Monday, October 5, 2009

TLC brazenly airs a new episode, has another one planned for next week too

Despite a cease and desist order filed by Jon, TLC brazenly aired a new episode of Jon and Kate tonight, "Time to Organize!" Who is in contempt of court now?

Although the cease and desist order appears to be largely related to actual filming of the kids, we believe it could easily be extended to putting their faces on T.V. period, be it in reruns or new episodes. After all, filming is only half of the problem. Lots of people film family memories. But most people don't show their home movies to millions. A judge will have to decide what to do about reruns, as well as all the hours of film that have not yet been shown.

Even more brazen, they are advertising another new episode next week, in which Kate insults Jon, saying "It was a big surprise when he showed up and helped me send the kids off to school. Crazy." Whhhha??? Just a minute here. Kate was the one has who admitted straight up in many, many other episodes that Jon gets the children up and off to school, including breakfast. Then he makes her coffee and serves it to her IN BED. Oh, and by the way? She also admitted he did bedtime, too--bathing, tucking them in, telling a story. Not to mention the two years he stayed home with the children while she went off on speaking engagements, something they both agree he did. Was Kate getting them off to school then??? A little late to change the whole story and try to paint him as the absent father and herself as the hard-working single mom who is doing it without help. We've seen too many episodes to fall for sloppy, quickly spun crap full of lies like this.

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