Monday, February 22, 2010

Jon's new haircut

Anything you can do I can do better. Not long after Kate changed her hair, Jon showed up yesterday for a visit with the kids with a new do himself. It's short in back and spikey on top, and looks like he might have gotten some dark color as well.

9 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

Hey - not to be picky, but short form of the word "hairdo" is "'do", not "due". Thanks for the updates, as always!

Anonymous said...

These two are something.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least it isn't as ridiculous looking as Kate's do. And it didn't cost anyone 7kand 20/hrs.

But Jon does look a little dirty in this pic. Put on some clean clothes man.

Anonymous said...

No but I remember John Edwards on the presidential hopeful campaign paying in upwards of $500 for his hair cut so gosh only knows what Jon paid.

I think it is hilarious for Jon & Kate that they spar eachother so often. Then the other side of that coin is it has to be heck for the kids to live around 2 juveniles so much.

IATK said...

My first thought was, Jon is trying to cover his bald spot.

IATK said...

The jacket looks a little dirty but if it's a work jacket (which it appears to be) and he's outside who knows what he'd been doing. He loves to drive his little vehicle from place to place and haul limbs around. :) ~ Administrator said...

I grew up on the NorthEast Coast and even lived in PA for four years. A lot of people have "snow shoveling" jackets that are kinda ratty. You get dirty and sweaty and you don't like to ruin a good winter jacket. I imagine this could be his winter work jacket.

SG said...

Looks like a Carhartt jacket. Those are work jackets.

Anonymous said...

New hairdo and he is back posing for those pesky photographers that have made his life hell. Hmmm, wonder where they all have been hiding?Amazing that they are back to drum up interest in the new show.

By the way Irene Jon did not pay anything for the haircut. The kids did.

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