Monday, October 5, 2009

Kate whines Jon took her money, but admits she took money TOO

Why these two clowns feel the need to air every...last...bit...of dirty laundry in public is beyond me.

So much to report today, but I'll start here. Kate says Jon cleaned out their bank account of $200,000. (After all that you only have $200,000 saved!!!! WHAT?) Then she ironically admits that she took out $100,000 herself earlier this year and stashed it away, but it was to "buy my kids food." What makes her assume Jon isn't taking the money out to buy the kids food, too? If Kate can spin it that way, so can Jon. These people really must think we're idiots.

4 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Also, note that on the Today show she specified that the money he took was from their "liquid" account. That tells me that they have other money. And they should -- if she expected to maintain that lifestyle on savings of only $250K, she was fooling herself. Between upkeep on the house, nannies, other household help, etc. (not to mention vitally important things like weekly spa trips) that $250K would be gone in less than six months. ~ Administrator said...

I think that 250k would be gone in a few weeks, let alone six months!

They seem to have assets stashed away somewhere, but then Kate is claiming she can't pay the bills.

Kate has ALWAYS thought rules don't apply to her. She whines and cries Jon took her money, but sees nothing wrong with taking his money, because when she does it, it's okay. She is a piece of work.

Anonymous said...

If you listen to the Today Show interview, around the 4 minute mark, you will notice that she actually admits to withdrawing money on 2 occasions where she was slapped on the hand by the arbitrator. First, she admits she emptied the bank account on one occasion (on the advice of her lawyer), but then says the arbitrator made her put it back. Next, she says that she withdrew $100,000, and the arbitrator made her split it with Jon -- she said she spent her half on household bills. ~ Administrator said...

That's right. Why Kate's improper withdrawals are not making news is a mystery to me. But when Jon takes out 5 bucks, it's on the front page.

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