watch the show that much, but he seemed like the only parent who gave a damn about the kids having fun in life. The smiles they show him at the busstop speak a thousand words.


Anonymous said...

Kate's a bully, plain and simple. She treats those kids like they are robots and they respond as such. She has no one to push around now that Jon is out of the picture so she lets her unrelenting anger out on those kids. She's nothing but a bully.

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