Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kate, where is the money YOU withdrew?

Jon's lawyer says Kate withdrew over $460,000

We are continually baffled at the spin much of the media puts on the situation, largely seeming to come out on Kate's side. Although Kate just accused Jon of withdrawing more than $200,000 unauthorized, few media outlets are mentioning the statement from Jon's attorney about the multiple times Kate withdrew money unauthorized she has still refused to explain, an amount that is DOUBLE what she is accusing Jon of withdrawing. This doesn't even include the $100,000 she admits she took out unauthorized. And Jon's lawyer has dates.

When you play with fire, you better be able to back yourself up. If Kate is going to accuse Jon of "stealing" money, you can bet Jon is going to look into her records and see if she has ever "stolen" money. Somehow this woman thinks that anything she does will not be found out or will be overlooked, but that she has a right to accuse her husband of the same things she has done, because it's somehow not okay when he does it. And somehow, much of the media is falling for this and just believing at face value lies she spouts off. We don't get it. We've done our research, and we present all sides of this garbage.

Jon's lawyer says:

"In the past approximate four and a half year period when “Jon & Kate plus 8” has been airing, approximately $2,250,000 in revenue is believed to have been paid to the Gosselins, however, Jon is not certain of the specific amount of revenue paid, since Kate has, upon information and belief, violated the Arbitrator’s Order which directed that she “sign any documents necessary to give Husband internet access to the following bank accounts…” (four bank accounts were identified).

In addition, upon information and belief, Kate further violated the Arbitrator’s Order since she has not provided “a written explanation for the disposition of the withdrawal on 10/23/08 in the amount of $332,943.” In addition, Kate has not provided “a written explanation for the disposition for all withdrawals… the first such withdrawal… on 3/24/08 in the amount of $125,000,” as well as a withdrawal “dated 3/28/08 in the amount of $3,000,” nor has she provided “the disposition of the withdrawal on 4/14/08 in the amount of $8,534.89.”

3 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this? Radar has released what looks to be their arbitration agreement.


Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said...

Thank you annoymous. I included them in a post.

Administrator said...

Thank you annoymous. I included them in a post.

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