Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kate on her new book website: "I want to inspire moms."

Kate's sickening, shameless new book exploiting the children even further has a new website taking pre-orders:


So this is why Kate has been relatively MIA and quiet the past several months. She wasn't with the kids, she was hard at work gathering private letters to share with the world.

From the back cover: Although the show has made her face recognizable, there's another part of Kate the viewers haven't seen---her heart. In I Just Want You to Know, Kate reveals a less familiar spiritual side. She is a grateful and faith-filled mother who only wants the best for her children and is willing to sacrifice to make that happen.

Actually, we've seen Kate's heart, and sadly we've found it to be cold, selfish and cruel. We've seen Kate's spiritual side, too, and it's fake, hypocritical, and shallow. Kate is not grateful, she is greedy. She doesn't want what's best for the children, she wants what's best for herself. And finally, a so-called "sacrifice" doesn't automatically mean that it must be good for the children.

15 sediments (sic) from readers:

IATK said...

From the back cover: Although the show has made her face recognizable, there's another part of Kate the viewers haven't seen---her heart. In I Just Want You to Know, Kate reveals a less familiar spiritual side. She is a grateful and faith-filled mother who only wants the best for her children and is willing to sacrifice to make that happen.
Mother Teresa sacrificed her entire being for poor people. I consider Kate to be poor in the most important ways. Here are a few quotes from Mother Teresa:

"We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty."

"Intense love does not measure, it just gives."

"The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it."
From Zondervan FB site
Kate Gosselin

"In addition to making sure my kids know how much I love them, I'm writing this book to encourage other mothers. Being a mother is the most tiring job you will ever have, and it's the most worthwhile job. I want to inspire moms to create the memories and traditions that will provide their kids with a good foundation. 'Moms, don't ever stop doing your best. Don't ever stop trying to make today better than yesterday,' That's the message of this book."

Again, more quotes from Mother Teresa:

"Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired."

"It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters."
And, Kate Gosselin, the most important thought of all:

"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."
--Mother Teresa

Perhaps Mother Teresa can convince you to re-examine your priorities. Hopefully so....for the sake of your children.

just wondering said...

She has to quote other people. The Twaffle can neither speak nor write!

marnie said...

Funny that the copywriter of that back-cover paragraph felt the need to wag their finger in our faces to remind us that Kate 'is a grateful and faith filled mother who SACRIFICES and ONLY wants the best for her children'. Yes, we the public need to be reminded of that. Kate's PR team must really think the public has an extremely low IQ. Unfortunately, they are probably right, and are counting on many not-too-brights spending the $$ on this drivel.
Yes, and Kate needs to tell all of us mothers that we need to be inspired by HER. Thanks Kate, if it was not for this book, I would not know how to love my children like you do.

Lauren said...

It's just more lies and exploitation from Kate Gosselin.

It just reinforces my opinion that Kate was the master-mind behind the plan to have her kids and exploit them for money.

Sure Jon was involved but he wasn't smart enough or devious enough to stay one step ahead of Kate. So he was thrown under the bus, just like Kate's parents, Jody, Kevin, Beth, Bob and countless others.

IATK said...

JW, the Mother Teresa quotes are from me to Kate. I'm not sure if you thought they were hers in the book, but they're not. I just thought she might listen to another mother, Mother Teresa, if she wouldn't listen to anyone else.

Anonymous said...

"Inspire"--what does she mean--to publicly berate and emasculate the father of your children, throw him out, and let the media crucify him? To exploit (what should be) the private moments of your children's lives for personal glory and profit?
And the phrase "faith-filled mother with a grateful heart"--gag me. Kate Gosselin has never been grateful and will never be satisifed.
I still wonder what is meant by "willing to sacrifice" so the kids could have what's "best" for them. Complete and utter BS, IMO. Kate wants to be famous, she wants to go away on more publicity tours--she really doesn't want to stay in PA and be an ordinary mom---now THAT would really be a sacrifice for Miss Katie Irene.

Anonymous said...

How stupid do they think the public really is that they expect us to buy into this bologna? Puh-lease !!

Anonymous said...

Good post everybody. She is a mother butter that is for sure.

As far as faithful- yes, taking handouts from people who have less than you because you have to go to the tanning bed, nail salon and dog groomer sure is important.

As far as hopeful- there are stupid people born everyday that will throw their money in the wind. Kate that is what you are hopeful about

As far as Love- the love of money is the root of all evil and Kate embellishes it.

This book is not about the kids, for the kids this is about a greedy grifter whom is a wannabe & truly the lowest form of what embodies a true mother could be.

I said it before I will say it again. I feel so sorry for those 8 kids.

Anonymous said...

From Kate's book: "I want to inspire moms."

That's interesting, Kate. What have you done that could inspire moms. Hmmm lets see, going on church speaking tours and lying about Jon being fired. First you said it was because the employer refused to cover the benefits for the 8 kids. But, the truth is (and it is documented) that Jon was running a side job making endorsement deals for the kids on company time. Jon was fired and Kate you went around to churches and lied about it. Even when you were making thousands of dollars an episode, you still cried poverty in a house of God. Where is the deceny.

Oh and let's see, you could inspire moms to slap around and verbally abuse their husbands.

Oh and then there are the kids. Or the 8 little money makers. Yeah, the same ones that you and Jon made fun of in couch interviews. Yeah, remember making fun of Maddy, saying she was the problem child. And then there is the general dislike for her 3 little boys. Making fun of them and humiliating them on T.V.

If anything Kate you have given me lessons on WHAT NOT TO DO when mothering a child.

Have fun with all that ill-gotten wealth Kate. I'm sure you will sleep very well at night with your little box of wine tucked in beside you.

my9cats said...

Are we expected to believe her crap? Twill never happen. The dogs must be in their glory. They're the only ones who managed to escape Madness Manor.

Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said...

Kate would do well to eat some humble pie and realize that maybe she could learn something from other mothers, instead of constantly trying to preach to people how to live when her own life is in shambles.

There are many mothers I can think of whom she could take a lesson from. Including parents of the Dilley sextuplets, who have carefully guarded their privacy their entire lives and led a very modest lifestyle, Michelle Obama, who manages to keep the children's private matters private despite being the most famous kids in the country right now, and Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods' wife, who despite all the media drama, has kept the kids secluded and protected and has learned the value of no comment.

Anonymous said...

Kate wants to sell books to get money to live a lifestyle of a wannabee.


Zondervan not only stands behind a woman that left her marriage to pursue a love affair with Tlc they hope to do more projects. A christian publisher with their hand in exploitation of children.

Anonymous said...

Do not visit that site! Giving that site any amounts of hits will give Zondervan more reasons to promote that book.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lordie Bee now the other side of the coin is out making a complete fool of themselves again too.

Everytime Heller opens his mouth. I saw that and really laughed my head off.

Mom, Dad both fools fools. Those poor kids. Hopefully, the 8 can rise above their foolish parents.

As far as how Jon & Kate have allowed themselves to be seen it is a joke on both sides. Kate is clearly got the PR machine behind her. They want everyone to think he is the dufuss and she is some struggling mom. For that, I have to laugh because this site especially is falling for it TLC, line, sinker and monkey munch.

Of course Jon broke the contract they are not going to let him do a thing as long as he is tied to it. They are promoting Kate, duh.

But, as far as Kate coming out better. No, she sold her soul to TLC & so did Jon. They both put greed, money and themselves before the welfare of their children.

It is not okay to allow for the re-filming of his children. That is going to be a hard sell to the public and TLC knows it. All involved in this situation look pitiful.

The kids are better off in the long run away from the cameras permanently. If the parents cannot earn a living without exploiting the kids too bad. Alot of others in society with multiples do it everyday. Join the real world Jon and Kate.

Please notify me the day these losers make money for themselves, by themselves without involving the kids. I have a feeling it will be the day hell freezes over.

Beejcctx said...

Hypocrisy ABOUNDS in this crappola fest. Just the website advertising the book turns my stomach:

"I want to inspire moms to create the memories and traditions that will provide their kids with a good foundation."

Right off the bat - WTF?!?!?!

Hmmm...special "Memories" like:

1. Mom hitting Dad
2. Mom telling the boys to man up
3. Dad digging poop out of one of the boys when he was constipated
4. Mom taking Polaroids of them on the trainer potties - and even more special, a shot of their first poop.
5. Mom screaming and freaking out on a plane
6. Maybe getting to talk to Mom on the phone while she gone from the house again
7. Maybe getting to talk to Dad on the phone while he is gone from the house again

OK, let's list the "traditions":

1. Cooking cookies and singing Christmas Carols once to your old group of slaves and groups
2. Camping outside once
3. Carving pumpkins once
4. Recycling items once
5. Birthday carnival once

What do these 8 kids really have?
1. Absolute blur of places that they never really cared to be there for.
2. Inconsistent people in their lives - how can they have a foundation of TRUST when they have a stream of PAID caregivers
3. Also on #2, no family contact, as Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nephews and Nieces, Cousins are no where, yet we know they could be there
4. Anger towards being ABANDONED by their parents. There is no true PROOF that either parent is really there EVEN 50% of the time. Especially since they are both out sowing their wild oats.

Yah, great traditions and foundations there. We already seen unstructured kids without any level of basic manners or common courtesy (since the parents themselves never displayed them)...not even "please" or "thank you" uttered. I hope going to school will instill that, but that level of BASIC CHILD REARING comes from the home.

Poor kids.

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