Friday, January 8, 2010

Kids spent $7,000 of their money on Mom's new haircut

How many hours did Cara, Mady, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and Colin have to work to pay for this? And how are their college funds doing?

24 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! That's alot of moola on hair. Although, I'm sure Kate did not pay for it--TLC must have paid for it.
I barely had time for a quick haircut and blow-dry when my kids were little. Poor Katie, all alone with eight kids--how, oh, how does this ubermom do it?! She needs to write another book telling us how to better manage our time (snark).

Karen said...

I very highly doubt kate spent that kind of her own money on her hair. I believe that she made TLC pay for it. She's so busy doing everything else but taking care of her children.

Anonymous said...

Well, another mistake for TLC. They just keep digging Kate deeper and deeper & showing her true colors daily.

Too bad for Kate plus Fake.

And, of course she is busy doing anything but taking care of her children. She should not have manipulated a fertility doctor if she did not want to take care of her kids.

Anonymous said...

Boy this is sure gonna bring her to superstardom.

She can't sing, can't dance, can't...? What is the purpose of this woman?

Anonymous said...

Someone on Gwop just made a good point.

She whines on the series finale that Organic Milk is too expensive for her kids but she will waste money on hair to benefit the kids?

Eileen Oneill & Laurie Goldberg really need a trip to the principle's office over this.

Lauren said...

Kate and her team need to issue a statement about who exactly paid for the hair.

Is she using Jon's child support payments to pay for her new hair?

I think Jon's attorney should contact a family court judge on this. ~ Administrator said...

Even if TLC paid for it, the fact remains Kate is only getting that money because of her kids. She wouldn't be where she was if not for her kids. As far as I'm concerned every dime that comes from TLC should be given to the kids. And if they're going to give $7,000 to Kate in free haircuts, I want $7,000 in each of those eight children's trust funds, too.

$7,000 to get it done, and how much more to maintain?

Anonymous said...

Admin.--you make a great point--I hadn't thought of it that way. The ONLY reason why Kate has any TV "career" is due to her having eight children and allowing TLC to exploit their private lives. So even a freebie to Kate is really something that should be directed towards the kids instead. Heck, with the millions that TLC has made off of them (the children), TLC should have trust funds for college set up for each and every one of the Gosselin children.

Anonymous said...

$7000 on anything like that in this economy is a complete waste of time & money. And, like she is getting good publicity for this?

"It's mine all mine!"

And, yes I wonder if the divorce judge thought she would be this wasteful?

Anonymous said...

I would guess she didn't pay for it.

Maybe she had it done on Jon's custody day.

I don't see anything wrong with a mom pampering herself.

Maybe if some of you especially Irene took some time out to take care of herself maybe she wouldn't be so hateful.

By the way, who is watching your 8 kids while you troll the internet bashing Kate?

Get a life Irene!!!

Lauren said...

There is a video up on TLC's J&K+8 website of Kate getting her new hair.
Her hair looks pretty bad because they weren't able to blend some of the natural hair in with the new stuff. Wow, $7,000 spent and it looks horrid.
I guess that's what Kate gets for being such a vain fame whore. ~ Administrator said...

Pampering yourself now and again is fine. Every mother deserves a massage, or a manicure or a new haircut. But spending $7,000 on yourself is extravagant, excessive, and absolutely ridiculous. Why anyone would blow that much money on hair, even celebrities, when there are a million other things it could be better spent on. I think it speaks to just how vain and shallow Kate really is.

I also think Kate has a misguided view of how celebrities really live and how they really spend their money. I think she would be surprised to know that while most celebrities will put down several hundred for a haircut, it's not normal practice to put down the amount of money it takes to buy a gently used Toyota on HAIR. That's not how the rich STAY rich.

Anonymous said...

Jon and his team need to release a statement abaout his trip to Utah and how the children payed for that as well! They need to release a statement on how he is such a great role model and screws anything with 2 legs!

Anonymous said...

I believe these trips to Utah must cost a bundle. Airfare, accomodations, ski equipment, lift tickets, booze, etc. etc. What a great Father! Wants to get as far away from the kids as possible.

Anonymous said...

This is a very misquided view as to how a father of 8 chooses to spend his free time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Administrator, truly rich people know how to save. That is the true sense of wealth.

I read the article in People Magazine. She brags about this hair escapade like she is really impressing people. Then in the article she boo-hoos about having alot of debt from the marriage. That is just one inconsistency in the People article. This woman & Tlc are really their own worst enemies. They are a public relations nightmare for themselves.

You know...where does Kate go from here. $20 looking hookers aren't in high demand. Heck, Kate made the cover of People & as of today still has not made top 5 articles read. Kate~plus~fake.

Ok..Jon...when the going gets tough for Kate people start dogging Jon. Well, he is under injunction. We'll talk about Jon when it is time to talk about Jon. He is as much an idiot as her. I would think it would be sad if he moved to Utah for the kids. The kids are gonna miss out alot from all this. But, for Jon to move to Utah to get away from Kate & TLC now that is funny. Sure would put a crook in TLC & Kate's plans. She will surely have to stay close to home & take care of her brood. This is what Kate wanted afterall. She said it loud and clear on TV, "It is mine all mine!"

Anonymous said...

TLC/Kate whoever spends $7,000 on a mop for Kate's head.

Jon is under injunction. But, his story is top 2 on the People website.

BAM Kate & TLC. lol.

lifeoriley said...

Exactly, right about Jon, Irene. Know one really knows whether Jon has moved to Utah or just went snowboarding there, the media (Kate's PR people) can say things about Jon, but Jon is under injunction and can't do interviews (maybe that's a good thing ;) ).
I have been thinking all along that Jon should stay close to home (there ARE places to board in PA) and keep a low profile, but I think he also got used to the "lifestyle" that he and Kate lived by selling out their children.
But I really don't think that the Kate-cult would cut Jon a break even if he lived the life of a monk and was taking care of his kids every day. When he was home full-time last year and no rumors or photos had surfaced about him and other women, people were still calling him "lazy" and giving Kate all the credit-- even though Kate was gone much of the time on her self-promotion tour, signing books she did not write that were full of half-truths.
So bottom line is, even though Jon is a doofus, I can't kick a man when he's down.

Anonymous said...

Maybe now that Jay Leno's show has been canceled he can take Kate's mop on tour with the bodyguard & sell tickets for $20 a piece to see the spectacle.

Lauren said...

Kate's new hair revealed.

www . celebrity-gossip . net/celebrities/hollywood/kate-gosselin-flaunts-new-extensions-214111/

Anonymous said...

Let her flaunt them. It doesnt change the fact that Jon, even under injunction, gets noticed more & makes top on People Mag website. $7000 & 20 hours later Kate hasn't made top anything except now she has to be away from her kids longer to get her hair maintained.

Same Kate different day...Until they do an extreme makeover of her attitude they may as well except the fact that woman is a Paranna & has the mothering skills of a cross dressing Archie Bunker.

Anonymous said...

The possum cut has been replaced with the Rupenzal look. (Thanks Chrysee good one)

Same Kate though.

Anonymous said...

Plese don't hate my mommy! I'm going crazy with everything that is being said. Please, I promise I'll be good.

Lauren said...

There is a video up on TLC's J&K+8 website of Kate getting her new hair.
Her hair looks pretty bad because they weren't able to blend some of the natural hair in with the new stuff. Wow, $7,000 spent and it looks horrid.
I guess that's what Kate gets for being such a vain fame whore.

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