Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Remember when he said this?

"The kids are unanimous. They don't want to film. We filmed 152 episodes. What more can you possibly still film? You want us to go to the moon? You want us to take the kids and go to Korea? Are you crazy? They don't want to be on a four-cylinder bus in Korea. They want to be home in the pool. "

33 sediments (sic) from readers:

Irene S said...

No, I missed that moment of klarity with Jon. I wish he would have those epiphanies and stick to the fact he is their father no matter who or what TLC is.

And, he is exactly right they want to be kids and do kid things like swimming, etc.

my9cats said...

What I remember is when Jon was interviewed in Park City, UT and 1) called the kids "marketable" and 2) took pride that the twins told their classmates there was no such thing as Santa. Man if I were the parent of one of the classmates I'd be pissed.

fidosmommy said...

Jon Gosselin blows with the wind. Whatever suits his purposes at the moment is what he says (and convinces himself is true.)

Much like his ex-wife.

How these children will ever be able to discern between real truth and convenient truth is beyond my understanding.

LifeinOH said...

Fido - Jon does totally blow...... with the wind. And falls in love with whomever he blows toward, it seems.

I hadn't seen this quote of his. For a brief moment in time, he said what was so...

Park City interview? What's that all about?

AuntieAnn said...

It's beyond incredible that two people can lie so often and so publicly and still show their faces to the world. They should have hidden themselves from view two years ago.
Here's a "Remember when" from Kate:

Dr. Shil: She had six and brought home eight and you had two and brought home six. And you barely got through it.

Kart: Additionaly, I had a very caring, capable, helpful husband who was by my side and did all the dirty work that I did.

Shil: So you had almost half as many kids and twice as many adults there. How many people does it take during that first year a week. You said it took a team of fifty people a week?

Kart: Correct.
Shil: To get through this?
Kart: Correct.

Lauren said...

Yes, the Park City interview. I remember that. I was appalled when he said the kids were "marketable" too. The way he said it too was just chilling.

That's right before the sh*t hit the fan in Gosselin land. He was with Deanna (the first girl) in Park City. Right after that Jon was photographed partying with some college students.

Cherier1 - you can find the Park City interview over on GWOP or maybe even Youtube.

It's a shame that these two manipulators (i.e., Jon and Kate) were given children.

Back to the grind of Quadratic Formulas.... Ta Ta for now!

prairiemary said...

Just read something very interesting,about the ABC program called "Cougar Town",the characters were talking about the names of the Gosselin 8, trying to remember all of their names. I don't know about you, but I would not be suprised if kate soon ended up on that show! Why else would an ABC t.v. show,about an older woman,hitting on younger men, do a show that included talking about the Gosselin 8?? ~ Administrator said...

In her book Kate claims that for most of it, it was just her and Jon. I'm sure all the volunteers who gave countless hours to those babies appreciate being snubbed like that, pretending like they were never even there. Of course it's not really a "struggle" or dramatic to raise what amounts to a small preschool class when there are 50 people there. How many preschools have 8 people for every one child?

As for Jon, he says whatever is convenient. He said the kids were harmed when he wanted out, now he wants back in and all of a sudden the kids aren't harmed Jodi doesn't know what she was talking about. Well gee, nine months ago what you were saying sure sounded like what Jodi was saying. Why should we believe you now but not THEN? Why should we believe you over Jodi when you were saying the SAME THING nine months ago??? Does he realize he has zero credibility right now? Both of them have been trapped in their lies so many times, no credibility whatsoever.

Hey though, at least Kate has been consistent, the kids love filming! Since when are 5 and 9-year-olds legally, morally, physically capable of making a decision like that. The Tups were one when this all started--they couldn't even talk let alone know what was going on around them to concept to filming. It's absurd. I always say, if 5 and 9 year olds made all the decisions, they'd be eating fudge icecream all day, never go to school, and spend all day in front of the Wii. That's why we have the concept of minors, and the concept of adults making decisions for those minors.

mommyinca said...

I held out such hope for Jon. He seemed like the more hands on parent. Now I'm done with both of them.

Jon~ GROW UP! You will have plenty of time to date and sow your oats when your children are grown! Right now they need a father, a role model, an advocate! How can you possibly be those things when you are switching girlfriends faster than you switch underwear??!!
You claimed Christianity, and yet you are not walking the walk! Ask yourself this Jon: Will my children be proud of me if I xy or z?

These children have two yahoos for parents and it's heartbreaking to watch. ~ Administrator said...

I feel the same mommyca. I can't believe I'm saying this but at least Kate more or less sticks to the script. Same old same old: the kids love this, everything I do is for the kids, Jon needs to get stable.

Jon is ALL OVER THE PLACE. One minute he's talking about how terrible the kids are doing the next thing we know there's a camera crew in the driveway again. One minute he's talking about how poorly TLC treated him, the next they're under contract again. WHICH IS IT?

Anonymous said...

The kids don't love filming. The kids do love to go on trips and and eat food other than P&J Sandwich. Probably the only time they get to eat a hot meal is when they leave the house. lol

Besides, what kinds of excuse is that? The kids love filming so it's was bad that Jon "temporarily" put a hold to it.

Remember, Jon did say on Larry King that "since we are going through a divorce, it isn't right to continue filming"...

So right there he left an opening for the future to filming.

Anyways, using Kate's reasoning...

What about the dogs? Didn't the kids love the dogs? Why take them away?

Don't the kids miss their aunt, uncle and cousin? Why take them away?

Don't kids love to eat nothing but junk food? Why do you pride yourself that your kids don't know what Doritos are?

Don't the kids love to stay home instead of going to school. Why not let them stay home and watch TV. Well, they only go 3 days a week right?

Kids "love" lots of things and sometimes, it's NOT good for them. Which is why they need a parent to tell them no.

But of course, Kate wants life serve to them on a Golden Platter. Not even a silver one will do. ~ Administrator said...

They also love being with their mommy, and when they are filming, mommy is home. No one ever points out that side of it. For some reason it's assumed that because Kate claims they love filming (and remember, Jon once said they were clear they didn't want to film anymore--so we have two different stories about how the kids really feel and have never heard from the children themselves their opinion) they love filming itself, and not the incidentals of filming--like parents home, fun people around, doing stuff with mom and dad, doing stuff with each other, etc. I tend to think they like the incidentals. The kids love filming is a ridiculous argument on Kate's part. At least explain why it doesn't negatively effect them, how they will deal with all their notarity when they are 13, 16, 18, 30, how they are able to have a normal life while still being confined to a filming schedule. Instead, her argument is: they love this!

Kids also love:
Staying up all night
Never doing homework
Never going to school
Eating chips and drinking soda
Mud baths
Not washing their hands
Wiping their noses with their hands
Not saying please and thank you
Not doing any chores
Driving without a license
Getting into drugs, sex and booze

It's parents who guide children to take baths with soap and water, have a bedtime, do homework and go to school, eat a balanced diet, have good hygiene, take responsibilty, follow the law, stay away from drugs, don't have sex too soon, etc. That is what parents are for, because children are minors and not old enough to know what is best for them. As parents you're supposed to know what is best and guide them to become happy healthy adults who will also know what's best for their children someday. Maybe filming is best for them, though I doubt it. But Kate needs to stop blaming her kids for this and take responsibilty. Instead of saying the kids decided, say, I decided because this is what's in their best interest because of a., b. and c. And I don't want to hear, because we need the money. In third world countries parents make their children slaves for the money too. There are a million and a half other ways to earn money.


AuntieAnn said...

Three hours of parenting classes isn't going to fix these parents. The entire family needs intensive counseling.

NancyB said...

I remember Jon saying this last summer:

Gosselin also told his friends at Life & Style in an interview to be published in their upcoming edition that his kids are rebelling against the show. He detailed an upsetting incident in which his children refused to film, staying seated in one area in protest, and were supposedly yelled at by the production crew to get up and shoot a scene:

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s 5-year-old sextuplets and 8-year-old twins are starting to rebel against the constant taping of their lives.

“The kids staged a sit-in — a revolt,” Jon Gosselin told Life & Style on Aug. 13. “They didn’t want to work today.”

This isn’t the first time the kids haven’t wanted to “work.” On Aug. 7, after a day of filming for TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” the magazine reports that the eight Gosselin kids were pressured into continuing to film beyond their wishes.

An eyewitness told the magazine that “once the kids returned home, the film crew kept yelling at them to film more outside. They seemed really tired, but the crew kept pushing them.”

A rep from TLC denied the report, saying “the assertion is utterly baseless.”

[From MSNBC]

I don’t doubt that the kids are annoyed with the constant filming, and someone should step in and put a stop to this show. How much do want to bet that their dad put them up to it, though? He surely influences them and he’s spoken at length about wanting off the show. He’s probably trying to get fired and put a stop to the show in that gloriously passive aggressive way he deals with everything. I can see Jon telling the kids not to film.

For the rest of the article:

2exhausted2name said...

Admin said... "Hey though, at least Kate has been consistent, the kids love filming! Since when are 5 and 9-year-olds legally, morally, physically capable of making a decision like that."

Kate has been consistent - "I do it all for my kids", so that when the house of cards finally comes tumbling down she has her 8 fall guys already lined up. They wanted to film, their fault. They wanted to travel and miss school, their fault. They wanted a million dollar home, their fault. They wanted her to forego nursing to pursue fame and be raised by nannies, their fault.

Kate had no hand in any of it, they made her do it and she did it all for them.

Linda from NS said...

I am "done" with those creatures called Jon and Kate. Neither one has any morals whatsoever. They are unfit parents. Three hours of parenting classes will go right over their heads. I only wish that PA had guidelines like we do in Nova Scotia; if so, those kids would be either removed from their parents home or filming would stop. What J&K are doing is child abuse pure and simple. Please would somebody step in and stop this madness and let those innocent children have a childhood.

my9cats said...

Jon and Kara had gone to UT as a getaway in 2009. He was interviewed and pictures and transcript were in Park Record. In this interview Jon also stated he was looking to buy a condo in Park City. Then he put his foot in his mouth claiming that he can "hang with the 15 year olds". Jon loves to snowboard and 'hang' is a term used. IMO what he meant to say was at his age he can still 'hang' (snowboard) with the 15 year olds. Jon did a lot of talking, nothing in his favor.

Markiesnana said...

I rememeber how on the episodes it was clear that Kart stayed in bed till about 8 a.m. because she couldn't get up early. I always thought that was strange because when you have babies they always get up early. One time Jon was telling her that he needed HELP in the a.m. and would need her to get up, once he had to get them all off to school that coming Fall. He's been acting like a jerk; but he really did his share of parenting at the time, I guess. Also, Jodi was filmed bringing the kids home on a Friday, which Kart said was their regular weekly routine. She received the 6 little ones Friday morning, played with them, cared for them, changed them, fed them lunch, then returned them to Kart, who ushered them upstairs to their loooong "naptime" so that she could get a few things done. Most times it showed that naptime lasted for several hours. Fridays were a kind sacrifice by Jodi and now she is an outcast. Kart should always be thankful for Jodi's hard work.

*Sugar&Spice* said...

Jon is just like Kate. He started the drama and lies just to keep the ball running. Granted he is more of the "somewhat" Better parent. But he is not perfect by no means. I say were ever the money is right Jon is right behind Kate. So he can get his 1/2 of the pay. Who knows maybe when he is wrong he still gets a cut.

Ah I see the truth about Jon and Kate book will be out soon. Not soon enough. But I cant wait to read it. I hope it opens up many eyes to this "so called" family.

Markiesnarna: That really makes me wonder to. What did kate do exactly??? Other than emasculate Jon, gave orders like a general and discipline the children. How did she sleep in so late? Why did the tups take 3hrs or longer naps? Why didn't we see more 1 on 1 time. Kate did have helpers and sitters at times.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has forgottened Twisted Kate's role in this family's destruction, rent the series from Netflix. They are on the Watch Instantly, too.

She was a bitch from day one. AND even before the show she wanted Jon to tape everything. Especially HER, walking talking whatever. She has always been a star in her own eyes. Kids were a means to an end. Remember the Jackson Five? Now we have the Gosselin Six.

Jon only went AWOL after Kate started traveling for MONTHS with her "companion" Steve. Kate left Jon to do EVERYTHING, while she jetsetted.

And then Twisted Kate told Jon, the marriage was over.

All in all, I blame Twisted Kate 98%. Most normal men would have walked out the first year.

Watch, I think it was season 4 again....


SG said...

It really is ridiculous that Kate claims the kids LOVE filming. They may love all the activities they get to do and all the vacations and outings they go on, and may even love having the crew around because they crave attention from adults, but I do not for one minute think they actually love the filming of the show.

They may even love seeing themselves on tv or DVD just like my girls love seeing themselves on our tv when we watch our home videos (are they still called videos if they are digital?).

I don't think the Gosselin kids realize yet the extent of their lives being lived so publicly. They can't realize that millions of people watch them and know who they are and see all their private moments and tantrums etc. They may know that to be the case, but I don't think they really "understand" it. Not yet.

I think it's a catch 22 for TLC when it comes to filming the children. They may decide to just show the outings and activities and show how "cute" the kids are petting animals at a farm or seeing their favorite character or pop star etc. They may decide to no longer show their "personal" lives, like tantrums and fighting and Kate rolling her eyes when they come in to tell her something. But those "personal" and "private" moments are what made the show interesting and real. They are also the moments that took away their privacy and their normal lives and left people cringing. TLC has to be aware of that now. So do Kate and Jon. They may try to have a fine balance of their personal lives without showing anything that could embarrass them. I'm not sure what they can show that will still make it interesting enough to draw in the ratings.

I really wonder if they are going to try to reimage Kate in both shows or if they are going to show "the real Kate" because that is what brings in the ratings. Kate was rude to Emeril and the guy that put in their solar panels. Kate was rude to Tony on DWTS footage. Everyone was talking about it. That's ratings. But then they will have the image issues. Kate being "nice" to everyone is not going to bring in ratings. IMO. And how long will it be before she is back to being shown as the Kate we all know. Will we see it? I guess editing will be the key.

I wish I could get a hold of all the unseen, edited out footage for the past seasons. ;)

SG said...

I find it interesting that TLC is no longer airing past episodes. It's like they want everyone to forget how Kate was. Maybe they don't want the DWTS audience that didn't know Kate before to see it? They probably want them to never know the old Kate and just watch her on the new shows.

I don't see Kate gaining new viewers for her show based on her DWTS performances or the clips of how she treated Tony. Although if they have their own behind-the-scenes footage of DWTS they may use that to gain new viewers. I know I'd be interested in seeing it. I don't plan to watch either show though. At least not the first airings where the ratings count, maybe later reairings or online. I admit I am curious. It's the whole train wreck factor I guess. I guess TLC is counting on that too.

LifeinOH said...

"I wish I could get a hold of all the unseen, edited out footage for the past seasons. ;)

Schmecky - Can you imagine just what we'd see?
Murt should go after the outtakes!

LifeinOH said...

Markiesnana said...
I rememeber how on the episodes it was clear that Kart stayed in bed till about 8 a.m. because she couldn't get up early. I always thought that was strange because when you have babies they always get up early. One time Jon was telling her that he needed HELP in the a.m. and would need her to get up, once he had to get them all off to school that coming Fall. "

That was always amazing to me too. Jon played with them, bathed them and put them to why couldn't she get up with them too in the morning? I know there is always a lot to do at my house, but she wasn't up doing the laundry, etc. like I am. She had helpers for all of that. I'm not a morning person, but I drag my sorry arse up everyday at 5:40 to make sure my high school kid gets out the door....I'd feel bad if I didn't. I can't imagine not getting up with the babies.

I understand cumulative exhaustion. It builds and builds and then one day you just need to sleep a good long sleep to try to catch up, but she did it everyday!

Anonymous said...

...the only thing I can remember Twisted Kate doing is...SHOPPING....and picking out their outfits.

And if poor Jon grabbed the wrong shoe, or color of hairclip, he got reamed.

For meals, she opened bags of carrots and grapes...and boxes of crackers.


escrow said...

I thought I knew all things Gosselin but I have never heard or seen this before. When and where did he say this?

Lucy said...

Jon & Khate can be bought ... real cheap ... in relation to the harm filming / fame is heaping on their own kids. Shame on them both.

Nobody Likes a Narcissist said...

Just thinking about the kids being filmed again reminds me of the EXCELLENT testimony given by Rebecca Gullen, PhD at the PA child labor law hearing last month. She walked us through the different developmental stages of children and how they might be affected by appearing in a reality tv program.

Werney Girl has the transcript:

Rebecca Gullan, PhD ~ PA Child Labor Laws Testimony

It really is an excellent read! Check it out!

Nobody Likes a Narcissist said...

Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing. After the child labor law hearing last month, it's become painfully obvious that the PA Department of Labor really messed up (or deliberately let things slide) in the Gosselin case. Along with the PA Representatives, we all learned for the first time: how the so called investigation was dragged out; how the DOL seemingly negotiated with TLC/Discovery regarding filming (rather than doing their job and enforcing the labor laws); how the DOL did nothing about the years of past violations, agreeing only to set specific guidelines for any future filming; and most shockingly, how the DOL NEVER visited the "workplace", i.e., the Gosselin home! I remember how Gloria Allred chastised them about it in her parting remarks.

So, now that filming has begun, perhaps someone (Rep. Murt, Gloria Allred, Paul Petersen) can urge the DOL to do their job and conduct a surprise inspection of the workplace/Gosselin home during filming to make sure they are in compliance.

I know people here have mentioned that they've been in contact with Rep. Murt. Maybe someone can ask him about this? If the DOL is genuinely concerned about the child labor laws being followed, they really do need to inspect this particular workplace (the Gosselin home) during work hours (filming) - particularly since they are well aware of the fact that the employer (TLC/Discovery) blatantly violated the child labor laws for years (and would still be doing so had there not been a public outcry last year)!

Anonymous said...

I think tlc owns the kids. And it doesnt matter what theyre Dad says. He has no job and cant fight tlc. So he will sell his kids out for money. Just like Kate has so sad. I wont watch her shows. The problem is people that dont like her will tune in to talk about what she did on her show. I think we all need to stop watching tlc for good.

Markiesnana said...

The kids LOVE filming.
Remember that lovely 90 degree photo shoot where they had to wear Fall sweaters and clothes?
They could barely go on.
Then Kart allowed that dog to be brought in at the end of the 2 day job as a treat to the kids.
Oh yeah, and that woman got them to smile by being silly with puppets.
Otherwise, it was a hot, 2-day punishment with time out for naps.

IDModo said...

Nobody Likes a Narcissist:I think it was on one of Preesi's posts that I read this: There were several official complaints about how the dogs were being treated(kept in their cages;manhandled by the tups)and the Pennsylvania SPCA did not make a visit to see the dogs either, but took the word of Jon and TLC that they were not being mistreated. Go figure. Although I have always wondered if the dogs having to go back to the breeder was really a decision made by Jon and Kate, or whether they were asked to surrender them by the SPCA.
PA is the only place I have ever heard of where you can phone in a response to child exploitation and animal cruelty reports, and have your response believed by the authorities.

Nobody Likes a Narcissist said...

IDModo - Interesting. Yes, that's a good question, did the complaints have something to do with the exile of the dogs? I honestly hope for the sake of those dogs that is the case and that they never go back to that house. And yes, PA does seem rather lackadaisical.

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