Friday, November 20, 2009

TLC says Kate will have her own show in 2010

TLC has confirmed they plan to have a new show staring Kate to air in the Spring of 2010. Kate Plus 8 has been officially scrapped.

As long as the kids aren't filmed, we don't care what Kate "14 1/2 minutes" Gosselin does with her time left in the spotlight.

11 sediments (sic) from readers:

kamilleon said...

So now that Kate has a job and Jon doesn't.... Would it be in his best interest to sue her for spousal support since he quit his job to support her "book tour" and speaking engagements? ~ Administrator said...

Jon certainly has quite a good case for spousal support. He helped make Kate who she is, gave up so much for her career. Now she's flourishing financially as a result, allegedly.

It is one of many issues the divorce needs to clarify.

Kate might have shot herself in the foot insisting Jon stay home all that time. Now she may owe him a heck of a lot of monthly payments.

kamilleon said...

Have you seen the new document up on RadarOnline? Secret contract Jon had with Lohan and Heller. Would love to hear your feedback on this!

Anonymous said...


I didn't see a place to contact you privately so I'm posting this here - please move it if you'd like.

Did you see the RadarOnline post today about the unsigned contract between Mike Lohan and Mike Heller supposedly about representing Jon Gosselin? The contract is also available to look at. It's titled:

"The Secret Contract And Payments That Will Destroy Jon Gosselin In Court"

Jon Gosselin entered into a secret deal to earn money in violation of his TLC contract, and has obtained the document that proves it.

The document is a contract that spells out a business relationship between Jon, Hailey Glassman, Mike Heller and Michael Lohan.

And although it is unsigned, the contract led to Jon being paid for outside appearances that violated his TLC deal, Michael Lohan told exclusively.

The entry goes on even farther. Do you think what I do about an unsigned contract? That it means nothing? What about the fact that the signature page is completelys separate from the rest of the document? It could be a page from any contract and unrelated to this one, etc?

Debbie said...

Boy that would frost Kate's butt to have to pay support to Jon! He will need the money when TLC takes him to the cleaners. Hopefully they don't but I am worried since TLC was able to ask for and get a specific judge assigned to the case. It sure dosn't seem right to me. ~ Administrator said...

Filing for a specific judge really doesn't concern me. If anything that says to me TLC is worried. If their case was so strong and so fool-proof, why would they care which judge heard it? Any fair judge would rule in their favor, no? The fact that they are trying to cherry pick a judge hoping for a good result tells me they are worried and scrambling to do whatever they can to tip things in their favor. I still think they will settle at the last minute.

Kristie said...

Hi, I just found your blog, and I was wondering, couldn't TLC giving Kate her own show and not Jon be seen as a conflict of interest as far as the "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" contract? That because they were already preparing a new show for Kate, and wanted to keep her in the public eye and her reputation good that they allowed her to do appearances, but since they no longer had a vested interest in Jon they just let him hang? I wonder if they weren't preping a new show for Kate if they would have let her go on and on like she has.

Debbie said...

That is something I don't understand either. It seems like TLC is suing Jon for the same stuff Kate is already doing. They let Kate do talk shows and are talking about a new show for her but when Jon did talk shows and talked to someone other than TLC about a new show, he got sued. What the heck!

Also, as per previous questions, do you have an opinion on the unsigned documents on Radaronline? To me it seems if they are not signed they are not worth anything.

Thanks you are wealth of information in all this mess. ~ Administrator said...

Kristie and Debbie, TLC is a lot dumber than you would think for a cable network. I can only assume they are so blinded by their hatred of Jon they are making poor decisions.

Of course it looks terrible on them they are setting Kate up for her own show and throwing Jon under the bus. It absolutely looks like a conflict of interest and any court is going to look at them suspiciously. And as for allowing Kate to do the things Jon is doing, TLC just wants to have approval of it. Of course they approve all the things Kate does since they support her. Jon thinks the contract gave them way too much power to dictate someone's means of making a living, and so do we.

Anonymous said...

From unnames sources (HA) neither Jon nor Kate asked for spousal support. IMO, that was a dumb move on Jon's part. He must still be thinking he has a career in show business and no money worries. I think he's going to live to regret that clause in the divorce agreement. ~ Administrator said...

It was dumb in the sense he probably is going to need the money. But spousal support can make a divorce really contentious and drawn out. It's already sticky enough, maybe he just wants it done with and move on.

It's interesting you can bet TLC would spin him as a villian is he asked for alimony. How dare he try to take money from poor victim Kate! But when he doesn't ask for it, no one reports this news or commends him for taking the high road. Well, we do.

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