Monday, February 8, 2010

Where were the kids when Kate was clubbing in NYC?

Thanks to our readers for sleuthing this out, turns out pics circulating of the kids with the nanny "this weekend" turned out to be old. We're retracting those at this time, but we still ask....who was with the kids?

29 sediments (sic) from readers:

SG said...

I do wonder if Jon was with the kids or the nanny. I hope Jon is with them. Again, I don't care what Kate does on her time off from the kids, same with Jon. I do hope whoever has custody of them is with them all day every day. ~ Administrator said...

Assuming either Jon or a nanny was with the kids, I find it rather interesting that no one is showing any pictures of them. If they have one pic of the kids you can bet they have 50. If it was Kate's custody time, how selfish to leave the kids with a nanny all weekend, so they cant' show the nanny. And we can't show Jon with them either because that doesn't fit his image of never being there for his family.

Lauren said...

t's so creepy when you go to a club and see people who are too old to be clubbing. You know, at some point it's just not age appropriate. And in Kate's case, she comes off looking like a deadbeat mother.

I also get the feeling from both Jon and Kate that they never had a chance to experience life. Look at how both of them are behaving. Jon acts like a repressed 32 year old frat boy and Kate acts like a slutty teenage girl chomping on bubble gum, wearing mini-skirts and hooker heels.

Anonymous said...

A Ping Pong place of amusement is not a club.

Anonymous said...

It took awhile but there is a picture of the nanny in the snow with the kids. Not a surprise that most media sites aren't picking it up.

Please tell me that isn't Stephanie Santoro.

nanb ~ Administrator said...

If it looks like a club, acts like a club, and talks like a club. It's a club. They even call themselves a club. They are open until 2 am and serve alcohol and have longues. They're a club. This is not your local Y.

Anonymous said...

Spin bills itself as a Ping Pong Social Club. It is the hip new club owned by Susan Sarandon. Serves drinks, food, has DJ etc.
It's not just a ping pong place!

Anonymous said...

One of the pics shown were taken way back in Dec. 2008.

But yes, not surprised that the kid were with the nannies. What's new?


In other news, kaydar indicates that Jon and TLC secretly worked out a deal. Jon is still a moron and TLC is still looking to film the kids.

Kate, is still clueless and thinks shes a star.

HI 50 said...

I can see it coming...Kate Gone Wild! She's doing it all for 'her kids!' Yeah, right!! The Gosselin 8 asked Kate, "...Mom, please dress up as if you're in your 20s...leave us with the skank Stephanie during a blizzard...go clubbing & never mind that we might lose power or possibly be caught up in a serious natural disaster...we know you missed your 20s because of us..." Oh while you're at it, "...Mom, did you take your meds with your box wine because we know thats what you need to manage your meltdowns..."

SG said...

I'm sorry, but what did I miss? Are there recent pics of the kids with the nanny? That one pictured there is old. Are there others? And where is Jon? ~ Administrator said...

Are you sure these pics are old? All the kids look older and tall and they are all wearing the same outfit in each pic. What makes you think they are old?

SG said...

I saw that same pics months ago. If you go to under the Gosselin albums they are posted back in Dec.

Anonymous said...

The pic with the Nanny, is from Dec 2009. not 2008 Sorry.

Kate was at the NY Club in Feb 2009.

Not sure how old the other pic is.

Anonymous said...

Even though the pics are old, Kate does have a Nanny in the home working full-time. She as admitted it on the show.

1 nanny during the day and another during the night.

I think with the nanny, is also a babysitter that shows up.

(Farm to table episode) - Kate calls a sitter to take Cara to the doctor to check on her ankle.

HI 50 said...

Double standard AGAIN for Cruella Kate. She does everything for her kids. When its her custody time, Jon is the bad parent because he goes snowboarding with his friends. When its Jon's custody time, Kate goes clubbing with the hairdresser & hired help BUT she needs a break...because she's a good parent. Bulls**t! Wasn't there a big storm in where the kids are?! Oh, that's right the 'bad parent' Jon can manage it. New Slate-Kate had to 'learn' how to do parent things now that Jon is out. Now she's re-living her 20s by clubbing in her mini-skirt in the middle of winter. What a farce! ~ Administrator said...

Frankly the media is a double standard too. What is really the difference between snow boarding in Utah and going to a ping-pong club in NYC? None, in my book.

SG said...,,20342494,00.html

Kate has a new book being released!

HI 50 said...

She needs to STF up! She's a fame seeking whore whose pimping out the kids to the highest bidder(s). The Gosselin 8 will need serious therapy under the pressure of Mommy Dearest's constant exposure of their lives!!

The double standard I was referring to was the demonizing, smear campaign of Jon (he has his faults too) and the over exposed, extreme makeover to protect the Gosselin brand by Kate & TLC at the expense of the Gosselin 8. Its so CRAZY MAKING!

Anonymous said...

Yes, both parents & TLC are so in the wrong here.

After a good nights sleep I think it is over saturation. You have at least 3 mother's writing books (Gosselin,Sanford & Edwards) and they are exploiting their children for profits. Clear and simple. These women are no better than the philanderers their high falutin' husbands were. And, they try to tell people as they are selling this garbage how much they are in love & protecting their kids. It just makes me sick.


Anonymous said...

So, you would stay with a cheating husband?

Diane said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm not sure if you are referring to Jon and Kate. But, if you are...then, Kate ended the marriage and you found out about Jon going out many months later. He still stayed home with the kids for about 4 months...while, he was living in the garage.

But, to answer your questin: "So, you would stay with a cheating husband?" Honestly, if it were in the best interest of my children...Yes, I would stay with a cheating husband.

Personally, I think, Jon would have stayed, too. But, Kate kicked him out.

Hey, Irene, CONGRATULATIONS NEW ORLEANS and Chase Daniels! Chase is our home town boy that the saints have now. I believe he is their 3rd string quarterback. Enjoy your vacation and let your little guy eat some ice cream. ha! ~ Administrator said...

"So, you would stay with a cheating husband?"

First of all, let's keep in mind Jon's cheating did not happen in a vacuum. Kate did quite a lot to break down the marriage herself, to name just a few, being gone all the time on her quest for fame and book tour while Jon was left by himself with eight kids, treating Jon like a doormat, belittling and berating him, spending an inappropriate amount of time alone with a bodyguard Jon made it clear he did not like, making the show her priority and fame her priority, and not the kids or Jon.

Her latest book is just another perfect example of how much Kate LIVES for celebrity and fame. How many hours did she not spend with the kids because she continues to chase this unfulfilling passion?

Would I stay with a cheating husband? I'm not sure, it would depend. But if we're going to blame the entire breakdown of the marriage on Jon cheating, I think we're looking at just the symptom and not the whole disease.

SG said...

Interesting question. Would I stay with a cheating husband.

I guess it would depend on the "cheating" and why. Was it once? Was it a love affair or a drunken one night stand? Does he regret it? Did he come to me and tell me or did I find out on my own?

If he cheated on me because we no longer had a sexual relationship and he went elsewhere then I guess I would stay with him, but I'd better start having sex with him or it will only happen again. You can't expect a man to stay in a married relationship with his wife if she's not having sex with him (and I'm not talking about if she "can't" for some reason, that's a totally different scenario).

If we had a seemingly happy marriage and he was living a double life having sex with a bunch of other women then no, I probably wouldn't stay, not even if we had children.

If he "cheated" on me because I told him the marriage was over and I wanted nothing to do with him then I guess there's no point in my staying with him in the first place, unless of course I wanted to keep the marriage going for other reasons like a hit tv show. Then again I don't call that "cheating". I would call that having a mutually open relationship. ;)

SG said...

Administrator, I happen to agree with you. If Jon was uncomfortable with Kate's relationship with Steve and he told her so, as his wife she should have just asked for another bodyguard. He was a bodyguard, it was his job, they shouldn't have such a personal, close relationship, so much so that Kate doesn't want to give him up. Sometimes when you are married a "relationship" with another man is wrong. You shouldn't be alone with another man when you're married, especially at hotels. It just doesn't look right. If a man travels the same way with his "secretary" and the wife feels something is amiss and isn't comfortable with that relationship he should take her feelings into consideration and get another assistant. Bodyguards and secretaries are easily replaced, spouses are not. ~ Administrator said...

Absolutely, SchmeckyGirl. Jon made it clear Steve made him uncomfortable and suspicious. And yet Kate continued to employ him and spend a huge amount of time with him. I can't think of anything more disrespectful, selfish, and a slap in the face. She put Steve above her husband's wishes, feelings, comfort. Actions like that are representative of what really was going on in their marriage. It wasn't like Jon went around complaining about anyone Kate had around. In fact just the opposite, Kate was the one who never wanted him to see anyone HE liked, and he honored that. But the one time Jon doesn't like someone Kate has in her life, she openly and brazenly defies his wishes.

In this case, it definitely took two to break down the marriage.

Diane said...

For the record, I did not mean that I thought Jon should have stayed married to Kate. I do not think that. I don't think he really had a choice.

I absolutely agree with Admin. and Scmeckygirl about the break down of the Gosselins marriage. Personally, I would put more blame on Kate, but that is just my opinion.

I would do absolutely anything that was in the best interest of my children. Anything.

my9cats said...

Who was with the kids in PA (declared a disaster area) while Kate was tarting around in NYC? This is being a mom?

Not A Hater said...

I have never heard Kate say they split because Jon was cheating.

I don't believe Jon has been homes for almost a month. He's been out in Utah and now Hawaii. Kate goes out for one weekend and everybody flips out about her leaving her kids for a day or maybe two.

I also don't understand how staying with a cheating husband that can't be trusted is in the best interest of the children.

Anonymous said...

Spin bills itself as a Ping Pong Social Club. It is the hip new club owned by Susan Sarandon. Serves drinks, food, has DJ etc.
It's not just a ping pong place!

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