Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gosselins owe a $2600 water bill

Joy Township Authority has placed a lien on the Elizabethtown home that Jon and Kate Gosselin used to live in and still own. The Gosselins reportedly owe $2,691.75 on their water bill, not including fees and interest.

Seems that two mortgages is starting to catch up with this family. With the show cancelled and income not as steady, will we see foreclosure signs in the near future?

The Andrew Ave. house, which has been on the market for about six months, was way overpriced at $325,000 in a down market. But a recent price drop puts it at $299,999, a more realistic number. (Most other houses in the neighborhood are under $250,000.)

Fans reportedly drive by the home on a daily basis. Perhaps it's not a desirable place to live when you have no privacy and that's why it won't move. Much like the Full House house, whose owners did not know it was famous until after they bought it.

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kamilleon said...

Looks like the neighbors don't miss Kate, either... or the cameras!

kamilleon said...

from t he above article:

There was initially a good rapport, but the Gosselins' relationship with the neighborhood deteriorated as time went on, she said. "They were very nice when they first moved in."

Jon and the eight children were always nice, others said.

"Jon seemed like a regular guy," said Ruth Johnson, who frequently visits her brother, a resident of the development. "[Jon] was very friendly and the kids were wonderful."

And Kate?

Eh, not so much.

"I never really talked to Kate; I just heard her yell," said Courtney Bentz, who lives across the street from the former Gosselin home.

Anonymous said...

I think there has been not only reckless spending on the Gosselins' part, but "spite" spending as a result of the impending divorce. I think that may have been one of the motivations on Jon's part when he withdrew money from one of their accounts.
Kate and Jon are likely waiting for the "other" to be forced to pay their part of the bill. Also, if the water gets turned off for now--they don't care--they're not living there. The house is not selling right now anyway. Perhaps they'll wait to see if someone wants to buy the house, then settle up any loose ends (not really smart, but many people do this).
I predict that house is going to have to be reduced even further to sell--the house is "famous" and, IMO, there is a lot of "bad karma" in that house. ~ Administrator said...

I think you could be spot on with the spite spending. Nice analysis. I also think there is some depression spending involved as well. I'm really bummed about this whole situation so I'll make it better with booze, manicures, expensive clothes, and trips. Later on when the bills arrive it's a big problem.

I think they way overpriced the house and the problem with that any good real estate agent will tell you is sometimes when you start too high you don't get as high as you would have if you priced it low to sell to begin with. Now they have a history of dropping the price, so folks might just wait this out and see if they drop it even more. They think the house is worth more because they are famous. On the contrary, I think as you said it is stigmatized. Call me crazy, but I don't want strangers driving by my private residence on a daily basis. I don't think you could pay most reasonable people to take this house on.

Anonymous said...

If no one lives in the house, why didn't they shut the water off or at least the hot water and keep the heat at the lowest it could be so the pipes don't burst. Truthfully, I don't believe that is the amount owed on their water bill.
They're not famous or perhaps only in their own minds. ~ Administrator said...

I'm not sure it was from just running the water, the article seems to imply it was for some kind of fees as well that have nothing to do with how much water you use. But if crew were using the water it could easily add up to that much money. Or if they hadn't paid a dime on it since moving out a year ago, it could also add up to that much.

If I remember correctly, TLC was paying for some or all of their utilities since the crew, lights, etc., were such a drain on the utilities. I wonder if water was included in that, and if TLC stopped paying or there was some kind of dispute or misunderstanding as to who would pay, causing this problem.

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