Friday, October 2, 2009

Kate's lawyer calls this a strategy

Kate Gosselin's attorney, Mark Momjian, stated the following on the Today show. "When the children are with Kate, Jon agreed that Kate would make the filming decisions involving the kids. This is less about a change of heart and more about a change of strategy on Jon's part."

Here's what Kate's side doesn't get. We don't care what Jon's motives are. We all know he can be just as selfish and money-hungry as Kate. That is not the point. It's not like because Jon is being a douche, for lack of a better word, that makes Kate a saint. They are both terrible. We care that the children are getting a little privacy now. They can spin it all they want that this was some kind of calculated move, but we see this as an "ends justify the means" situation. It doesn't matter who wants to end the show or how, just end it.

By the way, we wonder what move Jon's lawyers can make to stop the constant reruns on TLC as well. While the bulk of the problem is the constant cameras, we also see reruns as problematic. TLC could conceivably run reruns of this show for years. When the Sextuplets are 13, we don't want their friends to be able to tune in and see them when they were three and constipated. Get on it, Jon.

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