Thursday, October 1, 2009

BOMBSHELL: Summary of Jon on Larry King tonight

Was tea with the girls really the last episode? God we hope so.

Here is a summary of Larry King:

1. Jon says he was "totally shocked" to find out TLC had fired Jon and renamed the show Kate Plus 8.

2. Jon says he doesn't talk to Kate. He wants to be friends with her and mediate the divorce. Jon's lawyer says they only communicate by text.

3. Jon is asking that both he and his children stop filming. He now says it is not healthy for the kids because they are going through a divorce. He takes blame for not doing this sooner. Jon has regrets about the show but stopped short of saying he wouldn't have done it period. He says he feels guilty.

4. Jon's lawyer says they asked weeks ago for the show to stop and that Kate Plus 8 was a preemptive strike from TLC. TLC asked Jon not to go on Larry King.

5. Jon talked to Kate's sister-in-law AUNT JODI today.

6. Jon says it would have been a breach of contract to say the show was exploiting the kids. He doesn't get along with TLC since January. TLC executives have been calling Jon about being in breach of contract.

7. Jon's lawyer says his contract is null because he had no legal representation and the contract did not provide any compensation for the kids. TLC has been operating without a permit and could be liable up to $2 million in fines. TLC admits that they did not compensate the kids and just left it up to Kate and Jon!!!!

8. Jon says the kids don't want to film.

9. TLC and Jon had an agreement to give him a motorcycle, he did not receive it. They told him he could get it at the end of the season if he was good.

10. Jon's attorney says "No judge is going to require these kids to participate without the consent of the father...It's a done deal....I don't know any judge in any jurisidction....[who would say] let the kids keep producing." (NOTE we said the same thing in a post below)

11. Jon said they collectively made $22,500 an episode, about $1 million last year from the show only.

12. Kate issued a statement that Jon's interest is Jon and her interest is the children's. Jon implied TLC wrote it for her. Kate's lawyer says Jon's timing is in connection with him being fired from the show. He says the parties agreed the party who has custody would make the decisions regarding filming at that time.

13. Kate's lawyer says if she thought it were detrimental she would take the kids off the show. He wants to prove this in court. Jon says TLC is not the parents of his kids.

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